Thursday 30 June 2011

A worse truth hidden in the figures

The headlines in Today's papers and on TV announced that the results of a recent investigation had revealed that 28% of those involved in the sexual grooming of young, and predominantly white children, on our streets are Asian, more than “one in four”.  The report was widely accompanied by predictable urgings from politicians, police and media multicultural advocates that we should not place too much significance on the ethnicity of those involved.

However, are the headlines themselves actively under reporting the true scale of Asian involvement in this crime?

The report identified a total of 1,217 suspects, however, in the case of a significant number of those (464) the ethnicity of the perpetrator is recorded as "unknown", therefore they can not be included in any meaningful assessment of the composition of offenders. Every media outlet had attempted to pretend that those of "unknown race" must all be white, but the figures do not support that assumption.

The ethnicity is known in the case of 758 offenders and of these 346 are Asian (just under 46% of the total).

Given that those whose ethnicity is known is the only sample upon which the racial make up of offenders can be assessed, and as a further 40 of those who’s race was identified were either black or Chinese, the headlines could, with even greater accuracy have announced that "Less than half of all child sexual grooming suspects are white" (On the basis that whites who make up just under 90% of the population, amount for only 48.5% of those who’s ethnicity has been established)      

Even if all those whose race is currently unknown turned out to be white, Asians, who according to official figures make up less than 6% of the population, would be massively over represented in the figures.  However, as whites make up less than half of the known offenders, how likely is it they make up 100%, or even the majority, of the unknowns?

Multicultural advocates argue that the research is "poor and incomplete" and, therefore, misleading, but this is only true in that the manner in which it is being presented significantly under represents the disproportionate levels of offending on the part of non-white (primarily south Asian) offenders, whilst at the same time dishonestly over-represent the numbers of white offenders.

Another factor of note is the absence of any figures relating to Arabs, Turks, Albanians and East Europeans amongst the offenders. In view of the degree to which such groups feature amongst sex criminals, this inevitably leads one to speculate whether the researchers have followed the example of the FBI and included them under the single category “white”, so as to inflate the number they can pass off as native Britons.

The media will lie and lie and twist and squirm, however, the glaring fact is the research suggests that native white Britons are at least twenty times less likely to be involved in the disgusting crime of child sexual grooming than are the mass ranks of newcomers to our country.


alanorei said...

Thank you for featuring this item, Sarah. Little or no attention is paid to the disproportionate nature of these crimes.

This disproportionation has been brought out independently by Tony Shell in his very thorough research into interracial killings over a 10-year period. I mentioned it on another thread.

It was also helpful to find the same disclosures being made on the BNP site (even though it would appear from various sources that the Party is collapsing in on itself and facing bankruptcy).

Another worse truth not addressed in any reports on this subject (that I've seen) is something I may have mentioned before and that is the virtual total silence of any of the victims' biological fathers. Some grieving mothers have been interviewed but the fathers seem to be conspicuous by their absence.

That is another disproportionation of these tragic cases in that most of the victims appear to be from unstable home backgrounds, like Charlene Downs.

Sadly, I think this is one outcome of the breakdown of traditional nuclear families that can be traced to the so-called 'permissiveness' of the 1960s. It seems that the 'grooming' followed quickly in its wake, as these offences are said to have been going on for decades.

In sum, a young girl growing up needs both her parents, including a protective dad.

Regrettably, fundamental Christians must bear part of the blame as well, strange as it may seem. Ever since the often wilful abandonment of the KJB by Christians, young folk as a whole have had less and less experience of Sunday School.

Otherwise, they might have been familiar with the words of the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:15 and maybe avoided a lot of grief.

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

I think that sums up child-molesting religionists such as Mohammed's ideological heirs and successors pretty well.

Franz said...

You are a liar Sarah!

Since I watch a lot of afternoon television I have it on good authority that all child molestors are white guys accompanied by menacing music. So stop insinuating that colored people could actually do harm to children.

Next thing you'll be claiming that there are in fact dark skinned serial killers, when everybody knows they all look like Dexter.


DJF said...

In the US they are also lie using statistics.

Here is the link to the Texas Most Wanted Sex Offenders list

You will notice that only one is called a Hispanic Male when it is obvious that three others who are labeled as White Males are really Hispanic

It is even worse on the Texas Most Wanted list

Six who are obviously Hispanic are listed as White


Superbly written as always.As I stated when I wrote to my M.P.last week who,incidentally wants Turkey to be allowed to join the E.U.,that a nation who refuses to protect the most vulnerable in society has no right to call itself a nation.It is just a collection of mis-fits.Also,I do hope the day will come when the so-called police service personnel who turned a 'blind-eye'to the Muslim grooming will be made acoountable for their actions.They must be punished.
Percy Brush.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Turkey still insist that there are no Kurds who speak Kurdish there as these people are "mountain Turks" who just happen to spell their names incorrectly which the turkish government is going around adding -oglu and other turkish endings yet because the UK signed up as a first World country they have to pay for academics to invent a language called Ulster-Scots which is just a series of misspellings and invented words. Promoted by a former PR guy.

And crime in Germany and the Netherlands can often be found in areas where ______ people live. They are just not able to handle the first world.

Anonymous said...

Time for talking is over folks.