Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Traitors amongst us

As I indicated in a series of essays I wrote earlier this year, entitled Genocide by Stealth, when evil forces set out to erase or “ethnically cleanse” a race of people it is not always necessary to use gas chambers, armies or weapons of mass destruction.  There are other more subtle and gradual means by which an ethnic group can, by a mixture cajoling and encouragement, be made to shift, inch by inch towards the precipice beyond the rim of which lies their destruction.

Although all genocide is evil, genocide by stealth, albeit less bloody in the immediate sense, requires true malevolence to carry it off. For it is a crime not committed in hot blood but in cold, and it is committed over a protracted period which may take many decades to complete.  Also, unlike most other genocides, the perpetrators of genocide by stealth, clearly do not consider their victims to be a threat to them, neither do they have cause for any personal desire for revenge, which might explain, if not excuse what they do.  It is genocide committed merely for the sake of an agenda.

As such, these perpetrators are perhaps even more heinous of other such monsters. They have no redeeming features, no excuse for what they do.  They were not caught up in a crazy moment of history, they have no bereavements unhealed wounds or historical grievances to avenge. They have had all the time in the world to contemplate what they are doing without being driven by any emotional trigger or sense of unbearable loss and pain. They are without compassion without morals and without redemption

They have lived their whole lives amongst their intended victims and have benefited greatly from doing so.  They are children of the same culture yet they have complete contempt for it and have spent their adulthood working for its destruction.

Some of them take the roles of propagandists and create new fake worlds of lies designed to misrepresent and undermine the civilisation they hate, that is to say, our civilisation.  They are the journalists, the movie makers, the commentators and general effluent better known as the media. A new book by a young writer called Benjamin Shapiro entitled Primetime Propaganda The true Hollywood story of how the Left took over your TV exposes the degree of misrepresentation which goes on in America.  (yes the writer is Jewish I know that matters to some of you – but this young man appears to be on our side, and we would be fools to allow his religion to blind us to the truth he has exposed.)

For instance in this telephone interview with John Langley the creator of the US TV show “Cops” which claims to portray street crime in America, Langley freely admits he deliberately over represents white crime levels and under represents that committed by “people of colour” by approximately 100% in each direction.
I have written a number of articles on the subject myself and I recommend Ben Shapiro's book.

It would be interesting to read a similar expose in Britain, can anyone doubt for instance that the BBC struggle to balance the ethnic make up of the crimes they portray on Crimewatch or how selective they have to be to ensure that there are at least 50% white villains amongst the "wanted faces" reported on by their BBC approved mixed race policeman come D list, and occasionally half nude, celebrity Rav Wilding.

However, the media are merely the spin doctors, they have a lot of influence but to do real damage you need real power, and over the last half century we have consistently granted power to politicians who are committed to the destruction of our society, and us along with it. 

Throughout the western world, we have voted for men and women who actively hate us and who will stop and nothing to inflict as much harm as they can upon us.  The American public have not yet realised quite how malevolent the man currently occupying the White House and his administration are, however, we in Britain were, this time well ahead of them in electing our own political assassins.   

Amongst the most evil of those politicians elected to power in Britain were those who made up the New Labour party who we voted into power in 1997, and kept there for thirteen long years.  It is gradually becoming clear that in those thirteen years New Labour did more deliberate damage to our nation, and to our people than any enemy we have ever faced before.

This brings me to the point of this item, in a superb article published on the Gates of Vienna blog last month writer Paul Weston shone a light on the level of treachery the New Labour party under was guilty of.  Paul's Weston's article  in case you missed it (as I might have done, had Mister Fox and blog reader Dawn not drawn it to my attention) is pasted below, and I recommend you circulate it widely:
Hat Tip: Mister Fox and Dawn

Why Is This Not Treason?
by Paul Weston

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague. — Cicero
On the 3rd of January 1946, William Joyce, better known as Lord Haw-Haw, was the last man in Britain to be hanged for the ancient crime of treason. Unless a future government changes the law it is unlikely that traitors will ever dangle again, after Tony Blair rather conveniently repealed the death penalty for such a crime in 1998.

That is not to say treason no longer exists. Now the full extent of Labour’s thirteen-year rule has become apparent, an increasing number of Britons are volubly accusing the Labour Party of wilfully and cold-bloodedly betraying Britain and deliberately jeopardising our children’s future.

Lord Haw-Haw of course sided with the Nazis during the hot war of 1939-1945. The recent Labour government might not have been operating in a hot-war theatre, but they certainly carried out a warm-war against the British (principally the English) via mass immigration from one of the most hostile and anti-Western countries in the world, Pakistan.

Consider some of the following statistics:
  • Only nineteen percent of Pakistanis have a negative view of Al Qaeda and by default the Taliban, whilst seventy-five percent wish to see Sharia law implemented. British-born Muslims make an estimated four hundred thousand trips a year to Pakistan, where as many as thirty threats against Britain are being monitored at any given time.
  • Thirty-three percent of Muslim students in Britain think killing in the name of Islam is permissible. Only thirty-seven percent oppose the introduction of Sharia law and only twenty-five percent oppose the creation of a worldwide Muslim caliphate.
  • MI5 believe there are up to four thousand potential terrorists and thirteen thousand Al Qaeda sympathisers living in Britain. The CIA devotes an astonishing forty percent of their anti-terrorist homeland security operations against suspects not in Afghanistan or Waziristan, but in Britain itself — a country described by one CIA operative as “a swamp of Jihadis.”
  • Barack Obama’s counter-terrorist advisor Bruce Riedel recently stated: “The British Pakistani community is recognised as probably Al Qaeda’s best mechanism for launching an attack against North America.”
All in all then, it would seem less than prudent to allow any more bearded ideologues into Britain, yet the Labour government — and this must sound quite insane to most people — actually went to the extraordinary lengths of advertising for foreign colonisers from the very same country the Home Office was paying Danegeld to in a typically limp-wristed appeal to stop it from blowing us up.

The British Embassy in Pakistan distributed glossy pamphlets entitled “Multicultural Britain — a Land of Immigrants” which gave a raft of arguments as to the benefits of living in Britain such as well paid jobs, plain old welfare, and the prospect of inviting over the entire extended family (sans goat) once a British passport had been acquired.

And of course there was the rather unpleasant — nay, treacherous — implication that there was no such thing as a homogenous Britain, no such place as an English homeland, just an indeterminate area of land settled by a vague mongrel collection of disparate peoples including any number of rag-tag colonial racists awaiting divine racial redemption from those they once oppressed.

So desperate were the Labour traitors to destroy Britain that, having secured power, they immediately carried out two political acts which could only place our peaceful future in doubt. The Human Rights Convention was immediately incorporated into British law and immigration rules were relaxed to allow an open-door policy of mass Muslim immigration.

A few thousand people who could gently assimilate were of little use to the Labour government. To ensure the success of their revolutionary plan, they urgently needed inassimilable millions and were quite prepared to deceive the British public about the real number of Muslim immigrants — and the real reasons Tony Blair wanted them in Britain.

Click here to continue reading at The Gates of Vienna


Franz said...

Some readers might find the following comment harsh... But I can't help myself: Tony Blair is the perfect example of everything wrong with the baby boomer generation. Not all baby boomers, mind you. That would be tantamount to saying: "All Joos", "all Yankees", "all them shifty Spaniards"...

However, I am convinced that a significant percentage of the baby boomers are egostistical, manipulative, hypocritical, not to mention sociopathic crybabies.

First they hated their parents, now they hate their own children.

First they paraded around their cute little peace signs, then they started bombing nations with which we had no quarrel. (Anybody remember the post about Mladic/Serbia?)

First they couldn't bring in enough foreigners, now they bid up the price of upscale housing in order to get away from all the diversity they created.

First they claimed to despise capitalism, later they couldn't find a shady get-rich-quick scheme they didn't like.

I won't bore you by continuing the list of the boomers' countless hypocrisies.

I find them just as repulsive as the generation of Ceasar, Pompey, Cicero and Mark Anthony who managed to ruin and bring low a proud republic with nearly 500 years of tradition to its name.

With the economic depression just getting started, there is however the solace of knowing that the boomers will reap at least some of the sorrow they sowed.

Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

alanorei said...

Re: T B-liar, a discerning KJB Baptist colleague in NZ said on a number of occasions that "Blair will do what his wife's pope tells him to."

That statement only needs updating in that TB (interesting initials, are they not?) is now the pope's monkey such that Mrs TB is not needed as a mediatrix.

Seen in that light and in view of the adulation heaped on the visiting head of the Inquisition last September, many of this nation's perils slot into place.

Anonymous said...


This is the one of best articles you have posted thus far. The 'British establishment' of the last 40 years have practically destroyed this country from within.

Our worst enemies in the history of our peoples and our nations were never Germans, French or even 'ethnic minorities'. Our vilest enemies are within our own groups operating from ivory towers protected by their god forsaken laws in the hearts of Westminster, Maastricht and New York.

Global "Market Forces" GOVERN the 'government' Only an idiot can fail to see it.

Parliament is little more than a monkeys tea party which babbles nonsensically and perpetually to a brow beaten slave worker populace.

They are a WASTE OF SPACE!!!!!!!!

VA said...

Franz's comment illustrates one of the reasons why Western societies are so weak: there is too much division among generations, between the sexes, and among different relgions (or atheism vs. Christianity, for example), left vs. right.
Divide and rule.
Who is fomenting all the division? It did not start with the baby boomers.

In blaming the 'baby boomers' solely or primarily, the blamers seem to think that baby boomers alone were in control everywhere; government, the media, academia, etc., when even now, in 2011, there are still many active members of the pre-boomers and the 'silent generation' in high places.
In the U.S. the boomers did not attain high positions of power until the 90s. Think Clinton, the first boomer president, who took office in 1993.

And obviously today's problems were already present then, in full-blown form, in many cases. The causes are not as simple as Franz makes them out to be. The blame belongs to many people, not just the boomer bogeymen.

Sue said...

I don't think it's the baby boomers to blame here. Most of the ones that I know are very anti-left, they're traditional conservatives. The "political elites" are to blame here.

Blair was very clever, he managed to convince everyone that NuLabour had become a more centralist party when it actual fact, it had designs on autocracy.

An autocracy derives it's power from instilling a socialist mindset. The Nanny State removed personal responsibility and when that sense of "self-worth" is eroded, you're in a perfect state of mind for brainwashing. Couple that with a raft of anti-democratic statutes like the racism laws & smoking ban and you've got a compliant serfdom. Too scared to open their mouths and nowhere to discuss things that matter to them.

The Conservatives are happily moving along the same lines, the only difference being, the country is now broke. We took in millions of people who had not paid into a system of social support and it collapsed. Propping up this massive infrastructure of education, health, housing and benefits is why we are now bankrupt.

The Big Society and Localism is an extension of socialism but under the much more powerful EU.

As each country is broken and it's people emotionally and financially defeated, the monster can feast at it's leisure, smug in the knowledge that it has imported and/or brainwashed enough of the numbskulls not to complain.

Sue said...

Just posted today on the Bilderberg Blog.

Interview with Swiss banker reveals Bilderberg 2011 plans for internet censorship are coming

Blair, Brown et al are just puppets manipulated by powers above. This is all much more heinous that a few immigrants being imported to wreck our country.

Sue said...


Of course the final paragraphs of that link are a delusion. The real powermongers are the Basel Committee.

Anonymous said...

Treacherous or not??


yorkshirebob said...

Sue,who are you and how come you know so much?