Friday, 15 July 2011

The Guilt of their Victims

By Pym Purnell

6 young men, pictured above (all of immigrant origin) who were connected with Reading football club have been released from prison. They had been found guilty of rape, but it seems the girls are to blame for being raped.

The two girls they raped were 12 years old at the time. Lord Chief Justice Moses ruled that the girls wanted to have sex. The men aged 19 – 21 picked the girls up in a car. The court was told the girls were more sexually experienced than the men. Three men had oral sex with 1 girl, while 2 had intercourse.

I do not know the ethnicity of the girls, but it is common or them to be white in cases such as these.

The men were originally sentenced to 2 years, but those derisory sentences has now been halved – Lord Chief Moses said they were "excessive". Hence they have walked free.
I ask these questions:
Would the sentences have been "excessive" had the perpetrators been native Britons and the victims immigrants?

Do you have a daughter? – is she 12? is she white?.

 Footnote by Sarah: When did our society reach the point that a court of law could could reach a verdict like this, where 12 year old children could effectively be found guilty of what was done to them by adults?  How can pre-teen children want to be gang raped, and how can they "know more about sex" than their adult assailants?

What have we done to our country, what have we done to our children? 

If we trace back the factors which led to this, the presence of the rapists in our country, the sexualisation of little children, the fact that their parents did not know or seemingly care where they were and to the attitudes of a learned judge which enabled him to reach such a judgement, we can find a common cause. At the root of where we have come to are those flawed and deeply malevolent views and aspirations which began to flourish in the West after World War II, which came together in the 1960's and which still rule our country today.

The evil old men in charge today, were the bright young things of the 1960's, who set about trying to change everything, and my God they have done so. They were amongst the most malign generation the world has ever seen, and every day we reap the consequences of what they did.   


misterfox said...


There was a case some months ago where the corrupt judge took the side of the Black defendant during the trial. Our judiciary is run by, and made up of, corrupt and disgusting filth. To protect their pets they abandon our children to savages. It has reached the point where we ahould turn up when they parade past the Inns in their wigs and frocks and spit at the worthless things.

They have turned this country into a terror state by allowing terrorists to stay here and refusing extadition requests using their perverse interpretations of the Human Rights Act.

Blank said...

They probably were white girls, and they probably did want sex with muscle-bound negroes. Face it. This is what decadence looks like. Painted harlots seeking sexual congress with exotica. In a commune I once lived in, a Canadian white girl was having giddy sex with a black South African. You know what I realised? That black South African was good in bed, much better than I could hope to be. What do you want me to do, Sarah? Stab the negro bastard? What does that make me look like? A valiant saviour of the white race, or a resentful, hate-filled loser who couldn't stand the fact that a white girl chose a warm nigger over a cold piece of Eurotrash like me?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Blank

What the Canadian Trash chose was a significantly increased chance of being murdered or abused, a massively increased chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and a hugely increased chance of being abandoned should she have a child.

She would then face a substantially increased likelihood that the child would end up involved in crime, being sent to prison or being murdered by one of it's daddy's kin, and, should that child become ill and require a transplant a statistically miniscule chance of ever finding a match.

Some very stupid and morally bankrupt women want what they are brainwashed into wanting, not necessarily what is good for them.

misterfox said...


Your feelings of inadaquacy and self-hatred disgust me. But as you are a masochist I have probably just made you feel good.

Rose of Scotland said...

The aptly named Black will not be listening to you Sarah, he's cuddling up to his lovely warm self loathing and white guilt.

Dr.D said...

This is a problem that seems to have two sides to it: (1) a very evil judiciary that is willing to stand truth on its head, and (2) white women who seem all too intrigued with the sexual powers of black men.

To the first, they will eventually pass. They are getting older and their time is passing on. They have without doubt done immense damage that will take huge effort to repair, but they are indeed going away (look at tony blair).

The second is a problem that will not pass without definite corrective action. It requires a re-moralization of the nation, and a restoration of a sense of nationhood that has been washed away at present. Women must realize that in making babies, they are making the nation. There is more at stake than their own enjoyment, much, much more.

Franz said...

Funny. This clarifies that the person-of-color card trumps the Feminism card. I always wondered which is higher in the politically Texas hold 'em game that is the post modern world.

If a white (gasp) heterosexual (double-gasp) man had sex with a twelve year old girl, he would do a long stretch inside and share a cell with two angry Hell's Angels. Never mind if it was consensual or not.

@ Blank

If you hate yourself to the extend that you apply a moniker such as "Eurotrash" to yourself, I'd suggest you top yourself. It will relieve the pain instantly and in your next reincarnation you will be a proud Nubian. Promise.

Anonymous said...

@ blank , the thin veneer of exotic pleasure is soon eroded by reality , what on earth makes you think he was better at all ? if that was the case south africa would not sit with the boer problem , and what was he going to do , marry her and take her to the utopian rainbow nation where they were going to live happily ever after . The loss of girls like that to the genetic gene pool is no loss at all .

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Shaun

I received your message and visited the link you sent. It is very depressing.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

misterfox said...

I could haveb done ithout twaddle from Scruton. He does what all progressives do which is to separate culture from race. I have never taken his claim to be Conservative seriously.
I find Scruton contradictory. Further, his thinking is too abstract to be a Conservative, although I'm sure he would claim to be Hegalian rather than a practioner of practical reason.
I do not believe you can separate culture from race: this is the "progressives" split as they divide ideas.
Race and culture are indivisible and the people produce the culture which in turn produces them. That is not to say that very "foreigner" in the country will produce a different culture but we are being assimilated to Islam at the moment.

misterfox said...

More manipulation through people's desires.

Anonymous said...

The "judge" is a Jew. White females of whatever age are nothing but chattels... surely you know that don't you? Only the 'selected' or attractive ones succeed in their world - or else used and consumed.

If the 12 year olds were Jewish, black or Asian from the Indian sub the scum would have had their sentences doubled or worse.

Gods "chosen ones" are like Royal game in this country...... DARE you criticise them !!

Anonymous said...


"Hate filled Eurotrash" like you and the ridiculous woman who decided a nigger was "good enough" for her are disposable - all the more so if you're actually what you say you are.

Nobody knows who or what you are do they? :)

Anonymous said...

Many comments of sympathy, few comments indicating the source of the problem. It would seem the English prefer polite chat about problems to enacting solutions. And not only the English, but the English as a symbol representative of the West. This horror manifests in every Western nation, so the enemy must be a centralized one. Central bankers. Wake up!
At what point does the solution take precedence? At what point is the enemy described? At what point do We communicate in the same language that THEY communicated in when Lincoln and JFK were eliminated? For that is the only language those bastards will understand. You can bank on that. We are past the point of civility.
Look at the symbolism from the previous article: a broken circle atop a pyramid. A circle represents God, all creation. Leaning buildings, psychologically representing Fall. Are you blind? Look at the authoritarian hatred toward the best people on earth.
This is programmed chaos. This is not an accident.
When will you call out these bastards for what they are? When will you toughen up? What will it take? The removal of your beer and sports on the telly? Don't be naive: It's coming. Just continue to do nothing and it will happen.
If you don't take effective action, then, if you are looking for someone to blame, look in the mirror.
The only option now is to communicate in a language that will be respected. Come on now, England, the people of the West are looking to you for leadership, which is rightfully yours.
--Blood of Manchester

Anonymous said...

Bob Says:

Congratulations this phrase will stick on my mind for a long time to come.

This is what decadence looks like. Painted harlots seeking sexual congress with exotica

Black women are fascinated by the sexual prowess of white men. Go figure that one out.

In the days of the British Empire it used to be said that an Englishman could love a Negro as a brother but not as a brother-in-law

There are also people who screw sheep

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I am extremely fed up with cases such as this, and they are now legion and on an almost daily basis.

I am extremely fed up with the way the 'progressive liberals' and the far left have engineered our society, over many decades, to the state that we now are being forced to accept, on pain of imprisonment or criminalisation simply for objecting to the perceived wisdom that has been decided for us and enforced by law.

I would like to think that change could come about through the ballot box, but these 'progressive liberals' and the far left have perverted and corrupted our democracy and its institutions to such a degree that democracy is all but dead.

I am now of the view that change will only come about with violent revolution, led from the bottom up. England needs a leader to emerge with the attributes of Oliver Cromwell to lead the English out of the cess pit of political, judicial and institutionalised corruption across all public sectors.

It took Sinn Fein/Ira over thirty years of violent protest to achieve much of their objective. Now they sit at the top table of politics in Northern Ireland, where they can influence UK government polcy.

I think Sinn Fein/IRA could teach the English some valuable lessons. After all, there is a moral to their story that the English should consider.

Pym Purnell said...

Some comments suggesting that white women find black men more tempting. I am afraid I must disagree, although judging by all the white girls with mixed race babies there maybe something in it.

But what?

For me, part of the problem is numbers. If your daughters just meet black boys, I suggest she may end up with one.

I also think fear plays a part - fear of being called a racist for refusing advances, and fear of being one if you dont have a black fella.

We have got ourselves into a right pickle.

Anonymous said...

Now to bury myself in controversy.

Preface: This is not a white/black issue. It’s not even racial. It IS about inherited tendencies, however. And it’s explosive.

One issue that’s hit people huge is rape. I address this because rape is the single biggest issue, dwarfing IQ, that can have genetic causes.

In fact, because it hits hard at breeding, rape as a sexual strategy is enormous. It’s the elephant in the room. If any offensive behavior CAN be genetic, man, this one can. It’s the King Bad Boy of probably inheritable behaviors.

Why? It impacts sexual reproduction immediately and directly. It’s offensive, but it’s a successful breeding strategy in certain circumstances. And have no doubt: it isn’t about Power and the Patriarchy. It’s about sex and instincts.

The crime rate and rate of sexual assault is one thing that will be strongly influenced by both environment AND by genes: Especially the tendency to rape women. As disgusting as this sounds, that’s a behavior that massively impacts reproductive success. It will be the first offensive behavior to be genetically transmitted.

All males will have this programmed into them, as a viable strategy to use in a few limited circumstances. If the male has no access to what *he* perceives as high-quality females, certain obviously inherited behaviors will start to be triggered. More risky liasons; not worrying about offending male relatives; cajoling or pushing females; and when opportunities arise, taking advantage in breaks in social security (father is away, strange tribe, have sex whether agreed to or not; cost is low).

Men and women pass these genes on. They’re (in general) as advantageous to women as men. We have the same genes: females want successfully breeding sons and grandsons.

A woman isn’t fundamentally genetically interested in other women or their fates. She’s invested heavily in the genetic future of her own offspring. She needs to pass on Sexy Girl and Sexy Boy genes; and if rape works some of the time, and she’s inherited these genes, it’s to her advantage to pass them on.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

All males have this programmed. It’s not a “rape gene” – but it’s part and parcel of a basket of reproductive strategies each individual has.

Women experience the counterside to this. They like to be dominated (generally); Alpha Male attraction; and then the incredible prevalence of “rape fantasies” that women have – married to the Alpha Male fantasy; “I want Alpha Sperm, a man who successfully breaks rules to give it to me will give me strong sons; I therefore find that sexy” – is testament to the prevalence of this as an alternative mating strategy among males and females for as long as we’ve been hominids.

It’s disgusting. But it’s also obvious, and no biologist will deny it. As offensive as it is, being honest about this social problem is really damned important. Evolution programmed us to be successful breeders – not to be fair, just, nice, or kind, except as these things helped breeding. If being a bastard – or letting yourself get impregnated by one – worked from time to time, then so be it.

Your genes don’t share your ideology. Neither does evolution. In fact, people are just tools for genes to replicate themselves.

IQ is one thing. It can affect reproductive success.

Same for display abilities – music, art, etc. Sure, they could be genetic.

But this terrifying complex of behaviors that leads to rape – that’s deep. And hard to govern. It’s one part of male mating behavior. It’s cross-cultural, cross-time, cross-species, for that matter.


In agricultural societies, like Egypt or Celtic Europe, random rapes are socially disastrous – the offender could be killed. Not a good strategy. Unless the woman is isolated (traveling?), alone, her male relatives are dead or gone, there are no other females to hear about it, etc. Then all bets are off.

But take away social constraints, and BAM – many groups of males become amazingly dangerous. Life is cheap; genetic survival is everything. Death lurks around every corner. It’s all about continuing those genes. Nothing else is relevant.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

Rapists aren’t even conscious about this, apparently. Evolution just favors traits that continue – by whatever means.

One thing feminists blanche at, and leftists in general, is this: anything that so profoundly affects reproductive success, even on a 1-4% basis (and that’s where rape comes in), will become huge. Massive. And hard to deny.

IQ is nothing. Other behaviors are nothing. Who cares.

The incidence of stranger-rape shows hard, clear, and stark evidence of being transmitted through lines; the transmission is stronger than for other types of criminal behavior; it’s linked to specific kinds of genes (a whole range of them); and it comes in many forms.

And here’s where the right-wing has its best ammunition. It’s terrifying for someone with a liberal mind. Should the right ever get its hands on this kind of science, public debate on this issue will be, excuse my language, completely fucked.

Repeatedly, scientists are identifying correlates for “risk to assault women”. It’s not widely spoken about. But as evolution would suggest, something like this – no matter how disturbing – has got to be hard-wired in lots of men. There’s no way or debate about it. If any trait is, this one has to be. It literally makes babies for some men. That is profound.

And aborting male fetuses but not females doesn’t help. A *daughter* can just as easily pass on such genes. Your genes are Human – there’s no “essentialist” Male or Female. Even the X chromosome is shared by men. Only the Y is different, and it barely codes for anything.

Women pass on these genes to their daughters and granddaughters as part of the overall reproductive strategy of their offspring.

But one thing can affect this: CULTURE, over TIME.

The feedback loop between culture and genes?

Self-domestication: males that (unsuccessfully) would be weeded out, over time; such an ancient program can’t be erasedby 10,000 years of agricultural society breeding it out, but it can be dampened and controlled and limited. Restricted. Female prefer it less (when they tolerate it at all or are stimulated by it); males engage in less risky behavior, to avoid social costs. Eventually, the culture breeds the people breeds the culture.

Anonymous said...

Part 4

Basically, living in large units, subject to authority, enforced social harmony, social rules – these things will tend to breed out crazy bastards and wild women.


These traits are not gone: Stable society just needs to fail for 1-2 generations for the UTILITY of Nasty Bastard genes to come rushing back.

One war – two wars in short succession – relaxation of Pro-Harmony Selective pressure – and WHAM
you go from 1-3 % of men carrying these genes to 10-15% of men carrying these genes. Should chaos continue (which these men might be helping), that could rise to even 30-50%.

Note that it’ll be hard to separate out culture: the genes breed the culture and make it stronger; vice-versa.

But, of all behaviors, this will be very genetic. It has to be. Not just a human universal: it’s such a basic reproductive strategy, there will be lots of variation, and so, lots of variation for selection to play with.

There’s nothing biologically controversial about this. It repulses normal people, but it’s intellectually fascinating.

And here’s my point, one that women need to pay close attention to:

The incidence of forcible-rape in societies that were not traditionally agricultural is *MUCH* higher. Not a little – usually, on the order of 10x.

The incidence of forcible-rape in societies that have experienced multiple generations of open warfare/conflict are MUCH HIGHER than any others, EVEN WHEN INDIVIDUALS ARE REMOVED FROM THE CULTURE (and, say, adopted).

Children of rape may indeed be more inclined to rape, or, if female, produce sons that rape. And have other effects.

In agricultural societies not in chaos, where social rules are in force, random stranger-rape is nearly unheard of. This does not strongly correlate with culture. It correlates with TIME of HAVING BEEN AGRICULTURAL.

It’s terrifying, for its implications. You want an issue for the right-wing to call home about? This is truly the Bad Boy waiting for a platform.

Anonymous said...

Part 5

Among people who were traditionally Herders or marginal Hunter/Gatherers (ie, places of low abundance; not the Amazon: The Eskimo in the Arctic, the Indians of northern North America but notCentral America (Agriculture) or, say, the Six Nations (agriculture, highly articulated political structures), or among Central Asian herders but NOT city-dwellers (near-total segregation for centuries in some areas) – stranger rape is about 10x more common.

The lack of a central polity and a need to regulate male sexuality (agricultural economies) seems to breed that nasty rape complex.

The tragic reproductive logic is obvious. It’s devastating. And compelling.

Among West Africans, it’s about half that: 5x.West Africa had agriculture for only half the time other places had it. It also had huge portions of people outside settled cities/centers; it was the Near East at 2000 BC, N. Europe at AD 200 (Celts were famous for their, um, forceful sexual relations – being ravaged by a “suitable” one was a major Roman female fantasy, widely lamented by nationalist Roman men), or Europe again in about AD 1100.

Slavery won’t have helped. In fact, it likely made it worse. Remember: Rapists among slave-owners spread genes to the offspring, whether freed or not.

Slavery is bad for this gene. It ends up in the descendants of slaves *and* the descendants of free people. Uncoincidentally, ancient authors noted that slave populations were famous for being sexually rapacious and “degenerate” – meaning not that they were effeminate, but that they were dangerous to leave young women around, and that the females were much more sexually active and at an earlier age.

Controversial? Yes. But classical authors noted it, Medieval authors commented on it (the tendency of sexually promiscuous/precocious women to have daughters were the same – even if they were brought up elsewhere; the tendency of voraciously sexual males to have similar sons, even when brought up elsewhere. Throw rape in there somewhere, it’ll add to the mix).

Note that this is not fundamentally a racial issue. In a specific place and time, it may correlate with some idea of “race” or some social class or whatever – but it’s a human universal and it this process can emerge anywhere, at any time. Tribes in new Guinea; medieval Scottish towns outside the law; Khazakh rape gangs pillaging Eastern Europe for a hundred years; Japanese soldiers on the rampage in Asia, had it lasted for more than 10 years; anywhere.

It’s always lurking in the background, and when you give bastards the chance to marginally increase the amount of spawn they produce, it can add up fast.

South Africa’s apartheid regime regulated blacks for white convenience. It left the townships to get by basically on their own, without effective social censure or police control. People were allowed to create what internal order they felt like, by and large; so long as whites were left alone.

Anonymous said...

Part 6.

Today, after five generations of this, South Africa has the highest incidence of violent rape and stranger rape on Earth – in fact, in recorded peacetime history. Fully 25% of women have reported being raped. This isn’t date rape or random drunken fumbling that you can debate is somewhat different: This is full-on, hard, forced rape by another man, often who you just met; a lot of it is RANDOM ASSAULT rape, which is rare almost everywhere else (including other parts of Africa). Equivalent rates elsewhere are vanishingly small – .04% in most places, despite rhetoric.

And of that 25%, until a few years ago, pregnancies resulting from rape came to term, by and large. Daughters or sons, those are genes that get passed on.

You can put it down to the culture, blame it on whoever you want –

But in that mess, with something as viably reproductive as rape (assuming the women weren’t getting abortions – which I’ve read separately was the case), then you’re going to have a hard time justifying this as being purely cultural.

A lot of people have speculated privately about this. The stats in some parts of the world – with similar conditions, and *across races* – are too suggestive.

There’s nothing that shows the animal in all humans and populations of humans more effectively than anything related to sex.

Given that the incidence of rape in the American black community is many times that of the white community, this is worrying (the incarceration rate is 10x, which may just indicate conviction rates, of course, but it’s worrying nonetheless; also the public culture of poor black America is, shall we say, not rape-aversive).

Regardless of how this applies, just imagine in an off day how some White Nationalists are going to take this and add it to (historically totally unjustified) stereotypes of black men and then go to town.

I guarantee you:

You think the debate on IQ is ugly?

Holy crap.

A lot of work has been quietly done on this.

Any solutions?

On this score, we’re not talking about the absence of Nobel prize winners. We’re talking major issues of governance and crime and security.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Blank said...

And now certain people want me dead for daring to suggest that who white girls sleep with is their own damn business and nobody else's.

It's hardly a wonder that most people want nothing to do with rightism, if this is what it is. Neanderthals parading about how their wimmin belong to them and the nation and their chillin also. Send them off to the next war, and if they come back dead that's all right because they died white. Screw that.

Did John Ralston Saul seriously suggest that Britain is the last ideological nation left on earth? What? Even more than the United States, or France for that matter? But he's right, you know. This country is desperate that the industrial civilisation it gave birth to doesn't fail, even though it is already failing, and a good thing too.

Britain is a land of make-believe, like Sarah's storied Albion, which never was and never will be, unless you think that a raging alcoholic football thug is what William Blake had in mind when contemplating this green and pleasant land.

And are the English, as they so fondly imagine themselves to be, nice and decent? Well, maybe, if they've lived their entire lives in a village in Cumbria and have never been called upon to actually think. (And you'd be surprised at how many Britons haven't.) But for the most part they are just like everyone else: one traffic jam or missed phone call away from exploding in impotent rage. Of course, they've got pretending to be nice down pat, a cultural rigmarole that is as amusing as it is calculated to lull you into a false sense of security, because that bloke who just said "sorry" to you on the pavement glassed someone in a pub the night before. But I suppose for these things I should be grateful, because even though seemingly every Englishman I meet freezes into a weird crouch the moment they hear my foreign accent, at least no one has physically attacked me (yet).

But then A.A. Gill did call his book of essays about Britain The Angry Island. He's right, you know. But what are you so angry about? You've got away with murder.

Anonymous said...

They were amongst the most malign generation the world has ever seen, and every day we reap the consequences of what they did.

That you would be wrong but unfortunately you are not.

Pym Purnell said...

Maybe it is about inherited tendancies - who knows for sure.

But I do know this for sure - I have NEVER come across a case where a black girl was gang raped by white men.

I have NEVER come across a case where a gang of black men (or Muslims) who have been found guilt of rape or murder or assault of a white girl(s) have also been found guilty of a racism offence.

Remember a white man who has been found guilty of attacking, or otherwise treating unfairly a black man (or Muslim) will also face a racist offence.

If you are found guilty of a racist offence then you get a higher tarrif.

This means that legally our people do not matter as much. Is that equality.

The white British (christian, pagan) people are in decline - and will soon be in the minority. This IS genocide.

Anonymous said...

I think the question is, what to do about the 60's generation that is causing this?

Pym Purnell said...

What to do - argue our case, be honest and creative.