Sunday 31 July 2011

Murdered for Muti

The victims of muti murder (the removal of body parts from live and conscious victims in order to produce tribal medicine) are often little children, or the old and vulnerable, however, that is not always the case.  Single Afrikaner electrician Michael van Eck, who worked at Beatrix goldmine, was apparently lured to his death in a rural cemetery outside Welkom – through a Facebook appointment with a girl he had met online. Some of his body-parts were ‘neatly amputated’, he was cut into pieces and his remains buried in a shallow grave. His head, right-arm and left-foot are missing. The gruesome murder has all the signs of a so-called  muti murder ‘: the live harvesting of body-parts for resale to ‘traditional healers’.

While you were sleeping

"We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades."

Muammar Gaddafi April 2006

Hat Tip: Britain First

Saturday 30 July 2011

To explain the inexcusable

The events which took place in Oslo a week last Friday can not be defended, let alone excused, under any circumstances. The killing and maiming of innocent people, many of them children, no matter who’s children they may have been, was an act of evil and barbarity which no reasonable person, whatever their views or political ideology, can condone or forgive.

For a Nationalist to resort to violence not only runs contrary to the love which inspires our very nationalism, but it is immensely damaging to our cause and to everything we hold dear.  On a practical level, it also alienates any potential support and is a gift to our enemies who will use the actions of one deranged monster to smear all those of us who resist the invasion of our lands.

Thus it has been with the Norwegian horror of July 22nd 2011. The madman, Anders Breivik, already referred to as Europe's Timothy McVeigh, is no friend to the white race or to the preservation of a European culture.  His actions have put back the native European cause by decades, and may well have advanced the Islamification of Europe which he claims to oppose.  For how often in the last week have we read of heard the serpent like calls of those seeking to exploit this evil, that the best way to express our opposition to this atrocity is to support increased immigration.

We should never underestimate the vileness of our enemy, or how they will enlist any horror for their cause.

No good can come from Breivik’s insanity, and in no way can this monstrosity be excused.  However, the same can be said of the carnage in New York in September 2011, Madrid in March 2004, London in July 2007 of Mumbai in November 2008, these too we acts of bloodthirsty evil which can never be forgiven or ever excused.  

That did not, of course, prevent twenty thousand pundits from attempting to explain them or to outline the culpability of Western government policies in bringing them about.

In similar manner this event can be explained and a light also shone upon the role played by western governments in causing it to happen.

All systems of political repression and ongoing political persecution will eventually lead to acts of violent opposition, and had it not been for the repression and persecution now practised by the Western establishment in suppressing all opposition to multiculturalism, Breivik is unlikely to have ever committed his heinous act.

It was he who planted the bombs and shot at the children of the elite, but much of the blood he spilt is also on the hands of that very elite and with those within politics and in the controlled media who actively denied him a voice and who vilified his legitimate concerns.

That may sound absurd to those who share the current political orthodoxy or who, at least pay lip service to so doing, as they can have no comprehension of the level of political repression under which we all live, and the degree to which political dissent is now persecuted.

Those of us who do not share the state approved attitudes, and especially those who attempt to speak out against them know full well how dangerous it is to do so and how overwhelming the current levels of repression actually are.

In Britain, the degree of political terror which currently exists within our so called democracy is evident by how often ordinary, decent, members of the public will start any less than glowing reference to race, immigration or multiculturalism with the urgent assurance that they are “not racist”,  whist at the same time they will invariably lower their voice and even often glance over their shoulders, to check they are not overheard, before speaking.

It is clear from every poll that a significant majority of the public hold significant concerns about mass immigration, multiculturalism, and the increasing influence of Islam, yet there is no platform within any of the three main political parties which reflect those views. Neither has immigration or the islamification of Europe featured in any in any of  their manifestos - with the exception of a fuzzy aspiration by the Conservatives at the last election to reduce annual non-European immigration to a still overwhelming “Tens of thousands”  (which could amount to numbers equal to the current UK prison population or two towns the size of Salisbury arriving each year)

Those few and tiny political parties which actively seek to reverse immigration and oppose the European Caliphate are universally vilified. Meanwhile, government funded QUANGOs such as the EHRC actively seek to crush them and repeated attempts are made to imprison their leadership.

The state controlled media (the only available mainstream media in the country) misrepresent and pillory the parties and anyone who publicly dares to support them, whilst the main journalist union prevent their members from fairly reporting them.

As this is going on, party members are prevented from working in various occupations, such as the police and they are even excluded by the church.

At the same time popular figures within the entertainment media, such as public school poser Russell Howard, will mock and lampoon the supporters of non-state approved organisations, including those who speak authentically in the accents he pretends to imitate.  

Like most people, I totally condemn  Anders Breivik’s actions but, also like most people  I share many of his concerns.  Yet neither he, I nor the millions who feel the same, can express those concerns without being condemned and there is no political party representing those concerns, which has a chance of gaining power that I can vote for.

Yet they are views which are held to some degree by the majority of the population

How surprising is it that an unbalanced man might decide there was no peaceful or democratic means of opposing what he perceived quite rightly to be the ethnic cleansing of his homeland? 

Dagenham, supporters of the multiculturalism, with the connivance of the British state, will go to the extent of importing thousands of new ethnic minority voters into an area in order to defeat a Nationalist candidate.  

After what we have witnessed, there can be few reading this article which do not share my feelings of frustration, anger, grief and impotence when considering what passes for democracy in Britain.  Not only am I unable to change anything, but I can not even participate because the dictatorship under which I live will not allow a viable option, which I can support, to exist.

How easy would it be for that frustration, that anger and those feelings of grief and impotence to turn to rage? 

Is that what happened to Anders Breivik?

After all, what happens in Britain is no difference that what is happening across Europe. 

The treatment of the Vlaams Belang party by the Belgian government, and its attempts to stamp on political opposition would make a third world dictator like Mugabe blush.  Scandinavian governments like the Swedish, and to some degree the  Norwegian and the Fins, impose their draconian brand of selective tolerance with Stalinist levels of oppression, often accompanied with state sponsored political violence.

Any real democrat would look upon the treatment of Jobbik in Hungary and shudder.  Yet, how many real democrats are their left in European politics?

Where were the political voices raised against the show trials of Geert Wilders in Holland, Lars Hedegaard in Denmark, Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria, or even Nick Griffin in England?

Of course, the politicians  of Europe were silent because they are all part of that oppression, they approve the suppression of undesirable thought and silently they applaud the snuffing out of any voices of dissent.

So, what did these demagogs expect?

Have they learned nothing? Or worse, did they know this would happen, and just not care? If you seek to destroy a people, and tha,t as surely as night follows day, is what they are seeking to do.  If you take away any means of resistance and deny them even hope, there can be only one result, and there will be blood.

Events such as the carnage in Oslo became inevitable when those who rule us set out to impose the tyranny of political correctness across a continent, and when they with their lackey propagandists in the media, together with the state police, decided to silence the voice of a once great people.

I hold no brief for the maniac of Oslo, he is a vile and deluded man, who, as he sits smugly in this cell imagining himself a warrior, can not start to comprehend the evil he has done, not only to the innocents he has killed but to his own people and to the great culture he claims to be defending.

However, whilst I condemn utterly his actions, I would lie were I to say I do not understand and share many of his concerns, for they are the concerns shared by most Europeans. I would lie also if I said I did not understand his rage, for it comes from a place where our frustrations, our fear, our grief and our feelings of helpless at what is happening could well lead us all.

Yet he is not our creation. He is the creature of those who hate us,  for it was they who cultivated the fertile soil in which his rage and madness grew.

It was those who are destroying us that created him.

Our politicians, leaders, multicultural fanatics and selfish capitalists seeking a cheap and obedient labour force, our craven media, our “right on” anti-racist pop stars and liberal entertainers together with advocates of political correctness and intolerant toleration should look to themselves when seeking to apportion blame for Oslo and find the cause for what occurred.

For it was they who nurtured the hate which grew in that maniac, and in their foetid souls lies the dank and malodorous  womb from which the monster, and who knows how many others, came to crawl.

Oblivious Europeans hurtle to their extinction

By August Pointneuf

Oblivious Europeans hurtle to their extinction. In evolutionary terms this could be the fastest sub-species extinction, from height of success to elimination, ever.

One of the accelerators is the production cost of its children. Children will always come at a cost. This might be the loss of maternal productivity, the effects of illness on the family unit, and naturally the costs of daily maintenance. The Europeans, however, produce the most expensive children in history. Maternal-paternal loss-of-production is encouraged, legislated into the economic equation. Healthcare and prophylaxis against illness, often of doubtful benefit, is costlier than ever in history. Schooling is mandatory until well past pubescence. University training of the proletariat is now universally sought and demanded. Much of this training is in arenas which have no possible benefit to the economies of this century. Classical and philosophical triposes leisurely bred admirable and proven administrators: but without the empires, which fuelled the economies, to whom will they administer?

Let us look also at the material sumptuousness heaped on almost every child – the finest clothes, McLaren prams, and an extraordinary surfeit of “toys” with an enormous per capita cost by the standards of the world. The pubescent is showered even more: travel abroad, lavish entertainment, indulgence in sport and a myriad of “activities” from ballet to dramatics. Much of this necessitates adult presence and so these become economically committed to this “advancement” of children. These are the trainers, teachers, coaches, supervisors, legislators, social workers, librarians and more. These are lost to the productive economy and their cost factors into the final production cost of these children.

Government is significantly culpable. It has legislated many “protective insurances”. Examples range from complex playground design to extraordinary measures to assess and label millions as to their suitability to be “near” children. Financially untenable requirements are placed on schools in demanding misguided protectiveness. Child benefits which short-out practical paternal contributions to their children’s maintenance, and the productive loss caused by absentee parents, also make each of these children a more expensive national product
Parental competitiveness adds to the burden, where parents try to help their child beat other children, perhaps by expensive schools, additional coaching in academics and sports (skating and gymnastics, and far more). It seems parents feel an obligation to take their children on distant travel holidays, to give them “experience” (for that read skills to outperform others) and to allow them to triumphantly upstage their peers.

These financial loads, both self-imposed and imposed by law (and therefore paid for by all parents) necessitate small broods – often kept smaller by abortion. The direct and indirect costs of aborting must also be written into the final cost of the child when it reaches productivity.

The pound and euro costs have often been calculated. They are irrelevant, because the European costs outstrip third world costs by factors of thousands.

The end result: Europe has a small reproductive product, perhaps exquisitely produced. Its production takes years longer than that of the competition. The final product is often, on delivery, unsuited to contribute adequately to overall productivity of the nation. The price that is being paid for the development of these children is out of proportion to their economic worth.

Meanwhile the rapidly and cheaply produced products of the third world, in their masses, flood the market.

August Pointneuf

Friday 29 July 2011

New Vision, New Party: What Nick Griffin needs to do next

By Richard Barnbrook

With the leadership contest at last behind us, this is a time for taking stock and at last moving forward. I say this, even though I am no longer a member of the Party; as I have said many times, my politics remain the same and I wish the nationalist cause well.

The 2 most important priorities right now are for reconciliation and making sure that lessons have been learned. The Party has been held back by poor management and accounting decisions, unnecessary and confrontational law suits and lack of democratic consultation. If we don’t take on board where mistakes have been made, we will be condemned to repeat them. These are the points that the Nick Griffin should address immediately:

The BNP has become so discredited over the past year that it is time to mark the beginning of a new era with a new name. The name needs to have some connection with the old one in order to capitalise on continuity. ‘British Party’ would seem to be a good choice- the ‘National’ doesn’t really add anything anyway.
One of the biggest problems facing the Party over the past year or so has been over the Party’s accounting. It would seem essential therefore to ensure:
  • The Chairman has no personal contact with the finances.
  • A body of independent auditors, not connected with the Advisory Council or the Cabinet or any other paid post within the Party, would have full scrutiny of the accounts down to all expenditure of £500 or more.
  • The books should be available to be inspected by a Regional Organiser or above at any time.
  • An outside auditor should verify the books annually.
  • The returns should be made in good time the Electoral Commission to avoid the unnecessary payment of fines for late submission.
The Party has been plagued by infiltrators at all levels. It is vitally important that anyone holding the position of paid employment or officer of the Party at regional or sub-regional level undergoes a polygraph lie detector test. These tests are expensive, but given the incalculable harm an infiltrator can bring about, it would be money well spent.

Democratic accountability on the part of the leadership is fundamental to sound government and therefore, the Advisory Council needs to be enlarged to include 3 serving councillors elected by their fellow councillors, all Regional Organisers and leading employed party officers. The Advisory Council would then democratically select 6 of its members to sit in a Cabinet, consisting of these 6 members as well as the Chairman. The Chairman would have the casting vote. It would be for the Cabinet to decide on policy, in close consultation with the Advisory Council. In practice, this would mean that the Chairman could not act without the approval of the Cabinet. The Cabinet in order to work efficiently would need to be small, with no more than 7 members in total so that decisions could be made quickly. Each Cabinet member would only be eligible to stand for a year at a time and for no more than 4 years consecutively. This would ensure the accountability of Cabinet members to the Advisory Council. The Chairman would not have the power to sack the Cabinet; only the Advisory Council could deselect a Cabinet member by a majority vote and with good reason. The Chairman could not be dismissed by either the Cabinet or the Advisory Council but only by the membership of the Party through a democratic leadership process.

The Chairman would have the right to choose the Deputy Chairman who would automatically be one of the 7 Cabinet members.

Regional Organisers would have to be elected by the voting members of their region. All Regional Organisers would be given a salary and expenses (as soon as funds permit).

The Party Fundraiser would be on a fixed salary, with a productivity based commission.

It has to be understood that the Party does not exist to make money; rather, money should be raised with the intention of funding our prime purpose, which is making converts and thereby winning elections. If we raise the number of paid-up members, the income will increase correspondingly. The overriding priority therefore needs to be to get back on the streets. We also need to ensure our councillors and elected members are adequately supported with a priority of at least 40-50% of the finances going to building up their support and functions within their wards/boroughs/councils.

It should be also realised that not everyone can afford to contribute financially and there are many other ways of assisting the Party effort. In order to counteract ‘donor fatigue’ as well as benefiting the Party in a broader sense, requests for money need to be interspersed with requests for practical help and activism, which should lead to more individuals becoming involved as well as having a broader appeal that more people may feel able to respond to.

As well as reforming to move forward, re-engaging with those who are disaffected, disappointed or have been inappropriately excommunicated, we need to look at our role and the Party’s role in nationalism more broadly. We need to open avenues and explore ways in which we can negotiate and create an alliance with other nationalist parties with a view to bringing about eventual unity, with at least an aim of reaching an electoral pact so that no 2 nationalist candidates ever again find themselves standing against each other on the same electoral platform. Such a travesty is a total waste of time and effort and a betrayal of all nationalist voters who find their votes completely wasted as a split vote leads to no victory.

It is my sincere wish that Nick Griffin gives some serious thought to the implementation of these suggestions as these have been issues that I have raised with the Chairman and members of Head Office, going back as far as the Red White and Blue of 2006.  They have to be addressed for nationalism to move forward.

The problems of being too Christian

A poem by Mike Wilson
For two millennia Western man, has formed as only he can,
A mind aware of nature’s laws, her sciences and all her flaws.
And in this time has fought the fight for justice and for what is right
Because his creed is Christian based and tolerates the other race.

But now the tide has slowly turned and Western man is surely spurned
        By every other race on earth because our laws have given birth
To the meek inheriting this our land because we offered out of hand
A place where they could all feel safe despite the differences in race.

Now over the course of time we see the effects of becoming a minority
In our own land, our place of birth, our country that was best on earth.
Now all around a rainbow culture, no finer feelings, nothing ultra
Just “give me, give me, more and more and we’ll make babies by the score.”

Such thinking really grieves us all when these invaders just stand tall
And keep demanding all their rights and we stand by without a fight,
And instead of saying this is wrong the government just helps it along.
No wonder that the common man perceives a wild and devious plan.

This plan has been in place for years and carries on despite the tears
Of those who see behind the scheme, to make us toe the line.
The native Britain born and bred is being to the slaughter led
By those who need to close us down so their own lies will wear the crown.

The newcomers help to dilute the mix of native Britons and that’s the fix,
Because new laws will simply pass and the rainbow mass will never grasp
The full intent behind the deed to which any normal man would heed.
The future’s not looking very bright if we give in to Europe without a fight.

By swamping us with foreign drones they think they’ll make us into clones
Until all indigenous traits are gone and we’ll end up dancing to their song.
Miscegenation is their key and if we allow it we’ll never be free
To be the people we used to be, a strong healthy nation, the land of the free.

Be Christian, be healthy, be strong and be wise, don’t listen to Europe’s invidious lies.
Don’t surrender your birthright to Europe’s advances,
 But fight for Britain to be Britain again.

Thursday 28 July 2011

Richard Barnbrook responds to Readers comments

In response to readers comments both here and at the British Resistance site following his article entitled "If Only" published 18th July 2011 GLC member Richard Barnbrook has issued the following responses:

If only…

My answers to readers’ comments

Thank you each and all for reading my letter. I’ve read all your comments, negative and positive, and I would like to make some general points by way of reply:

1) I felt that my proposal for reconciliation was all the more appropriate following the revelations made by Arthur Kemp, because I wanted to make a point by way of example. I have been aware for some time of the allegations that Nick wanted to get me made bankrupt and when I did find out, I was absolutely devastated. But I knew that my lambasting Nick wouldn’t solve anything and only make things worse.

2) My letter of proposal was addressed to the persons named because each of them has helped me in the past, so I’ve had positive dealings with them personally. They all have so much to offer, are profoundly able and have a proven, successful track record, at least prior to the recent difficulties. Personal likes and dislikes don’t and shouldn’t come into it. We have to look at the broader picture for the overall good of the Cause.

3) One person raised the concern about expulsions and stated that there could be no reconciliation when so many had been expelled. This is my very point! I have been expelled and am still determined to wish the Party well, even though I’m not a part of it any more. If we can change the climate, we can look to welcoming back those who have left, been expelled or are disaffected. I want to see the nationalist Cause prosper. If we all took this approach, and everyone made a real effort to work together, in spite of their grievances, the wounds could and would be healed. But of course, I accept that it’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s going to demand that some people make a huge sacrifice of personal pride. We have to build on the positive. There will be no progress without a complete change of attitude and a positive new vision. And to do this, we have to meet people where they are, and make sure we hone in on and bring out the best in each individual and try to get as many as we can back on board. There is no such thing as a perfect nationalist, or a perfect anyone.

4) As I said at the end of my article, I have no ulterior motive, and I do not intend to attend the meeting if one could be arranged, unless invited to do so by a majority of those who’ve agreed to sit down at the table. Also, I will not be re-contesting the GLA seat. To those of you who say I should resign now, I would like to say this: rightly or wrongly, I do feel some sense of grievance because I was expelled from the Party for speaking out. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, yes, I resigned the whip, but I was then expelled- I never left. What’s more, I was denied any opportunity of an appeal hearing even though I repeatedly asked for one! In addition, I feel that I have had enough difficulties of a different kind to contend with arising from the matters recently referred to by Arthur Kemp, which were not of, and never were of my making. Not to mention my having to stand aside in Barking. In short, looking at the picture as a whole, I feel that I have been treated rather shoddily by the Party, but it’s water under the bridge now. I can understand why people say I should stand down, but I am still a passionate nationalist and my politics haven’t changed from what they were on the day I was elected.

5) With the level and intensity of constant political attack at the GLA, there is no one on the list who could endure the degree of persistent sniping by the other parties without overreacting.
But to start throwing slings and arrows inside a chamber when you are only one and they have all the authority makes you a casualty of their rotten system. I have proved that by stoically sitting there and raising unwelcome issues you become a thorn in their side and thereby humiliate them to the extent that they actually do pick up in subsequent Question Times on nationalist issues such as knife crime, the elderly and law and order.

6) Regarding the comment that the BNP did nothing for the people of Barking and Dagenham, I can only say that to state that we were seriously under-resourced would be the under-statement of the century! At well as being a member of the council, and Leader of the BNP opposition, I was the party organiser for the whole of London, and from 2008 on the GLA, as well as being Deputy Leader of the Barking and Dagenham opposition. There was no back-up or support from anyone, except the few local die-hards - they know who they are, and I’ll always be grateful to them. But as for support from HQ or outside after we had been elected, there was absolutely none. The main parties have retinues of assistants and workers. The BNP just couldn’t stretch that far. We were just left to get on with it and it was a huge learning curve. We were all totally new to the game. And on top of the crippling work load- council bureaucracy has to be seen to be believed- there was constant opposition and attacks from virtually all directions. I’m not saying this in order to moan, but simply to put the record straight. There just weren’t enough hours in the day. It was an almost impossible task trying to keep the ship afloat. It’s always easy to criticise, but things aren’t so straightforward as they seem when you look behind the scenes.

7) Someone made the point about our cities being taken over by Islam while we squabble. Alas, too true! That’s why we have to work out exactly where our priorities lie. Because if we don’t get our act together very, very soon, it will most certainly be too late. Demographic change will see to that. You only need to look at the statistics! Where will that leave us in 10 years time? When will people get the message? Ask yourself, what is it that really matters? I don’t give a toss about who becomes leader, or what paragraph xxx.xx or whatever, of the  constitution says. When we look back in 10, 20, 50 years time, it’s all ivory tower nonsense. What is important is for each of us to fight the battle within ourselves- that of personal pride and vindictiveness and try and see the good and the potential in our fellow nationalists. Because it’s the only way!

8) I feel that it is important to raise the point that our reconciliation is the very last thing that our enemies want to see! Notice how their articles tend to focus on the EDL not on the BNP anymore! Because they’ve got us exactly where they want us- all at each others’ throats, and they desperately want us to stay that way! Rest assured, they’re loving every minute of it, wallowing in our doubts, recriminations and in-fighting. What’s more, you can also be sure that they are actively fuelling the flames. After all, it’s so easy.. just sign up as ‘Anonymous’ and leave a negative and spiteful comment, or worse still, a downright lie, and then sit back and watch the ants’ nest being stirred up all over again with factions, arguments, witch hunts and blame apportioning. I’ve had so many outright lies and smears put out about me, I could fill a book! But so what? And a year has gone by already… a whole year wasted! If we carry on like this, we will still be arguing amongst ourselves when the pinnacle of St Paul’s Cathedral resonates with the wail of the muezzin’s call to prayer! By which time, of course it will be too late. And then we’ll be arguing about whose fault that is! But at least then I will have the satisfaction of being able to say, ‘I told you so…’ Not that it will do a damn bit of good under the circumstances.

9) My apologies to Simon Darby for misspelling his surname, but then you all know that spelling isn’t my strong point. Besides, the spell chequer said it were ok!!

A further reply to Amaka Okechukwu by Dr. Frank Ellis

In response to a further comment by Amaka Okechukwa (which can be read here) following Frank Ellis's recent article on Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, his Research and the Call for his Dismissal, Dr Ellis has give the following reply:
  ____________ -/- ____________

From: Dr Frank Ellis
To: Amaka Okechukwu
Date: 24th July 2011 A.D.
Re: A Reply to Your Second Post 21st July 2011

Dear Amaka Okechukwu

All research begins with a bias: the bias of interest. Why are some people interested in snakes, birds, the polar ice caps, the climate on Mars, the origin of life, race/IQ and so on? Why did Sir Isaac Newton ponder the significance of a falling apple? The white man is driven by an insatiable desire to explore way beyond his physical and mental boundaries: to go to the moon and one day, I hope, to Mars and beyond; to penetrate the depths of the oceans; to explore Antarctica. If one day a cure is found for AIDS, it will not be made by some sangoma-monster in a mud hut butchering an albino in Tanzania and distributing the body parts to his fellow savages: it will be made in a white man’s laboratory somewhere in the West.

Interestingly, since we are dealing with racial differences, curiosity about the world, which has led to the superior benefits of white civilization and its technological mastery being conferred on blacks through colonial expansion and in the aftermath of white colonial withdrawal in the form of handouts and endless loans (because blacks are incapable of attaining the mastery of nature achieved by the white man and so are unable to exploit nature’s bounty) is something that is not uniformly and equally distributed among all racial groups. Blacks who unfortunately reside in huge numbers in my country (and in other white nations) benefit from the white man’s superior understanding of nature and enjoy a standard of living that would be unthinkable in Africa. This is, of course, the reason why blacks are so eager illegally/legally to enter European nations and to exploit white largesse and to prey upon the white indigenous populations.

I made a number of assertions and points in my first response to you, which, I maintain, can be regarded as a factually accurate. I shall summarise them:

(i). white culture and civilization and achievements are superior to anything that has emerged from Sub-Saharan Africa (if you disagree then explain why you disagree);

(ii). academics in universities in the West who have published work on race and IQ, especially where that work has revealed a low mean black IQ have been pilloried, ostracised, dismissed, denied tenure and promotion and more besides (If you claim this is not the case, then explain why you hold that view);

(iii). I asked you to clarify what you meant by a ‘racist agenda’ in regard to Dr Kanazawa (I am still waiting for an answer);

(iv). I asked you to explain what, in your opinion, had gone wrong with the refereeing procedure concerning the publication of Dr Kanazawa’s 2006 article (I am still waiting for an answer).

The other point that can be made here is that Dr Kanazawa is by no means the sole researcher dealing with race and IQ (among other things). Yet again, you make vague references to Dr Kanazawa’s publications and my ‘bigoted ideals’. Two additional questions, therefore, require clarification. They are:

(v). Please cite the publications written by Dr Kanazawa that you find unacceptable (please provide full bibliographical citations/data);

(vi). According to you, what are my ‘bigoted ideals’?

Regarding the findings about the relationship between low IQ and poverty, then the research was not conducted by me. That said, I have read some of this vast corpus of work. Having read some of this work, I find the arguments made in favour of a link between low IQ and poverty more convincing than those who, in the case of Africa, always use the default position of racism. Why is Somalia once again starving and begging for the white man’s aid? The answer, or one of them, is reckless breeding. When a black population breeds beyond its ability, not the white man’s, to feed itself the four horsemen come calling. The white man has absolutely no moral obligation whatsoever to feed the unsustainable populations of Africa which arise from the massive, unforgivable, sexual delinquency of Africans themselves. Do you understand?

If, however, you think that the white nations of the West are some how obliged to feed and to clothe the backward tribes of Africa, and the rest of the Third World for that matter, to provide them with the advanced technological infrastructure which we in the West take for granted and which we whites have achieved by our own efforts, then you are invited to present your case. I shall judge your arguments on their intellectual merits not on any sentimentally explicit or implicit appeals to “we-are-the-world” or the mumbo jumbo of “the brotherhood of man”. Nor shall I permit you or white diversophiles to silence critics of multiracialism and those who point out the evidence of black failure, incomprehensible stupidity and random savagery by shouts of racism. The time has come for you and others to explain, to make your case without threats, intimidation and endless accusations of racism and so-called hate crime. Such accusations were and remain the weapon of the bully and the liar. They are a device to cow critics of multiracialism into silence. They will no longer work.

Yours sincerely

Frank Ellis

Monday 18 July 2011

If Only .............. By Richard Barnbrook

To:  (strictly in alphabetical order)
Lee Barnes
Andrew Brons
Eddy Butler
Simon Derby
Nick Griffin
Patrick Harrington
Arthur Kemp


If only we could turn the clock back to the heady days at the beginning of 2008….Remember how well we esteemed each other then?

So many tragic incidents have occurred since, so much negativity, hurt feelings and blame apportioned. Personal differences have prevailed to the ruination of all.

Look at where we are now! We are getting nowhere, and struggle as we might, there is no permanent solution in the offing. Meanwhile, our country suffers and our personal and collective ability to fight for what we really believe in diminishes with every negative comment, every new revelation.

Isn’t it time to call a truce?

We could turn the clock back overnight, if only we could muster the will! We are supposedly defenders of our Christian heritage… isn’t the Christian message founded on forgiveness? Basically, despite our differences, are we not all brothers, bound to one nationalist ideology? Can we not each find it in our hearts to extend to one another the hand of genuine friendship once again, and try to work together in unity and brotherhood once more?

It is undeniable that there is more that unites us than divides us!
And there is more to be gained by forgiving each other than by denouncing each other.

We all have to accept we are human.

And because we are human, we are flawed, and therefore we may have made mistakes.

The solution lies within our grasp. We all have to find it in our hearts to forgive, AND NOT TO CONDEMN OR RECRIMINATE. Because RECRIMINATIONS ARE GETTING US NOWHERE!

Surely it’s time to change direction, and join forces once again? It’s our only real chance of success in our lifetime. What we once were to each other, we can be again, if we can each find the will.

We need to start focussing on the good in one other and not the imperfections. We all have enormous strengths and talents as well as weaknesses and imperfections.

And then having accepted that mistakes have been made, we have to help one other to move forward, rather than apportioning blame, and put our heads together to look at how we can repair the damage. And then rejoin the fray to make war against the true enemy…those who have sold our people out.

For this high and special purpose, I would like to propose a Meeting of Reconciliation, to which you are each invited, with the specific proviso that all who attend are prepared to shake hands, try to put hostility aside and  forgive one other wholeheartedly in order to try to work together once again.

What we were once, we can be again!
The task may seem hard, but the stakes are high, and they have never been higher. So many have given their lives defending this country. Is this one minor sacrifice of personal pride so very much to ask?

Please, for the love of Britain and our Cause, which we each and all believe in let’s, give hope and brotherhood a chance…

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely and with all good will

Richard Barnbrook

A Totalitarian State at the Heart of Europe

Sunday 17 July 2011

Failed State Colonisation - The Greatest Threat of Our Time

Thanks to Paul for drawing my attention to an interesting article which was published on the Sultan Knish site back in May.  The writer gives a frightening account of the outcome of mass immigration, from failed states into previously successful first world nations. which deserves a wider readership.  Click here for Failed State Colonisation - The Greatest Threat of Our times 

Saturday 16 July 2011

Ilana Mercer to be interviewed on The Political Cesspool tonight

Further to my earlier posting, Ilana Mercer the author of "Into the Cannibal's Pot - Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa" will be interviewed on "The Political Cesspool" radio station tonight.

Also here are some reviews of Mercer's book which I posted at the British Resistance.

American Vetran Hero Jailed

Dr. Jerome Ersland

By Ilana Mercer, author and columnist

The following is from “American Veteran-Hero Jailed,” now on WND.COM:

“As I document in my new book, “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa", ‘South Africa’s ruling dominant party disregards the importance of private property and public order and the remedial value of punitive justice. Consequently, innocent victims of crime often defend themselves in their own homes and businesses on pain of imprisonment.’

But are the impediments to the defense of life and property enacted by South Africa’s dominant-party-in-perpetuity so different from the decisions issuing from American courts?

A world away from South Africa, Dr. Jerome Ersland was recently condemned to life in prison for defending his property and his employers from a gang of armed robbers.

As reports,

“Ersland, 59, had been hailed as a hero for protecting two co-workers during the May 19, 2009, robbery attempt at the Reliable Discount Pharmacy in south Oklahoma City. Dramatic surveillance video of the attempted burglary shows 16 year-old Antwun Parker and an accomplice running into the pharmacy in the crime-ridden neighborhood and pointing a gun directly at Ersland. The video then shows Ersland, a former Air Force lieutenant colonel, firing a pistol at the two men, hitting Parker with one shot that knocked him to the ground. After chasing Parker’s accomplice out of the store, Ersland retrieved a second gun and returned to shoot Parker five more times, 46 seconds after firing the first shot.”

Ersland was accused of hastening the descent into hell of “Parker” with excess zeal.” …

Continue reading the complete column “American Veteran-Hero Jailed,” on WND.COM


Ilana Mercer's powerful book “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa,“ is available from Amazon both in the USA and also on the UK site. Kindle Version.

Friday 15 July 2011

White Genocide

Hat Tip: Censorbugbear Reports

The Ruination of England

The Ruination of England

Travelling around England gives you get a sense of how the spirit of the contemporary age is expressed in contemporary architecture, while history and identity are expressed in historic architecture. Nearly every English town or city has been ruined or seriously damaged by the local authorities. It was a tragic mistake to give local councils the power of compulsory purchase to demolish property and build some temporary shopping mall or office block. Most cities are now largely owned by the local councils who have taken property off private owners and are ceasing to be English: just ugly, incoherent muddles.

English cities are being turned into jumbles of buildings without harmony or balance; the buildings being erected have no relation to those around them and are unpleasant muddles. They present a physical expression of the loss of community in the country as a whole. Historic towns by contrast present their variety of styles within a balance and harmony.

Local people are being dissociated from their towns and cities by architecture that jars with its surrounds and offends our inborn need for harmony and balance; and, to the community, it deprives its need for the familiar and to feel they belong. Architecture is physical history and informs our sense of identity: who we are and with whom we belong.

Our Urbiscapes are being made incoherent and unwelcoming by new developments. Local Councillors have no order of priorities or a sense of the future and go in for short-term schemes that generate short term income for themselves, developers and national and international retail outlets. In 1982 the Leader of the Kensington & Chelsea Council, ordered the demolition of Kensington's Italianate town hall at 3 a.m. on a Sunday Morning. It was to be formally listed a Grade 2 building later that day. It was another act of municipal vandalism. The council leader has since died as did the town hall with its beautiful internal plasterwork. It could be rebuilt as its hideously ugly replacement which was the excuse to remove it has cost much more than originally suggested.

Sheffield people are warm and friendly but their city is ceasing to be theirs and is being re-created by local councillors. The election of local councillors is deceitful: they stand for election on local issues but as soon as they are in power act in the interest of outside developers and retailers. Sheffield is so incoherent and disjointed it should be renamed “Jumble City”. The people who pursue these “universal” styles overlook the history in old buildings and their importance for the identity of local people. You could be anywhere as local character and individuality are destroyed. Everywhere is being turned into incoherent muddles without local character.

Sheffield was world famous for steel and the fine cutlery made there. When it lost its industrial base much of its identity went with it but instead of creating something to be proud of, something to invigorate the lives of its dejected working people, the local council have made it look hideous and, rather than make people feel at home, they are repelled. Locals people feel rejected by their physical environment.

They build shopping malls and national retailers change local buildings to suit their corporate style and when they move on leave a city reduced in local history and needing more new developments.

There have been some foolish demolitions in Stratford upon Avon and amongst he historic gems are some repulsive concrete blocks, although it is not quite as bad as Gloucester. Stratford is world-famous as the birthplace of William Shakespeare there is a need for the town to look like it did when he was alive but often the wrong values obtrude and like Liverpool they start spoiling what they should conserve.
A great success in Stratford is the way national retail chains had to conform to the existing building. This is exemplary: it is an example of how our towns and cities can be conserved.

The appalling neglect by Liverpool councillors of the quaint and interesting Hackins Hey is a case in point, but the destruction of Liverpool's Overhead Railway was disgraceful. Don't forget it was Liverpool councillors who approved the demolition of the world famous Cavern! The local council system is appallingly destructive and wasteful and run by people who get so few local votes, often a mere 20%, that they have no legitimacy to ruin their towns and cities.

There is a successful new development at Salford Quays just outside Manchester. It has been created out of a disused quay on the Manchester Ship canal. They have attracted the major broadcasting companies head offices to their “Media City” and they have a gallery to the famous painter L.S.Lowry. They already had Old Trafford the ground of world-famous football team Manchester United.

My contention is that with a more traditional style of architecture it would look even more impressive. The individual buildings often make use of fine geometrical shapes and the Lowry Gallery has semi circles . In themselves these geometric shapes are attractive but they bear no relation to the inspiration for the building nor its function. If you walk through a historic town like Shrewsbury you have the finest Tudor street in England. When you turn the corner you come upon different periods but they are united and in harmony. Contemporary buildings are individual and not in harmony with their neighbours.

A cluster of buildings opposite The Lowry Gallery on Salford Quays look as if they are starting to fall down and bear no relation to the grand upstanding buildings once built that exuded confidence in our civilisation: more an outpicture of our collapsing civilisation.
 The buildings are disjointed and unconnected to one another. (3)

If you compare these with the great British style of Tudor, which often hung over the street, you see the difference between character and muddle. This fine Shrewsbury pub is an example. It hangs over the street but purposefully and was part of a street not individual and jarring creations.
I looked at Corve Street in Ludlow, Park Street, Bristol and The Shambles in York and found an essential balance in the streets. There are differences between the buildings but this created character not disunity and muddle. 
This balance has been maintained over the centuries. (4)

It is a new fashion to turn our towns and cities into confused muddles. Liverpool waterfont is one of the ugliest muddles I have seen. If they can do this to a World Heritage Site, then nothing is safe from these unrepresentative elites.

I got into conversation with a man in a pub recently and he posed the question: ”Apart from London where else could you take a beautiful woman?” The answer was “York”. He made an excellent point. York is an outstandingly beautiful and interesting historic town. It has a medieval town wall you can walk along and a fabulous Minster.

York has a long-term future but the myopic city fathers in Liverpool have gone in for short-term capital gain and thus dispossessed future generations of their birthright. They have followed a tendency to obliterate famous landmarks as with the obscuring of the Three Graces, which was a World Heritage Site, with ordinary, unexceptional skyscrapers. As is usual with British skyscrapers they are insignificant compared to American ones. 
 I took a photograph of this now ordinary waterfront from the Ferry across the Mersey in a raging storm but it shows clearly how it has been ruined by non-descript buildings.

I have often acknowledged to my American friends that the Skyscraper is an American icon and if I went to New York or Chicago would be very impressed by them; but, England has a different tradition and a different scale. Strangely the first steel structured building was built in Shrewsbury. It was difficult to get a photograph of this as it has buildings all round it. (3)

In 1796 Shrewsbury entrepreneurs Thomas and Benjamin Benyon joined forces with John Marshall of Leeds who purchased the rights to the newly invented flax-spinning machine. Ditherington Flax Mill was built near the canal. Because the woollen industry in Shrewsbury was declining there were plenty of skilled workers looking for work, excellent transport links with the canal and roads and a market for it’s products such as carpet weaving in Kidderminster and Bridgnorth.
The mill was designed by Charles Bage, who carried out the first ever tests on the structural properties and strength of iron, and built the first, third and eighth oldest iron-framed buildings in the world at Ditherington Flax Mill.

Mills at the time were five or six stories high and built of brick, stone and wooden floors and the dust given off by the spinning process and use of candlelight often caused fires. Many mills were burnt down. In Leeds during 1791 five mills were razed but Ditherington, built entirely of brick and iron, was the first fireproof mill.
Ditherington ceased production of flax because of competition from mills in Leeds and the mill was adapted it as a Maltings factory in 1897 whence it takes its most usual name.

Bristol is a fine city but new developments there are ugly, standard developments that you see all over the country. Like other enjoyable cities Bristol has appealing natural features like its Floating Harbour which goes half way into the city. Bristol is, unfortunately, following the fad for apartment blocks that are layered or serrated which are being slapped up all over the country.
 They look hideous from the start and will be unwanted slums in ten years.
I wish to make no accusations but I was told by a man who works on these type of apartments in another city that they are cheaply constructed and if properly examined would not pass health and safety regulations. Their flimsy walls are of Studboard and not substantial.

The justification is that they generate income but since when did buildings have to be ugly and dissociate people and undermine the urbiscape as a whole to generate income? The income generated mainly goes to national retail chains who dominate these developments and it is these the local authorities act as agents for in their towns and cities. This architectural deculturation of our towns and cities cause a sense of futility, of no future, as it removes a lot of the grounding people need to thrive. But the use of traditional buildings maintains the town’s core identity and gives local people a definite sense of belonging and well-being; a positiveness and a belief in the future which is lacking in our young people.

In much modern architecture, everything is streamlined - flat surfaces and geometric shapes without the ornamentation that lends character and beauty to so many older buildings. So-called ‘rational’ architecture eschews tradition and local and national vernacular styles and materials, leading to conformity and an artificialism that make people feel out of place. It is impossible to love tower blocks or office buildings, or places dominated by them.

This is not a matter of aesthetics; it is about our very identity, which is the reciprocal relationship between people and the places in which they live. Building on what we have in a similar scale and style maintains continuity and helps to focus culture and identity. National and local governments alike are destroying places that are sanctioned by time and use, where communities have grown up and grown together partly instinctively.

The natural bonding instincts are increasingly thwarted by buildings that separate people from one another and are not physically conducive to developing community spirit - the sense of belonging and of knowing with whom you belong.

The Canadian Innu, were moved by the Canadian government into specially built estates. The Innu were effectively forcibly transformed into Canadians, just as Britons are being forcibly transformed into ‘citizens of the world’. Like us, the Innu are having their past erased and are being offered nothing for the future – despair has set in, as it is setting in on Britain’s sink estates. One important difference is that the Innu have been dispossessed by a different ethnic group Canadians(Globalists) whereas we are being dispossessed by our own elected representatives(Globalists). As with our youngsters the deculturation of the Innu manifests in drug and alcohol abuse and petty crime. More and more of Britain’s young people are similarly aimless, lacking in self-respect, without tradition or a sense of being part of something. Many of them have likewise started to prey on their own people. There have always been people at the bottom of the pile, but they used to develop within a cultural tradition to which they belonged, albeit peripherally. Most Young people do not misbehave out of endemic wickedness, but because they have been decultured.

Thanks to a combination of social, cultural, political and environmental pressures, young people in this country have been effectively estranged from Englishness, severed from the civilizing structures that bolstered their ancestors. Buildings need to develop from traditions and renew those traditions with the sense of familiarity to helping civilise young people and minimise the vicious crimes we now have.

Local councillors are only elected by a minority of voters and are not therefore fully representative of the public. We need to campaign against the destruction of our towns and cities as well as many other things. It must be part of a British movement and informed and propelled by the “Intellectual Frontline” we already have.




(4) .
(5) .A Way of Life That Does Not Exist. 2003 Colin Sampson. (Verso)

The Guilt of their Victims

By Pym Purnell

6 young men, pictured above (all of immigrant origin) who were connected with Reading football club have been released from prison. They had been found guilty of rape, but it seems the girls are to blame for being raped.

The two girls they raped were 12 years old at the time. Lord Chief Justice Moses ruled that the girls wanted to have sex. The men aged 19 – 21 picked the girls up in a car. The court was told the girls were more sexually experienced than the men. Three men had oral sex with 1 girl, while 2 had intercourse.

I do not know the ethnicity of the girls, but it is common or them to be white in cases such as these.

The men were originally sentenced to 2 years, but those derisory sentences has now been halved – Lord Chief Moses said they were "excessive". Hence they have walked free.
I ask these questions:
Would the sentences have been "excessive" had the perpetrators been native Britons and the victims immigrants?

Do you have a daughter? – is she 12? is she white?.

 Footnote by Sarah: When did our society reach the point that a court of law could could reach a verdict like this, where 12 year old children could effectively be found guilty of what was done to them by adults?  How can pre-teen children want to be gang raped, and how can they "know more about sex" than their adult assailants?

What have we done to our country, what have we done to our children? 

If we trace back the factors which led to this, the presence of the rapists in our country, the sexualisation of little children, the fact that their parents did not know or seemingly care where they were and to the attitudes of a learned judge which enabled him to reach such a judgement, we can find a common cause. At the root of where we have come to are those flawed and deeply malevolent views and aspirations which began to flourish in the West after World War II, which came together in the 1960's and which still rule our country today.

The evil old men in charge today, were the bright young things of the 1960's, who set about trying to change everything, and my God they have done so. They were amongst the most malign generation the world has ever seen, and every day we reap the consequences of what they did.   

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Is Racism Natural?

Click here to view the series of videos on this subject

Hat Tip: Mister Fox


Some definitions of racism :


1. Any attempt by members of the white race to stop an immigrant invasion and takeover of their nations, whether by word or deed.

2. Ideology in which whites object to being made third class citizens in the countries their own ancestors founded.

3. Any words spoken by a white person that fail to venerate and praise non-white persons as culturally superior and ethnically  unique.

4. A belief system in which whites fail to hate their own race, usually accompanied by failure of whites to worship non-whites and failure to providefree money, medical care, and pretty young white breeding partners for non-whites.

5. A sick and twisted belief system in which evil whites believe that they have just as much right to preserve their race and culture as the other races.

6. Failure of the white race to submit to their own extermination and displacement from their own nations.

7. Any attempt by members of the white race to stop non-whites from gang-raping or otherwise despoiling and assaulting young white women.

Racism can only be committed by whites. When non-whites murder white men and women, this can never be racist. What is truly racist is for whites to dare to oppose the murder and enslavement of their own race.
Hat Tip Alan O'Reilly

Monday 11 July 2011

Toxic Media

So, after 168 years the new world media has destroyed that long established British Institution the News of the World, the final edition of which was published on Sunday. First launched in 1843, the News of the World has been part of British life for generations, and despite its reputation for sex and scandal it has many journalistic achievements to its name, albeit considerably less so in recent years, when, under its final management it changed from a saucy but campaigning tabloid, to something altogether more vindictive and malign.

I was only even an occasional News of the World reader myself, however, given its impressive sales figures, clearly millions of people were readers, and, in any event it is sad to see something which has been around so long being willfully destroyed by what can only be described as malevolence.

For, that, of course, is what happened, the News of the World did not follow the likes of Today or the Daily Sketch, failed news papers which closed due to collapsing circulation.  In terms of sales it was amongst the most successful of the main stream media. That is, it was successful, until the revelations of what its reporters, editors and some of its employees had been up to were revealed and turned the brand from popular to poisonous overnight.

If there is anyone left on the planet who does not know what had been going on at the News of the World the details are extremely distasteful.  When it first became known that some News of the World reporters, and individuals working under contract to the paper, had been hacking into the mobile phone voice mails of celebrities, politicians and royalty, few people apart from the victims themselves were particularly concerned. Rightly or wrongly, we have come to view public figures as fair game, and most people tend to subscribe to the flawed by compelling opinion that such individuals have placed themselves in the public eye, gained considerably from so doing, and therefore, deserve what they get.

However, that all changed when it became clear that the phone hacking extended to people who were not public figures. The mobile phones belonging to missing children were also hacked, the distraught messages from those missing children's parents were listened to and some even deleted in order to make room for more, an act which inevitably gave the parents of at least one missing girl hope their child was alive and listening to her messages, when she was in fact already dead.  The phone of the parents of other murdered children and fallen soldiers, were also being hacked  into, as were those belonging to survivors of terrorism, their private messages listened to in the hope some snippet of conversation could be exploited for news and profit.

For most of us it is hard to comprehend how people could be so callous, how they could have such contempt for the victims of such terrible crimes that they could cynically sit and listen to such tragic messages and then delete them to make room for more. Perhaps, even more cynical, even more heartless were those who paid others to do the hacking and deleting for them.

Tonight allegations of similar acts have been made against other newspapers, including ones which view themselves as more "up market" than the news of the world .  This is hardly a surprise, as one other recent incident confirms.  Whist the revelations about the News of the World were taking place, another story hit the headlines, one which may seem unconnected, but which I think was very much connected. 

29 year old Kia Abdullah is what one might call a westernised lipstick Muslim, she has written a couple of "controversial" novels and is a journalist who regularly contributes to the Guardian.  On July 1st Abdullah wrote a message to her followers on Twitter regarding the death of three young British men who had been killed in a bus accident in Thailand.  She stated that she was unable to feel any sympathy for anyone who had died whilst enjoying a “gap year”, and revealed she had grinned when noticing that two of the victims had “double barreled” names.

Abdullah has come in for a deal of criticism following that Tweet and has quickly issued a career defending apology, claiming she was guilty of ill advised “black humour”. However, Abdullah's real error was that she revealed in public, sentiments which would have elicited empathetic nods and even some laughter, had she instead expressed them within the elitist media circles into which her ideology, race and connections grant her access.

What do these two events reveal to us about the news media and the people who see it as their role to inform the public and form their opinions? Both examples demonstrate a complete lack of empathy with those outside the cozy media tepee.

It is hardly surprising that those working within the media lose any sense of empathy or fellowship for the wider public, a conman will soon learn to despise his victims and likewise a journalist will soon feel contempt for those he or she is employed to deceive.

When one is required to lie to and mislead a group of people on a regular ongoing basis it is inevitable that one will eventually begin to view that group as “the other” and then, eventually as “the enemy”.  It is human nature for people to lose all empathy or common feeling for a group they perceive as their enemies and eventually to cheer and applaud their destruction.

This is, I believe, how much of the Western media view the Western public for whom they write and perform.  How else is it that they can not only have such scant regard for the wellbeing of their readers and viewers, but actively seek to deceive them in ways which can only do harm to them?

The media, together with police and politicians, have for decades actively covered up the extraordinarily disproportionate level of violence perpetrated by newcomers to Britain against the host population, and they have done so in the full knowledge that their actions will lead, and have led, directly to the violent deaths of increasing numbers of indigenous white Britons.

In fact they have gone further than that they have distorted the truth, by means such as for example constantly resurrecting a single seventeen year old, alleged, white on black hate crime in order to portray, immigrants, who they know full well are the overwhelming perpetrators of hate crimes, as the primary victims of hate crimes.

This goes beyond ideology, this behavour reveals a reckless disregard for the well being of those they are slandering, bordering on hostility.

In the same way, for years the media, and their co-conspirators have covered up the abuse and sexual grooming of young white children by Asian males, and have conspired in the vilification and attempted prosecution of anyone seeking to expose these crimes.  Again they have done this bin the full knowledge that their very actions will lead, and have led, to the abuse of countless children, who might otherwise have been protected.

Even when they could no longer cover up the crimes, as I revealed recently the media, en mass, deliberately misrepresented the figures in order to downplay the involvement of the main perpetrators, whilst over exaggerating the involvement of the majority indigenous population.

Meanwhile trained economists working within the media, have actively suppressed evidence of the huge social and economic damage caused by mass immigration whilst promoting highly dubious “evidence” of benefits.

This is not unique to British media, at the present time the US press are deliberately failing to report growing levels of pre-arranged anti-white racial attacks by black mobs. Or when they are reported, all mention of race is omitted and efforts made to mislead reader and viewers into believing the attackers are white.  Meanwhile those rare genuine white perpetrator hate crimes receive coast to coast publicity.    

America, of course, is currently led by the least qualified and most incompetent presidents in living memory, yet he is ferociously protected by the media, who hide evidence of his shortcomings and savage anyone they perceive as a threat to him.

All questions about the president’s eligibility are ridiculed or suppressed by the media.  The White House recently published a document purporting to be the president’s birth certificate, this was accepted, without question by the media.  Since then numerous graphics experts have denounced the document as a fraud,  whilst the single expert wrongly quoted by the media as claiming it to be genuine has been actively prevented from publishing a correction.

However, those members of the public who still naively rely on the legacy media for their news are not permitted to know any of this.

Elsewhere in the world, extremely troubling and potentially dangerous developments are taking place in the Middle East, yet these are presented to a gullible public as optimistic signs of budding democracy, and laughably dubbed an Arab Spring, when little could in fact be further from the truth.

We are again being lulled into a false security, and we should ask ourselves why.  If those behind the microphones and in front of the cameras are supporting what is going on in the Middle East, experience tells us it can not be good for the West.

The Western Media is one of the most dangerous and malevolent forces currently threatening the Western World.  For many millions of people the mainstream media remain the primary source of news and information, and as such the media are the gatekeepers to knowledge. They control what the public are allowed to know, what they are not allowed to know and also what they can be led to believe.

If people are to make wise decisions, we need to know the truth, but if those controlling access to the truth do not have our best interests at heart them we are doomed.

Too many of those working in the media do not have our best interests at heart, they despise us, lie to us and view us with contempt. Many actively wish us ill. Recent revelations about the News of the World and Kia Abdullah’s vindictive tweet, gave us a glimpse of that uncomfortable truth.