Wednesday 30 May 2012

If it can happen Down Under

The following article by Hal G.P. Colebatch recently appeared in the American Spectator


Australia is a nation where freedom of speech has appeared as solidly established as anywhere in the world.

Today, however, it is under a massive threat. This is all the more shocking because it is as head-on assault on Australia's entire political culture of liberty and democracy.
In the latest development, the governing alliance of the leftist Australian Labor Party and the extreme leftist Greens have received an official report into media regulation recommending draconian controls.

The 470-page report, commissioned as part of the government's vendetta against the Murdoch press, demands that the media be made more "accountable," and that the government have the power to impose "professional standards." The chairman of the inquiry that made the report, retired Federal Court Judge Roy Finkelstein, recommends a News Media Council be set up to license the press and to censor news reporting and political commentary.

Licensing the media has always been abhorrent in the English-speaking world. It was not contemplated even in Australia's first days as a penal colony.

It is recommended that the council -- presumably to be called the Ministry of Truth -- should have a judge or lawyer as its chairman, appointed by the government, and 20 members, a large portion of whom would be nominated by the Labor-affiliated journalists' union.

The council would have power to alter or permanently ban articles. Disobedience would result in a fine or imprisonment for contempt of court, and there would be no appeal. As well as having the power to ban articles, the council would have the power to compel media to publish responses to stories.

Now get this: its jurisdiction would extend not merely to newspapers -- which would be outrageous enough -- but also to any website. Perhaps even if it was visited by only one or two people a day. Finkelstein says its jurisdiction should cover websites which get more than 15,000 hits a year, or an average of 41 a day, that is, practically every website that could be described as publishing "news, information and opinion of current value."

It would also, it is recommended, cover every magazine with a print run of 3,000 copies -- it is uncertain by what process of obscene delicacy the figure of 3,000 copiers was arrived at, but plainly this would catch virtually the entire magazine-publishing industry. At a rough guess, 10,000 copies is a break-even point in terms of attracting advertising.

In paragraph 4.10 of the Finkelstein report it is stated that the council should control speech in Australia because the people are too stupid to be allowed free access to news.

When the representative of Murdoch's News Ltd. claimed readers were "capable of making up their own minds," Finkelstein stated: "Often, however, readers are not in a position to make a properly informed judgement." John Roskam, of the think tank the Institute for Public Affairs, has commented of this that:
This is intellectual arrogance at its most breath-taking. And it's a great argument against democracy. If, as Finkelstein claims, people aren't smart enough to decide for themselves the merits of what they see in the media, then they're certainly not smart enough to decide who to vote for.… Finkelstein and the Greens believe access to the media should be restricted to those who are "balanced and responsible."
To make matters worse, the opposition Liberal Party's media spokesman, Malcolm Turnbull, instead of rejecting the proposal out of hand, as he should have done, has been ambiguous and equivocal, claiming that "It has been said that the legal arrangements at present" (that is, ordinary freedom of speech) "do not adequately advance the public interest."

The report, says author Chris Berg, represents a reversal of the whole principle that it is not the role of the government to judge public debate, and that "The media inquiry was obviously political retribution against critical journalism."

Critiques of the government's and Greens' policy of a tax on carbon emissions are specifically mentioned in the report. Meanwhile, Government Senator Doug Cameron has attacked the Murdoch press -- "an absolute disgrace… we should absolutely be having a look at them" -- for having published news of a leadership struggle within the Labor Party that turned out to be true.

I said at the beginning that this was contrary to Australian traditions of freedom of expression.
In fact, in the last couple of years there have been ominous foreshadowings of press control.
Broadcaster Alan Jones was hauled before the Australian Communications and Media Authority because after one incident he described New South Wales bureaucrats as "scumbags that run around preying on productive people." In response to a complaint from Get Up, one of those murky foundations associated with George Soros. the "Authority" is holding a formal investigation into whether Jones interviews too many climate-change skeptics. In another particularly disgraceful episode, commentator Andrew Bolt was hauled before the court for questioning the Aboriginality of some light-skinned Aboriginal spokespeople.

Keith Windschuttle, editor of the conservative magazine Quadrant, has written defiantly:
If this oppressive scheme is ever implemented, we would feel compelled to defend the long tradition of press freedom by engaging in civil disobedience. While ever I am editor, Quadrant would not recognize the News Media Council's authority, we would not observe its restrictions, and we would not obey its instructions, whatever the price. We hope other publishers will take a similar stand.
Poet A. D. Hope once wrote of Australia: 
The men are independent but you would not call them free…
It seems that that may be about to be tested.

Shaming a nation

On sentencing 42 year old Jacqueline Woodhouse,to 21 weeks in prison for saying stuff the state does not approve of, District  Judge Michael Snow said of the video clip, filmed by a member of the Cameron Youth, capturing Ms. Woodhouse’s words : “Anyone viewing that would feel a deep sense of shame that our fellow citizens could be subject to such behavior,” 

No Judge Snow, the deep sense of shame I feel is not on account of that video, or this unfortunate woman's words, my shame is that I share an ethnicity with a bigoted hate filled old traitor such as yourself, and so many in my nation are willing to betray those of our forefathers who fought and died for this country.

It is you Judge Snow who should hang your head in shame if you were capable of understanding the concept.   You are a willing cog in a totalitarian state which incarcerates people for thought crimes, for words, and for resisting the ethnic cleansing of their homeland, it is that which is truly shameful.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

White Girl Bleed a Lot

Race Riots return to America, black on white Racial violence is on the rise with hundreds of attacks occurring in over 50 cities.  So far most of the violence has been successfully hidden by the controlled, Obama worshiping, media.

A new book from Washington Post-award winning reporter Colin Flaherty begins to tell the truth, click here for more details

Hat Tip: Mister Fox

Sunday 20 May 2012

More of the ongoing saga .....

ringleaders Amar Hussain and Shamrez

Gang behind bars for rape of Shropshire girls 

Five men involved in raping and sexually assaulting two Shropshire teenagers have been jailed for more than 38 years.

The two Telford victims, aged 15 and 16, were abducted and lured to a dingy Birmingham flat where ringleaders Amar Hussain and Shamrez Rashid repeatedly attacked them, Birmingham Crown Court heard.
 Three further defendants were jailed having been convicted of rape and sexual assault. 

Both girls were victims of a series of sex attacks after being plied with alcohol during the 36-hour ordeal in November 2009.

NOTE:  This case happened last month, before the convictions in the Rochdale case but received very little publicity other than in the local press.   New report in the Shropshire Star

Hat tip Runic

Fighting Back in the Culture War

By David Hamilton

High Culture is attacked as upper-class entertainment or a way the ruling elites achieve hegemony over the masses. The elitist argument is ideological rather than factual because working-class people are not barred from attending concerts. Politeness and good manners are essential but if they pay the fee they are entitled to watch a concert.

The definitions is also inaccurate. What is wrongly described as popular culture is manufactured culture crteated by Corporations to make money from the masses. It is also a means of social control- bread and circuses. It is not really culture but fashion and dissociates young people from their general culture and communities while guiding them to manufactured identities.

Even talented musicians are controlled by record companies by contracts. They are
legally obliged to perform in publicity videos chosen by the Corporation to market them to a particular section of the public. Hollywood action films are aimed at adolescents.

The distinction between traditional and real popular culture is not stark. Schubert and Beethoven used folk songs as motifs and popular culture has used classical influences for melodies and structure. Vaughan Williams is a fine example of the use of traditional folk music in classical works. Contemporary composer Peter Maxwell Davies has written pieces which incorporate or are inspired by folksong or folk melody such as An Orkney Wedding.

Traditional culture has depth: you can penetrate as far as you have the personal depth to do so. It also has a long continuity; Manufactured culture is exemplified by boy and girl bands who are created and marketed to appeal to young people as a commercial arrangement. These fads are engendered by the new Establishment.

When Bill Haley and his Comets first toured Britain in 1957 they were sponsored by the Daily Mirror; David Bowie's first tour in 1973 was also sponsored by a national newspaper.

The Hippy Fashion developed amongst bohemian sects in Haight Ashbury, California, and after a major hit record: “If your Going to San Francisco” by Scott MacKenzie national Chain stores across the west began selling kaftan coats and beads to young people. The phenomenon of “weekend Hippies” or “Ravers” grew up as professional people ceased shaving on a Thursday so they could look like Hippies for the weekend.

The Punk boom which was engineered by Malcolm MacLaren and Vivienne Westwood, from their clothing shop Sex. McLaren promoted a rock band of sneering youths-the Sex Pistols. Elvis Presley had an outstanding singing voice and natural presence but was controlled by his manager Tom Parker.

There is a proliferation of David Beckham clones wondering around in the sort of gear he advertises. I saw a young man in a Rock Bar recently with a Mohican haircut a 1970s fad but Beckham recently had one. These are sometimes described as “sub-cultures” by academics but are deculturation by Corporations and replaced when another money-spinning style appears.

National identity is being broken down into ethnic and sexual identities: not whether one is English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh but whether you are ethnic or gay.

Popular culture is distinct from the manufactured culture which is now called “popular culture”.

The ballads of Robin Hood or Medieval Mystery and Miracle plays with their pageants are examples. These grew out of the churches Corpus Christi Day ceremonies. These were very much produced by the guilds of tradesmen but were communal and not completely top down affairs like manufactured culture. The Music Hall was a popular entertainment but well to do people also attended. The performers were very talented and in complete control of their songs and the audiences.

There is little of Marie Lloyd left but there is of Libby Morris and Wilson, Keppel and Betty are one of the most original acts I have seen. They were not manufactured by Corporations. (1)

The great works of Europe grew from spiritual aspiration which is part of religious observance. Bach and my personal favourites Byrd and Tallis were church organists and imbued Christian spirituality and transformed it into profoundly uplifting music.

Throughout the 60s there were dishonest clergy who took their pay from the Church but tried to undermine it from within. Believing in “The Death of God” and promoting Marxism from the pulpit. John Robinson, The Bishop of Woolwich, dismissed the traditional idea of a “God up there” or “out there” and said God is love. What is love in the abstract?

The Closing of the Church to the public

Those responsible for traditional culture in the churches have retreated into little worlds when they should be welcoming a wider public, not capitulating to our deculturation. Churches and cathedrals' are constantly appealing for money from the public but seem not to encourage people to attend.

Sunday evening services in the Church of England are communion services which deter new worshippers as they cater for communicants. Take the popular service at St. Lawrences Ludlow, which use The Book of Common Prayer. They attract about 70 but held at 8 a.m; the less popular modern service with its average attendance of 17, is at the more social 9a.m. (2)

The clergy, the Synod are not interested in the views of people outside the Church and do little to attract them. They have closed their minds and see everything through the dogma of progressive services. I once remarked to a vicar that I gave up church when they destroyed the service by dropping the King James Bible. He was amazed! They are ideologically convinced that holding services in a vulgar, modern English means people can understand the services. You can not understand communication with God in a simple rational way but achieve a spiritual awareness through sublime language.

I tried to get information on concerts of The Linnaeus Ensemble who were playing at two churches but neither church replied to me despite leaving several messages. I mentioned this to one of the musicians and she explained: “Churches are like that!” Do these people enjoy hosting concerts for empty rooms? My helpers and I have had this difficulty with cathedrals too so we wrote to several and other venues to make a comparison.

Traditional culture is in retreat while manufactured culture is assiduously promoted. We never received a reply from Great St. Mary, Cambridge, Norwich Cathedral, or Gloucester Cathedral.

I attended a concert at Birmingham Conservatoire and was probably the only one in the audience not connected to the College or friend of the performers. Young musicians would gain experience and confidence by playing to a wider selection of the public. I wrote to the head of the Conservatoire but never received a reply. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert which was conducted by Margaret Faultless as a wider audience would have.

Zoe Poyser of Birmingham Conservatoire explained : “ We have a varied output of both public and educational activities that range from those involving students of the Conservatoire as well as external hirers such as Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra, Birmingham Music Service, Central England Ensemble, Schubert Ensemble, and Birmingham University Symphony Orchestra and so on. Our priority as an educational institution is to provide performance spaces and opportunities for our students, but this sits alongside and in harmony with our existence as a performance facility for hire.”

Art Galleries make great effort to welcome the wider public and offer many opportunities for education. The fabulous National Gallery in Trafalgar square has greeters who will answer any questions put to them by the public and many interesting books on sale as do Galleries of Contemporary Art such as The Tate in London and the The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. Sarah Wilkinson of the Baltic was very informative: I often recommend that visitors spend some time talking to the Crew (gallery assistants), who have a thorough knowledge of the works on display. They are there to clearly provide an insight into the views and ideas of the artists themselves as well as listen to and discuss the ideas and thoughts of our visitors as well as their own. Many of them are artists themselves which lends an extra dimension to discussions on artistic practice and we know from our comments and audience research that visitors who have used this resource have a richer experience as a result.

The insularity of Church officials

The Director of Music at Gloucester Cathedral said he would look at my email when he had some spare time: I heard no more. This is a great shame because Gloucester is a magnificent Cathedral with most beautiful cloisters and would also benefit from donations from the public. I asked for some information on the continuity of the choir: “I know its on the net but personal views are always more interesting and more engaging. I would quote you and mention the choir.” This was my intention throughout.

Those responsible for publicity do respond to explain how they try to attract audiences as Helen Simms at Gloucester Cathedral did. It is the clergy and directors of music who are insular.

Traditional Culture grows from religion. It is part of our continuity and is inherited from our ancestors, not specially created for our entertainment as a commercial operation. It is an historic continuity and though there are different periods and reactions one against another they occur within a continuous tradition.

Norwich Cathedral choir has impressive continuity. It was founded in 1096 and continues the tradition of choral worship today. It makes broadcasts and recordings and their repertoire is masterpieces of the Renaissance to contemporary by such as John Tavener and James Macmillan.

Yet when we contacted the Cathedral for information on their choir and its history we were ignored despite twice being told the Vice Dean would contact us.

The Reverend of Gonville and Caius, Cambridge replied to my assistant: "I am in no position to generalise about the issues you raise because I have not done any research or studied any academic surveys on the subject. I can only say that most people who come to Caius Chapel find it an intimate, warm and friendly place where people are given support if they look for it, and left in peace to say their prayers if that is what they prefer." That was not my assistant's experience which is a pity because it has a fine chapel and should have a wider audience.

A good example

The Dean of Kings College, Cambridge, was very polite and courteous and explained that he had introduced a welcoming system whereby he and the Chaplain stand at the door to welcome people as they arrive for the service, and to wish them well as they leave. “This didn't happen until relatively recently, and so I'd like to think we'd actually made progress in being warmer. Certainly quite a lot of people have said as much. On the other hand, it also has to be said that the very large congregations we generally get at King's, composed as they are mostly of one-off visitors, do mean that the actual personal contact is pretty limited. It's perhaps also important to remember that the Chapel is a private chapel which serves the community of King's College first and foremost, and so much of the personal contact for which we are primarily responsible happens outside the Chapel itself, in other parts of the College.”

The difference in secular venues

The Three Choirs Festival is not a Cathedral-led event, but organised by a separate independent charitable trust, the Three Choirs Festival Association. It is international rather than English music. Debbie Liggins was very helpful: “We hire the space (along with up to 15 other venues in each City) but with the benefit of 300 years of tradition i.e. the Cathedrals have us in their calendar in perpetuity, though we have to negotiate the terms every year.

The Three Choirs Festival takes place for a 10 day period only and rotates annually between the 3 cities of Hereford, Gloucester & Worcester. Yes, our main concert venue is the Cathedral in each city, but we are more interested in promoting the excellence of the festival with its international reputation than the various venues utilised. Thus we focus on our international soloists, resident symphony orchestra (the Philharmonia Orchestra) and the quality of the artistic programme. We advertise and place editorial in niche choral and classical publications and online event listing sites.” They use promotional material, e-newsletters, press releases.

They cherish the different character that each city gives to the festival, and thus undertake extensive publicity within each city every 3 years while putting on 'fringe' events for the local community.  (3)

Ludlow's excellent, world famous festival makes every effort to reach a wide public. They send-out 40, 000 brochures, have 13, 000 friends on their list and use a professional firm to to distribute them and they have many visitors from abroad.

They stage a Shakespeare play which is very atmospheric as it is put on in Ludlow Castle and, as the sky is darkening, Bats take to the wing and create a eerie atmosphere. This year it is much Ado About Nothing which, regrettably, has been set in WW2 Britain on VE Day.  Changing periods always ruins the play because it changes the associations of the time period.

In response to my The Neglect of English Classical Music Raymond Walker, Chairman Victorian Opera NW wrote: (4)

“May I say how strongly we at Victorian Opera endorse what you are saying. I agree with all you say about the composers mentioned. How could it be that the Cheltenham Festival did not give the premiere of Holst's Cotswold Symphony and that a Danish CD label Classico provided the first hearing of this symphony. And how dare a director Michael Berkeley promote his own work when he should be acting as an impartial director of the Festival. 2008 saw Balfe's bi-centenary yet nothing was given by R3. When last September RTE broadcasted a rare performance of Balfe's Falstaff 1838 the BBC wouldn't relay it even though it would have cost them nothing in royalties. We have just recorded W V Wallace's 'Lurline' 1860, a superb work, in readiness for his bi-centenary in 2012. Will Wexford or Buxton pick up a Wallace opera to perform? I doubt it without a deliberate shake up. I am disheartened by the fact that licence payers cannot get R3 to promote a wider coverage of classical music instead of pushing atonal and serial music that very few enjoy listening to.”

It is important to save English Music that is stuck in attics and garages and record it. The Daily Telegraph of 26 April 2004 had a feature on John Foulds when Birmingham Symphony Orchestra released their recording of "Dynamic Tryptich." Malcolm MacDonald, editor of music magazine Tempo: "There's no question he was a genius and one of the most significant English composers of the last century. MacDonald, found some scores in the British Library: "I got out a dozen pieces, and the first thing I opened was the Dynamic Triptych. I was blown away by it. This was music unlike any British composer of the time. I was amazed it was lying around, and no one was playing it.

"Foulds's daughter " took me to the garage, where there were two coffin-sized boxes full of sketches and manuscripts she's been left by her mother." Unfortunately, many of the manuscripts were damaged by rats and ants. In his book "Music Today" Foulds's, explained how, by strict diet and meditation, he had developed his clairvoyant and clairaudiant abilities. Much of his music, he claimed, was dictated to him by spirits."

Some of the greatest modern English music has been popular. Elgar, Tippett and Britten were very well received.

One who is keen to promote traditional music is Em Marshall founder of The English Music Festival and EM Records. I asked her why so many guardians of classical music looked inwards rather than outwards to a wider audience: She told me: “I suppose that maybe they feel it is "safer" keeping their concerts amongst a dedicated audience whom they know approve of the music, rather than opening it up to the general public, where they might experience more criticism? I don't really know - that's only a possible thought! Clearly if traditional music is going to survive it HAS to be opened up to as many people as possible - and it is unfair and narrow-minded to keep it from anyone who might want to listen. We are now publishing scores to make this music accessible to artists as well as making our own DVDs.” (5)

The common trait is that religious venues have become insular and cater only for themselves yet they are as a spine running through our national history and vital to the nation as a whole. When I was researching in St. Lawrence's, Ludlow, an orchestra was practicing for a concert. There was a stall for refreshments but “Brian” refused me a cup of tea! Perhaps I was not one of the club!

We have churches and cathedrals from those of accepted beauty and majesty to the eccentric as in Chesterfields twisted spire and these are repositories of our history as well as culture and should again be the centre of our communities.

It is my view that they should open up to the general public by advertising and putting on refreshments to perpetuate our culture not allow the forces of decadence to go unchallenged. Colleges of Education have a responsibility to do so because they are funded by taxpayers money. This could be done without cheapening the music by lowering standards, people must lift themselves up. Religion is the fount of culture and the clergy and directors of music have a duty to perpetuate that. Churches and cathedrals are spines of continuity through our national existence.



(3) Peter Hitchins.The Abolition of Britain.1999. PP 105-135



(6) The next English Music festival is (1-5 June 2012)

The Bureau of Womanhood Conformity

This video was issued by the Susan B Anthony list as an attack on President Obama in the upcomming election.  Its a bit off topic, but still very apt.

Saturday 19 May 2012

Britain and the future under Islam

By Tim Heydon

So what will the multicultural, multiracial Britain of the future be like – if the native people of the country don’t wake up to what’s happening to them?

There are those who think that race / ethnicity doesn’t matter in this country any more.  They think this, one supposes, because they imagine that race doesn’t matter to them and impute their own apparent feelings to others, seeing what they want to see.  But although the native British get along with other races to a remarkable degree, their deeper feelings are manifest in where and with whom they want to live.

Here is the truth of the matter:-

Whole Areas are becoming dominated by different Ethnicities

Whole towns and cities are becoming dominated by certain ethnicities.  Leicester is now a majority Asian / Moslem city (51% Asian and growing).  About 20% of the population of the Bradford area is muslim and there are significant and rapidly expanding Asian and other ethnic populations in towns and cities across the country.

Ethnic Populations are becoming so large that they are increasingly self-contained

To an increasing extent, these populations are self-contained.  The Bury Park area of Luton for example has a mosque (one of 10 or more in the town) which is a social focus as well as a religious centre.  Many businesses in the area are run by and for Asians.  Asian children attend Asian – majority state schools (Some schools are 95% Asian) and religious schools where little is taught but the Qur’an.  Asians have their own radio and TV channels, newspapers and film shows.  This pattern is repeated elsewhere.  In Manchester for example, a recent report found that schools were largely split on racial lines.  More than 8 in 10 Pakistani or Bangladeshi pupils attend school where fewer than 20 per cent of children are white.

Britain is heading for Balkanisation

This self-containing process, encouraged in the first instance by the doctrine of multiculturalism, is proceeding under its own steam and consolidating as these communities grow. David Levin, the apparently Jewish Head Master of the Prestigious City of London School said in a speech at the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference recently that Britain was becoming a ‘silo society’ as many young people never leave their own housing estate or mix with children from different racial or religious backgrounds.  Levin went on that he grew up in South Africa ‘where apartheid was imposed and people had to live in different areas.  Increasingly I am alarmed at the way London is divided into ghettos….I think London is sleepwalking towards Johannesburg, the ghettoisation of the community.’

As Ethnics arrive, Whites leave

It isn’t of course just the growth of ethnic populations in an area.  It’s also the flight of the original white population.  As their areas are transformed overnight into somewhere from the West Indies, Africa or the East, can you blame them?  One woman in Luton said of the call to prayer from the mosque, ‘I’d like to pull the plug on that caterwauling.  I go to work, and I have two small children.  It’s just not fair on non-moslem families around here.’  The local shopping area, Dunstable Road, is full of Asian food shops, Halal butchers, clothing stores specialising in Saris and so forth.  Few ordinary native Britons would want to live in such an area if they could avoid it.

Your writer acts as a voluntary driver for the local hospice on the edge of London.  Almost every passenger – usually terminally ill – will talk about how he or she moved out of a now-immigrant area in more central London which is now unrecognisable from when they were brought up in it.  Sometimes they will say how glad they are that they will soon be dead and will not see the complete destruction of the country they loved.  Only this week, a passenger mentioned how she refused to allow her grandchildren to attend a school in Forest Gate where they would be in a tiny minority of whites and is struggling to get the family moved nearer to her home.

And the natural inclination of whites to live amongst their own kind – the same impulse which creates areas like Bury Park and Forest Gate - is sometimes encouraged not just by the increasingly alien nature of their neighbourhoods but by the overt hostility of their neighbours.  In the period Nov 2007 - Feb 2008 there were 18 attacks on 5 non-Muslim properties in the Bury Park area.

Trevor Phillips agrees.

At a conference in 2006 organised by the Commission for Racial Equality, its Chairman, Trevor Phillips, spoke of a crisis as white minorities bolt from ethnic areas, and warned of the emergence of separate and isolated communities.

It’s not just working class Whites who want to flee ethnic Areas

Those self-congratulatory middle-class liberals who imagine that it is only untermensch working class whites who don’t want to live in areas dominated by other ethnicities should reflect on the attitude of the writer George Steiner, an Extraordinary Fellow of Cambridge University.  Steiner, a Jew born in Paris, was reported in the Daily Telegraph of 1st September 2008 as saying that he would not be able to tolerate living next door to Jamaican neighbours ‘playing reggae all day.’  Steiner said he believed racism was inherent in everyone and that racial tolerance was merely skin deep.

English People are happiest in mostly white and English Areas.  So why wouldn’t whites in the unhappiest places want to move there if they could?

A study by the property website Rightmove ( revealed that the happiest places in Britain are the also the whitest.

Top 10 happiest places:

1. Carlisle
2. York
3. Huddersfield
4. Harrogate
5. Chester
6. Llandudno
7. Norwich
8. Derby
9. Dorchester
10. Exeter

The unhappiest places are the blackest and brownest

Top 10 unhappiest places:

1. East London
2. Ilford
3. South east London
4. Luton
5. Romford
6. Oldham
7. Enfield
8. North London
9. West London
10. Harrow

What do the Trends foretell?

We have seen the trends.  So what do they foretell about our country?  It seems very clear that Britain is being carved up along ethnic lines.  There also seems to be no good reason why this process should not continue. Furthermore it is likely to gather momentum as the numbers of moslems and other ethnicities rapidly grow.  According to Jim Dowson, their projected numbers at the current rate of increase are:-

·    2013 - 3 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2018 - 4 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2021 - 5 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2024 - 6 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2026 - 7 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2029 - 8 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2031 - 9 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2032 - 10 million Muslims in the UK
·    2039 - The Muslim population will be increasing by 1 million per annum at this point.

Will the present rate of increase slacken off in the next twenty years?  Perhaps, but if it does it will be slowly.  The drives are still there; arranged marriages with relatives back home in the sub-continent and elsewhere and a continuing high birthrate.  It is very probable therefore that the above projection up to the key period around 2035 which will see a moslem population of around 11millions,  or some 15.4% of a population estimated at 71.5 millions, is likely to be more or less correct.

By the 2035 point, even if the rate of increase has slowed down somewhat, the average age of the moslem andother immigrant population will be much less than that of the native population and their breeding potential will be that much greater.  After this date, the replacement of the native population by the immigrant-descended will proceed apace. Although any projected figures are likely to be a good deal less reliable it is probable that our grandchildren will find themselves a diminishing  racial and religious minority in their own country.

So we have three dynamics:-

Against a background of a diminishing white population

1)  The increasing division of the country into areas dominated by one or other of the ethnicities.
2)  The huge expansion of the immigrant-descended population.
3)  The increasing self-contained character of ethnic areas.

The Native British squeezed into ever smaller Enclaves

The net result would seem to be a scenario where large numbers of the native British effectively abandon swathes of their homeland and find themselves progressively squeezed into ever smaller areas.  The areas largely abandoned will include their capital, London (already 30% non-white, vastly more in inner areas), and other major cities and their environs.  The whole of the West Midlands may become Asian, moslem territory to the extent that a white travelling through it will feel that he or she is in a foreign country right down to there being different languages spoken throughout.  Whites may find themselves living mostly in smaller towns and villages while places such as the South West, North Wales and East Anglia may become known as white areas.

The Political Arrangements

What will the political arrangements of this divided country be?  Only a fool would imagine that they will be unaltered from what they are now.  For example, will a majority moslem population want to put up with a white Monarch with all the trappings of Christianity that go with the Monarchy?  Hardly.  Will they want to run things to suit themselves when they have the power?  In the areas where at first they dominate and then the country, certainly, regardless of the state of play of the EU.  Will the native population object to this?  Probably.

All this being the case, various scenarios, all of them meaning the complete obliteration of the country as we have known it present themselves.  The first is that the country will eventually divide itself into self-governing ethnic statelets like the Balkans.  Another is that it will continue to group together in some kind of federation of autonomous ethnic areas, like Switzerland.  A worst case scenario is that it will be another Lebanon or Northern Ireland – united but with a fragile sharing of power; one ethnic group forever trying to assert itself against the others, sometimes bloodily.

Islam will assert itself more and more

Whatever the future holds, it will not be the homogenised, peaceable Britain  imagined by the leftist social engineers or their fellow –travellers, the libertarian right.  As the moslem population especially grows in numbers, so it will grow in assertiveness.

Already, Muslim attitudes and lifestyles are inflicting themselves on the way the British do things - Halal meat in the shops and restaurants, including non-moslem ones being just one example.
But there are many others.  In Dewsbury, Imams petitioned Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust to request nurses to turn the beds of sick muslims to face Mecca five times a day.  In Reading, a Muslim shop assistant refused to touch a book of childrens’ Bible stories because it was ‘unclean’. There have been reports of moslem taxi drivers refusing to take dogs for the same reason. In hospitals, female Muslim surgeons have refused to follow hygiene guidelines which require the scrubbing up of bare arms.  In Oxford, the imam of the new central mosque requested amplified calls to prayer, prompting clergy to predict white flight from a city of many minarets.  When and where islam is in control, all of these measures and many more like them will be taken for granted.

Let us never forget that there is nothing Politically Correct about Islam or moslems.  Political Correctness is a perverted development through Marxism of Christianity and Protestantism in particular, not Islam.

Islam does not have the strains of doctrine that have led to PC.  And while most moslems may want only a quiet, islamic life, it is the radicals who set the agenda.  One has only to reflect on developments in Britain with the onset of political correctness to realise that.

The outlook for the native population of Britain is grim indeed.  Is it time to think about emigrating?

Thursday 10 May 2012

White Girl and the Truth

Imagine if I were to hire a black model or actor, selecting an overweight, middle aged man chosen specifically as an unattractive example of his ethnic group. Imagine I then place this flabby black chap in front of a camera, whereupon a number of white hands were to appear on screen and begin to write words from the bible perhaps, or maybe more aptly Mein Kampf,  in white paint across his face until his blackness was hidden completely by the white paint.

Were I then to show the resulting film on TV, I would, of course be condemned as a racist, and my film reviled as being hateful.

However, when the BBC reverse the colours, as they did in their so called “White Season” in 2008 few if any dared to point out how hateful their actions were, albeit one shudders still to imagine how ferocious the hatreds were which combined to develop such a visual concept.

Another glob of hatred which dribbled out of the white Season was a play by Abi Morgan (Famous for plays such as Sex Traffic, the screen play of Brick Lane and Shame) entitled White Girl, a story following a young white girl called Holly, who after her family escape an abusive relationship (with a white man – what a surprise!!!!!!) and move to a heavily colonised area of Bradford, dons a hijab joins a mosque and discovers “refuge, calm and safety” in Islam.

Of course as we all now know Holly’s experience as portrayed in White Girl bears scant similarity to what is experienced by most young white girls from their first encounter with Islam.

Either that, or the BBC, who just recently in the series “Prisoner's Wives” brought us a human trafficker in the guise of a white guy from Essex called Steve, must have decided to cut the scene where Holly was plied with alcohol and passed around by 20 ugly old men.

Also strangely missing from White Girl was the scene where Holly was beaten up and called a slapper for refusing to service the guy from the crescent Moon Taxi rank.

Of course, like so much more of the propaganda spewed out by our national broadcasters this was the entire reverse of the truth.  As is becoming clear with each trial far from “refuge, calm and safety” what most young white girls find when caught by Islam is violence, danger and degradation. 

Setting the make believe of  plays like White Girl against the reality of Rochdale, Oxford or (coming to a town near you) reveals what fanciful exercise in liberal wish fulfilment that nasty little drama together with the whole hate fuelled White season, and most of what passes for TV drama in this country, truly are.   

Tuesday 8 May 2012

The end of four years as a member the GLA

By Richard Barnbrook

It seems like only yesterday that I was elected on to the Greater London Authority in 2008. So much has happened in that time, much of which I could never have foreseen.

I would like to take this opportunity of publicly thanking my staff, Chris, Tony and Sue for their efforts. Amidst several moments of political turmoil, and throughout the lesser ups and downs of the past two years, they have remained true nationalists, just as indeed, I do.

The experience has been a continuous learning curve for which one has no preparation. I’ve had to learn on the job and I’ve had to learn by experience. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I were to be re-elected in the future, there are a number of things that I would do differently. However, what has to be said is that it has been a constant uphill struggle to get ones voice heard. Or in most cases, not.

Being in a nationalist minority of one is not the easiest of positions. Because the media have made it their policy to persistently ignore me-unless they can find something negative to say. Thus countless Questions to the Mayor, ranging from knife-crime, immigration, halal meat, have been unreported. Letters to the papers have not been published. It’s like I’ve been talking to a brick wall. But given the treatment that the nationalist parties routinely receive from the press, it’s not surprising. Albeit these are the very subjects that touch the heartfelt concerns of the ordinary man in the street. Those of you who are interested can read the articles that have been posted on my blog at  for a sample of the issues that have concerned me deeply. These are the subjects that the rest of the mainstream politicians are so desperate to cover up.

Sooner or later, the problems caused by continuing mass immigration will become too serious to ignore. Last year, some 250 000 incomers arrived on our shores, and that’s 250 000 more than those who left. London, and indeed the country as a whole, cannot cope with such huge numbers. No wonder there’s a housing shortage! No wonder the NHS is on its knees. Meanwhile, many of those jobs that still exist, including those on the Olympic project, go to foreign workers….

The problems facing this country and the ordinary down-trodden Brit due to the blatant misrule of the main political parties are growing by the day. What’s needed now is for nationalists from across the political spectrum to unite to form a viable cohesive force to combat them at the ballot box. Only by burying our differences and co-operating with each other can we hope to bring into effect any meaningful change.

Weasel Words

Following the conviction today of a gang of nine men in Rochdale who were found guilty of the rape and sexual exploitation of under aged girls, the police were quick to issue a statement insisting that, although the men were all Asian, and their victims all white, the crimes were "not racially motivated”.

What an interesting choice of words, and what do they mean by them.  It is a strange departure to refer to a sex crime as being a “racial” crime, sex crimes are usually motivated by lust, or in some instances power, and although some of the children were beaten and forced to have sex with up to twenty adults in one day (the other 11 have apparently not yet been caught) this appeared to be more about control rather than evidence that the perpetrators felt any particular animus towards their victims.

It would certainly be difficult to prove that these were racially motivated crimes in a conventional sense.

However, this is another of a growing number of cases, from all around the country, involving the same crime and the same demographic, that is to say, adult Asian perpetrators targeting while child victims, so there are clearly some ethnic factors involved.

After all, we are not seeing similar cross racial abuse featuring different combinations of ethnic groups.

We can be relatively confident that there are no gangs of native white males targeting young Asian or black children, for you can be sure that if there were, the police and media would have tracked them down and loudly exposed them by now.

So why is it occurring overwhelmingly within this same single demographic? Can it really just be multiple coincidences as the police would have us believe?

By referring to “racial motivation” the guardians of law and order are seeking to blur the issues involved.

What we are seeing here may or may not not be a racially motivated crime, but certainly it is down to the clash of two cultures, how one culture perceives another and how, by forcing two such alien cultures to interact society has placed the young and vulnerable members of the native culture at significant risk.  It is that fact which the police with their weasel words about “motivation” seek to obscure.   

Monday 7 May 2012

Cheering into the Abyss

Yesterday, the people of France took on a new credit card from a very dodgy lender. They did so although the interest rate, hidden in the small print was extortionate, and would soon make their situation even worse. However, like the overspending family in the final spiral of their debt they grasped at it as a means of still affording a few luxuries whilst keeping the creditors at bay until that long awaited miracle or lottery win solves all their problems.

It is hard to believe that so many could so wilfully delude themselves to the truth so as to vote for the bovine François Hollande in sufficient numbers to place that political dinosaur in the Élysée Palace for the next five years.  Hard to believe that is until one glance at his cheering supporters reveals the predominance of immigrants, hard bitten trades unionists and empty headed schoolgirls the only people naïve or self interested enough to still believe in the fantasies which have dragged Europe to the brink of her destruction.

Of course Sarkozy was really not much better, in the agonies of his political death he gasped some  half hearted words about immigration and identity in the hope of saving himself. But they were meaningless.  The wily Mme Le Pen saw through him, when she advised the 6.4 million who voted for her in the first round of the election to “cast a blank vote” in the second round rather than vote for Sarkozy. She knew his words were lies and would have been forgotten in an instant had he been re-elected.

Even if he had meant them, Sarkozy need only look to Hungary to see how the new world order punishes a government which puts people before ideology, and he is not brave enough to face that.

Le Pen plays a dangerous game though, who knows what pieces will still be left to pick up after Hollande has done with France.

Elsewhere in Europe other votes have taken place in the last week.

We should not be unduly misled by the fact that the so called “far right” made gains in Greece.  It is encouraging that Nationalism is on the rise throughout Europe, but it still has far to go.  What the Greek people were really voting for was to still be allowed to keep some of their sweets and longer holidays, even they have not yet grasped the reality facing them.

And what of we in Britain?  How could the results we saw in the local government and mayoral elections last week have really happened?  How could so many white, native Britons have voted for Labour, a party which feels nothing but hatred and contempt for them,  a party which has done so much damage and which spent so many decades conspiring at out destruction.    

Like the French and the Greeks, the dumbed down, brainwashed, and still just comfortable, British don't get it yet, and I fear they may not get it until it is too late.

However, to be fair what alternative did we offer them? What consistent message? What hope did we give them? None that I could see.

The right is so divided in this country we make the Balkans appear united, that is why we can not win, and we never will until we find unity and common cause.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad, and we have gone mad.

Nationalism in Britain has fragmented into a proliferation of grumpy little groups all more intent on hating each other or of coddling their special interests than they are in saving our country.

We are effectively expecting electorate to select from what amounts to the British not Nick Griffin party, the British Not Nick Griffin or Eddie Butler Party, the British we hate poofs party, the British we hate Jews Party, the British we hate both Jews and poofs more that you party, and then we do not understand why nobody votes for us.  It is total folly and we, in our self indulgent arrogance brought it on ourselves.

We have no future until we set aside silly and trivial issues and stop calling “traitors” those who take a slightly different approach or are less ideologically pure than we would wish them to be,  then focus on the real enemy, and do it together.

Sadly, I am not sure if most nationalists are still capable of that.

It may well be too late, not just for Nationalism but for the West. It may be that we will have to witness the seemingly inevitable destruction of the great civilisation which our forefathers built for us before we come to our senses and drag some final remnants back from the Abyss. 

Perhaps we have reached the point where things must be broken before they can be mended.

In the short time still left to them, our people slumber on still refusing to awaken from their dream, even though it is fast becoming a nightmare.  However, the end is coming fast and they will awaken soon, screaming from their sleep.  And what then, will they find us waiting to save them, or will they find us still fighting with our own?

If it is the latter, then it will be the ultimate betrayal of that which we claim to love.

We must act soon for we do not have long.

Brave men Marked for death

It is ten years today since the Dutch Politician Pim Fortuyn, who opposed multiculturalism, mass immigration, and in particular the surging Islamification of Europe, which he described as "an extraordinary threat", was assassinated for his beliefs by a killer who accused him of “targeting Muslims

Two years later in 2004 the film maker Theo van Gogh  was murdered by a Muslim in revenge for making a film, “Submission” focusing on the mistreatment of women in Islam.

One further Dutch opponent of Islam, Geert Wilders, remains alive, but only because he is forced to live behind a ring of steel, protected 24 hours a day by armed policemen. Writing in the Washington Times regarding his book “Marked for Death” Geert Wilders describes his existence as thus
"As I write these lines, there are police bodyguards at the door. No visitor can enter my office without passing through several security checks and metal detectors. I have been marked for death. I am forced to live in a heavily protected safe house. Every morning, I am driven to my office in the Dutch Parliament building in an armored car with sirens and flashing blue lights. When I go out, I am surrounded, as I have been for the past seven years, by plain clothes police officers. When I speak in public, I wear a bulletproof jacket.

Who am I? I am neither a king nor a president, nor even a government minister; I am just a simple politician in the Netherlands. But because I speak out against expanding Islamic influence in Europe, I have been marked for death. If you criticize Islam, this is the risk you run. That is why so few politicians dare to tell the truth about the greatest threat to our liberties today. The Islamic threat to the West is worse than the communist threat ever was. Think of it this way: Politicians who warned against the Soviet threat weren’t forced into hiding, as we who speak out against Islam are.
Howver, despite this Wilders ends the article by saying: 
"Though Islam threatens Europe and America, the West is not yet lost. It will survive as long as the spirit of freedom remains unbroken. While Islam has marked me for death, a growing number of Dutch voters have given me their support. In the Netherlands, we have begun to turn the tide against Islamization. So can other countries.

I will never keep silent because we must not let violent fanatics dictate what we say and what we read. We must rebel against their suffocating rules and demands at every turn. We must, in the words of Revolutionary War veteran Gen. John Stark, “Live free or die.”
Would that we in Britain had such brave men as Wilders, or indeed the late Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh, fighting for us.
A review of Marked for death can be read here 

Note: Wilders is frequently attacked by Nationalists on account of his support for Israel, such attacks are wrong headed, this brave man is nobody's puppet.  He correctly identifies Islam as the greatest threat currently facing the west and valiantly stands, almost alone, against it.   

Hat Tip: Mister Fox 

Sunday 6 May 2012

Reassigning Races

USA 2012

Jake England (Paleface)

Jake England is a Cherokee Indian who is currently in prison charged with a series of shootings in Tulsa Oklahoma, which allegedly targeted black males.  It is believed the killings may have been racially motivated as England's father was murdered by a black man in 2010. Despite England's Native American ethnicity and appearance, in support of their agenda the US authorities and media have decided that this red Indian has shape shifted into a white man.

George Zimmerman (Gringo)
George Zimmerman, the most famous neighbourhood watch volunteer in history, as a half Peruvian, half Jewish Hispanic with a black Grandfather, he is in fact the poster child for the ethnic diversity so cherished by the American left. That was until he shot a black youth whom America's post racial president declared looked like the son he never had.  The moment the shooting became an exploitable event Zimmerman's rainbow, and visually unmistakable, minority status was snatched from him and in support of their agenda the US authorities and media decided that this Latino had morphed into a white man
Elizabeth Warren (squaw) 
Elizabeth Warren is a tenured Harvard Law professor currently standing as a Senate candidate for the Democratic party in  Massachusetts.  In 1894, Ms. Warren's great, great, great grandmother listed herself as a Cherokee Indian on a single document, which if correct, means the blonde, blue eyed, professor Warren is 1/32 nd Cherokee (The same tribe as Jake England).  In support of their agenda, the authorities, the media, Harvard Law school, the Democratic party and Warren herself proudly declare and celebrate her status as a successful ethnic minority female. 

Who knew ethnicity could be so conveniently flexible when a Liberal narrative is at stake!!.

Four White Sex Offenders
As a related topic, I have republished below some pictures I posted last year showing some more chaps, all allegedly sex offenders, whom the US authorities had, for their own reasons determined to be white men.

Of course, should any of these guys become the victims of crime, they will suddenly cease to be white.

Saturday 5 May 2012

Derbyshire - broke but unbowed

As most of you will be aware, the right wing writer John Derbyshire was summarily sacked by National Review earlier this year as punishment for an article he had written for a separate source which dared to be a little too truthful when addressing that now most dangerous of topics, race.

Derbyshire’s article which was published by Taki Magazine in March was entitled “The Talk Nonblack version” and was a response to various reports in the media of the alleged talk which African American parents claim to have with their children regarding the perils of living amongst white people.  However, Derbyshire addressed the issue from the perspective of a white parent advising their child on how to deal with living with black people.

Unfortunately, in doing so John Derbyshire ignored the first commandment of modern day race politics, namely that what is good for the black goose can have near fatal consequences for the white gander.

His assertion, backed by copious statistics, that associating with black people places young whites at a significant level of risk broke the greatest of 21st Century taboos by daring to tell the truth and was greeted by shrieks of outrage by the chattering fantasists and media zealots whom we have inexplicably allowed to adopt the role of arbitrators of what it is and is not permissible to debate.

Surrendering cravenly to the demands of the pike wielding mob, National Review genuflected in a manner which would make a North Korean public mourner blush and dismissed Derbyshire from his long standing role as a columnist.

Like Pat Buchanan before him, driven out the shrill demands of the assorted pressure groups of the new world order, Derbyshire had become unemployable by the mainstream media and deprived on the means of making a living or supporting his family.

I have to admit that, in my view, The Talk Nonblack version, was not a particularly good article, and I would argue with some of the points which John Derbyshire makes, his advice that a black man standing for political office should be scrutinised more closely than a white man does not stand up to scrutiny when one considers that the greatest political crimes against the white race have been committed by traitorous white politicians

Also, although there are many examples from Dr Esmee Ruck in 1950's Kenya through to anti Apartheid campaigner Amy Biehl in a South African Township in 1993, and this guy, just last month  exposing the dangers experienced by whites who play the good Samaritan to blacks, Derbyshire should have realised that his advice that whites avoid helping blacks in need would expose him to false allegations of hate and bigotry.

However, Derbyshire was not sacked for writing a bad article, he was sacked for speaking the truth, it was for that crime the twitter-nazis demanded his head.

However, I am delighted to note that he has not been cowed or intimidated and that in his latest article, again published on the Taki Magazine site, he continues to express his non conformist views with as much aplomb and vigor as he continues to expose great lies of our current age such as “the lie that poverty causes crime, the lie that white people’s malice causes black poverty, the lie that race is a mere “social construct” with no biological reality"

Derbyshires writing is not always comfortable but it is always direct and astute, for instance he pills no punches when he says of the British:
In one of history’s greatest acts of collective folly, the Brits voluntarily opened up their unique, ancient, introverted national culture to a rabble of Third World sadists and cultists. They are now choking on their folly, and it’s hard to have much sympathy.

As the new totalitarianism tightens its grip across the West dissidents such as Buchanan and Derbyshire are  being driven out of the mainstream, but while the new media still exists their voices can still be heard.  Sadly, however, by its very nature the remuneration offered by the internet is much less, therefore, I draw readers attention to the new “Donate” button on John Derbyshire’s website, and hope that those who have enjoyed Derbyshire’s writing or who oppose what has been done to him and simply wish to express their support, do what they can.  

We are all under attack and malevolent powers act ruthlessly in silencing anyone who dares to speak against the orthodoxy, which is why now, more than ever, we should stand together and support our own.  

Thursday 3 May 2012

Farmers wife executed in front of her children

William and Vanessa Stafleu

The Afrikaner language newspaper Bleed reports that two traumatised children, a boy of 5 and his 3 year old sister ran into the African night seeking help after seeing their mother murdered before their eyes.

In the latest farm attack, on Monday night, on a farm near Randfontein in Gauteng province in North Eastern South Africa, 34 year old Vanessa Stafleu was shot in the back of the head execution style while kneeling in front of her killers.

Mrs. Stafleu's husband William found his wife's body when he returned from a nearby dairy farm in Doornfontein, where another farmer Koos van Rooyen died in an earlier farm attack last year.

Afrikaner speakers can watch an interview with Mr. Stafleu at Censorbugbear reports by clicking here

News report

Hat tip Mulder

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Le Pen’s Triumph had the Liberal Press reaching for the Vitriol

By Tim Heydon

Nationalist Economic Solutions are ‘Snake Oil’.  Oh Yes? With Hyperinflation around the Corner?
Nationalist solutions are ‘Snake – Oil Solutions’ according to Ian Birrell in the Daily Mail (April 24th).  As this country and the West in general tries to struggle out of the rubble left by the collapse of the liberal dream of an ever–closer globalised world economy, this remark would be comic were it not so stupidly biased.

In its reliance on imaginary money, the present government is a bit like Adolph Hitler in the last stages of WW11, shifting imaginary tank divisions around to defend Berlin.  Could a Nationalist Government do anything economically, however inept, which would be worse than what has befallen this country at hands of its present political class?

What could be more of a snake-oil solution, after all, than Blair’s and Brown’s  bubble economics which have left this country with an Everest of debt which will still be saddling our descendants generations from now.  Not to mention of course, their mad and secret opening up of this country to mass immigration in pursuit of the globalist dream of the ‘free flow of capital and labour’ and (unmentioned) the destruction of Britain.  This is increasingly dividing our society in a manner not seen since the Dark Ages.

George Osborne - Failure

Is not George Osborne’s remedy for this cataclysmic disaster: printing mountains of money whilst clocking up more long-term debts with an economy still in annual deficit, proving to be a further disaster?  It is a recipe for robbing the savers, on whom the country must ultimately rely for the provision of reliable capital - capital that can be made not to flood out of Britain at the first hint of trouble - whilst rewarding the spenders, those who got us into this disaster in the first place.  It is storing up jobs-and savings-destroying inflation, ready to burst out if and when the economy, pumped up by all this printed money, ever gets going.  Or even before if the depressing effect on it of unemployment begins to fade. 

Osborne is Kicking the Problem down the Road

Meantime, this government continues to allow hundreds of thousands of foreigners into the country who batten on our benefits system as well as taking jobs which should be going to our own people.  In 2010, 87 per cent of new jobs went to immigrants.

Osborne’s solution is merely kicking the problem down the road.  Sooner or later, all this extra money is going to explode in Hyperinflation.  As Ludwig von Mises remarked:-

There is no means of avoiding a final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved’.

If ever there was a recipe for social unrest, this is it

Ed Balls - Idiot.

What sickens me about left-wing people, especially the intellectuals, is their utter ignorance of the way things actually happenGeorge Orwell

It is truly astonishing that a colossal failure like Balls, whose government was instrumental in favouring the conditions which brought what remains of our economy crashing down around our ears, could have the chutzpah to give any economic advice whatsoever.  That he does is testimony to the arrogance, stupidity and rhinoceros hide of this man.  Such is the wreckage that  Thatcherism and the policies of New Labour have left that Vince Cable was moved to remark in a leaked document (one of his few sensible observations) that ‘it is not at all obvious how (this country) is going to earn its living.

No ‘New Deal’ is a Good Deal

And is not the idiot Balls’ solution; the further expansion of public spending, even worse than that of of the Coalition?  Public spending would certainly favour New Labour’s client state, the public services, whose jobs in the fake ‘boom’ years were overwhelmingly filled by immigrants.  But as the experience of Roosevelt’s New Deal in Depression – era USA shows, notwithstanding uncritical praise from – who else - the BBC, ever in favour of socialist Big-State spending, there is no substitute for hard work and increasing productivity, as the Germans and the West’s creditors, the Chinese, have shown.

The New Deal actually hindered economic revival in the USA.  (For an accessible, easily readable demolition job on the BBC-backed left fascism of FDR’s New Deal, read:

Nationalist Economic Solutions

There must be incentivisation through the cutting of taxes linked to the de–incentivisation of idleness, ie immediate cuts in the blubber of overgenerous social security benefits and useless make-work jobs in the public sector.  When work is available, ‘if a man will not work, he shall not eat’.  It must mean an immediate withdrawal on negotiated terms from the anti-democratic totalitarian straightjacket which is the EU.  These terms must include the re-assertion of our 200-mile fishing rights and a refocusing on export markets in the BRIC countries and elsewhere.

Educating our People to World, not Third World Standards

It must mean an end to the content-free nature of courses and the all–must–have–prizes syndrome in the education system which is a recipe for mediocrity and decline into third-world status.  Egypt and other moslem countries churn out hundreds of thousands of graduates annually, but their degrees are worth little because they are not up to high standards.  The only middle eastern country with some institutions that are competitive is Turkey.

There must be a return to unabashed elitism which rewards competitiveness, talent and hard work.  Only this will ensure that our youth can take on the Germans and the fiercely competitive Orientals in a world where only the best take the prizes.  The talents of our people are our only real resource.

Protecting our People

It means exchange controls to ensure that the accumulated capital of this country is kept here to benefit our people with the setting up of new industries and processes - an end to the shipping overseas of our manufacturing and other industries.  That fool Gordon Brown allowed the sale of our nuclear power industry to the French at the very moment when we will have to depend on nuclear power.  Tariffs on selected imported goods (The World Trade Organisation maximum is 5% on certain goods and services) should be in place but kept to a minimum to ensure maximum competition commensurate with protecting  industries vulnerable to imports from cheap labour countries with dire employment conditions.

If all this damages the City, then so be it.  It is the ordinary worker in this country who should benefit, not banking fat cats and the greed of globalising capitalism. 

A country is more than a rich standard of living, especially for the relative few.

Mary Riddell:  Smearing for a Living

Over at the Daily Telegraph, the collapse of the globalisers’ economic model and the rise of Le Pen and others like her is causing palpitations amongst the Cameroons.  ‘The rise of Marie Le Pen fits an emerging pattern of Hard Right resurgence that should chill all who inhabit the tolerant centre ground,  Mary Riddell tells us in a prominent piece.  (24th April) Well, one would hope so, given that the ‘tolerant centre‘ ie (in world terms) left of centre in Britain has ‘tolerantly’ acquiesced in the destruction of this country by the social hard leftists of left-liberalism. Thanks in part to people like her, this country is likely to be majority Moslem in the lifetimes of our grandchildren.  How tolerant or indeed British does Riddell think Britain is going to be for them?

Plundering the Dictionary of Insult

Riddell, a quintessential member of the deracinated and cocooned metropolitan chatteratti plunders her armoury of insult to describe those who do not agree with the agenda of treachery to our forebears who struggled in WW11 to protect the homeland of their ancestors as their inheritance and hand it down to their children and their children.

Le Pen, she asserts, is a ’proto fascist peddling a glossy rebrand of hatred’.  It’s the same old intellectually third-rate non-sequitur; pure smear.  If you prefer to live amongst your own people in your own way as you and your forefathers always have done and object to the deliberate transformation of your country by its ideological enemies, you are peddling ‘hate’.

Likewise, the claim that the EDL are ’Neo Nazis’ is pure smear.  This is an organisation which ideologically is scarcely distinguishable from UKIP.  But for Riddell, UKIP is merely the more 'acceptable face of xenophobia'.

Again, Breivik who she bitchily and for no good reason describes as a ’puffy–faced computer nerd’ (One could make extremely unflattering remarks about her personal appearance) has a ‘white supremacist world view’.  However repulsive his crimes, does being opposed to the islamisation of Europe mean that you are a ‘white supremacist’?

Sooner Whites in Charge in their own Country than Blacks or Browns’.  Sorry, is that ‘Nazi’?

Does wanting the cradle of your ancestors to stay as it was mean that you are a ’white supremacist’?  In Riddell’s lexicon of abuse it apparently does.  In which case just about every Briton since Boudicca has been a ’white supremacist’ since it is the most natural thing in the world to want to preserve your homeland for your own people.

So the Chinese and the Japanese, who do not welcome immigration, are ‘yellow supremacists’?

The Saudis who do not like European Christians in their country are ‘Arab Supremacists?

Mugabe who hates whites; the South Africans who are dispossessing white South Africans; all the African countries which have turfed out their whites – they are black supremacist?  And so on and on and on.

But not being ‘racist’ or ‘white supremacist’ no doubt makes the ‘tolerant’ Riddell feel very good about herself.  And that’s all that really matters and never mind the logic or the lack of human feeling.

Obama is to be re-elected by Non-Whites at least partly because he is Non-White.  But that’s OK.

Riddell actually mentions the views of the American immigration ‘expertFrank Sharry, who suggested that the huge rise in the immigrant vote in the USA will likely ensure the re- election of Obama.

That is, although Riddell doesn’t seem to notice, much of the non-white population there, imported for globalising reasons, will vote for another non-white as many of them did when Obama was first elected.  (96% of blacks voted for him on that occasion).  It's OK if Blacks and Browns are 'supremacist' but not Whites.  Why?

Again, she mentions Galloway’s victory but stupidly puts this down to ‘the rage’ vote against Labour rather than to the success of someone who deliberately went out for the moslem vote and got it.  Once more, it isn't racial supremacy when blacks or browns do it, or if it is, it is somehow acceptable when white 'supremacy' is not.  What a fool this woman is.

Riddell and her ‘tolerant’ ilk are so far above petty, human concerns, such as feeling more at home amongst one’s own ethnic kind than otherwise, that she entirely fails to see what’s going on.  Which makes her a pretty useless journalist as well as an unjustifiably self-satisfied one.  How much does she get paid for the malevolent, intellectually third rate tripe she writes?


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