Sunday 13 September 2009

Truths too big to hide

The trouble with lies is not only that there are a limit to the amount of times you can tell the same lie. but also, if that lie is about fact there will always be a number of people who know the truth and they will be less easy to lie to the next time. The more lies you tell, and the bigger they are, the more the numbers of such people will continue to grow.

For example, the British media have, of course, recently been lying about the Muslim riots, which have been occurring in Britain over the last few weeks. The lie in this instance is that the riots were caused by, white. right wing, extremists , and not the innocent cuddly Asian youths accidentally chucking bottles and bricks at the police. The truth, of course, is that in Birmingham and more recently in Harrow, small numbers of peaceful, white, anti-Islam protesters, exercising their historic right to demonstrate, (a right incidentally which the Left treat as sacrosanct when anyone else does it) were attacked and prevented from demonstrating by far greater numbers of aggressive young Muslims and UAF Thugs. Whereas in Luton two weeks before, the violence entirely involved Muslim and UAF thugs, again attacking the police, because no white “right wing” protesters even turned up.

Of course, the truth will never stop the media from telling a lie, but their problem is that each time they tell the lie there are a group of people who know that what they are being told is not true, on account of the fact that they were there and saw what really happened.

For instance, there were many people in Birmingham on August 8th, who witnessed events as they developed, and then will have been rather perplexed by the completely different version of events which they then saw reported on the TV news and in the newspapers. Those people will have been a lot more sceptical than they would have been previously, when the same misinformation was given out about Luton. In turn, those in Luton, who saw what actually happened there ,will join those from Birmingham in questioning the total bollocks which the press, together with the politicians, have been reporting about Harrow, and so it goes on.

As these events continue to happen, as they surely will, the numbers of of people who witness the truth, and, therefore, know that the media is not telling it will, grow. In time, hopefully, they may join those of us who have leant the truth via the internet or wider research and personal experience, in realising the shocking degree to which our news services in this country misrepresent facts.

Of course, as in so much else, our home grown news distorters are mere amateurs by comparison with their counterparts across the Atlantic. Those working for news agencies such as CNN and MSNBC in America can rival Pinocchio when it comes to lying, however, by some means, possibly resulting from the amount of cosmetic surgery they all, male and female, appear to have had, they have mastered the means of preventing their noses from growing when they do so.

Of course again, the lie is only as effective, as the number of people who do not know the truth, but unfortunately for them, as their lies get bigger so do the number of witnesses.

This weekend, at least on million, and most probably closer to two million, unhappy American taxpayers descended upon Washington to protest against various of the Obama administrations ill conceived and worse thought through policies. This was probably the largest of such demonstrations Washington has ever seen, exceeding the much hyped Million Man March and the Promise Keepers Rally. The numbers involved were not only filmed and reported on right wing blogs, but also in the UK Daily Mail, who presumably either didn't get the memo, or were too busy lying about the BNP or the Muslim riots, to realise they were also supposed to be lying about America.

Those who marched were there, those who saw the film, saw the film, so they know they were being lied to by CNN or ABC when the numbers who attended were reported to be in the tens of thousands, or, as I understand it, in one instance the marchers were referred to in terms of “scores” of people.

That means that at least a million Americans who marched on Washington, now know that the American media misrepresent the truth. (Hey Buddy, wake up and smell the coffee, how do you think Barry got elected?) Saddly, many amongst that million already know that, as they have attended so called “Tea Parties” and Town Hall meetings to express their concerns about Obama's policies in recent months and then heard the TV news report an entirely different event to the one they attended. However, it remains a significant number.

The media will continue to lie, we can't change that as it is in the nature of the beast. We can not save lost souls and it would be a waste of time to try. When the multi-cultural Hell they have helped create implodes, as it unquestionably will, they, the media, will be the last believers, staggering through the smoking ruins clutching microphones and croaking “Diversity is our strength!” through melting mascara, as everything collapses around them.

However, before that happens and as their lies get bigger and more desperate, the numbers who, for whatever reason, realise they are being lied to will grow, and maybe some of them will start to fight. That, at least, affords us some comfort and a little hope that there will be a future to come after the dark period which we will soon all have to face.


Dr.D said...

Thanks, Sarah.

fellist said...

The establishment - behemoth that it is - has been slow to adapt to the internet age as regards its presentation of "the truth." It's having the effect that people not only are aware they are being lied to, but also are getting motivated to find out "why?" and, most importantly, to put a stop to it. We are (beginning to) revolt...

alanorei said...

It seems like the north, east of the Mississippi and more towards the eastern seaboard voted for BHO. The south voted for McCain.

I guess it's those sectors which include most of the electorate and, in the north, where the US MSM is most influential.

It looks like BHO honeymoon is nearly over, though.

If so, not before time, if the US wants to survive as a nation.

Dr.D said...

@ Alanorei

The Obama honeymoon is definitely over.

The people who voted for him live on the two coasts, particularly Washington,DC and north, and California, with additional pockets like Detroit. He was supported by the dependent people, the people who look to others for their welfare. He was generally not supported by those who produce the GNP of the country. He certainly could not win the election today as he has begun to reveal his true (lack of) character. Very, very few Americans would have consciously voted for a communist, and that is what Obama is.

He won the election by revealing almost nothing about himself, and allowing people to project onto him whatever their own hopes and desires were. If you wanted XXXX, that must be what Obama was going to do; you could believe that. He certainly never told you otherwise. Only as he has begun to reveal his true nature are people saying, "wait a minute, that is not what I want. I wanted change for the better, not destruction of the country."

alanorei said...

Thanks, Dr. D.

Most illuminating

I can believe that Hispanic M-13 California and 'Motown' and surroundings would have voted for him.

(Nick Griffin's description a year or so ago of Detroit was indeed depressing; former prosperous suburbs of one-time GM employees now derelict. Moreover, Detroit had, I believe, the unenviable distinction of being the first US city to witness the 'Street Sweeper' automatic shotgun in action in urban guerrilla warfare between rival gangs (no prizes for guessing their enthnicity).)

With, I believe, around 9,000,000 Muslims in the country and the US military hugely deployed overseas, you have some serious problems.

I think the only organisation that loyal Americans can look to for support as a whole is the NRA.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hoorah ! Let's hear it for the good ol' American redneck ...
they're always on call when the dirty work needs to get done. We aim to please.

Millions of guns ...
Billions of rounds ...
And God Almighty to see us thru.

Alanorei said - "... the 'Street Sweeper' automatic shotgun in action in urban guerrilla warfare BETWEEN RIVAL GANGS (no prizes for guessing their enthnicity).)"

Aahh yes, the good ol' days. Cordon 'em off and let 'em have at it.

Actually, the Sweeper was developed in Rhodesia and South Africa. I remember when they were available but would rather have tube fed myself. Guess it's like golf (which I have no use for) - depends upon what you're trying to do in any given situation.