Monday 29 November 2010

Dear Mr. and Mrs Ireland

By Robin Hind

Dear Mr. and Mrs Ireland

I have been watching you protest along the banks of the Liffey. Have you any idea how ridiculous you look, protesting against yourselves?

“We want more money”, you say, and the “government must provide it” Are you all mindless? No government has ever had money in modern times. They use your money.
So now you are all knocking your heads on the wall asking for more money from yourselves !

Your fault was to believe the bribery of government. “Vote us in” said the politicians. “We will give you something for nothing. Money for your retirement! Free insurance from the catastrophes of life!” Then that nasty little bit of corrupt deceit “ Vote us in and we will take money away from those who have earned it, and give it to those who do not earn ! Vote us in !”

Are you now that stupid, Mr. and Mrs Ireland that you would allow the conman on the corner to promise you something for nothing, with a reassuring “just give me a weenie bit of your money first, say like a down deposit, and I will give you riches !” Have you really allowed yourself to be trapped, like a herd of goats, in that way?

Your Ireland has limited resources, and when the resources shrank in the Famine, your Irish people died. And yet you have been giving away your land space to aliens, given away part of your share to outsiders who have failed their own lands. Do not blame them - they heard – the way people do – that the Irish were giving away their land space, and their money (that part is called “benefits”) for free. “Come to Ireland, make a baby, and you are in for life !” has been the call which we have heard echoing in the far corners of the desolate continents of the poor world. So you have been giving away your patrimony, and are now stamping the angry foot on every-one else’s toes !

I notice that you brought you own baby riding on your back to the protest, perhaps to try to twist someone’s heart?. Poor little mite – did you ever think of saving for her?

You are the ones who have been living the Life of Riley, travelling the world, holiday houses, glamorous motor vehicles, and borrowing, borrowing, borrowing. Does it still not occur to you that borrowing would need repayment?

Now is payback time, but you suddenly realise that you cannot pay back. So you shout and scream, and stamp your foot, and hit your head on the wall, protesting against yourselves.

Robin Hind.

Sunday 28 November 2010

Colin Mitchell-Role Model For A New Generation

Lt Col Colin "Mad Mitch" Mitchell, (bottom left), drives through Aden
By Mister Fox

Colin Campbell Mitchell born 17 November 1925 died 20 July 1996, is a modern British hero who found the best way to serve his country was to rebel against the anti-British and emasculated politicians who are betraying their country. This is a story of one who rebelled against the wet, defeatist elites who rule and became a national hero only to be victimised by corrupt and vindictive elites.

He served as as a lieutenant Colonel in the British Army and became a national hero in July 1967 when he led the his regiment the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders in the re-occupation of the Crater district of British colony Aden. On 5 July 1967, Lieutenant-colonel Colin Mitchell, was CO of the 1st Battalion in Aden and led his men the reoccupation with 15 regimental bagpipers playing “Scotland the Brave” and their regimental charge "Monymusk".

Mitchell became famous as “Mad Mitch” and the re-occupation of Crater became known as "the Last Battle of the British Empire". It was not Colonel Mitchell's last battle, though. He fought hard and sincerely to save the his beloved and legendary Argyle and Sutherland Regiment from Socialist Prime Minister Harold Wilson's anti-British manoeuvres to disband or amalgamate regiments loyal to Britain with long and noble fighting traditions. The regiment was not disbanded, it was reduced in strength and many of the soldiers were placed with other Scottish regiments for a time but there was a massive public appeal which was extensively covered by the media at the time.

It was a very successful campaign to fight-back but the regiment was probably saved because of the troubles in Northern Ireland. The British army needed to be at full strength to cope with the situation in Ireland and to fulfil its commitments throughout the world. This same defeatist mentality governs the present Conservative leaders and they are taking the opportunity of the economic crisis to amalgamate our forces with European forces. Our new aircraft carriers will have French aircraft on them. They are out of touch with global realities and seem to think there is no longer any danger in the world. It is a utopian and foolish attitude.

The retaking of Crater became a symbol of the true British spirit. This is an example of when righteous rebellion is heroic. Mitchell is a role model for a new generation who are having their inheritance dissipated by the elites.

On June 20 British forces had been driven from the district with the loss of 22 lives. Mitchell knew that 500 well-armed police mutineers and terrorists had taken up positions there and were prepared to fight. He recalled: "It is the most thrilling sound in the world to go into action with the pipes playing. It stirs the blood and reminds one of the heritage of Scotland and the Regiment. Best of all it frightens the enemy to death."

The Treasury building which held the currency reserve for southern Arabia was retrieved from the police mutineers. By the end of the night it was clear to Mitchell that the push into Crater had utterly demoralised the enemy. Mitchell later said "To me that single moment in Crater was worth all my quarter century of soldiering".

The reoccupation and subsequent control of the Crater district were condemned by The Brass. The GOC Middle East Land Forces, Major-General Phillip Tower, feared that reoccupation of the Crater would provoke more disturbances. Tower, a veteran of the North African campaigns and Arnhem, also thought a full reoccupation of Crater was pointless as British withdrawal from Aden was already decided by politicians. Tower authorized a probe into the Crater to be led by Mitchell using the Argylls and other units but Mitchell took the initiative and reoccupied it. Tower instructed Mitchell to "throttle back" on his operations within the Crater. Mitchell stated that he thought Tower’s to be “wet hen tactics”. The situation was described in The Times:

Mitchell frequently appeared on television: a small, handsome man with a direct, pugnacious manner, speaking the robust, unminced words that the British had not heard from their army officers since the acceleration of the Imperial decline had begun nearly two decades before. Newspapers took him up as a popular hero, proudly bestowing upon him the sobriquet of 'Mad Mitch'.”

Some MPs asked questions about the re-occupation in Parliament. They didn't want heroes countering their defeatism. Tam Dyell asked: “If "Mitchell had disobeyed operational and administrative orders of his senior officers during the recapture of the Crater". Mitchell himself later stated that he had been rebuked by General Tower. This was explained by Defence Minister and Bilderburger, Denis Healey:

“… the brigade commander thought it necessary to emphasize to Colonel Mitchell that the maintenance of law and order with minimum force leading to an orderly withdrawal from Aden with minimum casualties was the policy that had to be followed.”

The final British withdrawal from Aden took place in November 1967 and Colonel Mitchell and the Argylls arrived back at their Plymouth garrison on 27 November. All other battalion commanders from Aden were decorated but not Mitchell. He received only a Mention in Dispatches not the expected DSO. An OBE even would not have been unexpected but politicians bore him a grudge for his heroic attitude and by the time the British withdrew completely from Aden in November 1967, Mitchell was a marked man by the elites. It was made clear there was no room in the military for Mad Mitch.

In July 1968, he gave notice that he intended to resign from the Army at the end of the year. This was not the customary 7 months’ notice required of senior officers, but was accepted accepted with effect 1 October 1968.

Characteristically certain types made allegations of abuse and mistreatment. However, top Yemeni lawyer Sheik Tariq Abdullah recalled: "They were very rough. They tried to show as much restraint as possible but in general during that period you would find most of the people complaining."

Mitchell knew what they called Argyll Law was the only way of tackling the insurgents who killed 200 British soldiers in Aden. In 1996, he explained: explained why his methods were right:
"A great many Arabs are alive today because we used these methods and a great many Argylls are alive today because we used them. This to me is the complete exoneration of anything, if we needed exonerating, which we don't and never have done."

Maj Alastair Howman, who served with Colonel Mitchell in Aden, said the Argylls had nothing to apologise for on the 40th anniversary of their withdrawal. The end of British rule left a power vacuum which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people in the decades of civil war that resulted.

Maj Howman saw the same spineless weakness as in today's politicians and accused them of failing to learn the lessons of the Aden Emergency: "Crater was run on Argyll Law and that is perfectly sensible because there wasn't any other law. Once somebody declares what date they are going leave a situation it is fraught with danger for the people who are there. "That happened in Aden and it seems to certainly be happening in Iraq. I don't think politicians ever really learn this lesson. I don't think they read their history books."

Colonel Mitchell wrote his memoirs Having Been a Soldier, did some freelance journalism and worked briefly as management trainee with Beaverbrook Newspapers. However, he was a national hero to the people and serving military if not the elites. He became Conservative MP for Aberdeenshire West which he won from the Liberals by a 5,000 vote majority in 1970.

Mitchell was an excellent constituency MP whose main political interest was the British Army. He was critical of the Army’s leadership. For example, in August 1970 he was quoted: ”… those bastards in Whitehall”. He was on the patriotic or traditional wing of the Conservative party and opposed British membership of the European Community(now the EU), sanctions against Rhodesia and the arms embargo on Israel. He was prominent in the Monday Club and the Anglo-Rhodesian Society. Mitchell was one of 39 Conservative rebels who defied the Party whip to vote against British entry to the EEC(EU) in the Commons vote on 28 October 1971.

The Times diary reported on a Monday Club fringe-meeting he addressed at the 1976 Conservative Party conference on the subject of white-ruled Rhodesia:

“I went to mock, but came away with much sympathy for Mitchell personally rather than for the lost cause he espouses. He is quite at odds with the world in which he finds himself.”

Now, however, from our deteriorated condition he stands forth like a beacon to inspire us in our darkest hour.

Further reading:

Having Been A Soldier

It is out of print but print for some time but you can still pick it up from specialist booksellers. There are copies on Amazon and a search on Abebooks you should find someone selling a copy.

Saturday 27 November 2010

Saturday 20 November 2010

Alfred the Great - Role model for a New Generation

By Mister Fox

The concern that children educated in state schools are taught an anti-British propaganda that makes them ashamed of themselves and their history is something that needs countering. This potted history of Alfred the Great (1)is a small attempt to correct this great evil and it also draws some parallels with our contemporary plight. A significant difference is that we have been conquered by our own elected representatives and pacified to submit to the encouraged invasion by Race Laws and the ideological use of terms like “Racism” which is stopping us defending our women, children and territory from colonisation. (2)

Alfred was born into chaotic and dangerous times as we are today. Invaders from Denmark and Norway called Vikings, had sailed from their homelands in longships and were plundering England. Although these invaders were racially similar they had developed separately and were not Christians but Odinists. Like today the invaders coveted our territory and they also won repeated battles against the indigenous people. The three kingdoms of Mercia, Northumbria and Wessex were under sustained attack from Viking raids. The Viking incursions culminated with a "Great Army" landing in East Anglia in 865 AD. This army made widespread territorial gains, and by 875 the kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria had succumbed with only Wessex remaining Anglo Saxon. Wessex was attacked in 878 and Alfred fled to the Somerset marshes were he regrouped to counter attack.

The Viking invasion of England began by raids in 793. They attacked London in 842 and colonised East Anglia in 865 followed by the colonisation of Northumberland in 870 and Mercia in 874.

When Alfred was born in 849 fifty years into the colonisation. England comprised the four kingdoms of East Anglia, Mercia, Northumberland and Wessex.

In Alfred's 21st year his brother King Aethelred led the Saxon army to Ashdown to engage the invaders in battle. However, when the Vikings sallied at them Aethelred was too busy praying to fight so Alfred took command. He led the charge. This surprised the Vikings and Alfred won. This was unusual as he Vikings won all the other many battles of the time. Then, fortuitously, Aethelred fell ill and died and Alfred became King in 871.

Alfred led his men at the Battle of Wilton but they lost. They had to make peace and buy the Vikings off with gold. They won a promise from the Vikings of no more raids. In 877, his 28th year, Alfred went to his fort at Chippenham to celebrate Christmas. Then, twelve days later, a large Viking army arrived to take them while they were feasting and not prepared for battle. The Vikings slaughtered many, burnt their homes and captured the fort. However, Alfred had fled with some of his men. They were indigent and had to wander begging food and billeting from his people. After much suffering they arrived at Athelney an island in the Somerset marshes. There was a building there that they used as a redoubt or stronghold. They hid there from the Vikings to recoup their strength and make plans.

A legend grew up at this time. It is said that he sheltered for a while with a farmer and his wife. She apparently went out to milk the cows leaving him to watch some oat cakes she was baking. Alfred being engrossed in planning his tactics to overcome the invaders, let them burn.

That spring Alfred contacted the English Earls telling them of his whereabouts. Then came the turning point – the Earl of Devon beat a Viking army in battle. Alfred knew the time had come to emerge from hiding and rally his forces. They mustered at Egbert's Stone. Alfred's Saxons cheered when they saw him as they thought he was dead and hope replaced despair in their hearts.

The Viking army, led by Guthrum, was camped at Edington. Alfred and his Earls decided their tactics, prayed all night to God and the next morning marched on Edington. The Saxon army stood close together forming the famous “Shieldwall”. The battle was fought all day with arrows falling like hail and at last the Vikings turned and fled the battlefield. Alfred pursued the foe to the fort at Chippenham and camped around to besiege them. The Vikings surrendered after two weeks. Alfred made peace and gave them North and East England. This became known as the Danelaw because Danish law held sway there, with Wessex and the South belonging to the Saxons. This was not satisfactory as the Vikings were still hostile and now with a claim on the land and battles continued until 937!

Finally, they took the English throne. In the summer of 1015, Cnut's fleet set sail for England with a Danish army of c 10,000 in 200 longships. Cnut was the head of Vikings from all over Scandanavia. The invasion force was to be in close and brutal combat with the English for fourteen months until the invaders took the country and Cnut was crowned.(3)

Alfred did not make many mistakes, though. He turned the towns into fortified communities with large, strong walls around them. He built a fine navy that later became the base of English power. This defeated the Vikings at sea in 875. People had previously thought the Vikings were invincible at sea. In 892 Alfred again beat the Vikings at sea. Then after four years of war Alfred drives the Danes out. Like most “Clashes of Culture” the conflict is permanent and when a nation has weak leaders thy surrender to the stronger power as Ethelred the Unready (4)and like the traitors in power today. A feature is trying to bribe those the weak rulers fear.

In 991, when Æthelred the Unready was about 24 years old after the Battle of Maldon, the English began paying money to the Vikings to leave them alone - a gafol of 10,000 pounds was paid for their peace. Yet the Danish fleet continued to ravage the English coast from 991 to 993. In 994, the Danish fleet sailed up the Thames towards London. The battle was not conclusive so Æthelred met with Olaf Tryggvason their leader, and signed a treaty with agreeing with the settled Danish companies and the English government to regulate settlement disputes and trade. The treaty stipulated that the pillaging and slaughter of the previous year would be forgotten, and stated that 22,000 pounds of gold and silver had been paid to the raiders as the price of peace. The parallel with decadent, spineless,contemporary elites like the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Phillips trying to introduce Sharia Law is striking. (5)

Alfred removed to London in 886 and built many new buildings setting it on course to become the Capitol city. Like today, the country faced colonisation and had to be brought out of chaos and decline. He made new laws and very importantly translated books out of the Latin into the vernacular English. This enabled more people to learn and also helped bind the communities with a common identity. Alfred encouraged writing, reading music and art among his people which originating in a national religious outlook give rise to civilisation. He died in 899 at fifty years of age. Alfred was the youngest son of the King of Wessex who took him to Rome where he met the Pope when he was four. He must have been impressed by the famous grandeur of Rome and seen the comparative barrenness of his homeland of the time.

His mother encouraged her children to learn and offered a beautiful book to her child who first learned to read. Wily Alfred could not yet read so he asked his teacher to read it to him till he had it by heart and won it as a prize from his mother!

I am very grateful to Peter Mullins for suggesting the idea for this educational piece to me.






Tuesday 16 November 2010

Extortion Works


It sure has been a profitable week for followers of the cult of the perpetually offended.

Estimated £500,000 ransom paid to Somali Kidnappers

Government pay millions to ex-Guantanamo detainees

Monday 15 November 2010

A Nail in the Fuse Box: The Persecution of the British National Party

By Sean Gabb

The suppression of political parties is becoming an interesting feature of life in the managerial superstate known as the European Union It happened six years ago in Belgium, to the anti-immigration Vlaams Blok. And in London, High Court hearings have just (November 8th and 9th) that will determine the fate of the British National Party. Since judgment was reserved, we do not yet know whether BNP assets will be seized and whether party leader Nick Griffin, who is an elected Member of the European Parliament, will be sent to prison. We do know what has become of England: it is now a soft totalitarian police state.

For those who may be unaware of it, the British National Party is what its name says it is. It opposes immigration and the associated political correctness and attacks on freedom of speech and association. It also opposes British membership of the European Union and British involvement in wars of military aggression that do nothing to secure the peace and prosperity of the British people. And it is contemptuous of the claims about man-made climate change that are an excuse for the massive enrichment of ruling classes everywhere.

Not surprisingly, the BNP is not popular with the British ruling class. This has been hard at work for at least two generations on destroying a constitution that, since the High Middle Ages, had been uniquely effective at restraining power. This is a ruling class that rejoices in having put common law protections through a shredding machine; and in alienating sovereignty to a mass of foreign and even unknown organisations, to the point where democracy has become a joke; and in sponsoring the mass immigration needed to reduce working class living standards and to justify totalitarian “anti-racist” witch-hunts.

Yes, not surprisingly, the BNP is a witch that must be hunted. It is described as a “racist” party, and its members as violent and even psychopathic criminals. Its leader, Nick Griffin, is remarkable for his ability to assemble softly-spoken persons of quality into something like a baying mob.

To describe all the ways in which Mr. Griffin and his party are persecuted would take an essay which would also be a dissertation on the growth of the British police state. I have not the space to write such an essay. Therefore, I will look at the two chief current persecutions.

Continue reading at VDARE.COM

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Sunday 14 November 2010

Cape Town - Kidnapped British tourist found dead

A British tourist has been found dead after being abducted by armed men in Cape Town South Africa.

The 28-year-old victim and her male friend were kidnapped on Saturday when a group stopped their taxi near a major township.

The attackers forced the driver out of the vehicle and sped off with the tourists. The 31-year-old man was released an hour later but the body of the woman was found later in the Lingelethu West area, southeast of the city centre.

The full report on Sky News is here

UPDATE By Sarah 15/11/2010

Those of us who wondered why this particular killing received such widespread international coverage, when the brutal murders of whites are usually censored and covered up my the controlled media, may gain a clue to the possible reason from the above photo of the victim and her husband

Before anyone accuses me of applying differing standards to different victims, and assuming the facts of the case are as they are represented, this case is no less tragic than the thousands upon thousands ob murders which occur in South Africa. However, what is tragic, and shocking, is the that it has been given far greater prominence because of the race of the victim.

And our enemies call us racists!

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Multi-cultural cop shop

Sgt. Delroy Smellie on the job
By Pym Purnell

First there was Ali (G) Dizaei, claimed racists stopped him getting the top jobs and then assaulted a member of an ethnic group after not paying him. Luckily Ali (G) D’s name has also cropped up in other

Then came Sgt Smellie who assaulted a white women with his truncheon (nudge nudge, wink wink).

And now welcome Officer Salim Razaq who hid weapons for his drug dealing brother.

But that's not the end of the good news, there was also Dr Ubandi who killed a man, Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat who said Baby Peter was grumpy when he had a broken back and died a few days later.

Hey – lets not forget education – Nisar Ahmed, who has been banned for life from teaching for incompetence.

I don't know about you, but cases like these make me so glad that Diversity and positive action programs are making us a safer, healthier and brainier country.

Please David and Cleggy, can we have more.

Kissinger: "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer."

Dr. Henry Kissinger

An Article on the New America site written by William F Jasper

Kissinger: "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer."

A just-released transcript of a meeting between Henry Kissinger and a Turkish Foreign Minister 35 years ago provides a bombshell quote that will go a long way toward solidifying the former Secretary of State's reputation as one of the most Machiavellian insiders of American politics and diplomacy in the 20th century.

During a secret meeting on March 10, 1975 in the Turkish Capital of Ankara with Mehli Esenbel, Turkey's Foreign Minister, Kissinger, then Secretary of State and Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, told Esenbel:

Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer." [laughter] But since the Freedom of Information Act, I'm afraid to say things like that.

Ironically, it was a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that finally pried loose the transcripts of the meeting, albeit three and a half decades later. The transcripts were posted November 5 on the website of the National Security Archive, a research institute and library located at the George Washington University.

The Turkey-Cyprus Context

Henry Kissinger's statement occurs during the tense period in which Congress had embargoed aid to Turkey. Kissinger is telling Esenbel that he and President Ford disagree with the congressional action and will continue trying to change minds in the House and Senate, but notes that a congressional reversal in the near future doesn't look very hopeful. Foreign Minister Esenbel suggests that Kissinger might circumvent the embargo by helping arrange for European governments to transfer U.S. military equipment to Turkey. United States Ambassador to Turkey William Macomber, who was also at the meeting, cautions that such interference would be illegal, which sparks the scofflaw quote from Kissinger. Here is the immediate context of the quote:

Esenbel: The Europeans should find ways to meet quick needs; for example, the Air Force needs spare parts. For other items that they can't find in the stocks, maybe you could make a deal with the Dutch or others to send it here.

Macomber: That is illegal

Kissinger: Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer." [laughter] But since the Freedom of Information Act, I'm afraid to say things like that.

We'll make a major effort.
The whole article can be read at the New America site by clicking here

Recommended by Fr. Sam

Standing in for Sarah

Good evening to Sarah's many readers

As we have just added an extra member to our family, Sarah will be taking a week or so away from the internet to recover and spend time getting to know our new son.

In the meantime I will be looking after the blog. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with Sarah's writing skills, but I will post submissions from the site's other contributors and links to articles which I think deserve wider circulation.

Please bear with me, although I am a long term internet user, this is my first attempt at blogging, so I apologise in advance for any delays in approving comments or other problems which may occur.

Albion Knight

Saturday 6 November 2010

South African couple murdered in their pick up

Afrikaner mining contractors Johan, 54 and Annelise Greyvenstein, 53, were murdered in their bakkie on their smallholding about 10km outside Mussina on Nov 2 2010. Shopping bags with groceries were next to them and they were covered up by a canvas.Mr Greyvenstein, 54, was shot execution-style behind the left-ear. His body was lying halfway across his 53-year-old wife’s blood-soaked body.


Hat Tip: Mulder

Forward to 2012

My cautionary posting last weekend was clearly too pessimistic and probably influenced by the disappointment which accompanied the UK General election back in May. Likewise, some of the blog posts I read on Monday and Tuesday, predicting a landslide win of in excess of 100 house seats and capture of the senate were overly optimistic. That was not going to happen, at least not yet.

These are early days and although a significant number of people have begun to wake up, many more still continue to slumber. The odd folks of Delaware, for instance, continue to stagger forward like cheerful zombies, obediently voting the way CNN tells them to, and I have no idea what the Nevada voters must have been smoking (or sniffing).

Clearly not all of which was hoped for was achieved, and certain results, such as Nevada and possibly Alaska leave the controlled media a straw to cling to and a half truth they can use to downplay the strength of the Tea Party. Meanwhile the significance of any Tea Party failure will be exaggerated. Christine O’Donnell, defeated by the treachery of Karl Rove, one of the most vicious media campaigns since those launched against first Hillary Clinton and then Sarah Palin in 2008, and a few unwise statements in her youth, will also continue to be unfairly derided in the manner the MSM reserve for those victims they successfully brought down.

However, this remains a very satisfactory outcome in terms of where it places the protagonists in advance of the election in 2012.

Obama has lost his magic and has been seriously wounded and will almost certainly never regain his, one time, Messiah like status. He has been humiliated and a break has been placed on his plans, most of which may now never be achieved. However, the fact that the Democrats have retained a fingernail’s grip on control of the senate mean that they, and Obama will still have to take responsibility for whatever goes wrong and they will not be able to blame the Republicans for their failings with any credibility.

That is not to say they will not try.

The Republicans on the other hand have demonstrated that they are in the ascendancy, which will both motivate their supporters and boost their images as potential winners, whist the Democrats struggle to play down the worst losses in over 60 years.

Failing some unforeseeable disaster, all the Republicans need to do is behave themselves and pick the right contender to run in 2012. That of course will be the challenge, as a suitable Republican candidate is not obvious from the choices currently available.

Some will I am sure encourage the excellent Ron Paul to have another go, but his age and the narrowness of his platform seriously undermine his prospects to my way of thinking. Whereas his son Rand, for all his charisma is not yet ready (Conservatives should not make the mistake the left did, when they put Obama forward before he was ready).

Sadly, in my view, supporting a Sarah Palin candidacy at this time would be a huge risk. For all the lady’s popularity with the Right, and her obvious qualities, unfair as it may seems, she carries too many wounds from the vicious media assaults upon her over the last two and a half years and there is insufficient time for those wounds to heal. Would the American people really elect into power someone who has been the butt of so many jokes, who has been impersonated by so many bad comedians and had their head photoshopped into so much pornography?

I do not know the answer to that question, except that it is too great a risk to take at this point in the fight back. It is not fair, but when the left set out to vilify someone they are vile, they are ruthless and sadly they are effective.

In fact, and much as I hate to say this, I do not believe the Right should choose a female candidate for 2012. Only Conservatives love strong women, the left are far too sexist to forgive any woman who dares to step beyond the limited roles (victim, liberal earth mother or man hating feminist) which Political Correctness permits them to play and they will hunt down and destroy any woman who tries to perform a different role or who stands in the way a preferred , ethnic minority, candidate.

There are few things more blood thirsty and vicious than the left in pursuit of a woman who dares to be conservative, and the public, with their taste for female hate figures will be only to willing to believe what they are told (as they did with Palin).

I look forward to the day America has a conservative female president, at 46, and 54 respectively, in six or ten years time, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann could be that President, but 2012 is too soon and too important to take a risk.

Finding the right candidate is key, not only to achieving victory in 2012 but also to sustaining power. I can't see the right candidate just yet, lets hope he steps forward soon.

Meanwhile, we can take a moment to enjoy a very encouraging start.

The Enrichment continues - Random news stories from another 48 hours in Britain

Mohsin Khan, Razwan Razaq,Umar Razaq, Zafran Ramzan and Adil Hussain

Miguiel da Silva

Salim Razaq

Mohammed Al-Sulaiti

Victim Lynne Farquhar

Hat tip: Runic and Alanorei

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Rape and Reality in the USA

A Note of Appreciation

By Dr. D

The Nov. 2nd US elections are largely complete now, although some returns are still being received from Alaska and other remote locations. There will also be recounts in some locations, although at this point, I have not heard of too many requests for recounts which is good. In almost all cases, we now have a clearly defined winner for each race.

This was a race of major importance, in many regards the very last opportunity to right the ship of state of the USA. Sarah and many of you have given your support and prayers to the success of that effort, and I want to tell you how very much that is appreciated. We have been given a limited victory in this battle. Many good, new people will be sent to Congress, names you have not previously heard, who will begin to change the way things are done there. Among these are Lt. Col. Allan West from Florida and Rand Paul from Kentucky (son of Ron Paul). Regrettably, many evil people will retain their seats in Congress such as Nancy Pelosi (California), Harry Reid (Nevada), Charles Shulmer (NY), and Barney Frank (Mass.) The Republican Party now has solid control of the House of Representatives where all finance bill must originate, so we can hope to see the socialist programs of Obama simply starved for lack of funding. The Senate is almost evenly divided, with the Democrats having a very slight edge.

One of the greatest disappointments, to me personally, is the Arizona House of Representative District 7 race. The incumbent is Raul Grijalva, a nationalized citizen, originally from mexico, and the challenger is Ruth McClung, an Anglo physicist. Grijalva has been described as the best Congressman that mexico has for many years. It looks like Grijalva will win 49/46% after the Dems dumped all kinds of money into the district to prop him up. What a shame! This is right on the border with mexico!

California, Illinois, and NY are on the route to fiscal suicide, and their choices for governor simply push that process along. It is baffling to see any state act in this manner, but it shows their own commitment to the illusions of socialism and the belief that there will always be someone to bail them out.

Without question, the TEA Party movement was the big factor in this whole election that changed everything. Had there been no TEA Party, it would have been for the most part a sleeper and there would have been no big changes. But the TEA Party appeared and shook the foundations, and it is going to continue to do so. In a number of cases, TEA Party candidates won; in other cases, the incumbents had to work mightily to stave off the efforts of TEA Party candidates, something they normally would not have expected. The race for 2012 has begun today, and the TEA Party will be a major force in shaping that race to be sure.

I want to that everyone who has supported the return to Constitutional government in the USA. We are not there, but we are beginning a turn in that direction. Your support and prayers are much appreciated. The spirit of America has been tarnished, but it has not been completely dulled and lost. It will shine again by the grace of God Almighty.

Dr. D