Saturday, 30 July 2011

Oblivious Europeans hurtle to their extinction

By August Pointneuf

Oblivious Europeans hurtle to their extinction. In evolutionary terms this could be the fastest sub-species extinction, from height of success to elimination, ever.

One of the accelerators is the production cost of its children. Children will always come at a cost. This might be the loss of maternal productivity, the effects of illness on the family unit, and naturally the costs of daily maintenance. The Europeans, however, produce the most expensive children in history. Maternal-paternal loss-of-production is encouraged, legislated into the economic equation. Healthcare and prophylaxis against illness, often of doubtful benefit, is costlier than ever in history. Schooling is mandatory until well past pubescence. University training of the proletariat is now universally sought and demanded. Much of this training is in arenas which have no possible benefit to the economies of this century. Classical and philosophical triposes leisurely bred admirable and proven administrators: but without the empires, which fuelled the economies, to whom will they administer?

Let us look also at the material sumptuousness heaped on almost every child – the finest clothes, McLaren prams, and an extraordinary surfeit of “toys” with an enormous per capita cost by the standards of the world. The pubescent is showered even more: travel abroad, lavish entertainment, indulgence in sport and a myriad of “activities” from ballet to dramatics. Much of this necessitates adult presence and so these become economically committed to this “advancement” of children. These are the trainers, teachers, coaches, supervisors, legislators, social workers, librarians and more. These are lost to the productive economy and their cost factors into the final production cost of these children.

Government is significantly culpable. It has legislated many “protective insurances”. Examples range from complex playground design to extraordinary measures to assess and label millions as to their suitability to be “near” children. Financially untenable requirements are placed on schools in demanding misguided protectiveness. Child benefits which short-out practical paternal contributions to their children’s maintenance, and the productive loss caused by absentee parents, also make each of these children a more expensive national product
Parental competitiveness adds to the burden, where parents try to help their child beat other children, perhaps by expensive schools, additional coaching in academics and sports (skating and gymnastics, and far more). It seems parents feel an obligation to take their children on distant travel holidays, to give them “experience” (for that read skills to outperform others) and to allow them to triumphantly upstage their peers.

These financial loads, both self-imposed and imposed by law (and therefore paid for by all parents) necessitate small broods – often kept smaller by abortion. The direct and indirect costs of aborting must also be written into the final cost of the child when it reaches productivity.

The pound and euro costs have often been calculated. They are irrelevant, because the European costs outstrip third world costs by factors of thousands.

The end result: Europe has a small reproductive product, perhaps exquisitely produced. Its production takes years longer than that of the competition. The final product is often, on delivery, unsuited to contribute adequately to overall productivity of the nation. The price that is being paid for the development of these children is out of proportion to their economic worth.

Meanwhile the rapidly and cheaply produced products of the third world, in their masses, flood the market.

August Pointneuf


Anonymous said...

Brilliant economic analysis. Thank you, August Pointneuf.

Dr.D said...

This is a very astute commentary on the situation, not only in the UK, but throughout the Anglosphere. Very interesting; thank you.

Sit_Nomine_Digna said...

Utterly depressing read, but sadly accurate.

BritishActivism said...

One thing that tends to cross my mind with this issue is that of a more infantile and less responsible nation.

We are no longer the society we used to be - thanks to a myriad of events, from loss of industrialisation / manufacturing to increased reliance on the state, perversion of society, religion, education, debt money and materialism, the need for two parents to bring in a wage in order to keep a roof over their heads when it only used to require the male of the household to financially provide for a family unit....etc.

Add on top of this, a long length of "peace time", relative luxury as a nation, advancements in consumerism, electronic entertainment, selfishness for pleasure.

Also loss of interaction in safe environments like dances, proms, societal events, etc - people can often spend more time alone and at home than out with friends.

I include myself as a sad and tragic by-product of this combination - and I see it in most of my friends of the same age.

Many of us are in in our early-mid 30's.

Five out of the eight people I know cannot drive a car and have never learnt. Four out of eight still have to live at home, and are single because they either do not want to share their lives with another long term partner, are incapable of doing so, cannot afford it, or fear being taken for a ride financially if they take a chance with somebody (because they law tends not to be on their side).

Money is tight, getting on the housing ladder is a nightmare - especially of you want to avoid the worst areas.

Five out of eight are still interested in computer game consoles and shooting up pixelated aliens, comic books, buying 3d television sets, new iphones, etc, sitting around in their boxer shorts with a lager watching leftwing comedians on TV.

The age which used to be deep into "adulthood" is now often more represented as being children themselves. This goes for men and women, although a lesser degree with women I suspect.

We have been told, from birth, to go to school, get an education, go to college, go to university, 'find yourself' get a career - then settle down.

Before you know it, you are getting "past it" - pushing 40 and no long term partner or children in sight.

Women are working careers, putting off child rearing until they start to panic that it is too late to have the "experience". (Which is often a "one off" to fulfil that desire, and the relationship with the male often does not last).

Either we are the selfish victims of our own success - or the state of life has been purposefully engineered to present a new generation of whites who are in a system that is not conducive to furthering their survival.

Due to pressure and expectations, many Asians in my town seem to be married at 22, have one or two children and another on the way.

My parents generation also seemed to marry young, early 20's, get a place of their own - prefabs or council housing - and had two or three children before they were 30.

Something is going badly wrong somewhere.

Dr.D said...

I think BritishActivism points to a big part of the problem when he says,

Five out of the eight people I know cannot drive a car and have never learnt. Four out of eight still have to live at home, and are single because they either do not want to share their lives with another long term partner, are incapable of doing so, cannot afford it, or fear being taken for a ride financially if they take a chance with somebody (because they law tends not to be on their side).

Five out of eight are still interested in computer game consoles and shooting up pixelated aliens, comic books, buying 3d television sets, new iphones, etc, sitting around in their boxer shorts with a lager watching leftwing comedians on TV.

These are not people living their lives; these are people simply rusting away because they are paralyzed with fear. What are they so afraid of? That they might die? Guess what? They are going to die any way, sooner rather than later and with nothing to show for it at that rate. It really sounds like they are afraid of work, of the idea of getting their hands dirty and doing a job, a real job. I'll give you a clue. That sort of wimp is not what made Britain great. It was hard work, sweat and toil to sail the seas, to manufacture and create, to farm, to fish, to do all of the things that created British industry. Wimps like BritishActivism are afraid that they will be embarrassed to be seen working. That is a crying shame!!

vanderwater said...

Wow...this article and British Activism's comment says it all in a nut shell. The same thing is happening in the US. The European race is doomed.

BritishActivism said...

"Wimps like British Activism"?

Whoa! Steady on Dr.D.

Although I said I class myself as being wound up in some aspects of the list of things which have shaped society - I am not ticking all those boxes I cite! lol.

I drive, although I did learn and pass at 21 and not 18 like is generally the usual age. I have worked in manufacturing (mechanical engineering) since I was 16 years old and haven't stopped since (touch wood).

Given my nationalist positions and my disgust at some things which are prevalent in society, I am struggling to find that 'lasting' partner though, I must admit. But that will hopefully get sorted out before long.

I do not own comic books, a games console, hundreds of DVD's, or drink lager in my boxer shorts watching leftwing comedians lol.

The traits I mention are often those of my "leftwing, middle class" friends to be honest. The kind who do not understand where the hell I am coming from half the time.

I do hope you meant so say "wimps like BritishActivism describe" I don't particularly like being described as such myself!

Do I think that society is generally 'softer' and less responsible for itself than it used to be though, yes, I certainly do.


kilimanjaro said...

As a white African "immigrant" returning to the land of my father's birth I tend to agree with most of this article and BA's comments

In what I have witnessed in the 22 years I have been here I would lay much of the state of affairs on two causes:
(1) The left wing loonies that control education and their removal of competitiveness from the system. They have created a generation of wimps with crushingly low aspirations. The best example of this is the very low priority given to sport in the schools and the lack of support by the school and parents at inter-school contests. During my son's school days I was one of 6 Dads who diligently showed up each Saturday morning to watch their sons play rugby.

2 The mindlessness of TV and the advertising (revenue) that drives it. Before re-locating to the UK I had heard of the excellent reputation the BBC had of creating great programs. True, they still do but they are far and few between. Generally I believe TV has been seriously dumbed down - with endless comedy and all the pathetic animal oriented (meer cats in particular) that is relentlessly pumped into our homes

Parents should encourage their children to walk away from this dross and all the associated computer games and actually go outside and spend time playing with their friends. A much healthier society will emerge.

Dr.D said...

BA, I did not intend my comments to be directed at you personally, but rather at the points you raised. I called you by name only to indicate that I was addressing your points.

The White race is NOT FINISHED if we will do the few essential things we must do. First and foremost is to return to the Christian faith of our forefathers, the Christian faith that built all of Europe, America, and the rest of the Anglosphere. Without this, there is no hope, but we must truly return to it, with right understanding and deep commitment. Then we will have the ability to see clearly what our role in the world is, and how to proceed. Without faith, we are truly lost and wander aimlessly, without purpose and without a goal. We are useless to ourselves and to the world. With faith, we will once again lead the world. It is that simple.

Socialism is directly contrary to Christian faith. Socialism teaches dependence on the government, rather than on our owns, God-aided work. It is a recipe for disaster. If you doubt this, just look around you. The evidence is everywhere you look.

Anonymous said...

Read the following carefully...

This perception does not apply just to this form of alien it applies to all forms of alien poison. Just look at some of London's suburbs where the alien has taken over.

This problem needs more attention than article suggests.

Anonymous said...

Reporter Witnesses Racial Attacks in UK: below is the story text and there's a video on the page too:

"While the riots now spreading across London started in many cases along racial lines, most of the looting has fanned out into a flash response from the underclass to lash out against business and snatch-and-grab consumerist goods. At the same time, UK reporter Patrick Henningson was among those who witnessed the brutal violence being carried out on the streets. While he was barricaded inside a local pub, he saw racial beatings carried out by groups of what he described as Afro-Caribbean black youths targeting whites. Meanwhile, the authorities in London are preparing to implement a martial law crackdown on the riots, putting in place greater restrictions on liberties as a pre-planned “response.”