Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Poll - 60% of Jamaicans believe Jamaica would be better off as a British colony

and this is supposed to be a "shock result"


Brock Townsend said...

Good find and posted.

Anonymous said...

People who know what they are doing should be in charge. Who would have ever thought that that was the answer?

alanorei said...

During the 1990s, black Africans used to come to the late Ian Smith's front gate time and again and plead with him, "Please help us. Our children are starving. We never went hungry when it was called Rhodesia."

Plus ca change, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Jamaicans would rather be ruled by WHITE British colonists due to their superior managing skills, which has nothing to do a higher IQ ratio, of course.

Has any Black country ever managed its own economic and social structure well enough without the assistance "Whitey", anywhere in the world??

We, Canadians are also "blessed" with their un-invited presence where "big daddy" is assured to look after the world's wayward children at working taxpayer's expense. See this story.

alanorei said...

Hi Anon from Canada

Months ago I asked essentially the same question as you do in your second paragraph of a commentator to Sarah's posts who has been very active on another thread, denouncing supposed white interference with black folks and insisting that black folks are just as capable of progress as white folks etc.

I'm still waiting for a definitive answer.

It really goes without saying that I am not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

If whitey had not interfered with africa they would eventually have gotten around to inventing the wheel.

fellist said...

... And the other 40% thought they'd be better off keeping Jamaica but colonising England.

fellist said...

I found a funny quote for my blogspot page:

Some of the worker emigrants to Britain were active participants in the People’s Progressive Party and the People’s National Congress in Guyana, the Gairy Party, the Grenada Manual and Metal Workers Union, the Butler Party, the People’s National Movement, the People’s National Party, the Jamaican Labour Party, the St Kitts Labour Party, the Antigua Labour Party, the Barbados Labour Party, the West Indian Independence Party and in trade unions and other more radical sections of the nationalist movement which were Marxist and stood for revolutionary social change . They were also active in trade unions and peasant organisations.

All these groupings have also been the leavening here for the early cultural, social and political activity of blacks in Britain. The encounter with white racism and the manoeuvres of the British capitalist power did not begin in England but in the Caribbean.

John La Rose, ‘We Did Not Come Alive in Britain,’ Race Today (8:3, March 1976)

So they fight a heroic battle for independence from ‘white racist’ Britain and its supposedly capitalist system, yet the minute they win independence vast hordes of the perverted masochists turn up here to suffer more exploitation and abuse. It’s difficult to say of any individual responsible for this kind of stuff whether or not he believes the crap he writes, but it’s safe to say that some of them must know it’s purest nonsense. And just as assuredly it only gets promoted to orthodoxy because it serves the interests of the powerful.

From one of Yggdrasil’s classic lessons:

Imagine yourself an impartial visitor from an isolated civilization studying the United States.

The popular press and politicians recite that majority European-Americans exploit and oppress people of color. Yet people of color, by the boatloads and by the hundreds of thousands, are clamoring to get into the U.S. If the word ‘oppression’ has any meaning, you would expect that people of color would be moving in the opposite direction.

The popular press claims that European-Americans exploit and oppress people of color. Yet tax dollars, on balance, flow disproportionately in the other direction - from European-Americans to people of color.

U.S. history texts and Supreme Court opinions state that majorities always oppress and exploit minorities. And yet, if the proverbial visitor from an isolated civilization were to pick a group to exploit based on economic motives, the visitor would choose the group that is the most productive and the most numerous. After all, that is where the money is.

The popular press constantly excoriates rich ‘WASPs’ (or European-American Protestants) as the prime movers in this exploitation of people of color. Yet when you measure actual income and education levels, you find out that Jews are the most prosperous ethnic group, followed by Japanese and Chinese Americans. European-American Protestants rank below European-Americans of Italian, Polish and Irish descent, and are only marginally above African-Americans.

Many civilizations have their myths. Ancient Greeks and Romans were taught, and perhaps believed, that their secular rulers were descended from gods.

But the myths which America recites every day are contrary to easily observable fact. Any myth that is contrary to clearly observable fact must be very important to the elites it serves. For such a myth takes a great deal of energy to sustain, and can serve as grounds for dangerous rebellion when overthrown.


Oh, I hope so...

Patrick Melly said...

Very interesting but let them retain their independence. If they were to be a colony once again then in next to no time there would arise a new liberation move ment. All countries today have enough problems of their own without having to burden themselves with other countries problems. First World countries should give priority to their own welfare. Any assistance given to third world countries should be contigent upon much stricter conditions than is the case now. If the conditions are not met there must be penalties.