Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Is Racism Natural?

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Hat Tip: Mister Fox


Some definitions of racism :


1. Any attempt by members of the white race to stop an immigrant invasion and takeover of their nations, whether by word or deed.

2. Ideology in which whites object to being made third class citizens in the countries their own ancestors founded.

3. Any words spoken by a white person that fail to venerate and praise non-white persons as culturally superior and ethnically  unique.

4. A belief system in which whites fail to hate their own race, usually accompanied by failure of whites to worship non-whites and failure to providefree money, medical care, and pretty young white breeding partners for non-whites.

5. A sick and twisted belief system in which evil whites believe that they have just as much right to preserve their race and culture as the other races.

6. Failure of the white race to submit to their own extermination and displacement from their own nations.

7. Any attempt by members of the white race to stop non-whites from gang-raping or otherwise despoiling and assaulting young white women.

Racism can only be committed by whites. When non-whites murder white men and women, this can never be racist. What is truly racist is for whites to dare to oppose the murder and enslavement of their own race.
Hat Tip Alan O'Reilly


Anonymous said...

Yes. I think it was Enoch Powell who, when asked if he was a racist, said "yes.. it's the cornerstone of nationhood."

We are born with desires, ergo we discriminate against those things we consider undesirable to us. If we choose to abide with our own kind we are following a path well worn - and in doing so we create family, tribe, etc.

Nature doesn't do abstract.


misterfox said...

Steve, Enoch did say that, well, that he was a "racialist." Unforunately I have not been able to find the video on youtube again.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

I believe that the points listed are an excellent summary and that our MSM would endorse them all.

alanorei said...

An extra comment to ensure that follow-up comments are received.

Celtic Warrior said...

Is there someone trying to speak over the music in the video? Because if there is they’re losing the battle, as I can't understand a word they're saying.

raging said...

There's a great new race realist blog.

Check it out.
Unamused has written a series of flyers made up of solid facts on a number of subjects, such as crime rates & intelligence, designed to get the average person on the street to question what has been drilled into them since they were born!
sorry i'm off topic.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe ''racism is natural'' is that simple,i think it's a result of a agenda,a outcome of circumstances or as we seen in the last 15years used as a weapon to suppress or blind the public.If racism was that natural we would have constant wars between continents,i mean conventional,but i believe racism needs to be triggered and the marxist traitors are using the trigger against the indigenous of this country for their NWO.

The list of definitions are used by the traitors and proves only one race being a victim of racism and that is the white race,the leftist mouthpiece The BBC spews there propaganda tripe that nationalism is racist but praises other nations nationalism but we only doing what there doing protecting our identity,heritage,culture,religion and way of life but in the NWO that's not allowed!!!.

For St George.

Anonymous said...

We can only feel emotions such as lust, hate, affection, rage, elation & fear ect that we have been evolutionary hot wired to experience. Bull Elephants exibit most of these unmistakable human emotions i.e lust rage & fear as does a mother cat, here she expresses affection towards her young. We are all part of the same evolutionary tree why should us humans be any different to other animals.

We are not the blank slate, A god man. Like any other animal we come pre-programed. We are biological machines.

Anonymous said...

This a brilliant...

Anonymous said...

You see same group preference and hostility to strangers in all social animals. Humans are social animals.

Hostility to strangers in your own home territory is natural. The selfish gene theory predicts a preference to our own nearest relatives and hostility to outsiders. Anyone who doesn't grasp this need a lesson in evolution.