Sunday, 17 July 2011

Failed State Colonisation - The Greatest Threat of Our Time

Thanks to Paul for drawing my attention to an interesting article which was published on the Sultan Knish site back in May.  The writer gives a frightening account of the outcome of mass immigration, from failed states into previously successful first world nations. which deserves a wider readership.  Click here for Failed State Colonisation - The Greatest Threat of Our times 


Anonymous said...

thanks for the interesting information

Dr.D said...

This is a very accurate analysis of the problem we have between the US and mexico. As he was writing about Country A and Country B, I was filling in USA and mexico, respectively and it all fit perfectly.

At the root, the problem is our own lack of moral principles, our lack of understanding of who we are and why we exist. We have allowed the insane ideas of the French Revolution to mislead us, to the point that we no longer know who we are, or why we are here. It has taken us like a virus.

Anonymous said...

From a white South African. USA and all white citizens, "You are all DOOMED" take it from someone with experience, we are living it now, your turn is coming, Enjoy. Oh! by the way it is your lordship Saint Mandela's birthday today, your saint as well. Since he was handed over the South African Republic in 1994 we started heading for a failed state and banana republic full of thieves, corruption murder and slaughter and racism. Oh! I forget you americans know nothing about the outside world or SA, most of you are ignorant to the world outside USA, USA is your world, well soon your eyes will be opened and alas it will too late. Good luck and enjoy, our ex allies that stabbed us in the back as well as Britian.