Sunday, 26 June 2011

Biggest trial since Nuremberg completely ignored by MSM

Nationalists over 50 will I am sure remember the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge in Cambogia during the 1970′s.

It’s a shame that school children are being kept in the dark about this heinous crime against humanity, but maybe not so surprising as the Marxists who run the education system are in denial about any atrocities committed by communists.

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Franz said...

If it weren't for the internet, the victims of the Khmer Rouge would be forgotten within on generation. Even Mao's and the Soviets' pyramids of skulls would fade from memory.


Because most establishment historians and ESPECIALLY authors of schoolbooks have no sympathy for Kulaks and counter revolutionaries. If you ask one of them, they will grudgingly acknowledge that there were "some" atrocities in communist countries and then immediatly launch into another tirade about the evils of Jim Crow or Apartheid.

I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but I find the extend to which the Holodomor remains unresearched, unpublizesed and unspoken of astonishing. It is virtually one of the best kept secrets in the world.

Anonymous said...

Bob Says

Anyone interested in this subject.. Michael Savage's take on it is an absolute "must"

Anonymous said...

Depends on where you live in the world. England does not teach or educate about it as they were not as involved.