Friday, 29 July 2011

The problems of being too Christian

A poem by Mike Wilson
For two millennia Western man, has formed as only he can,
A mind aware of nature’s laws, her sciences and all her flaws.
And in this time has fought the fight for justice and for what is right
Because his creed is Christian based and tolerates the other race.

But now the tide has slowly turned and Western man is surely spurned
        By every other race on earth because our laws have given birth
To the meek inheriting this our land because we offered out of hand
A place where they could all feel safe despite the differences in race.

Now over the course of time we see the effects of becoming a minority
In our own land, our place of birth, our country that was best on earth.
Now all around a rainbow culture, no finer feelings, nothing ultra
Just “give me, give me, more and more and we’ll make babies by the score.”

Such thinking really grieves us all when these invaders just stand tall
And keep demanding all their rights and we stand by without a fight,
And instead of saying this is wrong the government just helps it along.
No wonder that the common man perceives a wild and devious plan.

This plan has been in place for years and carries on despite the tears
Of those who see behind the scheme, to make us toe the line.
The native Britain born and bred is being to the slaughter led
By those who need to close us down so their own lies will wear the crown.

The newcomers help to dilute the mix of native Britons and that’s the fix,
Because new laws will simply pass and the rainbow mass will never grasp
The full intent behind the deed to which any normal man would heed.
The future’s not looking very bright if we give in to Europe without a fight.

By swamping us with foreign drones they think they’ll make us into clones
Until all indigenous traits are gone and we’ll end up dancing to their song.
Miscegenation is their key and if we allow it we’ll never be free
To be the people we used to be, a strong healthy nation, the land of the free.

Be Christian, be healthy, be strong and be wise, don’t listen to Europe’s invidious lies.
Don’t surrender your birthright to Europe’s advances,
 But fight for Britain to be Britain again.


Brock Townsend said...

Very well said and posted.

Dr.D said...

The problem is not a matter of being "too Christian," but rather it is a problem of being "too weakly Christian." It comes from not knowing what it really means to be a Christian, because the British, like most of modern Western man, have rejected Christianity to a major degree. They have kept the superficial results of Christianity, but they have lost the essential elements. Thus when the hard questions arise, they are ill prepared to sort them out.

There is nothing in the Bible at all to suggest that you should give away your homeland to an invading army (even if it is not uniformed) that comes simply to take advantage of your generosity while abusing your hospitality. The Bible speaks of caring for the sojourner who is with you. This means specifically the foreigner whom you have welcomed and who has made himself a productive part of your community. In no case did this law ever envision hoards of people such are now the case. The Bible also tells us to care for our neighbors, but that does not mean to bring them into our homes, or our lands. We should care for them in their own lands, where they originate. The Lord God separated the nations, and it is not for use to try to mix them all together again after He separated them.

Anonymous said...

This is a good poem. In agreement with Dr.D, I have just one thing to add. Most non-white immigrants are not meek. They have an impressive will to power, though most white liberals choose to ignore it and fixate on poster images of utopian multicultural harmony.

Anonymous said...

The Boers were at war with the Xhosas , a witchdoctor advised the tribe to kill all their cows and the ancestors will grant defeat of the Boers. When the Xhosas started dying of self induced famine the christian Boers saved them ............. To what end I ask ?