Saturday, 11 June 2011

Feeding Frenzy in Alaska

US Media descend on Wasilla Alaska

The media feeding frenzy in America over the release of 24,000 e-mails written by Sarah Palin during her period as governor of Alaska has certainly been unedifying.

At a time when the US economy is on the brink of going into free fall, where the true level of unemployment is at least twice the official figure of 9.1% and the country, not unlike our own, has been getting involved in some very unwise conflicts in the Middle East, the American News media is scurrying to Alaska in order to search through thousands of pages in the hope of finding something .... anything ... which they can use to either mock Mrs. Palin, or, if they strike gold, to prove she is a bad person.

Sarah Palin is, of course. a private citizen, she holds no official office and has not declared herself a candidate for any political race. Yet the rapidly shrinking titans of American journalism are frantic to destroy her.

This same media who have refused to investigate the myriad inconsistencies in the current US president's background, who have actively withheld material which might show him in an unfavourable light,* studiously ignored any number of gaffes and blunders he has committed, and accepted without the merest hesitation the highly dubious proof of birth he recently released, is prepared to go to any lengths to investigate and expose every typographical error and unscripted aside committed to e-mail by a woman whom they insist is too dumb to threaten their big eared darling in a future electoral contest.

So afraid are they that they that they might miss the “Gotcha!”e-mail that both the New York Times and the Washington Post have asked their readers to assist them in searching through this treasure trove of electronic trivia in the hope of spotting a Palin tongue slip.   

It isn't only in America where the anticipation is unrestrained. NewsNight's Emily Maitlis giggled like an excited schoolgirl last night when discussing with a US colleague by satellite what potential gems might come to light.

Twenty four hours later, and if this report is anything to go by, things are not looking so rosy for the Palin hating media. So far no smoking gun has been unearthed but instead only evidence of a hard working Governor, who was empathetic towards her staff and generally a pleasant and decent person.  To his credit the Journalist reporting from Wasilla had the good grace to look ashamed. (or is he just grieving for his career?)

Of course, they will find something they can distort and exploit. After all how many of us could survive quite such close scrutiny of two to three years worth of our private e-ail exchanges.

However, this episode together the ongoing, and almost unprecedented campaign of vilification, mockery and blatant distortion which has been waged against Sarah Palin since McCain announced she would be his running mate in 2008, says a great deal more about the US media and the American left wing than it does about Sarah Palin.

It also tells us a lot about the current occupier of the White House, a man who has never had to fight his own battles and who has been protected and shielded by an obedient and entirely dishonest media ever since he stepped onto the political stage. Their determination to crush Sarah Palin is motivated entirely by the threat which they perceive she may pose to him, and they will not stop their search and destroy mission as long as she continues to pose that threat.

At present no other potential challenger is viewed as a threat to Obama, however, should one appear on the scene, they will be treated in exactly the same way.

However, it may be the media has over played its hand and that, finally the American public have started to see through what they are doing.  Let us hope so, if not for Sarah Palin's sake, for America's.     


*The Los Angeles Times refused to make public videotape in its possession of Obama speaking at a dinner honouring radical Palestinian Jew-hater Khalid Rashidi (a tape which potentially could have alienated many Jewish Obama supporters and donors in 2008, and in 2012).  Meanwhile John Romano of Yes But However documents CBS's refusal to make public the entire hot mic recordings of Obama talking to donors (what could it be they did not want the public to hear?
Hat Tip Thomas Lifson at American Thinker


Anonymous said...

The vitriolic MSM is chiefly responsible for the degrading condition of the Western World.

Since it has no shame, and sees itself on a holy mission to destroy white societies, it must be neutered, somehow.


Anonymous said...

The MSM is run by Jews.

Anonymous said...

I notice the BNP is hyping up the Solidarity Union.

I always thought this union was nationalist 'right wing'?

If you log on to the UAF website (a vitriolic anti-BNP/anti-white freak show) and click on 'join/donate', Solidarity union membership is advertised???

Are the BNP now something other than what they claim to be?

Anonymous said...

The MSM goes crazy over Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, FOX News, Rush Limbaugh and so many other figures. It's true. The left is truly insane and probably because of that feature likes to portray the Tea Party as crazy too (not that I'm pro-Tea Party or anything).

Sarah Palin is, of course. a private citizen, she holds no official office and has not declared herself a candidate for any political race. Yet the rapidly shrinking titans of American journalism are frantic to destroy her.

I don't like Sarah Palin but to the MSM she has replaced George W. Bush as the great evil.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Alaska can release these e-mails yet sophisticated Harvard University cannot release Obama's grades.
Could it be that "57 States" are less than John Kerry's whose grades were less than those of "Ignoramus" George W. Bush?