Sunday, 26 June 2011


I have posted regular blog contributor Mike Wilson's latest article at Sarah Maid of Albion II, where it can be read by clicking here.

The reason I have decided to publish it on the second site is due to the controversial and sensitive nature of the subject matter, which readers will appreciate when they see the image accompanying the essay.

Mike sent me the article earlier in the week, and I have taken some time to think about it before I decided to publish it.  However, it is an interesting article, and in the interests of free speech I think it deserves to be published.

By publishing Mike Wilson's article I do not endorse the views he has expressed, neither do I reject them by putting them on the second site.

I have not taken a view on the issues in question and do not know whether the documents Mike refers to are genuine or not.  This is why I felt it necessary to place the article in context.

Please click here to read Mike Wilsons essay "Trying to Pull it All Together".


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you published this Sarah. Yours was the one nationalist site I held in eteem, the only one untainted by the rabid Jew-hatred present on so many other nationalist sites.

I totally agree that free speech is fundamental to any society that calls itself "civilised".

With free speech comes the freedom to discriminate - something that is equally if not even more valuable. We need much more of it but don't hold your breath.

Having been a part of the nationalist scene now for some six years, Wilson's article has convinced me that British Nationalism is a sick joke. The "blame the Jew" game and the holocoaust denial is something as a keen historian I am so tired of, so bored of, so sick of and as it is obviously such an intrinsic part of the movement, I now choose to break away and to hate my own people and country.

It is clear to me that the supreme sacrifice made by all of my family and millions of other British families has all been for nothing. As if anyone cares or even understands what they fought and died for. Certainly not what marxist Britain and the sheep-minded Brtish have now become, no way.

For me, this article proves my long-held assertion that my country is a lunatic asylum and thankfully, I am fortunate to be able to "fiddle as London (and Birmingham and Leicester and Manchester and Bradford etc.) burn".

I choose now to hate my own. The muslims will bring to Britain what the British truly deserve, they certainly do not deserve the freedom paid for in blood that they now wantonly abuse and take for granted.

To you Sarah I wish you the best of luck and if you can leave the marxist madhouse of Britain, I hope you take the opportunity. I have and rubbish such as this article has convinced me that I would rather die than live in what passes for "Great Britain" nowadays. There is quite frankly, nothing great about it.

Thanks Sarah and please forgive me for not wishing you "the best of British", but I think you'll understand why.

This is the end of the line for me with "British Nationalism". God bless Israel aand God Bless Serbia. For Britain I couldn't give a hoot, keep bowing before your marxist and muslim masters, whilst blaming the jews for the severe failings of your own. The muslims are laughing at you and now, so am I.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Reconquista

I am sorry to see you express such feelings, I can understand why you do, but we must never give up.

I hope you will reconsider, you are too good a writer and too important for us to lose.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks for your support, if only other nationalist supporting sites adhered to the same standards you set for your site.

I wrote that comment after watching a group of English set about a street flower seller here whose only crime was to try and sell them a red rose. One of the girls - drunk - then assaulted him and when he fought back, three guys attacked him and threatened to "beat his f*** head in."

All over a rose.

Then I read the article and it's the straw that has broke the camel's back. I can't stand with Jew haters, I fully support Israel as you know yet the Jew hatred is rampant in nationalism and I want no part of it.

I really, really loved writing for GA's site and was very proud to be published on your site and other nationalist sites. It was my way of contributing to our cause the best way I could. But what shocked me greatly was the hate-filled venom nationalists have spat at each other for the last year or so. Add in the Jew hatred - I wrote an entry trying to explain that what is being done in Israel by the International community is being done in British cities too - and vile abuse was directed not only at me but at GA and others connected to the Green Arrow site.

You can probably guess the nature of the insults.

I want to continue writing but all that happens is a myopic focus on the Jew phantom. All while Islam and Marxism destroys our nation, aided and abetted by our very own people.

And that's the problem that isn't being addressed Sarah. It isn't the Jews - it isn't even the Muslims - it is our own people who have willingly chosen en masse to hate themselves and their nation and adopt cultural Marxism as their new religion.

Nationalists badly need to understand Marxism, how it has evolved and how it has become the dominant ideology in our society.

That is what I really wanted to focus on but each time, the Jew haters hijack the debate and abuse those who don't accept their idiotic blame game which is actually nothing new and also a Marxist narrative straight from the USSR.

That's where I am at Sarah. I'll keep popping by here as you write excellent and important articles.

Keep up the good work Sarah and thanks again.


Shaunantijihad said...

Many Jews and non-Jews are a part of the One World Government program, which includes wiping out the ethno-centric nation-state in all of the White countries via immigration, from Straw to Blair, Rothschild to Rockerfeller. The Bilderberg Group are probably the heart of the NWO, and are made up of many different but powerful people.

The problem Jews have is that many of their leaders are on record stating that it is their intention to destroy the White race via race mixing with Negroes until we are destroyed. Very few Jews opposing the NWO, like Melanie Griffiths, have ever spoken out about the current genocide of Whites. In this respect Jews don't help themselves, as we do not forget betrayal, but then our genocide is not commented on either by the Labour Party, or Tories, or the CofE etc. That this doesn't make all Tories or CofE Christians in favour of genocide of Whites should be obvious. Still, leaders of these groups are not on record hoping for the genocide of Whites. So Jews have more responsibility than others to condemn what is happening in this respect, and to condemn and decry their own leaders who promote such, and thus they do indeed deserve special criticism for not highlighting this greatest crime of all history.

Nevertheless, Jews are a powerful lobby, and should be made to understand that as Whites give way to Muslims, Jews will indeed go to the ovens. The elites don't care much either way.

Finally, as the Protocols don't define being Jewish per se, though a Jewish idea, neither does Nazism define being German, though a German idea.

Unfortunately for us and indeed the whole world, the Koran, Hadiths and Sunna do indeed define being a Muslim. And as this ideology has now taken over 54 countries, I know which one we should be concentrating on.

Does anyone think it would be easier or harder if the Jews supported us, not least for their own self-interests?

Shaunantijihad said...

Just to put Reconquista's comments in perspective:

In the last century, Jewish Bolsheviks, which made up 99% of the early Communist movement, directly murdered perhaps 100 million people in Europe, and inspired more in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba etc.

But criticism of the Jews for this sends Recon into a paroxysm of defence of Jews in general, rather than giving them the criticism they fully deserve for those crimes, as well as criticism for crushing freedom of speech in parts of Europe as we speak and persecuting historians, whilst fully accepting that Jews today are no more responsible for the Communist revolution than are Germans today for the Nazis.

Yet... Recon sees some British hoodlums commit a nasty, but low grade crime, yet chooses to hate all Britons!

Jews murder 100 million people, yet Jews in general must not be criticised. A few Brits kick an innocent man in the street, so all Brits are to be despised and hated. Is this balanced, just or fair? No, it is not.

SAVANT said...

I covered this topic in a fair bit of detail here.

There's no doubt that the Protocols make disturbing reading. I've always found remarkable the extent to which they foretell pretty much exactly what has transpired in the following 100 years. The point I make in my post is that Jews have a lot to answer for, but that we should not assume that all Jews feel or act this way.

But it sure is a vital topic that has been swept under the carpet most efficiently.

Anonymous said...

The judge or the Jewry , which one shall it be ?

Leibstandarte said...

Reconquista's anecdote sums up how far Britain has sunk. If you want to destroy a nation, then you must destroy the moral fibre of the people. That is the modus operandi of cultural marxism, which has transmogrified a once decent, proud and moral people into sub-human untermensch.

The negrification and mongrelisation of the European races is the culminaton of the ideal of UNESCO man:

The Fuhrer was correct to wage war against Bolshevism! How different and better the world would have been had such victory been achieved.

Anonymous said...

Er, why would Jews want to destroy the Christian West when the real threat against them comes from Islam? Are you seriously trying to tell me that the Jews want to destroy those who protect them? The article is utter rubbish at the most simplistic level.

Rob said...

Dear Sarah,
This site ( which I actually like) makes much of trying to preserve Western Civilization. A good, thumbnail definition of Western civ is the collision of Jewish monotheism with Greek logic and philosophy.

Jesus was a Jew steeped in Jewish ethos who said in the Sermon on the Mount that he had not come to change one writ or comma of the which he meant the Torah.

Without the Evil Jooos, Christianity would not exist.

Demonizing all Jews because some of them support multiculti and the Left makes about as much sense as demonizing all Britons because so many of them do the same. And using an old czarist-era forgery like the Protocols is beyond asinine. The silly book wouldn't even be well-known if arch Jew hater Henry Ford hadn't funded printing and distribution of 500,000 copies.

Here's some food for thought.I'm sure you're aware of what both the Old and New testament say about what happens to those who bless the Jews and those who curse them. You also may know some history and figure out that oddly enough, there's a long list of world powers who attacked the Jews and are now defunct.

After WWI, Britain reneged on the Palestine Mandatory Agreement from the start and on its government's word to create a Jewish homeland. They unfairly restricted Jewish immigration and did everything possible to prevent a Jewish state from emerging.

On the eve of the Holocaust, Britain stopped all Jewish emigration to Palestine, thus trapping millions of Jews in Europe with no place to flee to and thereby becoming complicit in the death toll of the Holocaust.

Less than three years after Auschwitz was liberated, Britain armed and trained the Arab armies who made no secret that they intended mount a jihad to kill every Jew in what became Israel.In the case of Jordan, the Brits actually officered the Arab Legion under Colonel Glubb and oversaw the violent ethnic cleansing of Jews from East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

Today, the UK government is going through another spate of Jew bashing, and 'anti-Zionism' is fashionable again in many circles, especially when it comes to appeasing the UK's restive Muslims. Many Israelis can't even set foot in the UK because of Britain's ridiculous universal jurisdiction laws.

Is it a coincidence that after having a go at the Jews in 1948, Britain lost its empire and its world prominence?

And since Britain appears to be doing this again, what does that presage?

Rob Miller

Anonymous said...

"Without the Evil Jooos, Christianity would not exist."

That is laughable at best, so the incarnation of God depends on the Jews?????
The Jewish involvement in subverting Christian society is so well documented as well as their desire to import other races as too create a buffer against anti semitism , why should this be ignored?
Some off the most notable men in history have spoken against the jews .........are they all just evil anti semites ?

Many Jews are on record calling for the destruction of white society, seeing that they are such a powerfull force should we Ignore them ?
Read the mogenthau plan and then you will see its not God that punishes people but people with way to much money that buy their way.
Jesus called the the synagogue of satan, so why would God protect them and only them?
Yhe destructive jews that have influence are largely atheistic anyway.
The influence of the jews in white society needs to be discussed openly and honestly, there can be no good reason to ignore this.

Anonymous said...

"Regardless of who wrote them, they contain a precise description of Reality. Their contents are true, only their authorship is in question."

Anonymous said...