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The Duke Lacrosse Three

There have been some recent comments to two linked articles I posted in 2009 Balancing Prosecutions- Rape, Lies  and Academia and Balancing Prosecutions - revisiting Duke Lacrosse, which most readers may have missed unless they subscribed to those threads, but which I felt deserved a wider readership. The Duke Lacrosse case was a very important event because the forces ranged against the white race, and in particular white males, exposed their true agenda.  They bared their teeth and, albeit only briefly were forced into the open, we saw their nakedness, we saw their hate, and it was an ugly sight.

The media, the law and academia attempted the blood sacrifice of three innocent young men on the alter of their genocidal agenda, they almost succeeded, but for once they were caught in the act.  

It happened in America, but it could have happened anywhere in the besieged western world.  We should remember the Duke Lacrosse case, because it shows us how much they hate us, and what we are really up against.  This is the reason I return to it so often:

The following comments were received earlier this week

Anonymous: June 24 16:23
Mangum, the hoaxer, was charged with attempted murder in 2010.

In 2011 she did manage to murder someone.

"It's Crystal Magnum. THE Crystal Magnum," he told the emergency operator. "I told him she was trouble from the damn beginning."

Much of the media still cannot be bothered to get her name right.

She'd been involved with the courts before. One night in 2002, she lifted a taxi driver's keys while giving him a lap dance. With a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit, Mangum then stole the cab. Police chased her through the city; she was eventually arrested, but not before nearly running over a cop as he approached her car.

 At 17, she told police that three men had raped her when she was 14, but the case was dropped when she didn't follow through with the authorities. Her father later told reporters that he didn't believe that she'd been raped then.

Also of interest is Tara Levicy.

Tara Levicy, the nurse who reported on the condition of Crystal Mangum after the alleged rape, shrugged off the absence of physical evidence of assault and the lack of lacrosse-player DNA with a feminist slogan: "Rape is about power, not passion."

She was also a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner in training. She was not qualified to do the job she was asked to do.

For example she could not explain why if the perpetrators had not used condoms she had none of their semen in her but she had semen from other men.

False rape claims are not about justice but power.

Michael Nifong, whose parents had gone to Duke, was known for his hatred of Duke University and its students. According to Patsy McDonald, a law school classmate, he also had a "deep-seated antipathy to lacrosse players."

The Lacrosse season was cancelled and the coach was sacked before being reinstated.

Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann are indicted for the sexual assault and kidnapping of Crystal Mangum. They turn themselves into authorities at the back of the Durham County Jail. They were handcuffed and driven 15 yards to the front of the jail, where they were then paraded in front of waiting camera crews.

Richard Brodhead makes an appearance at the Durham Chamber of Commerce meeting, two days after Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty are arrested. WRAL-TV quotes Brodhead as saying, “If our students did what is alleged, it is appalling to the worst degree. If they didn’t do it, whatever they did is bad enough." So not committing a crime is .. a crime?

A black guy sacked from a TV programme (was it because he did not toe the line?) and Selena Roberts (who was part of the misleaders) got his job.

How many of these rentamob protesters had heard of Rakheem Bolton?

Where were the slutwalkers, the sloganeers, the group of 88, and other "concerned citizens" complaining that someone said that his victim "made him rape her"?

"Rape is about power, not passion." (But will be ignored when white devil woman is the victim?)

Anonymous: June 25th 11:18 

"so called feminists, for whom the protection of women was clearly not a priority."

As we see in the Hilaire S. case in Texas where nobody has criticised a school for kicking a cheerleader off the squad who refused to cheer for her rapist.

Selena Roberts et al must have been very busy not to notice this.
The three part Balancing Prosecutions series can be read here.


Anonymous said...

Reade Seligmann was positively identified by Mangum from a selection of photos that contained only photos of Lacrosse players. A contaminated id parade in other words.

That she positively id-ed Seligmann would have been a warning flag to a competent police force as he was in Durham that night as confirmed by a taxi driver and CCTV footage from a bank.

Moezeldin Elmostafa, the taxi driver, was intimidated to change his story. He refused.

Someone with backbone prevented someone else being railroaded.

If only the great and the good also had some backbone.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Levicy has never been taken to task for her involvement because if the event had been real she would have compromised the case by performing a task that she had not been trained to do.

Anonymous said...

“No medical evidence confirmed her [the accuser’s] stories. The SANE based her opinion that the exam was consistent with what the accusing witness was reporting largely on the accusing witness’s demeanor and complaints of pain rather than on objective evidence.” (2)

The role that the SANE nurse, Tara Levicy R.N., played in the Duke lacrosse case was pivotal. Her false and misleading statements to police and to prosecutors were the foundation of the initial investigation, the indictments, and the persistence of the prosecution long after the case began to fall apart. This article reviews the story of the involvement of Tara Levicy and her superiors at Duke University Hospital in the Duke lacrosse rape hoax.

B. Tara Levicy obtained her nursing degree and license through a fast-track that allowed her to receive her R.N. after only 15 months of training.

C. Duke University Medical Center (DUMC) improperly allowed Tara Levicy R.N. to begin SANE training after only 5 months of nursing experience; international standards call for at least 3 years of experience.

D. Duke University Hospital erred in delaying Crystal Mangum’s SANE exam for more than 4 hours until after Levicy arrived. for the morning shift on March 14, 2006 , instead of calling in the on-call SANE nurse. (DUMC was reported to have had a cadre of 14 trained SANE nurses and had a policy requiring one to be on duty at all times

Liestoppers for the complete analysis. It gets worse.

So the basis on the case was done by someone who was not qualified to do the exam and the exam was delayed until this untrained individual could come in (not) to do it.

DUMC has a lot of questions to answer but somehow I do not think that they were asked.

Anonymous said...

Levicy is an AE nurse in Portland, Maine.
Is she qualified?
Does her new employers know about her interesting past of seeing things that did not happen?

Anonymous said...

"She’s a con artist," one law enforcement source said, adding that prosecutors have concluded "she cannot be put on the stand. She’d be a flawed witness."

Read more:

Luckily for him New York police have a better understanding of the real world than ivory-towered morons from academia. And sports journalists.

Anonymous said...

Duke University is battling in court with a former student who left the school after being raped at a fraternity party in 2007.

The student, Katharine Rouse, sued the school in state court early this year, alleging that Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta created a "hostile environment" for her on campus through some of the comments he made to the media.

Funny how the Group of 88 have no problem with a real rape that really occured at a fraternity party.

Also how they have no problem with the victim Hilaire S being blamed as what she wore forced Rakheem Bolton to rape her.

Wasn't the whole point of "Slutwlaks" that women should be allowed to dress anyway they want?