Friday 30 December 2011

Speech delivered by Aaron Kahland at Orania Burgervergadering ( = Citizens meeting)

By Aaron Kahland, ambassador of Orania in Germany.

I’d like to start by telling you a story from the country where I live, Germany.  It is the story of Max Planck, the great German physicist.  In 1918 Professor Planck won the Nobel Prize for his work on quantum theory.  With this new fame he was asked at universities throughout Germany to give speeches on his discoveries.  One evening he was due to give a speech in Munich.  On the way there, Planck was having a discussion with his driver and his driver asked him if he had prepared the speech he was to give that night.  Planck answered ‘no, I haven’t prepared, I have given this speech so many times that I can tell it by memory.’  His driver responded, ‘I have heard your speech so many times I could probably give it.’  Hearing this, Max Planck thought for a moment and then said to his driver, ‘why don’t we test your theory and you dress nicely and give the speech and I’ll sit in the front of the audience and pretend to be your driver and we’ll see if anyone notices.’
And, according to their plan, when they arrived Planck’s driver got up in front of the audience and gave a speech on very complicated physics in front of an audience of Munich’s scientific community.  He delivered it so well that no-one noticed that it was not Planck himself.  However, after the speech was given, there was time for questions from the audience.  Sure enough someone from the audience stood up and asked a question on Planck’s quantum theory.  For a moment the driver stood still and then he slowly shook his head and said, ‘I was led to believe that Munich was a sophisticated and intellectual city.  So it surprises me that someone from this audience could ask me such a simple question.’  The driver then pointed to Max Planck in the audience and said ‘Indeed it is so simple that I am confident that even my driver could answer it.’
The reason I told you this story is that today I feel a little bit like Max Planck’s driver because I have been asked to speak a little about Afrikaner history.  I am an economist by trade but I shall do my best and hopefully, I can introduce something new to you anyway.
Click here to continue reading at South of the Zambezi
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Thursday 29 December 2011

Police : Salford killing "was a Hate Crime"

Manchester police have just announced that they are treating the murder of Indian Student Anuj Bidve who was shot dead in Salford on Boxing Day as a Hate Crime.

How odd, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it current police procedure to fall over each other in theiur rush to dismiss all possibility that any murder is a "hate crime" within moments of arriving at a police scene, and before they have had a chance to determine anything?

Oh no, silly me that is only current police procedure when the victim is white and the suspects aren't!!

Saturday 24 December 2011

Friday 23 December 2011

The "B" word or the "C" word

Now let me get this straight, it seems that John Terry is in trouble because of what he is alleged to have said.

Apparently, there would have been no problem if he had just used the "C" word. What caused the outrage is that he is alleged to have used the "B" word before the "C" word.  So, for John Terry it was the "B" word which was the problem.  He could have called the "B" chap a "C" and nobody would have batted an eyelid, it was the "B", if he said it, which caused the rumpus.

Are you with me so far?

However, when it comes to Alan Hansen, he's in trouble because he used the "C" word instead of the "B" word. As a result, outraged black players were twittering angry tweets pompously announcing that they are "B" not "C".

So, if Hansen had used the "B" word instead of the "C" word he would not have got into trouble, yet it was the alleged use of the "B", not the "C" word which got John Terry in trouble. Confusing huh?

In each instance the "B" word is the same word "Black", yet while Terry is condemned for using it, Hansen is pilloried for not doing so.

It would seem that when the thought police want to get you, whatever you do will be wrong.  Either that is true or we may reached a point of insanity from which there is no return.

Pour encourager les autres

It seems one can hardly move at the moment without tripping over a hate crime prosecution, usually a thought crime involving the use of prohibited speech.  For instance, the Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez (above), who now plays for Liverpool, has been banned for eight matches and fined £40,000 ($ 62,496) for using a word which sounds like 'Negro', to serial hate crimes victim Patrice Evra. It mattered not that the word which Suarez used does not have any of the connotations which have been imposed upon it in the West when used in his own homeland, where one of the most revered figure in the history of Uruguayan football is Obdulio Varela, captain of the side that won the World Cup in 1950 whose nickname was "El Negro Jefe",  meaning the black boss, the word sounded like a racial insult so poor old Suarez had to pay.

One is reminded of the official in Washington who was forced to resign in 1999 for using the word “niggardly” in a speech.  Yes, it really happened!

Of course it appears that any number of words are equally toxic, as ex-football player turned TV commentator Alan Hanson discovered this week when he found himself clinging to his job and forced to issue grovelling apologies on account of having uttered the word “coloured” during a discussion about alleged “racism” in football. Does anyone care to bet on whether whether Hanson will suddenly vanish from out TV screens in they which David Starkey appears to have done since he accused white rioters of adopting black culture 

At the same time, the infamous “tram lady” Emma West is spending Christmas on bail following having been secretly filmed failing to express sufficient delight at her enriched multicultural environment, and England football captain John Terry is facing criminal prosecution for allegedly using an unkind word to a black player with whom he was having a heated encounter.

As British readers will also know there is a trial taking place at the Old Bailey, however, for the time being I demur from referring to that, given what happened to Rod Liddle when he did so

However, there is a purpose tor all these trials, the same purpose for which other totalitarian police states and dictatorships have used similar show trials at different times and in different places.  When rulers seek to impose unpopular policies on their citizens, they require victims whom they can make examples of, punish, humiliate and destroy so as to frighten the public into obedience, and to silence any objections to what is being done.

These trials, together with the regular press vilification of anyone who ventures into prohibited speech, either by accident or design, are intended to silence dissent, and they are very effective.         

Our rulers depend on the fact that few of the public are sophisticated enough to draw a distinction between “racism” and legitimately opposing mass immigration. Of course, it has never been illegal, or indeed racist to oppose mass immigration, but it has always felt as if it was.  That, of course, is deliberate, as the establishment, together with their acolytes in the press and entertainment media have done everything in their power to make it feel that way.    

Show trials were of course a feature of Nazi Germany, but, as with much else they were perfected to an art form in Stalin's Russia, where, by very publicly eradicating members of the pre-revolutionary Bolshevik party, for made up or ideological crimes, the cunning old monster achieved the dual result of getting rid of potential rivals, whilst at the same time keeping the Russian public terrified and obedient.

Show trials can also be used as racial retribution, such as in South Africa where four white teen aged boys can be convicted of murder and sent to prison on the evidence of the body of someone killed elsewhere, by someone else and at a different time.

However, such trials are intended to placate a racist majority, rather than to intimidate the majority as is the purpose of show trials in the West.     

Trials conducted in order to influence the behaviour of the wider public and where the punishment of the defendant is a secondary consideration are nothing new.  For instance, as early as 1756, the trial and subsequent execution of Admiral Byng for "failure to do his utmost" to relieve the siege of the British garrison on Minorca” was less about punishing the unfortunate Byng than it was about ensuring that other Admirals would try considerably harder in future.

Likewise the prosecution and swift dispatch of poor shell-shocked wretches, on charges of cowardice, during the so called "Great War" were ruthless and cruel attempts to make other young soldiers view staying in those terrible trenches and fighting that evil and misguided war, slightly less terrifying than running away.

In very many ways the prosecutions of John Terry and Emma West serve a very, very similar purpose. They are show trials, they are exhibitions, they are theatre, they punish, humiliate and usually destroy the offender but they are intended for the audience, the public. They are acts of terror, intended to make us obey.

Pour encourager les autres: "in order to encourage the others" —said ironically of an action (as in a flogging or an execution) carried out in order to compel others to obey or submit

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson attacked by "Youths"

Earlier this week EDL leader Tommy Robinson was attacked and beaten up by a gang of muslims.

Reports here and here.

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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Richard Barnbrook’s Christmas and New Year Message

Dear Fellow Nationalists

The end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 is a good opportunity to take stock.

It is now more than 18 months since the General Election. And some 15 months since I was expelled from the British National Party. We need to ask ourselves, what has been achieved for the nationalist cause in this country in that time?

The last year has not just been a time of stagnation but regression. Yet the dire political situation that the nation finds itself in is worse than ever. And what’s more, as the recession bites, job prospects recede and the pressure on public resources becomes ever more greater, exacerbated by the influx of some 250 000 NET incomers in the last 12 months alone, the smouldering discontent and impatience for change rumbles ever louder. What is needed is a cogent political force to represent this discontent, and it’s needed more so now than ever before.

Looking round at the various nationalist blog sites, written by leading lights in the nationalist cause, it’s patently obvious that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. What can’t be agreed upon is which church we should all be singing in! Broadly speaking, there is a general agreement on the problems which beset our country: a loud lament about our loss of national identity and cultural heritage, the surrender of sovereignty, deprivation of free speech, social injustice, appalling remoteness of the parasitic politicians, increasing islamification… we all know what we think. What we lack however, is a cohesive political mechanism that enables us to present these views to the electorate, packaged as a viable realistic, electable alternative to vote for at the ballot box. All in all, the public are sympathetic to the policies that we roundly subscribe to. What we need to present to them is ONE united and positive front that can demonstrate a plausible and responsible organisation to implement them.

At the beginning of the year, I personally wrote to Nigel Farage of UKIP, Nick Griffin of the BNP, and Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats, as well as Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, inviting them to a meeting to discuss a way forward in which the nationalist parties can co-operate in order to become this united political force, a force that the media can no longer ignore. Now a year has gone by and there’s been no movement in this respect. It’s been another year wasted, for what have we achieved?

How many more years are we going to let pass until we get our act together? 2012 will see the GLA elections in London. I don’t wish to sound like a prophet of doom, but I tell you here and now that on present showings there will be NO nationalist representation on the Greater London Assembly next summer. No nationalist from any of the parties! By each going it alone, instead of co-operating, we are allowing ourselves to be pushed out of the political picture- for good. And meanwhile, our historic. cultural and national heritage is slowly but steadily being annihilated.

Many of you have left one party and joined another; some have come together and started new ones, but this is not the answer. You can have as many new parties as there are stars in the sky and it won’t change the situation in this country one jot. The only answer open to us now is to co-operate and ultimately to unite, painful as this may be to some. There is bound to be resistance by those in the parties’ leadership. So it’s up to the grass roots to force through change.

The greatest victories have always been attained by great sacrifice and so it is today. We have to look at how we can make the best with what we have and struggle to build solutions instead of criticising those who have made mistakes. What’s been said and done has been said and done. We will never move forward with negativity. Now we have to look forward and see what can be rescued from the debris.

The Romans were able to subdue Britain because the Celtic tribes were unable to put their own petty interests before those of the country as a whole and present a united front. We simply cannot afford to make the same mistake again! Because if we do, there will be no future for our children. Britain will soon be changed irrevocably forever unless we work together now to resist it!

With grand hopes for the unity of all nationalist entities and right thinking Britons in the coming year, and wishing you each and all, a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous and successful 2012,

Yours sincerely

Richard Barnbrook

Monday 19 December 2011

The Sixty Year Experiment.

By Caratacus

Experiments on humans, animals and plants are highly regulated in civilised nations. Experimenters are bound by rules of morality and ethics. There must be agreement by the subjects. They must be carefully afforded "informed consent", with detailed descriptions of the risks and rewards.

The experimenters have the duty of declaring vested interests. Particularly they must reveal possible personally benefit from the outcome of the experiment.

Experiments are, by convention, given a restricted time frame, for review and reassessment. If it seems that the experiment is not going to be beneficial to humans, plants or animals, that experiment must be curtailed forthwith.


Since the advent of Homo sapiens, strong biological forces have inexorably separated people into their different "types" by geographical area. 

An inherent quality of biology, beyond control, has generated this distinction between humans. These separating paths have lead to the genetic, racial, biochemical and the behavioural varieties of humans. 

Progressive separation of humans also drove the divergence which has created the thousands of human languages. Most are now so distant from each other to be mutually unintelligible. People will continue to form enclaves of similar genetic and language groups.

The creation of human bio-diversity has always been inevitable.


Sixty years ago, the governments of Western Europe began an experiment on their entire human population. It was, and remains, the largest biological experiment ever conducted.

This experimental design was to attempt to reverse human bio-diversity. To do that governments brought, and allow to remain as a breeding sub-set, people of different genes, races, cultures and languages into the geographical boundaries of Britain and Europe. 

The political hypothesis was to test whether the distinctions between different varieties of humans, would progressively lessen if brought into Europe. It was guessed that ultimately these varied people (and their varied cultures) would amalgamate seamlessly, to the benefit of all.

The term “integration" was conjured.

 It soon became clear that conflict was probable. Aggressive rioting between the races occurred. Integration was not going to work.

Therefore the experiment was modified to test whether intuitive human behaviour could be changed under threat of law. The native populations were ordered not to reveal that they recognised (the obvious) distinctions between the existing inhabitants and the aliens. They were ordered to curtail any discourse amongst themselves, which might emphasise these distinctions.

The term “criminal racism” was invented

Since “integration” had failed the experimental basis was changed again. Instead of integrating, could these differing groups instead function along-side one with the other?

The term "multiculturalism" was coined.


Bizarrely, in an exact parallel, multiculturalism was attempted in South Africa, in an attempt to protect the cultural and genetic homogeny of resident Europeans. The description was "separate development".

The outcome was a cascade of inflamed, ruthless and hypocritical condemnation by the continental Europeans. This attempt at self-protection by a small, minority group was destroyed by bullying.
Ironically the “anti-apartheid movement” was later going to have important destructive sequelae in Europe.


The Governments of Europe could have only one moral justification this experimentation. That was to ensure the long term safety, well-being and contentment of their populations and their progeny.What mandate did the governments have to commence this experiment, which by its very design would bring disequilibrium and so fear to European Societies?

They had none. The population was not consulted.

Instead in an unbelievable arrogance and opinionated superiority these politicians, amateur scientists that they are, forced into place this massive, irreversible, naïve, rationally indefensible and highly dangerous idea.


Synchronous with this experiment on humans was another political experiment on a massive ecological system.

This “good idea” was to play manipulator of the living and to bring the Nile Perch into Lake Victoria Nyanza. That lake had one of the most diverse fish environments on earth.
The perch was surreptitiously introduced in 1954, and more official introductions occurred in 1962 and 1963.
The end result of that experiment was to destroy the highly refined and complex ecology of the second widest body of fresh water in the world.

The experiment so altered the freshwater ecosystem of Lake Victoria that several hundred species became extinct or near extinction.  This politically engineered event was likely the largest extinction event amongst vertebrates in the 20th century
The impact on the local economy was the subject of the documentary Darwin's Nightmare.

The analogy between the past destruction of the East African ecosystem and the impending destruction of the European Civilisation should be clear. 

Both were based on “Political Good Ideas”.
Both were philosophically and scientifically flawed from foundation.

Both were doomed.


Sixty years ago, the governments of Western Europe embarked on an experiment on their entire human population. It was, and remains, the largest biological experiment ever conducted.

It breaches the most fundamental guidelines of experimentation and transgresses every component of the rules and restraints experimentation.

It has been clear, from the outset that this was not going to afford the Europeans the benefit of greater contentment and greater safety.1

Was the population, the "experimental sample", informed of this? Were they told of the hazards and potential?

The short answer is no.

Was the experiment terminated when it became clear that it was failing?


But there was a parallel subplot which allowed a small group of people, the politicians, to benefit themselves greatly. Immigration has been used to buy politicians power, and bolster their tenure.

This was scientific fraud at its worst, and by its magnitude the most despicable, condemnable and outrageous travesty of a political mandate, contrary to all understandings of democracy, morality and ethics.

This blind endeavour has as much chance of success as a king ordering the retreat of the tides.

For the sake humanity, the survival of the European and God’s wondrous diversity, this experiment must be curtailed forthwith.

(1) The Empire Windrush docked in Tilbury on 21 June 1948 becoming a landmark in the history of migration to the UK. On the 22 June 1948 11 MPs wrote to the Prime Minister, Clement Attlee. The letter was signed by JD Murray, CF Grey, James Harrison, Frank Mcleavy, RWG Mackay, T Reid, Louis Tolley, TJ Brooks, JR Leslie, Percey Holman and Meredith F Titterington. They expressed concern that large numbers of "coloured" immigrants might "impair the harmony, strength and cohesion of our public and social life and to cause discord and unhappiness among all concerned."

Saturday 17 December 2011

New Year Resolution by Mike Wilson

New Year Resolution 

The year is coming to an end and now it’s time to make and mend
And make good all that’s gone before and never mind the open door.
It’s time to set our house in order and close the book on rank disorder.
Time to think and time to plan and time to resurrect each man.

We ask ourselves, “What have we done”, and wonder where the year has gone.
And then we find that whilst we mused so many of us were abused
By state and council and by church and end up feeling in the lurch.
So stop your musing, get in line and start to make this life divine.

Defend the rights of common man, stand up, speak out, you know you can.
Demand they change these stupid laws that make a mockery, full of flaws
Of social justice, law and order and whatever else they call disorder.
It’s nothing but a thin disguise to simply qualify all their lies.

We ask for nothing but the truth so we can help our rampant youth
So they may understand the plan which makes a slave of common man.
Self- serving people in the know control our world and make it so
That others who are less observing give in to those who are self serving.

It’s time we voted with our feet and showed the “pollies” that defeat
Will come if they persist in trying to keep the flag of Brussels flying.
Now it’s time for nationhood, a quality that’s misunderstood
By MP’s filling up the ranks and building credit in their banks.

We need to vote for people here who have the nation’s interests clear
And won’t resile from hard reforms that go against the EU’s norms.
So greet the New Year with good grace and have a smile upon your face.
Remember that you have the power to change your world – seize the hour!

Michael Coren with Peter Brimelow (VDare): immigration

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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Youth charged with killing farmer after "Argument"

A 17-year-old youth has been arrested for the murder of a farmer in Merweville, in the Western Cape, police said on Tuesday.

Frederick Snyders, 35, and his wife were sitting on their porch when one of their farm workers walked up to them on Monday evening, he allegedly took the deceased's rifle out of his truck which was was parked outside and suddenly fired a shot in his direction, killing him instantly with a single gunshot to his head.

The youth fired further shots at the farmer's wife but missed. According to the report the alleged killer later handed over the rifle to the wife before handing himself over to the police.

The youth apparently worked on the farm at the time of the incident and police believe the motive for this murder was "an argument" between the farmer and the youth on Monday afternoon,


The Conservative Idea of Architecture: Conservation and Restoration

by David Hamilton (December 2011)
First published by the New English Review

Progressives assume that I am opposed to change. I am not: I suggest change should grow out of what has developed through time not spring out of the blue, as it were, like incongruous eruptions ruining the ambience of whole areas. “You can not turn the clock back”, they moralise. What have clocks got to do with it? That harks back a couple of centuries to when God was seen as the watchmaker who had wound a clockwork universe up and left it to run. 

Progressives still see the world as a machine. Le Corbusier thought of building houses as building machines for people to live in. His Villa Savoye is exemplary of his goal to create a house which would be a "machine a habiter," a machine for living (in). Houses that have grown out of tradition have a quality called “homeliness that is in softer interior angles and allows people to enjoy living in them by gathering in some rooms but having rooms to attend to personal business separate. Villa Savoye illustrates Le Couturier’s "five points" of new architecture and is a foundation of modern architecture, and the International style that came to dominate.
Even functional buildings can be awe-inspiring like the Houses of Parliament which was built for debating issues of state; but its design raised above mere function and conveys the solemnity and respect for the business of state. It is more than a square lump of concrete. (1) 

There is an affective view of society as an organic arrangement that derives from Aristotle, the first Conservative. In Politics he spoke of the city as a natural community. It is an organic whole rather than a machine and the whole is harmed by destroying parts. In the architectural and town planning context, demolishing fine and beautiful buildings and replacing them with cold and ugly buildings, undermines the quality and identity of the whole town or city. Aristotle described men and women as political animals but, more accurately, they are communal beings and need to belong to a family and community. Contemporary architecture both commercial and domestic is helping break the bonds which create living communities.

Lock’s atomising view of society as an aggregation of independent, autonomous individuals has caused much self-deception because we are not abstract individuals but flesh and blood men and women who need traditional and historic communities; our culture once shaped by religion is now shaped by a Global ideology of Corporatism driven by oligarchs.

People like to describe themselves as individuals because it flatters their egos but in practice they need others: friends, to talk to and to share with, a family to return to when hurt or distressed and a a partner when they leave childhood behind and want children of their own. This is a natural stage in life as they want an external sign of their togetherness and they grow naturally into that state. Architecture is a part of that affective side of life. It is not a distant artistic activity like knocking up a couple of watercolours, it is central to our lives. These are emotional, affective experiences not products of reason.

Within the organism new buildings should be in keeping with the character of the places they are added to; the character, traditions and identity should be honoured and new buildings developed from that. This is applying practical thinking, instead of abstract thinking. 

It is part of an understanding of the universe which values the numinous things over the cold and soulless. 

The contemporary ethos is secular and nihilistic and people believe in nothing but themselves and self-gratification. We need a belief in service and self–sacrifice, belief in belonging to a greater whole; but what we have is self-fulfilment in things. Into this emptiness pours the gratifications of the selfish and to the powerful their own aggrandisement. This is secular nihilism. Those in authority feel they owe nothing to the past but contempt; the opinion formers and populariser's in the colleges and the media inculcate that negativity into the population. Contemporary architecture is part of that. 

The incongruous developments all round St. Paul’s Cathedral undermine the whole and the local authorities knew this when they granted planning permission so we must assume they wanted to degrade St. Paul, a national symbol. If the authorities thought they could get away with it they would knock St. Paul's down for a shopping mall; but it brings in a lot of revenue from tourism. 

Our towns and cities are being changed into something completely different without the consent of the people. Cityscapes are ceasing to belong to local people and being turned into futuristic muddles, disjointed from history and traditions with the character changed. This is imposed, but should be democratically voted for. 

Restoration House in Rochester is two medieval buildings joined in the late16 or early 17c and is an example of a city mansion. King Charles I sojourned there on the eve of The Restoration, whence its name. It is Miss Haversham’s home, Satis House, in Great Expectations. It was left empty when the owner went bankrupt. The council were going to knock it down for a car park but thankfully a banker rescued it. During a development for apartments next door a Tudor wall was discovered. Immediately the developer demolished about 10m before they could be stopped by English Heritage who listed it as a Grade 2 construction. The developer had not undertaken an archaeological survey which was a condition of the planning consent. This saga is still going on. 

Rochester High Street, has wide pavements and old-style lamp posts. It is unique for the absence of the usual High Street retailers. The shops are small and not attractive to national retailers so it has a large number of traditional shops and many are family-owned and offer a personalised service to customers. Rochester High Street is an educational contrast to the mess made of both Chatham and Gillingham High Streets. Gillingham does have a conservation area in Brampton with some fine Georgian houses in Mansion Row; but the changes to Gillingham since the 1970's are depressing.

The old Theatre Royal in Chatham High Street was smothered in polythene and scaffolding for a long time but once the bulldozers had finished it had gone.

Nearly opposite the Old Theatre Royal is a repellent nine-floor Tax Office. This overlooks the river and blights the view. Another monstrosity is the Pentagon shopping centre which holds within its confines, Mountbatten House: another ugly multi-storey building. This hideous thing blocks the view of the river from the top of Chatham Hill. There was a rumour that the same type of bricks used to build Mountbatten House were to be found in the extensions erected on houses owned by councillors. It was empty for a long time after it was built and one wonders why it it was given planning permission.

The centre of Chatham has been carved up by a one way system and many shops are empty as they cannot compete with the out of town shopping centres.

The numinous is a feeling of, or a need for, the sacred, the holy, and the transcendent. This need is the basis of a the yearning for beauty, awe, grandeur in public buildings; in housing schemes it manifests as a need for community, neighbourhood and its concomitant, mutual support. It is in this numinous aspect of life that people seek community and through this identity, a sense of belonging, a connection with their origins and thus happiness. In practice these ideals fall short but they are worth striving for, and give life meaning in what is being made into an empty world.
In Tewkesbury there is a row of restored timber framed buildings on Church Street which were built in 1480. These house a museum named after local writer and early conservationist John Moore, and an open house that people can walk around and get the feel of how a Tudor family lived. The rest, though, are private dwellings and thus a living tradition. This is continuity in practice. 

Our cathedrals provide a strong sense of continuity: a thread through history which locates us in space and time. It is well to keep an image of the beauty of cathedrals in mind when viewing Global skyscrapers. The character and identity is in the whole but the parts convey the same. Take the cloisters of Gloucester cathedral where great beauty is created by the beautiful fan vaulting that was developed in the 1300s by the masons. These were completed no later than 1412 and their beauty still transcends and mystifies us. We stand fascinated before it. It provides a spiritual experience in itself. The numinous quality is in the decoration and ornamentation, which was done in the service of something higher, something sacred and transcendent – God. 

A commenter remarked that under my ideas the Eiffel Tower would not have been allowed. That maybe so--you can not allow for every possible occurrence, but, there would not be this widespread ruining of the characters, histories and identities of towns and cities throughout the world; the deculturation caused by standardised international buildings. (2)

For a conservative, conservation includes not only the natural environment but also the social community which needs traditional culture as a spine to hold it together. Conservatism is not a body of theory but a disposition to maintain the culture and community of one's society. It is a temperament with an an appreciation of the numinous things in life from religion to meaningful buildings.

Roger Scruton dismissed the organic as a metaphor but language originates in metaphor as we try to describe the world around us and because objects have no intrinsic names. To say the world is a machine is also a metaphor. There is a discernible Traditional Conservative approach to town planning and architecture that we are developing.

American conservatives tend to be more abstract than their British counterparts because their origins were in the dawn of the Liberal era. Brett Stevens of has original views on architecture and conservation which is an American variant but part of the same general movement. (3)

Tradition develops with additions but these should be within pre-existing parameters and should be harmonious and balanced. Contemporary schemes demolish whole areas and break the tradition by not fitting into their surroundings and make whole areas disjointed muddles. This adds to the deculturation of local people who cease to feel they belong. This not the “shock of the new.” This is the dissociation of communities by incongruous building.

When architecture grows from tradition, local people, especially the young, are better adjusted and happier. Conversely, there is a syndrome of social, cultural, political and environmental pressures that are dissociating people from their communal identity, severing them from traditional civilizing structures that their ancestors could take for granted and leaving them feeling out of place and angry towards their social environments. 

Those who react to the alienness of contemporary buildings often resort to discussing architecture in aesthetics terms, but it is more than that; it embodies our history and represents where our forebears were born and raised which links local people to their roots; contemporary planning and architecture atomises communities. Our town and city centres are being changed from the welcoming places of historic buildings, into cold, unwelcoming areas. Historic buildings draw one into the culture and community but contemporary buildings repel and push people out dissociating them from the community.

Initially, the modern person was optimistic and had a sense of release from prejudices but this has left people bereft and with a sense of loss. They respond by forming artificial communities like gangs and prey on other people. Modern rationalism and architecture are part of what had liberated people from closed societies but the eradication of old restraints through a vision of a society where the parochialisms and animosities of a world founded upon kinship, village, and church would be abolished, brought loss of culture and community which caused feelings of depression and futility.

History is expressed in traditional architecture: Ghent town hall is on the site where the town's representatives and guild's men met in separate houses until they needed more room for their business when a large town hall was built in 1484. This in turn was considered too small and from 1518 until 1535 a new and much bigger town hall was constructed in late-gothic style. (4)

In 1540 Ghent refused to pay taxes to Charles V for his war with France so he subjected the town to reprisals. One third of the town hall had been erected and it was only from 1572 that they could resume building the town hall. The architectural style had changed by then and several renaissance-style parts were added until the beginning of the 18th century. In 1750 a construction in Louis XV-style was added as the seat of the 'chamber of the poor', then in the early 19th century the staircases in front of the hall were altered for a visit by Napoleon. The building embodies significant events in the town's history.

Throughout the 19th century several renovations were carried out. The original furniture of the various rooms is either still there or is held at the Bijloke museum of Ghent.
I recall an occasion when a Swedish man asked me for directions to Shrewsbury Station. He had been too much with “Bacchus and his pards” but unable to be “charioted” by them wanted to catch a train back to Leeds. I had difficult time convincing him that Shrewsbury station was a railway station - he was convinced that it was a cathedral.

The station is copybook example of appropriate building. It was opened in October 1848 for the first railway from Shrewsbury to Chester. And the architect was Thomas Penson of Oswestry. The building is unusual, in that the station was extended between 1899 and 1903 by the construction of a new floor underneath the original station building, rather than on top.

The style was imitation Tudor, and had carvings of Tudor style heads around the window frames to match the Tudor building of Shrewsbury School which is now used for Shrewsbury Library on the other side of the road. They took care that it fitted in and did not ruin the ambiance of the area as contemporary buildings do. The main building of the station is a Grade II listed building. 

A view I have proposed is the rebuilding of certain awe-inspiring and important traditional buildings that have been wantonly demolished. One example is the once grand Euston railway station in London. The proposed new station is appalling and even more grotesque than the last one whereas the original was redolent of grandeur and respect for the tradition and culture it was being added to. It should be restored to what it was. (5)

A short stroll along Euston Road brings us to St. Pancras station which nearly got demolished in 1960s but, luckily, escaped and was renovated in the 2000s at a cost of £800 million. It is adjacent to Kings Cross station and near to the stunningly decorated St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. These restorations show how respect and pride in the community can be revived. (6)

Berlin Castle is being restored. It has a beautiful baroque-style façade which incorporates the Schlüterhof and the "Kings Lodgings" in the Renaissance-part of the building at the Spree-site. This is the modern age so this is to be converted into a first class hotel with finance from the private sector but it is being recreated not completely lost.

The palace is intended to be the main tourist attraction in Berlin. Dresden Church has been rebuilt as have other historic parts of the city.

Progressives argue that the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral departed from the usual style of churches at the time and caused an uproar. That misses the point which is that was one building by a highly respected architect but the contemporary situation is the character of whole areas being changed by international oligarchs with unelected town planners and local councillors who are elected by a minority of eligible voters changing our urbiscapes into something else. That is not a strange new building but the transformation of London into something different and by imposition not democratic means.

Some European countries have preserved whole medieval towns. Sighisoara is a deeply impressive fortified town in Transylvania, Romania. The town with medieval houses is very important for European culture and history. (7) The defence system was built by medieval guilds consisted of a wall of 930 meters in length, fourteen defence towers and five artillery bastions. Nine towers, two bastions and a part of the precinct wall have been conserved. The Clock Tower became the symbol of the town.

The Council held their meetings there and the local archives and treasury were housed there. The Venetian House, named after the stone window frames built in imitation of Venetian Gothic, are from the 10th century. The Vlad Dracul House, the former Paulini house, seems to be the most ancient civil stone construction of the city. The House With Stag called after stag head fixed to the corner of the building, is a construction specific to the Transylvanian Renaissance and dates from around the 17th century.

This town links Romanians with their origins and affirms their identity. It makes them feel more Romanian. The experience of looking at the Shard, in London, is excitement but that is temporary and on the surface; the experience of looking at say say, Manchester Town Hall, is much deeper. It can range from pleasure or delight to awe and even deeper contemplations of our whole identity and place in our history.

Tallinn in Estonia has a new part and old town which has winding cobblestone lanes, iron street lamps, Gothic spires and medieval markets. It was built between the 13th and 16th centuries when it was a busy member of the Hanseatic trade league. It has colourful, gabled houses, half-hidden courtyards and grand churches. This is within a mainly intact city wall and peppered with guard towers. It links local people to their roots and consolidates their identity. (8)

Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak) is living continuity of their history. It is from the final days of the Tsars and through Estonia's first period of independence in the Old Town it was a national symbol. It is a focus of civic pride and a popular public meeting place.

Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast has had tragedy: although it was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1667, its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains, have survived; it was damaged again in the 1990s in the war with Croatia and Serbia but is now being restored under the auspices of UNESCO. 

Other European master-works and old towns were rebuilt as they had been before they were destroyed such as The Cloth House in Brussels and the old town in Warsaw. We need to begin this process here not to correct war damage but to repair the ruination wreaked by local councils. (9) 

Birmingham has never recovered from Manzoni's depredations in the late 50s and I don't think it can without restoring some of the historic buildings that were demolished in the late 50s and early 60s. The old library with its round reading room and The Woodman pub to name but two. 

A walk round Gloucester is a mixed blessing: some outstanding buildings of historic import are undermined by having repellent square blocks of concrete that pass for shops interspersed between them. I'm sure demolishing the hideous ones to restore the historic buildings would in turn restore the character and ambience of the city as a whole.
Newcastle seems chopped up. There is little harmony and balance left. This great city like Birmingham had people imprisoned for corruption in rebuilding their cities with buildings that have none of the qualities of grace, charm, grandeur of those they destroyed. A priority in Newcastle should be to rebuild Eldon Square that was demolished for a run-of-the-mill shopping centre.

World-famous historic cities like York and Cambridge have modern shops. Cambridge built the large Grafton Centre outside the city so the two can co-exist; Bristol has Cabot Circus. 

In Europe grand and magnificent buildings are part of the identity and history but are also beneficial to the economy because they are also great tourist attractions. The primary motive is economic but the recreated buildings have a beneficial effect because it strengthens local community and identity. The local authorities in Coventry have realised that destroying this once beautiful medieval city for the temporary attraction of shopping malls was a mistake. Well, time to start rebuilding them. They did move several old buildings into one area called Spon Street but they need to restore many of the better ones to the rest of the city to give it some ba.

It would improve the city to demolish most of the concrete shops and offices they have. I had a meeting with the Conservation Officer of Coventry City Council three years ago but he dismissed my idea of rebuilding the many traditional buildings they destroyed -- he might think differently about it now.


Recommended reading:

Our Culture, What's Left of It: the Mandarins and the Masses Theodore Dalrymple, 2005
The Quest for Community Robert A. Nisbit, 1953
Rationalism in Politics  Michael Oakeshott, 1948

"The Prisoner" Freed on bail?

There are reports that Emma West "the suspected tram racist"  has been freed on bail following a closed door hearing at Croydon Crown court.  Whether or not this is true, it was not before the poor woman had spent over a week in prison and been subjected to a frenzy of internet hatred all because she said stuff which the state and a bunch of obedient twitter-stasi disapproved of.

Irrespective of this latest development, which may well have been a result of the level of outrage on the internet regarding Ms.West's treatment, the reaction of the state and a section of the public to the secretly filmed video which was posted to YouTube reveals some very disturbing truths about Britain in 2011.

However, will Emma's children be returned to her?

The following article by Daniel Greenfield was published on the Canada Free Press site on Sunday, whilst Emma West still languished in prison, and examines those truths in a very clear and illuminating manner, its impact is not diminished at all by today's events coming as they did a week too late. I recommend it to you.

The Prisoner

By Daniel Greenfield

Few other places turn out dystopian fantasies quite like the United Kingdom and if the United States has never quite become the chrome skyscraper and flying car utopian wonderland of its utopian fantasies, with its ubiquitous cameras and DNA banks, the United Kingdom seems well on the way to its dystopian destination.

1984, The Prisoner and V for Vendetta are all a train ride away nowadays. Say the wrong thing and you can expect to be wearing a prison suit and nominated for a national run on Two Minute Hate.

Towards the end of last month, the UK launched a nationwide manhunt or womanhunt, in coordination with online activists, Labour politicians and the police to bring the most feared criminal in the islands to justice. The lady, whose last name is appropriately enough West, will be spending Christmas in prison away from her three children. Her crime was to engage in some abrasive taunts with the denizens of the New Britain complete with obscenities and be videotaped doing it.

West was hunted down, tips were solicited from the public, Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour opposition, who always manages to wear the face of a well-meaning idiot, retweeted the “important appeal” to track down a woman who was threatening the nation by shouting on a tram that the Poles, Nicaraguans and Blacks should go back where they came from.

Needless to say the charming fellows from Hizb-Ut-Tahir, Islam4UK, Muslims Against Crusades or their associated groups rarely have to spend Christmas or Eid in prison no matter how many poppies they burn or how many slurs they shout. Anjem Choudary is not likely to touch off any morality mobs on Twitter. The same people who desperately sought Emma would sneer at the Daily Mail mentality for even acknowledging good old Anjem.

And around a week or so later the very generous Judge Robert Brown freed four Muslim women who beat a native British woman senseless while shouting racial slurs at her, judging that it was only their inexperience with alcohol that led them to misbehave. The Romans used to say In Vino Veritas, but in New Britain if you’re Muslim and drunk you get a free pass on assault.

Emma West shouting, “What has this country come to? A load of black people and a load of ****ing Polish,” merits a nationwide manhunt, but beat a native woman senseless while shouting, “Kill the white slag” and the kindly English judge will be sure to see your side of it. Similarly smash the windows of Jewish stores and you get more judicial kindness, but say the wrong thing about Nicaraguans on a tram and you can expect to be sent to jail for “your own protection”.

For all the shouty “vile racist tram rant” headlines, Emma West cutting loose is a familiar enough experience to anyone who rides the New York City subways. I can’t begin to count how many times a lady or gentleman have gotten up in the car to express their feelings about white people or the devil or the government. And being experienced dwellers in a multicultural city, we know enough to read our books and switch cars at the next station if they become too agitated without anyone being sent off to prison.

There was once a notion that a liberal society would be an open society, but that door has shut some time back as its activists have discovered that the only way to have an open society is to close the door on any populist dissent. Their kind of liberalism is notoriously unpopular and cannot be sustained without control of the media, regular editions of Two Minute Hate and the baton and the prison cell.
The “I disagree with you but will die to defend your right to speak” society is all but dead, and it has been replaced by the “I disagree with you and will sentence you to prison” society.

The “I disagree with you but will die to defend your right to speak” society is all but dead, and it has been replaced by the “I disagree with you and will sentence you to prison” society. Disagreeing with an Emma West is no longer an option. Dismissing her views as garden variety bigotry that is an unfortunate reality no longer passes either. No she must be tracked down and sent to prison.

This really isn’t about bigotry, if it were, then beating a woman senseless while shouting racial slurs at her would not result in a suspended sentence. It isn’t even about race, it’s about a power structure that uses race to cover its own multitude of sins. Multiculturalism has become the metaphor for a changing nation, and while it is as of yet not illegal to oppose change, it can be made illegal to oppose the Broken Britain that it leads to.

The morality mob that went after Emma West showed off the same insecurity that is behind Muslim hysteria over a cartoon of Mohammed. This is not the behaviour of confident people who are secure in their views, it is an outburst of state violence from the 1 percent who are terrified of losing their grip on power.

The dystopian fantasies which imagined that a police state would be the product of some right wing takeover never seemed to anticipate that just as in the east, it would be the left that would resort to it. That is where George Orwell, who came out of the left, proved far wiser than many other writers. The police state is a consequence of the left’s failures, its economic failures and its demographic failures. That is as true in the United States as it is in the UK as it is in Israel and throughout what was once known as the free world.
Multiculturalism and prosperity can uncomfortably exist side by side, but multiculturalism and poverty cannot

Multiculturalism and prosperity can uncomfortably exist side by side, but multiculturalism and poverty cannot. Worse yet when you invite in half the world while destroying your own economy and segmenting what is left into government work, private sector jobs requiring a higher education and the dole, then you create your own nightmares and they will walk the streets and beat you senseless.

Systems like that are inherently unstable, the deeper they go into debt, the more unstable they become and the more the people at the top begin behaving like the crooked heads of bankrupt companies, cooking the books and lashing out violently at anyone who might notice.

Emma West is dangerous in a way that Anjem Choudary isn’t. The day may come when someone like Anjem is the Emir of a truly New Britain, but that day won’t come for a while. The Religion of Peace is not yet a majority in the country. But the people at the top and their cronies do fear that there may be a majority of Emma Wests, if not a majority, then enough to cause them trouble.

West is apolitical, there was no agenda or philosophy on display here, she was saying what so many think. And that is dangerous. The Western left is well aware that beyond its bubble are struggling people dealing with the everyday frustrations that their power and privilege shields them from. These are the people who have not been programmed, but they have been distracted. They are the proles of 1984, the lower classes that no one bothers to closely monitor because they are thought to be incapable of revolution on their own. It goes the extra mile to destroy or suppress their potential leaders and sometimes it sets out to make examples out of people from among their ranks so the proles remember that dissent is punishable.

Gavin Barwell, the allegedly conservative MP for Croydon, praised the power of the social media outsourced police state, and called for a dialogue on “how the evil of racism in our society can finally be eradicated.”

But there really is no need to have a dialogue on the question. Several nuclear wars would do it. Like most human attitudes and feelings, racism cannot be eradicated without also eradicating human beings. And that might be a matter of throwing out the baby with the racist bathwater.

Racism is an aspect of racial identity, just as sexism is an aspect of gender identity, and class resentments are an aspect of class. The attempt to eradicate class by the left has created more inequity, the attempt to eradicate gender identity has been a boom for sexism and homophobia and the attempt to eradicate racism has embedded it even deeper. But the same left which sneers at wars on terror, keeps declaring wars on aspects of human nature and then fails to realize why they may be counterproductive.

Human beings pack along a constellation of identities, and those identities have positive and negative sides to them. A journalist may have a positive identity consisting of his pride in informing the public of important issues and a negative idea which allows him to disdain the public for being so ignorant. The negative side is not particularly attractive and yet it is the natural shadow aspect of his positive side. The two are indivisible.

Click here to continue reading at Canada Free Press


Hat Tip: Mister Fox, Runic, Peter, Bertie Bert at the British Resistance

Monday 12 December 2011

London twinned with the DRC

You may not have heard about this, but over the weekend 143 people were arrested on account of a violent riot which took place in Central London. The rioters were protesting in Central London on account of an election result in the (so called) Democratic Republic of Congo, in ....uh ..... Central Africa.

You may not have heard about this as much of the mainstream media appear to have taken a vow of silence over the story, as they always do when events like this cast an unattractive light on their beloved multicultural society.

One can only imagine how differently events would have been reported had a mere 43 white people been arrested for rioting in the nations capital. Their trials would have been daily news fodder for weeks!

Also, as with similar events in the past one has to question why people feel London is an appropriate place to protest against events in third world  hell holes which were never even a British colony.   It seems that another blessing bestowed by mass immigration is that we must now suffer the unpleasant consequences of events many thousands of miles from our shores.



A Congolese Carol


Tuesday 6 December 2011

The Truth Exposed

By Lee John Barnes

We must thank Judge Robert Brown for revealing that white people have no rights or protection in our society.

A gang of Muslim girls who repeatedly kicked a young woman in the head walked free from court after a judge heard they were 'not used to being drunk' because of their religion.

The group screamed 'kill the white slag' while kicks raining in on 22-year-old Rhea Page as she lay motionless on the ground, the court heard.

The attackers - three sisters and their cousin - were told by a judge that normally they would have been sent to jail.

However, he handed the girls - all Somalian Muslims - suspended sentences after hearing that they were not used to alcohol because their religion does not allow it.

Click here to continue reading at 21st Century British Nationalism

News report

Meanwhile: "Racist Tram Rant woman", who's children have been taken by the state authorities was  remanded in custody until the new year.

Thus stands the state of British Justice in 2011

Monday 5 December 2011

Our most Precious Commodity – Social Unity.

By August Pointneuf

Poor, vulnerable Emma West, in her display of agonized stress.

We might not know what the precipitators were but we do know that she was behaving abnormally. A frightened person, frightened for herself and by  maternal fear for her child, implanted in an assertively aggressive crowd.  She was intimidated by the surrounding alien appearances, by their distinct looks, different dress, foreign voices and, to her, unpredictable behaviour.

She was frightened by being far outnumbered; she was the fearful lone victim in a cascading barrage of screaming paranoiac defensiveness,

Now visualise her instead in a homogenous group: people she was accustomed to and whom she could rely upon to behave predictably. What she needed in her distress was the constancy and the calm equilibrium of a mature society. She could have been with people who did not appear frighteningly different from her culture. Yes, in this context the passengers in that notional tram-of-similar-people would have seen her as behaving waywardly. But Instead of attacking they would have seen her for what she needed, empathy, assistance and compassion. They would have addressed her curious behaviour with calmness. One could have expected these people to accommodate and reconcile what they hoped would be Emma’s temporary aberration. They would have helped her.
Emma West has been accused of “antisocial behaviour”. It is exactly the reverse. She showed, in caricature, the intrinsic mechanism of individuals who attempt to protect and promote their society from forces which they see as alien. That is social behaviour in their terms 
Less widely promoted was a counter-attack by MarmiteMan4, young, white and aggressively critical of Emma West.

MarmiteMan4, proudly asserts his fervent, unbridled emotions of youthful enthusiasm. He spouts the beliefs of youth, with proclamation of idealism, and implied defense of the subjugated. It is the spring harbinger of a boy’s social awareness.
 It is the social heart of a youthfulness which is yet to reach the patrimonial brain of age.

His divisiveness is not unexpected; it is a natural sub-agendum, which temporally separates youth from age. Youth searches for absolutes: the perspectives of context are the findings of age

The youth-age divide is not harmless. MarmiteMan4 fires the same enthusiasms which propelled the rebellions of recent history.
But it would be expected to resolve. That is the business of the close family and the business of the dinner table shared by the same peoples and a homogenous culture.

How should we interpret the other, more deeply entrenched, social divisions which are apparently irreconcilable? 

This cannot be done by looking at them as they are at present. These views and stances have been long incubating, not for years, but generations. What each illustrates, irrespective of the emotive and precipitating causes, is the progressive polarisation of societies. These societies have been confused by the forced juxtapositions of peoples with a variety of origins and beliefs.

There is little point in attempting to rationalize or justify one or the other. Both demonstrate stress, both demonstrate a fragmentation of society. Both demonstrate divergent values, and when viewed alongside one another show how the outcome of political social manipulation will inevitably lead to conflict.

It is possible, of course, for inherently distinct groups of people to reach levels of acceptance of one another and a relative (if impermanent) harmony. But there will always be thresholds at varied levels and to different provocations.

A few overt symbols of one group or the other can rapidly prompt an impulsive and aggressive eruption.

Once one group, or both, is subject to sufficient social pressures – economic or otherwise – and a specific threshold is reached then a feed-back polarisation will intensify unstoppably.

Ultimately all rationale is lost. Crisis is reached. After that there can be no “natural healing”, no spontaneous reversal.

All of this was predictable. Authoritative voices have long been raised against the smug political doctrine of forced “diversity” (or its failed predecessor, forced “integration”).

But these politicians have chosen not to learn. Indeed much of their tactic is founded on divide-and-rule. They seem still intent in their tack despite the onshore winds of increasing social stress which make calamitous internal insurrection now ominous.

Sunday 4 December 2011

Police - " A Crime isn't racist if the victim isn't racist"!!!!!!

Here is a quote from the police regarding the murder of Danny O'Shea who had his throat cut after being chased by a gang of black "youths"

"We do not know why such a terrible thing happened, but what we do know is that this is not racially motivated as Danny was a popular boy with friends from all cultural backgrounds"

WOW!! does that mean that if Stephen Lawrence had some white friends his killing wasn't racist either??!!!! Why didn't the BBC tell us?



I apologise, I misread the article, and note that the statement above was made by Danny O'Shea's mother, not by the police. However a police spokes person did state "I wish to reinforce the family's position that there is nothing to suggest Danny's murder is racially motivated." One has to ask whether the police would have been so quick to rule out a racial motive had a black boy been hunted down and had his throat slit by a gang of whites.