Thursday, 23 June 2011

Putting Political Correctness before Children

A government minister believes a combination of political correctness and racial sensitivities have kept many cases of child sex grooming "under the radar". Report

Hat Tip: Pym Pernell : It is official.  It is more important NOT to upset someone from an ethnic background than it is to protect OUR children from sexual abuse and murder (Charlene Downes / Paige Chivers who are both missing)


Shaunantijihad said...

Goodness! What would we do without Government ministers? Trouble is, his comment itself is a politically correct parody of language. Let me just translate that into Yorkshire-ese:

"A parasitical work dodger believes abject cowardice in the face of Communist thought control is responsible for sacrificing our most vulnerable children to the savagery of Paki paedophiles and rapists."

In other news, the same work dodger was shocked, shocked! that the sun rose this morning, and in the East, no less, and that there was a revolution to remove these parasitical, socialist traitors from power and execute every Paki bastard known to be a paedophile. Community leaders were not available to comment, as they were all hanging from lamposts.

Anonymous said...

Disproportionate number of child sex offenders 'are Asian men'

* Study carried out in wake of conviction of grooming gang in Derbyshire

Director of EOCP says what was said (Insert number)years ago by someone who bothered to open their eyes to the problem.