Thursday, 28 July 2011

Richard Barnbrook responds to Readers comments

In response to readers comments both here and at the British Resistance site following his article entitled "If Only" published 18th July 2011 GLC member Richard Barnbrook has issued the following responses:

If only…

My answers to readers’ comments

Thank you each and all for reading my letter. I’ve read all your comments, negative and positive, and I would like to make some general points by way of reply:

1) I felt that my proposal for reconciliation was all the more appropriate following the revelations made by Arthur Kemp, because I wanted to make a point by way of example. I have been aware for some time of the allegations that Nick wanted to get me made bankrupt and when I did find out, I was absolutely devastated. But I knew that my lambasting Nick wouldn’t solve anything and only make things worse.

2) My letter of proposal was addressed to the persons named because each of them has helped me in the past, so I’ve had positive dealings with them personally. They all have so much to offer, are profoundly able and have a proven, successful track record, at least prior to the recent difficulties. Personal likes and dislikes don’t and shouldn’t come into it. We have to look at the broader picture for the overall good of the Cause.

3) One person raised the concern about expulsions and stated that there could be no reconciliation when so many had been expelled. This is my very point! I have been expelled and am still determined to wish the Party well, even though I’m not a part of it any more. If we can change the climate, we can look to welcoming back those who have left, been expelled or are disaffected. I want to see the nationalist Cause prosper. If we all took this approach, and everyone made a real effort to work together, in spite of their grievances, the wounds could and would be healed. But of course, I accept that it’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s going to demand that some people make a huge sacrifice of personal pride. We have to build on the positive. There will be no progress without a complete change of attitude and a positive new vision. And to do this, we have to meet people where they are, and make sure we hone in on and bring out the best in each individual and try to get as many as we can back on board. There is no such thing as a perfect nationalist, or a perfect anyone.

4) As I said at the end of my article, I have no ulterior motive, and I do not intend to attend the meeting if one could be arranged, unless invited to do so by a majority of those who’ve agreed to sit down at the table. Also, I will not be re-contesting the GLA seat. To those of you who say I should resign now, I would like to say this: rightly or wrongly, I do feel some sense of grievance because I was expelled from the Party for speaking out. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, yes, I resigned the whip, but I was then expelled- I never left. What’s more, I was denied any opportunity of an appeal hearing even though I repeatedly asked for one! In addition, I feel that I have had enough difficulties of a different kind to contend with arising from the matters recently referred to by Arthur Kemp, which were not of, and never were of my making. Not to mention my having to stand aside in Barking. In short, looking at the picture as a whole, I feel that I have been treated rather shoddily by the Party, but it’s water under the bridge now. I can understand why people say I should stand down, but I am still a passionate nationalist and my politics haven’t changed from what they were on the day I was elected.

5) With the level and intensity of constant political attack at the GLA, there is no one on the list who could endure the degree of persistent sniping by the other parties without overreacting.
But to start throwing slings and arrows inside a chamber when you are only one and they have all the authority makes you a casualty of their rotten system. I have proved that by stoically sitting there and raising unwelcome issues you become a thorn in their side and thereby humiliate them to the extent that they actually do pick up in subsequent Question Times on nationalist issues such as knife crime, the elderly and law and order.

6) Regarding the comment that the BNP did nothing for the people of Barking and Dagenham, I can only say that to state that we were seriously under-resourced would be the under-statement of the century! At well as being a member of the council, and Leader of the BNP opposition, I was the party organiser for the whole of London, and from 2008 on the GLA, as well as being Deputy Leader of the Barking and Dagenham opposition. There was no back-up or support from anyone, except the few local die-hards - they know who they are, and I’ll always be grateful to them. But as for support from HQ or outside after we had been elected, there was absolutely none. The main parties have retinues of assistants and workers. The BNP just couldn’t stretch that far. We were just left to get on with it and it was a huge learning curve. We were all totally new to the game. And on top of the crippling work load- council bureaucracy has to be seen to be believed- there was constant opposition and attacks from virtually all directions. I’m not saying this in order to moan, but simply to put the record straight. There just weren’t enough hours in the day. It was an almost impossible task trying to keep the ship afloat. It’s always easy to criticise, but things aren’t so straightforward as they seem when you look behind the scenes.

7) Someone made the point about our cities being taken over by Islam while we squabble. Alas, too true! That’s why we have to work out exactly where our priorities lie. Because if we don’t get our act together very, very soon, it will most certainly be too late. Demographic change will see to that. You only need to look at the statistics! Where will that leave us in 10 years time? When will people get the message? Ask yourself, what is it that really matters? I don’t give a toss about who becomes leader, or what paragraph xxx.xx or whatever, of the  constitution says. When we look back in 10, 20, 50 years time, it’s all ivory tower nonsense. What is important is for each of us to fight the battle within ourselves- that of personal pride and vindictiveness and try and see the good and the potential in our fellow nationalists. Because it’s the only way!

8) I feel that it is important to raise the point that our reconciliation is the very last thing that our enemies want to see! Notice how their articles tend to focus on the EDL not on the BNP anymore! Because they’ve got us exactly where they want us- all at each others’ throats, and they desperately want us to stay that way! Rest assured, they’re loving every minute of it, wallowing in our doubts, recriminations and in-fighting. What’s more, you can also be sure that they are actively fuelling the flames. After all, it’s so easy.. just sign up as ‘Anonymous’ and leave a negative and spiteful comment, or worse still, a downright lie, and then sit back and watch the ants’ nest being stirred up all over again with factions, arguments, witch hunts and blame apportioning. I’ve had so many outright lies and smears put out about me, I could fill a book! But so what? And a year has gone by already… a whole year wasted! If we carry on like this, we will still be arguing amongst ourselves when the pinnacle of St Paul’s Cathedral resonates with the wail of the muezzin’s call to prayer! By which time, of course it will be too late. And then we’ll be arguing about whose fault that is! But at least then I will have the satisfaction of being able to say, ‘I told you so…’ Not that it will do a damn bit of good under the circumstances.

9) My apologies to Simon Darby for misspelling his surname, but then you all know that spelling isn’t my strong point. Besides, the spell chequer said it were ok!!


misterfox said...

Richard, with the best will in the world some people have to be kept out because they are naturally divisive and several on your list fit that description. There are others who have been involved in expelling members, kangaroo trials and doubtful financial practices and if raised to high positions would start again to corrupt the whole from within and they too must be kept out.
There is another and graver concern: the actions of state agents to destroy the party from within. You have the main offender on your reconciliation list and he must never be allowed anywhere near the movement ever.

Anonymous said...


The British Resistance tells lies to damage BNP.