Monday 11 July 2011

Toxic Media

So, after 168 years the new world media has destroyed that long established British Institution the News of the World, the final edition of which was published on Sunday. First launched in 1843, the News of the World has been part of British life for generations, and despite its reputation for sex and scandal it has many journalistic achievements to its name, albeit considerably less so in recent years, when, under its final management it changed from a saucy but campaigning tabloid, to something altogether more vindictive and malign.

I was only even an occasional News of the World reader myself, however, given its impressive sales figures, clearly millions of people were readers, and, in any event it is sad to see something which has been around so long being willfully destroyed by what can only be described as malevolence.

For, that, of course, is what happened, the News of the World did not follow the likes of Today or the Daily Sketch, failed news papers which closed due to collapsing circulation.  In terms of sales it was amongst the most successful of the main stream media. That is, it was successful, until the revelations of what its reporters, editors and some of its employees had been up to were revealed and turned the brand from popular to poisonous overnight.

If there is anyone left on the planet who does not know what had been going on at the News of the World the details are extremely distasteful.  When it first became known that some News of the World reporters, and individuals working under contract to the paper, had been hacking into the mobile phone voice mails of celebrities, politicians and royalty, few people apart from the victims themselves were particularly concerned. Rightly or wrongly, we have come to view public figures as fair game, and most people tend to subscribe to the flawed by compelling opinion that such individuals have placed themselves in the public eye, gained considerably from so doing, and therefore, deserve what they get.

However, that all changed when it became clear that the phone hacking extended to people who were not public figures. The mobile phones belonging to missing children were also hacked, the distraught messages from those missing children's parents were listened to and some even deleted in order to make room for more, an act which inevitably gave the parents of at least one missing girl hope their child was alive and listening to her messages, when she was in fact already dead.  The phone of the parents of other murdered children and fallen soldiers, were also being hacked  into, as were those belonging to survivors of terrorism, their private messages listened to in the hope some snippet of conversation could be exploited for news and profit.

For most of us it is hard to comprehend how people could be so callous, how they could have such contempt for the victims of such terrible crimes that they could cynically sit and listen to such tragic messages and then delete them to make room for more. Perhaps, even more cynical, even more heartless were those who paid others to do the hacking and deleting for them.

Tonight allegations of similar acts have been made against other newspapers, including ones which view themselves as more "up market" than the news of the world .  This is hardly a surprise, as one other recent incident confirms.  Whist the revelations about the News of the World were taking place, another story hit the headlines, one which may seem unconnected, but which I think was very much connected. 

29 year old Kia Abdullah is what one might call a westernised lipstick Muslim, she has written a couple of "controversial" novels and is a journalist who regularly contributes to the Guardian.  On July 1st Abdullah wrote a message to her followers on Twitter regarding the death of three young British men who had been killed in a bus accident in Thailand.  She stated that she was unable to feel any sympathy for anyone who had died whilst enjoying a “gap year”, and revealed she had grinned when noticing that two of the victims had “double barreled” names.

Abdullah has come in for a deal of criticism following that Tweet and has quickly issued a career defending apology, claiming she was guilty of ill advised “black humour”. However, Abdullah's real error was that she revealed in public, sentiments which would have elicited empathetic nods and even some laughter, had she instead expressed them within the elitist media circles into which her ideology, race and connections grant her access.

What do these two events reveal to us about the news media and the people who see it as their role to inform the public and form their opinions? Both examples demonstrate a complete lack of empathy with those outside the cozy media tepee.

It is hardly surprising that those working within the media lose any sense of empathy or fellowship for the wider public, a conman will soon learn to despise his victims and likewise a journalist will soon feel contempt for those he or she is employed to deceive.

When one is required to lie to and mislead a group of people on a regular ongoing basis it is inevitable that one will eventually begin to view that group as “the other” and then, eventually as “the enemy”.  It is human nature for people to lose all empathy or common feeling for a group they perceive as their enemies and eventually to cheer and applaud their destruction.

This is, I believe, how much of the Western media view the Western public for whom they write and perform.  How else is it that they can not only have such scant regard for the wellbeing of their readers and viewers, but actively seek to deceive them in ways which can only do harm to them?

The media, together with police and politicians, have for decades actively covered up the extraordinarily disproportionate level of violence perpetrated by newcomers to Britain against the host population, and they have done so in the full knowledge that their actions will lead, and have led, directly to the violent deaths of increasing numbers of indigenous white Britons.

In fact they have gone further than that they have distorted the truth, by means such as for example constantly resurrecting a single seventeen year old, alleged, white on black hate crime in order to portray, immigrants, who they know full well are the overwhelming perpetrators of hate crimes, as the primary victims of hate crimes.

This goes beyond ideology, this behavour reveals a reckless disregard for the well being of those they are slandering, bordering on hostility.

In the same way, for years the media, and their co-conspirators have covered up the abuse and sexual grooming of young white children by Asian males, and have conspired in the vilification and attempted prosecution of anyone seeking to expose these crimes.  Again they have done this bin the full knowledge that their very actions will lead, and have led, to the abuse of countless children, who might otherwise have been protected.

Even when they could no longer cover up the crimes, as I revealed recently the media, en mass, deliberately misrepresented the figures in order to downplay the involvement of the main perpetrators, whilst over exaggerating the involvement of the majority indigenous population.

Meanwhile trained economists working within the media, have actively suppressed evidence of the huge social and economic damage caused by mass immigration whilst promoting highly dubious “evidence” of benefits.

This is not unique to British media, at the present time the US press are deliberately failing to report growing levels of pre-arranged anti-white racial attacks by black mobs. Or when they are reported, all mention of race is omitted and efforts made to mislead reader and viewers into believing the attackers are white.  Meanwhile those rare genuine white perpetrator hate crimes receive coast to coast publicity.    

America, of course, is currently led by the least qualified and most incompetent presidents in living memory, yet he is ferociously protected by the media, who hide evidence of his shortcomings and savage anyone they perceive as a threat to him.

All questions about the president’s eligibility are ridiculed or suppressed by the media.  The White House recently published a document purporting to be the president’s birth certificate, this was accepted, without question by the media.  Since then numerous graphics experts have denounced the document as a fraud,  whilst the single expert wrongly quoted by the media as claiming it to be genuine has been actively prevented from publishing a correction.

However, those members of the public who still naively rely on the legacy media for their news are not permitted to know any of this.

Elsewhere in the world, extremely troubling and potentially dangerous developments are taking place in the Middle East, yet these are presented to a gullible public as optimistic signs of budding democracy, and laughably dubbed an Arab Spring, when little could in fact be further from the truth.

We are again being lulled into a false security, and we should ask ourselves why.  If those behind the microphones and in front of the cameras are supporting what is going on in the Middle East, experience tells us it can not be good for the West.

The Western Media is one of the most dangerous and malevolent forces currently threatening the Western World.  For many millions of people the mainstream media remain the primary source of news and information, and as such the media are the gatekeepers to knowledge. They control what the public are allowed to know, what they are not allowed to know and also what they can be led to believe.

If people are to make wise decisions, we need to know the truth, but if those controlling access to the truth do not have our best interests at heart them we are doomed.

Too many of those working in the media do not have our best interests at heart, they despise us, lie to us and view us with contempt. Many actively wish us ill. Recent revelations about the News of the World and Kia Abdullah’s vindictive tweet, gave us a glimpse of that uncomfortable truth.


The Watcher On The Wall said...

A tour d' force Sarah.

One of the best editorial commentaries I have ever read. Your words deserve to be read as widely as humanly possible.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you Watcher on the Wall, I appreciate that!!

malvoisin said...

superb, I must agree wholeheartedly with the Watcher On The Wall

Silly Kuffar said...

Excellent articla S.M.O.A.

Anonymous said...

That piece was very good indeed. Well examined, well balanced and above all relevant.


Anonymous said...

This is only the beginning and is a sign of the msm´s desperation. The bankrupt Guardian will be next, and if Murdoch fails in the BsB bid, his whole house of lies will fall.

It will be an opportunity for Nationalists to buy a small printing outfit for peanuts and publish the truth to millions. If Brons wins against The Fool then we should be building a war chest to buy, say, the presses of the toilet rag the Sunday Sport, and change it to our own message.

Great editorial Sarah.


alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah, much appreciated. I would wholeheartedly support all readers' comments above.

Re: Toxic Media:

"The news media* will get you killed" - Dr Peter S. Ruckman, president, Pensacola Bible Institute, circa 1990

*aka "the news Mafia" according to Dr Sam Gipp, KJB Baptist evangelist, who has travelled all over the US as part of his ministry and knows US society and its media-fuelled madness (like that of the UK) inside out.

Anonymous said...

The News of the World were the guys who brought down Archer for his court rip off of the Star which they and the other media were quite prepared to just along with Ah! we just write off the £500 000 that was given him as an operating expense of journalism as he has promised it (but did not deliver) to charity.

This is one many good is interred with the bones moments.

Anonymous said...

this article should be sent around the globe , all who read it should send it via email or cellphone to everyone they know . I have just read many blog posts regarding the disinformation about what is really happening in mainly muslim countries in re the local uprising . It is becoming abundantly clear that immigrants are used as cannon fodder in a global war against humanity.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent piece, Sarah.

I wish this was tomorrow's front page editorial in every remaining MSM rag in the West.


One of the first things the 'evil empire'of Bolshevism did when it tried to gain control was over-run as many printing presses as it could and start to publish exactly what it thought the 'people'should read.The 'left'have control over the media and until this is 'broken'then there can be no hope of telling 'people'just what is really going on in this nation.The clock is ticking............

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks to everyone who has said such nice things about this article. As with any of my articles, or those of the other contributors to this site, readers are welcome to republish them or forward them on.

However, I request that you don't make changes to the text.



Anonymous said...

And how did Piers Hue Montefiore Morgan Fyffe's Mirror win scoop of the year for their Sven-Goren Ericsson Ulrika Jonson scoop?

What is that you say? Phone hacking?
Surely not?

Anonymous said...

Anon 05:16

Anonymous said...

From Bob

I just had a newspaper sent to me from 6 months ahead from a friend whose has invented a Time Machine. The headlines read thus:

Saudi Sheik Rescues The Guardian! British Hacks breathe a sigh of relief! Grauniad Editor Alan Rusbridger, says, "at least we can carry on brainwashing the schoolteachers who can carry on brainwashing the kids"

Oil reaches $150.00 a barrel

Obama reveals he is a Muslim

Cameron urges Britain to surrender to Islam

John said...

you're the best sarah.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The media is there to distort reality and to confuse us with ideas.
The only answer is true nationalism ,looking after our own people first and then only other whites.
Since the aglo-boer war people believed in this media fantasy dreamed up by corporate control.
I will later post a link where the boer war was described as a anglo-hebraic undertaking to put the whealthy in charge of south africa by members of the British parlaiment.
We all need to wake up to this control and realise that the aim is the destruction of our nations and turning us all into confused enemies of each other.
Lets take our countries back !!

Anonymous said...

Opposition in Britain to the war came especially from the political left. The Social Democratic Federation (SDF), led by Henry M. Hyndman, was especially outspoken. Justice, the SDF weekly, had already warned its readers in 1896 that "Beit, Barnato and their fellow-Jews" were aiming for "an Anglo-Hebraic Empire in Africa stretching from Egypt to Cape Colony," designed to swell their "overgrown fortunes." Since 1890, the SDF had repeatedly cautioned against the pernicious influence of "capitalist Jews on the London press." When war broke out in 1899, Justice declared that the "Semitic lords of the press" had successfully propagandized Britain into a "criminal war of aggression."note 35
In this war, as in so many others, propagandists churned out a stream of malicious lies to generate popular backing for the aggression and killing. British newspapers, churchmen and war correspondents invented hundreds of fake atrocity stories that portrayed the Boers as treacherous and arrogant brutes. These included numerous shocking claims alleging that Boer soldiers massacred pro-British civilians, that Boer civilians murdered British soldiers, and that Boers executed fellow-Boers who wanted to surrender. "There was virtually no limit to such invention," historian Phillip Knightley has noted.

A widely shown newsreel film purported to show Boers attacking a Red Cross tent while British doctors and nurses treat the wounded. Actually this fake had been shot with actors on Hampstead Heath, a suburb of London.note 32

General Butler, who had paid personal visits to the Boer Republic of the Transvaal, had seen for himself that the alleged "grievances" of the so-called "uitlanders," most of them British, who had flocked to the newly discovered goldfields, were a fraudulent invention
In short there was no boer war but a war against corporate interests, the invasion of Europe is part of that very same war that will end in the very same way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The powers that be control both the left and right side of the press and play the population like a fiddle , they hammer our opinions and through repeated beating they shape it as they want it , like a master smith . The round table turned into the cfr and have an endless array of think tanks and societies , a little research will show that even the Nelson Mandela foundation was set up and run by them .