Wednesday 21 July 2010

3 killed in apparant farm attack

Three people have been killed in an apparent farm attack in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal, paramedics say.

Reports say two of the victims were women. One's throat was slit. The other woman had been shot in the stomach.

The third victim, a man, had been stabbed several times.

I will report more when I find out more


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Why Africa has gone to Hell

by James Jackson

White Zimbabweans used to tell a joke—what is the difference between a tourist and a racist? The answer—about a week.

Few seem to joke any more. Indeed, the last time anyone laughed out there was over the memorable headline “BANANA CHARGED WITH SODOMY” (relating to the Reverend Canaan Banana and his alleged proclivities). Zimbabwe was just the latest African state to squander its potential, to swap civil society for civil strife and pile high its corpses. Then the wrecking virus moves on and a fresh spasm of violence erupts elsewhere. Congo, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, even Kenya. Take your pick, for it is the essence of Africa, the recurring A-Z of horror. And as surely as Nelson Mandela took those steps from captivity to freedom, his own country will doubtless shuffle into chaos and ruin.

Mark my words. One day it will be the turn of South Africa to revert to type, its farms that lie wasted and its towns that are battle zones, its dreams and expectations that lie rotting on the veldt. That is the way of things. Africa rarely surprises, it simply continues to appall.

This article continues at South of the Zambezi - Click here to continue reading

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Sacrifice betrayed

On Monday night there was a television documentary on called WWI: Finding the Lost Battalions regarding attempts to identify the recently discovered bodies of around 250 British and Australian troops who died during the brutal Battle of Fromelles in July 1916, half way through the First World war and who had been buried in unmarked communal graves.

This process had been made more difficult by the fact that most formal identification had been taken from the bodies mostly by the Germans, who had forwards this on to the Red Cross, so that the families of the dead could be informed that their husband, lover or child had fallen and lay amongst the bodies of his comrades in a foreign field.

Hence, in addition to DNA testing, it was necessary to examine other objects which had lain with the bodies for almost a hundred years.

One particularly poignant item, amongst many, was a tiny leather pouch in the shape of a heart, which when the century old stitches were painstakingly unpicked, revealed its long concealed contents, what remained of a lock of hair. The tiny item, evidence of a love torn apart by that cruel war, had been carried into battle by the object of that love and then it had lain with him throughout that century and into the next.

A small fragile token of a love long forgotten, shared by lovers now long dead, but with the power to touch us now in another time and in another world.

As the process continued and as bones were identified families were contacted and notified that the remains of grandfathers, great grandfathers, and in the case of one woman in her late 90’s, the father she had never known had been found.

It was then that the grey and sepia tinted photographs of fresh, handsome and achingly young faces were taken from boxes, passed down through families and stored away in attics, and the stories of those brave young heroes sacrificed so young and in such great numbers, so very long ago, began to be told.

We heard in their own words as their views changes as they realised what they were facing. "It'll be rather fun out there," Lt Charles Phipps, who died aged 20, assured his family in one letter home before heading to France. But a later note told of "the horrible smell of dead bodies in the trenches". The cameras followed Lt Phipps' great-niece, Fenella Tillier, as she travelled to Fromelles to stand on the very trench where he died - then later found his name on a war memorial. "Life isn't fair - and what was it all for?" she wondered aloud, and many of us watching will have wondered the same.

Another story was of a young man called Robert, born in Scotland but raised in Australia, and fighting for the Empire in an Australian regiment. Together with Robert’s own great niece, we read his letters to his mother revealing the excitement of a boy embarking on the adventure that would be his brief but bold manhood. Then we read the letters his hauntingly beautiful fianc√© Nancy had sent to her would be mother in law, expressing her grief at the loss of “her boy” and how much she had loved him.

Nancy’s letters had ceased shortly after the war, but the programme traced her and found that she had lived to a sturdy and handsome middle age, married a butcher and named one of her two sons Robert. As the name did not feature in either her, or her husband’s family, we can only surmise that he was named for her lost love, and wonder, with the other Robert’s great niece, whether the husband knew the reason for the choice, or whether it was a secret Nancy hid within her heart.

From Britain alone there are millions of such stories. So many young lovers torn apart never to meet again in this world, so many futures which could have been but never were, so many hopes dreams and plans which came to nothing, and in particular so many young men who sacrificed everything and died terrible deaths for the sake of their country and the love of their homeland.

Those death were terrible, out of respect for the dead no bodies were shown, but one who had seen them said that few looked as if they lay in comfort and most appeared to have died in agony.

What was the purpose of this ocean of death, agony blood and heart ache? what did so many give up so much for? For every one, the purpose was this country, they died for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, they died for this land and for its people.

But they were betrayed by man and by women not worthy to walk the land they died for.

Politicians who came after them, and who cared nothing for their sacrifice and to whom such concepts as love, honour and patriotism are beyond their understanding, have betrayed their memory and maybe even rendered their sacrifice meaningless.

Does anyone believe those millions of young men who died for this land would not recoil in horror at what has become of it. They did not for one instant imagine they were dying so that greedy self serving politicians could replace their grandchildren in their home land. They did not die so Britain could be given to Islam.

The biggest lie is the one told when the political scum oozes out of that repository of treachery and deceit beside Parliament Square and claim that the multi-racial experiment being imposed upon the descendants of those who died in the world wars, or in the case of the second war, upon those who survived it in their old age, somehow represents the spirit and principle for which they fought, it does not.

They did not fight suffer and die so that their grandchildren could be disinherited for the sake of a Marxist fantasy, for make no mistake, if our current pack, and I use that word advisedly, of politicians have their way, in less time than the bones of those young soldiers have lain in that field in Northern France, there will be no Britain for those of native British blood to inherit.

The Millions of British soldiers who died in the great conflicts of the 20th Century did not lay down their lives and the futures they could have had in order that their homeland could be given away so that a grasping politician could import some extra votes or keep wages artificially low. They did not sacrifice their chance of love, fatherhood and old age so that vast and growing areas of Britain's towns and cities could become no-go areas, where British people dare not go.

Those who claim otherwise should hang their heads in shame were they able to comprehend the concept.

It is over used expression that the soldiers who fought in World War I were lions led by donkeys and in that respect very little has changed. To this day brave, handsome and achingly young men are being sent to fight and die in wars, by political leaders who are in the very process of betraying them and giving away their country as they die.

That is without question how those young British soldiers who fought for their country and those young Australians who fought for the mother country in the World Wars would see what is happening. It is a mercy they could not see the future and did not know that their deaths may well have been in vain, or that their counties, for Australia is doing the same, would one day betray them.

Within less than fifty years from now the descendants of those British and Australian soldiers who fought in the great world wars of the twentieth Century will be an ethnic minority in the homelands they fought for. If that is not betrayal, then nothing is betrayal.

Monday 19 July 2010

British Couple Murdered in South Africa

A British couple were found bludgeoned to death in the back of their car after being attacked while their seaside home in South Africa was ransacked.

The bodies of Christopher and Jennifer Early were discovered by local police in their Volvo following the robbery.

The couple, aged 69 and 62, were murdered last Thursday at the property in the coastal resort of Hibberdene, detectives believe.

Identity documents showed they came originally from Britain but were understood to have moved to South Africa in the 1980s.

A police spokesman for the KwaZulu-Natal Province said the couple were attacked with a "blunt object".

Full report

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Saturday 17 July 2010

Riots in Dudley

Early reports of violence from "anti-fascist" and Muslim groups

More info and videos at Musings of a Durotrigan

and here

The enrichment of Europe continues - More Muslim riots in France

The BBC, of course only refer to "rioters" and cleverly show film of white bystanders watching what is going on, however, reports from elsewhere in the world give a more truthful picture.

Of course, this isn't really news, when are Muslims not rioting in what's left of France?


Further information at Atlas Shrugs

Some troubling developments

Taken on their own any of the following recent events may mean very little, but when three come along in a row, then the begins to look a little sinister.

Recent internet related news stories:

April 2010: Internet Digital Economy bill, including provision to force internet servers to block undesirable sites rushed through UK Parliament

June 2010: Obama Internet Kill switch plan aqpproved by US Senate

July 2010: U.S. Authorities Shut Down WordPress Host With 73,000 Blogs

Watch this space ...... as long as they let you!!

Possibly related:

Has the Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me" flag been banned by Facebook?

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Wednesday 14 July 2010

Further Farm attacks

I have been notified of a further farm killing, which occurred the day after the two July 4th killings I reported earlier this week. Frail 61-year-old smallholder Neels Jansen, who was recovering from recent surgery, was shot dead by intruders when tied up next to his wife at the Roodia, Roodepoort smallholdings outside Vanderbijlpark in the early hours of Monday July 5th.

Due to poor hearing Mrs. Jansen did not hear the shot which killed her husband, and it was some minutes before she realised that the man lying next to her was dead.

News report

Rudolph Tereblanche

Meanwhile a Pretoria man has spoken for the first time about how a group of armed robbers shot him in the neck, leaving him paralysed.

Rudolph Terblanche, 47, said he fell flat on his face, unable to move, after being shot. All he could hear were screams, pleading and gunshots.

Terblanche was paralysed in the attack, which happened about a month ago at his house on a smallholding in Willowbray, east of Pretoria.

Friend shot dead

He only found out later that, as I reported back in June, his friend, Gerhard van Jaarsveld, 48, was shot dead and that his partner, Elrene Jones, 40, was shot in the shoulder and lower leg.

Full report

From Dina and Janse

How Should We View the Jews?

By Dr.D

One of the questions that arises repeatedly among those of us in the West is “how should we view the Jews?” Within ourselves, this is one of our most divisive questions, causing much internal strife within Western civilization today. There are so many ways to look at the Jews, that it becomes at times a bewildering task to sort them all out. For example, we can say, “the Jews are, taken all together, only a handful of people, scattered across the face of the earth, and persecuted in many places. How can we have anything but pity for the Jews?” At the other extreme, there are many (besides the muzlims) who say, “the Jews are the source of all of the problems of mankind; get rid of the Jews, and the world will be a better place.” In this latter camp are the proponents of the famous publication known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, purporting to be the evil plans of the Jews. In the first group, we find most evangelical Christians, who say things like, “Jesus was a Jew, so how can we possibly think evil of the Jews?”

All of us who live in Western society enjoy the benefits of a Judeo–Christian heritage, the direct result of the development of Christendom in Europe over the past two millennia. This is true for non–Christians as well as for Christians in Western society, because this is the basis for our civil law, our customs, every aspect of our culture is grown out of this background. In order to have a basis for an opinion about how we should view the Jews, we should first know something about them.

Click Link below:

Dr.D's analysis continues at Sarah: Maid of Albion II


More comments on Sarah M0A II

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Did Obama steal the election?

It seem that he stole the primary from Hillary Clinton, so how much further did it go?

Monday 12 July 2010

Two Farm Murders on July 4th

Mr Russell Walford, a prominent craftsman and dairy farmer of Peacevale, KwaZulu-Natal, and brother, internationally renowned potter Andrew Walford was murdered on his farm on July 4 2010. Mr Walford had been the victim of a further attack some three months ago when he was stabbed in his home during an armed robbery. His wife who now lives in London was paralysed in an earlier attack six years ago.

Russell had spoken of his fears for his safety in a recent telephone call with his family in England, who raised concerns when they were subsequently unable to contact him. Andrew Walford rushed to the farm and after an hour long search found his 73 year old brother's bludgeoned body. He had apparently been attacked in a cattle shed, and then dragged under a mango tree, where he was partially concealed.

On the same day landowner Mrs Johanna Magrietha Smit, 76, (pictured above with her grandchildren) was murdered just after returning to her smallholding after a visit to church. Mrs Smitt had been strangled, however, there was no evidence of robbery.

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Modern American Racists 2

Further to my article the other day regarding the US Justice Department, I recommend Barbara Simpson's latest article which gives further details and commentary on this subject.

Click here to read "Post Racial - my foot!" by Barbara Simpson

Sunday 11 July 2010

Ever closer to the edge

When the first Western economy collapses under the weight of mass immigration, they will deny its cause, and when the second goes it will be the same. “It is the decline of the West” they will say, “it was predicted” they will crow with delight “the system was flawed”, “it was the fault of capitalism”, “Europeans are finished, we did it to ourselves”. In that last analysis, there will be a ring of truth, for indeed we have brought it on ourselves, at least we allowed it to happen.

We see it happening around us every day, we see our destruction looming, yet we do nothing to stop it, for we dare not name its cause.

We hear the manta endlessly repeated, “Diversity is our strength” they say, and yet we can see the more diversity they pile upon us the weaker we become. “We benefit so greatly from migration” we are told, yet we see no benefit, we see only decline. We know they lie, but we will not say so for fear of what they'll call us if we do.

We were not born cowards, but cowardice has been beaten into us. We have become like the battered spouses of a sadist, we know we are being led to disaster, we know that he, or she, will kill us one day, but they control us by the terror of their wrath and the fear of what we will provoke if we resist.

It has taken fifty years to bring us to where we are, and our decline has been in direct proportion to the invasion of our lands, yet we are schooled to accept our fall as if it were just and part of a natural cycle, not the inevitable outcome of political madness that it is.

We are not lone victims of a national insanity, what is happening to us is happening across the planet. We look across the western sea to once mighty Detroit, the 1950's powerhouse of America, home of the automobile industry at the centre of the most automobile obsessed nation on earth, and we see the future of the West. We see a city which in fifty short years has hurtled from greatness and economic supremacy to become the crime ridden, welfare dependant husk it is today. We look but we do not speak, we listen blankly to the myriad excuses for its fall, most of which blame us, and nod in agreement, whilst resolutely ignoring the shriekingly obvious explanation.

Look further south to golden California, once to epitome of the of the 90% white America dream, a place once where dreams came true, where wealth, success and personal fulfilment went hand in hand, but which is now a minority white state on the brink of bankruptcy which can not balance its budget and recently had to offer IOUs to its creditors. What has changed? Not the land, not the climate, just the racial demographic.

Now we hear that other states, such as Illinois are failing, other states where whites are rapidly becoming the minority are rivalling California for the status of American basket case. In every state in America where whites are in rapid decline, that state too is in decline.

Yet, who dares make the connection?.

If it depresses you to watch what is happening to America, look south to Africa, where we, the whites, are alleged to have done such terrible things. Yet when we do look we can see, but must never dare admit, that we gave that continent its best ever days, it never had such good days before we came and will never have them again.

Every nation in Africa has declined beyond recognition since the end of white rule, every single one.

When Britain gave Kenya independence in 1963 its economy rivalled that of South Korea today it is closer to that of North Korea. As for prosperous, vibrant Rhodesia the contrast with broken modern day Zimbabwe is even more stark. Yet we obediently pretend to feel guilty for having once given the native people of Africa such a better life than they are able to give themselves. Worse, we know our leaders seek to import Africa's brand of failure here but we do not resist.

In fact we play their games, as with South Africa, where we are all supposed to pretend that the result of all the billions pumped into it for the sake of the World Cup bears any comparison to the reality of that land. We pretend that once the world's cameras are no longer focused on it, South Africa will not sink back into genocide, crime, poverty and economic collapse. Albeit with a few echoing and unused football stadium looming above the decay in the middle of nowhere, like some obscene giant monuments to long dead dictators.

Closer to home, we look to our own continent of Europe, to Paris with its frequent and fiery ethnic riots and no-go areas, to Sweden, parts of which are becoming the rape capitals of the continent but where only the victims are ethnic Swedes, and to Holland, where the people are at last waking up, but perhaps too late.

Our media censors most of it, but in truth we do not have to look to America, Africa or Europe to see our future. We need only look to our major cities, to parts of London, Bradford, Birmingham and Leeds, and there in the derelict, litter strewn and violent no-go zones we can see the nightmare which our future holds.

We look in silence, if we look at all, but we have not that courage, which our grandfathers once took for granted, to put into words or even admit what we see.

We the cowering spawn of a warrior breed, may fear to speak the truth but in our hearts we know it well.

Apart from the migrants themselves and the lands they come from, none but politicians and the rich benefit from mass immigration, and they are already making plans for their escape. When their helicopters snatch them away, we will not have the chance to pursue them as the Romanians pursued their own thieving tyrants when they fled, we will not even see them go, for we will be facing the other and fighting for our lives.

The pace of our destruction is growing faster by the day, and it will grow even faster. Compare where we once were to where we are now and see how far we have already fallen. We can no longer keep lying to ourselves and pretending to believe the lies, when you keep backing up you will eventually reach the ocean, then there is nowhere else to go.

In our hearts we know what we are allowing to happen will destroy our society and everything our forefathers built for us, it will break us financially beyond repair, and it will take away our children's future. Will we really let that happen out of fear of a single word?

Hiding the truth

Saturday 10 July 2010

Oakland Blacks react to BART verdict

Discarded pictures of shooting victim Oscar Grant lie in the street next to a pair of trainers dropped by a fleeing looter

Click here to watch film of the black community of Oakland California reacting to an earlier jury verdict whereby a police officer had been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a contentious trial.

The violence was actively incited by "new" (sic) sources such as CNN who reported the case such provocative statements such as:

A former police officer who is white was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter Thursday in the killing of an unarmed black man
Members of the jury, which included no African-Americans, said they were unanimous in their decision.
They got the reaction they were hoping for with the violent riots which followed the verdict, but then, in accordance with their standard practice, proceeded not to report the looting which always accompanies black protests, leaving this to the local and the foreign media.

I will not go into the rights and wrongs of the specific case, the policeman claimed he had intended to use a teaser on the victim but accidentally drew his gun, the jury believed him, the crowd wanted the blood of a white man and would have rioted whatever the verdict.

However the hypocrisy is shocking. Week after week we read of horrific acts of violence against white people, often policemen. 90 US policemen have died in the line of duty so far in this year alone (up from 70 in the same period last year) overwhelmingly they are white, and overwhelmingly their killers are black.

The media go to great lengths to hide the race of non-white criminals and even when they can't hide it the fact that the victim is white and the perpetrator black is hardly commented on. More white Americans have been murdered by black Americans since the Civil Rights period than the total number if US soldiers killed in Korea, but where are the protests? where are the angry editorials? where is the looting?.

To add insult to injury, we now here that the US Attorney General Eric Racebaiter, (pictured above) plans to carry out a federal investigation into the trial presumably because he and his boss do not consider the sentence severe enough. Of course, they would rather stick red hot needles into their eyes than they would investigate a "too lenient" sentence in a black perpetrator / white victim case.

this happens just after it has been revealed that under Racebaiter's control, the US Department of Justice will not be pursuing civil rights cases against blacks where the victims are white.

The current US Administration now no longer cares how obvious its blatant racism has become, it believes that nobody will dare even mention it.

Thursday 8 July 2010

Modern American Racists

Members of the New Black Panthers intimidating voters during the 2008 US Presidential Election

When film appeared following the 2008 US election day vote clearly showing members of the black supremacist New Black Panthers threatening voters outside a Philadelphia polling station, there appeared to be very compelling evidence of voter intimidation which is a criminal offense. The outgoing Bush administration certainly thought so, as they launched a prosecution.

Many were surprised, therefore, when the new US Attorney general Eric Holder (pictured above) announced that current US administration had dropped that prosecution.

When J Christian Adams, an Official at the US Department of Justice resigned earlier this year, accusing the administration of dropping the case as a result of racial bias it will have added to the growing suspicions many people now have about the racist attitudes of those currently running the United States of America.

These suspicious are shared by black Conservative commentator Eric Rush, who's excellent article on the subject I have pasted below:

Barack Obama: Racist in chief

For months, Americans have been treated to wanton accusations of racism in the public square regarding our wish to secure our border with Mexico and misgivings vis-à-vis the Obama administration's handling of the Islamic terrorist threat, to name just two.

Now, we bear witness to an instance of racism and racial double standard on the part of this president and his administration that surpasses the surreal: This week, former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that the administration ordered attorneys in the Civil Rights Division to ignore cases involving black defendants and white victims. Adams further asserted that the department, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, contrived to drop charges against members of the New Black Panther Party stemming from an incident of voter intimidation in 2008, a slam-dunk case over which Adams ultimately quit in disgust.

To American progressives and the establishment press (which has been complicit in every seditious machination devised by Barack Obama and his minions) the contention that our president and this administration are racists is practically incomprehensible – but that is precisely where I am going. Although it still eludes those who are either dedicated Obamanoids or profoundly dim, our president's antiwhite, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiments have been painfully evident for some time. The New Black Panther Party case is just the cherry on the topping.

Erik Rush's brand-new book is bold, daring and needed: "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession"

While Justice contended that the Civil Rights Division determined that "the facts and the law did not support pursuing claims" in the New Black Panther case, and that it is "not uncommon for attorneys with the department to have good-faith disagreements about the appropriate course of action" in certain cases, Adams' claims and aggregate testimony bear out as well as clarify the tenor of the Holder Justice Department. This retrograde, black-nationalist comportment is the worst sort of policy held to by an administration since the days of segregation.

In short, it is abject racism.

Although this is part and parcel of the perverse racial sensibilities advanced by the political Left over the last several decades, its expanse and depth of insinuation have become nothing short of astounding. I have asserted previously that Obama gets a pass on account of this because he is black, but even astute observers didn't expect it to go this far. There is not one traditional national news outlet that is covering this atrocity, and, if they are forced to, there's little doubt that they will brand Adams a shill for the GOP and Fox News.

I suppose that such odious standards ought not be surprising coming from a man who spent 20 years listening to the bigoted ranting of a racist, anti-American pastor (in the personage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright), but the absolute refusal of the establishment press to acknowledge this phenomenon indicates that we have a larger long-term problem with them than we do with Obama. His decades-long dedication to radically subverting the very idea of America has manifested in congruent deeds. His actions (and inactions), which have exacerbated every difficulty that has presented itself, his racism, appeasement of our enemies and de facto abdication of his constitutional duties should have between 75 percent and 90 percent of Americans taking to the streets, screaming for his impeachment. Yet, they are not, largely because the Fourth Estate has become the fifth column.

One thing at a time, however.

I am quite certain that there will be a great deal of resistance, even on the part of Obama detractors, to pursue this issue to its logical conclusion. Even if the press is compelled to do its job regarding the Justice Department's criminal conduct, it is unlikely that the ripples will reach the White House. There are two reasons for this. One: That is the way this administration operates. Attorney General Holder will be sacrificed before Obama is implicated, even though it is evident that this administration is rife with racist, anti-American communists all the way to the top.

Two is that there are too many forces in play who are terrified of our president crashing and burning, even among those who detest him. If he is voted out in 2012, that's one thing, but if our celebrated "first black president" is forced to resign in shame – that is a completely different matter. Not only would every far-left faction mobilize en masse, but even more moderate rank-and-file black Obama supporters would be enraged. It would be perceived as the final "racist affront" of a white establishment that has already been demonized to the degree that many blacks perceive America to be as institutionally racist as it was five decades ago.

The long and short? We're stuck with a racist president. Well, we've survived those before; it's Obama's intention to transform our nation into a cross between China and Venezuela that I'm more concerned about.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Defined for convenience

In a speech which Barak Obama made last week, he, the president of America, defined being American as follows. "Being an American" he said "is not a matter of blood or birth; it's a matter of faith."

Given the questions which have still not been answered regarding the president's claim to be a "natural born American" and thus eligible to hold the position of US president, one is tempted to say that is a very convenient definition. The implication being the American people should believe that Obama is eligible to serve as their president not on the basis of proof of eligibility but on the basis of faith, which is another word for a belief which does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.

Belief that "the one" was born in Hawaii because he says so, and belief that a "Certification of Live Birth" is the same thing as a birth certificate because he says it is.

However, Obama's definition of American is even more convenient, and flexible, than that, it is not only the definition which enables him to claim he is eligible for the job be holds, but it is one which, if he is very lucky and very devious, may just enable him to stay in the job.

What Obama was talking about, of course, were the millions of illegal immigrants currently in America, the illegal immigrants he disingenuously continues to claim amount to only 11 million but who's numbers most analysts place closer to 40 million, and those same illegal immigrants who offer Obama his only possible chance of being reelected in 2012.

In less than two years the president has lost the support of the whites who fell for his undefined message of hope and change (you can "believe" in) in 2008, and although, as the recent election of Alivin Greene in South Carolina proves, black voters will vote for a black candidate irrespective of merit, there are not yet enough legal non-white voters in America to guarantee an abject presidential failure a second term in office. That is why Obama, and the Democrats, need the illegal ones, who are statistically far more likely to vote Democrat.

This is why, unless the current US administration has hit upon some other means of circumventing democracy, there will almost certainly be an attempt at an amnesty, otherwise known as "comprehensive immigration reform" within the next two years, possibly before the crucial mid-term elections this coming November.

Some believe that the president may even attempt to pardon millions of illegal aliens by Executive order, thus granting them citizenship, and more importantly, voting rights.

Whatever means is attempted, if the current incumbent of the White House has his way, before the US presidential elections in 2012, tens of millions of illegal aliens will become Americans on the basis of faith, Barak Obama's faith that he has a right to the job he is so self evidently unqualified for.

A very strange conspiracy

A story of politics and toilets

An ongoing news story in South Africa involves the scandalous allegation that residents a housing development in Makhaza, Khayelitsha. in the Western Cape, which is under the control of the opposition Democratic Alliance were forced to use open toilets, however, as in so many things where politics are involved the situation may not be quite as it appears

Click here to read an account Helen Zille, the Premier of the Western Cape and head of south Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance, on the emerging truth about the Khayelitsha toilets saga.

Diversity or Deception?

Click the picture to view Diversity or Deception? Part 1 at YouTube

Monday 5 July 2010

The lull before the storm?

There seems to have been a significant lull in the number of farm attacks whilst the world's cameras are focused on South Africa, it is now over three weeks since I have been notified of a fatal attack, and there have only been a limited number of non-fatal attacks, I do not recall such a long period elapsing between deaths in the last couple of years.

As, prior to the world cup, there was on average two killings a week, some may find this suspicious, and feel it could suggest that there is political direction behind the carnage.

This suspicion may be strengthened by the fact that a number of black South African policemen are currently in custody accused of involvement in farm attacks.

Abraham Sesing and Hendrik Eksteen acted to save their employer

In the latest incident a 36 year old black South African policeman has been arrested and accused of driving the get away car in an attempted farm attack in the early hours of Sunday morning, that attack targeted disabled 80 year old farmer Toby Van den Heever and was thwarted by two of his employees one black and one white (pictured above) who confronted four armed men attempting to tear down the security gate of the homestead's kitchen door.

This brings me to another issue which I have hesitated about posting, as I do not wish to cause undue alarm, however, I think it is important to report what I am hearing. There are rumours that an outbreak of racial violence is planned for after the world cup, commencing around the 12t of July. Censor Bugbear has reported on a series of xenophobic threats here and here, this mostly relates to the threats of targeted violence by South African blacks against black immigrants, similar to those which happened in 2008, however, I have also heard that threats have been made against whites as well (if anyone knows more about this please let me know).

There may be nothing to these rumours, it will not be the first time that such such stories have circulated. However, given that there will almost certainly be a lot of resentment following the lack of success by African teams in the tournament, and the growing likelihood that a predominantly white team will win, I would strongly recommend that those living in South Africa continue to take great care of their safety and that of their loved ones.

Hat tip: Dina

Sad Thoughts on American Independence Day 2010

By Dr. D

As I write this, it is the afternoon of July 4th, 2020, American Independence Day once again. I have seen many such celebrations come and go, and there is a definite change that has taken place over the years.

When I was very young, the US was embroiled in WW II, and Independence Day was observed with a sort of grim determination, reminding everyone that we were at war. It was a war that had to be won, we simply could not afford to loose that war. That war was won, and the Allies began the process of rebuilding themselves and the conquered nations of the Axis as well. Almost immediately they found themselves in the Cold War, the seemingly endless battle of wits with the Soviet Union and Red China. There was the idea that communism must be physically “contained.” This led to the Korean War, and later to the Vietnamese War.

Attitudes toward support for war were changing in the US throughout this period. During WW II, as far as I can tell, there was 100% support for the war effort. I am unable to find anyone who dissented, although people tell me that there were some. They must have been very few in number. By the time of the Korean War, Americans were war weary, and it was harder to generate support. Even so, they went, and there was very little objection or lack of support. I was personally familiar with a number of young men who were sacrificed to this war.

When the Vietnam War came around, there was much less support for the war. The way that American involvement was begun was considered by many to be illegitimate, with no clear entry point, but by having Americans simply serving as field advisors to the South Vietnamese Army who gradually got the US sucked into the battle. There was much question about why America should be involved, what US interests were in this area, and just why America should be expending lives there. Particularly on college campuses, the war was rather soundly rejected, and those who supported it were ostracized for their support. It was not seen as a matter of patriotism to support the Vietnamese War, but as simply war mongering. Of course, many of those doing the ostracizing were not very clear on the concept of patriotism either.

The military draft was ended and an all volunteer military was created which was supposed to solve many problems. Perhaps it did solve some, but it meant that the military now tended to come primarily from the segments of society that were otherwise unable to get ahead in life. They did put in place some educational requirements, but they have tended to look the other way on those requirements at times when recruitments have been difficult to achieve. This has led to a surge in number of minorities and women in the military, neither of them being good for the long term effectiveness of the military. This has been the US military that operated in Desert Storm in Kuwait in the early 1990s and again now in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Throughout this whole period, American education has been under a process of transformation, beginning in the 1960s. Prior to that time, American education had been heavily fact based, focusing the attainment of necessary skills and reasoning ability, with rather tight discipline in the school classrooms. This is not to imply that students were beaten or abused, but there was no foolishness in class; school was about learning, not acting out fantasies. There was little if any concern for “social promotion.” One great advantage, however, was that there were no special needs children in the classroom; they were provided for in separate facilities.

Beginning in the 1960s and continuing today, there was a move to integrate all children into the classroom, including the most disabled and disruptive right along with the well behaved and advanced students. This was thought to be “fair,” in the sense that it taught each of the students to get along with all of the others, both brighter and not so bright as themselves. The fact that it played havoc with the learning process was just passed over lightly. There were many other innovations in the way mathematics would be taught, Marxism would be worked into the curriculum through social studies and several other places, the study of traditional English literature would be gradually discarded in favor of contemporary authors with a Marxist flavor, etc.

One particularly critical area is that of history that would be gradually re–written to completely re–invent the history of our nation. Instead of the glorious true history of a modern nation carved from the wilderness which I was taught, today’s young people are taught that the nation was well developed already by peaceful, nature–loving native peoples who were slaughtered like animals at a packing house. With regard to the native American Indians, the truth is that many were killed fighting the white man just as they had traditionally fought among themselves. They were nomadic peoples, with the exception of the pueblo Indians, and they did little or nothing to develop North America. This is why, even as late as the early 20th century, there was new land to be broken, arable land that had never been plowed. The America built by white people has provided unparalleled opportunity for all of the people of North America, including the native American Indians and the American Blacks. What is taught, however, is that America is a land of oppression for these peoples, a place where they continue to suffer. This is true, to some extent, because they have been given the opportunity and encouraged by some to develop a mentality of entitlement, rather than seize the opportunity to work and achieve. Those who have worked have done well, but those who have felt entitled do suffer because there are never enough government handouts to satisfy them.

So our history has been corrupted in the mind of our young people, and many of our young people even disavow their own history. Too many of them do not even begin to know it. One of the popular late night comics, Jay Leno, has demonstrated this in a devastating way with some public interviews shown in this video:

As Leno’s video shows, the minorities do not know American history, with the exception of the older black man. But even the white people do not know it either. These people with no sense of the history of this country certainly cannot claim any real sense of ownership of the country. It seems likely that this is why they have no objection to the vast hoards of illegal aliens streaming across the southern boarder. For these people, those aliens are not taking anything that belongs to them. These people do not see that they have a stake in America. America has never really belonged to these people at all.

Being much older, I do not see it in that way. I know where my family started out in the western Carolinas in the late 1700s, worked their way across Tennessee and Alabama in the early 1800s, and eventually wound up in south Texas by the time the Civil War ended. I know that my great–grandfather was a Superintendent on the King Ranch in south Texas and I know where my grandfather farmed and worked for the railroad. I have tried to pass this sense of ownership on to my children, the idea that we are Americans because our people came to this land and helped to build it into what it is today. Our blood is in this soil, and our bones will be in it some day soon. This is our land; it belongs to no one else.

The evidence seems to be that we are losing this land simply because we have not passed on the idea that it is ours. We have not taught the true history of America, but have allowed a pack of lies to be taught instead. We have not instilled a sense of ownership in our people, an understanding that it is up to each and every one of us to maintain this country. Our people think of the country as belonging to “them” and that everything is controlled by “them.” They fail to realize that “them” is actually “us,” that we the people are the ones who control this country. So they have no sense of ownership, so sense of wanting to protect what is their own. This country belongs to “them.” If we cannot turn this around, we have lost the battle.

Thursday 1 July 2010

Not such a Social Construct

From the BNP website

Bone Marrow Donor Disparities Reveal Reality of Race Once Again

Medical science and ethnic disparities in bone marrow donor registry lists have once again illustrated the reality of race as a biological concept, disproving leftist lies which claim it is a “social construct.”

New reports which have focussed on the problems surrounding suitable matches for bone marrow transplant patients have inadvertently revealed why race does exist, and why it matters for humanity’s sake.

The statistics revealed that:

- White British people have a 1 in 3 likelihood of finding a bone marrow transplant match.

- Asian or black people living in Britain have a 1 in 125,000 likelihood of finding a bone marrow transplant match.

- People of mixed race living in Britain have a 1 in 200,000 or more likelihood of finding a bone marrow transplant match.

- There are 16.9 million people on the NHS Organ Donor Register. Of this number only 1.2 percent are Asian and 0.4 percent are black.

- There are 7,800 patients currently waiting for a transplant, of whom 1,521 (19.5 percent) are Asian and 779 (9.98 percent) are black.

The statistics are significant because they reveal that race is a major factor in determining biological diversity and those different racial groups have different attitudes towards social responsibility projects such as organ donation.

Transplanted organs require the same blood and tissue type in order to prevent rejection by the body’s immune system.

However, compared to organ transplants, bone marrow donations need to be even more genetically similar to their recipients.

Since all the immune system's cells come from bone marrow, a transplant actually introduces a new immune system to a person. Without genetic similarity between the donor and the patient, the new white blood cells will attack the host body.

In an organ transplant, the body can reject the organ, but with marrow, the new immune system can reject the whole body.

According to the World Donor Marrow Association (WDMA), the chances of white people finding a match within their racial group is two out of three, while other racial groups have a one in four chance.

The WDMA holds a global registry of donors, which is still disproportionately represented by white people from the US, UK and Germany.

The chances of a person of mixed racial origin finding a match is even less because of the complex genetic issues involved. People inherit blocks of tissue type from both parents, which means that mixed-race children have tissue types which are the rarest of all.

Usually, only people of identical racial origin even have a hope of finding a matching donor.

This means that people of mixed racial origin in need of major organ transplants have almost no chance of finding an exact match, even in highly mixed societies in which the gene pool is very intertwined.

Click here for another interesting medical report

Hat Tip: Mister Fox

Being English

England players Ashley Cole and Ledley King leaving South Africa following England's humiliating 4-1 defeat by Germany, their expressions revealing what their country means to them.

Meanwhile English fans make their way home

On a related subject, readers may remember the outcry last year when ex-BNP publicity Officer Mark Collett and Joseph Barber from Great White Records stated in an interview that the same Ashley Cole was "not ethnically English". So, it is interesting to note Ashley Cole's own views on the English reported here and here.

Discretion is the better part of Valour

As most British readers will be aware, it appears that there may well be a challenge to the leadership of the BNP. This is regrettable, however, given the result of the general election, when, despite more than tripling the party’s vote the deeply undemocratic voting system prevented the BNP from winning any seats, there was always a possibility that this would happen.

My own view is that a healthy democratic party can and must allow debate over the direction it takes, however, the party should not forget the debt of gratitude it owes to Nick Griffin who has built the party from what it was a decade ago, to the position where it now has elected members of the European Parliament and won over half a million votes at the last election.

Unfortunately, as often happens with these situations people have taken sides and the debate has become acrimonious. Some, including dear friends of mine, for whom I have considerable respect have made statements and published information which I fear we may all live to regret.

We do not have the luxury to indulge in public in-fighting, look at the damage that did to the labour party in the 1980’s and the Tories after they betrayed Thatcher, and we are more exposed than they are. We do not have sympathetic friends in the media to cover for us or write supportive articles. Whatever we say, whatever we reveal will be used against us at the next election.

I agree with a lot of what Lee Barnes said about this in a posting he made at 21st Century British Nationalism a week or so ago on this subject. click here to read it.

We must not forget that we are addressing a wider audience, and they will not appreciate the nuances in the same way that party members will do. There will just see BNP members saying nasty things about each other.

Our enemies are ruthless, whatever we say, or reveal about individual party members now, will be used against the party at the next election. The context will be forgotten and all that will be reported is “BNP man said X” or “BNP man filmed doing Y”

Only our enemies benefit when we fight, and any mud we throw now will be thrown right back at us.

The 500 year old Cockney Accent "will vanish from London within 30 Years"

From Today's BBC News website
The Cockney accent will disappear from London's streets within 30 years, according to new research.

A study by Paul Kerswill, Professor of Sociolinguistics at Lancaster University shows the Cockney accent will move further east. In London, Cockney will be replaced by Multicultural London English - a mixture of Cockney, Bangladeshi and West Indian accents - the study shows.

"It will be gone within 30 years," says Prof Kerswill.


The study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, says the accent, which has been around for more than 500 years, is being replaced in London by a new hybrid language.

The new accent, known in slang terms as Jafaican, is most famously spoken by rap star Dizzee Rascal.
How can people not see this for the ethnic cleansing that it is?

"Cockney in the East End is now transforming itself into Multicultural London English, a new, melting-pot mixture of all those people living here who learnt English as a second language," Prof Kerswill says.

There is some hope maybe ......

White flight

Traditional Cockneys have moved out of the capital and into the surrounding counties of Essex and Hertfordshire, especially towns such as Romford and Southend, the study suggests.

In these areas, the accent and the culture continues to thrive and many teenagers still proudly claim their Cockney roots, according to the study.

But how long before Jafaican follows them there?


The Asian TV news reader who reported this story on the BBC London news at 06:30, presented the story as "Traditional Cockney is being replaced by something more modern .....!"