Monday 31 August 2009

Asian Riot, Bury Park, Luton, 30/08/09

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More footage here, I have no idea why they are calling it a "BNP riot" there were no BNP there, in fact the only whites were amongst the police.

Why the ‘O’-ministration will implode in weeks

Is this wishful thinking or is it credible - read it and decide:

Why the ‘O’-ministration will implode in weeks

by Kevin McCullough

Never has an administration who had more firepower at their disposal, been set to so totally fail in the next six to eight weeks. It is nearly a foregone conclusion. It is nearly unavoidable. And it defies all logic given the sizable majority the administration has in both houses of Congress.

Since I was the first pundit to predict Obama’s presidency (Dec 2006) it behooves me to tell you the course I believe the next few weeks will take and effectively halt the radical transformation that the left appeared unstoppable with only months ago.

1. Health Care’s long and painful death.

Barring the existing possibility that the Democrats cram a reform bill down the throats of actively protesting Americans through an ultra-partisan process that would shut out conservatives and Republicans from even being allowed to contribute to the discussion, health care reform is dead. It actually died a good while back when the President decided to pivot and create a new issue that no one had been discussing–health insurance reform. The American people will want to know why we should spend $4 billion to cover everyone in America “efficiently,” when we already do so with inefficiencies like people using the emergency room as their general practitioner for $2.5 billion. Deep thinkers on the issue want to know why the President hasn’t entertained one item of tort reform–protecting his friends, the trial lawyers–yet is willing to claim that doctors are eager to lop off feet, tonsils, and foreskin just to make a buck.

2. Cap & Trade will be the largest tax increase in American history.

With the 2010 election cycle just around the corner, campaign ads are not far off from being drafted. With Cap & Trade still sitting in legislative limbo, with the President’s own advisor–Warren Buffet–now opposing it openly on media, with the 9.12 project in the works in which the largest gathering of anti-tax Americans from the left, right, and middle will be coming to Washington DC on September 12, and with blue dogs getting absolutely hammered in their home districts supporting it, the chance of single-party ram through victory on the matter is not wise. Cap & Trade, if passed, will contribute to unemployment, Wall Street stop and starts, and ultimately reduced treasury revenues. It would serve as the single largest tax increase on the average American in all of American history. Even President Obama admitted as much, predicting that electric bill prices, in his words, would, “skyrocket.” Those that have looked at the specifics tell us that the average utility bill in America will go from $167 to $307 per month, per family.

3. Unemployment to remain high.

Now several Washington organizations from left and right, and one of note consisting of both–the Congressional Budget Office, predicts that unemployment will not shrink from the predicted “Obama high” of 8%. Instead, nearly without fail, economists are predicting unemployment at or over 10% for up to the next 24 months. That is nearly 250% the increase in unemployment under Bush for nearly the duration of his two-term presidency. If people were working, higher taxes and possible new health care entitlements could be considered, but without them working it is political suicide for Democrats to even think of it.

4. Obama’s integrity tarnished in August.

Not a great deal has been made of the whoppers that the President has been spewing while the Federal Government has been in recess, but it is worth noting that many more people than I had previously realized have notice the President “exaggerating” badly in his talks on health care. For instance confusing he actual $500 physicians get to amputate a foot as opposed to the $50,000 that he claimed they got. He has shown an utter disregard for the reputation of those he talks about, the “facts” he uses to make his argument, and is highly overly optimistic about the results of his policies. Long story short, at the beginning of the summer Americans mostly trusted him, his passion index was at +10, he heads into the fall at -14.

5. A $3 trillion dollar budget.

New spending for this and that sure added up. And that brings me to number 6.

6. A coming middle class tax hike.

They will hem and haw. There will be an official, and ever arrogant Robert Gibbs explanation from the White House Press room as to why they must to do this to be “good stewards” and to be a “responsible administration” that, “pays as it goes.” But the truth is, in order to pay for everything they’ve promised and budgeted for, a tax is looming for small businesses and working families that President Obama promised would never come. And as an aside, he was going to break that promise all along. Because the minute the “Bush tax relief” runs out in 2010, middle class taxes would be going up in an “Obama administration.” Hence fundamentally Obama’s “not a single dime” pledge on the campaign trail was bollocks start to finish.

Of course the President, the Democrats, the left, and Congressional leadership could surprise me. They could show up in September and endorse the Coburn health care bill in the U.S. Senate and swipe the credit for it. They could show up next week and fight with all their might to not allow the tax rates to skyrocket in 2010. They could decide to scrap Cap & Trade and re-think the use of public money for true job-based economic stimulation.

But I’m not holding my breath, and I’d advise you against it as well.

They’ve awakened the American worker, the American small-business owner, and the American voter.

All three of which are now wondering aloud, “What on earth have we done?”


Muslim Riots = Media silence

You would not know this from the mainstream media which appears to have suppressed this story, but Muslim gangs staged another riot in Luton yesterday.

Muslim Riots in Luton

By the Green Arrow

Moslem rioters took to the streets of Luton yesterday after rumours of a protest march by white people concerned with the Islamification of their Country.

The Dhimmi police who had done nothing to prevent the same moslems disrupting an homecoming parade of the Anglican regiment from Afghanistan earlier this year, reacted in a typically cowardly fashion by banning peaceful patriotic protesters from the town.

Then attempting to suck up to the Moslem Colonisers, they drafted in extra police to "protect them from far-right protestors". Notice how anyone who objects to having their land stolen from them is referred to as far-right? These days being called far-right is a complement.

Of course it all went wrong for thick plod. The moslems in Luton are now in sufficiently large numbers that they can determine who goes where and who rules the streets - promptly gave the Old Bill a slap by attacking them with missiles, including fireworks against the mounted police who were also deployed. Only the rapid arrival of more police and horses saved the day by all accounts.

Continue reading at The Home of the Green Arrow

That last refuge in the shires

Some have asked why I called my last post "A letter to Tory England". I did so, because it is aimed at those living in the villages and Market Towns of so called “Middle England” and because they are primarily white and primarily they vote for the Conservative party. Yes, there are Labour voters in the countryside, as there are Tories in the cities, however, if one were to strip away the large urban areas of Britain (dream on) and leave only those parts of it I am addressing there would a huge and permanent Tory majority, at least there would be until everything begins to crumble.

The “Tory England” in my earlier post has not yet suffered as a result of immigration to anything like the same degree as the rest of the country. The only immigrants who have ventured into the countryside in any great numbers have been the Eastern Europeans, such as Poles and Lithuanians, who are largely inoffensive and are more likely to integrate into an area rather than causing the area to adapt to suit them, although that may be changing with the arrival of those whom the media like to call “Romanians”.

Also, as they are white, unless one speaks to them, which can be avoided reasonably easily, it is even possible to pretend they are not immigrants at all. In any event those who are likely to be in competition with them for low paid jobs probably don't vote Tory.

On the other hand. most third world immigrants do not tend to be country lovers and have so far gravitated to the large cities and urban areas where they already have established communities, and, of course, there are larger stocks of public housing. In reality the only time you will see a black person in the countryside is in a dairy product commercial on the TV, in order to provide the requisite diversity before rushing back to the city as soon as the camera stops rolling.

Asian business is starting to make an appearance in the shire towns, in the form of curry restaurants, Asian shops or small businesses, and, even in the shire towns overseas qualified doctors are cutting swathes through the elderly population. However, these towns and villages are still massively white, and what diversity there is, is of a level most of us could live with, if we didn't all know where it inevitably leads.

That will not last of course, for a start the fanatics who run our country will not allow that sort of segregation to continue and they will find ways of importing diversity to the shires, but that campaign hasn't started yet, and so far the shires still provide a temporary refuge from what is to come.

Until the inevitable end does come, that flaw in the English character which would rather not make a fuss takes control, and whilst they do not have to confront a problem it is easier to ignore it. I don't think they are “Blissfully unaware of the problem”, after all many will have moved away from the urban areas because of the problem, but whilst they can't see it, it is easier not to think about it. Also, if they rely on the mainstream media they will know very little about what is really going on.

Some may even believe that mass third world immigration is a good thing and greet it with pompom waving enthusiasm in the way that only an ideological fanatic or one who is not forced live with its results can do. Some welcome it because they profit handsomely from it but they are a small cynical minority, The other 90% would rather not take a stand on a subject like immigration for the single reason that like most of Britain they have been cowed into obedience by the “R” word. They were conned into believing that talk of “Immigration” made the Tories the “nasty party”, a devastatingly clever trick which still effects Tory party thinking today.

I have never voted Tory, but I know how Tories think. It is because of that word, and because they do not yet have to confront the consequences of the greatest betrayal our nation has ever seen, they can contemplate voting for a man who would sack any member of his team expressing support for that great and rare Tory, Enoch Powell's views on immigration. This despite the fact that, within a generation from now, when Tory England has finally suffered the results of their actions, as they surely will, a Tory voter who does not support Powell's views on immigration will be a rarity indeed.

Of course, then it will be too late, and there will be no satisfaction in saying they got what they deserved, because we will all have paid the price.

Sunday 30 August 2009

A letter to Tory England

I visited where you live this week. I took the train from Marylebone and travelled away from London through stations with names like Seer Green, Gerrard's Cross and Beaconsfield, and I watched the world around me change, becoming something I once remembered it to be. I know where you live very well, as it is where I come from, but ts a different world to where I live now, yet for how much longer?

The air is fresher where you live, the land is cleaner, prettier, older and when I visit I find I still can hope.

As I travelled through station after station not only the landscape and air began to change but so did the people, they became whiter, and seemed more at one with their world than those where I had left that morning. They seemed, more relaxed, more confident and certainly more friendly and I knew why, for they are English, this was still England and it felt as if it would last forever.

I left the train and walked through your world, past tea shops, antique markets, estate agents and village greens to the two hundred year old church where I joined those who had come to celebrate and bury a much loved old Englishman. As I looked around the church at the sea of white faces and heard them sing the hymns that Englishmen have sung for hundreds of years, I felt again that this was England and that it could last forever.

Yet, it is deceptive where you live, it is somewhere you can pretend what's happening isn't and can feel that all is well whilst still knowing deep down that it is not.

Not everyone there is white, there are some black and brown faces in Tory England, but only enough to add interest and a hint of the exotic, they are not amongst you in sufficient numbers to overwhelm or frighten you, or change the face of where you live forever, well not yet anyway.

Where you live multiculturalism can seem to mean little more than having easier access to chickpeas and couscous while watching that nice George Alagiah read you the news in the evening. It does not yet mean social decay, gang crime, gang rape and that crushing sense of alienation within your homeland which has become the lot of so many of your not so far away urban brothers. To you, ethnic mixing means Jemima Goldsmith in a designer Shalwar Kameez divorcing Imran Khan and still remaining a social princess, not a battered, hollow eyed white girl condemned to grinding welfare with an ochre coloured child in a borrowed stroller.

Those changes will come, but they have not quite reached you yet.

Maybe you really believe that it never will or that there still will be enough leafy glades and white avenue ghettos to outlast your grandchildren, provided that is they can cope with the commute.

Whilst you don't have to see the destruction or have to live amongst it you pretend it isn't there or believe the politicians who speak of urban enrichment. Those of you who work in town, need only bury your heads more deeply in your paper whilst the train carrying you to the still largely white financial heart of the city hurtles through those failed but fast expanding experiments like Ruislip, Neesden, New Cross and East Croydon. Yet, how much longer can you ignore them?, for they exist and are coming your way.

Others once felt like you, at other time and in other places, Malaya in the years before the war, the white highlands of Kenya in the 1950's or the white cockney East End of London must have once felt permanent, secure and as if they would be there forever, but they are gone, and will never come back. You live in that same dusk, but there is only so long that you can ignore the darkness to come.


After the funeral I mingled amongst the guests and mourners drinking Earl Grey tea and eating egg or cucumber sandwiches. The widow, a dying breed of lady, greeted me as “Darling” and and I marvelled at the beauty which so many seventy year old English woman of her type possess. It was beauty she had passed on to her lovely grandsons, charming, handsome young white men, one in the army, another a doctor, married to white women who don't yet see the need to dress as trash.

Do they know what they have lost, what has been stolen from them and their children? does their delightful grandmother know that the land of her birth is no more? If they do, they will not say so, as if, like the wolf at the door, to acknowledge it is there means it will finally come in.

That is the problem with where you live, it is an illusion, and one which is rapidly fading. With luck some parts of it may last another fifty years, but you have signed away your home by pretending it will last forever and ignoring the truth which is rushing your way.

Are you blind, are you foolish or just too afraid, for when night falls on Tory England where will you go?


When it came time for me to leave, I did not want to. I wanted so much to stay in the comfortable fantasy world you live in, where everything was familiar and I could pretend that England still existed and would be there for ever. I understand why you live there, why you choose to ignore reality while you still can, but it is just a dream.

When I left you I wondered if you would still be there when I returned, I could not be sure, for, if you continue to ignore the truth, as you do now, you will not be there forever.


Thursday 27 August 2009

A vivid imagination

Noor Ramjanally and two smiling policemen

Who wants to bet that when this story turns out to be a hoax that the London Evening Standard will give that equally prominent coverage? .... nobody? ......hmmmm I don't blame you.

The media actually prints this rubbish and then expects us to take them seriously.


As expected, Mr Ramjanally has been arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice (also known as "making stuff up") When will the police and media accept that 98% of these alleged "hate crimes" are hoaxes?

In fairness to the Standard, they did publish the story reasonably prominently, however, I doubt they have learnt their lesson.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Elderly South African Farmer tied up and beaten to death

Mr Wilhelm Lotterie (65) was kicked and beaten to death by five robbers on a small farm outside Pretoria- in front of his daughter in law with her 4 day old baby boy.

A fire was started in a field, seemingly to to get his sons Piet & Neels to leave the house.

The daughter in law, Jessica Lotterie(23) with the four day old baby boy, Dante, was attacked on the stoep (an area beneath as extension to the roof, providing protection from the rain and sun).

Wilhelm had a heart problem. He was forced to lie down on the floor in the lounge. His hands and feet were tied and his pants pulled down to his knees, presumably to humiliate or intimidate the elderly man.

After the fire outside was extinguished and the sons returned, they were caught and tied up by the killers. One was tied up in the bathroom (toilet), the other in the bedroom.

The neighbour, Jan Vermaak, later heard screams of the daughter in law, Jessica, and sent his sons with flash lights. They found Jessica, Piet and the baby in the road.

Paramedics declared Mr Wilhelm Lotterie dead on their arrival.

News report
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To 逆援助

Hi thanks for your attempts to contribute, however, I do not read Chinese, and can't be sure what you are saying. Are you able to translate your messages?.


Tuesday 25 August 2009

A young mother dies in South Africa

Tracey-Leigh Frankish

The murder of Tracey-Leigh Frankish did involve a degree of opportunist theft, enabling the authorioties to hide behind the claim that her killing was the result of "crime". However, having read the sad details of her death, I don't think there is any doubt that she is a futher victim of the hidden genocide against the rural white South African population.

I have, therefore updated to the total count to 3,065.

From Titans to Lemmings: The Suicide of the White Race - Part 5

By Reconquista

5. Galloping Headstrong To Bondage


One of the major issues being highlighted in this series of essays concerns the Marxist imposition of equality. Having intended to write this essay after part two, an essay which discussed how imposing artificial equality among and between the races flies in the face of Mother Nature, I will now discuss how imposing equality between the sexes has had a catastrophic effect upon Western societies. It is best read with the issues raised in part two in mind, I had intended it so but one or two more pressing matters meant the chronology was disrupted.

I think if I stated that if one were to observe Western societies with a neutral stance to assess how the enforced Multicultural social experiment is progressing, it would be difficult to assert that Multiculturalism is working. Despite being brow-beaten with the "we're all equal" mantra, clear differences continue to arise between races and cultures because reality stubbornly refuses to fall in line with this childish Liberal fantasy of equality of all in a tranquil rainbow Shangri-la.

Throughout the West, vast numbers of alien immigrants shun the culture of their host society, preferring instead to maintain their own languages, traditions and cultures and demanding ever more tolerance and acceptance of their way of life. Meanwhile, back in their lands of origin, their cultures and traditions are entirely persevered and in the case of the Middle East, alien cultures and traditions are strictly - and very forcibly - forbidden.

Making such an observation and also comparing the West with other societies, it is crystal clear that major differences exist between races and that the predominantly white West is behaving in ways that other societies - societies from where most immigrants to Britain originate - do not and this means that our own culture and our own traditions are now in decline, indeed one could honestly claim that we are well along the road to colonisation and this is a damning indictment on Multiculturalism and its supporters.

Continue reading at the Home of the Green Arrow and Friends

Hate crime in America

Lest We Forget: Remembering the Zebra Victims

Originally published October 20, 2005
By Nicholas Stix

If heinous crimes are forgotten or disappeared, a second injustice is added to the original crimes.

Like homicide detectives, journalists speak for the dead.

October 20 marked the 32nd anniversary of the beginning of the “Zebra Killings” in San Francisco.


Linked article

When is a Hate Crime Not a Hate Crime? (Like I have To Ask...)

Cal State’s Brian Levin And The Case Of The Hate Crime That Wasn’t. (Guess Why Not), by Peter Bradley
Read the full article by clicking here


An ugly face of modern Britain

This is Cara Davenport, the sister of West Ham soccer player Calum Davenport. Cara, her mother and brother were involved in an acrimonious family argument on Sunday night, when Calum and his mother expressed their disapproval at the company Cara had been keeping.

It seems that they may well have had good reason for their concerns, given that shortly afterwards, either by reason of his telepathic powers, or having been called by Cara, the undesirable “company” she had been keeping turned up, in the form or Cara's mixed race boyfriend Worrell Whitehurst. Allegedly Whitehurst then proceeded to assault Mrs Davenport, to the extent that she required hospital treatment, and then repeatedly stabbed Calum Davenport in both legs.

According to witnesses, Whitehurst behaved like a mad man during the attack screaming “This is what you get when you f*** around. You don’t f*** with us.” (I leave it to you to speculate as to what he may have meant by that.)

Calum Davenport, who also sustained head injuries, and his mother were rushed to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. Although his life now appears to be out of danger, it is not yet clear whether the doctors will be able to save his legs, or whether he will ever play football again.

Whitehurst was arrested, and the following day Cara showed where her loyalty lay, turning up in court weeping and mouthing “I love you” as the man accused of assaulting her mother and probably crippling her brother appeared in the dock.

Worrell Whitehurst has yet to stand trial and, as such the allegations against him remain unproven, However, as far as the heavily pregnant Cara Davenport the situation is somewhat different, she "has form", as the British cops put it, this is not her first ride on the multicultural ghost train. She already has a previous child fathered by Jamaican gangster Neville Knight, who is currently serving a twelve year sentence for a string of armed robberies, committed together with another identicate, spread legged, white girl he apparently dumped Cara for.

No doubt Cara once claimed that she “loved” Neville also, however, given that she apparently sought out two such similar beaux one has to question to what degree “love” is her motive. Do those who are drawn to dangerous and abusive characters feel “love” or are they following some other less wholesome need?.

Woman like Cara Davenport and the, thankfully smaller, number of men who do the same are one of the greatest threats which any nation faces. Any other damage caused by this multicultural nightmare which is currently being imposed upon us has the possibility of being put right. Politicians can be defeated, laws and minds can be changed and migrants can return to their homelands but the damage they do can never be put right.

They, or Satsumas as I call them on account of the orange fake tan they trend to favour, are a true enemy within, and the harm they do is incalculable, it is for that reason older and wiser generations shunned them, excluded them from decent society and, in the case of our European cousins, shaved their empty, shameless, heads in the streets of liberated Paris.

They know nothing of loyalty or honour and care no more about their country and their people than Cara cares about her devastated family and they are amongst our greatest of enemies.

Cara Davenport's is a face we see too often in modern Britain and it is an ugly, ugly face.

Saturday 15 August 2009

Jenny behind the enemy lines

The BNP's annual Red White and Blue festival is taking place this weekend in the country village of Codnor in Derbyshire, and I am sure that there will be numerous reports regarding the festivities and celebrations taking place in due course.

Gable's Youth in full cry

However, outside, and as expected, a group of snarling UAF and Searchlight storm troopers have descended on the place intent on causing trouble and violence. I suggest you ignore the Telegraph's claim in their latest article that the majority of the protesters were “peaceful”, the Telegraph is a British News paper. It therefore tells lies, as that's what they do.

TV's Channel 4 news referred to “Scuffles” but from the film they showed, it seemed a little rougher than that, however, the police appear to be doing their job for once, and so far 19 Unite against Freedom thugletts have been arrested. Channel 4 also interviewed veteran black UAF bullyboy Weyman Bennett (who as this clip demonstrates, has a lot in common with the Telegraph ). Bennett, who appeared to be marching in the company of various other non-white “protesters”, announced a obediently on-message Channel 4 reporter, called Jenny, that they had “come to show the BNP what Britain had become, and that they had better learn to live with it”.

He spoke like a rapist mocking his victim with the grim reality of what he had done to her, and that she had better learn to live with it. One can only imagine the reaction had a white South African made such a comment, but such irony was lost on the bland and brainwashed Jenny.

Jenny later visited the Red White and Blue festival and interviewed Nick Griffin. I am unclear how long the actual interview was, however, the only fragment of the interview broadcast was when Jenny claimed that a number of BNP supporters had appeared reluctant to be filmed, and enquired if that was because they were “ashamed to be associated with the BNP's racist views”. As a consummate politician, Nick resisted suggesting that some people might not wish to be filmed in case they were beaten up by the thugs whom Jenny had been sympathetically interviewing earlier, and chose rather to laugh in the silly cow's face.

Later Jenny, who appeared by that stage to imagine herself some sort of Charlotte Gray character, was asked to leave, presumably after further attempts to film BNP member's and their families, and was escorted from the area muttering sinisterly and suggesting that the BNP must have something to hide.

One of the events Jenny's film crew were briefly able to film. And which she and others in the fourth estate will no doubt suggest the BNP were trying to hide involved a set of stocks in which various volunteers wearing masks depicting characters ranging from politicians to Osama bin Laden were placed so that party goers could throw wet sponges at them.

One of the sponge targets appeared to be representing Barrack Obama, a fact which will no doubt cause outrage amongst the chattering classes, given the all but beatified status of the 44th American president. However, hypocrites to a man (and woman) as they “tut” and suck air through their teeth in order to signify their moral superiority, not one of them will pause to think of how many online shoes they chucked at a ducking representation of the 43rd President.

I am sure that those BNP members attending the Red White and Blue festival had a great time, however, I am equally sure they appreciate that, despite the success in June, they still have a long way to clime, and it will be some time before the brainwashed Jennies in the media give them an honest or fair press.

Sunday 9 August 2009

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Breeding a fantasy

It is reported today that Mark Lester, the one time child star, most famous for his role in the 1968 musical Oliver! is claiming paternity of the late Michael Jackson's daughter Paris. Lester, a long time friend of pop star, claims that he donated sperm at Jackson's request, and is willing to take a paternity test to prove that he is Paris's father.

If Lester's story is true, the ramifications are really quite chilling.

We often read fictional stories of sperm banks offering the sperm of geniuses and famous athletes to people who are seeking talented and brilliant offspring, so the concept is nothing new. However, this is an entirely different, and rather more uncomfortable scenario

To wish to produce a child with the best of potential abilities and prospects, is perhaps understandable, however, to actively seek to breed a child with the genes of someone, who's main claim to success was that he was extraordinarily cute when he was nine, is something else altogether.

Saturday 8 August 2009

Rioting in Birmingham - Coming to a town near you!

There have been a number of "incidents" on the streets of Birmingham, England's second largest city, this evening. If you can pick your way to the truth this heavily censored BBC news report, which studiously ignores the participation of Asian gangs, you might get some indication as to what is happening.

What we are seeing is further evidence of the civil unrest which the media has until now failed to adequately report. It is something I suspect we will soon see a lot more of.


Further information and pictures can be found at the Home of the Green Arrow at the following links:
"Get Used to it because its going to get worse",
Some images from Birmingham
A day out in Birmingham 8 August
The Daily Mail removes the truth
The battle for Birmingham, by Mister Fox

A gang of non-whites attack a slender white boy (no doubt the media will pretend this was self defence)

The police target a single white protester, who unlike the non-whites in top pictures doesn't appear to be kicking anyone's head in. (Presumably the officer had a quota to fill)

The police ignore a white victim (nothing new there then)

Our new countrymen show their respect for our flag

Above is a screen shot of the latest news story from the BBC site this morning (which includes the flag picture, captioned "Youths dragged a Union flag from a man's hands" - those "youths" again huh!! - no mention of the fact that they used their feet in the process) I decided to save this image in case the words "It started off with a group of white guys who were chanting 'England, England'. I thought they were just football fans, but then a larger group of black and Asian people turned up and it all kicked off." quietly disappear during the day.

Hunger hits Detroit

Detroit frightens me, as it should frighten anyone born into a western civilisation, which is now being forcibly diversified. In just fifty short years, Detroit Michigan has gone from being the centre of the American automobile industry, and a poster city for the American dream, to a dangerous, crime ridden, third world slum.

From the thriving, majority white city of the 1950's, it has reached a point where whites now amount for just 12% of the population, living behind barred windows and chained doors in the city with the highest crime rate in America.

There are many excuses made for Detroit, but there is only one explanation, an explanation encapsulated by one word, diversity. As is inevitable whenever so called "diversity" is imposed upon a community, within a few short decades it is no longer diverse, because the diverse have become the majority and all others have fled before it.

Detroit is no longer diverse, blacks now maker up almost 82% of the population, and in a decade or so, when the last whites, too poor to leave, have died or been murdered, they will be closer to 100%. We see the results already in corruption, a collapsing infrastructure and a murder rate exceeded only by Bogota or Baghdad.

As if that was not enough, another third world horror has now taken hold in what was once one of Americas main power houses, and that horror is hunger. That such a thing as hunger could exist in the richest nation on earth is not, as the protagonists of the multicultural dream would have us believe, an indictment of wider (whiter) American society, but rather it is an indictment of what Detroit itself has become.

Despite the recession, across Michigan and indeed across much of America, farmers are producing plenty of food, but they dare not try to sell in in Detroit for they are likely to be robbed or even killed before the produce reaches what shops are left. Detroit's plight is the result of what Detroit has become and that is something which cities across Europe and Britain are also becoming.

The following article, although written from a Liberal and multicultist enamoured, blame whitey, perspective gives a frightening account of what a great American city has become, and what many other great cities across North America and Western Europe if the enforced diversity and effective ethnic cleansing we are seeing is allowed to continue.

Hunger hits Detroit

By Sam Hargreaves, staff writer On Friday August 7, 2009,

On a side street in an old industrial neighborhood, a delivery man stacks a dolly of goods outside a store. Ten feet away stands another man clad in military fatigues, combat boots and what appears to be a flak jacket. He looks straight out of Baghdad. But this isn't Iraq. It's southeast Detroit, and he's there to guard the groceries.

"No pictures, put the camera down," he yells. My companion and I, on a tour of how people in this city are using urban farms to grow their own food, speed off.

In this recession-racked town, the lack of food is a serious problem. It's a theme that comes up again and again in conversations in Detroit. There isn't a single major chain supermarkets in the city, forcing residents to buy food from corner stores. Often less healthy and more expensive food.

As the area's economy worsens --unemployment was over 16% in July -- food stamp applications and pantry visits have surged.

Detroiters have responded to this crisis. Huge amounts of vacant land has led to a resurgence in urban farming. Volunteers at local food pantries have also increased.

But the food crunch is intensifying, and spreading to people not used to dealing with hunger. As middle class workers lose their jobs, the same folks that used to donate to soup kitchens and pantries have become their fastest growing set of recipients.

Continue reading here

The trials of motherhood

If any readers are wondering why this blog has been a bit quieter than usual over the last couple of weeks, you can't be a parent, and are unaware of that seismic annual event which is the Summer school holiday (or Summer vacation for my American readers ). The schools are closed for six weeks and we, parents. have to rediscover the joys of life with our children.

One child on his own can require the total rescheduling of one's life, however, this year I have the added challenge of playing host to three extra mini tornadoes, whilst their parents, my brother and his wife, are out of the country. (it didn't seem a huge deal when we agreed to it back in April)

Hence I have been somewhat out of action dealing with differing dietary requirements whilst providing transport and entertainment for four intelligent, delightful but totally exhausting small people.

I would like to extend thanks to my guest contributors, and I will endeavour to write articles and brief essays when I get the time, however, I am grateful for your patience.

Normal service will resume at the end of the month.

Thanks for your understanding

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"Too white" Council candidate vows to fight on

Birmingham Council Buildings

A Labour Party campaigner who claims she was prevented from standing in an inner city council seat because she is white and Jewish has vowed to fight on after her complaints were thrown out.

Both the Labour Party and Birmingham City Council have decided not to follow up the complaint from Elaina Cohen after she failed to make the shortlist of candidates for the East Handsworth and Lozells council by-election in May.

Ms Cohen, backed by a witness, claims she was told by local party chairman, city councillor and former Lord Mayor of Birmingham Mahmood Hussain that he would not support her nomination as she is white and Jewish. It is a claim he strongly denies.

But believing both complaints have been brushed away, without giving her a chance to speak to either inquiry, Ms Cohen, who is currently researcher for Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood, has vowed to take legal action.

Firstly, the council’s Standards Committee ruled that Coun Hussain was acting in his Labour Party capacity and not as a councillor so it has no interest in the case.

Secondly, the Labour Party suggested that as it was a case of Ms Cohen’s word against Coun Hussain’s.



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Wednesday 5 August 2009

An Island of Spice, Slaves and myths of Sovereignty

Apologies for returning again to the subject of President Obama's eligibility, but current events on the other side of the Atlantic, and the frantic efforts on the part of the President's supporters to vilify and ridicule those who dare to ask uncomfortable questions and to debunk, almost unseen, any scrap of evidence which might suggest that their idol may have been less than honest with them has been keeping me highly entertained this week.

As I indicated on Monday, I have no idea whether the document which has turned up purporting to be Barrak Obama's Kenyan birth certificate is the real deal or not, indeed there are certain aspects to it which are rather dubious, albeit, none of us are experts on this subject . It may still be genuine, but it would be unwise to bet the farm on the belief that it will definately turn out to be.

However, genuine or not, it remains an educational exercise to observe the behaviour of those seeking to debunk the document, and indeed to dismiss as "crank fofdder" the wider argument about Obama's eligibility to be President, by any means they can. The usual trick used by the left wing on both sides of the Atlantic is to mock and ridicule those who are merely seeking the truth on any matter in which they hold their own myths to be sacred truths, and this trick has been used with great ferocity by those attacking the so called “Birthers”.

However, it is hard to take seriously ridicule coming a group of people who are so pathetically desperate to believe every scrap of fraud reeking “evidence” of their beloved hero's unquestioned eligibility tossed to them by a progressively defensive Obama camp. It is not only their self imposed gullibility which damages their credibility, it is their hypocrisy and tendency for telling downright lies.

They continue to insist that Barry O “has produced a copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate” in the full knowledge that the document he has produced is not a real birth certificate. They further claim that “Hawaiian officials have confirmed he was born there” whilst ignoring how carefully worded the statements of those Hawaiian officials used when addressing the subject. (What is an "original vital record" when its at home?)

In any event, under any other administration, they would be the last to accept the word of a government official who effectively says “Trust me, you don't need to see the documents, but I have and they are cool!” but in this case they are more than ready to accept any unsubstantiated assurance.

Of course, together with the ridicule, they inevitably resort to allegations of racism, which they have already used widely against anyone who dares to question “the one's” divine right first to be elected and now use condemn anyone who does not believe in his right to rule without any criticism. “Racist” and “racism” as we know are the most multi-purpose words in the English language, and amongst their myriad of meanings we find that they now apply to anyone who fails to support the doctrine that when a non-white person aspires to the most powerful job in the world, he or she does not need to produce the sort of documentation which anyone else would have to produce if they wanted to become an insurance clerk.

Their most recent weapon, before they became obsessed with debunking the alleged birth certificate with all sorts of pretend history, was alleged discovery of birth notices in 1961 Hawaiian newspapers announcing that Mr & Mrs Obama had been blessed with a bouncing boy called Barrack, which they insisted was the ultimate proof of their great leader's US birth.

Are you buying that? On the day I can take a newspaper birth announcement to the bank as proof of identity, and get a loan, I will take that argument seriously. A birth notice proves nothing more than that someone has paid for three line of space in a newspaper. The anti-birthers obviously missed all those movies where the crooks told the kidnap victims parents to put an ad in the paper saying something like “the Iceman has risen” meaning “We've left the cash under the bridge”. They can be placed for all sorts of reasons without supporting evidence.

I could walk into a newspaper office tomorrow and place an announcement declaring that I was marrying the rather well appointed American actor Matthew McConaughey but that wouldn't make it a fact, however much I might wish it was.

When the fact that anyone can place a birth notice whether true or not, is pointed out to the Obama worshippers, they mockingly cry “For what reason? How did thy know he would be running for president 45 years later?”. Such a response, which I have seen given a number of times. is totally dishonest. We all can all think of reasons why someone in 1961, might want their child, or grandchild, to have the advantages and security of a US citizenship rather than a somewhat less advantageous African one, and so can they. Someone might have an even greater motive if they had just been introduced to the truth of an African tribal marriage, and the disturbing potential for unreliability of the little one's daddy.

But don't expect honesty from an Obama worshipper attacking a “birther”.

Returning to the birth certificate, after the argument about when Kenya started calling itself a Republic, which I addressed on Monday, the second main argument they use to discredit the document is the claim that Mombassa was part of Zanzibar at the time Obama was born.

This is not only a totally disingenuous argument, but it brings us to some rather interesting events of British History, which is, of course, no longer taught in our schools.

As we all know, Zanzibar is a tiny island off the coast of Kenya and Tanzania, until recently when it became a tourist destination (best visited in the cooler months) it was known mostly for its spices and for being used by Arab slavers to hold African slaves before they were transported North. Meanwhile Mombasa is a coastal town in Mainland Kenya, which, by the middle of the 20th Century, had become one of the trading ports in East Africa.

Over the centuries the “ownership” of both Zanzibar and sections of the east African coast, including the sea port of Mombasa, changed frequently, partly as a result of the Arab slave trade, with records of Arab involvement going back to at least the 12th Century, followed by a short lived Portuguese settlement after the arrival of Vasco de Gama in 1498.

Zanzibar’s claim to sovereignty over Mombasa dates back to the early 19th Century when it was nominally annexed by the Sultan of Zanzibar, after a brief period as a British Protectorate. However, that sovereignty became merely theoretical after 1896 when Mombasa and most of Kenya’s coastal region became part of the British Kenyan protectorate following the Anglo Zanzibar war.

The Anglo Zanzibar war is now most famous as a question in Trivial Pursuit, on account of being the shortest war in history, as hostilities lasted a total of 38 minutes.

Needless to say, Britain won the war, and as a result, from 1896 until 1963, Mombasa was run and administered by Britain as part of Kenya, by British officials and civil servants. The sultan formally presented the town to Britain in 1898, although technically Zanzibar retained sovereignty this was in name only and the coastal provence, including Mombasa became part of Kenya and run by the British. Anyone born in Mombasa in that period was automatically a Kenyan (and British) subject. Mombasa was ceded to the Republic of Kenya in December 1963, when both Kenya and Zanzibar became independent.

Hence British and Kenyan civil servants would have certified any such document both in 1961 when it was part of the colony of Kenya and in 1964 when it was part of the Republic of Kenya. The theoretical role of Zanzibar, which played no part in governance of Mombasa at any point in the 20th Century, is a total irrelevance. A Red Herring thrown into the mix by liars to discredit what they most fear,

However, like the truth about Britain's role in coastal East Africa during the 19th and early 20th century, and the degree to our presence there was motivated by the long war we fought against slavery, the facts are hidden and distorted so as to produce the dishonest version of history we are now required to believe in.

Only a fool would bet what they can not afford on the Kenyan birth certificate proving to be genuine but only an even greater fool would expect honesty from those currently seeking to discredit the document.

Monday 3 August 2009

Calling all 45 year old Kenyans

Like everyone else, I have no way of knowing whether Obama's so called "Kenyan Birth Certificate" which has been filed by crusading California attorney Orly Taitz (who's blog Google is currently trying to block with the old "This site may damage your computer" warning) is genuine.

However, I suspect that certain sections of the left wing media have made a mistake by hastily seeking to debunk the document on the basis that it refers to the the "Republic of Kenya". They point out, many of them referring to Wikipedia when doing so, that the document, is dated February 1964, whereas Kenya did not declare itself as a Republic until December 1964, 10 months later.

However, as with so much left wing propaganda this claim shows a deal of contempt for its readers and depends on the belief that ordinary (non-media) people cannot, or do not, think.

Britain granted Kenya independence in December 1963 as part of a lengthy hand over period. Following the official relinquishing of British power in December 1963, there was a 12 month transition period, during which Kenya retained a protected status and was known as "The Dominion of Kenya". However, this was a formality, Kenya gained its independence with great excitement and (sadly unfulfilled) optimism in 1963, and the one year transition period was a device enabling the change over to take place. The declaration in December 1964 was the end of the process not the beginning.

Think of what is involved in the re-branding of even a relatively small company in 2009, and then translate that to the launching of a sovereign African state, albeit one which was, back then, as prosperous as South Korea, 45 years ago, when for instance government stationery was still produced by printing presses. Add to that the fact that all these arrangements were overseen by the British in the lead up to December 1963, and it is quite clear how much advance preparation would have been made.

We also can not forget both human psychology and, of course, the politics of the time, when surely it would have been politically untenable for official government documentation to still carry the statement "Crown colony" or, equally worse, "Dominion" after the country had declared itself a republic with great fanfare a few months after the Obama Certificate was signed. Meanwhile, prematurely declaring itself a Republic would have been widely applauded.

What I understand, and would like to be in a position to prove (or even disprove), is that Kenya began calling itself a republic as soon as it was independent and was styling itself a Republic as early as the beginning of 1964. The re-printing of stationery, such as that used to produce the Birth Certificate, had already been started under the British, who were very paternalistic when handing over their ex-colonies. Who would blame a newly independent nation from using it right away, rather than wasting huge amounts of money on producing documentation with a one year life span and which carried the demeaning title "Dominion"?

I know that a lot of African residents and ex-patriots do read this blog, if any of those are aged 44 to 45 and were born in Kenya in 1964 (preferably Mombasa) I would be grateful if they would look out their old birth certificate and tell me what it says at the bottom. (if you are older but were married in Kenya in 1964 do you still have your marriage certificate?) If you wish to do so, you can either respond to this post, or write to me at I promise I will not publish anything without your consent, largely I just want to satisfy myself as to the facts.

The details given above are as I understand what happened, as I believe it happened and certainly make more sense than either of the alternatives, which it is worth repeating are:

  • The newly independent Kenya was content to carry on using Imperial branded documents
  • They would produce short term documentation with a twelve month life span for use in all government offices, including those in provincial towns like Mombasa. Documentation, don't forget using a humiliating term like "Dominion"
However, there is a difference between what I believe, and what I can prove, and that is why I need your help.

Lets see if we can debunk the debunkers.

On a possibly connected issue, is it just me, or does it seem a suspicious to you that right after that document has appeared, Hilary Clinton should suddenly find a pressing reason to fly to Kenya and meanwhile the Kenya Constitution website is all of a sudden "being converted"?

Saturday 1 August 2009

Methodist Church bans flock from joining BNP

Rev Sylvester Deigh - Who proposed the motion

The Methodist Church of Britain has become the first major denomination in the UK to ban all its members from joining the British National Party (BNP) and any members of the BNP from becoming full members of the Church.

A resolution passed by the annual Methodist Conference, meeting in Wolverhampton, declared that “No member of the Church can also be a member of a political party whose constitution, aims or objectives promote racism. This specifically includes, but is not solely limited to, the British National Party”.

The news follows a similar ban on Church of England clergy, but the Methodists have gone much further, saying that no-one can even be a member of the Church while also belonging to the BNP.

“We must be clear that racism is a denial of the Gospel” said Rev Sylvester Deigh, who proposed the motion and appears not to have got round to reading all the Gospels.

“An openness to all people, regardless of nationality, is at the heart of Methodist identity” he continued.

But not it seems to white Christians who's politics you don't like huh?.



Apologies for the fact that this story is some three weeks old, but, as it didn't make much of a stir I have only just noticed it. It will not effect huge numbers of people, the Methodist Church in Britain is far smaller than, for instance, the United Methodist Church in America. However, it is interesting to note how many politicians and public figures come from a Methodist background, for example Alderman Roberts, the father of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was a Methodist lay preacher. Also Paul Boateng, Britain's first ever black Government Minister is, himself a lay minister in the Methodist Church.

The Neglect of English Classical Music

By David Hamilton

As T.S.Elliot noted, traditions have to be renewed. The English Music Festival presents English Classical music from Medieval to Contemporary and is renewing a tradition.

Yehudi Menhuin wrote to the Times in 1995, “English composers will not slavishly follow some arbitrary theory or construction, whether political or musical. They have kept their Englishness intact, whilst the mercantilistic world has gone all-American.”

Why is it neglected? Like other aspects of English culture it is the victim of a negative ideology that devalues it with pejorative labels like “elitist” or “narrow” but the labels do not fit reality. English music is not imitative, but innovative. It has developed significantly from the early twentieth century but is still rooted in the English tradition - it is tuneful, melodic, tonal and recognisably English. English Classical Music is hidden by a cloud of prejudice and ignorance and is stigmatised as “elitist” or “quaint” when in fact it has the tonal qualities that people enjoyed before modernism set out to destroy them.

In 2005, the Proms had a number of all-English programmes and all but one sold-out, whereas other non-English music programmes did not. The Gloucester 3 Choirs Festival in 2001 did a special Festival of only English music and sold out swiftly. The BBC Music Magazine has a Top 20 Best sellers list and there is some really interesting English music discs there, often by obscure composers.

Despite a noble heritage, much of this glorious music is overlooked. “English Music” festivals tend to either fail at the outset for lack of funds or become internationalised and absorbed into the Social Engineering Culture. The Cheltenham Festival was founded as “The Cheltenham Festival of British Music”, but went “international” and now stages the same as everywhere else.

Continue reading at The New English Review

A teachable moment

As the American Thinker put it so succinctly yesterday, there was one class act who attended Barry's little photo opportunity yesterday and it wasn't either the president or Professor HL "Do you realize who I am?" Gates Jnr.

Amongst all the beer and brouhaha following the recent clash between the Cambridge MA police department and the affirmatively inflated ego of a black Harvard professor, the powers that be in America must be busily seeking a legitimate and speedy means of transferring Sergeant James Crowley to a desk job in Fort Yukon or, at least, as far away from a television camera as possible.

For every time the excellent Sgt Crowley appears before a camera the contrast between him and those who have attacked him as "stupid" and "racist" must become uncomfortably obvious, and it is he, not they, who benefit from the comparison. From the automatic act of kindness towards a man who had deliberately threatened his livelihood, shown in the picture above, to his polite and dignified refusal to apologise for doing his job, in the face of what must have been considerable pressure the quality of this decent man becomes obvious to all who see him.

Meanwhile, the true characters of the arrogant little pip-squeak from Harvard and the ex-Chicago community organiser must be equally obvious to all but those who stubbornly refuse to look, and they will both find it very hard, if not impossible to live this seemingly trivial event down. When the mask slips so far in public, the photos, and sound bites, keep coming back to haunt you.

I suspect that when future historians look back to the point when the Obama presidency began to implode, they will count Barry's decision to involve himself in "Skip" Gates' racist hissy fit to be a teachable moment, if perhaps not quite in the way which the insufferable Prof. Gates was hoping.