Friday 31 July 2009

A correction to the farm murder count

Storm clouds gathering over South Africa

I have received a number of messages regarding a post I made on Monday, focusing on the murder of Johan Blignaut in Moreleta Park, Pretoria. It has been drawn to my attention that, contrary to what I stated. Mr Blignault who worked for a pharmaceutical company, had no direct connection to the South African farming community. Furthermore, Morelata Park is not a rural area, but a Prosperous suburb of Pretoria.

Therefore, although Johan Blignaut's killing, although probably a hate crime and as such, further evidence of the general genocidal threat facing all white South Africans, it is inappropriate to include his tragic and brutal murder as being part of the genocidal killings of white South African farmers. I have therefore amended the figure accordingly.

I didn't make this change lightly, but it is vital that we do not compromise on the accuracy of of these figures we present because those who seek to suppress this information will use any inconsistencies against us.

I hope that someone is maintaining a record of all the whites who are being murdered in South Africa, as the figures I am maintaining here only represent a part of what is actually going on.

Another suburban killing which will also not be included in my figures occurred on Wednesday this week, when Afrikaner occupational therapist Marinda O’Dell, 48, was killed by intruders into her home on Thursday – her throat was cut. Her daughter Alicia, 17, was also attacked, she had been choked and bludgeoned with an angle-iron, was found unconscious by police in her bedroom. Two armed attackers have been arrested because the police were on the scene within just minutes after receiving the emergency call from a family friend. It’s not known if anything of value was looted. According to the media the murder attack seems to be motiveless.

Mrs O'Dell was murdered shortly after arriving home after having collected some disabled children from school and delivering them to their nearby homes.

A fatuous “parallel persuader”.

By Robin Hind

Arguments promoting the purported benefits of accepting immigrants into Europe have taken many forms. One of the most ludicrous is that “Immigration creates a richer culture”. Anyone who lived in Bangladesh, Somalia, or the Central African Republic, would recognize that these lands have cultures in as much as there is a pattern of living conducive to relative social stability, but not “rich” cultures.

By far the richest culture in existence is that which the Europeans have evolved. Each of the European nations recognises the distinctiveness and attractiveness of the cultures of their neighbors (and for centuries travel keepsakes have been brought back home to prove it). The British will travel to Poland, Italy or Scandinavia searching for distinct cultures, and others will reciprocate, visiting Britain for the same reason.

The extreme irony and incredible stupidity of attempting to “make the country more colourful by importing immigrant cultures” is that any inflows and ingresses of competing cultures into Europe can only dilute the supreme cultural richness and diversity which already exists.

Imported culture might have passing interest because it is superficially unusual with a curiosity appeal. However these “introductions” rapidly becomes mundane, and then universalize, to displace the variety which existed before. Think Tandori chicken.

The biological analogy is the introduction of an exotic species which begins to dominate and destroy the variety of species which existed before, ultimately destroying the entire ecosystem.

Therefore this cynical disinformation, engineered by governments to dupe their populations into believing that immigrants are desirable “to make your culture more colourful” will, instead, suffocate the cultures of every nation in Europe, replacing them with the homogenous, non-culture which is now insinuating itself into every corner of the continent, and obliterating the unique identities of each land.

Universal mediocrity and mundane sameness will become the hell of future societies, much like the Hell of the Sunday Fisherman who is compelled to fish without ceasing into eternity.

Don’t expect to bring back interesting keepsakes or mementos from your travels in Europe in the future.

Creating the past by resolution

Facts in the making, the US House of Representatives

The US House of Representatives have passed a resolution declaring that President Obama was born in Hawaii. We await the "Race is a social construct" the "The Community Reinvestment Act was in no way, whatsoever, at all, responsible from the Sub-Prime crisis" and, of course the "Bigfoot is real" resolutions any day now.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Beware what you blog

A CALIFORNIA man has been convicted of making racist threats against President Barack Obama during last year's presidential campaign.

Walter Bagdasarian faces up to 10 years in federal prison when he is sentenced on October 26 by a judge in San Diego. (not just five as the linked article states) Bagdasarian was found guilty on two counts of making a threat against a major candidate for president during an hour-long bench trial in which no witnesses were presented. Each count carries a maximum sentence of five years.

The court heard that Secret Service agents linked Bagdasarian's home computer to messages posted on a Yahoo! Finance message board.

Bagdasarian expressed the view that an Obama presidency would be extraordinarily damaging "He will have a 50 cal in the head soon," one message read, while another used a racial epithet.

"The defendant admitted that he posted the statement(s) on his home computer," but indicated that he had been drunk at the time. prosecutor William Cole told the judge. "When people make threats, things happen."

Albeit in this case all that did happen was that the guy sobered up and got arrested.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

From Titans to Lemmings: Part 4

Here is part four of of Reconquista's thought provoking essay addressing the suicide of the white race. Reconquista's writing is always controversial, and this is certainly no exception. As with earlier parts of this essay, I know that some of you will passionately disagree with him whilst still admiring the insight of his conclusions. If it is the duty of a writer to challenge his readers, then Reconquista certainly lives up to that duty. Whether you agree with him or disagree with him, you can not deny that he makes his case extremely well. Now read on


From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide Of The White Race

By Reconquista

4. Slaying David, Crippling Britannia


So far in this series of essays discussing the serious predicament the white race currently faces, I have tried to explain what I believe to be the lemming-like suicide of the white race and by lemming-like I am asserting that the white race is knowingly choosing to behave in ways which will assure its own destruction.

Central to the series is the way Marxist ideology has been embraced by the white race whose societies impose Multiculturalism and Liberalism in the trivial pursuit to establish equality between all races and all peoples. I have attempted to describe how these ideologies are being imposed upon white societies through the creation of numerous minority groups - e.g. blacks, asylum seekers, criminals, Muslims, homosexuals, women, animals, planet earth etc. - groups who are portrayed as oppressed victims of the powerful strong majority.

Multiculturalism and Liberalism is being forced upon white societies by force and by deploying a moral inversion that is fundamental to Christianity and identified by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche whereby the strong and the powerful are always portrayed as immoral and the weak whereas the wretched and the oppressed are the moral and the good. Nietzsche described Christianity as "The religion of pity" because of this flaw and he predicted that the West - white societies - would abandon the Christian religion but cling steadfastly to this moral inversion of the weak and oppressed as being moral and noble.

I firmly believe Nietzsche's analysis of Christianity and his prediction of how the West would maintain the moral inversion he identified were both totally accurate and it is this pity for the weak that is enabling alien invaders to colonise and flourish throughout the West along with the destruction of traditional values and morals that once made the west so strong.

But there is one minority group that is singled out as being the root cause of the West's problems. They are a minority group despised by Marxists and Liberals and, I'm sad to say, equally despised by a section of British Nationalists and other nationalist groups. The Marxists despise them for the very reasons I am describing in these essays, some Nationalists hate them for this reason too but they also hate them for a very different, convenient but ultimately self-destructive reason as we shall now see.

I am of course talking about the Jews and as a very proud, white British Nationalist who is absolutely fed-up of reading ill-informed, hate-filled and often asinine comments around British Nationalist blogs about Jews I believe it is now time for the various myths and excuses trotted out to justify Jew hatred to be challenged. Because if this nonsense continues it is going to damage British Nationalism and therefore, serve to promote the interests of all of the enemies who are destroying our land.

Know Your Enemy

So who are the enemies of Great Britain and how do British Nationalists empower our enemies by joining in with this nasty Jew hate-fest? It is vitally important to identify our enemies because if we do not correctly identify them then we handicap ourselves. Here in no particular order are the enemies who are busily destroying Great Britain along with other Western societies in the pursuit of their desire to first turn whites into a minority, then to wipe them out:

The Left - Marxists, Communists, Multiculturalists, Liberals, Socialists. Not all are malicious, along with the dyed-in-the-wool West-hating Marxist/Socialist raving red nutjobs are the well-meaning but totally misguided and terminally naive Liberals. Useful idiots who provide oxygen for the enemy, an enemy who will one day turn on them too.

Islam - The goal of EVERY Muslim is to establish the single global ummeh - "fight the infidel until the world belongs solely to Allah" . There is nothing more they desire than the conquest of the West and they are prosecuting Islamic jihad in a number of ways both violent and non-violent. Islam has declared war on Great Britain - unlike Judaism - and presents perhaps the most serious threat to the entire West and and that includes Israel.

The Black Race - Look at what has happened to whites in Africa since the end of colonial rule and look at what blacks have done in the US and the UK. Blacks blame whites for all of their many failings and the level of racist hatred blacks have directed upon whites in Britain, the US, South Africa and Zimbabwe is appalling.

Global Capitalists: Note the word GLOBAL. There is nothing wrong with Capitalism, but Global Capitalism is evil and it is causing enormous harm to the West. In this I include the huge banking corporations who thanks to their greed and incompetence have had to be bailed out by taxpayers. Politicians of all faiths and all parties betrayed their people and instead of serving their own people served the Global Capitalists instead. Not content with that they then allowed cheap foreign labour to take the jobs of British workers during a recession. Thus, each of the main political parties have sold-out their own people and along with their support for the colonisation of Britain via mass immigration, are ipso facto now at war with the British people.

The Western Media - From Hollywood movies to Porn flicks, from commercial broadcasters like Sky to state broadcasters such as the BBC, from world respected newspapers such as The Times to the free local papers, the media is now a Multicultural propaganda machine that makes Pravda look like The Beano. As they brainwash the British people with a continual stream of lies and deceptions to condition the British people into accepting their own demise, the Western Media have also declared war on their own people. Not all of the Western media is owned by Jews and it certainly is not predominantly staffed by Jews, not by a long chalk.

Now I can hear the cries of Jew-hating Nationalists as though they were next to me: "Yes Recon, they all are, but the Jews are behind all of this, they control the world, they're responsible for all of it IT'S THE JOOOOZ!"

To which I simply respond by highlighting the worst of our enemies, the enemy who is doing more damage to Western societies and the white race than any other:

OUR OWN PEOPLE. That is, the majority of indigenous Britons who have willingly accepted guilt, self-loathing, treason, cowardice and pity as worthy virtues and who have swallowed the Multicultural vomit spoon-fed to them by the ruling elite and who simply do not have the wit or the will to defend the freedom paid for in blood that they deem to be their right. Let's look at this in more detail.

If I Were A Rich Man

The most common smear I hear against the Jews is the charge of avarice, and it goes something like this: "The Jew is motivated by greed and money and the Jew is never satisfied. They own all the world's banks and control most of the world's money."

First, if anyone seriously believes that only the Jews are avaricious then they must be barking mad! ALL races containing multiple faiths are motivated by money, the desire for wealth is not limited solely to Jews and to suggest so is plain folly. There are avaricious Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus etc. but look at the group who will most often use this smear against the Jews, those moral beacons on the left, our socialist enemies. Whilst telling all and sundry "everybody is equal" they were were busy plunging their grabbing grubby paws into the public purse lining their own pockets to pay for all manner of luxuries, not forgetting socialist politicians who were busy playing the property market with tax-payers' money.

The black race is also as avaricious as any other. The problem with blacks is that they will steal the white man's wealth - and they have just look at Rhodesia and South Africa - but won't contribute anything whatsoever to take humanity forward. Unless of course you consider gangsta rap with its lust for bling and violent sex as being an enriching contribution?

Hmm, not contributing anything of worth to humanity yet demand riches - no wonder African blacks embrace Marxism so readily, they have so much in common. Stealing the wealth created by others because they are incapable of creating anything of worth to earn it being the most obvious.

Perhaps the second accusation, that the Jews control the world's money flow because they own the banks carries a little more weight. Without doubt many financial institutions are owned or controlled by Jews but the Jews no longer exercise as much control as people think. It is also prudent to realise that not all Jews are Jews just as all Christians are not Christians. The Jews, just like whites, are affected by self-loathing, guilt and self-hatred and are also cursed by Marxism-Liberalism. More on this later, but do please be aware of the existence of JINO: Jews In Name Only. They too hate their own and are going about destroying their own as well.

The biggest transfer of wealth in human history - a transfer that is ongoing - has been the transfer of US$13 trillion from the oil-thirsty West to the Middle East. It has resulted in a catastrophic resurgence of Islam - that's Islam, not misnomers such as "Radical Islam" or "Militant Islam" or "Extreme Islam" - and one country in particular is using its enormous unearned wealth to spread Islam in the West: Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is at war with Britain - make that the West but let's keep it to Britain, after all we're British Nationalists. The Saudis are funding the building of Mosques throughout our land, they are funding the establishment of Islamic Centres in our towns and cities, they are funding legal jihad and provide the financial clout behind organisations working hard to promote Islam and silence critics and who now wield considerable political influence in British politics - e.g. Lord Ahmed who threatened to mobilise an army of 10,000 Muslims should Dutch MP Geert Wilders be afforded free speech in the House of Lords - and Islamic lobby groups and organisations such as The Muslim Council of Britain. With the oil-weapon, the Saudis can manipulate the oil-dependant West and does so frequently.

And let's not forget that Saudi Arabia committed an act of war on September 11th 2001, murdering 3000 people in an act of Islamic jihad committed predominantly by Saudis. It is the Saudis who are bankrolling Islamic jihad terror groups such as Muslim League Worldwide, International Islamic Relief Organisation, Islamic Association for Palestine, Al Qaeda and The Taliban, those lovely examples of Islamic tolerance and peace who not only commit the most heinous acts of barbarity against their own people, the Taliban are sending British soldiers home in coffins much to the delight of Muslims in the UK who also enjoy abusing British soldiers returning from active service over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Amazingly, Saudi Arabia is deemed an ally of Great Britain and the United States. Oh, and Saudi Arabia forbids Jews to enter their Kingdom and if you think you as a kuffar fare any better, think again. Kuffars are forbidden to enter the cities of Mecca and Medina on pain of death and I will bet you a pound to a pinch of the proverbial that you will not find many Christian churches or Christians in that delightful country and if anyone was stupid enough to preach Christianity there and demand Saudi school-kids be fed pork and study Christianity they'd be killed in a heart-beat.

And as Christians are persecuted and driven out of almost every single nation in the Middle East, only one nation provides a safe place for Christians to practice their faith in the region. It's the same one Jew haters throughout the West marched against in their millions in 2009, screaming for the Jews to be sent back to the ovens or to the gas in reference to an event in Jewish history that they often claim simply didn't happen.

So to those who hate the Jews let me ask this:

Are synagogues being built throughout our lands and are Jews committing acts of terror against Britons to establish Judaism as the dominant religion? Is Israel - a country facing exactly the same Islamic jihad as the West - funding Jewish terror organisations enabling them to commit murderous acts of violence against innocent people in every country where Jews co-exist alongside people of other faiths? Are your children being force-fed kosher meals in schools, are Jews raping your teenage girls and are Jews waging a legal war against anyone who dares criticise the Jewish religion?

But the evil Zionist-Jew-Nazis are controlling the world, right?

More food for thought:

Of the 13,155,000 Jews in the world, 300,000 live in the UK. Of the estimated 1.3 BILLION Muslims, two million live in the UK and I can tell you that along with their 1 billion fellow Muslims they will not be controlled by Jews, "the descendants of apes and pigs" as their prophet Mohammed referred to them, no way whatsoever.

Hate Not Reason

I find it very difficult understand this rabid hatred for the Jewish people displayed by a few British Nationalists. With the left-wing red rabble I can understand it because the reds absolutely despise success because success is evidence of inequality. Since the Jews returned to their homeland of Israel from around 1870, Israel has developed into a first-world nation, the sole democracy in the Middle East and a nation that shines like a beacon when compared to the brutal and retarded Islamic garbage dumps that surround it.

Yet the Jew-haters will rant and rave about Zionists as if these people are the most evil people on planet earth, indeed, they will claim the Zionists are controlling the entire world and that they are going to destroy all non Jews. I'm sure you'll have heard some unbalanced individual spewing out numerous Zionist conspiracy theories all based on suspicion and the flimsiest of evidence, e.g. that the Mossad were behind 9/11.

These are the same people who cannot wait to label the Israelis as "Nazis" whenever Israel has the affront to defend itself against Islamic jihad, a jihad waged by proxy by Iran and, yes,you're right, Saudi Arabia who finance and equip the fanatical Muslim jihad organisations HAMAS, Fatah and Hizballah to "drive the Jews into the sea" in full accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Funny how the Western media and the Jew-haters never mention how Sharia law is the core reason for this conflict isn't it?

That most people in the West believe this jihad is all about the persecution of "Palestinians" and their "right of return" to their state of "Palestine" that is being "illegally occupied" by Israel shows how clueless the West is about Islam and how eager Jew-haters are to give vent to their intense anti-Jew hatred instead of understanding how this conflict is being played on the world stage to establish the global ummeh, therefore, how this conflict affects Britain.

I have written about this previously but the fact that there has never ever been a state called "Palestine" and therefore, no such people as "Palestinians" doesn't get in the way of the haters.

Nor does the fact that the Saudis and their puppet Yasser Arafat used the threat of Islamic terror to force Europe to not only fund with taxpayers' money the "Palestinian Cause" but also to increase Muslim immigration into Europe and the Europeans cowered and they still cower.

So Israel defends itself against an Islamic jihad being funded by the US, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Iran and is labelled as "Nazi Jews" for doing so.

But what's been happening while the Jew haters have been chewing their comfort blankets and blaming the Jews, is that Muslims around the world are committing the same heinous acts the Jew haters lyingly accuse Israel and the Jews of. And those who worship a prophet who was a paedophile and a murderer of Jews hate the Jews more than anybody else does and you know what? They hate you the dirty kuffar even more, and it doesn't matter if you hate Jews or not.

First comes Saturday then comes Sunday, first the Jews then the Christians. Then the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Sikhs the Zoroastrians, the atheists, the Liberals, the Multiculturalists - ALL KUFFARS until all of the world belongs to Islam. And all of the groups mentioned in this paragraph are being enriched by the "religion of peace" as you read this essay.

This conflict in the Middle East begs a question:

If the Jews are trying to control the world why is it they can't even control Israel? They've already given up the Sinai, they've given up Gaza, they pulled out of Southern Lebanon, they've allowed Arab refugees - not Palestinians - to flourish in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank as the Muslims and their allies want you to believe) and they've also given them a third of Jerusalem. This in addition to the loss of Jordan, half of the land of Israel which was originally promised to the Jews. And in Israel, these Arab refugees enjoy more rights and freedoms than they would be afforded in ANY Islamic country.

For all of this, the Israelis and the Jews have earned the hatred of the world and the murderous terror attacks of HAMAS, Fatah and Hizballah. If Israel and the West had any sense at all, they would kick-out every single Muslim back to the Islamic cesspits where their beasts spawned them and where they and their retarded, brutal evil death cult truly belong. And if they dared attack any other nation then they face the severe consequences.

But we can't have that can we? Oh no, instead, whites join in the Jew hate-fest whilst pandering and cowering before an evil enemy who not only imposes Islam on the West, it gets the myopic, gullible, Liberal-Multicultural fools to pay for their own destruction. These the same simple-minded hate-filled useful idiots who scream "Kill the Jews!" as their own society is destroyed by Muslims before their very eyes.

So blinded are they by their hatred and stupidity they cannot see it. They cannot see the thousands of Buddhists slaughtered in Thailand. The millions of Hindus slaughtered in India - who also lost a large part of its land to Muslims. They cannot see the extermination of the Zoroastrians and Bahias in Iran. They cannot see the Jews murdered by suicide bombers in Israel or Jewish children cowering in fear from rocket attacks deliberately launched at them as they are on their way to school but they're Jews so who cares and besides, those "poor oppressed Palestinians" are only firing piddling little fireworks right? Nor can they see the thousands of Christians executed and mutilated in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia, The Sudan.

Of course they can't because IT'S THE JOOZ innit?

Please. Instead of hating the Jews, let's wake up to the very real nightmare of Islamic jihad before it's too late.

Lessons From History

One aspect surrounding Jew-hatred involves a quite nauseating and frankly misguided admiration of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. I have read on various Nationalist blogs comments about Adolf Hitler being some kind of champion for the white race. This is the same Adolf Hitler whose insanity caused the deaths of millions of whites right after millions of whites had been slaughtered on the killing fields of France and Belgium just 20 years previous.

But many of the people making these comments do not seem to understand that Hitler was not about "White supremacy" but Aryan supremacy. He held all other races - including Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Picts - as biologically inferior to the Nordic Aryan and would've had no trouble at all in exterminating inferior non-Aryan races - who many of these Hitler admirers belong to - but why let facts spoil a good "sieg heil" from these misguided, wannabee Nazis.

There are also the questions surrounding the Holocaust, those who deny it ever took place and those who like to have a pissing contest about what the real numbers of victims actually were. But whose history is being denied here - is it solely the Jewish history?

Most definitely not because it also denies British, American, Canadian, Polish and Russian histories because it was their soldiers who liberated the death camps and who the deniers accuse as "liars". Are we seriously to believe that after almost a year of heavy and intense fighting the allies and the Russians decided to embark on such a grand deception? And how convenient of them all to agree, along with the support of the International Red Cross, the International media, the citizens imprisoned in the camps and of course, the Nazis and the German people, including those who committed the atrocities and those who witnessed them along with those white Germans who were victims of their own master race.

Isn't it a tad odd that only this aspect of WWII is denied? There is no denial of British WWII history: Dunkirk, The Blitz, Arnhem, D-Day, or the dreadful abuse endured by allied POWs in Japanese camps. Only the "Jewish" holocaust - Jewish history - is denied. And along with denying the "Jewish Holocaust", the history of other victims is denied too. Ignored by these Jew haters are the 4 million other victims of the Nazis: Gypsies, Slavs, the mentally and physically handicapped, the political dissenters, Christians, members of the white race including women just take the camp at Ravensbrueck, where Jewish prisoners were the minority, as being one notorious example from the 55,000 concentration camps established by the Nazis throughout Europe. Kind of all those European nations to play an active part in creating this "Jewish Myth".

That number doesn't include the death camp at Jasenovac, run by the Croatian Ustashe, the beloved allies of the Nazis. I wonder if this is denied too? If so, we can add the Serbs to our growing list of liars and deceivers.

What is telling for me about the Holocaust is that those who perpetrated it didn't deny it, indeed, many were defiant about it to the end, monsters such as Irme Grese and Adolf Eichmann. The trial of Klaus Barbie in France in the late 1980's also re-enforced this because the prosecution didn't deny that he'd committed war crimes but that those who aided him were still at large in the very government that was prosecuting him.

One thing I will agree on with the Jew haters is that the Jews have hijacked the holocaust and depicted it as solely an atrocity committed against Jews when it most certainly was not and stating so does not diminish from what the Jews suffered but by hijacking it they diminish the suffering of other races and peoples and I condemn them without reservation for it.

Another accusation thrown at those who defend the Jews is one of re-writing history, an accusation I find somewhat amusing. If the Jews have been such a threat throughout British history and they damaged Great Britain so badly, well how did Great Britain manage to build the greatest Empire the world has ever seen?

Yet these are the people who vote for the British National Party because they want to make Britain great again! I'm really glad they feel this way, I do too but I wish they'd drop this glaring contradiction. The British Empire was so mighty because it was built largely on Judeo-Christian foundations and let's remember that the systems of commerce that brought trade all around the Empire and contributed to Britain's wealth were developed in the main by Jews.

Blame Game

When discussing the current dire situation the West is now in, the blame for the situation is always laid at the door of the Jews. When it comes to Marxism, Jew haters will claim Marx was a Jew but fail to mention that his family had converted to Lutheran Christianity. But Marx isn't the only figure to have influenced the left, the philosophy of Antonio Gramsci, founding member of the Italian Communist Party is also greatly admired by the leftards and he was not a Jew.

Jew haters conveniently blame the Jews for the current situation the West is in and will claim Multiculturalism for example, has been imposed upon the West by the ruling Jewish elite who want to destroy the West. I reject this absolutely. Jews are not responsible for the nightmare of Multiculturalism and to single out one race for blame is ridiculous. Are some Jews involved in enforcing Multiculturalism? Of course. But there are also blacks, Asians, Orientals, Arabs and of course whites including leading Christians who are all involved in inflicting this unnatural and destructive social experiment upon the British people.

But the elite who are imposing Multiculturalism in Great Britain have only been able to do so because the majority of the British people have chosen to accept it. In addition to the malicious - the Marxists and the Socialists - there have been the naive Liberals who went along with it because they truly believe in the fantasy of a rainbow utopia, a Shangria-La where the lion lies down with the lamb, where all of the races live side-by-side in peace and tranquillity. All races that is except the Jews because they'd only spoil it no doubt.

I'm sure Jew-haters will now say something like: "Yes, but these naive fools have been betrayed and lied to, they trusted those who brainwashed them and those doing the brainwashing are the Jews."

To which I say: Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity and it isn't just the Jews who are doing the brainwashing, other races have noticed the suicidal stupidity of the West and are busy exploiting it.

This last point is absolutely crucial to this essay and is something every British Nationalist I believe needs to have a very clear awareness of. Blaming the Jews is nothing more than an excuse, it is an opt-out, a get-out-of-jail card that absolves our own people from the responsibility of the mess THEY have created. Throughout these essays I have tried to explain how the white race is behaving in ways that fly in the face of nature by WILLINGLY accepting the Multicultural ideology, indeed many British people - and of the white race as a whole - are amongst the most vehement defenders of this destructive and unnatural ideology.

Let me make it clear: The Jews didn't force Britons to gorge themselves on porn, to sink themselves into ever-increasing debt, to consume with insatiable greed the cheap foreign goods that flooded Britain. The Jews didn't force Britons to watch their Hollywood movies, to read Jewish and Marxist-Liberal propaganda through their media and the Jews didn't force anybody to vote for corrupt, devious, treacherous and avaricious politicians - politicians who come from a variety of backgrounds - native Brits, Catholics, Protestants, atheists, blacks, Muslims and Jews. The Jews didn't vote them in and what these traitors have done to their own people wasn't solely conducted by Jews and it has caused Britain far more harm than any other race has, including the Jews.

Clear evidence of this was provided in a timely manner by the good people of Norwich in the recent by-election. In a year where the economy has collapsed, where taxpayers bailed out the banks, where slave ships returned to British ports and where the sickening greed of politicians from the lib/lab/con one party con-trick was exposed for all to see - ironically, in the Jew-controlled media - these rational and intelligent Britons did what they have always done and voted for these incompetent, greedy, self-serving, duplicitous thieves in their thousands. The Jews didn't put a gun to their heads to make them vote this way, they voted willingly and in full knowledge of what the politicians had done to them.

In the last essay, I discussed Einstein's definition of insanity and applied it to the behaviour of the white race. And Norwich provided the perfect example of people doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. It is absolute insanity, no question about it.

The Jews are infected with this suicidal madness too, Jews like George Soros and the anti-Israel "Jewish" lobby group J-Street who continue to make demands on tiny Israel to give up its land to the Arabs in return for a non-existent peace. In so doing, these juicidal Jews are aiding the current global Islamic jihad and they are far more useful to the enemy than any other Jew.

Diverting Attention

Blaming the Jews doesn't just detract from the root cause of the problem - the suicidal stupidity of the majority of the white race - it also diverts attention greatly from the responsibility other races bear for the grave damage they have maliciously inflicted upon Great Britain. Races such as the African and the Afro-Caribbean black, parasites who have invaded our nation, sponged off our welfare system, introduced their retarded culture including gang culture with its drug abuse and tribal violence. Then there are blacks who've made careers out of being black, blaming the white race for all of the many failings of blacks and screaming "WAYCISS" at anyone who disagrees with them, demanding more and more "positive discrimination" to handicap the native Briton so the black invader prospers - at the expense of the now weakened indigenous Briton.

Blacks never accept responsibility for their failures, they always blame another race, another tribe, another person for their own short-comings and I reject this absolutely. Blaming the Jews is exactly the same as blacks blaming the whites and throughout the West, blacks are using the hate-crime of racism to colonise us whilst deceitfully blaming whites for the mess Africa is in.

Yet back in the lands of Africa, the whites have been almost ethnically cleansed from Zimbabwe, the Boers are facing an ongoing genocide and whites in South Africa are facing an escalating violent and anti-white racist crime-wave. All in addition to the appalling horrors blacks inflict on their own people. The behaviour of blacks has nothing to do with the Jews, blacks and blacks alone are responsible and nothing should distract from that uncomfortable truth.

Along with many other parasitical races who see Great Britain and the British people as a life-support system, who invade our land, grab as much as they can and give little if anything in return, these white-hating invaders present a much more serious threat than the Jews and we shouldn't allow ourselves to be distracted from that.


Blaming the Jews for the plight of the white race will only render British Nationalists powerless. The Jews are not responsible for this situation, whites are. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we accept that we are responsible for what has happened and therefore we accept that we and we alone are responsible for getting ourselves out of it. Blame is an excuse and an admittance of inferiority and there is no way I will ever admit that I as a white man - a proud white Briton - will ever admit anyone from any other race is superior to my own and that includes the Jews.

What I resent the most when I read Jew-hating comments on BNP supporting blogs is the damage that they do to the efforts of all the BNP supporters and activists who are working tirelessly and determinedly to try and save our country and our people from being destroyed. All of their good work can be scuppered in a moment, all undermined by this crass and self-destructive hatred of a people who do not present anywhere near the level of threat to Britain as either Islam or mass immigration or the EU. Yes I know some comments are left by the red retards who will do anything to damage the cause of British Nationalism but still Jew-hating nationalists remain. This Jew hatred turns people off from the more important message that the BNP are trying to promote: That Britain is for the British people, that the British people have a right to their identity and their nation and the world has to accept this.

Those who do not are our enemies no matter what race, creed or colour they are and that includes those who have placed our people in great peril: The white race themselves.


Posted earlier today at the Home of the Green Arrow

Update on "One day in Britain"

Further to one of the news items I posted about last week, football coach Ricardo Morrison was today found guilty of the murder of aspiring model and Hollyoaks actress Amy Barnes. Morrison stabbed Amy to death following a violent argument at the home they shared after she finally told him that she was leaving him.

Following the verdict details of Morrisons previous history of violence was revealed to the court, including a series of convictions for assault, many of them against previous girlfriends and only a month before the murder he had violently assaulted five women in a London club. It also came to light during the trial that he had subjected Amy to nine months of abuse and violence before she eventually decided to end the relationship.

The revelations about Morrison's past give a clear indication as to what he was seeking from his relationships with women. However, one has to ask what was in it for Amy, and why did she stay with him for as long as she did , given that the violence apparently started from very early in the relationship.

It seems that she covered for him, and continued to tell her family that he was "the love of her life" even when he was regularly beating her. Why would she do that?

The usual excuses made for women who remain in abusive relationships do not apply here. Amy was not trapped and dependant upon Morrison. Her career was moderately successful, she had appeared in a popular Soap Opera and had a good income from modeling. She had friends, and a supportive family who proved their devoting by coming to her aid as soon as she finally called, although, alas she called too late. She didn't have to stay, but she did, she stayed for nine months

Again we are confronted with the question as to what it is that some women are seeking when they enter into relationships with black men, when a disproportionate number of such relationships are abusive.

I have heard such women give explanations, such as "black men are better looking" which is certainly not true, in any event you will often see such women rejecting stunningly attractive white men in favour of extraordinarily ugly black men. Then there is the hoary old chestnut "black men treat women better", which in the majority of cases is self evidently rubbish.

Some also imply that the sex is "better", I do not have the personal experience with which to judge that claim, but I strongly suspect that it depends upon what sort of sex you are looking for, and that may bring us closer to an answer.

Women who chose mixed race relationships

The picture above shows three white women who have been in lengthy relationships with black men (Antionette Richardson who was recently jailed after phoning her black boyfriend and asking him to beat up a man who had accused her of queue jumping, Nicole Simpson, the late wife of O.J. Simpson and Alisha Whitehead who is currently in the Dayton news after her black partner dumped two of their children in the trash). A look at these three women's faces may provide a more telling explanation, as to what need mixed race relationships may have fulfilled for them.

They say that some women like bad boys, personally I don't, for a start they tend to hit you, but maybe for some, that is the whole point.

I expanded on this theme in a previous article Dangerous Liaisons which I wrote last year, and which readers may wish to re-visit.

Click here to read Dangerous Liaisons

Click here to read One Day in Britain

Monday 27 July 2009

"Slain for nothing"

I have today updated the figure recording the relentless genocide of white South African farmers to 3,065, following the murder of 54 year old Johan Blignaut was shot in the head last Friday morning at his home in Moreleta Park.

It is unclear how many gunmen were involved in Mr. Blignaut’s murder but police confirmed that they are searching for at least two suspects.

According to reports Blignaut heard voices outside his house in the early hours of the morning.

When he went to lock the doors, to protect his wife and children, he was shot and killed.

The killers left empty handed, and, for once, the Police who are investigating the killing , acknowledged this fact stating "We have noticed that people are being senselessly killed in their homes and the murderers do not even take any of their possessions. We are employing crime intelligence and doing pattern analysis to determine what exactly is motivating these murders"

This is at least some progress, given that the police are usually quick to dismiss these killings as "robberies" irrespective of the level of violence, and even if, as is frequently the case, nothing has been taken. Often the police will point to the fact that a victim's cell phone is missing to justify attributing the killings to "theft" even when cash and jewelry has been left untouched, and in the face of testimony from survivors that cell phones have been taken merely to prevent victims from calling for help.

Therefore, this acknowledgement by the police that other motives may be involved is encouraging, although the line will most probably revert to normal when more senior officials become involved.


Note: For the sake of accuracy, I have not included the deaths of Cobi and George Venter, which is reported below, in the count of murdered farmers as, unlike Johan Blignaut, who although employed within pharmaceutical industry lived on a smallholding in the suburbs of Pretoria, the Venters appear to have been city dwellers. Vast numbers of urban whites have also been killed in the 15 odd years since the end of Apartheid and doubtless many of the killings were hate crimes, however, to my knowledge, no reliable figure has been maintained which would enable me to differentiate between such killings and the vast crime wave which is currently assailing South Africa.

The record I am maintaining relates solely to the genocidal killings of members of the white, South African, farming community.

‘It was like evil just exploded there’

Cobi Venter in a recent picture and as a child in the Netherlands

What follows is from an article by Rowan Philip in The Times (Johannesburg) dated 25 July 2009

Cobi Venter was sexually assaulted by a Nazi soldier at the age of three.

She came to South Africa determined to do good, dedicating herself to helping charities and anti-apartheid groups in Port Elizabeth.

But last month, Venter, 67, watched her husband George being tortured to death before being gang-raped and fatally beaten herself in a crime that reduced one police captain to tears.

A friend of the late anti-apartheid legend Molly Blackburn, Venter’s story of good and evil is so wrenching that academics and residents in Port Elizabeth have formed an action group in her name.

They are demanding that the government “does its first duty to safeguard its citizens” and responds to a sudden spate of violent crime in a city that until now has been relatively safe.

In the past three months, the neighbourhoods of Colleen Glen and Kragga Kamma alone have seen at least three murders, two rapes and numerous violent attacks.

Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg, spokesman for the SAPS, said crime intelligence analysts had reported an increase in “the amount of violence, totally unnecessary violence, used in attacks in recent times” in Port Elizabeth.

State advocate Marius Stander said six men had appeared in court in connection with the Venter double murder but would only receive a full indictment on August 6.

Speaking out for the first time this week, Venter’s son, international fashion designer Andre Venter, 44, said robbers had tried to get into his parents’ house on a previous occasion and his father had been forced to barricade the front door.

On the day of the attack, his parents visited the luxury mansion Andre Venter is building nearby and told friends they were living in fear. They were desperate to move into a cottage on their son’s secure property as soon as possible.

Back at home, Cobi Venter cooked dinner for the pair and, at around 8.30pm, took a call from a worried neighbour who had heard dogs barking.

Andre Venter described the scene at the house two days later after he’d rushed back from overseas.

“Tears were running down a police captain’s face; another detective was in a state of shock, and he told me it was the most horrifying murder scene he had ever seen,” said Venter.

“Blood was on the walls of every single room in the house; it was on the ceilings. It was like evil just exploded there — I mean, all eight of the main windows were smashed as well.”

Andre’s brother, Eugene, said: “You walk through the dining room and look at the objects around the room. There is a four- pound hammer, a large rock, a bloodied golf club, a sculpture of Mozart. You think: is this what they used to kill my dad?”

Andre Venter said his father — a 78-year-old retired entrepreneur — was apparently beaten with the hammer, tortured and dragged by his feet from room to room as the gang demanded cash.

Eventually, the main stash was found hidden in a grand piano, and it was there, beneath the instrument, that George Venter was finished off.

Cobi Venter was found lying against the lounge wall. She lingered in hospital for 10 days, opening her eyes just once before she died.

Cobi Venter spent the first years of her life virtually imprisoned in a chicken shed. Nazi soldiers chose her family’s house in a village in northern Holland as their local headquarters and victimised her family because they had sheltered Jews, Andre Venter said.

“It was only in the past few years that she came to terms with being violated by the Nazis. She told us how a 19-year-old soldier molested her; something that had a major, tragic impact on her life.

“It’s incredible to me that, after decades of service to the community, the end of her life was the same — being violated by thugs.”

Venter said a detective had told him criminals had flown from Johannesburg to hit softer targets in Port Elizabeth.

“I cannot allow a person like my mother to die in vain — something good has to come from this: a wake-up call that we as a society must value human life again, the way she did.”

Racism - A Perfect Explanation for Black Failure

WHAT IS RACISM? by Thomas Jackson

There is surely no nation in the world that holds “racism” in greater horror than does the United States. Compared to other kinds of offenses, it is thought to be somehow more reprehensible. The press and public have become so used to tales of murder, rape, robbery, and arson, that any but the most spectacular crimes are shrugged off as part of the inevitable texture of American life. ”Racism” is never shrugged off. For example, when a white Georgetown Law School student reported earlier this year that black students are not as qualified as white students, it set off a booming, national controversy about “racism.” If the student had merely murdered someone he would have attracted far less attention and criticism.

Racism is, indeed, the national obsession. Universities are on full alert for it, newspapers and politicians denounce it, churches preach against it, America is said to be racked with it, but just what is racism?

Continue reading at SA Sucks

Sunday 26 July 2009

Welcoming the new Goddess of Napal

Like most people, including the BNP and most of its followers, I have no issue with the extension of the right to reside in Britain to ex-Gurkha soldiers and their immediate families.

The Gurkhas are brave soldiers who have fought bravely for Britain. Although I would personally favour an arrangement whereby retired soldiers conditions in their own homeland were improved at tax payers' expense to the point where they would wish to remain there. I am in full agreement with BNP Chairman Nick Griffin when he said he would happily exchange an equivalent number of militant Muslims for those Gurkha soldiers and their families who choose to move here.

However, I have to confess to a feeling of some unease at the level of hero-worship being afforded to actress and national icon, Joanna Lumley on her current triumphal visit to Nepal. Lumley, who as you will remember successfully lead a devastatingly effective campaign aimed at forcing the government to extend residency rights to all ex-Gurkha soldiers and their immediate families, is being welcomed by huge and effusive crowds carrying placards declaring the stunningly well preserved Ms. Lumley everything from a Goddess to "The greatest person on Earth".

Whereas I can understand that the soldiers themselves, and their nearest and dearest may feel indebted to Joanna, the crowds cheering her today seemed to include a considerable number of people who do not appear to fall into that category. Officially the victory won my Ms. Lumley and her campaign effected a maximum of 100,000 people, of whom we are assured only a small percentage will seek to take advantage of their new win rights. However, from the scenes today in Nepal, the entire population of Kathmandu (1.08 million people) seem to be very grateful to their new Goddess. Surely they don't all plan to move here.

A Modern Witch Trial

By Theodore Dalrymple

Racism: the charge against which there is no defense

Men may be created equal, but not all murders are equal. Some are quickly forgotten, except by those immediately affected by them, while others—by no means always political assassinations—have a lasting political impact. Among the politically significant kind was the murder of Stephen Lawrence, a young black man, in a London suburb on the evening of April 22, 1993. Five or six white youths set upon Lawrence and a friend, Duwayne Brooks. One of the attackers supposedly shouted, “What, what, nigger?” immediately before Lawrence was stabbed to death. Brooks managed to evade the attackers, who ran away.

Despite considerable circumstantial evidence against several suspects, the perpetrators escaped conviction. The police investigation into the murder was a model of incompetence of the kind that every Briton now expects of our boys in blue. Over the investigation there also hung a pall of suspected corruption, for one suspect was the son of a rich drug trafficker who, on a previous occasion when his son stood accused of a stabbing, had tried (unsuccessfully) to bribe and threaten the victim into altering his evidence.

But the Lawrence murder took on a wide social significance because of its racial overtones. The botched investigation became a cause célèbre—the presumption being that racism alone could explain the police’s failure to bring the perpetrators to justice—and the government launched an official inquiry to “identify the lessons to be learned for the investigation and prosecution of racially motivated crimes.” There followed a festival of political and emotional correctness the likes of which have rarely been equaled. It would be impossible, at less than book length, to plumb the depths of intellectual confusion and moral cowardice to which the inquiry plunged. In 1999, it released a report of its findings that won almost universal praise despite its risible shortcomings.

This year, on the tenth anniversary of the report, the press and professional criminologists are celebrating it for, as one put it, bringing about a “paradigm shift” in the sensitivities of British police about “diversity”—police now think about race all the time, it seems. The report’s real effect, however, was to demoralize further an already demoralized police force, which, immediately after the report appeared, retreated from stopping or searching people behaving suspiciously and watched street robberies increase 50 percent.

Continue reading at the City Journal

From Titans to Lemmings: The Suicide of the White Race - Part 3

By Reconquista

3. Walking The Wheel


In the first two essays in this series discussing the suicide of the white race, I have tried to present a reasoned and rational argument as to how Marxists/Liberals/Multiculturalists exploit a flaw with Christianity to pursue the goal of a Multicultural society. The flaw is an inversion of morality placing the weak and the wretched as virtuous and the strong and powerful as ignoble and immoral. Through this flaw, a number of "minority groups" - victims - have been created and it is through these groups that the Multicultural society is being created.

The end goal of Liberal-Multiculturalists is to completely dismantle Western societies and re-create them as multi-racial, multi-faith and multicultural societies where all people are equal regardless of race, creed or colour. This anti-nature utopia of peaceful and harmonious existence between distinctly different peoples will spell the end of Western nations because Liberal-Multicultural ideology asserts that it is these strong, advanced societies - and therefore, the indigenous people of these societies, the white race - that are responsible for all of the oppression, war and injustice in the world and who only became so powerful by looting from, and oppressing, weak and powerless others.

Since WWII, the Liberal-Multicultural ideology has been imposed upon Great Britain by stealth as successive governments whether Labour or Conservative have encouraged mass-immigration and have additionally passed scores of laws to forcibly impose Multiculturalism mainly in British cities and without consulting the communities affected. They have encouraged mass-immigration to such an extent that in many communities in Great Britain - Bradford, Bristol, Luton, boroughs of London, Manchester and Birmingham along with many other colonised areas - indigenous Britons are now minorities in their own land.

This dismantling of Western societies is happening throughout Europe, it is happening in the United States and it has already happened in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The tragedy - and the theme of this series - is that the white race is, in the main, either engaged in destructively creating discordant rainbow societies or simply passively allowing Multiculturalism to be imposed upon it and is, therefore, embracing its own destruction.

Before I continue, I had intended to write about the feminisation of Western societies as I stated in the last essay but recent events mean that I will be writing about this important issue another time.

Because in this essay, I want to examine how Western societies are faring as the pursuit to establish a harmonious, equal, Multicultural Shangri-la continues unabated.

State of the Multicultural Union

As any project leader - as I was during my IT career on numerous major projects - will tell you, one aspect to successfully managing a project is to continually gauge progress. Liberal-Multiculturalists have been imposing their rainbow project upon Western societies since the end of WWII. So how is this enforced social-experiment of transforming the once mighty, industrial and predominantly white West into an idyllic Multicultural utopia progressing?

Let's begin with Great Britain, a tiny island nation that created the greatest empire the world has ever seen, a nation that gave much more to the world than it has ever received in return.

Great Britain, a once advanced and powerful nation whose indigenous people were predominantly white, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and of Christian faith is now, thanks to mass-immigration, the most densely populated country in Europe. It is a melting-pot of people - black Africans, Caribbean blacks, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Eastern Europeans and of course, the native Britons themselves. This "diversity" is celebrated by Marxists and Liberals yet at what price does "diversity" come?

One of the reasons trotted out to excuse mass-immigration is the oft-repeated: "it's good for the economy". Given that the economy is now in recession, actually it's worse than recession because British tax-payers have had to bail-out the bankrupt banks, well, let's be honest, logic would decree that this reason has simply been blown out of the water. Yet during this current recession, there exists the frankly insane situation of employers hiring dirt-cheap foreign labour over native British labour with imported foreign workers being accommodated in "floating hotels". Sounds much better than calling them what they really are: Slave ships and that we have these affronts to human dignity docked in British ports two-hundred years after slavery was abolished is nothing less than disgrace to Britain.

Yet where are Liberal-Multiculturalists and Human Rights activists protesting about this exploitation? Their silence is deafening - and telling. How on earth can anyone claim Multiculturalism to be progressive when it has seen a return of slave ships? It is obvious that exploiting people in desperate need by treating them like beasts of burden isn't slavery when Marxist-Liberal-Multiculturalists do it. There's a nation to destroy and money to be made don't you know? But imagine the outcry if these workers were black.

Christianity, the religion that laid the bedrock on which the British Empire was built, is now in its death throes. In addition to rows of empty pews at Sunday worship, churches up and down the land are converted into Mosques and the Anglican clergy supports calls for Islamic Sharia law whilst at the same time, smearing as "unchristian" British patriots who are fighting for a return of traditional Christian morals and values. I guess the smear "heretic" is now out of fashion with the new holier-than-thou Christian inquisitors.

Meanwhile, Islam continues to grow and flourish in our land. From fanatical jihadists self-detonating on our transport system and killing British infidels to no-go areas in British cities, the Muslim communities have made it clear: Islam first, last and everything. British teenage girls are now enduring rape jihad, British teenagers and young adults are enduring drug jihad and violent jihad, British schools serve halal food and cancel traditional Christian celebrations so as not offend Muslims and the sight of Muslim women arrogantly flaunting their allegiance to Islam by wearing their black burkas or covering their faces with the niqab in flagrant violation of British customs and British security laws now cuts an all-too-common and ghoulish spectre on the streets of all British cities.

A gradual abandoning of traditional Christian morality towards human sexuality has resulted in sex-obsessed Britons gorging themselves on a diet of soft-core and hardcore pornography and the sexualisation of children - even infants - is now being promoted by government including a proposal to reduce the age of consent to the tender age of fourteen. Promiscuity is now acceptable and common sexual conduct, with virginity no longer regarded as a praiseworthy and desirable virtue. Homosexuality is also now accepted as normal behaviour and "gay pride" carnivals in major cities are an annual event for homosexuals to openly celebrate, parade and promote their sexuality as being a moral and healthy lifestyle choice. No sign of "straight pride" carnivals and don't hold your breath for them to happen either.

The family unit is becoming a rare species. Couples live together and part with monotonous regularity and of those couples who choose to seal their bond within the tradition of marriage, around 50% of them will end in divorce. Single parent families are now accepted as normal, with many single young mothers giving birth to children who have different fathers, many of whom will not even know their child never mind contribute a penny in maintenance with the state happily stepping in to act as a benevolent, surrogate father to provide for the family needs.

For reluctant mothers, the option of terminating their pregnancy under the Marxist-feminist slogan "right to choose" is available and has resulted in more than six million aborted lives in Great Britain since abortion was legalised. I have yet to to hear a convincing explanation from Liberals as to how at a time when the birth rate among white, indigenous Britons has dropped dramatically to a point where maintaining the survival of this people is now threatened, terminating such a huge number of healthy foetuses can be regarded as a progressive sign of evolution for the British people.

Crime blights British cities. Along with burglary and car crime, gang culture is now established in these cities with rival gangs engaged in permanent war in addition to brutal street battles between Asian, Black and Eastern European gangs to establish who controls the flow of drugs to British people - children and teenagers as well as adults - and such gang wars are an ongoing occurrence. Knife crime in the capital city of London claims teenager after teenager with no sign that the underlying cause will ever be acknowledged never mind addressed.

Friday and Saturday nights in British inner cities can resemble a scene from Sodom and Gomorrah as binge drinking and drug abuse are now serious problems. Teenagers and young men and women stagger through the streets in befuddled states of high intoxication and the sight of vomiting revellers or revellers so inebriated they lie unconscious where they fell on the pavement is common. Vicious street fights erupt each weekend around the bars and clubs, outside fast food outlets or even at taxi-ranks and it's all now part of the great British night out. Many of these drunken brawlers will continue fighting in casualty where assaults on hospital staff now means that security guards patrol a valuable resource provided gratis to all courtesy of the British taxpayer to treat people in need, yet many of those who benefit from it have zero respect or appreciation for just how precious such a service is to our society.

The once revered concept of British justice is now a corrupt and politicised mess. Violent and habitual criminals are given light sentences or spend time in over-crowded prisons pampered and with all luxuries supplied whilst conversely, motorists and law-abiding citizens protecting their homes or acting in self-defence are punished mercilessly. Should anyone dare to suggest that porridge should be a harsher punishment, they will cross swords with the myriad of Human Rights NGO's whose self-perpetuating mandate is to always portray criminals as victims. Discrimination against any victim group: Criminals, Blacks, Muslims, Homosexuals, etc. is treated as a hate-crime or a violation of human rights and offenders will be forced to atone for their crime including attending "Corrective Behaviour Courses". Such obvious brainwashing to impose the Multicultural ideology is not deemed a human rights violation of course.

And while British cities are colonised by a swarm of ungrateful and self-serving foreign invaders, those who have inflicted this ongoing nightmare upon the British people have been deceiving and outright lying to their electorate at every turn whilst shamelessly and dishonourably pilfering the public purse at will to line their own pockets. From being involved in the criminal war of deceit and aggression against our once Christian ally Serbia to the murderous invasion of Iraq again, both based on a pack of outrageous lies, these greedy criminal parasites are also busily engaged in promoting mass-immigration to colonise their own nation whilst simultaneously surrendering British sovereignty to the soviet EU entity. And yet again, it has happened without consulting the British people, who are now being governed by an elite politburo based in a foreign capital city whom the British people didn't vote for and who have zero accountability to the British people. Solely to satiate their rabid lust for power and wealth, the current incumbents of Westminster have dragged British democracy and Great Britain into the sewer.

It is an act of treason without equal in British history and those who have been part of this betrayal of our nation should be tried for their treason and hung if found guilty and I make absolutely zero apology for making this statement.

I could continue with Great Britain. But the need to move on prevails as there is a bigger picture to paint. Because what is going on in Great Britain is happening in all Western societies as you'll now see.

Star-Spangled Banner

The United States of America was the clear victor of WWII. That is the claim made by many historians and indeed, the USA became the global super-power after the war, replacing the British Empire on which the sun had finally set.

Did they really win? Well, since the end of WWII, the US has also been conducting the same Multicultural experiment as Great Britain. This has culminated with the most racist Presidential election in US history, with a "black Muslim Messiah" - sorry, President - being elected largely because 95% of blacks voted for him.

Barrack Hussein Obama is a black Muslim President who insults US allies while appeasing unreservedly hate-filled US enemies including bowing in submission to the King of Saudi Arabia, thus becoming the only US President to ever bow in submission to a foreign monarch. Within the the US black communities who elected their new saviour solely because of his skin colour, gang culture is rampant. This is a debased culture with the vile and repugnant gangsta rap replete with its woman-hating, sexually explicit and sexually violent filthy lyrics and its promotion of greed and bling, violence between rival black gangs - and gangs of other races - and of course, the demonisation of whites as "crackers" (because they are white and break easily). Yet gang culture is now mainstream in US society and it is sadly, a debased culture that has also been exported to other Western societies too.

The US is also being invaded by aliens. Hispanics from Latin America, the ironically named "La Raza - The Race" are on the verge of becoming the main racial group in California with Arizona and Texas predicted to follow suit. Spanish is now the second language of the USA and it is a matter of time before it becomes the first. In bitter irony, the impoverished black communities are the most affected and this has led to blacks protesting against Hispanic immigration to protect black communities and black jobs. No cries of racism meet these protests and just as whites fled the major cities during the 60's and 70's in what was termed "white flight", blacks to are now also leaving states being colonised by Hispanics. Indeed, "black flight" has now arrived.

The US economy has catastrophically collapsed with the insane situation that every child born in the USA takes its first gasp of the oxygen of life with a staggering $30,000 debt hanging around its neck. And just as in GB, a socialist government has mis-used taxpayers' money to bail-out incompetent and greedy bankers and is imposing ever increasing taxes on the productive people to support an increasing army of demanding free-loaders including of course the continuing expansion of government and associated NGO's whose sole raison d' etre is to prosecute the destruction of their own society. All of this happening at a time when the US is fighting billion dollar wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has achieved very little of note in comparison to the cost in both money and blood.

The lunatic left in the form of the Democrats hold power in the US and of course, anyone who speaks against the US Multicultural utopia is smeared with the Orwellian thought-crimes "Racist", "Hater", "Nazi" and "Fascist".

And despite 3000 innocent citizens being massacred by fanatical Muslim jihadists in an act of war by proxy committed by Saudi Arabia on 9/11, Islam continues to grow and flourish across the pond with the oil-thirsty USA cowered by the Saudis and their oil weapon. Saudi-funded Mosques are springing up in every US state with the main Muslim lobby group CAIR - Council on American Islamic Relations - issuing law-suits against anyone who offends Muslims in any way no matter how slight and is currently distributing 100,000 copies of the Qur'an to state and national leaders. This is Da'wa, the call to Islam, in action and it is a call that few of those who receive it - if any - will understand the true, malicious intent behind this act.

The USA is bankrupt, it is being colonised by aliens from all around the world and in just 50 years time, the race that built one of the greatest nations in human history will be a minority in their own land.

More White Plight

What about other western societies? Surely things can't be as bad in all white societies - can they?

Let's look at Europe. Multiculturalism is also being imposed throughout the continent and mass immigration from the third-world - heavily encouraged by the corrupt EU - is colonising European nations. Countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Italy have huge problems with their ever-volatile Muslim communities. The rape, violent and drug jihad that blights British inner-cities is also blighting Brussels, Paris, Malmo, Rotterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Milan and Cologne. France especially, where not only do the immigrant Algerian Muslim community in the Banlieues surrounding Paris make their territory a no-go area even for French police, angry and hate-filled Muslims set France alight almost every weekend and if any Muslim is deemed to have been unfairly arrested by the Police, widespread rioting ensues.

Mosques are rising throughout Europe funded by Saudi petrodollars, and many of the major problems highlighted above that plague Great Britain - gang crime, promiscuity, pornography, breakdown of the family, drug and alcohol abuse, corrupt government etc. - blight Europe. A declining birth-rate amongst Europeans and a rising birth-rate among immigrants, especially Muslims, will see not only white Europeans become minorities but it will certainly lead to bloody civil war as Islam becomes dominant on the European continent. One only needs to perform the most brief study of Islamic history to learn how Islam spreads - first by demographics then mercilessly by the sword.

The white race is faring no better in South Africa and Zimbabwe. These former first-word nations that created huge wealth for their people and also fed the entire dark continent, "the bread baskets of Africa" constructed under white colonial rule are now becoming de-constructed, impoverished third-world nations under black rule.

In Zimbabwe, the tyrant Robert Mugabe has conducted a genocide against the white farming communities with the catastrophic results of bankrupting his country and starving his own people. That's black people who he also persecutes and murders on a whim. The world talks tough about him but does nothing of any worth as whites continue to be ethnically cleansed from the nation they once made so strong.

It is becoming just as bad in South Africa. This former jewel in the African crown is now a hell on earth for many of its citizens, especially whites. Brutal and murderous racist crime against whites is out-of-control including an ongoing genocide against the Boer community and legalised anti-white discrimination, cunningly dressed-up as "Affirmative Action" or "Black Economic Empowerment", is endorsed by a Marxist and white-hating ANC black government to loot more and more land and property once owned by whites. Once again, the same problems highlighted above are also affecting whites in South Africa, problems that along with the anti-white hate-fuelled racism of blacks, are helping to destroy whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe and indeed, other western societies.

Please believe me when I say I could elaborate in much greater detail on all of the issues I have raised above but I want to move on to the core issue of this essay. I'm sure I will have ample opportunities to discuss in greater detail these and other serious issues affecting the white race in future essays.

So what is at the heart of this look at the continuing demise of western societies?

Choosing Extinction

The genius Albert Einstein famously stated:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results."

If ever there is a statement that encapsulates perfectly the current situation of the white race then that is it. In Western societies, Liberalism and Multiculturalism have become the dominant ideologies throughout the West, much to the delight of Marxists who created them. As discussed previously, the way these ideologies operate is to create scores of victim groups: Blacks, Muslims, Ethnic Minorities, Criminals, Homosexuals, Women, Children, Animals and even Planet Earth. Each of these groups is portrayed as weak and oppressed victims of the strong majority, this is the moral inversion depicting the weak as morally good and the strong as ignoble.

The Multicultural ideology places fantasy over reality with its core value asserting that all people and all races are equal. Liberal-Multiculturalists will cling to this value even as other races and other people are making it abundantly clear that they hate the West, they hate white people and they will destroy the lands of the whites whilst ethnically cleansing whites out of their own lands. Not only that, other races will prevent whites from entering their lands and will then hypocritically also demand that whites stop practising their traditions and religions in Western societies as it is "offensive and racist".

Take the predominant religion that played such a key role in the advancement of the West throughout the centuries, Christianity. Christians are being mercilessly persecuted by Muslims in Iraq, Iran, The Lebanon and Egypt. Throughout the Middle East, Muslims forbid Christians to proselytize on pain of death and in once Christian Turkey, Christians now number just 1% of the population.

Conversely, the ever-growing and belligerent Muslim community in the West demand ever-increasing tolerance and accommodation to allow them the freedoms to practise their Islamic faith. From building Mosques whose minarets dominate the skyline of western cities to foot-spas and halal food, any refusal to accept Muslim demands is met with accusations of "Racist" or "Islamophobia".

It's a similar routine with blacks who blame whites for all the misfortunes and failures of the black race and in Africa, blacks are murdering, assaulting and raping whites and ethnically cleansing them from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Conversely, blacks in the West demand the right to be treated as equals, to share the bounty and wealth created by whites and scream "YOUS WAYCISS!" at anyone who dares to suggest that Multiculturalism isn't a good idea because the races most definitely aren't equal.

So Muslims are given more and more tolerance and more and more accommodation to practise their supremacist and intolerant faith, blacks are given more and more "positive discrimination" to make them equal to other races especially whites, and the West increasingly dilutes its culture, destroys its religions, degenerates its youth and indigenous Westerners lose their identities at the expense of affording other races freedoms and privileges Westerners are not afforded back in the homelands of these West-hating colonisers.

This is why I agree with Nietzsche's prediction that as the West abandoned Christianity, it would through Liberalism and its evil twin Multiculturalism retain the moral inversion of pity for the weak and wretched and immorality for the strong. As such, they are simply Christianity without the redeemer or deity but with the moral inversion of pity as a virtue. Christians are commanded to "love one another" and they will place this childish and destructive fantasy first and foremost and continue to love those who hate them and are sworn to destroy them no matter what, even as Christianity has been eradicated in many Islamic countries and tragically, even as Christianity is now dying in the West.

Liberal-Multiculturalists will cling to their equally childish illusion "all people are equal" and will do anything they can to ensure that all other races are given every opportunity to make them equal even as other races will do whatever they can to preserve their traditions, their identities and their cultures in their own native lands whilst destroying the nations in the West they are busy colonising.

Such people who place ideology before reality are simply unable to think for themselves and realise the dire consequences of mindless obedience to a pet ideology instead of prudent obedience to the laws Mother nature has governing human reality, especially this harsh truth:

That if they continue to love those who hate them and treat races who hate their own race as equals, then they are choosing to create the circumstances for their own extinction. The former Turkish leader Ataturk nailed this in one simple statement:

"Any people that isn't prepared to fight and defend itself will be conquered by one that is."

Let's be absolutely clear: Behaving in such a weak and submissive manner is cowardly and it is insanity. Placing an ideology first and foremost even in the face of demonstrable evidence that proves it is failing is the act of an intellectual pygmy whose vanity and piety blinds them to truth: that their failing ideology is out of tune with reality. Maintaining a robotic devotion to an ideology that is clearly failing won't just destroy other people of their own race who don't agree with them but it will ultimately destroy believers too along with their societies and nations and this is happening to the West right now.

Also, these childish and naive little fantasies of "love one another" and "we're all equal" will perish with them as others who have nothing but contempt for these silly and unnatural fantasies will replace them with inhuman, unequal and oppressive ones, especially Islam, a death-cult that is one of the most oppressive, violent and merciless ideologies ever created by humans, causing even greater suffering to result.

Enjoy The Craic

This Liberal-Multicultural lunacy reared its ugly head in Northern Ireland as I was writing this essay. Once more, mass immigration has been imposed upon a British community - and as usual a working class community - with hordes of alien Romas bringing a crime-wave that brought disruption and misery all under the rainbow banner of Multiculturalism.

When the indigenous people reached the end of their tether and made a strong stance to defend their communities and their way of life they were vilified throughout the media as "racists". The Marxist propaganda machine The BBC went even further, referring to it as "the new sectarianism". The alien invaders who had enriched South Belfast with their enforced and parasitical presence were painted as innocent victims of bigotry, intolerance and hatred, against a back-drop of protests from various Liberals and Multiculturalists from outside the area.

The Church became involved, providing sanctuary to colonisers destroying the parish the Church is supposed to be the shepherd of. Yet again, the urge to bestow pity upon the poor and wretched no matter what consequences ensue is the overwhelming priority.

Insisting that people had the right to choose to live wherever they wanted, these devout disciples of the Multicultural religion are as hypocritical as they are mentally disturbed. Have you noticed that such protesters don't march into upper-middle class or upper-class areas and demand that Romas be accommodated there? Interesting isn't it, that under Multiculturalism, every single race has the right to live where they choose all except two: Whites, who are not welcome in Africa, the Middle East, the Orient or even entitled to maintain and preserve their own way of life in their own communities, and Jews, a race who are despised by the Marxist-Liberal left who have made it abundantly clear that "Nazi Jews" do not have the right to choose to live in their own homeland of Israel. I have yet to hear these Liberal beacons of morality demand that "Palestinians", Arabs, Africans and Chinese adopt Multiculturalism and import massive numbers of blacks, romas, whites and other racial groups into their lands because "we're all equal and everybody has the right to choose where they live."

Such a moral obligation only applies to the white race and Western societies, events in South Belfast proved that beyond any doubt. As politicians from each of the three parties have stated on numerous occasions it is incumbent on the British people to surrender their traditions, their communities and their way of life and adopt and integrate alien cultures instead, like it or lump it.

Telling Tales

As events in South Belfast demonstrated, the media promote the Multicultural ideology with unashamed bias and distortions of the truth and have no qualm whatsoever about lying to their readers and viewers to impose the will of the ruling elite upon their people and ensure Multiculturalism brainwashes the masses into accepting the colonisation and decline of their once strong and advanced societies. That such an ideology requires a never-ending stream of lies and deceptions to support it and to convince others to support it is testimony not only to how badly flawed Multiculturalism is but also to the questionable mental state of those who knowingly promote it entirely on falsities.

Lies are always an insult to the intelligence of the recipient. Every liar is by definition assuming that the recipient is stupid, ignorant and unable to understand the truth. A liar denies the recipient access to important information they need to make an informed choice about issues they regard as important to how they live their life. A liar is always acting as a censor, a manipulator or worse, an enslaver, of the person they are lying to and it is always done for the liar's gain at the recipient's expense.

When the British media who are trusted by the British people to inform them truthfully and impartially about events that directly affect their lives - and who in the case of The BBC, are funded by the British people to provide them with this vitally important service - resort to lies and deception then they have criminally abused their remit. They have become the lowest of the low, I'd rather know a thief than a liar, you know what a thief is but you never know what a liar is. Those who pay for the media in any way, shape or form are paying for people to abuse them and deceive them. As the Arabs say, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

The British Marxist media are fooling the British people over and over and over again, they are part of the ruling elite that is destroying Great Britain and yet there is zero accountability so the media continue to lie and deceive with impunity. It is an absolute disgrace, a destructive attack on British Parliamentary democracy and I sincerely hope the BNP will make it a priority to restore journalistic impartiality and integrity when they are elected into government.

A Lame Excuse

These lies and deceptions repeatedly committed by the mass media are quite simply no excuse for what is happening to the white race. Ignorance is not an excuse because it is simply not recognised in nature. In fact, if anything, ignorance is a damning indictment on just how dumbed-down and cowed the white race has allowed itself to become.

Despite the hard-evidence highlighted in this essay and that most people can easily observe for themselves in their daily lives, the majority of our people will swallow and regurgitate the rotting garbage they've been fed by the devious media because they are too lazy to become informed or too arrogant and conceited to challenge their total enslavement to the Liberal-Multicultural ideology, just as pious and devout believers of various religions have been throughout human history.

Liberal-Multiculturalism is the new religion of pity that always supports the weak at the expense of the strong. Everything must be tolerated and discrimination against any weak group is strictly forbidden and the weak will always be painted as the good. This means that given a choice between discrimination and pity Liberal-Multiculturalists will choose pity; when forced to choose between reality or fantasy they will choose fantasy; and when given a choice between superiority and inferiority they will willingly subjugate themselves to inferiors.

Every choice counts, every choice either brings its rewards or its punishments. As the core of the Multicultural society is promoting the interests of minorities over the interests of the majority of society, this means Liberal-Multiculturalists will choose weakness and the strong will be dragged down to the level of the weak. Such suicidal behaviour can be summed up thus: Given a choice between success and failure they will choose failure and therefore, in a fight for survival or extinction, extinction is chosen.

Make no mistake about it: The consequences of these choices are being seen now in all Western societies and it amounts to suicidal madness because such choices are a conscious denial of reality.
They demonstrate the commonality between pious disciples of all faiths including Multiculturalism: When reality unfolds in ways that do not conform to the particular ideology, the devout believers will put their fingers in their ears, hum "la la la la, we're right, not listening" and become defensive and even angry and violent should anybody have the nerve to suggest that we put reality first and act accordingly even if it means acting contrary to the pet ideology.

With religion, self-righteous inquisitors would smear and dehumanise their opponents - heretic, blasphemer, anti-Christ, witch etc. Nowadays, after the demise of Christianity in modern Western societies, those who dare question the Liberal-Multicultural ideology will also be dehumanised, with racist and fascist as the current weapons of choice deployed to silence dissenters and to force people to accept fantasy over reality.

Reaping What You Sow

Believing in pet ideologies with visions of utopia is all well and good during peacetime. But when your nation and your people are facing conquest, subjugation and eventual extinction, placing fantasies and deeply flawed ideologies before reality and Mother Nature will result in catastrophe. What is happening to Western societies and what those who open their eyes are witnessing is Darwinism in action, not the will of Allah or Yahweh or Christ or some other mystical divine redeemer. And if the West continually refuses to exert its natural superiority and defend its territory from being attacked and invaded by aliens then it and the White race along with it will perish.

The reality is that no supernatural friend is going to come to our aid and no amount of "love one another" and "all races are equal if we're kind to them they'll be kind to us" is going to be of any help whatsoever. Nature and our enemies know not pity. Look at blacks in SA and Zimbabwe for clear evidence. These people lived in a first world country with first class facilities, they were well-fed, benefited from a superb infrastructure, first-class medical care and thriving industries and yet black rule has destroyed it all in just 25 years despite having it all laid on a platter for them.

Do you think the African blacks care? Not a jot, they wanted whites out, they are still persecuting and murdering whites en masse - along with their own people - and still stupid white liberals cling to the "we're all equal and we're paying for colonial rule" nonsense as the genocide against the Boers continues apace with the goal of eradicating whites from South Africa and it is bringing enormous suffering to blacks too.

What kind of dominant pack-animal - including humans from all races - refuses to defend its own territory, nurtures the young of other species and prostates itself before weaker beasts all for flawed, lion-lying-down-with-the-lamb childish fantasies that are flying in the face of Mother nature? The evidence regarding the rainbow societies being created in the West is overwhelming and is telling us that the current path the white race has chosen IS NOT WORKING.

Reality is unfolding and showing us the consequences outlined in this essay and even those who have created the nightmare are aware of it. But it is never the fault of those who created the circumstances it is always the fault of those who suffer the consequences for refusing to believe in a total fantasy. This is the insanity that I'm trying to describe, that the solution to the perilous situation the West is now in isn't to stop pouring fuel onto the fire it is to pour more fuel on it because those responsible cannot admit their precious ideology is failing catastrophically.

In so doing, Liberal-Multiculturalists are akin to Faith Healers who peddle their nonsense to gullible and vulnerable sufferers, urging them to "believe and you will be cured". When the cure doesn't come, it isn't because the Faith Healer was wrong it is because the sufferer didn't believe enough. When the indigenous people of South Belfast fought to defend their communities, it was they who were blamed, not those who imposed Multiculturalism on the community. The nauseating, self-righteous attitude of Liberal-Multiculturalist disciples shone through:

"We are destroying your communities and your traditions and we are forcing you to live with foreign invaders who you should welcome and whose cultures you should adopt. It's your fault that it isn't working, how dare you question our perfect beliefs and defy us you racists!"

Here Comes The Bogey-Man

And during this dispute, the focus of mainstream media and politicians and anti-democratic groups such as UAF is on "The Racist BNP". That's the BNP who didn't cause these problems, the BNP who exposed the money-grabbing greedy pigs in Westminster for the corrupt, dishonourable and thieving swine they truly are. The same BNP who aren't busy committing treason by surrendering British sovereignty and the same BNP who opposed bailing out incompetent and greedy bankers with public money. And let's remember it isn't the BNP who has deployed slave ships in British ports to provide slave labour for avaricious global capitalists.

But the media and the politicians want to focus attention on "The Fascist BNP" to distract attention from the unfolding Multicultural nightmare and the masses react by reading and watching the media that is brainwashing them, they vote for the same politicians who are destroying their communities, who bankrupted the economy and who were busy lining their own pockets by stealing with impunity from their own people, a people they hold in utter contempt; a people with a sheep-like mentality who fell for the most idiotic and retarded appeal ever conducted by lib/lab/con snake-oil selling con-artists: We're bad but don't vote for the BNP, they're worse.

And the masses continue to do the same things over and over again and expect different results.


In the brilliant 1978 film Midnight Express, there is a scene depicting lunatics walking around a stone wheel in a lunatic asylum. The man whose story the film re-creates realises that if he continues to walk the wheel each and every day he will end up just like all of the other lunatics so he decides to walk the other way. This of course alarms and distresses the lunatics who try to force him to walk the wheel with them. The man knew if he was to recover his sanity, he had to stop walking the wheel, he had to "stop doing the same things over and over again" and this is a point the white race has yet to arrive at.

At this moment, the white race is continuing to do the same things over and over again by supporting those who are destroying them. They continue doing the same things over and over again in the hope that despite the evidence, a different result will be obtained and one day the Multicultural peaceful Shangri-la will happen. The only outcome resulting from this suicidal insanity of "walking the wheel" is to take the West further down the road to oblivion.

Nationalist parties like the BNP are the ones who are walking the other way and they offer the chance for the West to regain its sanity. It is a chance the West has to take, a chance to stop doing the same things over and over again in the expectation of achieving different results. Einstein has explained it for us simply and accurately, the West ignores his definition of insanity at its peril.

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