Friday, 24 June 2011

A Northern Agenda

I am not sure what the Latin is for “you get what you vote for” however, I suspect the Scottish electorate will soon be discovering the political meaning of caveat emptor (buyer beware). Having voted the Scottish National party a surprise commanding victory at the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May they may soon find out, to their cost, exactly what the SNP stand for.

The SNP are rather unique amongst parties who call themselves “Nationalist” in that they apparently couldn’t give a toss about their nation’s nationals. Indeed they tend to take the view that a Scottish person, if such a creature exists, can be anyone from any part of the planet who has happened to land at Glasgow airport, arrived on the East Coast line from Newcastle or swum ashore at Carnoustie.

It would appear that their stated desire to break away from the united Kingdom has less to do with the Sovereignty of the native Scots as it is about creating a left wing fantasy multi-cultural melting pot to the  north of Hadrian’s Wall.

In pursuit of this aim, and not content to play lip service to the Coalition government’s mythical immigration cap, the SNP Leader Alex Salmond insisted earlier this week that Scotland should be exempt from immigration controls and be allowed to open its boarders to thousands upon thousands on non-European immigrants, and that a wave of non-EU nationals should be allowed to settle north of the Border.

Mr Salmond also put forward plans to allow thousands of jobless students from abroad to remain in the country.

Meanwhile the SNP External Affairs Minister, a plump, and seemingly very drunk woman called Hyslop argued that Scotland should be given an exception from the what she referred to as a 'damaging' and 'negative' migration cap ("damaging" to what one wonders, an agenda perhaps?).

Despite the evidence from across Western World where economies such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland Spain and Italy are struggling and collapsing under the weight of immigration, whilst closer to home where after decades of immigration at previously unseen levels the British economy is in the worst state it has ever been and immigrant swamped America is plummeting towards bankruptcy, Alex and his little band of socialists appear to be labouring under the belief that uncontrolled immigration will somehow “boost” the Scottish economy.

Can people quite so stupid have actually been voted into even limited regional power, and be seriously aspiring to run an independent nation?. How could this possibly have happened? How could voters have trusted such people to run the Scottish parliament? Recent news reports confirming that Scotland leads the world in cocaine use may offer some clues.

However, maybe I am being too generous to little Mr. Salmond and his band of pretend nationalists. Could it be that what I am characterising as stupidity is actually something more malevolent. They are arguing for uncontrolled immigration at a time when joblessness in Scotland is at its highest in and when the economy is suffering from the worst recession generations. They surely must know what damage their proposals would cause.

Furthermore, they are fully aware that whilst Scotland remains part of the Union, and even if they left the Union but remained within the EU, there is no legal or practical way by which immigrants arriving in Scotland can be prevented from moving to any other part of the country, thus spreading that damage as widely as possible.

There is no benign explanation for this latest political lunacy, yet are these people really lunatics? So what is the plan?

As politicians continue to put pursue ever more insane and damaging policies, there comes a time when one has to question their motives and what it is they are trying to achieve.

The SNP make no pretense over their ultimate goal of breaking up the United Kingdom, but do they really intend to do so in order to put a viable alternative in its place, or is the break up, the destruction of the nation, in itself, the ultimate aim?

Given the SNP appear committed to the creation of an independent Scotland which is no longer Scottish, such a conclusion is hard to resist.


McGonagall said...

This is a post that resonates with me. I am a Scottish Nationalist although not currently a member of the SNP. I am a Scot and not an immigrant as the current leadership of the SNP would characterise me. My folks go back to the beginnings of Scotland. We have been here for thousands of years.

I am a socialist - Alex Salmond is not. He is a neo-liberal capitalist with an eye for the working class vote and tailors his policies accordingly. But, essentially, he is a big business, corporate tax haven kind a guy.

He also had an eye for the Muslim vote. I was a member of the party when overtures were initially made to that community and, at the time, supported that policy. They (Muslims) were here and we had to accept that and include them in the political calculus.

Scots Nationalists apologists were at pains to assure us that there were only 17,000 Muslims in Scotland@!!! Then why the fervour to recruit Muslims to the cause? The reality, of course, is that there are many thousands more and official (UK) statistics are lies.

England is lost (you may not want to acknowledge that fact but it's true none-the-less) Scotland is on the brink with the SNP. Salmond pretends to champion Scottishness but he's really a schill for international capitalism. He will sell Scotland out in heart beat for the advantage of his business buddies.

His economic policy is to swamp the land with immigrants, just like England and Ireland done, for the benefit of developers (it's always the same scenario played out again and again).

Unfortunately, Scots are romantically inclined, and believe we are 'Aw Jock Thamson's Bairns" when clearly we are not.

The SNP, under Alex Salmond's leadership, are not a party of National Liberation but a party of neo-colonial exploitation.

Anonymous said...

Bob Says:

One has to ask the same question as in the Obama presidency.

Where is the money coming from to finance this pro muslim agenda?

Shaunantijihad said...

Massive unemployment, particularly amongst those with no traditional loyalty to Scotland, are a permanent socialist voting block. I think that's the extent of the their "foresight."

misterfox said...

Bob, I personally think Saudi Arabia has taken over world finance as Arab countries have taken over the UN. This comes from Jewish self-destructiveness. They lack foresight and continually bring persecution on themselves. They have been so obsessed with undermining Whites since Hitler that they supported Muslim immigration and have brought another persecution on themselves.
They need to read the new book by Jewish Author Ilana Mercer on warning America not go like post-apartheid South Africa called, aptly: "Into the Cannibals Pot"!!!

Anonymous said...

England is truly finished as a nation. London outskirts already look like Johannesburg.

On supermarket shelves we see "Black Farmer" labelled products from the one and only.. (so far) black farmer in Devon. Isn't that a tad racist??? Neau, neau, neau, neau!!!

Anonymous said...

m@ Mr Fox , your comment is probably the most rational comment I have seen relating to the Jewish question. No matter how many nuclear weapons Israel posseses she can not fight the entire world , the Jewish involvement with the immigration crisis amongst others will leave her with no friends to assist her .if the west goes so does Israel

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how, after a century to witness the failure,damage,destruction, suffering, wrought by socialism in all it's forms (including national socialism= NAZIsm ).How any inteligent person can think it a good idea.
In the sixties, when the citizens os the soviet utopia were on the brink of starvation, and the Chinese literaly starving, the poor, oppressed working classes of the capitalist west lived in relative luxury,with steadily progressing affluence, even under the "evil Thatcher".
Not to mention the freedom of expression and movement that we enjoyed in the west compared to the communist east.
Capitalists just want you to do a fair days work for a fair days pay, to pay your way in life, and they like selling you stuff, they don't give a **** what you do in your spare time, what you watch on tv, what you feed your kids, what car you drive, who you like, who you don't like ,what you eat, what you drink, what your political views are............I could go on forever.
WHEREAS SOCIALISTS, think it is not just their right, but their solemn duty to dictate to their unenlightened fellow citizens every detail of their lifestyle, right down to what they are allowed to think, and no lie is too great,no oppression too evil, no murder, from the individual, to mass genocide too gruesome, in their insane pursuit of the unattainable.
How any sane person can prefer the former to the latter is completely beyond my comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Bob Says:

hi misterfox

Those F**king Jews are at it again!

Jews have an enormous range of types. From:
1.Ultra Zionist Meir Kahane types who said "I would rather have a strong Israel who everyone hated and feared than be known as sad bastards from Auschwitz who everyone pitied"
2. The loathsome Gerald Kaufmann sometime Labour MP who is still trying to create a Marxist paradise on earth using the council taxpayer's ££s to finance his grandiose schemes.

Undermining whites from within is the Marxists role and that is a problem that cuts across all racial and religious boundaries.

The jews of 150 years ago who turned their backs on their own traditions and turned to Marxism, were generally ostracized by their own communities who viewed them as unproductive dreamers or just no longer jews. Either way they were an embarressment.

However, whenever they were cornered the "Marxist Jews" found it convenient to remember their jewish roots and scream "antisemitism"

So to go back to equally loathsome Alex Salmond. It seems to me classic Marxist false flag tactics to campaign as a Scottish NATIONALIST while promotoming a blatantly ANTI-NATIONALIST agenda.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism FINANCES 'socialism' - including communism and national socialism.

Jewish capitalist bankers financed BOTH Russian/Chinese communism and German National Socialism FACT!

Fratricidal wars are good for business - any war is GOOD for business.

Anything in the way e.g. Diana and her anti land mine campaign gets bumped off.

Lovely being a capitalist isn't it

Anonymous said...

From a Jew's mouth posted on an 'intellectually balanced' yet seemingly pro commie Jewish site

Anonymous said...

SO, let me get this right, the capitalist run Everything, everywhere.SO it makes absolutely no difference who we have in power ?
But it very obviously DOES.I say again :the working class did far far better in the capitalist west than the eastern communists.
ERGO,even if the capitalists run everything, working people are far better off in a capitalist country run by capitalists, than they are in a socialist country run by capitalists
Any way you look at it socialissm is a busted flush It has never worked ANYWHERE,

Jack Boot said...

Scotland will not grandfather into the European Union post independence.

It will have to apply the same as any other country wishing to join, if there are still any foolish enough to permit their laws to be made by unelected pinko bureaucrats.