Saturday, 6 November 2010

Forward to 2012

My cautionary posting last weekend was clearly too pessimistic and probably influenced by the disappointment which accompanied the UK General election back in May. Likewise, some of the blog posts I read on Monday and Tuesday, predicting a landslide win of in excess of 100 house seats and capture of the senate were overly optimistic. That was not going to happen, at least not yet.

These are early days and although a significant number of people have begun to wake up, many more still continue to slumber. The odd folks of Delaware, for instance, continue to stagger forward like cheerful zombies, obediently voting the way CNN tells them to, and I have no idea what the Nevada voters must have been smoking (or sniffing).

Clearly not all of which was hoped for was achieved, and certain results, such as Nevada and possibly Alaska leave the controlled media a straw to cling to and a half truth they can use to downplay the strength of the Tea Party. Meanwhile the significance of any Tea Party failure will be exaggerated. Christine O’Donnell, defeated by the treachery of Karl Rove, one of the most vicious media campaigns since those launched against first Hillary Clinton and then Sarah Palin in 2008, and a few unwise statements in her youth, will also continue to be unfairly derided in the manner the MSM reserve for those victims they successfully brought down.

However, this remains a very satisfactory outcome in terms of where it places the protagonists in advance of the election in 2012.

Obama has lost his magic and has been seriously wounded and will almost certainly never regain his, one time, Messiah like status. He has been humiliated and a break has been placed on his plans, most of which may now never be achieved. However, the fact that the Democrats have retained a fingernail’s grip on control of the senate mean that they, and Obama will still have to take responsibility for whatever goes wrong and they will not be able to blame the Republicans for their failings with any credibility.

That is not to say they will not try.

The Republicans on the other hand have demonstrated that they are in the ascendancy, which will both motivate their supporters and boost their images as potential winners, whist the Democrats struggle to play down the worst losses in over 60 years.

Failing some unforeseeable disaster, all the Republicans need to do is behave themselves and pick the right contender to run in 2012. That of course will be the challenge, as a suitable Republican candidate is not obvious from the choices currently available.

Some will I am sure encourage the excellent Ron Paul to have another go, but his age and the narrowness of his platform seriously undermine his prospects to my way of thinking. Whereas his son Rand, for all his charisma is not yet ready (Conservatives should not make the mistake the left did, when they put Obama forward before he was ready).

Sadly, in my view, supporting a Sarah Palin candidacy at this time would be a huge risk. For all the lady’s popularity with the Right, and her obvious qualities, unfair as it may seems, she carries too many wounds from the vicious media assaults upon her over the last two and a half years and there is insufficient time for those wounds to heal. Would the American people really elect into power someone who has been the butt of so many jokes, who has been impersonated by so many bad comedians and had their head photoshopped into so much pornography?

I do not know the answer to that question, except that it is too great a risk to take at this point in the fight back. It is not fair, but when the left set out to vilify someone they are vile, they are ruthless and sadly they are effective.

In fact, and much as I hate to say this, I do not believe the Right should choose a female candidate for 2012. Only Conservatives love strong women, the left are far too sexist to forgive any woman who dares to step beyond the limited roles (victim, liberal earth mother or man hating feminist) which Political Correctness permits them to play and they will hunt down and destroy any woman who tries to perform a different role or who stands in the way a preferred , ethnic minority, candidate.

There are few things more blood thirsty and vicious than the left in pursuit of a woman who dares to be conservative, and the public, with their taste for female hate figures will be only to willing to believe what they are told (as they did with Palin).

I look forward to the day America has a conservative female president, at 46, and 54 respectively, in six or ten years time, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann could be that President, but 2012 is too soon and too important to take a risk.

Finding the right candidate is key, not only to achieving victory in 2012 but also to sustaining power. I can't see the right candidate just yet, lets hope he steps forward soon.

Meanwhile, we can take a moment to enjoy a very encouraging start.


Dr.D said...

Very good post, Sarah, and right on the mark as far as the analysis of the situation. We have to find a good candidate to run for President in 2012, and that is the major problem at this point. But much positive ground was achieved in this election, and if we can keep the process going, we will prevail. God help us!

Nota reargunner said...

South African Drums

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They are the drums of Chaka, gathering each and every one;
Hear those xenophobic drums, beating deep within your soul;
...Beating for us blacks umfaan, for foreigner’s bell to toll.

They are beating for us blacks, my son, to answer to the call.
It is time for all the foreigners, either bold or great or small,
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Neither shall we rest at night… until there is not one.

No, not one of them left alive, in our ancestral land,
Their blood flows warm and crimson, like Kalahari sand.
We have no care for others, nor matter what they think,
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They took from us our bartering; introduced us to their money.
Doctors healed us with their medicines; but not Sangomos way
They preached of one called Jesus Christ…to Him we aught to pray

They made a vow upon this soil; they will not turn a sod,
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Their God is not ancestral… we mock, He has no power;
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Our ancestral god ‘nkosi’, by Sangomos we are told,
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So fetch my faithful spear umfaan, dip it in the blood,
Time to wipe out all of them; White chewers of the cud.

Bulala! Bulala! Kill them every man, his wife and child;
Kill, kill my ebony son, the strong, the meek and mild.
Hold well your spear and your shield, hold them high aloft,
Fill your empty spirit son, upon the blood we’ve quaffed.

Then our ancestral god ‘nkosi’…at the setting of life’s sun,
Will reward us for each foreigner; having left alive not one.
We then shall bask and hunt again, with bow, stone axe and club,
Whilst the ‘evil’ the foreigners brought…returns to virgin scrub.

Alf Hutchison from his book "Sounds of distant Drums"

Nota reargunner said...

eduard said...

We must not forget the stupidity of Nonquase, who also had such prophetic callings. The black race, with all their degrees that they get only heaven knows where from, will never achieve the same achievements as what the white race has achieved. There is one thing these noble savages must remember: Driving in a Wabenzi or wearing an expensive suit, does not make you civilized. Only when you invented, developed and designed what you are driving or whatever, then you can call yourselves civilized. To this day Mr Black has not invented or discovered anything by himself. They are pathetic beings on the face of this planet.

Ronbo said...

After thinking it over, since Sarah Palin is my favorite Republican, I have to agree with you - Sarah Palin would not make a good presidential candidate for 2012 for the reasons you outlined.

A pity, but like they told us in the U.S. Army, "Accept the situation and move out smartly against the enemy from another direction and with a different plan of attack."

Therefore, if the GOP pulls off a presidential victory in 2012, as many experts expect, the former Governor of Alaska has my support for Attorney General in a Republican Administration.

After all, she is a proven, "Mama Bear" who will defend her cubs to the death.

Re-post this article on my blog

Anonymous said...


The Tea Party failed in Nevada because Sharron Angle fought a crap campaign against Harry Reid. Note that Sandoval EASILY won the Governorship over Reid's son, Rory: Angle should have beaten Harry by a similar margin. However, she was negative, elusive, and never got out in front of the electorate enough to explain herself, or explain what she would do for Nevada. Meanwhile, Harry sent out his activists to get out the Hispanic vote (scaring them with stories that Angle would bring in an Arizona law), wheeled out the big guns (Obama) and was helped by Angle's frankly naff efforts. A lot of people who voted Sandoval probably just did not like or trust Angle. Reid portrayed her as a loony, and that kind of stuck because she never got out there properly and refuted it.


Max said...

If I had to choose I would say Ron Paul is one of the few able candidates, along with Peter Schiff.

Curt said...


Delaware is a state with a large black population and a fair number of homosexuals as well (especially centered around the Rehoboth Beach community). This may, in part explain the outcome of the election there). Also, I fear that the Democrats will run Hillary Clinton for President in 2012 and if so, she will be a strong contender for that position. Additionally, I would be willing to bet a month's pay that Barack Obama will do the following: he will do everything in his power to grant "amnesty" and legal citizenship to the 20 to 30 million illegal Mexican immigrants here in the US. This will make the white community a minority overnight, and if this comes to pass then the Repulican Party will never again have one of their own in the "Offal" Office. If I sound like a cynic it is because 39 years of watching US voting patterns has made me so. The American people may be "waking up" (God, I hate that cliche- waking up does not assure decisive action or even action of any kind, necessarily), but it may be too little, too late. I fear that liberals have made inroads too deep to reverse and that the country will of necessity go the way of the old Soviet Union and break into smaller countries ruled according to ethnic factions, which may be a good thing after all (notice that the Russian people have become very nationalistic, with the motto ; "Russia for Russians" on public television there). After all, much of the US southwest is now virtually Nuevo Mexico , with the state of Nevada warning travelers that certain interstate highways are controlled by Mexican drug cartels and very dangerous to travel. The breakup is inevitable, I fear.

Anonymous said...

No - in Nevada the Mexicans congregate in certain areas of Las Vegas, mainly East L.V. The vast hinterlands of the state are all White.


Anonymous said...

"I'd hate to say that we should elect a woman...but my opponents are misogynistic!"

Anonymous said...

"Only Conservatives love strong women, the left are far too sexist to forgive any woman who dares to step beyond the limited roles"

That's why a larger proportion of the left are pro-choice, right?

Do you... just... not have a brain?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

What exactly has being pro-choice got to do with admiring Strong women? It doesn't taker a strong woman to kill a child.

It is who are the brainwashed zombie

Anonymous said...

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