Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mladic - an alternative view

Julia Gorin gives a different perspective to the conflict in the Balkans that the official one.  Click here to read her article at Republican Riot.


Franz said...

Thank you for posting this.

In the 90s I hadn't much much love for the Serbs and readily believed the MSM's tall tales about the attrocities allgedly committed by Serb monsters in fatigues.

Some day however, I got it into my head to read up on the history of the Balkans. It was a revalation, to say the least.

Turns out the Serbs were never the aggressors vis a vis the Muslims.

Turns out the Muslims infiltrated the ancient Serb terretories of Kossovo and Bosnia, hoisted their flag and from that point on whined to the world whenever the Serbs would dare try to retake possesion of their ancestral lands.

Turns out Serbia was an early trial balloon for Muslims taking over Christian lands through stealth invasions. That trial balloon being succesful, more of such action is to be expected, only this time further to the northwest.

All this information is hard to find, of course. It's all hidden in books.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Franz

To be honest, I do not know the full truth, but I do know that it is not what the media tells us it is.

The truth about the Balkan conflict is far more complex than the official story, and we certainly should not trust the press who are covering up the truth about Kosovo, and the fact we have permitted the theft of sovereign territory and allowed a gangster state to be formed in Central Europe.

Shaunantijihad said...

Here is what the non-Muslims suffered as the Umma suddenly turned on the Jihad, as they always do and will do us too. Atrocities beyond belief, that's what bringing Muslims will do, and it is what the Serbs were forced to fight against.

Note that ITV deliberately suppressed the truth and lied about the atrocities, and Blair bombed the Christians. Scum.

Warning, graphic:

Lee said...

Mr. Mladic was merely defending his homeland from Islamic invaders - a continuation of a war that began 1300 years ago when the Moors invaded Spain.

There is no place for Islam in Europe.

Franz said...

I am certainly not idolzing Mr. Mladic. Did the troops under his command do some unspeakable things? Probably yes.

What the MSM has done however, is to deliberatly muddle up the chain of cause and effect.

The root cause for the confrontation between Serbs and Muslims in the 90s was the latter taking over the homelands of the former.

So while their methods may have been highly objectionable, the Serbs had every right to retake what was theirs.

PS: I lost count. Remind me how many former Bosnian mujahedeen commanders are now in the Hague to await their trials for war crimes?

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah

This is one subject very close to my heart and I have a lot of information about it. The western media, governments, NATO and the UN are all guilty of a disgusting war crime. The following shocking documentary is a must-see, involving people who were actually there and instrumental in trying to find a solution:

Yugoslavia - The Avoidable War

But the next video will really show you the disgusting depths the British media, in this case ITN, went to all to demonize the Serbs. What you are about to see is a diabolical war crime that caused so much death and suffering to our once ally Serbia.

Remember the "Serbian Death Camps"?

ITN's Death Camp Hoax Revealed

I pray that those responsible for these heinous crimes against the Serbs will one day pay for what they have done.

I have much more on this conflict, let me know if you would like more information Sarah.

Best regards


Franz said...

@ Reconquista

I have looked at "Yugoslavia - The avoidable war". If I were you, I would take everything said in this film with a grain of salt.

Among other things the makers of this film claim that Germany wanted to "recolonize" the Balkans. As a German, living in Germany during the 1990s, I assure you that we wanted no part of the Balkans. In fact, we were rather annoyed about all the Yugoslav refugees coming to us once the business down south had started in earnest.

While I am no expert on the other "facts" this film claims to be true, this one enormous falsehood gives me pause and leads me to question everything else in that film.

While I am rather inclined towards understanding the Serb's legitimate grievances, I strongly disapprove of "massaging" history to support a certain point of view.

Anonymous said...


You are German, you are presenting a very false side of events that portrays the disgusting actions of your nation in a light you can deal with.

The premature recognition by Germany of Croatia as an independent nation speaks volumes about what your country did, the history of the two close allies clear for all to see.

But don't get precious. What Britain and the USA did is equally disgusting. I have nothing but contempt for Genscher and his ilk, NATO and the governments of the UK and the USA for their heinous war crimes.

The only one massaging history here is you and for very obvious reasons. The evidence is quite frankly damning.

What you seem unable to understand is that it simply doesn't matter what you or any other German thought about Yugoslavia, your government was aligned with forces determined to destroy Serbia. These powers lie to you and their own people over and over again, that they do so shows how much contempt they hold us all in.

And it is still going on right now with Mladic's arrest, an act of such nauseating hypocrisy it beggars belief.

The only crime Mladic committed was to counter brutal war with brutal war. The crimes committed by NATO - Germany included - are far, far worse.

They shame us all. And what Mladic and the Serbs faced will come to the rest of Western Europe - yes, Germany too - in time as any student of Islam will tell you.


Shaunantijihad said...

"The crime they are all morally charged with — above and beyond anything legal or technical — is daring to fight back when Muslims attacked. They are guilty of being Serbian officials during war. Of daring to answer war with war."

Shaunantijihad said...

"The crime they are all morally charged with — above and beyond anything legal or technical — is daring to fight back when Muslims attacked. They are guilty of being Serbian officials during war. Of daring to answer war with war."

Franz said...

@ Reqconquista

Seriously friend: If the German government of the time had ANY designs on "recolonizing" the Balkans, I would admit so. I freely critizize my government on many other issues and don't pull any punches below the waistline.

Did Genscher et al fumble the ball when they recognized Slovenia and Croatia when they did? Probably yes. Where they prejudiced in favor of those two nations because of their historical friendliness toward the German speaking lands (long before WW2, by the way)? Probably Yes. Did Genscher's party or those that followed in the next governement have any designs on colonizing the Balkans? No.

I assure you, there were no lines of men drawing lots for farmland around Belgrade. At the time we were rather busy repairing East Germany, which was in horrid condition after the unification. Even supposing our politicians had designs on the Balkans, Germany in the early 90s had not the money or the labor to acquire new lands to the south.

I have no dog in the fight here, as I don't sympathize with the parties in power in the German parliament. I certainly don't onfuse their actions with the "will of the nation".

Even though you are sympathetic to the Serb cause (as am I, if you failed to notice) it always helps to look at journalistic pieces like this film and check its facts instead of taking every word of it as gospel.

By the way: If I were so inclined, I would only consume films and books claiming that Germany had was blameless for both worldwars. The Joos started them, see? There are enough videos and literature to that effect out there.

I don't like massaging of facts even when it ostensibly suits me or my nation.

Anonymous said...

The Serbs were our allies during WW2.

Blair, Clinton, Obama, Cameron and spivs controlling the media have conveniently forgotten about that.

They did to Serbia what they did to Rhodesia and South Africa, only far worse, to benefit a far greater threat to the whole of Europe.

There followers will do the same to the rest of Europe in time for "fame" (sic) "history" (sic) and a tidy pension

Exzanian said...

I am ignorant of the history of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Serbia, el al but what I do know following the story when it broke a week ago, is that there has been an almost unanimous prejudicial trial and verdict by media in the Western PC MSM.

The rhetoric in the articles says it all: "Arrogant" "Pugnacious" "Smiling grimly" "swaggering" etc etc...Does that remind you of anyone? Someone with a darker hue perhaps, mmmmm?

Perhaps if Mugabe was alongside the Rat it would be a credible arrest and trial, but as it is, there's nothing more coming than a show trial against a white European Nationalist who killed a few thousand moslems (nothing compared to the grim genocide of Mugabe)
Just grist on the altar of the collective Western guilt machine...

Exzanian said...

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Anonymous said...


Reconquista is quite correct, you need to realise that what ordinary Germans want and what the elites, occupiers and their collaborators who control Germany want are different things.

In the same way it's highly unlikely that the average Briton wants to be ruled by the EU (yet they are) or that the average Briton supports NATO's war of aggressions against Libya.

Unfortunately Germany was complicit with the US and a number of other EU countries in stoking up and encouraging ethnic tensions and wars between the different Yugoslav factions.

The real irony here is that many ex-Yugoslavs themselves don't even realise and understand to what point the Westerners manipulated and encouraged them to fight one another in order to facilitate the breakup of Yugoslavia.

The reason why Serbia was singled out for "evil deeds" by the Westerners is because Serbia wanted to keep Yugoslavia intact whilst the others wanted out. (So they could enslave themselves under a different system namely the EUSSR).

The numerous Soros kangaroo court trials by the ICC are a joke. Miraculously NATO and Western Leaders never end up on trial for "warcrimes" whilst the USA even flatout refuse to be a signatory to it yet demands that other countries must abide by its "laws" and "rulings".

Anonymous said...


Your whitewashing of the role your government played in Yugoslavia is not supported by the facts.

The Germans had been working with their close allies the Croats for years to split Yugoslavia. One of the most important and influential politicians was Hans Dietrich Genscher. He was instrumental in the break up of Yugoslavia, and as it would be foolish to suggest he was working on his own, therefore the German government were involved and guilty of a war crime.

All you have to do is listen to the enemies of the Serbs who used Genscher to influence other key players in the break up of Yugoslavia including the catholic church:

The Greatest Influence - Genscher

Now you know why the war is sometimes called "Genscher's war".

Germany, along with the UK and the USA committed one of the greatest deceptions in history, a deception still being carried out today. You and your countrymen were lied to, just as the British people and the American people were. And Serbia and the Serbs paid a very heavy price as these nations re-colonized the Balkans and created an Islamic state in the heart of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we see each other as human beings instead of muslims, christians or jews?