Sunday, 31 July 2011

Murdered for Muti

The victims of muti murder (the removal of body parts from live and conscious victims in order to produce tribal medicine) are often little children, or the old and vulnerable, however, that is not always the case.  Single Afrikaner electrician Michael van Eck, who worked at Beatrix goldmine, was apparently lured to his death in a rural cemetery outside Welkom – through a Facebook appointment with a girl he had met online. Some of his body-parts were ‘neatly amputated’, he was cut into pieces and his remains buried in a shallow grave. His head, right-arm and left-foot are missing. The gruesome murder has all the signs of a so-called  muti murder ‘: the live harvesting of body-parts for resale to ‘traditional healers’.


Tia Mysoa said...


I hope this is not what happened to Duncan Allan, the 20 year-old university student who went missing on Monday 18 July 2011, in Pretoria.

Full details here

Macaw said...

@Tia. About 2 weeks ago this was mentioned at the church I go to as he belongs to the same church (Although I do not know him).

2 weeks is a long time in SA.

Laager said...

Are there any liberals out there who would like to offer an opinion?

Remember you assured South Africans that all would be well under black "democratic' rule. (with the SA Communist party in charge?)

What is significant about this case is that whites are now being lured to places of kidnapping where they are assassinated and the carved up (i.e. body parts "harvested") for muti (="medicine")

This is a uniquely black African concept and we can only conclude that this unfortunate young man is the victim of a carefully orchestrated black murder plot.

Anonymous said...

This is very common is south africa , the telltale signs are that the organs were harvested while the victim was alive , according to tradition the muti from a dead person has no power, muti from animals are harvested the exact same way. Sometimes the requires part like testes , nipples , penis or labia is cut off and the victim released.

Anonymous said...

@ Laager The liberals would insist that we respect traditional medicine and stop being eurocentric. It is just pure white racism to deny the curative value of ground flesh mixed with roots.............. You bloody agent !!!

vanderwater said...

I remember in early 1980s in the US there was a large influx of South African student at my high school. I bet they new what was in store for them and they decided to get the hell out.

Anonymous said...

I do not know why I blog a lot on various sites, it seems all in vain, doesen't it. I have no words for this article, just sadness, anger and rage.

Anonymous said...

At some point, people tip over the edge.

A few more like this, then we're getting close.


Macaw said...

@anon.At some point, people tip over the edge.

A few more like this, then we're getting close.

I don't think so. The majority of folks here have been so brainwashed that this is not news to them anymore, the same as farm murders. It just carries on and on.

When you mention we are getting close, I would say that someone, somewhere will go and do another Anders Breivik here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the time of the white Mau Mau is coming. In fact, the Norwegian kicked it off.

This is sad, because it will have been avoidable, and it will be, I fear, very unpleasant.


Adrem said...

I think there is hardly anything more sickening than these so-called Muti murders which are cannibalism, plain and simple. The mind just boggles and the blood starts boiling the moment yet another of these bestialities is made known and there seems no end to it.

Isn't it sickeningly perverse that on the one side the West, the UN et al and yes, most churches just remain silent about these atrocities and simply brush them under the carpet and yet have the audacity to ask for donations to help the drought victims of Black Africa?