Monday 30 August 2010

Silencing Sweden

In Swedish with English subtitles

This advertisement by the right wing Sweden Democrats party was banned by Swedish TV for containing "Hate Speech". As we now know in the modern world "Hate" can be defined as whatever the Stasi censors want it to be..

Afrikaners facing starvation

Report at Censor Bugbear

Couple attacked in SA game reserve

A woman was killed and her husband critically injured in an attack at their home on a game reserve in Cramond, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Sunday.

A police spokesperson said an unknown number of people gained access to the Croeser couple's house in Msinsi game reserve at around 02:30 on Saturday and attacked them with knives.

The gang stabbed the man Morne Croeser, 34, in the stomach before they attacked his wife, Erica, 34, and stabbed her in numerous parts of her body.

She later died from her injuries.

The news report confirms that no property was taken from the couple's home during the attack.

Until such time as I can obtain further information on this case I have not updated the figure in the right hand column of this blog signifying the number of South African farmers murdered since the end of Apartheid which still stands at 3118.
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Three things about Islam

I am afraid that I found this video's presentation quite irritating, however, it is also very interesting and provides an elementary introduction to Islam.

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Revisiting Katrina

Five years on from Hurricane Katrina and efforts continue to paint the event as the definitive example of modern day black victimhood in the face of white indifference.

President Obama, returning to the centre of his dwindling power base and struggling to shore up the levees protecting his floundering presidency, kept true to this theme when he described the events of August 2005 as not only a “natural disaster, but also "a man-made catastrophe - shameful breakdown in government that left countless men and women and children abandoned and alone"

The Mainstream media also continues to present the disaster in in a manner which fits comfortably into this narrative. The title of the UK Channel 4 documentary “Hurricane Katrina: Caught on Camera” should really have included the words “...and heavily censored”, for this focused almost entirely on innocent African America victims and and the alleged inadequacy of the Bush administration's response. Glossed over almost entirely were the disturbing events which occurred in the immediate aftermath of the event revealing quite how tenuous American society's grasp on civilisation has become.

In America itself, some media outlets have taken the narrative even further. The stiflingly politically correct New York Times (see my recent essay on political correctness) famous for consistently suppressing all news of the atrocities and horrors of Stalin's Russia throughout the 1930, and, more recently, for its factually incorrect and downright dishonest reporting of the Duke Lacrosse (1), which, if only a fraction of it had been true would have seen the three innocent white defendants sent to prison for thirty years, have gone beyond white indifference to allegations of white guilt.

Black journalist Trymaine Lee, writing last Thursday indulges his racist fantasies to the full in an article laughably entitled “Rumour to fact in tales of post Katrina Violence” evokes images of white vigilantes mowing down innocent African Americans. Mr. Lee is certainly on a mission, but some of his reporting certainly stretches credibility. I particularly liked the fact that one interviewee by the name of Malik Rahim, after stating “I done seen bodies lay in the streets for weeks,” is later quoted stating, somewhat more eloquently, “How can you remove the scars from the eyes of all the children who witnessed these atrocities?” suggesting he may have taken a course in English language between quotes.

There will be more of this type of reporting, and we can be guaranteed that even more anti-white bile and hatred will ooze out of main stream media, should the discredited old harlots survive in their present form until the tenth anniversary.

However, for a different and slightly more credible perspective on events during those dark days in New Orleans I would draw your attention to a blog posting yesterday by Nicholas Stix, in which he points out that contrary to the popular myth about Katrina, disproportionately more whites than blacks were killed in the aftermath of the hurricane.

If Nicholas Stix is right, and the high quality of his previous reporting gives me some confidence that he is, then this adds to the conclusion that despite all the attempts by the liberal media to attach their own ideological fables to the disaster, the most accurate account of Hurricane Katrina remains that written by Jared Taylor, two months after the event and entitled AFRICA IN OUR MIDST.


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(1) Analysis of the New York Times' disgraceful reporting of the Duke Lacrosse Hoax can be read at the Durham in Wonderland blog or in in the book "Until Proven Innocent" by Stuart Taylor and K.C. Johnson

Sunday 29 August 2010

Standing on the Firm Ground of Ancestral Precedent

By Mister Fox

The mainstream parties have bad images - treason, war crimes, corruption, sleaze but are part of the same elites as the media and hold the power. The corrupt MS politicians when exposed are so as individuals but in the case of un-orthodox parties individual cases of bad behaviour are generalised to dehumanise all the members.

People are losing their trust in mainstream parties but they see BNP not as a saviour but a threat even while the country is being Balkanised! The elites call it ethnic cleansing when the wrong side like Serbs do it but when they do it to us they call it progress and dehumanise protesters as “racists” and “haters”.

Of course the mainstream are going to oppose us and of course they are going to use their political power and influence on us but there is no need for the wider population to hate us. Our opposition to “race replacement”was the normal, natural way of thinking until Hitler made it look evil and barbaric and were seemingly unaware that we have a British tradition. Before Hitler the Conservative party was the national party and many Socialists were patriotic.

Click here to continue reading Mister Fox's article at Sarah: Maid of Albion II

The Lies of Political Correctness

It can be almost guaranteed that any statement or belief which can be deemed to be politically correct is, by the same token, factually incorrect.

Examples can be found in almost every aspect of our society and how we are required to perceive and describe them. It is, for instance, politically correct, and all but mandatory for anyone within the media, law or politics, to insist there is no difference in the rate of street level criminal offending between the races.

As in any totalitarian society it then becomes the role of the state controlled popular media to promote the approved doctrine in the propaganda beamed into the homes of the population by means of misreported news or fictional drama bearing no resemblance to reality, with the effect that, over time, the lie becomes a universally accepted truth.

Indeed, in in their eagerness to obey their orders, the media go even further and if one were to judge by the story lines and portrayals in all popular TV and celluloid drama the vast majority of all street crime, be it mugging, robbery, assault, rape or drug dealing is perpetrated by whites, whereas non-whites more commonly appear as victims or employed in law enforcement. Progressively as people lock themselves away from the frightening reality outside, the pretend world coming in through their TV screens becomes confused with the far less appealing one outside, until it becomes the new reality.

This applies even more invidiously to the constant propaganda aimed at the most vulnerable and receptive amongst us, our children. The makers of the new US TV Childrens' adventure cartoon "Dora the Explorer" brag that their Latina heroine and politically correct plots may "Change a generation". They will, of course, be changing that generation by making it believe in lies, and what else is that but propaganda?.

This form of reverse reality extends far beyond popular entertainment the tentacles of political correctness have wound themselves throughout all levels of society, especially into government, the media and of course all government funded institutions, which now suffer from what might be termed institutional political correctness. On the face of it, this may not appear too malevolent and there is a temptation to treat the zealots of political correctness with the benign amused tolerance one might grant to an eccentric maiden aunt. That is, until one realises that they are functioning on the basis of what are, in effect a series of untruths and blatant lies and that they are imposing those lies on almost every aspect of our lives.

Gradually these lies have come to dictate official policy within so many areas which directly impact upon our current well being and the very future of our nation.

The police for instance are the organisation tasked with protecting society from criminality, yet they are not permitted to acknowledge, or in many instances even address the truth of the criminality they are confronting. Instead they are required to operate as if within a parallel universe or pantomime, playing lip service to an entirely false reality.

Who can forget when following widespread public concerns about knife attacks on London teenagers, perpetrated exclusively by non-white youths, the London Metropolitan police produced a deliberately misleading public information film featuring a white boy carrying a knife.

The false reality is even more prevalent within so called “victim support” organisations, who appear to view their role as guardians of the politically correct flame as more important than the safety of those they are supposed to support.

This is not just happening in Europe, in America in the aftermath of the Duke Lacrosse case (the ultimate would be politically correct fairy tale), I recall reading commentary on a rape crisis website based in North Carolina, which made the claim that inter-racial rape was relatively rare, but when it did occur it was predominantly perpetrated by white attackers against non-white victims. I can't link to that web-page as it has since disappeared, presumably someone involved discovered a sense of shame and took it down, however, such blatant lies are commonly made by organisations who claim that their role is to protect the victims of violence.

Clearly, those running such organisations believe it is more important to protect a politically correct fantasy than it is to actually protect women from being raped.

As with the TV shows and newspaper articles full of fictional white racists, muggers and rapists and pretend non-white victims, it is, also politically correct not to notice that what is being said or what is being portrayed is factually incorrect and indeed the exact reverse of the reality all around us.

Not noticing inconvenient facts is another fundamental requirement of political correctness.

Incompetent, under qualified or just plain bad doctors

For instance almost every week another story of medical incompetence involving a doctor who has either killed a patient by giving them totally the wrong medicine, failed to notice evidence of child abuse, such as a broken back or missed the fact that a woman had a toilet brush handle in a body orifice, doctors so incompetent they could not could not diagnose their way out of a paper bag or so corrupt they have been selling the body parts of healthy Asian peasants to wealthy, usually Asian, patients, is reported in the media. However, we are supposed to pretend we haven't noticed that, to a vastly disproportionate degree, the majority of these incompetent charlatans are of third world origin.

We are also not supposed to consider it odd when qualification free Home Office Pathologist Dr Mohmed Saeed Sulema Patel is named as “Freddy Patel” by the newspapers who then go on to refer to him as “British”, or that Nigerian incompetent Daniel Ubani, who recently failed in his legal attempts to silence the family of a man he killed, is invariably called a German. (Both stories in this week's news)

We are not supposed to notice the connection between third world standards of hygiene in our hospitals and the numbers of immigrants from the third world working in them, when we visit a hospital we must pretend not to see that at least three quarters of the queue in front of us are not of British ancestry. Yet at the same time, despite case after case after case of malpractice, criminality or incompetence by immigrant medical staff, we must agree, like obedient Stepford wives, when some brainwashed idiot or state apparatchik claims our health service would collapse without immigrants.

Cults such as Islam are, of course, major beneficiaries of reverse reality, for example who can forget when the last government renamed acts of Islamic terrorism “Anti-Islamic acts”, which is rather akin to calling murder anti-death, or indeed a bunch of fascists “anti-fascists” (more of which later). Meanwhile a vast section of the Muslim community are referred to as a “tiny minority”, whilst their warlike political dogma is called a “Religion of Peace”, it would be laughable, were it not so dangerous to laugh at such things .

Likewise, we are required to believe that militant or extremist Islam does not represent the “real moderate” Islam practised by the “vast majority of peaceful Muslims”. The truth, of course, is that it is the watered down, milksop, form of Islam, followed by some of those who have come to the West in an attempt to escape the reality of Islam, which bears little or no resemblance to the real thing.

In New York, those the opposing the building of what was initially to be called the Cordoba mosque – named after the Spanish City of Cordoba, which was at the centre of the first Islamic Caliphait in Europe for over 500 years from the time it was invaded and overthrown by Muslim armies in 711 AD, until it was taken back by the Spanish in 1236 AD - at the site of the September 2001 attacks are accused of intolerance and bigotry, whereas it is in fact those who wish to impose their triumphalist monstrosity on the place where followers of their religion caused such devastation, regardless of the offence and hurt that it will cause who are really guilty of intolerance, bigotry and, I suspect of hatred too.

Political Correctness demands that the intention to build a monument to Islam, named after a great Islamic victory over Christendom at the spot where followers of Islam achieved their greatest and most bloody attack against America must be accepted as the gesture of good will its smirking proponents claim it to be. They know its a lie, we know its a lie, but that's what political correctness is all about.

It is also de rigueur amongst the ranks of the politically correct to claim that the proposed location of the Cordoba mosque is not part of Ground Zero, indeed the ludicrous Keith Olbermann recently dedicated one of his toe curlingly embarrassing soliloquies to this claim. However, if not an outright lie, to make this dubious assertion requires the application of a significant economy to the truth. In fact the two buildings at 45–47 Park Place and Broadway, which will be demolished in order to build the Cordoba (or Park 51) Mosque were damaged by part of one of the planes during the attack on the World Trade Centre, but did not fall.

It will, therefore, be necessary to destroy buildings which survived the Islamic attack on them in order to build a monument to Islam. Some would argue that the deliberate symbolism of that act is even more malevolent.

Once again, of course, it is necessary to ignore the uncomfortable facts which do not fit the lies of political correctness. For to claim as the apologists for Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind this plan, that this is a peaceful act of bridge building between Islam and the West, requires the turning of a wilfully blind ear to how it's planned construction is being described in Muslim lands.

As I stated earlier, in almost every way that it is applied, political correctness is the reverse of the truth and as such it is a lie, or more accurately a set of lies. However, it now the set of lies upon which our western societies, most of our laws and all our institutions are progressively becoming based. It is what our media report to us instead of news, it is what our politicians preach to us and use to bully us with, worse than that, it is what our schools teach our children in place of the truth.

There is some debate as to whether Churchill ever really said “In the future the true fascists will call themselves anti fascists”, but whether he did or if it was, as some claim, the prediction of the Italian Communist politician Ignazio Silone, we have unquestionably reached that future but have, in fact, gone much further. It is not only fascists which the rules of political correctness now permit to call themselves anti-fascists, as has most emphatically happened, but in so many ways what is officially described as one thing is in fact the diametric opposite of what it calls itself.

The drive to impose a homogenised mono-culture across the Western world is perversely described as multiculturalism. Our leaders claim to be the champions of diversity, but its policies and aims are entirely the opposite and, in fact, the state will crush any dissent or divergence from the imposed orthodoxy.

This is the age of the universally accepted lie. In this age, white males must, as if by diktat, be condemned as the main perpetrators of racial violence, whereas in truth they are its primary victims. The guilt for slavery must be laid exclusively at the feet of white Europe, however, in terms of world history, our involvement was briefer and certainly less cruel (King Leopold of Belgium notwithstanding) than any other race other than possibly Australian aborigines, Inuits and Melanesians. Meanwhile it was we, of European ancestry, and we alone, who ended slavery, yet now to state that truth is to be accused of hate.

Ah yes, “hate” what does that mean? Hate, in the new world, now means things which it never did before.

Love, if it is not the approved form of love is now ruled to be hatred. To be guilty of hate it is no longer necessary to bear ill will towards any other group, it is required only to love the wrong things, to love one's country, to love one's people, one's race or one's heritage has been redefined as hatred and reviled.

Within this bizarre, false dishonest world which has formed around us, lies are revered and wildly applauded, yet it is entirely possible to be prosecuted for no more than telling the truth.

At the heart of this madness, at the root of the perversion of all that is true is political correctness. To live by the rules of political correctness is to live a lie, for it exists only to distort, suppress and destroy the truth. Those who dismiss political correctness as harmless or benign eccentricity are fools and are doomed.

Our overlords impose the creed of political correctness upon us in order to achieve a political goal which they have never, and will never, dare to let us vote for. It is the blade on the wheels of the chariot leading the invading army, and its purpose is to cut down all opposition and neuter all resistance so that its masters' aims can be achieved.

When the people believe a lie then the liars can succeed, when they can be made to confuse good with evil and evil with good, it is then that evil can triumph, which I fear it almost has done.

A lie is at its most dangerous either when it is falsely cloaked as kindness or when it is so entrenched you can make men fear to disbelieve it, and that is the aim of political correctness. It ranks among the most malign of political weapons ever to be devised by evil men and it is being ruthlessly used against us.

If we do not wake up to the truth of political correctness, then the lies of political correctness will destroy us all, for that is what they are designed to do.

Friday 27 August 2010

After the Party

From the Economist 26 August 2010

After the party…
…comes an almighty hangover

THE warm, fuzzy feeling of national pride and unity engendered by South Africa’s hosting of the football World Cup did not last long. As a strike by more than 1m public-sector workers enters its second week, hospitals, schools and other services across the country remain closed. Women in labour are being turned away from hospitals, the sick and the dying left unattended and pupils trying to get into school beaten up by their own teachers. The army has been called in to help. Police have been using water cannon and rubber bullets to break up the most violent protests. Dozens have been arrested.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), the biggest union federation and a supposed ally of the ruling African National Congress, is now threatening to shut down the entire economy by calling all its members out in a sympathy strike next week unless the government gives in to the public-sector unions’ demands for an 8.6% wage rise—more than double the inflation rate—plus a housing allowance of 1,000 rand ($135) a month. The government says it cannot afford more than its final offer of a 7% rise plus a 700 rand allowance along with a previously agreed on 1.5% performance bonus.

Report continues ....

South Africa Sucks views the current situation in a far more serious light, as expressed in an excellent, if troubling, post by the very readable Mike Smith

The “War of the Running White Dogs” is Here

The strikes of the Civil servants are unfolding nicely. At first I thought it was only an exercise for a Communist Revolution, but it appears to unfold into the real thing. It looks as if the Revolution is here.

Now the Army threatens to join the strikes as well. Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union, an affiliate of COSATU, has joined the strike on Wednesday 25th of August 2010. At the moment the police, prison services and traffic cops are still working, but they will start their strike on Saturday 28th of August 2010
… Let us pause for a moment and think about the implications of this…

In May 2010 we have seen the army taking over from the police at the borders and it being reported that the borders between Zimbabwe and Mozambique are riddled with holes. The army has to clean up the mess now at the borders they say. The entire fence between the Kruger Park and Mozambique has been removed by Thabo Mbeki to create a so called macro nature reserve.

One thing that I have learned from the Marxist terrorists is that they do everything for a reason and everything they do is a deception. They are disciples of Mao Zedong and Sun Tzu.

All these open borders are just the Marxists establishing a Truong Son Strategic Supply Route or as the American called it, a Hoh Chi Minh trail.

The Communist Master Plan, The Final Solution for South Africa is all moving into place.

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Obama and Holder taking on Arizona's Immigration Law

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Monday 23 August 2010

The Right Standpoint

By Mister Fox

There is an ideological muddle which impedes the protection of our people and we must find the right standpoint. Some influenced by university conditioning think it is is a rationalist formula written down in a book like Das Kapital or Mein Kampf but our patriotic way of thinking grows out of emotion and the need for numinous things in life rather than universal abstractions. The way to develop a new world view is to gather examples from the world around us, of what is really happening as a result of, say, immigration, then collate it and our version of reality begins to form.

We must link to our patriotic traditions and develop from there, but with a more suitable economic system to give our people priority in their own country. Many patriotic Conservatives, social and cultural, fought against mass immigration throughout the 50s and 60s. M.P.s like Cyril Osborne who began his campaign against open - door immigration in 1954 and Norman Pannell in 1956. Even Churchill prepared a Bill to control immigration but it was dropped when he had to relinquish the premiership because of deteriorating health. He also wanted the Tories to fight the General Election with the slogan ”Keep England White.” We have the famous example of Enoch Powell.(1)

The Conservative party was a “National” Conservative party which put the national interest first, not the Global economy. We are their natural successors and must position ourselves as such. This would give supporters a secure base to argue from with abundant role models and quotes from our history and that would strengthen their conviction which would impress their hearers more. People follow the dominant elites. Even those who agree with us vote for one of the dominant parties and a renewed conviction on our part would counter that. It is a mistake to lament they have not woken up when we are not putting our case with enough confidence. This is a starting point and would be adapted to deal with contemporary circumstances.

I have written before that we need to make an accommodation with Jewish communities and other groups who are in danger like Hindus and Sikhs but we must make it clear that this is our country and our people take priority. We are being invaded by a common enemy and the elites have adopted anti-Semitism as part of their surrender. Jewish people tend to regard “White Christians as a danger to them but must transcend the Ghetto Mentality and understand that the Muslims hate them first and they are under attack in France and Malmo, Sweden and when emasculated pricks like Cameron and Milliband get Turkey in the EU Jews will be openly persecuted! Mass immigration has changed everything and old enmities are no longer feasible. About 1 in 8 of the population of Southern Ireland are asylum seekers so the internecine wars in the North are not appropriate during an invasion. (2)

Do not think everyone in the media or the Conservative Party is an implacable enemy. Many agree with us and even have useful information about what the elites in politics and the media have planned but they stay away because of the Holocaust denying leaders.

The elites use the media and Equalities Commission to makes us like them or destroy us and we have to allow ethnics in but not adopt civic nationalism. There is a tendency for those who lament our lack of progress to think the situation hopeless and think conforming to the ideology of the elites but you do not win by capitulation. This shows they misunderstand the aims of the elites which is to replace Whites with immigrants. (3)

Simple or self-loathing people say “So what?”. “It doesn't matter if different people take over!” This shows a failure to understand how people behave. They think it will be painless like handing the baton on in a relay race.

It was common to hear liberals say:” We did it to them, now they can do it to us” though they did not themselves live in it. That submissive attitude still dominates the elites.”(4)

We must convey the urgency of this situation not try to be nice. We must respond in kind to the anti British propagandists in the media and be more urgent in our defending our children.

The vile abuse and the police and media cover-up of the murder of Charlene Downes shows how the elites are surrendering our young people to Muslims. She was a 14 year-old Blackpool schoolgirl who went missing in 2003. It is thought that older Muslim men who were illegally having sex with her murdered her, chopped her up and sold her to Blackpool people in kebabs!A trial in 2007 collapsed. The Independent Police Complaint Commissions decided covert surveillance was "handled poorly and unprofessionally", and police were forced to apologise.(5)

In Rochdale Nine men were jailed after a 14-year-old White girl was preyed upon and forced into prostitution. The child was fed vodka after she was found wandering the streets and repeatedly raped by gangs of Muslim men.

The convictions for various offences, including sexual activity with a child, controlling a child prostitute, facilitating child prostitution and paying for sexual services with a child. She had to testify in separate trials involving the men and was eventually excused further evidence after a third hearing when psychologists ruled there were fears for her mental and physical well-being.

The submissive attitude of children to Muslim predators is inculcated by the state at school. Harrop Fold High School in Worsley, Greater Manchester, persecuted Jodie Stott, a 14-year old schoolgirl, who was arrested by police for “racism.” She had wisely refused to sit with a group of Asian students because three, who had recently immigrated here, could not speak English. She was kept in a police cell for three-and-a-half hours after being reported by her teachers: "They told me to take my laces out of my shoes and remove my jewellery, and I had my fingerprints and photograph taken," said Codie.

Totalitarian headteacher Dr Antony Edkins: "An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark by one student towards a group of Asian students new to the school and new to the country." We aim to ensure a caring and tolerant attitude towards people and pupils of all ethnic backgrounds and will not stand for racism in any form." Edkins and the other teachers are persecuting this young girl in her own country for wanting to be able to understand her school companions.

The same Education Authority had a ten-year-old boy prosecuted for allegedly calling an 11-year-old mixed race pupil a 'Paki' and 'Bin Laden' in a playground argument at a primary school in Irlam.

District Judge Jonathan Finestein said the decision to prosecute showed "how stupid the whole system is getting" and was himself attacked by teaching union leaders for "feeding a pernicious agenda" that aided the BNP.

In 1965 Peter Griffiths Conservative MP for Smethwick showed great wisdom when he called for special classes to teach immigrants English and was accused by progressives of wanting to start apartheid in schools!

The Daily Mail reported that a Catholic schoolgirl was labelled ‘truant’ by her teachers for refusing to dress as a Muslim for a school field trip to a mosque. Staff the 14-year-old pupils to dress in headscarf, wear trousers or leggings and keep her arms covered for the compulsory visit to the mosque after it was arranged to promote ‘community cohesion.’ Amy Owen refused.

Totalitarian headmaster Peter Lee wrote the visit was “as compulsory as a geography field trip. There are two reasons for these visits. One is that the scheme of work in religious studies REQUIRES children to have knowledge and understanding of other world religions.”

‘The second is that the school is REQUIRED to promote tolerance respect and understanding. This is known as community cohesion. A failure to do this could result in an unwelcome inspection judgement”. Around ten others in year 9 classes refused to dress as Muslims and were marked down in the truanting register. It is clear from this how the word tolerance is used in an ideological rather than grammatical sense.: the state through its institutions is trying to enforce submission to Islam.

We must start highlighting the religious apartheids enshrined in Islamic Sharia law and what would happen to British women if decadent elites like Dame Butler-Sloss and Prince Charles succeed in introducing it and, especially, the legalised sexual abuse of children; the cruelty to animals.

The surrender to Islam and the new anti-Semitism is taught in schools. A Government funded study in April 2007 found that Schools are abandoning teaching the Holocaust in history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils whose do not believe the Holocaust happened and are frightened to teach the 11th century Crusades when Christians armies fought Muslim armies for Jerusalem because a different version is taught in mosques. They also teach a version of the development of slavery, which omits the much longer and harsher Muslim slave trade.

MPs also want children given relationship advice 'in context' to make informed decisions about when to have sex. Many Muslims will opt out of this as it will be teaching homosexuality as equal to heterosexual relations. This ignores the essential human duty to re-produce. Propagandising homosexuality is a threat to our demographics.

The State collects DNA records of children as young as five, and has been secretly taking their fingerprints since 2001. Schools take their fingerprints which is replacing library cards. When working on a crime police have access to the children’s fingerprints but parents are not told. To remove the prints takes professional cleansing. The schools, education authorities and the Government say it is difficult to convert this code back though not impossible and a computer technie could re- create the original fingerprints for identity theft.

In July 2006 The Observer reported that British children, possibly as young as six, will be subjected to compulsory fingerprinting under European Union rules being drawn up in secret. The prints will be stored on a database which could be shared with countries around the world. Under proposed laws being drawn up secretly by the European Commission’s ‘Article Six’ committee, which is composed of representatives of the European Union’s 25 member states, all children will have to attend a finger-printing centre to obtain an EU passport. The Home Office wants to include children in its biometric passport scheme and automatically transfer their details and fingerprints to the new national identity database when they are 16. The Government is underhandedly building a genetic database. Data has been used for genetic research without consent, including attempts to predict "ethnic appearance" from DNA profiles.

A nation's manners, morals, religions, political institutions and social structure, are inherited from ancestors and develop from the character of the people at that time.

Government from Brussels, economic control by global corporations and Afro-Asian colonization is part of the progressives' new dream for an ideal future, but in practice it disinherits our children of community and association with their own kind which we are duty bound to preserve for them.

Throughout history wars have been fought for territory and by allowing newcomers to stake claims, our emasculated ‘elite’ are encouraging them to fight for yet more. In The Territorial Imperative Robert Ardry explains how much having a country of their own has boosted the confidence of Israelis, but our rulers are handing our ancestral homeland to invaders and protecting their welfare over and above that of our own people.

Our views derive from an emotional and instinctive relationship with our people and our territory. It is more profound than rationalising or adopting an artificial blueprint for a Utopian world because it grows from natural, human instinct and emotion.

To give favourable treatment to aliens over our own people, as the fifth Marquess of Salisbury described them “our kith and kin,” is morally evil.

Look at data from the Office of National Statistics (which doesn’t take into account the births to mothers born here) then look at your sons and daughters and ask, ”Am I betraying my own children? Where will they live and work?”

We have natural bonds with our families, a responsibility for them and a duty to them. We also have a duty to pass on what we have inherited to our children, as they, in turn, will have a duty to their children. We owe a debt to our ancestors who bequeathed to us our nation and culture, and we must honour that.

Our loyalties begin with affection within families and this emanates outward to neighbourhood and nation. Men and women are distinctive sexual beings within their inherited collective identity. We belong to our kin, above strangers, and this affects the type of community we create.

Edmund Burke’s famous definition of society is that it is a continuous community of the living, the dead and those who are yet to be born. Each man and woman is part of a larger body. The individual dies, but descendants live on.

We have positive benefits to offer our people: preferential treatment in their own country, better education, priority in housing and employment for our children and protection from child-rape by older members of a rival community. You only need look at the names of graduates from medical and law schools to see how our young are being dispossessed. We would offer British children more opportunities and a better future without unfair competition from outsiders.







Sunday 22 August 2010

South African farm genocide - Update

Earlier this month I reported that 86 year old pensioner Jack Bergman had survived an attack at a Farm in Port Elizabeth and was recovering in hospital. Sadly Mr. Bergman has since succumbed to his injuries and has died. Report in Afrikaner here

Mr. Bergman was attacked by intruders who broke into his home whilst he slept. A 50 year old black man has been arrested.

In the same article I reported that a farmer had died in an attack at a farm in the Limpopo area, the victim of that attack has since been named as 46 year old Koos Daffeu who was shot dead by unknown killers when driving back to his farm.

No arrests have yet been made in the Daffeu killing.

The latest killings bring the number of white farmers murdered since the end of Apartheid to 3118, that is to say between three and four killings a week

Hat tip: T.M.

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Obama's Make-Believe Life

By Alan Caruba

I have this theory about Barack Obama. I think he’s led a kind of make-believe life in which money was provided and doors were opened because at some point early on somebody or some group took a look at this tall, good looking, half-white, half-black, young man with an exotic African/Muslim name and concluded he could be guided toward a life in politics where his facile speaking skills could even put him in the White House.

In a very real way, he has been a young man in a very big hurry. Who else do you know has written two memoirs before the age of 45? “Dreams of My Father” was published in 1995 when he was only 34 years old. The “Audacity of Hope” followed in 2006. If, indeed, he did write them himself. There are some who think that his mentor and friend, Bill Ayers, a man who calls himself a “communist with a small ‘c’” was the real author.

His political skills consisted of rarely voting on anything that might be deemed controversial. He went from a legislator in the Illinois legislature to the Senator from that state because he had the good fortune of having Mayor Daley’s formidable political machine at his disposal.

He was in the U.S. Senate so briefly that his bid for the presidency was either an act of astonishing self-confidence or part of some greater game plan that had been determined before he first stepped foot in the Capital. How, many must wonder, was he selected to be a 2004 keynote speaker at the Democrat convention that nominated John Kerry when virtually no one had ever even heard of him before?

He outmaneuvered Hillary Clinton in primaries. He took Iowa by storm. A charming young man, an anomaly in the state with a very small black population, he oozed “cool” in a place where agriculture was the antithesis of cool. He dazzled the locals. And he had an army of volunteers drawn to a charisma that hid any real substance.

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(Hat Tip: Tony C)

There have also been a number of interesting posts at South Africa Sucks recently:

Only skin deep?: A Kenyan man has been convicted of attempting to sell an Albino work colleague to Tanzanian witch doctors so they could make medicine from his body parts: Read about it here: Human Trafficker jailed for trying to sell Albino Man

SA on strike: You may not be aware but there has been a national strike amongst public sector workers in south Africa, which has led to emergency hospital patients being left untreated, and to school children being physically attacked by striking school teachers. Mike Smith analyses what is really behind the Nationwide strikes?

Related article “What about the Children?”
(Hat tip: Daniel A)


Unwelcome arrivals

Another article, for which I must also thank SAS for drawing to my attention, relates to another of the glorious benefits of Multi-Culturalism and a certain form of long ago (in the West) irradiated wildlife which the new arrivals are reintroducing to our cities, our homes, and our beds)
Good night Western Civilisation – don't let the bed bugs bite


Seeing Through State Propaganda

David Hamilton, who regularly contributes to Sarah Maid of Albion as Mister Fox, has put together a selection of essays into an e-book entitled "Seeing Through State Propaganda"

Mister Fox is a superb writer with a gift for analysis and exposing the truth of the situation faced by the western world, and this compilation of his essays are highly recommended.

This e-book can be downloaded as a high quality easy to read e-pub document by clicking here

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Alternatively, this can be viewed as a PDF file which can be downloaded by clicking here or read online by clicking here
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Saturday 21 August 2010

Now you have seen the bully in action

By Robin Hind

Obama and Cameron went world wide on television on the 20th July. This gave Obama an opportunity to display himself as convivial and benignly affable; an exercise in fellowship as he addressed the Prime Minister as “David”. He also showed, when he answered press questions that without pre-written notes, that he rambled ineptly, failing to get to the point of the question at times, and missing the point at others. It seemed that his aim was to show himself as a pliable, approachable, good natured fellow. He steered clear of discussing British Petroleum in his efforts to appear friendly

This performance contrasted with his earlier address to the American Nation (for that read the World) in his inflamed attack on British Petroleum after the accident in the Gulf of Mexico.

It was then that he showed the bully in action. On worldwide television there was no sign of statesmanlike wisdom. None of the dignity expected of the world leader.

The Gulf of Mexico spill is, we all know, a huge tragedy. But was the Obama assault the way to go?

Sane and objective people could have expected the following type of approach from a mature American leader:

“We are all concerned about the tragedy in the Gulf. However, we must remember that tapping the resources of the world is hazardous and always has been. The risks of drilling for oil have been shouldered by those who have taken many risks – risks of personal injury, financial risks, and risks to the environment. In America we have risked, and because of that, we have particularly benefitted from our oil resources. Much of the quality of life of our nation has rested on the availability of various forms of energy which we have mined or bought from others, always treading a narrow path between risk and benefit. The industries, which have made us the wealthiest country in the world - not only the steel, automotive and manufacturing industries but also agriculture - have depended upon this windfall of energy with which we have been blessed.

Our task now is together, in the closest of harmonies, and in earnest co-operation, to battle this catastrophe with all the intellectual, engineering, and financial resources which we and others can muster.”
What we got instead was the accusative and aggressive confrontation. It was a polarization into heroic “us” and villainous “them”. It was a litany of blame and aggression. It was a variant of “if there is blame fix it fast”. It was the adverserial lawyer’s demand for compensatory cash in its crudest packaging.

That was the bullyboy asserting his authority and pulling rank. That was a man who is showing himself that he is inter-nationally divisive, promoting his ego and trying to entrench his authority by fixing blame on a passive target.

The question which therefore arises is who he will gun for what in the future. Which of us will become victims to his arrogant, bumptious aggression? Is this the man whose true nature will polarize the world into conflict within the frame of hypocritical appeasement?

Robin Hind

Friday 20 August 2010

SBI Unsolved Crimes - Brian Keith Smith

Brian Keith Smith

I have been asked to post the following appeal

Victim: Brian Keith Smith
Crime Committed or Inflicted: Murder
Crime Date: 5/1/1994
City/County: Brunswick County
State: North Carolina
District: Coastal

Description: On Sunday, May 1, 1994 around midnight, Brian Smith was last seen alone on Front Street between the Ice House Bar and the Micky Ratz Nightclub in Wilmington. The next week on Sunday, May 8, 1994, his body was found in Towncreek (Brunswick County) approximately eight miles from the Towncreek bridge on Highway 17.

Special attention should be given to this notice in England since the icebreaker, the HMS Endurance, was in port at the time and some of sailors from that ship may have seen or heard something which would provide important information to investigators. The victim also spelled his name as Bryan.

If you have information about this case, call the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office (910) 253-2777. If you have information about this case or any unsolved case in North Carolina, please contact the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation by email SBI Operations Center or by phone (800) 334-3000.

$6,000 REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the murder of Brian Keith Smith.

Last updated: May 11, 2009

Source: North Carolina Department of Justice

A case of Bloggers Block

I am sorry this blog has been so quiet recently, but I am afraid I am in the midst a period of what might be referred to as blogger's block. I have come to the conclusion that, after two years of blogging, I need a break from writing for a few weeks.

At the moment, when I consider sitting down to write something my mind goes blank and I really can not find any inspiration.

Partly this is due to the fact that it is the Summer holiday, there are children to feed, entertain and take to places which inevitably means that I have less time, but also, I think it goes beyond that and I just feel in need of a break.

Writing about the subjects I do can actually be quite emotionally draining. In part that is due to the fact that one is forced to confront the situation we as a people are actually facing, that can become very depressing and sometimes really quite frightening , which can start to wear one down eventually.

The size of the forces ranged against us, the scope of their assault upon us and the pace at which it is happening is really quite staggering and in so many ways it is made worse by the level of blindness and passive acceptance displayed by so many of my countrymen. I am sure part of the problem is that there is an innate decency and niceness in so many people that they are incapable of fully appreciating the degree of malevolence being focused upon them. They know things are not right, but they are loath to make a fuss so they hope we can all muddle thought and that it will all be all right in the end, but, of course, it won't be.

What makes it more depressing is the knowledge that so many of the enemy are the enemy within and that so many of our own people are knowingly betraying us.

There are also so many who are on our side but who refuse to see the real enemy,

It is becoming more and more frustrating every time I post as it is almost guaranteed that someone will write in to tell me that, whatever I have written about is the fault of the Jews. Each time that happens I want to scream because I know although the writer is usually well intentioned they are seeing only a tiny fragment of the canvass. Whilst so many fixate on that fragment, the main cancer is spreading.

People will tell me in all seriousness that the Islamification of the West is a Zionist plot, which is the equivalent of accusing wildebeest of letting the lions into the herbivore enclosure in order to piss off the zebra; it just does not make sense.

There may be some Jews amongst our enemies, but our problems are far larger than that, and if we fail to appreciate the real enemy because of myopia or because of an agenda then we are lost.

Marxists, be they Jews, Christian, Agnostics or Atheists, together with Islam, mass third world immigration and traitors within our own midst are a far greater threat to us than a few Jewish bankers, film makers, the state of Israel and some mouldy old protocols put together, yet so many refuse to see that.

I hope nobody will take offense at this, I do accept that these views are genuinely held, but they are one of the issues which are getting under my skin at the moment. I know I have to come to terms with the fact that a belief in a Zionist conspiracy is so widely held especially amongst US Nationalists, albeit less so in Europe. However, it is distressing all the same because whilst so many of you are distracted by this side show you are blinded to the enormity, and true nature of the threat facing us.

The predicament of the white community in South Africa is also deeply distressing, I am often sent pictures and descriptions, which I need to see and hear about, but which are very disturbing, and which once seen are impossible ever to forget . This too becomes depressing, especially as I believe that same level of brutality will become commonplace much closer to home.

That said, please continue to keep me informed, we need to know these things, and to get the truth out.

A blog like this is not always an easy place to write for and the issues I write about are seldom comfortable. Sometimes all these issues come together and I feel the need to get away from blogging for a while; this is one of those times.

This blog will return to normal activity levels in due course, I have too much to say and care too much about the issues to not carry on, but before then I need to take a little time off.

I will continue to write when the mood takes me, I plan to say more on the Obama issue over the weekend, and I shall certainly report any further attacks on the South African farming community. However, if I am a little quieter than usual please be patient and understand that I am taking some time out so that I can return refreshed to the fight.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin a man amongst midgets

Lieutenant Colonel Lakin faces a military tribunal because he refuses to Afghanistan until Barrack Obama proves his eligibility to be the US president. Lt. Col Lakin explains his reasons in the tape above Only Obama and a few of his closest allies know the truth of this matter but one thing is for certain Lt. Col Lakin appears to be an honourable and brave man.

He is certainly a bigger man than the pygmies who have been attacking him in the US media.

Friday 13 August 2010

The Destruction of European Culture

This video keeps disappearing from YouTube so here it is again

Hat Tip: JP

More South African genocide

I am sad to report another series of attacks on white South African farmers, two of whicg were fatal so far this month bringing the total number of white farmers killed since the end of Apartheid to 3117.

Farmers wife dies following attack
- body guarded by her pets

Three Jack Russell dogs belonging to Chrissie Harmzen, 70, climbed on top of her and guarded her after she was so severely assaulted on a farm outside Burgersfort in Limpopo on Friday morning that she died later that day of her injuries.

Johan Harmzen, 72, told how the dogs wouldn’t let anyone near his injured wife. “They were very attached to her.” he said. The couple has five Jack Russells.

Mrs. Harmzen was attacked and assaulted barely five steps from the back door of the house she and her husband rent on the farm, Dresden.They have been living on the farm for the past ten years.

“She was beaten so hard that her lungs burst,” said her husband. She was also repeatedly beaten in the face and hit over the head with an unknown object. Harmzen died of her injuries in the Midmed hospital in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

The couple had been married for 50 years and three months.“We were a part of each other,” said Mr. Harmzen.

Only Mrs. Harmzen’s cellphone, the back door keys and the security company’s panic button were stolen. Nothing was taken from the house.

“It wasn’t a robbery or theft. It was just plain murder. It was a sadist who came here to murder,” Harmzen said.

Continue reading here

Man killed on Smallholding - domestic worker assaulted and raped

A 46-year-old man died after five men gained access to his smallholding outside Tzaneen and assaulted him, Limpopo police said on Wednesday.

Police said five unidentified men wearing balaclavas waited for the man at his gate on Tuesday evening and then assaulted him with pangas and iron rods.

The man died on the scene.

A domestic worker on the property was assaulted when she came to investigate.

She was dragged into the house where two of the men raped her.

The men took cellphones and household appliances, including a television and DVD player. They may have also taken two guns from the safe. Source


Pensioner Survives Farm Attack

An elderly man was assaulted on his smallholding in St Albans, Port Elizabeth police said on Sunday.

According to police, four men attacked Jack Bergman, 86, in his bed after climbing into his house through a window in the early hours of Saturday "The victim had several face injuries and stab wounds to the chest and on the arrival of the security company he was semi-conscious".

A security company found the pensioner, who lived alone, after the house alarm went off. He was taken to Livingstone hospital.

No arrests have been made.



Post Script - A tale of two Couples

Readers in the UK will be aware of the fact that the headlines here last week were full of reports about the "British" couple, Gul and Begum Wazir, who were murdered in Pakistan in what was variously described as an honour killing or a dispute over a marriage. However, to my knowlege there was significantly less mention of the British couple Christopher and Jennifer Early, who were murdered in South Africa , following what was described as a "robbery", I wonder what it could have been that made the one "British" couple so much more news worthy than the other.

thanks to Dina, Jenny and Toppie for alerting me to these news items, most of which never make it into the international news.

Friday 6 August 2010

An insult too far

As many of you may be aware the chances of a thirteen story Islamic Center and mosque being built next to the area in New York, known as Ground Zero, where the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by muslim fanatics in September 2011 are growing by the day.

If this abomination does come to pass then, were Mayor Bloomberg or indeed Obama to walk up to the spot where the towers fell, unzip their flies and urinate into the earth where the victims dies, they would not commit a greater act of deliberate contempt for the memory of the dead and for their families. I do not know enough about Bloomberg to comment on his motives, but I suspect as far as Obama is concerned, the offense it will cause is the point, it is certainly what is motivating those behind this sickening plan.

I would like to recommend the comments of two separate gentleman on this subject first the excellent Pat Condell, I missed this brilliant commentary when it was first posted in June, and I am grateful to TVJ for drawing it to my attention, you can either watch the video at this blog, or even better click here to watch it and rate it at Youtube

Also another Pat, this time Pat Buchanan has written this fine article on the matter.

Both these brave patriots make their points very tellingly, we are at the eleventh hour but there may still be time to change some minds before this terrible mistake is made. Hence I urge readers to circulate foth of the above as widely as possible.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Justifying slaughter

One of the most repugnant experiences in the last 48 hours has been watching the deeply vile US mainstream media seeking to excuse workplace mass murderer Omar Thornton (pictured above) from any responsibility for his crime and to blame his numerous victims for forcing him to shoot them in cold blood. Omar Thornton was black his victims (eight dead two injured) were all white, only a fool would expect honesty from the American media in such a situation.

Nicholan Stix gives his own views on the victimisation of a mass killer in an article which can be read by clicking here.

Political correctness has replaced British Politics!

Just a note to point out that the global financial meltdown we are experiencing now can be placed fairly and squarely at the feet of political correctness and social engineering - courtesy of the now ruling Democratic Party in the USA. While this fact is well known over there, you won't hear it mentioned in the UK, beyond Gordon Brown's mumble " financial crisis ... started in America...". Perhaps someone should ask him how and why it started in America! You don't believe me? Read about it and watch a video here

If you agree with what you read here, please help civilisation by linking to this site whenever and wherever you can. After all (to paraphrase Edmund Burke) for political correctness to triumph it only requires that sensible people do nothing!

Have you ever stopped to wonder why 40% of people don't bother to vote anymore? Have you ever stopped to wonder why, which ever party is in power, nothing ever gets any better? Have you ever stopped to wonder why all the three major political parties in the UK have broadly the same policies? The answer is simple - political correctness. This left wing ideology has very cleverly, and by stealth, replaced British politics. The PC Brigade effectively hold a gun to the head of political parties - none of the main parties now dare suggest any policy that is not politically correct otherwise the PC Brigade will label them the 'nasty' party. Witness the Conservative party policy U turns. In a desperate effort to lose their 'nasty' party label they have become Blue Labour, a slightly diluted form of New Labour!

So we now have the three main parties all occupying the same small piece of 'centre ground'. Many people don't vote on the grounds that it is pointless - you will get the same whoever wins. Some people don't vote because they realise that politically correct policies are what has got us into this mess in the first place.

Other people don't vote because they realise that career politicians are a self seeking, corrupt bunch of freeloaders who they wouldn't trust to run their whelk stall while they were on holiday. Notice that I say career politicians - this is the new breed of politicians that haven't ever entered the real world of work. They have left school, gone to university and then blagged a job as a 'research assistant' to a MP before realising that with most of our laws now made abroad, the job was such a well paid doddle that they could do it themselves. They have never had to hold down a proper job, they have no management or other skills, hold no real political views and tend to migrate to whichever party looks most likely to win power. To survive in this fantasy environment all you need to do is to be politically correct. You can read more about this, the political parties and how the New Labour ministers got there under Politicians/ Parties on the navigation bar.

So what is political correctness, how did it start and how did it become so successful? Political correctness is first and foremost an attack on free speech, clear thinking and discussion. Political correctness is perpetrated by the left in politics as a cover for their flawed ideology - a sort of cultural Marxism. By cloaking their strange ideas under the cover of not wishing to offend anyone (which naturally appeals to peoples' better nature), they try to bypass debate and give a 'received wisdom' which must not be questioned. And anyone who disagrees with this 'received wisdom' must therefore be a really nasty person and deserves to be ostracised by their peers. This peer pressure is instrumental in enforcing and expanding political correctness.

For example, if you question whether unfettered immigration into this country is necessarily a good thing or perhaps whether immigrants should be health checked, then you must be a nasty bigoted 'Little Englander'. Come on everyone - shout him down with cries of 'racist'. Of course, only the hard of thinking could be drawn into this charade - anyone with an ounce of common sense can see right through it.

So how did it all start? Political Correctness started in a think tank (called The Frankfurt School) in Germany in 1923. The purpose was to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of communism in Russia. Why wasn't the wonderful idea of communism spreading? Read the short history here, the full history and purpose here or watch a 22 minute documentary here.

The Frankfurt school recommended (amongst other things):

  1. the creation of racism offences
  2. continual change to create confusion
  3. the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
  4. the undermining of schools and teachers' authority
  5. huge immigration to destroy national identity
  6. the promotion of excessive drinking
  7. emptying the churches
  8. an unreliable legal system with bias against the victim of crime
  9. dependency on the state or state benefits
  10. control and dumbing down of media
  11. encouraging the breakdown of the family

Sound all too familiar? Yes - Great Britain 1997 onwards......

The basic idea is to make the country wholly dependent on the State. By the dumbing down of education, the creation of huge state sector employment and large scale immigration, New Labour has effectively created a captive audience to vote for them or Blue Labour, should the Conservatives actually get back into power.

If the Conservatives did get back into power, nothing much would change. David Cameron has already shown his true politically correct credentials many times but none so shamelessly as when he sacked the well respected Patrick Mercer, just for speaking the truth. Patrick Mercer wasn't being a racist, he was just commenting on how in Army life you get picked on if you have some different feature whether it is black skin, ginger hair, being fat or just lazy. My Father did me a great service many years ago when pointed out that 'sticks & stones would break my bones but names would never hurt me'. Thanks for instilling some common sense in me, Dad!

But of course, political correctness has made common sense a thing of the past. If you catch a burglar in your house then it's probably best to help the poor soul by carrying your possessions to the front door lest he should trip up and hurt himself and it's you that end up in court!

After all, you won't get much help from the Police, who have been effectively neutralised by the fast tracking of university graduates whose only experience of life has been obtained in the liberal atmosphere of education. Probably best not to complain to them about their lack of attendance when your car has been vandalised or you will probably get a letter back from a Superintendent pointing out that vandals are victims as well (read it here). And just in case any real policemen still exist, the Politically Correct Brigade has turned the Police Force in on itself by claims of institutional racism.

If they do actually succeed in getting a villain into court (only 1 for every 100 crimes committed) then the Magistrates hand out such lenient sentences (as laid down by the very Politically Correct 'sentencing advisory panel') that there is no deterrent. If you do end up in prison (extremely unlikely as New Labour have deliberately refused to build anything like enough new places) the prison officers are told to call you by your first name and not say anything that may upset you! As your cell is now your home, you are allowed to smoke there but Prison Officers who want to search it for drugs now have to give you 30 mins notice of their visit so that they don't put themselves at risk from the smoke oh and also to give you enough time to move your drugs elsewhere. Just in case you do get bored, you can keep yourself amused by repeatedly taking the prison governor to court over trivial matters that you think violate your human rights (no pornography etc) - all paid for by legal aid!

Travellers can descend upon your area, dump old cars and shit everywhere with impunity. You try doing it in your front garden and see what happens! They are allowed to bypass the normal planning controls that are so strictly enforced on the rest of us and cost local councils hundreds of thousands of pounds in court cases and clean-ups. Who pays? Why you do of course - just check your council tax bill!

Illegal immigrants (if caught) are rarely deported. Those that are deported are just the more honest ones who don't know how to play the system or haven't been coached by the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns which is funded by your lottery money! Oh and have you got a long way to come to get here? Why not hijack an airliner for the trip? Don't worry, we will still let you stay!

Would you like a black coffee? NO! You can't say that! It's coffee without milk and Local Authorities spend a fortune of our money on making their employees attend courses on Newspeak and Diversity training!

Our British humour has suffered badly. We can't tell jokes anymore in case it's considered racist or it upsets anyone. Don't these Politically Correct people realise that the clue is in the word "joke",which my dictionary quite rightly defines as "something said in fun or jest" or "to say something in fun or teasing rather than in earnest?"

Try organising an event or trip and you find yourself tied up in the endless red tape created by the Health & Safety Executive. These people are all part of the 'Nanny State' (state control) which insists in sticking its nose into every aspect of our lives and telling us how to live it!

Just in case there is anyone left in the country that might still be enjoying themselves - let's ban smoking, fox hunting and let feminists launch a totally unfounded attack on men as rapists.

That is the sad state of the UK today. But overwhelmed by their own success with political correctness, the left have something else just as sinister up their sleeve so they can expand their power and control over us even more - the Great Global Warming scam! Same methodology - an idea to appeal to peoples' better nature - let's save the planet - and the same way of enforcing it by peer pressure. Just watch what happens to any scientist who breaks ranks or disagrees - they get the same treatment that Galileo got from the medieval church. David Bellamy was the first I think. It takes a brave man (or a self sufficient one) to come out against these things publicly when you know your future livelihood may be at risk.

Politically correct people can't stand reality or see that things have evolved to be as they are for good reasons. Politically correct people remind me of ostriches - they bury their heads in the sand and then proceed to talk out of the only orifice that still remains above ground.

So don't let anyone fool you that political correctness is just about being "nice to people", tolerant and treating them with proper respect. That's called good manners. Political correctness has been deliberately designed to subvert free speech, debate and common sense, replacing these with a ruthlessly enforced set of left wing ideas. Far from being tolerant, politically correct people are the most intolerant of all people and have the worst manners. They refuse to debate subjects (as their views don't stand up to the most elementary scrutiny), preferring just to scream abuse at you.