Thursday, 9 June 2011

And its not only the children who are at risk

An 18-year-old man has been sentenced indefinitely for the knife point rape of a pensioner in her Lancashire home.

Farhan Ahmed of Park Avenue, Barrowford, was found guilty at Burnley Crown Court of raping the 64-year-old.

The court heard he broke into her home in Nelson in the early hours of 28 October 2010 and threatened her with a knife while raping her.


Shaunantijihad said...

The Labour Party should be charged with Aiding & Abetting.

How shall we stop the Traitors? The BNP are either useless or deliberately compromised.

Shall we make a web site of Patriots to stand as Independents? An Anti-Treason Alliance?

alanorei said...

Delroy Grant #2. Anything to gain ascendency over 'Whitey.'

Anonymous said...

We were told that gerontophilia was so rare the Grant case didn't prove anything, but here we have it again, so it is not that rare

misterfox said...

The Grant case was instructive be cause the police never investigated him - they allowed him to get on with it.

Keith said...

SHAUNANTIJIHAD: Looks like the BNP is all but finished now what with the internal struggle for power and greed. They seem to have forgotten what they stand for and only seem to be concerned with personal gain and power.

There are now that many so called Nationalist Parties that I've lost count. If they all joined forces instead of fighting amongst themselves the Nationalist movement would be a force to be reckoned with!

BNP, UKIP, EDL, National Democrats, NF, English Democrats, etc. Just how many are there? The seem to have forgotten the old saying, "United we stand, divided we fall"; because we WILL fall if the Govt, newspapers and the BBC, et al get their way.

Anonymous said...

They keep moving the link... wonder why?

BritishActivism said...

I am unfortunate enough to live in the area where this happened.

For those who do not know me and my often quipped moan - the town is already 32% Asian.

It is a town of a split personality though, where on the one hand it is boring, sedate, positively humdrum and as depressing as any other former northern mill town - and on the other, where spasmodic events unfold that can only serve to make you depressed, and this is yet another of them.

It is an area where Asians rule the streets, rife with drugs (below the surface of society), a bazillion fast food outlets, somewhere where it seems every third car is a taxi.

We have tales of houses being fire bombed (between their communities/rival drug patches) - and tales of pubs being firebombed and intimidated into closing because they are near to mosques. (That, and lack of business through dropping demographics and high prices).

Not a week goes by without the local papers reporting drug cases, domestic violence, and attacks of all sorts, fraud from Asian officials in the council, so on and so forth.

I hardly see such things first-hand, but they are in the papers all the time - and the papers are distinctly "leftwing" , pro "cohesion" and thus "careful" what they publish to say the least - so there are no doubt more issues that do not make the papers.

The online paper section has comments, but time and time again it results in a slanging match and either peoples comments are deleted for being too truthful (not hateful) or in some cases they just delete the whole lot. It is obvious there is little free speech allowed on the sites, although some choice comments do seem to remain from time to time.

In the last few weeks in the area (if I include Blackburn as well as Pendle), we have had "pack attacks" against white men. Three were in a park setting, the other in Nelson town in broad daylight, where 7 youths stamped on somebodies head until he was in a coma/unconscious for two days.

It was not confirmed by the police/article whether the victim was white - but they were looking for several Asian "youths". You would expect them to have said the victim was Asian if they did not seek for us to jump to my hunch is that the victim was white and omitted it from the report because it would be "sensitive" to community relations.

Another case the other week involved some silly white girl who was dating an Asian......and for whatever reason, the Asian slashed her fathers face and sliced through his ear - and then went on to kick the crap out of her mother for good measure.

If I wrote my blogsite to cover all the ethnic crime and incidents in the area I would be here forever!

Besides, all the opposition would say is that "whites can be criminals too" - and yes, there are some scum from our own 'side' too in these kinds of areas that have been dragged down the plughole.

I do not like the way the town is going, for I came to the conclusion long ago that is is "finished" and nothing can save it. The Asians are getting ever more numerous and the white society is getting ever more bedraggled and coarse.

That said, to the untrained eye, people could come along and wonder what the problem is...... if you look for things, they will appear, if you are not looking for them, incidents like this one never happen in terms of their own radar.

One thing is for sure though - the more "enriched" an area gets, the more horrible and depressing it gets to live there - and the more 'uncivilised' and unkempt it seems to get.

People who live in little leafy English villages have no comprehension at all what it is like to live in places like this - and even though my area is changing fast, I am still thankful I do not have it as bad as some of our Birmingham, Leicester and London people!