Monday, 18 July 2011

If Only .............. By Richard Barnbrook

To:  (strictly in alphabetical order)
Lee Barnes
Andrew Brons
Eddy Butler
Simon Derby
Nick Griffin
Patrick Harrington
Arthur Kemp


If only we could turn the clock back to the heady days at the beginning of 2008….Remember how well we esteemed each other then?

So many tragic incidents have occurred since, so much negativity, hurt feelings and blame apportioned. Personal differences have prevailed to the ruination of all.

Look at where we are now! We are getting nowhere, and struggle as we might, there is no permanent solution in the offing. Meanwhile, our country suffers and our personal and collective ability to fight for what we really believe in diminishes with every negative comment, every new revelation.

Isn’t it time to call a truce?

We could turn the clock back overnight, if only we could muster the will! We are supposedly defenders of our Christian heritage… isn’t the Christian message founded on forgiveness? Basically, despite our differences, are we not all brothers, bound to one nationalist ideology? Can we not each find it in our hearts to extend to one another the hand of genuine friendship once again, and try to work together in unity and brotherhood once more?

It is undeniable that there is more that unites us than divides us!
And there is more to be gained by forgiving each other than by denouncing each other.

We all have to accept we are human.

And because we are human, we are flawed, and therefore we may have made mistakes.

The solution lies within our grasp. We all have to find it in our hearts to forgive, AND NOT TO CONDEMN OR RECRIMINATE. Because RECRIMINATIONS ARE GETTING US NOWHERE!

Surely it’s time to change direction, and join forces once again? It’s our only real chance of success in our lifetime. What we once were to each other, we can be again, if we can each find the will.

We need to start focussing on the good in one other and not the imperfections. We all have enormous strengths and talents as well as weaknesses and imperfections.

And then having accepted that mistakes have been made, we have to help one other to move forward, rather than apportioning blame, and put our heads together to look at how we can repair the damage. And then rejoin the fray to make war against the true enemy…those who have sold our people out.

For this high and special purpose, I would like to propose a Meeting of Reconciliation, to which you are each invited, with the specific proviso that all who attend are prepared to shake hands, try to put hostility aside and  forgive one other wholeheartedly in order to try to work together once again.

What we were once, we can be again!
The task may seem hard, but the stakes are high, and they have never been higher. So many have given their lives defending this country. Is this one minor sacrifice of personal pride so very much to ask?

Please, for the love of Britain and our Cause, which we each and all believe in let’s, give hope and brotherhood a chance…

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely and with all good will

Richard Barnbrook


Laager said...

This is a genuine initiative by Richard

Come on gentlemen.
Accept the hand of reconcilliation
Collectively you have a lot to offer Britain
Let bygones be bygones and create the home for conservative race realists that Britain needs.
There is plenty of support out there waiting for competent leaders to show the way.
Put an end to this national suicide road that the liberal parties are taking the country down on.

Anonymous said...

We need worldwide solidarity by nationalists , those who don't see it do not understand the nature of the enemy. We are up against the most powerfull enemy possible , nearly all media and centers of money and power as well as the think tanks of all sorts they created to keep us divided .

alanorei said...

This is on-topic, even if indirectly. With reference to the comment I made last Friday on The Ruination of England topic, having returned up north from Shepherd's Bush, I have spoken to several local folk as follows:

"London isn't England anymore."

That's all that has to be said. They understand immediately, nod with complete sincerity and say "It's sad" or "It's terrible" or words to that effect.

No doubt like others who've read Richard Barnbrook's letter, I hope that British nationalists of whatever persuasion can work together sufficiently to be effective.

It's like the US Army adviser said to the fledgling IDF as it was in 1948 striving to stave off the genocidal Arab-Moslem invasions of the time. The Israelis were split up into separate militia groups that were almost as antagonistic towards each other as they were towards the invaders.

The adviser held up one hand with all fingers and thumb splayed. He then closed his hand into a fist. He then asked:

"If you were in a burning building and your only way out was to smash a hole through a window pane with your bare hands, how would you do it?"

They got the point. Regardless of any anti-Semitism, Israel is still a separate nation 60+ years on.

I just hope that British nationalists and indeed British subjects can get the point before the freedom parade by the Green Howards through our town this morning becomes an occupation parade by conquering jihadists and their Hamitic allies.

If you want to know where the rest of your tax money will go then, check out Mugabe's Palace.

He will set the example for the rest of the would-be conquerors, should they achieve their objectives.

Anonymous said...

Though Barnbrook is not a Christian, he writes with great conviction. I hope his call for peace among nationalists is heeded.

yorkshirebob said...

Outstanding Richard, the most inspirational blog that i've read since I logged in to SMOA. Let us all know, via this website ,who replies and what comments they make. If they don't reply, they feel nothing for England, if they don't agree, they feel nothing for England.

Laager said...

@ alanorei

Correction on the Mugabe palace link

I did a check on SNOPES
They maintain that this house is in an upmarket suburb - Beverly Hills? - in Los Angeles

No doubt Mugabe lives in something similar whilst his unemployed and starving citizens flee to South Africa to find work and a crust of bread to eat

Anonymous said...

Let us pray Nick, Andrew, et al, accept Richard's magnanimous offer and reconciliation can be achieved.

A united party with Andrew at the helm would be equipped to build on those past successes and take us forward.

Kilimanjaro said...

If James Murathin is out there gp and take a look at:

Mike Smith's Political Commentary
Article: Friday July 22 2011
ANC lies exposed and countered


I Luv South Africa blogspot
Article: Friday July 22 2011
The Emporer's New Clothes

You may find the help useful

Anonymous said...

Diversity knows no bounds

This animal would not be here if it wasn't for the vermin in authority who facilitated its entry.

This can only lead to more situations like Norway has just experienced.

Anonymous said...

Well posted Richard and I hope your invitation is taken up by those that need to forget past problems and clashes of personalities and once again come together United in the struggle we are embroiled in. Together we can defeat them

malvoisin said...

If only Mr Barnbrook had not betrayed the members and all their hard work eh?

Anonymous said...

There is no need for reconciliation as the very best result for all was
achieved in the Brons/Gri££in
leadership contest.Gri%%in gets his very own toy back to play with forever,the normal, thinking members get to move on if they have sense, the walking dead and thuggish element get to stay as they are but in a more thuggish and brain-dead party.Nobody loses, there are scores of clean
nationalist parties out there to join and thanks to Gri££in we now have a large gap between his toxic
BNP and all the other baggage-free
nationsalist parties.

alanorei said...

Thanks, Laager, useful to know.

This reference says that he spent $US5.7 million buying a house in Hong Kong (future bolt-hole?) so as you indicate, he will no doubt be well-housed locally, for now.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Sorry for the delay in posting some of these comments, they got caught up in Blogger and I have only just found them