Sunday, 26 June 2011

"Colour blind" double standards

They would never do this

Anthony Hopkins as Martin Luther King Jnr

and Hell would have frozen over before they did this ...
Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli as Nelson and Winnie Mandela

King and the Mandelas were/are, of course, real people, however what are the chances of this casting choice ......??
Welsh Comedienne Ruth Jones as fictional Botswanan lady Detective Mma Precious Ramotswe in "The Number 1 Ladies Detective agency".

They even insist in casting black actors as the animal characters from the Lion King on account of them being "African" animals, and, of course,  there would be outrage if a 21st Century white actor played a character from African or Asian legend. - Daniel Craig as the Kikuyu god Ngai or Rene Zellwegger as the Hindu goddess Shiva perhaps?

  So why is this acceptable....?
Idris Elba playing Heimdall "the whitest of the Gods" from Nordic legend in the movie "Thor"

Chipo Chung (left) playing Vivian in the new TV version of "Camelot"

Vivian is a new character created especially for this production of Camelot, she is effectively a Medieval PA to Arthur's evil half sister Morgan le Fey.

In the Arthurian legend the name Vivian (or Vivienne) is occasionally the name attributed to the Lady in the Lake* or of a woman who seduces Merlin, nowhere are either described as a black and tattooed woman of multiple ethnic origins.  This is not  "colour blind" casting either as Vivan's ethnicity was explained when she arrived, in that she claimed to be "descended from slaves brought to Britain by the Romans," thus promoting the myth that Britain has been multicultural since the Roman times.

It will be interesting to see how much propaganda capital is wrung out of this deliberate casting decision.

This is not the first time the legend of Camelot has been used for propaganda (or brain washing) purposes.  British readers may of course recall that in the recent (2008 -2010) children's TV series "Merlin" Arthur didn't fall for Guinevere but for ..ahem ...Gwen (above)

Other characters from English folklore have also been ethnically cleansed. Who can forget the casting of Friar Tuck in the recent television adaptation of Robin Hood (the cast also included Anjali Jay as a feisty Muslim feminist amongst Robin's Merry ... persons) - like Merlin, this early evening show was primarily aimed at children.

In defence of this type of casting, its supporters point to Ben Kingsley playing Ghandi and Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra, however those movies were made many years ago (almost half a century in the case of Cleopatra) and of course Ben Kingsley is half Indian, being born Krishna Pandit Bhanji, whereas Cleopatra was in reality of Caucasian, Greek, ancestry, so Taylor's casting was not inappropriate (unlike those above).

In any event such things would never occur now. In the 21st century it is unthinkable that movie makers would cast white actors in the role of characters, real or legendary from any other race.  However, when it comes to our history, and our legends then anything goes.         


(*in this version of Camelot they decided to call the lady in the lake "Excalibur" - you know, after the sword)  

Foot Note

Idris Elba who plays Heimdall in Thor, also stars as the "highly intelligent" black cop Luther in the TV series of the same name (together with that actress with the odd mouth who first played Jane Eyre but has since dedicated her career to portraying what the readers of Stormfront politely term 'mud sharks').  The second series of Luther is running at the moment, the first series was a ratings disaster, however, the BBC re-commissioned it all the same - they clearly intend to keep forcing their multicultural propaganda down our throats whether we like it or not.   


John McNeill said...

Great article Sarah, and it covers a crucial topic.

I believe that we nationalists have a responsibility to embrace our past and defend it so that it forever remains in our hands. We need to celebrate our history and not apologize for the racially homogenous nature of such events.

alanorei said...

Many threads ago I pointed out the tendency of crime and other dramas in the US and UK to portray a black person in a role of superiority over whites or in a role of intelligence advising whites.

The observation drew ridicule (without substance) from one particular source.

However, this post of yours reinforces that observation, Sarah. One example I used was the award-winning crime drama Castle that is now being repeated on Channel 5.

The black-in-charge is a certain Captain Montgomery (whether or not this surname is meant to be a reminder of events of the (un)Civil Rights Movement in Montgomery Alabama in the mid 60s, I don't know). The series also features an astute forensic pathologist who is a black or mixed-race female.

It's a good series but also part of the on-going indoctrination-by-media.

The other notable aspect on this subject is the tendency of the televised media to portray a black or dark-skinned man with a Caucasian woman (who is often blonde) - as I think you've noted w.r.t. Luther (an evocative surname of course, though most appropriately associated with the 16th century German Protestant reformer (who was Caucasian, of course)).

I have a very long list of the black man + white woman associations stretching back over several years (as the Wiki write-up on me mentioned). The list represents more indoctrination, of course.

Celtic Warrior said...

Looked at one episode of Luther and switched off. Not looked at it again. Not the England I once knew.

I wonder how long before we see a coloured Jane Eyre, a black Pip or a black Oliver?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else remember Sylvester McCoy's "Doctor Who" had a Brigadier who was black and much too young to be a Brigasdier?

The rot in the BBC started a long time ago.

alanorei said...

It's everywhere. I had occasion to visit the dentist this morning (in NE England, not Londonistan). In the waiting room was a dental health aid for 'the family,' consisting of an Indian or Pakistani male, a Caucasian female and an ostensibly mixed-race child.

At the local Sainsbury's is another advert featuring a mixed-race Afro-Caucasian child (to judge by the kinky hair). Look for any billboard ad featuring children. It is likely that at least one will appear to be mixed-race.

What I resented most of all, though, was the cover photo of the November-December 2010 issue of the Protestant Truth journal, featuring, supposedly, a British or English 'family' consisting of a mixed-race (Afro-Caucasian) male (with close-cropped hair, to conceal the kinks, I guess), a Caucasian female (olive-skinned and brown-haired but definitely Caucasian - you can't see her wedding ring in the photo btw) and two offspring, who resemble little Arabs. They don't look English.

The PTS is one of the most conservative bastions of traditional Christian fundamentalism in the world, not only in this country. That is why I say this brainwashing is everywhere, if it's contaminated even the PTS.

The BBC, dental health organisations and Sainsbury's maybe have an excuse in that they are stupid and ignorant when it comes to matters of race.

The PTS have no excuse. They profess to be Bible believers and even 'use' the KJB. They sure enough haven't read and reflected upon Revelation 13 recently, which describes where all this race-mixing is headed and why.

TigerO said...

Oh we mustn't forget how it was black sailors in Nelson's fleet that won the battle of Trafalgar according to a recent production.

Many of the programs demonstrate clearly that we Caucasians are pretty useless at doing anything ourselves.

I noted recently that new archeology finds in the Caucus mountains found hominid remains older then those of Africa. The immediate conclusion was that they must have walked from Africa and therefore there must be older older archeology in Africa that we have not discovered yet. After all we (Caucasians) were the stupid branch of mankind and are incapable of moving or exploration of this kind.

I have mentioned this before but the none too subtle brainwashing of all Brits now through the advert media. Notice how those of African origin are strategically placed in the centre and made very prominent. Some of our ads don't even bother showing white people anymore.

Subtle, continuous conditioning of the Caucasian mind.

Anonymous said...

Remember the complaints about guns glamorised in films?
Drew Barrymore got cheap column inches for getting Spielberg to digitally remove them from ET and then appeared in Charlies Angels where she dodged the bullet by diving backwards out of a window before a bullet could hit her.

5' 3 1/2" Jodie Foster throws a big bad baddie (who is big)off the top floor of a car park in "The Brave One".

The "good" black detective helps her in her vigilantism whereas by the book whitey wants to "hinder" the vigilantism.

Remember this when "Seal Team: Getting even with Osama" comes out with a Latina lieutentant leading the team, a couple of blacks and hispanics and a white guy whose cowardice nearly threatens the mission and proves that Hollywood royalty is Hollywood royalty.

Anonymous said...

The BBC have been the marxist propaganda arm for years and there are not ashamed to admit it.There have for years been perpetrators of the treacherous crimes of distorting our history,legends and heritage and add to that constant bull pushed out by them that ''it's the white race fault that the 3rd world have the current problems etc etc'' which the aim is to brainwash our children and put up a smoke screen about''multiculturalism'' or white genocide as it's commonly known.

For St George.

alanorei said...

The BBC, of course, has one 'reality TV' show. See BBC Crimewatch and, setting aside the race/gender issues w.r.t. the presenters, note the racial (and national i.e. foreign white) composition of the villains, especially 'the most wanted' and that of the investigating detectives* for the major crimes.

*I've seen a couple of Afro-Caribbean officers amongst the scores of officers being interviewed (overwhelmingly, some might say 'hideously,' middle-England). I've seen no Asian ones of any description that I can recall.

Even the BBC can't hide this reality.

The Watcher On The Wall said...

Time Team should either be banned or have its editorial approach substantially revised. I was shocked to see a recent broadcast feature the excavation of a Celtic Iron Age settlement in Britain dated from approximately 300BC. This programme showed [among other things] thatched round houses with stone walls, cloth weaving and the use of fired, decorated wheel-spun pottery for cooking.

Now when the descendants of these Celts arrived in Central Africa just over 100 years ago, the native inhabitants lived in mud and thatch huts, traded for woven cloth, and used unfired, hand moulded pots for storage purposes only.

Naturally Time Team's portrayal of Iron Age Celts could cause a reasonable person to believe that Central Africans were less technologically advanced than the inhabitants of Britain over 2000 years ago - and surely all right-thinking progressive liberals will feel distinctly uncomfortable with that!

Note too that the Time Team cast members are routinely over represented by middle-age white males. And I suspect this is the root of the blatant editorial bias presented in this programme.

I propose writing a letter to the Guardian objecting to this serious broadcasting flaw.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ alanorei

I understand that Crimewatch is very selective as to the "balance" of crimes they show, so that whiter criminals are heavily over represented, especially in the "wanted faces" section. At least half of the mug shots have to be white.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Watcher

I suspect Time Team's "time" may be limited. The media does not permit their scientists and historians to tell the truth!!!

alanorei said...

I'm sure you are absolutely right, Sarah. They also never feature the Moslem paedo gangs that I recall. The BBC and the MSM generally try to get around the issue by means of equivocation that child molesters come from all races and then, for example, playing up reports like those on Milly Dowler's non-black, non-Asian murderer.

They never mention the disproportionation w.r.t. these crimes.

If 10-15% of the UK population is responsible for 50% of the serious crime at a minimum, then that is a problem that even the BBC can't hide.

What is needed is a higher profile being given to such publications as Racism Cuts Both Ways and Tony Shell's rigorous analysis on interracial murders.

John McNeill said...

Btw, the "recoloring" of our history and heritage is happening here in America too. Here is a good example:

Unknown said...

Having a hard time making up my mind whether to call you blog racist or not. However, one thing is clear enough -- you are white supremacist and I find I don't hold a grudge in that regards. I too believe so much in my culture and try my best to defend it from the effects of your culture, but we can never do enough to keep apart. Whether you fight it or accept it, our races/culture share this space, finding a common ground to exist together will be much easier than anything else I can think of.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Fred

I don't it is accurate to call me a white supremacist, I don't argue that one race is superior to another, just that we are different and that forced multiculturalism is unnatural and is already leading to undesirable results.

Unknown said...

Okay, I'm sucked in, basically because I am a massive comics geek.

Having seen Thor with my Dad, in large part because we're nerds, and specifically both have a huge affection for Norse mythology, I appreciated that the Aesir in the film are not portrayed as the actual gods of Norse myth.

They are portrayed as higher-dimensional beings whom the Norse encountered and interpreted as Gods. Heimdall, being the guardian of the Bifrost rainbow bridge, is the one god who would never leave Asgard, so the Vikings would never have seen him, and thus never knew his appearance (in the continuity of the film).

Your photoshops at the beginning are amusing, but I would point out that Angelina Jolie already played a mixed race White / African American in A Mighty Heart, where she played the wife of Daniel Pearl. For that matter, her character in the action movie Wanted was also Black in the original graphic novel. Michelle Pfieffer's character in the 'based on a true story' movie Dangerous Minds was an African American marine in real life.

For that matter, we've had decades of White actors playing non-white parts in movies. It goes all the way back to Birth of a Nation, and continues with native Americans, Eastern Asians (John Wayne playing Ghengis Khan, for example), and the great Lawrence Olivier playing Othello.

I'm not in favour of recasting loads of White roles as non-white just to redress this, I'm just saying that your alarm at this 'propaganda' might be misplaced.

Besides, as I tend to think, if Jesus Christ can be played by a White guy, as he invariably is, anything is on the table.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said,

"Anyone else remember Sylvester McCoy's "Doctor Who" had a Brigadier who was black and much too young to be a Brigasdier?"

Being a huge Whovian, I can indeed tell you that it was Brigadier Winifred Bambera. I also reckon that if her age was unrealistic to you, what did you make of the (at that point 600 year-old) two-hearted, regenerating time-travelling extraterrestrial in the multidimensional Police Box? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Idris Elba who plays Heimdall in Thor, also stars as the "highly intelligent" black cop Luther in the TV series of the same name

He has an IQ of 100?

Anonymous said...

Being a huge Whovian, I can indeed tell you that it was Brigadier Winifred Bambera. I also reckon that if her age was unrealistic to you,

She was an Earthican where Earthicans are meant to be portrayed realistically for the benefit of Earthican audiences.

Leibstandarte said...

The world has gone mad, thanks to the insane machinations of the liberal marxist left.

Time for a right wing, pan-occidental global revolution. Long live David Duke!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


I think you must be thinking of a different film, in Dangerous Minds Michelle Pfieffer played Louanne Johnson who wrote the book "My Posse Don't Do Homework" on which the movie was based, she doesn't look very black to me.

Unknown said...

@S arah
Looks like you're right on that one. I wonder what film I was thinking of?

The actress who played that Brigadier was 37 at the time. Is that shockingly young for the role? Also, I think 'Earthican' is a Futurama term. While I like that, you probably wanted 'Terran', or just plain 'human'.

Anonymous said...

How did these creatures get into the UK? Or is that a silly question? I thought we had 'sanctions' on them?? that was a silly question

Anonymous said...

Regarding the observation that, in US crime series, senior officers and judges etc are usually black.
I think this is the film makers' way of satisfying both the 'multi culturalists and achieving high ratings for the sponsors.
The black actors only appear occasionaly, while the lower ranking white actors play the main chacters.
Some US series are still 'hideously white', such as 'The Walking Dead', CSI, and 'The Mentalist'. Also the UK soap 'Coronation Street'.
It seems that political correctness goes out the window when money is involved!