Wednesday 28 April 2010

The High Court Demonstration has been canceled

Please note that the planned BNP demonstration at the high court in London today has been canceled.

Farmer dies in Boschkop attack

A man in his 40s was killed on a farm in Boschkop, Pretoria on Wednesday morning, paramedics said.

The farm owner who is said to have been attacked with a sharp object was found lying in a pool of blood at around 07:45

Paramedics attempted to resuscitate him, but he died from his wounds on the scene.

A police spokesperson was unable to immediately provide further details on the incident.


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Tuesday 27 April 2010

Thirty One years of "Provocation"

Scotland Yard have finally released the 31 year old report into the death of so called anti-racist protester Blair Peach in 1979. Given the report reveals that Peach almost certainly died as the result of blows he received from a police baton we will no doubt hear much more about the report in coming days. The left in this country, which includes the controlled media, is nothing if not tribal and Peach, a martyr of the anti-racist movement is very much one of their own.

However, looking at the wider circumstances surrounding Peach's death shows us that not much has changed in the last 31 years. He died whilst he and hundreds of other “anti-racist” protesters were involved in a violent confrontation with the police when protesting against a “provocative” meeting which the National Front were holding in Southall. The National Front's meeting was viewed as “provocative” because Southall is an area with a lot of immigrants, which, of course, begs the question, where exactly in London would not be provocative?

The violent anti-racist protest in Southall followed a number of earlier violent incidents, such as that in Lewisham in 1977, where, when the National Front staged a “provocative”march through another area with a lot of immigrants, this seemingly provoked anti-racists to throw paving stones at them.

Odd isn't it that although it was the National Front who did the marching and the anti-racists who threw the paving stones, to this day the media still blames the violence on the National Front. The NF, of course, were being “provocative” by protesting against an issue of concern to them in an area where the issue in question had made a significant impact.

Peach and the other “anti-racist” protesters of the 1970's were part of the same movement which went on to form the modern day UAF, and they are still employing the exactly the same tactics , except that they now largely ignore the National Front and instead instigate violent confrontation with new and more successful nationalist organisations such as the BNP. Only last year on College Green, in front of the Houses of Parliament, we saw UAF violently attacking Nick Griffin's “provocative” press conference, and then the mass violent attack at the BBC, when Nick Griffin made his “provocative” appearance on question time.

Also in Preston we saw the organised violence by the “anti-racist” UAF against the peaceful, but presumably “provocative” anti-Islam march by the English Defence League.

This same thing has now been going on for almost 40 years, the same violent forces have been using the same tactics of violence and intimidation against anyone who objects to the mass invasion of our country, whist blaming the victims for “provoking” the violence.

Meanwhile, the media, the police and various governments continue to also blame the victims of the violence for binging it upon themselves by daring to object to a deliberate government policy.

They call this country a democracy, but it has been no such thing for decades!

Cleggmania has consequences

As Nick Clegg has, today, confirmed that he would be prepared to support a Labour leader , other than Gordon Brown, even if they had not stood for election, the above statement could be true in mores senses than one.

(By the same token, an alternative, I didn't dare to illustrate was “Vote Clegg – Get Harman”)

For non-UK readers, Ed Ball is currently Schools minister and a protegee of Gordon Brown, he is rumoured to be one of the most unpleasant and brutish members of the government. Harriet Harman in deputy prime minister and a (white) man hating feminist

Monday 26 April 2010

Another court case - another humour bypass

This Thursday BNP Chairman Nick Griffin will be defending the party at London High Court against top lawyers for the Marmite producers and former Margaret Hodge employers, Unilever. This is due to the fact the humourless prats are miffed because a pot of their sticky brown spread appeared in a spoof BNP broadcast.

If you are in London, please go and support Mr Griffin and show the media that you love Britain, whatever you might think of Marmite.


Democracy - By Channel 4

Sunday 25 April 2010

The Guide to Cameron's "Big Society"

On March 31 David Cameron unveiled his “Big Society” plan, listing a set of policies which he claims are designed to build a ‘Big Society’ based on responsibility and respect.

The very first of these is a proposal for “a neighbourhood army of 5,000 full-time, professional community organisers who will be trained with the skills they need to identify local community leaders, bring communities together, help people start their own neighbourhood groups, and give communities the help they need to take control and tackle their problems”, in relation to which he goes on to say:

“This plan is directly based on the successful community organising movement established by Saul Alinsky in the United States and has successfully trained generations of community organisers, including President Obama.”

It may be that the disingenuous Mr Cameron is attempting here to capitalise on the still widely held belief in Britain that Obama is a a successful and hugely popular American president. This might be a reasonable assumption, given that due to media censorship, although the British public are aware that Obama was swept to victory on a tilde of popularity and optimism in November 2008, very few are aware that, within months of taking office Obama's poll ratings were languishing amongst those of history's least popular presidents.

(Did anyone else notice the note of panic in the voice of Asian news reader Krishan Guru-Murthy, when Michael Heseltine alluded to that secret fact on last night's Channel 4 news?)

However, it remains rather bizarre that a European Conservative leader would pay such a fulsome tribute to a figure such as Saul Alinsky the author of “Rules for Radicals” considered my many to be a guidebook to modern communist revolution. Published in 1971, is a bible for many on the left and a significant tool in bringing about some of the worst aspects of our modern Orwellian society.

In the opening paragraph of Rules for Radicals Alinsky says: "What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away"

He goes on to say:

Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so future less in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution.
Does this sound familiar? Can you see how Alinsky's guidance has been applied within our own society to replace so much that was good with so much that is so damaging.

Elsewhere, Alinsky says 'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.' “It” of course is a human being, but, as we have seen, the disciples of Alinsky are skilled dehumanisers.

Speaking of Saul Alinsky a respected commentator and friend of mine said: “This man was an aggressive communist, one for whom there was no right or wrong, only power, there was no morality only the will to dominate others. He is an absolute horror when you view the way he wants to break down society, destroy the Church and families, etc. He followed the Gramsci line of thinking, rather than the Stalin brute force approach, and therefore avoided direct confrontations. But he was constantly fomenting divisions, creating a sense of grievance, class envy, us versus them attitudes, the sorts of things that absolutely wreck society he saw as very useful. He was a destroyer.”

When challenged, Alinsky denied that he was a communist, but his writings, and the manner in which they have been used belie that denial.

A writer calling themselves “Jessie James” in an article entitled “Know your enemy” published on Western Front America said: The long term goal of Saul Alinsky and the socialist revolutionaries is to openly overturn the traditional order of society by taking power from the “Haves” and giving it to the “Have- Nots” of the world.

This goal of radical redistribution of wealth and power is the only “constant” ideology that an Alinsky trained “community disorganizer” is taught to accept. That the ultimate implementation of this redistribution on a global level would destroy each and every advanced white western country is either not understood by the the mostly white middle class disciples of Alinsky or they are so twisted that they see our destruction as desirable and justified.

Alinsky wrote his Rules for Radicals in 1971 for the specific purpose of harnessing the unfocused chaotic discontent of the 1960’s youth rebellion into a long term tool for the destruction of the current American system from the inside out. His goal was to produce a generation of “Realistic Radicals” who would worm their way into our churches, our government, our schools, our businesses, our labor unions and our media.”

This may be written from a partisan perspective, however, it remains beyond question that Saul Alinsky was no friend either of the white race or of the forces of conservatism.

The fact that the leader of a major European conservative party would choose not only to heap praise on such a figure, but to formulate policies based on his teachings leaves one with a troubling sense of unease. Are Cameron and his party acting through stupidity and ignorance, or is their motivation significantly more sinister?

Is the Conservative leader a fool, or is he something very different to what he would have us believe? Let us hope that it is the former and not the latter.

Hat Tip: Dr. D

One year old baby beaten into a coma by armed gang

The Huguenot Lie

In his interview with Nick Griffin last night, the congenitally supercilious Jeremy Paxman attempted to question the existence of such a creature as a native or indigenous Briton, by seeking to exaggerate the number of immigrants who have come to Britain over the centuries, and as ever, he raised what he and the other Historical deceivers believe is their trump card the Huguenot refugees who arrived here after 1571.

However, let us look at this claim that Britain is a nation of immigrants, and that what is happening to day is no different to what went before. Does the fact that, as an act of charity we took in a group of of persecuted French protestants 430 years ago invalidate our claim to be an indigenous people. Let us look at the truth of the Huguenot lie.

French Queen Catherine de' Medici 'exults over the dead bodies of the Huguenots'

In the late 16th Century, following persecution in France, most famously on the Eve of St. Bartholomew, when many thousands of their numbers were massacred in Paris, around 200,000 Huguenots fled from France and were dispersed widely throughout Europe, and even further afield, Some even traveling as far as South Africa where their descendants can be found amongst the Afrikaner community (odd we have never heard Paxman claiming there is no indigenous South African people) others went to the newly found colonies in Canada and North America (does that mean Native Americans are not indigenous?). Within Europe, Huguenots refugees settled in Holland, Germany (mostly what was then Prussia) Switzerland, Scandinavia and Russia.

Some came to Britain, and it is true that prior to 1948, the white, European, Christian Huguenots were the single largest immigrant group to come to Britain. However, at even the most generous estimate of their numbers, 50,000, amounted to less than a fifth of the current Somali population, which, estimated at a quarter of a million, is certainly not even one of the largest immigrant groups in the country

As to the Eastern European Jews, the other group mentioned by Paxman, they were a few thousand at most, less in numbers probably than the current Melanesian population. Prior to that you have to go back a thousand years to find any significant numbers of invaders, and even then, the Normans, and the Danes before largely sent their soldiers home after they had done their pillaging and in any event they were tiny numbers by comparison with what we see today.

Before 1948 Britain was not a "Nation of Immigrants" as the media liars try to pretend. As acts of charity for which our enemies now seek to punish us, we took in immigrants and refugees, but, as with the Huguenots, we did in relatively small numbers who were easy to assimilate and which did not overwhelm the native population or change the genetic DNA of our nation. What we are seeing now bears no comparison to what went before. It might as well be a completely different universe and is as close as you can come to the bloodless genocide of a people

Footnote: From Wikipedia: Jeremy Paxman has been publicly criticised over his and his partner's home help arrangements. Having advertised on a Romanian website, they hired two people at below minimum wage without a written contract. While this is not illegal in the UK if employees live in, Paxman, known for grilling interviewees on workers' rights issues, was criticised when his employees went public, claiming to have been paid "the bare minimum. - Perhaps Mr. Paxman should declare an interest when discussing immigration

Saturday 24 April 2010

What even Mr Paxman might understand

It seems that despite adjudicating over University challenge in his spare time, Newsnight anchor Jeremy Paxman (pictured above) struggles for a definition of an indigenous or native Briton, or so the disingenuous and obscenely over compensated old poser tried to pretend in his unsuccessful attempts to discomfort Nick Griffin during his interview with him this evening.

Well, in that case, lets give him a fact which will not challenge his Panten Super Hold spray addled brain and one which will not even require him to grasp a definition of either native or indigenous which would be quite clear to 99% of the population. Indeed it will not even be necessarily for him to pontificate superciliously about a tiny group of French Huguenots or an even smaller group of Lithuanian Jews, but which might just give him an inkling of the size of problem we are facing.

It is an indisputable fact that, if current immigration and immigrant birth rate numbers continue, within less than 50 years, the descendants of those British born people who celebrated VE day in 1945 will be in the minority within the British Isles.

Is that clear enough, even for you Mr. Paxman?

An undemocratic aliance

The man striking what I assume he imagines is a suitably arrogant pose for a British land-owner is Jamaican born farmer and businessman Wilfred Emanuel-Jones, otherwise known as the black farmer behind the "Black Farmer" range of food products. Despite the immigrant invasion of Britain, black farmers remain very rare in this country (as they once were in America until the government decided to compensate black farmers for the "racist" reluctance of banks to lend them money, at which point their numbers increased by many thousands) and Mr. Emanuel-Jones gained some celebrity status, together with his own Channel 4 TV series, which saw him taking a group of inner city school leavers from ethnic minorities to work on a scholarship program on his Devon farm.

It would of course have led to a Channel 4 exposé, and probable police action, had a white farmer offered a scholarship program exclusively to native whites. However, that is the way "equality" works in these Orwellian islands.

Emanuel-Jones is also one of the ethnic minority candidates, which Tory leader David Cameron is so excited to be fielding in this year's general election and is standing as the Conservative candidate for rural Chippenham in Witshire.

However, it seems that both Emmanuel-Jones and his Labour counterpart Greg Lovell have some difficulty understanding the concept of democracy and demanded that the BNP candidate
for Chippenam Michael Simpkins be excluded from any hustings event they attend.

Sadly, those organising the Hustings event at Corsham on Friday, Corsham Community Area Network (CCAN), appeared to share the Emmanuel-Jones / Lovell Soviet style approach to democracy, and banned the BNP from attending the first half of the event, when the other candidates would be speaking. The BNP were invited to attend the second half, at which stage, those not wishing to share the stage could leave.

Naturally at half time Emmanuel-Jones and Lovell departed like a pair of ugly sisters rustling their crinoline and waving their fans in disgust at being in the presence of the lower orders.

To his credit the Liberal Democrat candidate Duncan Hames did not join in with the Tory and Labour histrionics and demonstrated respect for democracy by remaining on stage. Let us hope, that, if the BNP do not win Chippenham themselves (it is a rural seat and not one of the party's main targets) Mr. Hames is one Liberal Democrat who does benefit from the Cleggmania currently stirring up the British electorate.

Meanwhile with luck Emmanuel-Jones can return quietly to making sausages I will never buy, and Lovell can return to running his ethical "free trade" shop, just so long as neither of them get anywhere near a democratic process which they clearly find difficult to understand.

In the mind of the deluded and deeply stupid

Raped by a black man and its still the white man's fault, this woman is so stupid she is dangerous.

This level of stupidity just makes me angry

Armenian Genocide 1915

Armenian Genocide Remembrance day 24th April

A statement of truth

There is one statement in the BNP's 2010 election manifesto which the party and every one of its supporters must ensure is made known to the wider public at every possible opportunity. It is a statement which I urge the BNP to find space for in their forthcoming election broadcast and repeat every time they are given airtime on any major TV or radio outlet, particularly when they are being broadcast live, so that it can not be easily edited out, as the controlled media will certainly seek to do.

They must repeat it on door steps and shout it out at hustings, for it is a truth which must be spoken.

That statement is:

At current immigration and birth rates, indigenous British people are set to become a minority well within 50 years. This will result in the extinction of the British people, culture, heritage and identity.

It is a statement of truth which the wider public must be made to confront. It is also a truth which the establishment does not want to be told.

Do not forget how Nick Griffin was immediately attacked and silenced by the other panellists when he attempted to reveal the truth on Question time, and, in any event, it would certainly have been edited out of the broadcast version of the show had he managed to say it.

They don't want it said because they have no answer to it, they can not deny it, and even they can recognise the truth it describes for the act of evil which it is. That is why they refuse to acknowledge it, they know that, to succeed, their victims must remain ignorant of their fate until it is too late for them to save themselves from it.

However, the white majority must be made aware that they and their children will become a minority in their native land by the middle of this century and what that will mean to them and to their children.

We, who gather here, tend to think they must all know what is happening because we know it so well, but, in fact, they do not know. It is a truth never spoken when they gather, it is not mentioned on the TV shows they watch, the websites they visit or in the newspapers they read, so why would they know?

Some may suspect it, but whilst it remains a secret they need not acknowledge it, as to do so might seem racist, and also very scary.

However, they must be made to acknowledge it, for otherwise it will destroy them.

Sadly some may think it fine, as democrats we must accept there are those who will cheerfully welcome the day upon which their race is disinherited in their homeland, that is their choice, but it a choice which they must be allowed to make for themselves, not one which is imposed upon them.

Until now none of us have been given the choice.

Our leaders have, for their own political ends, taken up down a path which must inevitably lead to the the day when our people will become a minority in the islands where our forefathers have lived, and which they have defended with their lives for millennia, yet they have never given us the chance to say “No” (or indeed, for that matter even to say “Yes”)

It is not scaremongering to acknowledge the inevitable outcome of what is being done, it is certainly not racist, it is a mere statement of truth, a truth the public must be told.

What is being done to us if of far greater significance than our membership of the EU, or who rules us for the next five years, for when this comes to pass, at a date which is ever more rapidly rushing towards us, it will be forever and there will be no going back.

The unavoidable result of our leaders treachery, embodied within that truth, has never before been acknowledged, and we have never before been allowed to vote on it.

This time we have a vote but the people must be made to know what they are voting for and what will happen if they don't.

Friday 23 April 2010

The BNP Election Manifesto

A breaking dawn

The BNP launched their election manifesto today, and it is an extraordinarily powerful document. I really hope that people will copy and paste the main points, which are listed below, and e-mail or send them to everyone they know. Because I suspect that most people will struggle to find anything they disagree with.

This is the most radical manifesto released by any political party in decades, and yet it is all common sense.

The manifesto’s key pledges are:

Defending Britain: BNP Defence Policy

• The BNP will end the involvement of British troops in the Afghanistan war

• The BNP will not allow British forces to become involved in a war against Iran

• The BNP will withdraw our troops from Germany

• The BNP will renegotiate our presence in NATO

• The BNP will raise Defence spending by one percent over the rate of inflation for the next five years

• The BNP will institute a Community Award Scheme for young people

Immigration: An Unparalleled Crisis Which Only the BNP Can Solve

• At current immigration and birth rates, indigenous British people are set to become a minority well within 50 years. This will result in the extinction of the British people, culture, heritage and identity.

• The BNP will take all steps necessary to halt and reverse this process. These steps will include a halt to all further immigration, the deportation of all illegal immigrants, a halt to the “asylum” swindle and the promotion of the already existing voluntary repatriation scheme.

• The BNP recognises the right of legally settled and law-abiding minorities to remain in the UK and enjoy the full protection of the law, on the understanding that the indigenous population of Britain has the right to remain the majority population of our nation.

• The BNP will deport all foreigners convicted of crimes in Britain, regardless of their immigration status.

• The BNP will review all citizenship grants awarded since Labour entered government in 1997, based on that party’s admission that they orchestrated mass immigration to change forcibly Britain’s demographics and to gerrymander elections.

• The BNP will repeal the Race Relations Act and all other far leftist social engineering projects, such as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission aimed at enforcing multiculturalism.

• The BNP will regain sovereign control of our borders by increasing funding to the UK Border Agency.

Environmental Protection and the “Climate Change” Theory

• The BNP demands an end to the destruction of Britain’s green belt, caused primarily by housing demand fuelled through mass immigration.

• The BNP will launch a “polluter pays” policy in the fight against environmental damage.

• The BNP will encourage the use of existing “brown sites” for all new building or industrial developments.

• The BNP rejects the “climate change” theory which holds that all western nations need to be stripped of their manufacturing base and pay untold billions to the Third World to build up their industries.

Leaving the European Union

• The BNP loves Europe but hates the EU.

• The BNP demands an immediate withdrawal from the European Union, which is an organisation dedicated to usurping British sovereignty and to destroying our nationhood and national identity.

• The BNP will end the annual multibillion cash haemorrhage Britain pays out to the EU in membership fees and regulatory costs. This money will be spent on building infrastructure in Britain and alleviating poverty and unemployment at home.

Counter Jihad: Confronting the Islamic Colonisation of Britain

• The BNP is implacably opposed to the Labour/Tory regime’s mass immigration policies which, if left unchecked, will see Britain and most of Europe colonised by Islam within a few decades.

• The BNP believes that the historical record shows that Islam is by its very nature incompatible with modern secular western democracy.

• The BNP will ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain.

• The BNP believes that there should be absolutely no further immigration from any Muslim countries, as it presents one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation.

• We propose the immediate deportation of all radical Islamist preachers, those proven to have attended any of their inflammatory sermons, and any other members of their community who object to these reasonable security measures.

• The BNP is the only party to identify correctly the twin causes of Islamist terrorism in Britain: (a) mass immigration and (b) a biased British foreign policy which serves to incite Muslims living in Britain.

Renationalising the Welfare State

• The BNP will halt the handout of benefits, housing, education and pensions to foreigners who have not paid into the system.

• The BNP will ensure that the National Health Service is used to serve British people and not used as an International Health Service.

• The BNP will provide education and training for the unemployed to enable them to get back into work.

• The BNP will institute a workfare-not-welfare policy for those who refuse to get back to work.

Freedom for All: The Restoration of Our Civil Liberties

• The BNP will repeal all legislation enacted by successive Labour and Tory regimes which have usurped the British people’s basic civil liberties.

• The BNP will circumvent the erosion of our liberties by the old gang parties under the guise of “fighting terrorism” by dealing with the root causes of Islamist extremism in Britain, namely mass immigration and Britain’s biased foreign policy.

• The BNP will repeal all laws aimed at restricting freedom of speech, including those relating to race relations and religion.

• The BNP rejects ID cards as an undesirable manifestation of the surveillance society.

• The BNP will repeal the 1998 Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, both of which are exploited to abuse Britain’s hospitality by the world’s scroungers.

• By withdrawing from the EU, the BNP will not permit British courts to be subservient to international bodies or courts which override the law of the British parliament.

Constitutional Change: Protecting and Enhancing Our Heritage

• The BNP will devolve all powers properly capable of exercise to local level and revived county council government.

• The BNP will create an English parliament in Westminster.

• The BNP will create a pan-British parliament to oversee those policy areas currently determined by Westminster and invite the Irish Republic to join as an equal partner.

• The BNP will reform the House of Lords to include non-party political experts and individuals chosen on the grounds of talent and service.

• The BNP will introduce citizens’ initiative referenda to force government to adhere to the will of the voters on specific subjects.

• The BNP will introduce a new Bill of Rights which will guarantee certain basic civil liberties.

• The BNP will enact legislation forbidding interference in the electoral process by third parties not partaking in an election.

• The BNP will restrict the use of postal voting only to those incapable of getting to the polling station on election day.

Democracy and the Media

• The BNP will enact legislation which will hold journalists and their media outlets criminally liable for knowingly publishing falsehoods.

• The BNP will create a media complaints body which will have the power to grant slandered persons or institutions the right of reply with equal prominence plus financial compensation in serious cases.

Culture, Traditions and Civil Society

• The BNP will take steps to promote the traditional British concepts of civility and courteousness by ensuring that they are taught in schools.

• The BNP will oppose the intrusion of non-British and alien cultural influences which undermine our traditional value systems.

• The BNP will encourage the teaching of British history, culture and traditions in schools.

• The BNP will seek to promote the traditional high-street shopping environment over the out-of-town shopping centre.

• The BNP will ensure that National Lottery funding is spent on projects which enhance British culture, rather than degrade it.

• The BNP will introduce formal bank holidays for all of our nations’ patron saints.

• The BNP will take legislative steps to protect Britain’s pubs, which will include tax concessions, smoking rooms under strict supervision and a lowering of tax on alcohol served in public houses.

Time to Get Tough on Crime and Criminals

• The BNP will end the culture where criminals’ rights are placed above those of victims of crime.

• The BNP will abolish political correctness from the police service in favour of real crime fighting.

• The BNP will review the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) in order to remove unnecessary bureaucracy from the police service’s duties.

• The BNP will reintroduce capital punishment for drug dealers, child murderers, multiple murderers, murderers of policemen on duty and terrorists where guilt is proven beyond all doubt.

• The BNP will reintroduce the right of householders to defend themselves and their property using whatever means they deem necessary.

• The BNP will establish a penal station for extremely dangerous/violent repeat criminals (including rapists) on the British island of South Georgia.

A Healthy Nation: Public Health and the NHS

• The BNP will end the scandalous situation of NHS underfunding by reallocating money from the foreign aid budget. The reported NHS deficit is £620 million and the current foreign aid budget is £9.1 billion.

• The BNP will increase spending on front line staff while cutting back bureaucracy in the NHS.

• The BNP will end the £2 billion per year “health tourism” scandal.

• The BNP will give priority to employing British people at affordable wages in the NHS and halt the recruitment of Third World-origin staff who are needed in their own nations.

• The BNP will cut waiting times and service difficulties by relieving the immigration burden upon the NHS.

Education for a British Future

• The BNP will reverse the budget cuts on education and prioritise this sector as vital to the rebuilding of our nation.

• The BNP will bring back traditional syllabi and teaching methods to replace the current and obviously failed systems currently being used.

• The BNP will bring back streaming and grammar schools.

• The BNP will bring back academic and sporting competition at all levels of education.

• The BNP will offer free university education to deserving students who have completed their period of Community Service.

Transport: Getting Britain Moving Again

• The BNP will make rail travel affordable once again by reversing the disastrous privatisation process which has grossly inflated ticket prices.

• The BNP will reduce traffic congestion by bringing the immigration invasion under control.

• The BNP will invest in a high speed 200 mph magnetic levitation inter-city rail network.

• The BNP will seek to decrease the price of fuel which is already comprised of at least 63 percent government tax.

• The BNP will charge foreign trucks for the right to use Britain’s road network, as other European nations already do.

• The BNP will encourage and support the development of alternative transportation technologies to ultimately replace the internal combustion engine.

Agriculture: Food and Fisheries

• The BNP will promote British agriculture by gradually phasing out the EU’s CAP subsidies and replacing them with a viable UK system.

• The BNP will forbid the development and importation of genetically modified produce.

• The BNP will encourage the regeneration of the family farm as the core structure of Britain’s agricultural sector.

• The BNP will investigate the need for a massive soil reinvigoration scheme.

• The BNP will outlaw non-stunned ritual slaughter of animals.

• The BNP will bring back our nation’s traditional 200 mile coastal fishing exclusivity zone.

Energy: Fuelling the Nation’s Growth

• The BNP is committed to research into renewable and quasi-renewable energy sources and transmission systems, such as wave power, hydrogen fuel, and nuclear energy.

• The BNP rejects the notion that our nation’s nuclear power stations should be owned by foreign investors.

• The BNP opposes the punitive taxation mandated by the other parties’ adherence to the global warming theory and the “carbon credit” racket.

• The BNP will stop the building of wind turbines which are inefficient and blight the landscape.

• The BNP will investigate clean-burning coal-fired power plants as another method of dealing with increased energy demands.

Foreign Policy: Putting British Interests First

• The BNP will realign British foreign policy to put our nation’s interests first.

• The BNP will undertake not to interfere with the sovereignty of any other nation, and those in the Middle East in particular.

• The BNP would only deploy British armed forces in a conflict in which Britain’s interests were directly involved.

• The BNP will end the foreign aid swindle and reallocate the money saved to help British people.

Housing: Sheltering the Nation

• The BNP will allow local authorities to borrow on the open market to provide housing in their locality.

• The BNP will abolish the Homes and Community and Regional Development agencies and transfer regeneration and housing functions to local councils.

• The BNP will place each local council under a legal duty to build a number of homes set to a percentage of the waiting list total each year. These would only be available to British citizens.

• The BNP will introduce a “local connection test” for any applicant seeking social housing in terms of which they would need to demonstrate a positive and historical link to the area.

• The BNP will create a national infrastructure bank to promote regeneration and national infrastructure renewal.

• The BNP will relieve part of the housing crisis by halting and reversing the immigration invasion.

The Economy: Putting Britain Back on the Road to Recovery

• A BNP government would tackle the national debt problem by cutting expenditure on all projects which do not serve British interests.

• These expenditures which will be cut include the annual costs of £18 billion spent on “global warming,” the £13 billion spent on immigration, the £4 billion spent on asylum, the £15 billion spent on EU membership, the £9.1 billion spent on foreign aid, the billions spent fighting illegal and immoral foreign wars, and the billions spent on “politically correct” social engineering projects.

• The BNP undertakes not to reduce front-line public services while billions of pounds continue to flow out of the country to foreign interests. British people must benefit first from British tax income.

• The BNP aims to relieve the tax burden by raising the personal non-taxable allowance to £12,500.

• The BNP will encourage the family unit by reintroducing the married man’s allowance by as much as £2,500, depending upon the presence of children.

• The BNP will raise the inheritance tax level to £1 million.

• The BNP will work for a reduction in council tax through the slashing of all politically correct council functions and “diversity” schemes.

• The BNP would take some of these savings and invest them in rebuilding British industry and skills through an active protectionist policy as many other European nations already do.

• The BNP will rebuild Britain’s skills base — lost through decades of deindustrialisation caused by successive Tory and Labour regimes — by offering generous subsidies to students who study engineering and science and to institutions offering such education.

• The BNP will ensure that globalist corporations pay their fair share of the tax burden. We will close down the legal loopholes which allow tax evasion through Transfer Pricing and the outsourcing of jobs to foreign nations.

• The BNP will therefore introduce legislation to ensure that a foreign acquisition of any significantly-sized British company is judged to be in the public and national interest before it can proceed.

• The BNP will pass legislation to separate utility (high street) banks from the investment banking sector to prevent a repeat of the credit crisis.

• The BNP will oppose the privatisation of natural monopolies such as Royal Mail.

Creating Local Economies

• The BNP would support local economies by creating a national network of autonomous credit unions.

• The BNP would investigate the viability of voluntary local currencies as a means of assisting local economies.

Pensions: Looking After Our Old People

• The BNP aims to increase the state pension to £150 per week within the duration of the first Parliament.

• The BNP will link the state pension to earnings which will ensure that pensioner incomes keep pace with the cost of living.

• The BNP will reduce the current annual allowance for tax relief on pension contributions from the present amount of approximately £230,000 to £75,000.

• A solution to the public sector pensions crisis must be found through a national conference with all the players — employers and workers’ representatives.

• Part of the solution lies in raising the age of retirement to 68 over a period of years.

• The BNP will enact legislation to ensure that pensions are eligible only to Britons and those who have fully paid into the system.

• The BNP will vigorously oppose the UK taxpayer being called upon to subsidise any pension underfunding crisis elsewhere in the EU.

IT and the Digital Revolution: The BNP’s Vision

• The BNP will reinvigorate the IT sector in Britain with massive investments in technology universities.

• The BNP will institute a policy of protectionism for the local IT industry and jobs.

• The BNP will nationalise the telecoms infrastructure to enable the creation of a not-for-profit 100Mbps broadband service across the country.

• The BNP will invest in technology universities to provide the skills to our people to take their rightful place as world leaders in the IT industry.


You can view the full 94 page document and watch film the manifesto launch at the Home of the Green Arrow

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Spot the difference

Highwaymen in masks

Women in Burkas

I know, I know, I can't see any difference either

UAF - a threat to Democracy

Ignored by the controlled media, across the country the violent thugs of the fascist UAF are attempting to smash democracy by attacking election meetings attended by BNP members, already hustings have been threatened or invaded in Essex and in Blackpool and now we hear of further meeting in Harborough has been cancelled following threats of violence.

The media must appreciate that these are the tactics of a totalitarian state. The UAF, who call themselves "Unite against Fascism" in rather the same manner in which a group of rabbits might say "Bunnies against cottontails", are supported by the three main political parties, which effectively makes this state sponsored political violence. Yet they remain silent and refuse to report what is going one.

Is there no journalist left in this country with a remaining iota of honour and decency to truthfully report the news, if only in memory of a democracy which millions of our grandfathers' generation died for?

17 year old farmer's daughter raped and murdered

Moments after 17 year old Alicia Muller had left Morning Glory farm near Villiersdorp on her way to school her father heard her scream, he ran to her assistance and found her with a man on top of her. The assailant proceeded to attack that father with a knife, but he escaped and ran for help.

However, upon returning with assistance he found Alicia had been stabbed to death.

News report
and in English
From: Dina


From the ANC - "Farmers to blame for Farm attacks"

Austerity of Intellect.

By August Pointneuf

Peter Hain, from the senior rank of Secretary for Wales, concedes that the Labour government got its assumptions on the number of immigrants from the EU to Britain. “Very wrong".

Very wrong they were indeed, since a (conservative) 250, 000 European migrants are believed to have invaded Britain since the borders were opened. This resulted in an extraordinarily damaging assault on the British tax-payers’ investment in their social service program. Blair predicted "a maximum of 100,000 immigrants from the EU to Britain". Other government "authorities” apparently predicted an intake of 40,000 European immigrants after the borders were opened.

These guesses of the government, with their powerfully damaging impact on the society, were simply thumb-sucks. What astonishing arrogance of a government to impose a policy of this importance, with so little verification, on an entire population. Worse, however, is than that it demonstrates a total absence of common savvy.

Britain and Ireland were bound to be the prime target of economic migrants because English is the most common second language in Europe. What Bulgarian is going to move to Spain, and have to learn Spanish when they already have a smattering of English? English is the most desirable second language for almost any occupation, and those who seek to better themselves economically will, by acquiring English fluency, have an additional highly saleable qualification.

Further the ultimate aim of many economic migrants is to move to what they see as the most desirable destinations in the world, the English speaking nations. By acquiring English their supposition would be that they would later be more able to later move to Australasia, Canada, or the United States, using Britain or Ireland as a temporary staging post. Of course many will not get to the extra-European English speaking world. The second-rate, rejected by the choice nations, will probably stick in Britain and encumber it permanently.

The message is that the present government has been allowed to exercise their inordinate powers without having the necessary knowledge, insight, or intellect and so has caused considerable, and permanent social damage to Britain.

August Pointneuf

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Terre'Blanche Murder scene - independent forensic investigation

Very interesting report on the Terre'Blanche killing at Censorbugbear which can be read by clicking here.

An independent forensic investigation suggests that the killing was premeditated and had nothing whatsoever to do with unpaid wages. It also suggests that a black woman who attempted to warn Terre'Blanche was also murdered.

I wonder if that will ever get into the mainstream media!!

Please read the full report at Censorbugbear

Two families survive farm attacks over the weekend

The number of attacks against white farmers in south Africa are unquestionably on the increase, thankfully not all end in fatalities, despite the terrifying experience of the victims, and the clearly murderous intent on the part of the attackers.

I have posted links to two such attacks, which occurred over the weekend, at South of the Zambezi.

In the first attack on Saturday would be killers attempted to burn a mother and her children alive in their own home after sealing the doors with wire.

In the second attack on Sunday a farmer was shot and stabbed by attackers when he opened his kitchen door.

In both incidents the violence itself appears to have been the motive of the attack

Sunday 18 April 2010

Billy's New Number

Tonight's news tells us that the very old and largely forgotten one time punk rocker and far let agitator Billy Bragg is heading towards his long abandoned birthplace in Essex, together with various theatre lovies and assorted anarchists, all intent on convincing the local population of Barking not to vote BNP by the means of performance art and ethnic nose flute recitals.

However, news has just reached me that the crumbly old poser is secretly planning to release a new single in the hope of having a hit in the current century.

A draft of the lyrics were found scribbled on the back of a napkin from London's Mezzo Restaurant (the place to be in 1992) and left in a gents lavatory in Dagenham together with a carton of Lapsang souchong, a heavily thumbed copy of Das Kapital and an expired but unopened packet of condoms.

In the merciful absence of Mr. Bragg to perform himself, you will need to improvise and imagine the following sung by a very aged and rather scuzzy vintage 1978 punk rocker suffering from stomach acid and raging haemorrhoids:

I'm Billy Bragg

I'm Billy Bragg, I'm one of you, don't you all own a mansion?
I'm Billy Bragg I'm one of you 'cept I won't need a a pension
At election time I'm round you way, I'm even drinking shandy
I'm Billy Bragg, I'm one of you, even though I'm friends Wiv' Mandy.

I don't give a toss about your jobs, or who just raped your daughter
I'm Billy Bragg, a Labour Man, supporting Halal slaughter

I'm Billy Bragg I'm one of you, even though I live in Dorset
I'm Billy Bragg I'm one of you, Hey man, I only own three horses
I'm here to tell you who you should and who you shouldn't vote for,
I'm Billy Bragg, I'm one of you, .... 'ere don't touch my new motor!!

The BNP might stop our plans to create a new world order
I'm Billy Bragg, and I plan to scrap this ancient nation's border

I'm Billy Bragg, I'm one of you, despite the sums I'm earnin'
I'm Billy Bragg I'm one of you even if I think you're vermin
I may be a tired old tosser, but I still think I'm cool
I'm Billy Bragg, I'm one of you, Now bring on Sharia rule

I'm here to do Searchlight's bidding, because they are shit scared of you
I'm Billy Bragg, I'm Commie scum, and I'll do what they tell me to

I'm Billy Bragg, I'm one of you, at least that's what I like to boast
I'm Billy Bragg and if I get my way, this country's future's toast
I hate the natives of this land, I hate them wiv' a passion
I am Billy Bragg, but I'm not like you and its your hopes that I'm trashing

Don't vote BNP I say, don't vote them into power
I'm Billy Bragg, and all my hopes and dreams are swiftly going sour

I'm Billy Bragg, I'm one of you, and a has been old punk rocker
I'm Billy Bragg and if you listen to me, you're a has been too you sucker
I'm here to tell the voters what to do, but they don't give a damn
I'm Billy Bragg but no one under 50 knows who the f##k I am!

The Way Through the Woods

By Mister Fox

As we try to fathom our contemporary situation we see everything that once gave us our bearings is being broken down. Our natural society made up of homogeneous communities is being de-constructed for the creation of a pre-meditated artificial society. The task for us writers is to try explain what is happening and not just to react to events but articulate what we need for our rebirth from the ashes of our old traditions. There are two main aspects: A spiritual defence and a practical defence. This is about the spiritual defence my next article will deal with the practical defence.

We have to change the political climate. The politicians who stand for our people and values do so in a hostile political atmosphere. Our people have been brainwashed for years into passively accepting their dispossession by anti-British elites.

The great achievement of “Home of the Green Arrow and friends” is that Green Arrow, while exposing news events, also had the brains and foresight to develop a team of outstanding writers who are beginning to articulate a coherent patriotic move to re-construct our ways and communities. Meanwhile, this blog is important in exposing modern political myths and media lies.

What are we up against? When we assess our condition a metaphor springs to mind and it seems to me that we are benighted in dark woods and need to strike a light and find our way back. The UK is ruled by an ideological caste which is a self-selecting elite of people who hold the correct opinions and express them which demands total acceptance of the ideology for one to advance in life; it is a Kleptocracy, as they rob the population by deceit and theft from public funds. If you meet the ideological criteria you can fiddle yourself a fortune. Blair’s expenses records have now been accidentally shredded! Opening the door to immigration is a nice, little earner if your wife is a Human Rights lawyer.

Those who express, or are suspected of holding, unauthorized opinions never get a job in an Establishment position because they are given negative code words - "racists" or "haters." The result is the “Ideological caste” purged of independent thought and consisting solely of drones, and followers. They talk like mindless robots - sexism, homophobia, racism, hate speech. The education system filters dissidents, preventing them getting qualified. Malcolm Bradbury made it clear in “The History Man” that those labelled “right-wing” are marked down.

Those with a public profile are on message because of the "aspirational" adoption of elite orthodoxy by the middle class. This is why it is an “Ideological Caste” - you can only belong if you conform, and you have no career if you think for yourself. Sin is no longer wrong behaviour but wrong thinking - those who err are persecuted and subject to public humiliation.

The dominant ideology is “multi-racialism” and its militant wing “anti-racism.” These began as an ideological reaction to Hitler and the new Left replaced traditional liberals while adopting revised Marxism from such as The Frankfurt School. The opening of the camps had a massive effect on influential people in the West. The response was an inversion of what Hitler believed - groups he disliked became treated as special like gypsies and homosexuals. Jews were until their reported treatment of the Palestinians put them out of fashion again and now they are being persecuted throughout Europe by the nexus of EU elites and the imported Muslims. Those he revered (Whites) became the enemy of the ideology and the scapegoat if things went wrong. The other races being effectively deified can do no wrong: as in the Soviet Union wishful thinking replaces reality and their crimes are covered up!

The Caste show studied generosity towards immigrants, and pretend they are harmless which is what you do if you cannot face a danger. If there is a bully terrorising others you wish it away. Oh, he’s a good bloke ... he doesn’t bother me. .. perhaps they will start to like us… perhaps they will realise that we are nice people. It’s like being so frightened you pretend something is not happening. It is too painful for the elites to acknowledge and causes them sufficient anguish to strike out, blaming us.

Education is being “dumbed down”, the main thing, is to develop the correct attitudes. White children are indoctrinated to reject their identity, to be ashamed of their history and, if at all possible, to slander themselves and internalise racial guilt. Meanwhile, the children of immigrants learn how “racist” and “evil” our ancestors were. They learn to silence protest with a word only applied to us - racist. That demonstrates perfectly where the discrimination really lies. It prevents us objecting to the cheap labour that is destroying children’s futures. The results for law and medical schools show that Asian are pushing indigenous students out.

The government have the means to protect our borders as they police Iraq and Afghanistan. But they don’t want to. The media covers by telling us that the politicians have lost control of the orders. No, they have not. They want immigrants to flood in, which is why they advertise for them to come here in our overseas embassies. It is why the British Council trains young Africans in our ways and uproots them from their own villages and communities.

Politicians and TV are constantly being nice to ethnics and if any are involved in a cultural activity or a sport there is always an adjective of praise in front of the name. Wishful thinking overrides analysis. They don’t have to face the consequences of their inadequacy if they build us up as a bogey figure.

Those granted asylum get priority over British people. When they arrive they are homeless and do not bring houses with them so they must be taking ours. Brits on the waiting list may live in overcrowded conditions or in squalor, or may have a health priority such as spores from black mould in the house getting on their childrens’ lungs. But they will be classed as having a home and abandoned.

Asylum getters have their houses fitted out with every thing they need. There is a free car because its cheaper than paying for taxis for them. Indigenous people are advised to use public transport, but not asylum seekers.

A young women was given a temporary, emergency house, called a “dispersal property” usually reserved for asylum seekers (illegal immigrants). She was told not to use one of the rooms, because there was damaged furniture in it. She looked it - was full of things that are used to entice asylum seekers - phone, large flat screen television, pots and pans, blankets, recordable DVD player, X box, play station and a box full of various game and music DVD’s in various languages.

Decades of anti-British social, economic and educational policy have made white people less able to compete against migrant groups with strong ideologies like Islam. A moral relativist culture of tolerance could never stand up against people who are protected by family values, with a muscular religion. But the desire to redeem our declining civilisation exists. No matter that the elites makes so much effort to destroy our organic culture and re-culture us for Globalism, the will to survive is reviving from the bottom.

An early example of the state oppressing its own people and privileging foreigners was the judgements on the race battle in Notting Hill of 1958. Evil Judge Salmon gave excessive sentences of around 4 years to the young working-class lads but excused the Blacks.

The 1961 race battles in Dudley were similar. Young men were fearful of losing their jobs to immigrants but even worse, the immigrants were pulling their women while many locals were away serving their country on national service. The police arrested them and the magistrates punished them for acting naturally. The state was breaking down the primary instincts of its men to keep their women and territory!

In, “The Deculturalisation of the English People”, Rev. John Lovejoy told of how, on his return from Australia where he had worked closely with Aborigines, he was horrified to see that English people were being de cultured in the same way. The most important factor in a people’s decline is when the men lose their women. How often in a day do we encounter advertisements and other representations of the typical family unit as a Black with a white woman?

The main parties, the media, academics and corporations are promoting policies that are destroying us; far from representing us, they are against us. They and their followers effect moral superiority, while we are lectured on our wickedness because we object to our communities being destroyed and being used as dumping ground for immigrants when the Ideological Caste themselves have 2 homes in posh areas or beautiful village and the recent revelations of their expenses scams has disgusted the whole nation.

They transfer other peoples’ taxes to fellow Kleptocrats in the Third World under the guise of helping the starving or poor but make no effort to ensure that needy people get the aid.

The young are given no sense of cultural legacy, but taught what races we wronged and who to apologise to. As long as the state controls education and the parents abdicate their responsibilities the decline will continue. We have to face up to the fact that we are allowing them do this to us and need to resist.

The rulers are paralysed by fear of immigrants but tell themselves it is virtue - tolerance, absence of prejudice, we are all coming together in the brotherhood of man! They pretend the immigrants are assimilating. It’s as if during the journey they shed their ways like shedding a skin and arrived here wanting to become British!

When it comes to different ethnic groups otherwise rational people become sentimental and weak. It’s like a woman on seeing a baby or a child talking to its pet. They go to pieces in a girly sentimentality that causes them to pretend invaders are coming to improve our culture and look after the sick and elderly!

It is like a family writ large. Sometimes one is despised and does not get the care that makes one feel worthy. This is what is causing immoral behaviour and a giving up amongst our working classes who are neglected for immigrants.

The opinions of the “caste” are assumptions - they never justify their views while we are put on media trial. I suppose they convince themselves they are righting wrongs, and redressing the balance, by showing us in a bad light and the ethnics as always competent and worthy. They habitually describe them as intelligent.

Meanwhile television is telling us to feel sympathy for immigrants and how ill-used they have been. They boost them but put us down. The neglect is psychological and subliminal. We are left out of adverts as the typical unit is portrayed as a black with a white woman.

When they apply to open a Mosque the authorities think it is something harmless, like a local church. They hide in the comforting illusion that Islam is “a religion of peace.” But underneath the rulers are capitulating, betraying us to an enemy who will visit vengeance on our next generations for wrongs committed by these same rulers who invaded their homelands in Iraq and Afghanistan in an unjustified invasion and bombed their women and children! They think they can make Muslim countries Western and assimilate everyone here!

There is a pretence that the British Muslims against us are a tiny minority but it’s not half-a-dozen chaps who bump into each other and think “Oh, lets plant some bombs!” They are part of a rival community for our territory.

The authorities can not face it when they do plant a bomb and ask their neighbours leading questions then pretend how much they had integrated and how he loved fish and chips. They gather endless statistics on the widespread support for terrorism then ignore them because they can’t face it.

When the “Ideological Caste” discuss the multi-racial society they never give examples of the consequences but name sports personalities; when we give examples of territorial expansion like the ethnic cleansing of our own people, they do not prove us wrong with debate but slander us because our exposing reality frightens them. There is no attempt to be honest - they have closed minds.

We are given semi-psychiatric labels for our resistance – prejudice, living in the past, irrational. We are having false identities imposed on us and internalising the negativity. For example, what is “racist” about wanting our own communities? What is racist about conserving jobs and homes for our own children?

Two of the most influential figures who are rarely discussed in patriotic literature are Claude Levi-Strauss the structural anthropologist and the trendy Michael Foucault with his inversions of traditional attitudes.

Levi-Strauss’s paper to the UN 1951 conference in London was massively influential. The UN wanted to get back to Enlightenment liberalism and ensure that no one was locked into their culture again as had just happened in Germany. Levi-Strauss’s idea was that if you take the content out all cultures are equal as cultural products can be shown to have the same structure: an African story and, say, Hamlet! One of his influential concepts we were to eschew was "ethnocentricity".

National Conservatives like John Casey in “Authority and Tradition” from “Conservative Essays”(ed) Maurice Cowling and philosopher Roger Scruton in "Thinkers of the New Left" tried to counter this revised Marxist thinking but with their own methods - trying to rationally disprove their ideology.. Entering into debate with the dominant ideology is wrong and leads us into irrelevant by-ways. We must expose what they have done but concentrate on what we can do. We look at the world differently, not through a rationalised ideology but emotion, common sense and study of reality.

A letter from John Stokes MP in The Times of 27th May 1976, shows the different types of thinking: “The question is not one of simply maintaining good race relations here, but of preserving our national identity. What sort of people are we to become? Surely not a hotch-potch of all kinds of peoples whose first loyalty is found to be to their own homelands and who we know will never truly integrate with us. What an end to a thousand years of glorious history for our nation! The intellectuals, the intelligentsia and some sections of the media (middle class to a man) expect our English working class to absorb these alien peoples in ever increasing numbers.”

The BNP should link to the many patriotic social and cultural Conservatives (not market forces or free trade) who opposed immigration, as a starting point and develop from there.

They were right to highlight Churchill’s national Conservatism but should make more of his attempt to have a Bill to control immigration introduced in 1955 and his idea that the Conservatives should use the slogan “Keep England White”! Peter Catterall (ed.), 'The Macmillan Diaries: The Cabinet Years, 1950-1957' Macmillan. 2003 p 382.

Our perspective is deeper and grows from an emotional and instinctive relationship with our people and our territory than the “Castes”. It is more profound than rationalising or adopting an artificial blueprint for a Utopian world because it grows from natural, human instinct.

Our emotional relationship with our land and kin is natural and needs no intellectual reasons to justify it any more than spouses have to justify favouring their partner or parents their children. Parents who want other children to do better than their own are perverse and un-natural! They are on the same emotional scale!

Most people have friends, colleagues and relations from other ethnic groups nowadays but we have to ask ourselves: “Can we allow our children be pushed out of jobs, homes, and college places in their own country?” Look at statistics from Office of National Statistics (which don’t take into account the births to mothers born here) and then look at your children and ask: ”Am I betraying my own children ? Where will they live and work?” To give favourable treatment to aliens over our own people, what the great fifth Marquess of Salisbury called “Our kith and kin” is perverse and un-natural.

We have a duty to our children to pass on what we inherited as they in turn will have to theirs and we owe a debt to our ancestors who bequeath our nation and culture to us and must honour that. The honouring is in maintaining what they left to us and the duty is in passing it on to our descendants. In the wise words of General George S.Patton:”All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.”


By Son of Zimbabwe

On the surface it might be thought that there could be no similarities between Gordon Brown’s politics and Robert Mugabe’s. But is that so?

Gordon Brown is doing exactly what Mugabe does; the only difference is the degree and speed of the affliction which they impose upon their populations.

While it might be unfair to attribute all these errors to Brown personally, as he is an end-point of the misdemeanours of successive politicians, he failed to see the dangers or never acknowledge them. Instead he mindlessly persisted in perpetuating this inherited political cult.

Both Brown and Mugabe have a questionable mandate to be in office.

Both are essentially concerned with their own image and hanging on to power when it is clear that their leadership capacity is extinct.

Both Brown and Mugabe are presiding over declining nations, neither man able to provide the leadership spirit to resuscitate their nations.

In the face of failure, contributed to by their own weaknesses, both threaten that unless they are retained in office the population will face worse to come.

To remain in office both attempt to increase their voter support by appeasing the least economically productive sector of the population, whilst threatening the most productive sector of the population.

Both head governments which have contrived criminal charges against opposition politicians, in Mugabe’s case Morgan Tsvangerai, Nick Griffin by Brown.

Both have bullied their populations by oppressive legislature. In this way both their populations have been slowly intimidated into passivity and inertia, and both Brown and Mugabe have succeeded in destroying their respective population’s will to resist.
Both are suppressing freedom of speech, Brown by prohibiting “anti-immigrants” speech, .Mugabe by prohibiting “anti- government” speech

Neither has appeared to be concerned about the true purpose of government which is to refrain from continuous legislative engineering and instead to reduce legislative manipulation in order to offer the population a predictable stability. Without this the sense of security, and a belief that there is full protection of person and possession, is impossible.

Mugabe abdicated the control of Zimbabwe to a cabal of corruption which effectively operates Zimbabwe to its own benefit. The financial foundation of Zimbabwe’s economy exited abroad.

Brown abdicated the control of Britain to a cabal in Europe, the traditional enemies of Britain, to the benefit of that new power. The industrial foundation of Britain’s economy exited abroad.

Brown and Mugabe have both damaged their nation’s economic power by racial engineering. As a result both populations are degrading into impoverishment. Both have diluted the white creators, their most productive work force. Mugabe did this by a forced exiling of the white creators of industry. Brown did this by a forced invasion of black immigrants diluting the previously superbly successful creators of industry, the white work-force.

Both have filled the government coffers (and the pockets of their politicians) by printing money to an unprecedented degree, in order to both hide their foundation economic errors and as a short term placation of their populations.

Mugabe’s ruthlessly printing of money caused a devaluation which will leave most of the present generation of Zimbabweans destitute.

Brown first ruthlessly taxed the population and later ruthlessly printed money (to cover an unconscionable deficit) which will leave most of the next generation of Britons destitute.

Zimbabwe is a small, land-locked country with finite resources. However each citizen’s share-holding of their country has been progressively reduced by population increase, following Mugabe’s government’s encouragement of unrestrained breeding, to further his political cause.

Britain is a small, water-locked country with finite resources. However each citizen’s share-holding of their country has been progressively reduced by population increase following Brown’s government’s encouragement of unrestrained immigration, to further his political cause.

Son of Zimbabwe