Monday 30 January 2012

Elderly farmer murdered

Mr. Cilliers with three of his grandchildren, Johan Cilliers (19),  Gideon Nieuwoudt (10) 
and Annemie Nieuwoudt (13)

An elderly farmer, Hendrik Cilliers has been shot dead at his home in Stella, near Vryburg, in South Africas' North West province.

The 77 year old's body was found half naked on the ground near his home on Sunday evening. He was bound and gagged, and his face was badly bruised, suggesting he had been beaten before being killed. 

He had died from a bullet wound to his head,

According to police "The motive for his murder is unknown" and they are searching for his killers

News report

UPDATE: Thanks to Badballie for this additional news report, it appears that Mr. Cilliers killers beat him and tied him to a tree before they shot him 
Hat tip David, Peter and HC

A Statement by Richard Barnbrook

Re Report in today’s London Evening Standard

The report about me in the Standard is a wicked and defamatory smear and I am wholly innocent of any wrongdoings whatsoever. That I should find myself in a position whereby I am forced to issue a denial to allegations that are so serious and yet so untrue, is scandalous and displays a complete lack of journalistic responsibility and integrity.

I have already lodged a complaint with the Press Complaints Authority and will be consulting lawyers with the view to issuing legal proceedings for defamation of character”.

Under the Microscope - an interview with Mister Fox

Brett Stevens of the Amerika site has conducted a brief interview with our own Mister Fox (David Hamilton) regarding his recent contact with the police who are investigating alleged links between "right wing groups" and the confessed Norwegian mass killer Anders Bering Breivik.  That interview can read by clicking here, with one correction, Mister Fox assures me he is not actually "on the run" as the interview suggests.

We hope that Mister Fox will be able to provide us with more information on this matter soon.   

Sunday 29 January 2012

Complaint accusing Asian academy of racism dismissed

 Trevor Phillips Chairman of Equality and Human Rights Commission

The following article comes from the latest Edition of "The Stage", any additional comment from me would  be entirely superfluous.

"A complaint that a drama school set up for ethnic minority performers is racist has been dismissed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The Academy of Asian and Ethnic Dramatic Arts, which opened in October last year, was approached by the commission earlier this month and asked to explain if the classes it offers “are exclusively for applicants of Asian and ethnic [minority] background”.

It said it had received a complaint from a member of the public that an advert placed by the school - which offered free acting classes to “British Asian and ethnic backgrounds” - was discriminatory.

In a letter to the school, the commission stated it is “unlawful for a service provider to treat a person less favourably than others because of their race”, unless the school can show it is “taking some form of lawful positive action” or where other statutory exceptions applies. It then asked the school to respond to its queries within two weeks.

However, following a conversation with the academy, the commission has admitted there was a “misunderstanding” and that it will not be investigating it. But Hajaz Akram, the school’s principal, has hit out at the commission’s handling of the situation. Although he welcomed the decision to dismiss the complaint, he said he was “frustrated and annoyed” by the commission’s letter.

“I have never heard of anything more ridiculous. Everyone I have spoken to about it was pretty angry. I am angry too, and will give them a call and ask them why they felt they needed to take such a course of action,” he said. “It’s pretty obvious what we are doing as a school. We are a brand new drama school working incredibly hard with limited resources and all our energies should be focused on one thing - getting Asian and ethnic communities involved in drama. I was pretty shook up by the letter. It’s like having a police car come and park outside your door.”

A spokeswoman for the commission said: “We needed to ask it some questions to inform our response to a member of the public who complained that the school was racist. We do not agree that is the case, and will be writing to the complainant to explain why. We contacted the drama school last week to apologise for any confusion about the purpose of our letter and got the information we needed to dismiss the complaint.”

Enriching Britain

This is the ironically named Sunny Islam, another of Eastern masses who are so enriching our country. Islam is a Muslim extremist who was convicted this week of a series punishment rapes of women, including a 15 year old girl, who he considered to be insufficiently modest in their choice of dress or their behaviour.

According to the Daily Mail:
"Sunny Islam, 23, who comes from a strict Muslim family, dragged his terrified victims - including a 15-year-old - from the street at knifepoint, bound and assaulted them during a two-month reign of terror." 

"Islam, who told the jury he was a practising Muslim, was convicted of seven charges of rape, one of sexual assault and one of kidnap."
According to the Telegraph the police fear that Islam may have attacked many more women.
Don't you just know that this story will appear in a TV cop show either here or across the Atlantic in one of their brain washing specials like"Law and Order Special Victims of Nasty White People Unit"
but, as I described in a previous article "Ripped from the Headlines and Ethnically Cleansed", instead of an Asian Muslim, it will be an extremist white Christian punishing some liberated immigrant girls.

Are Our Children Safe? An Investigation Of Politics & Suicide Risks

Brian Gerrish speaking at Samlet Social Club in Swansea about the attack on our children, while a rent-a-mob demonstrates outside.

Clock here to rate this video on YouTube

NOTE:  This is very long (over an hour and a half) and you need to approach it with an open mind.  At first some of what Mr. Gerrish says sounds crazy, but then it, troublingly, starts to make sense. I don't claim that what he says is all true, but if it is, then we are facing something very frightening.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Two further South African Farm Killings

 Francois du Toit

The following two reports from the Afrikaner media have been kindly translated by HC

FARMER MURDERED AT HOME WITH FAMILY ____________________________________________________________

A farmer, well known in agricultural circles, was shot and killed on his game farm in Roossenekal, Limpopo, yesterday morning.

The wife and two young children of Mr. Francois du Toit (38) were then tied up by the attackers. 

Mr. du Toit and his family lived on a game farm which is approximately 30 km outside Roossenekal.  His parents live in another house on the farm.

Police spokesperson Lt. Col Ronel Otto, said Mr. du Toit apparently heard something outside the house after 1:00 and went to get a pistol out a safe, by which time three attackers had entered the house.  He was shot in the stomach and although he returned shots none of the three were wounded.  He was then shot again behind an ear.  After this Mrs. du Toit, the couple's son Francois (12) and daughter Stephanie (9) were taken to lapa outside where their hands and feet were bound with cable ties.  The attackers stole guns, two pistols, money and cellphones from the house and then fled in two of Mr.du Toit's Nissan Navaras.

At this stage the heavily wounded Mr. du Toit was still alive.  Mrs. du Toit, whilst bound, managed to shuffle on the ground to where she could find something to cut herself free and contacted neighbours on the two-way radio.   Neighbours attempted to get Mr.du Toit into a vehicle but he died in their arms, a friend said.

The du Toit family were too shocked to talk about the incident.  At the time of going to press no arrests had been made.

News report


A Pretoria farmer was shot in front of his wife and grandchild whilst he and a friend were changing a flat tyre by the roadside.

Ten days after the murder of Hans Huyser (50) police have not yet taken statements from his wife, friends, granddaughter or nephew who were present when he was attacked.

He and his wife, Cindy (48), granddaughter, Jessica (10) and nephew, Deon Graaff (15) were at Sun City on the 2nd of January, together with friends, Danie (53) and Charmaine Niemand (49).

That evening they returned to Pretoria.  The Huysers farm at Onderstepoort and the Niemands live in Petronella.

On the way they hit a pothole and both tyres on the driver's side of the Niemands' Mercedes-Benz were flattened.  Messrs. Niemand and Huyser decided to first replace one tyre with the spare wheel, to ride on slowly as long as they could with the flattened tyre, then to change the spare wheel and flat tyre and to ride further with the other flat tyre.

About midnight they had to stop a second time, on the N4 Highway near Brits, to change the spare wheel and one flat tyre.

"We stopped under a light.  There was no person nor car there" Mrs. Huyser said.  "In the meantime Mr. Huyser's murderers were hiding away like hyenas in the grass and waiting.  We would never have got out had I thought it wasn't safe.  We stopped in a lightened area."

Mr. Niemand loosened the front wheel's bolts whilst Mr. Huyser jacked the car up.  Their wives and Jessica poured cold drinks at the boot (trunk?).  Three men jumped over the barricade alongside the road.  "When they reached us Hans stood up.  One man removed a firearm from his trousers" Mr. Niemand told.  "He pointed the firearm at me and pulled the trigger.  I ran away.  He fired another two shots.  I fell in the road and was unconscious a brief while.  When I came to, I jumped up and stopped three cars."

In the meantime the man who shot at Mr. Niemand returned to Mr. Huyser who hit him with the jack.  He shot Mr. Huyser three times in the upper body.

One man loosened his trouser and told Mrs. Huyser to go and lie in the bushes.  She swore at him and ran to her husband.

The men took Mr. Huyser's cellphone and Mrs.Niemand's handbag and walked away.

"Hans looked at me with those blue eyes of his", Mrs. Huyser said.  "I helped him to lie down and tried to breathe into his mouth.  When the paramedic arrived on the scene she felt his pulse and said he was dead".

Capt Adele Myburgh, police spokesperson in North West, said the police would investigate the allegations concerning statements not taken.

News report
Hat Tip: HC and Mulder

A call for balance, a call for truth

Please click here to visit YouTube and rate this video and then please share it as widely as you can

Hat Tip Mister Fox

Mister Fox to be interviewed over Brevik case

Regular blog contributor Mister Fox is due to be interviewed later this week by police investigating the alleged links between so called "right wing groups" and the left wing Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring Breivik.

The confessed killer apparently made reference to Mister Fox's writings, together with that of various other writers, in his long, odd and rambling 'manifesto'. 

More details can be found in the comments section beneath this recent posting. 

On the assumption that he is permitted to do so, Mister Fox will be posting details of the interview later this week.

Apartheid Truths

Mike Smith's excellent series of 34 Essays "Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box" exploring the myths, lies and half truths about Apartheid South Africa and which were previously posted to much missed South Africa Sucks have been gathered together and indexed by the South African blogger TIA MYSOA these can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

I strongly recommend these essays to anyone seeking to know the truth about Apartheid undistorted by the lies and propaganda spread by liberal commentators, dishonest historians and the controlled western media.
Hat tip: Laager

Monday 23 January 2012

A thought for the day

Just over 70 years ago the world went to war, claiming it did so to save the people of Poland. 39 years ago, the US supreme court passed Roe v. Wade,  a single piece of legislation which has already killed more Americans than the total current population of Poland and of the Czech Republic combined.

The death toll from Roe -v- Wade has far exceeded the slaughter which resulted from two and a half centuries of Tatar and Mongol invasions, and may even have caused as great a loss of life as the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.  It is more than double the battlefield casualties of World war I and, by some estimates it is now equal to casualties of World war II.  Indeed if you include in the equation the victims of similar legislation, motivated by similar liberal principles, in the western nations who fought in world war two the death toll from both of those great conflicts, which tore the 20th Century apart, have been well exceeded.

In Britain alone we kill numbers greater than the total population of a city the size of Swindon every year, and have done each year since 1967.

And yet it goes on, industrial level legal genocide, sanctioned and approved by the governments we elect into power

We cannot be forgiven carnage of such magnitude, we will not be forgiven.

Saturday 14 January 2012

Farmer killed, his wife severely injured

South African farmer Andries du Toit was killed this morning and his wife severely injured during an attack on their farm. 

According to police five men entered the Klipplaatdrift property in Ventersdorp at about 4.00am and attacked the couple.  A struggle ensued, during which the farmer was killed and his wife severely assaulted. 

The attackers then fled

Readers will recall tha AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche was killed in Ventersdorp in April 2010

Farm Tracker 
Hat Tip: Peter

Updated with victim's name 16 Jan 2011

Time Magazine: How the ANC lost its way

Thanks to Laager for drawing the latest article on Mike Smith's Political Commentary, which can be read by clicking on this link: Time Magazine: How the ANC lost its way
As Laager says: 

Would you believe it?
TIME magazine has published an article critical of the ANC.What white Saffas have been telling the world for the last 17 years is finally making it into the mainstream media.
I suppose they could not live with blinkers on forever. We must be grateful for small victories

RamzPaul Comments on the suspension of Pat Buchanan by MSNBC

Background: Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan has been suspended indefinitely from MSNBC, according to a statement from that network’s President Phil Griffin. An Associated Press article on blames reaction to Buchanan’s latest book Suicide of a Superpower for his ouster from the cable network, as well as a campaign by the advocacy group, Color of Change.

Here is mission statement: exists to strengthen Black America's political voice. Our goal is to empower our members - Black Americans and our allies - to make government more responsive to the concerns of Black Americans and to bring about positive political and social change for everyone.


Forbes names world's murder and rape capital its "3rd Most Friendly"

Friendly locals welcome a visitor to South Africa 

A woman is raped in South Africa every 17 seconds, as a nation South Africa has the highest rate of homicide per head of population of any country in the world. 200,000 children a year are the victims of child rape. Genocide Watch has upgraded South Africa to Stage Six out of the eight stages of genocide, after some 40,000 whites, including between 3,000 and 4,000 white farmers have been murdered, many following hours of torture, in the last 17 years. 

As is graphically depicted above, in recent years outbreaks of so called "Xenophobia" have seen foreigners slaughtered in increasingly horrible ways, (renewed attacks have occurred as recently as last October when Zimbabweans were driven out of their homes by local gangs and foreign shops were ransacked)  

Yet despite all this the prestigious Forbes Magazine have just ranked South Africa as the third most friendly country in the world, ahead of Canada, the USA and The UK. One has to wonder exactly how they are defining the word "friendly" in coming to this decision.

France languishes at Number 15 on the list, despite the fact that, as in Britain, when people are tortured to death in French hate crimes it tends to be immigrants who do it, not the locals. (Germany, Ireland and many other European Countries do not even make it onto the list, although an increasingly Islamic Turkey and crime ridden Mexico do)

Forbes appear to have disregarded a significant amount of data when compiling their list, and swept a lot more under the carpet. But Hey this the brave new world of 2012, little matters like the truth, or indeed public safety, can no loger be allowed to interfere with the promotion of yet another politically correct fantasy.


Related: Afrikaner Genocide Museum - WARNING graphic content

Wednesday 11 January 2012

76 year old woman stabbed, beaten locked up and left to die - South Africa 2012

Mrs Pat Joffe, 76, the former treasurer of the South African Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Club was murdered at her smallholding at Mnandi in South Africa's Eastern Cape, last Friday, January 6th .  

At first the police did not bother to report Mrs. Joffe's death to the news media, with the result that friends only became aware of her death following a mention on Facebook.  Initially the murder was recorded as a shooting but the coroner has subsequently reported that the old lady was stabbed, beaten and then locked in a bathroom with the key removed, where she was left to bleed to death.

No arrests have yet been made.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Gates of Vienna: The End of the Dream

Gates of Vienna: The End of the Dream:

On May 8, 1945, Soviet troops entered Berlin, quickly wiping out the last German resistance whilst looting and raping amid the ruins of a once-proud city.

To the surviving residents of Berlin, it must have seemed that Götterdämmerung — which was what Hitler had predicted if the German people failed him and the Nazi cause — had indeed arrived. Ten years previously, or even five years previously, it would have been unimaginable that the great and glorious Third Reich would ever come to this.

Western Civilization is rapidly approaching the point when it will have to awaken from its own dream. But the analogy with the end of Nazi Germany is not particularly apt, since the Third Reich existed for a mere twelve years. And the crucial period of modern history, in which Europe was all but destroyed, lasted for only thirty-one years: from June 28, 1914 until the summer of 1945.

Continue reading: Gates of Vienna: The End of the Dream:

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Monday 9 January 2012

MSNBC - the punishment of thought

It appears that the new policy of US Cable News channel MSNBC is to punish, and where possible suppress. free speech.  Regular conservative contributor, ex adviser to three American presidents and two time presidential election candidate, Pat Buchanan has been permanently suspended and may not be allowed back on air.  MSNBC have taken this action because they do not like what he said in his new book “The Suicide of a Superpower” which analyses and explains the reasons behind the decline of the once great nation of America.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin is quoted as saying : “I don’t think the ideas that Buchanan put forth are appropriate for national dialogue on MSNBC. He won’t be coming back during the book tour.” Asked if Buchanan would be be back at all, Griffin replied “I have not made my decision.

The Liberal elite in America is outraged that Buchanan's brilliantly researched book directly links the decline in America's power, the dire state of her economy and near collapse of social cohesion on multiculturalism, mass non-European immigration and shrinking of the white majority. These are views which are an anathema to those who currently have their jackboots on the throats of the Western media, and views which they will go to any length to prevent being expressed, especially by individuals with the profile of Pat Buchanan.

To paraphrase George Orwell, we have reached a point within our society where to speak the truth is an act of revolution, it is an act which puts you and your livelihood at significant risk, because, if you speak the truth the liars and the tyrants will try to crush you. It is no longer just the little man, or woman, who speaks out of turn on a tram or a football terrace who they seek to destroy, they are now going after the titans.

However, we have seen it all before, in the last century and further east, in cultures which were our current leaders spiritual homes, where the truth became a crime, as it is now becoming throughout the west.

It seems easy and trite to say that the Soviet Union did not die, it just moved west, but in fact, in many of the ways that matter, that is the truth.  It is the same beast, it wears a different mask, but the same snarling jaws lurk behind it.

The Double Standards of Hate

The Following letter appeared at this morning 

Sir, — In 1993-94, the black teenager Stephen Lawrence and white teenager Richard Everitt were murdered by young 'racist gangs' in London but there the resemblance ends.

Vast media publicity followed Stephen's case, the Home Secretary visited, a monument was erected and a judicial inquiry denounced the police as ''institutionally racist''.

Two men have now been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment while the judge demands the other attackers be punished because they engaged in a ''joint exercise''.

Eleven Bengali youths — one aged 20 — were arrested over Richard's killing but only two came to trial with no calls for the rest to be prosecuted on a ''joint enterprise'' basis.

One was found guilty of violent disorder and served 18 months while the other served 11 years for what the trial judge described it as a ''wholly unprovoked racist murder''.

There was no visit by the Home Secretary, no monument, no judicial inquiry, no interest shown by his local MP and a code of omerta from the metropolitan leftist media.

(Dr) John Cameron.
10 Howard Place,
St Andrews.
Here is the Link:

For the sake or racial equality, readers may consider that Dr. Cameron's letter deserves a wider circulation.


Further information on the murder of Richard Everett can be found at the I am an Englishman blog (one of the valuable resources in Britain today) by clicking here.

Saturday 7 January 2012

Recognition for the British victims of Racial Violence

Click here to visit Britain First

Massive Muslim Paedophile Gang Hidden by the Media

From 21st Century British Nationalism

On the 3rd January 2012 in Liverpool Crown Court 21 Muslims allegedly involved in a massive paedophile gang who are alleged to have been targeting primarily white children in the Manchester area were sent for a pre-trial hearing.

We have been informed from sources inside the court that the media have been asked by the Liverpool police to keep this case out of the papers.

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Hat Tip: Mister Fox

Friday 6 January 2012

Thursday 5 January 2012

Frank Ellis's reply to Norman Tebbitt

Anyone who read ex-Tory minister's article in yesterday's Telegraph "The Euro is nothing but a sacred cow its time to take it to the abattoir" may have seen The comment from Dr. Frank Ellis, who as you all know is a regular contributor to this blog.

If you missed it, Frank Ellis's excellent contribution was as follows:

Dear Lord Tebbit
You are quite correct to point out that the EU and its all vile works constitute an article of faith for the BBC and the Guardian-reading classes. But there is another sacred cow that requires to be put to death in the slaughterhouse (not abattoir!) or rather sent for scrap and that is the anti-racist industrial complex. The campaign to eradicate what the left and members of your party call racism has poisoned and blighted England. Today, with the conviction of two defendants in the Lawrence case we were given another reminder of the damage done. Murder is not made more heinous because of a racial motive: murder is murder.
Your party when in opposition in 1999 and led by Hague the room sharer accepted the Macpherson Report and its vicious recommendations in their entirety. When is some politician in your party going to stand up and attack the Nazi-anti-Nazis in the BBC, the universities and especially in the hideous EHRC which hates whites?  You mention Enoch Powell. No Tory MP today would be fit to run errands for such an outstanding English patriot. Your party has betrayed England: and all your tough talk about the euro cannot hide the cowardice or the damage being done, already done and with more to come. With luck the euro will collapse and we can start to rebuild.
But the deadly threat to England is not the euro it is multiracialism, mass non-white immigration and a political caste (“Conservative” & Labour) that have conspired to permit England to be overrun with aliens. This is the dagger that will tear England’s heart out and you by repeatedly pulling your punches on mass, non-white immigration and attacking the BNP so as to provide yourself with an insurance policy and to deflect accusations of racism, have made your contribution to this state of affairs. I hope you can live with yourself. I used to admire you Tebbit: now you disgust me.
Frank Ellis (aka Frankly Hellish)

Diane and her Time Machine

Labour minister Diane Abbott has defended the Tweet she made earlier today when she said "White People love playing 'divide and rule', we shouldn't play their game" 

She claims that the tweet wasn't racist and that she was not making generalisations  about white people but claims that the tweet "was  taken out of context" and that she was actually "referring to the nature of 19th Century European colonialism" which he explains was a  "bit much to get into 140 characters.".

Of course nobody would question Ms. Abbott's integrity. Clearly what she meant when she said "We shouldn't play their game" was that black people should not get into time machines, travel back 150 odd years and play games with long dead people.

It makes perfect sense really!

Wednesday 4 January 2012

£50 Million

The police spent £50 Million on the Stephen Lawrence case ($78.2 million)

I doubt they spent £50 thousand trying to find the killers of either Charlene Downs or Gavin Hopley!


Related but valued so differently

Lawrence verdict: this isn’t justice – it’s politics

By Brendan O’Neill

The cultural elite has exploited and politicised the murder of Stephen Lawrence to a degree that would have made Machiavelli blush

‘Justice has been done.’ So says every newspaper in the land, following the conviction of David Norris and Gary Dobson for the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993. Justice? Are they serious? Judging from the narcissistic catfight amongst various sections of the elite clamouring to claim responsibility for ‘getting’ Lawrence’s killers, involving everyone from tabloid supremo Paul Dacre to Islington’s favourite QC Michael Mansfield to PM David Cameron, this isn’t so much a case of ‘justice has been done’ as ‘justice has been done by me!’. In the Lawrence case, the needs of justice were long ago usurped by the desires of the political and media elites to use this grisly case as a soapbox from which to pronounce their moral superiority in modern Britain

Click here to continue reading at Spiked

Tuesday 3 January 2012

The "Right" Candidate is the one who can Win

What I am about to say will not please many readers, but, in the present circumstances, the best possible outcome of today's GOP primary vote in Iowa would be for Mitt Romney to win and then go on to become nominated as the Republican party candidate for this year's US presidential election.

There is one reason for that, which is that Romney is the only candidate with a reasonable chance of beating Obama, and that is all that matters.

Ron Paul supporters, who view Dr. Paul as the last great chance to save the West, need to wake up to a dose of reality, he might be if he could win, but he can’t win, so he isn’t.

Likewise, members of the “anyone but Romney” brigade need to realise that the only beneficiary of their strategy will be Obama. Not one of the various alternative candidates are serious contenders with the remotest chance of winning in November.  Just close your eyes for one moment and try to imagine either Gingrich or Santorum in the White house and the lunacy of that proposition becomes clear.  Neither man has the gravitas, or basic attractiveness to appeal to the uncommitted centre and disenchanted Obama supporters who will be essential for victory in the America the Democrats have created.

This is no time for joke candidates. Did they learn nothing from the debacle that was Herman Cain?

As to the other options, Perry briefly looked like a president, but all that fell apart the moment the moment he opened his mouth and although Michelle Bachmann appeared impressive to start with her credibility was swiftly undermined, less by her wild eyes, than by her by her seemingly compulsive proclivity for saying incredibly stupid things.
Romney is the right candidate  If America is to survive. He is also the right candidate for Nationalists who need to break a habit of a lifetime and finally unite around someone who can actually win.  For too long we have demanded that the "right" leader must have qualities which are almost impossible to achieve. We have to realise that in the real world a cynical and compromised victory is worth a thousand ideologically pure and noble defeats.

Ideological purity is not worth a damn if it can’t achieve power.

Republicans should take a lesson from both the both the British Labour and Tory parties which persisted in appointing ideologically pure losers to lead their parties into electoral defeat. Only blinkered politicians in the Tory party could have imagined that Hague, Duncan-Smith or even Michael Howard were anything other than electoral poison albeit sound on policy.

Likewise, the Labour party had consigned themselves to eighteen years out of power until they eventually bit the bullet and elected the most ideologically impure of candidates Tony Blair.  An act which was disastrous for the Britain, but which gave Labour power, and the ability to change the country beyond recognition. 
Just imagine what could have been achieved if that power had been used for good.

Thankfully Labour has again embraced defeat with their choice of two more totally useless leaders (the stupidity of choosing the unelectable Miliband brother is risible) the Republicans must not make the same mistake.

If America is to survive and undo that the damage which has been done, it needs to defeat Obama and remove the malevolent Democratic party from power.  If the only man who can do that is not ideologically perfect, we are long past the point where that matters.

America, and indeed the West, may not have the time remaining to survive a principled failure.


Update: From this morning's news I see the latest "Anyone but Mitt" joke candidate managed to force a score draw.  It is starting to look more like Obama is safe for another four years every day! If so, America may not survive.  Up to you guys!

Boxing Day stabbings: the knife-crime nightmare continues while the numbers jailed for carrying a weapon plummet

By Richard Barnbrook

The London knife-crime nightmare rages unabated with a double stabbing in Oxford Street in the midst of the Boxing Day sales. A fight in Foot Locker, in full view of shoppers, tragically resulted in a murder when an 18 year-old was stabbed in the heart. A further knifing occurred less than five hours later when a 21 year-old was stabbed in the thigh at Oxford Circus, but the victim fortunately survived.

Only three weeks earlier, on 2nd December, figures released by the Ministry of Justice showed that the proportion of people jailed for carrying a knife in England and Wales had fallen to its lowest level for more than three years. Only just over a fifth- 21%- of offenders convicted of possession of a knife or offensive weapon between July and September 2011 were jailed.

The Metropolitan Police have been increasing the use of ‘stop and search’ in order to deter young people from carrying knives. However, this is clearly not enough to reverse the situation if the courts are not prepared to impose tough sentences on those who are caught, in order to force potential knife-carriers to make a double-take. If they think that they are going to get away with it, then would-be offenders, especially youngsters, will continue to arm themselves because they mistakenly see the carrying of a weapon as a form of protection. And the problem is an ever increasing one: the more people who are seen to get away with routinely carrying knives, the more others will be encouraged to adopt the practice.

In the Legal Aid and Sentencing Bill, the government proposes to introduce a mandatory minimum prison sentence of four months for teenagers aged 16 and 17 convicted of threatening people with knives and 6 months for those aged over 18 years. This may be a step in the right direction, but in my view it’s only a tiny one. For a start, the defendant (aged 16 or over) would need to be shown to have actually threatened someone, so simply carrying a knife would not qualify. Secondly, the likelihood is that the offender would only actually serve half the sentence, which means in practice just two/three months inside. We need to fight fire with fire and send out a much stronger message, with a minimum term to be actually served of at least a year for those under 18 and 3 years for adults convicted for possession of a weapon in a public place. Only when the fear of getting caught outweighs that of being stabbed will the battle even begin to appear winnable.

 Meanwhile the tragic toll of those killed and maimed continues. What will it take for the politicians of all parties to get a grip?

Justice Blind, Brainwashed and Bigoted

So the first of the current batch of show trials has achieved the outcome which our totalitarian rulers desired and for which they abandoned centuries old protections in order to achieve.  There are at least two more show trials to come, we can expect similar outcomes. 

There was, of course, never a chance that the men convicted at the Old Bailey today of the most exploited murder in recent British history, could ever get a fair trial and that was what the state depended on when they brought this case.

It is clear that enough people in this country are sufficiently brainwashed that juries can no longer be trusted to care about evidence, or, as in this case the a total lack of any reliable evidence, but will now convict on the basis of political correctness alone.

Where are the so called human rights lawyers, who would have been crawling all over such a patently unfair trial had the demographics been otherwise?  Clearly it is not human right which interest them it is selective rights

If you support this verdict, and many will, you are a supporter of a vicious dictatorship, which may one day come looking for you, and don't forget it has changed the law to ensure that it can do so again and again and again.  

Note: As the trial has reached its inevitable conclusion I will now accept comments on this subject