Sunday 31 January 2010

At least these were named

A very similar crime to the Peckham one mentioned below took place in Rochdale, and the perpetrators were sentenced on Friday. However, as this time those convicted were over 18 the judge had no means of hiding their identities.

The gang rapists, who filmed their 16 year old victim's ordeal on their cell phones, were named as Ajmal Afridi, 19, Imtiaz Syed, 20 and Tayyab Hussain, 19.

The longest sentence was six years in a youth offenders institute.

Thursday 28 January 2010

My My, I wonder why ........ not!!!

Spot the white man

"Teenage rapists who filmed attack on girl of 13 sentenced to 16 years in total... but judge refuses to name and shame" Well we all know exactly he wants to protect the identities of these monsters. By his actions the judge has made it quite clear that these brutal gang rapists are non-white.

We can now say with absolute certainty that those convicted of this crime are from an ethnic minority, the judge confirmed that by his actions.

"news" report

Hear this you of England

Hear this you of England. Hear this you the people of Europe and of European origin, hear this you the first people of Britain. You have slept, and whilst you slept men of evil will have worked against you, and their work is almost done. You must awake soon, for if you slumber on their work will be done and those waking dawns left to you will be as bitter as they are few.

Look now and see how low they have already brought you. Look what has already been stolen whilst you slept.

Many rights, safe to others, are now denied to you.

You, alone amongst indigenous peoples, will no longer be permitted to defend your culture or your people.

Not for you are the protections which international bodies grant to the natives of other lands, Unlike them, your claim to your native land is denied and repudiated by liars. Liars with the power and, make no mistake, the desire to destroy you.

You may not defend your homeland, despite it is the homeland of your ancestors for ten thousand years. You may not organise, you may not represent yourselves in law or in parliament as a unique and sovereign people, even though any other group but you may do so.

Those you have elected and those they have appointed will disinherit you, if they can they will destroy you, for it is their aim to destroy you it is their aim to eradicate and replace you, and they will do so without a qualm.

Evil men ride the soot black steeds of power in your lands and they wish you only ill. They will cut you down, they will burn your history books and replace them with their lies. and then they will do the same to you

If you do not awake soon you will become a forgotten people, a people denied, a people lost. Day by day the evil ones take more from you, and finally, if they can, they will prise it all from your grip and what will you have when it is gone?

Hear this you of England, evil men conspire against you, you need only look and their work is clear to see.


Footnote: Can someone explain to me why the native people of Britain are excluded from the protections of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?

Awake Australia Fair

Tuesday 26 January 2010

The truth behind "Recovery"

I see we are supposedly out of recession, or "just out of recession", shall we say, given that our economy grew by a dismal 0.1% in the last quarter of 2009! I believe this may be the result of a lucky company in, Tiverton winning a contract to supply soup kitchen equipment to tented village outside Sacramento (although the Daily Mash credits the upturn to a chubby woman who bought a Cadbury's Boost bar at a Shell Garage on New Year's Eve )

Apparently many City analysts are very surprised and disappointed as such minimal growth, they were expecting growth of at least 0.4%, signifying a stronger recovery, whereas , in fact, even the Chancellor, Nobodies Darling, admits that the upturn is so fragile we could easily slip back into recession in the first or second quarter of 2010.

News programs are full of bewildered commentators speculating as to why it wasn't any better. They just don't get it do they? They can't admit we are broke, and we have been for a very long time. Even in the decade leading up to the 2008 crunch, when they pretended that we were so prosperous and our economy was doing so well, what we were actually doing was living like the family which buys its food on their credit card and makes the minimum repayment each month. We all know what happens to that family, they feed on steak for a few years and then they starve.

We are nowhere near a true recovery and will not be for years to come.

How could this be? surely we should be booming, after all we have been importing millions of immigrants for the last forty years, and even greater numbers in the last ten years, weren't they supposed to boost our economy and be such a huge benefit to all of us? Isn't that what everyone told us? Didn't they say that mass immigration would lead to greater prosperity? Well it sees they were wrong. Nothing is booming in Britain apart from pawnbrokers. The fact is we are just crawling out of the worst recession in our history, with our economy in the worst shape it has ever been in peacetime and our nation is in greater debt than it has ever been.

The truth becomes clearer by the day, immigration has brought us no benefit whatsoever, in fact it has made the situation infinitely worse, and one day they will have to admit it.

Big O and the "R" word

First they told us America was too racist to vote for Obama, then when America did vote for him, they said that America was so racist they would assassinate him, that didn't happen either. Then they said that to oppose all of Obama's policies was racist. Now it is apparently racist to even notice he's f##king useless.

I know, I know no doubt its also racist to say so.

Of course he does still have some supporters, athough, according to WorldNet Daily, there may not be as many as he would like us to think!!

Monday 25 January 2010

Two More farm murders

Ficksburg, Free State, South Africa

you don’t have a husband any longer.’

A Fixburg Farmers wife Dorothy Gieseke was confronted by three men when alone in her home on Saturday. The men, one armed with a gun and another with a screwdriver threatened Mrs, Gieseke telling her you don’t have a husband any longer’ and demanded cash and weapons, however, they then fled when she managed to hit a panic button.

Mrs Gieseke then went in search of her 69 year old husband who had gone out to feed animals earlier in the day. She found him lying dead Having been battered around the head and his throat cut with a sharp object.

A police search for the attackers started immediately and three men, between the age of 16 and 30, were found not far from the farm. Police are still looking for more suspects in the case.

Anton Kok, another local farmer said the death of Gieseke was a huge loss to the community. "He was an outstanding person and a great gentleman in the community." He said Gieseke farmed with lavender, extracted oils, cultivated berries which customers could come and harvest themselves on the farm and cattle.

It was reported that an electric fence at the farm had been cut a week earlier and had not been repaired when the attack took place.

News report

Farmer killed wife injured

Meanwhile Mpumalanga police are investigating the murder of a rose farmer who was shot dead by intruders who broke into his home in the early hours of Friday morning. His wife was injured in the same attack.

According to police the couple's son heard gunshots in the house at about 1.30am on Friday and his parents screaming. When he went to their bedroom to investigate he discovered his father had been shot in the head and was dead while his mother was shot and wounded in the arm

News report

UPDATE: Further details at the Afrikaner Genocide Archives - Warning Graphic Images
Hat Tip: Dina

Immigration will not solve Britain's Pensions Time Bomb

As I have said here repeatedly, the claim that mass immigration is the answer to Britain's impending pension's problem does not stand up to even the most rudimentary scrutiny.

Immigrants have not found the secret of eternal youth and neither do the vast majority of them have any intention of returning to their country of origin when they retire. The truth is each immigrant is a potential future pensioner who's pensions will have to be funded by our children and our grandchildren.

Far from solving the pensions crisis, immigration is adding to the problem

It is not just me saying this, new report by Migration Watch has exposed the lie that immigrants provide the solution to funding future The report, titled Immigration and Pensions, finds that “the present ratio of workers to pensioners could only be sustained by immigration at a level that would bring the population of the UK to 119 million by 2051 and 303 million by the end of the century obviously such numbers would be unsustainable in what is already the most crowded country in Europe.

Please click here to read more about the report on the BNP website, then DIG it Twitter it StumbleUpon it or just e-mail it as widely as you can. This lie must be exposed for what it is.

The Death of Free Speech in Europe? - More disturbing news from Finland

Entrance to Finland - the iconic main railway station in Helsinki

NOTE: The following article was posted to me, I have checked it out and it appears to be accurate. It should be noted that the author Henrik Holappa is an alleged neo-Nazi who recently unsuccessfully sought political asylum in the USA. However, as I say, from my own research the facts he describes appear to be accurate. I am, therefore, publishing the article because of its implications in relation to Free Speech.

Sarah: Maid of Albion does not necessarily endorse all views expressed in the following article.


Finland Continues to Suppress the Freedom of Speech

By Henrik Holappa


The Finnish Department of Justice is planning on suppressing the freedom of speech in Finland – now even more. The special legal group of the Department of Justice is now planning the new blueprints of the law that would especially focus on so called “Internet Racism”.

The major newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, reported of the suggested plan on their websites w3hich can be read by clicking here. (Ed: as the article is in Finnish, a rough Google translation has been posted here . Sarah)

According to the new law suggestion, just clicking yourself on the alleged “racist” or “white supremacist” website (whether it is David Duke's, the Resistance Movement's websites or any other prominent white's civil rights movement's website) that would be enough to sentence a Finnish citizen to 4 years in prison. I emphasize – just visiting a racist website would be enough to sentence someone to 4 years in prison.

According to the Department of Justice – this new law would tremendously prevent racism in Finland, as it was mentioned, especially on Internet.

Probably one reason behind the new law suggestion leads to the shooting rampage in Espoo, a city near Helsinki, that took place on the New Year's eve. The suspected shooter, Ibrahim Shkupolli, - originated from Kosovo, shot 4 at the shopping mall and later on that day Shkupolli shot himself. Before the shooting took place at the shopping mall, he had shot his former Finnish girlfriend. The event stimulated among the Finnish citizens the discussion about the uncontrolled mass-immigration, which the Finnish government considered racist.

The special legal group of the Finnish government's Department of Justice would like to add a new paragraph to the law in their struggle against the racism. The law would carry a name of “Aggravated incitement for Racial Hatred”, and the maximum sentence of the crime would be 4 years in prison. The law could be used in various cases – as an additional charge – such as; “incitement for mass-destruction” and for a slaying made on a terrorist purpose.

One can only guess what “incitement for mass-destruction” may really mean. In Spain, for example, just denying the Holocaust – or simply questioning it – it is considered as “incitement for mass-destruction.” The Holocaust denial law does not exist in Finland, but several other existing anti-racist laws could be used in a way that an individual could be sentenced of an alleged Holocaust denial.*

The current law of incitement for racial hatred allows a person to be sentenced to maximum of 2 years in prison. Of course the government and the legal system may use both legal paragraphs – incitement for racial hatred and aggravated incitement for racial hatred – to sentence an individual to a maximum sentence of 6 years in prison, including using several other legal paragraphs – such as violation of freedom of speech and in some cases even aggravated defamation - combined together in one sentence.

However, if the law is being executed as such, it would literally mean the following; an individual visits on a racist website and leaves a comment on the discussion board – he has already committed two serious crimes; incitement for racial hatred and possibly violation of freedom
of speech.

However, always when a foreigner is being a victim of any crime, the police investigation leaves from the allegation it was racially motivated crime. This explains the statistical growth of the racist crimes in Finland, but it does not prove that all crimes in which a foreign individual has been a victim of a crime would have been committed on a racist purpose.

The new law would also make it possible to punish certain groups of individuals that may share a common racialist view, whether they share it publicly or in different discussion forums on Internet. If the law would be taken in use in that way, it may possibly mean the arrests and convictions of hundreds or even thousands of Finns in the near future.

The Freedom of Speech in Finland would be tremendously restricted, just in a next few months. This would force the Finnish nationals to be silent about the harms of the multicultural society. That what will be the new definition of racism, may only be guessed, but the every-day racism, violence and even deaths committed against the Finns will not probably be recognized by the new law exchange.

Hat Tip Soloman

* The views of this blog in relation to prosecution of Holocaust denial can be read by clicking here

Sunday 24 January 2010

The lies of frightened men

Anyone who has not spent the last few months out of radio range either in a submarine beneath the ice caps, searching for signs of global warming, or making a wild life documentary about Amazonian termites, will have noticed that for the first time which anyone not currently drawing their pensions can remember, senior politicians have actually started to talk about immigration at a time when a general election may be less than six months away.

Conservative leader David (call me Dave) Cameron has recently announced that the Tories will introduce a cap on immigration, which would reduce the number allowed in each year to “Tens of thousands”. Tens of thousands of immigrants would of course be an improvement on the current situation, (if Cameron really meant it – which he doesn't) but only in so far that, instead of allowing in numbers equivalent to the population of Newcastle each year (I say Newcastle based on “official figures” - the population of Bristol is closer to reality) we would still be “welcoming” a new Carlisle, Wigan or Grimsby year after year after year, not to forget the anchor babies they would immediately start breeding after they arrive.

It is a mark of how out of touch politicians, such as Cameron, are that he seems to think people will believe that such tinkering would even come close to solving the problem.

In the red corner, Labour Communities Secretary John Denham attempted to reassure the public by cooing disingenuously that "We don't think population is going to go to 70 million, so there is a bit of a straw man there".

Of course, most experts agree a rise to over 70 million is inevitable unless something is done to fundamentally change current policy, however, Denham continued his fairytale by adding "We have got tight immigration control - the points-based system that is now in place means that people can only come here if what they are going to give to this country is something we need."

However, Denham then argued against Cameron's cap saying, with the dishonesty which only a trained politician can achieve with a straight face: "Suppose the first person after the cap was an international heart specialist?" suggesting that Britain should act rather like the gambler who keeps buying the same lottery numbers in the hope that now and then they might win a tenner back.

According to Denhem's logic the country should continue to take in thousands upon thousands upon millions of immigrants in the hope that one or two of them might benefit the country. Has it not occurred to the pureed brained zealot that billions of pounds would be saved, and untold levels of social damage avoided, had we trained a few home grown heart specialists instead of importing millions of people in the hope of finding a few foreign trained ones among them?

Deceiving the electorate is clearly John Denham's latest brief, as he even went so far as to make a pretence of expressing concern for the white working classes, stating that, sometimes the white working classes suffered more from discrimination than many ethnic minorities, as if this was some new phenomenon, which only he had noticed.

Given NuLabour's visceral hatred and contempt for the white working class, who's interests so often conflicts with those now much preferred groups, many observers would have assumed that Denham was either making a bad joke and had forgotten the punchline, or was suffering from some catastrophic mental breakdown, had they, that is, not realised that an election is imminent.

Attempting to sooth the electorate's concern over the third world masses engulfing our boarders with a few half hearted lies, appears to be the latest wheeze plucked from the NuLabour lexicon of spin and deception, as they seem to be all at it.

Back in November, Home Secretary Alan Johnson went so far as to admit that “Labour has made mistakes on immigration” yet, against all the evidence, Johnson then went on to claim that Labour had not operated an open door immigration policy ( Ed: lets put it this way, if they occasionally closed the door, they certainly didn't lock any windows) and went so far as to say “I do believe that the UK is now far more successful at tackling immigration than most of its European and North American neighbours".

He followed this by wittering on about “the introduction of biometric visas, ID cards for foreign nationals and dealing with new asylum applications within six months, including" (yes he actually said it) “returning failed applicants”, on the apparently deluded assumption that anyone with a quota of brain cells necessary to master their remote control would believe that any of that had the slightest effect on the tsunami of immigrants which has swamped our homeland in the last thirteen years.

This was, of course, the same Home Secretary, who only months before had refused to contemplate a cap on immigration and chortled that he did not “lie awake worrying about a population of 70 million”

His arrogance and contempt for the public steaming like a newly dropped cow pat on a winter morning, Johnson actually seemed to believe that a mere admission that the government had been “maladroit” would convince the potential electorate that any administration in which he served, or, if he gets his wish, ran, had any intention of doing any better in future.

The most recent politician to come out of his corner with the “we will do something about immigration” lie was the pugnacious and aptly named Schools Minister Ed Balls who has this week been accused of campaigning in the vulnerable constituency of Morley West Yorkshire using letters, leaflets and surveys to portray Labour as tough on immigration. a proposition so ludicrous that it would be laughable were it not for the fact that there are some out there who might actually believe such twaddle.

For decades now the main parties have had an unwritten pact not to mention immigration anywhere near an elections, it has been the one subject politicians have deliberately prevented the public from voting on. There is a reason for this, were democracy to to impinge on the project, then the project might not succeed, and, therefore, democracy must be denied.

However, this time it is different, and we all know why that is. For the first time the public might just have the chance to vote about immigration, and the politicians have begun to realise the eggs they have laid over the last 40 years may soon begin to hatch and release something very dangerous indeed, dangerous to them that is.

The new strength of the BNP could mean that the men and women who have done so much to destroy this country and her people over the last half century, and particularly in the last 13 years, might get their comeuppance, and their project might fail, they will do anything in their power to prevent that.

To prevent it they, together with their apparatchiks and ideological catamites in the controlled media, are combating the threat with a two pronged approach. Firstly they slander and vilify the BNP and anyone who supports them, and secondly they will lie and lie and lie to disguise their own true policies and position.

Be under no illusion, any claim which the shower of crooks and charlatans currently in government or in the two main opposition parties make, suggesting that they will do anything to control immigration into this country or any other western nation, is a lie which will be forgotten and denied the day after the votes are counted.

For a member of any of the main political parties to promise they will do anything about about immigration is no different than a serial rapist claiming he's gone gay and can now be trusted with your daughter, their past actions expose the dishonesty and cynicism of their lie.

Their credibility of those within the LibLabCon troika died with their honour many years ago, and these promises of action are the handkerchiefs behind which they struggle to hide their gross and unappealing nudity.

These are the same multiculturalist zealots and cynical globalists who have spent decade undermining our country and our people, these are the same ideological gangsters who have stolen our history, robbed us of our land and denied our children their heritage. They hate us now no less than they ever did, they have not changed.

They lie out of fear that they may be found our and that their malevolent plans for us may be thwarted. Do not believe them, or you may have a lifetime to regret it.

The British establishment nurtures terrorists

By Mister Fox

On the first day of the new decade, some very telling comments were made which showed the emasculated British establishment’s complicity with the enemy forces and its failure to understand the nature of war. Gordon Brown invited international partners to discuss countering radicalisation in Yemen after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, tried to blow up an aeroplane bound for Detroit: “It’s strengthening counter-terrorism co-operation; it’s working harder on the intelligence efforts.”

Officials said the UK and the US would jointly fund a counter-terrorism police unit in Yemen in the wake of an alleged bomb airline attack over Detroit. It was announced later that Britain was giving £120 million to Yemen.

Why transfer British taxpayers’ money to stop terrorism in Yemen when the authorities allow it here? Because our rulers cannot deal with the fact the there is a war going on between the West and Muslims which is mainly organised from Britain.

In January 1999, the Yemeni government challenged Britain to show it was not a haven for terrorists by extraditing a London-based Islamic terrorist accused of sending British Muslims on a bombing mission to Yemen.

There have been many cases of British authorities refusing extradition of terrorists who were wanted by other countries. Before 9/11, the governments of France, India, Turkey, Israel, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia had protested about Britain’s refusal to extradite terrorists.
It is outrageous that our decadent authorities are exporting terror to Muslim countries. Somalia’s transitional government accused Britain of being the main source of money and soldiers for the fighters of the Islamist Courts Union.

Deputy prime minister at the time, Hussain Mohammed Aideed, stated: “The ICU’s main support was coming from London, paying cash to the ICU against the government. Among those who died in the war with the ICU were British passport holders.”

The bodyguards of Sheik Yusuf, an Islamist commander, included two brothers from Wood Green in North London. One, Hamid, said: We are doing our duty by fighting for the cause of Islam, which is above all countries.”

University College London, where Abdulmutallab was president of the Islamic Society, allowed the spread of radicalisation and has been accused of “failing grotesquely” to prevent extremists from giving lectures on campus.

In 2007, the Islamic Society held a five-day series of lectures and seminars against “The War on Terror” that were advertised on YouTube. This happens on most university campuses and Muslim students use the block vote to gain influence in students’ unions.

Brown also stated, “It is because we cannot win through a fortress Britain strategy that we have to take on extremists wherever they are based: in Afghanistan, Pakistan and all around the world, including here in Britain” — but they do not take on extremists “here in Britain” — they allow them to use it as a base to carry out terrorist operations abroad.

The preacher who influenced Abdulmutallab is Al-Awlaki. He was born in New Mexico but entered the UK to give a series of lectures in December 2002 and January 2003 at the London Masjid al-Tawhid mosque. In those lectures, he described the rewards martyrs receive in paradise.

Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool (Riverside), mentioned the relationship between al-Awlaki and the Muslim Association of Britain, which is a Muslim Brotherhood front organisation founded by Kemal el-Helbawy, a senior member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, in the House of Commons, as far back as 2003. So why was he allowed in?

A cousin of Abdulmutallab insists he was influenced by extremist groups while in Britain, not the Yemen. He regularly visited the East London Mosque, which has hosted extremist Muslim preachers. Earlier this year, the East London Mosque hosted a pre-recorded talk by Anwar al-Awlaki, who the US Department for Homeland Security says acted as spiritual mentor to three of the 9/11 hijackers. This distracts people from the real centre of Muslim world terrorism — Britain.

The Sunday Times has reported that Scotland Yard warned businesses in London to expect a Mumbai-style bomb attack. In a briefing on 8 December, a senior detective from SO15, the Metropolitan police counter-terrorism command, announced: “Mumbai is coming to London.” Then why allow them to stay here to carry out such attacks?

Islam4UK announced a protest in Wootton Bassett where the bodies of our dead soldiers are brought off the plane. This was denounced by “moderate” Muslims. Shahid Murasaleen, from London-based Minhaj-ul-Quran International UK, said: “These kinds of extremists do not represent the British Muslims. This march will achieve nothing other than to incite hate crime against innocent law-abiding British Muslims.”

Note the nature of their objection to the march. They oppose it not because it is insulting to this country or offensive to the families of fallen troops or that it is an insult to the memory of brave servicemen. No, it is condemned because Muslims will suffer. They do not condemn Choudary’s views but his tactics — they share the same goals.

What is behind the security services allowing Muslim extremists to weapon train and develop networks here? This is a clue: former Italian President Francesco Cossiga admitted in the Italian paper Corriere della Sera in 2008, that in the 1970s, the Italian government allowed Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks.

The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organisations, including terrorist groups. Moro designed the terms of the agreement with Arab terrorists, Cossiga said. “The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organisations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were ‘handled’ by the secret services.”

The security services have operated a similar deal in Britain. On 22 August 1998, the newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat quoted Omar Bakri: “I work here in accordance with the covenant of peace which I made with the British government when I got (political) asylum.”

This covenant allowed Muslim extremists to plan attacks abroad and develop terror networks here. In 1999 it was reported that each year approximately 2,000 Muslims were trained about Holy War at camps in Britain run by Bakri’s organisation al-Muhajiroun.

In Birmingham and London the trainees learnt hand-to-hand combat and survival skills. For further training they were sent for military training in Yemen and Afghanistan. After the London bombings, The Times reported that “a dozen members” of Al-Muhajiroun “have taken part in suicide bombings or have become close to Al-Qaeda and its support network.” He was protected here for 20 years.

In January 2007 Bakri revealed that Islamist extremists were infiltrating the police and other public sector organisations. The Daily Mail exposed eight members of al-Qaeda in the police.
MI5 investigate what the Government instructs them to investigate and ignore what the Government wants them to ignore.

As far back as 4 May 2003, The Sunday Telegraph’s Alasdair Palmer wrote: “Britain has become the headquarters of choice for extremist Islamic preachers, who now have a network of organisations dedicated to sowing pure hatred: hatred of the West, of democracy, and of the values of tolerance and freedom — the very values that give them the freedom to operate here: ‘Your task against the infidel,’ says one video, ‘is to kill their children, take their women, destroy their homes.’”

In January 2009, the head of domestic security service MI5 revealed that 2,000 people in Britain were involved with Islamist terrorist plots and many more support terrorism through fundraising and propaganda.

From 11 September 2001 to the end of March 2008, British authorities arrested 1,471 Muslims for terrorism-related offences. Yet just six months later, The Daily Mail reported the security services were scaling down checks on Muslim terrorists.

Commander Shaun Sawyer of Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism command gave the green light to Muslim extremists by telling the Muslim Safety Forum that security services would scapegoat “whites” and scale down surveillance on them — “far right” groups could be planning a terrorist “spectacular” to stoke up racial tensions,” he said.

I wouldn’t put it past security services to do one and blame the “far-right.” This followed an order to the police to “go easy” on Muslim terrorists.

The London bombings of 9/5 resulted from British security services allowing the development of terror networks throughout Britain. A threat assessment by the Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre a mere month earlier stated: “There was no group with current intent and capability” to commit a terrorist attack in Britain.

Colin Cramphorne, chief constable of West Yorkshire from 2002 until his death in 2006, was mocked for warning that extremist cells ran training camps in national parks, such as the Yorkshire Dales.

After being alerted by local farmers, the British National Party reported to Yorkshire police that young Muslims were weapons training with guns in local woods and fields. The media obscured this by mocking the claims and the police refused to investigate.

Attempted attacks like the series of attacks known in Europe, America and the Middle East in 1999 and 2000 were planned in London. There were terrorist cells in Milan and Hamburg but London was the control centre.

It was known that Abu Qatada was running the al Qaeda cells in Spain and Germany from London. The two terrorists who bombed Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv were Muslims with British passports.

Not long after 9/11, the Prime Minister’s office published an analysis of terrorism that showed there was evidence available: “Al Qaeda retains the capability and the will to make further attacks on the US and its allies including the United Kingdom… other cells like those who carried out the tasks must be assumed to exist … al Qaeda functions on its own and through a network of other terrorist organisations. These include Egyptian Islamic Jihad and other North African Islamic extremist terrorist groups, and a number of other Jihadi groups in other countries including the Sudan, the Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and India. Al Qaeda also maintains cells and personnel in a number of other countries.”

On its website, the Egyptian State Information Service announced in its article “Call to Combat Terrorism,” that Britain harboured seven of the 14 most wanted terrorists. These included one who plotted the failed assassination of the Egyptian prime minister.

In August 2006, the US government put the highest terrorism alert ever for commercial flights from Britain to US after “the liquid terror” attack was foiled.

Michael Chertoff, Homeland Securities Secretary, said that this “plot may indeed be suggestive of Al-Qaeda, but its real incubator is the atmosphere of Londonistan: the political correctness of Britain that keeps British officials from confronting the jihad ideology that spreads in British mosques and Islamic schools.”

A Muslim school in London famously taught that Christian and Jewish people are “pigs”!

How did this situation come about?

After the Yom Kippur War of 1973 between Israel and her Arab neighbours, the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) struck back at the West through an oil embargo on America and by increasing prices by 70 percent on her European allies. This caused the cost of a barrel of oil to rise from $3 to $5.11. In January 1974, they raised it further to $11.65, forcing industrial nations to submit to Arab influence.

Then the EC bowed to Palestinian Liberation Organisation terrorist threats and blamed America for putting “vital European interests at risk” — a euphemism for Palestinian terrorist threats should the West not support Arab policy.

From then on, the Euro-Arab working commissions under the president of the European Commission and the Secretary-General of the Arab League were started.

They have developed into something now known as the European-Mediterranean Partnership which has built institutional structures for mass Muslim immigration and the Islamification of Europe.
Europe’s anti-Israeli policy and anti-Semitism are part of this. Talk of “Holocaust denial” is only used to inhibit whites — Muslims routinely deny the Holocaust but the authorities ignore it.
Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, the former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, revealed that British authorities bowed down to the Saudis and abandoned the bribery investigation into the arms deal between Saudi Arabia and BAE systems because of a threat by the Saudis that if the case continued, “British lives on British streets would be at risk.”

Meanwhile, Mr Brown has announced that technology that sees through clothes is expected to be introduced at airports. Our Prime Minister said it was “essential” to tackle the new terrorist threat. Once again everyone is penalised because the state has allowed Islamist terrorism to flourish.
The solution to the problem is not “new body scanners. The answer is simple:

Firstly, stop the massive influx of Third Worlders into the West. If they cannot fly here, they cannot blow up our planes (but think: Lord Mandelson just cut grants to universities which means they will need more foreign “students” to make up financial shortfalls).

Secondly, instead of nurturing and protecting radicals and terrorists, their citizenship needs to be revoked and they need to be sent back to where they came from.

Thirdly, the already available repatriation programme needs to be fully activated and implemented.

Saturday 23 January 2010


This situation is going to lead to serious bloodshed very soon.

Wednesday 20 January 2010

A big story played as small

The damage limitation program has already been activated, in Britain, Channel 4 News this evening demoted the story of Republican Scott Brown's victory over Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts senate race right down to the sixth news item. Those of us who cringed at the sight of a male news anchor almost swooning when reporting President Obama's effortless fly swatting skills may have found it odd that a channel usually so excited to report any Obama related news story actually waited twenty minutes before even mentioning this one. However, the narrative this evening was that Massachusetts election was not an important story.

Channel Four even wheeled on a talking head to assure us that this was nothing more than a minor inconvenience for the chosen one, who will still be able to pursue his agenda without any great difficulty, and that Bush, Regan and even Bill Clinton faced similar problems. Indeed, he even compared it to a surprise mid-term bi-election upset.

Elsewhere, I have today read claims that the average Boston voter is a right wing racist with a sexist reluctance to vote for a female candidate, all designed to make this seem no big deal.

Of course on the surface, the Massachusetts result was merely one election battle between a handsome and charismatic Republican contender and a dull Democratic candidate who fought a lacklustre campaign. Regardless of the result, the Democrats have not lost their majority and can still pass legislation, albeit less easily.

However, all this ignores the fact that this result took place in Massachusetts, a state which voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008. Republicans do not win in Massachusetts. This was the the only state in the whole of America to vote Democrat in Nixon's pre-Watergate landslide. Look at a map from that period, and all of America is Republican red with a tiny blue smudge called Massachusetts.

We have all head the statement that Massachusetts has not elected a Republican Senator since 1972, however, that statement in itself underplays the significance of this event. The Senator in question was Edward Brooke, a liberal Republican and the first African American to be elected to the Senate by a popular vote.

This is the first time that Massachusetts has elected a white, fiscally conservative and largely socially conservative, Republican (Brown supports abortion but opposes gay marriage) in over half a century.

No wonder Democrats are nervous, if this can happen in Massachusetts, it can happen anywhere.

It did not take long for the gloss to wear off Obama's chariot and reveal it as the one horse cart it is. However, this is only the beginning, the Democrats are on the run, and that is when they play dirt.

It will be interesting to see how the media play this, they lied through their teeth to get Obama elected when the public were only too willing to believe their lies. Given that the public mood has changed and is no longer so willing to believe the lies, they will have to go the extra mile for their man.

We can look forward to a character assassination campaign against Obama's opponent in 2012 which will make those against Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008 look like a gentle massage.

Lies, deceit and treachery - the British Government and controlled media

A Report by the Home of the Green Arrow:


It is a tale about censorship and why the media attack the BNP and Nick Griffin.

It is a tale about control, a tale about a plan to deceive us and to persuade us through the media.

It is a plan which is unfolding day by day as I reach into volumes of evidence and piece together sporadic disclosures by ministers and ex-govt employees.

It is a tale that tells of the dastardliest plan to break the British people and their country.

It tells a tale of intentional culture change forced upon the nation by mass uncontrolled immigration with a purpose to eradicate the indigenous people of these islands forever. It is so wicked a scheme that I am nearly weeping when I write this, but this story must be told.

It is the reason why the British media refer to Nick Griffin and our members as racists, thugs, bigots and vile. It discloses why and how and aims pointedly at this damned governments policy to place us second in our homeland. It discloses their agenda to rid Europe of its Christian heritage.

This document outlines the UK Govt's guide to media censorship along with its views of which side of the argument the media should attack. Namely, anyone who disagrees with its admitted policy to change our culture forever by means of mass immigration. It notes a massive increase in immigration occurred in the UK over the last 10 years, and should be read in conjunction with the Andrew Neather disclosure and also in conjunction with my blog "They thought they could deceive us" which outlines the same media censorship program has been adopted throughout the European Union.

Continue reading at the Home of the Green Arrow

Tuesday 19 January 2010

The bottomless bucket.

By August Pointneuf

The president of the United States has chosen to repeat failure as he sets about multiplying all the old methods of trying to "protect airline passengers” by more airport searches, and more visa bureaucracy. It is of course a pathway to nowhere, and his ordering a subservient Europe to force the rest of us to comply with America’s perceived needs by dictat will simply pour away more of the world’s money and cost travellers more time and more money. Increasing airport taxes will progressively strangle the industry, reversing all the economies of scale which currently exist.

An analogy of the Anglo-American "anti-terrorist" campaign is to send foragers into distant forest to kill hidden predatory animals, whilst leaving all the doors of the Homestead open. Those promoting foraging in Afghanistan and elsewhere for "dangerous animals" seem to forget that however many predators are killed, the species will continue to regenerate. The greater the area which the Anglo-Americans seek to "cleanse" (of those who they believe wish to destroy the societal integrity of Britain and America) increases in costs as an exponential. Simple logic determines that no group of people can continually afford that quantum of what would otherwise be productive energy (as reflected by money). They will go insolvent, and still fail to kill the marauding predators of the outer extremes of the world.

The historic necessity of self protection in and immediately about the Homestead should be trenchantly apparent to all Europeans. They need only to look at the relics of the past, castles, town walls and outer city gates all about them, or the names which represent past imperatives to protect themselves at home, such as Southgate, the Tower, the Barbican and all the others. And yet they choose, in dismissive arrogance, to ignore those lessons, and instead empty the motes, to tear down the drawbridges, and invite intrusion, pretending that all will "come right", and so seal their fatal destiny.

August Pointneuf

Monday 18 January 2010

A Russian Perspective: While America Drowns, Obama and the Elites Party

From the Mat Rodina blog

There is, yet again, something very Romanesque about the state of the Americans, their empire and their collapse. As the US continues to sink in its co-UK created economic Armageddon, the ruling regime enjoys the fruits of its labour of looting and swindling. This is the great "Democracy" they sell us, overseas.

As the year ended, America suffered one of its worst months for employment. Sure, reading the official Ministry of Propaganda (so called free press) reports showed only a mere another 85,000 Americans as loosing jobs, or rather the work force shrinking by that amount, so it takes the UK Telegraph (America slides deeper into depression as Wall Street revels ) to report the real situation, that 650,000 unemployed were moved into a category named "No Longer Searching For Jobs". This is how the American regimes "honestly" tell the population that the unemployment rate is not going up and the lie they tell the rest of us, fortunate not to live under this deceit. This is the category that DC uses to dump the unwanted, unneeded and unemployable waste, its workers who no longer get government unemployment help and can go starve for all the elites care. After all, judging by the head lines out of DC, for the Haitians there is money, for their own unemployed, shelters and bread lines.

This category has been growing by nearly half a million every month for the last year.

The hits kept on coming, too, for the former partiers of the American economic "miracle" of debt. Like a crippled Hercules, trying to lift a mountain of debt, or rather trying to keep it above their heads and from crushing them, the American populace continues to strain and tire and suffer, even as they deny reality while their legs sink deeper under their burden.

News came that inflation was really low in 2009, under 2%. Of course, the fact that salaries sank was not counted into that "fixed" model of inflation, otherwise the picture would not be so pretty. Outsourcing of jobs also accelerated, with predictions that up to 20% of the remaining jobs would still be outsourced, within the next few years. All hail the Marxist Free Trade. At the same time, news arrived that 1.4 million Americans went into bankruptcy last year, over a 30% jump from 2008. Food Stamps use, a form of government subsidy for food, was being given to over 10% of the population, with one third of the country's children living in the abject poverty it takes to qualify for the handout.

At the same time, a massive new wave of mortgage defaults in the resettling of exotic mortgages, continued loss of jobs and thus regular mortgages and a collapsing business/commercial real-estate market is just starting to break over the Americans and promises to be worse than the first wave.

To all this, the American military has increased its budget by some $100 BILLION from 2009's already mammoth $600 BILLION budget, more than every nation combined. And the people are continued to be led down the trail of slavery by their noses, in fear of being "invaded" or "attacked" while their sons sit in some 100 nations around the world, enforcing the Empire. Yet despite this giant spend on the military, families of US soldiers continue to have to buy body armour and other equipments and send them to their sons, since there are no funds for that armour and equipments, not after the elites and their companies get done pilfering the giant sum. Remember too, this does not include another $40 or so BILLION for the wars!

Equally, the evils of Wall Street, the pack of hyenas, the cabal of witches who brought us the lovely Soviet Revolution, the Great Depression, the Nazi take over, the rape of post Soviet Russia, the Asian Flu, (The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity) are now paying themselves $146 BILLION in bonuses, 8% more than the 2007 record, after stealing $700 BILLION from the American tax serfs, through bought and paid for farce of their so called "Democracy". That is some 20,000 people will be splitting $146 BILLION, or an average of $7.3 million each, for the people who are still laughing at all the Luciferien death and misery they caused by starting the lovely Great Depression II.

But best of all, it has now been brought out that the Obama Regime, much like Nero or Caligula, has been partying hard, with over 170 parties, receptions and big dinners, entertaining over 50,000 guests, flying in specialty chefs from around the world, all in this one year of power. That is, one party every two days. And the American serfs? They just bare it, grumble and pay their taxes, it is what they have been trained for. Oh sure, a bunch will get together here and there and wave signs and scream slogans for a few hours and then go home, feeling good that they did "something" and pat themselves on the backs for their "accomplishments" while promising to vote out the present elites and replace them with an exact same set from a different branch of the One Party Two Branch system. Someone famously called this: rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. And their so called conservative leaders on TV will tell them what great deeds they have done and how great they are, even as nothing changes and these so called leaders hustle books and t-shirts and caps to the impoverished but good feeling tax serfs. In other words, the bleeding continues.

So Yanks, you can take your so called Democracy, nothing more than pilfering of the people, and your Free Trade Marxism and go pound your heads into the wall. We do not want it, we do not need it and we will not have it. We will take our so called "pseudo" authoritarianism, mercantilism, and government that actually cares about us and we will grow, ignoring your "advice", kicking out your so called NGOs who promote nothing but this "Democracy" and vassalage to your empire and destruction of our Christian Orthodox faith and we will be on our separate way. Now if we could only get our Monarchy back too.

NOTE: I do not endorse all views expressed in this post, however, it makes some very interesting points, and there is a lot of truth amongst some exaggeration. It also reveals how the USA is perceived by many in Russia
Sarah: Maid of Albion

Hat tip: Robert R

An appropriate celebration

I am sure we will all wish to celebrate Martin Luther King day in appropriate manner, perhaps by stealing somebody elses thesis and publishing it as ones own, others may prefer to join the communist party or just beat up some hookers. However we decide to celebrate the day, let us hope that, like Dr. King, if what we do is criminal some kindly judge will seal all records of it until 2027.


Click here to read "The King Holiday and its meaning by Samuel Francis

Sunday 17 January 2010

Some interesting links

Norwegian police have revealed that every rape involving aggravated assault which took place in Norway between 2007 and 2009 was committed by a person of non-western origin. Meanwhile 90% of all rape victims in the same period were Norwegian. Read the full report here

(Over 13,000 rapes were reported in Britain last year, it would be interesting to know the breakdown of the suspects)


Police release e-fit of the suspect in a Birmingham sex attack on a 15 year old


In the money Anjem Choudary

Click here to sign a petition calling for an investigation into Islam4UK leader Anjam Choudary's £25,000+ benefit claim (what a shame the organisers didn't check their spelling!!! :-(()


All you need for this year's world cup in South Africa, a stab proof vest in your team colours
This is apparently genuine

UPDATE 18/01/10: I see the South African government are somewhat displeased the advert above.


Saturday 16 January 2010

From under their stones

Most of the world have reacted with immense charity and compassion in response to the terrible scenes coming out of Haiti following the horrific earthquake which has taken so many lives, and destroyed so many more. Unfortunately, however, as with all these events, the earth had hardly settled before some very unattractive forces began to crawl out from the dark foul recesses where they lurk in order to take full advantage of what had occurred, whilst other forces began ferociously rewriting history to suit a multitude of agendas.

It is of course sometimes hard to tell who the dark forces are and what is their agenda. Sections of the liberal media and liberal blogs, such as the Huffington Post, are reporting that the disaster has been greeted with mockery and derisions on certain, so called, “White Supremacist websites”, and they have quoted various examples. If this is true then the so alleged “white supremacists” are not what they seem, or they are under supervision, for, if they actually said or wrote such things, they surely lack the basic intelligence needed to work out how to turn on a computer unaided, let alone master a keyboard.

The sort of commentary being being reported by the Huffington post are so obviously damaging to the cause of white people that, were they truly made, they must either have been the words of an imbecile or composed by someone deliberately seeking to damage the white cause.

Given that to make such comments requires the ability to string words together in order to make a vaguely coherent statement, I am strongly inclined to believe the latter rather than the former.

It is the nature of the world we currently inhabit that, not only the tiny white “supremacist” fringe, but also the wider cause of white nationalism has been infiltrated by those who seek to undermine us. Some can be easily identified when they start spewing forth the stereotypical absurd nonsense which the left wing media like to pretend we speak and write. However, others lurk in the shadows awaiting opportunities such as this when they can let loose hateful and ugly diatribes, which their friends in the left wing media then republish as evidence of what appalling people we are.

It is when events such as these take place that we fall under the greatest surveillance and when our enemies are most active, it is for this reason that we must be at our most vigilant. For our enemies delight in exploiting terrible suffering such as is occurring right now in Haiti if by so doing they can undermine us. Do not for one instance imagine that the Huffington Post published the ”revelations” they did for any benign reason or out of concern for the feelings of of the Haitian people, they did not, they published them out of malice, hatred and a delight at the prospect of doing us harm. The journalist who wrote the article is no less vile, no less repugnant and no less contemptible than the creature who crawled from beneath their stone to make the “comments” he then reported. Both gleefully exploited Haiti's suffering for their own agenda and to misrepresent our cause.

For, misrepresent us they did. Hatred and cruelty have no place in the Nationalist cause. To love ones nation, ones culture and ones people, it is not necessary to either hate or be insensitive to the suffering of others. There is no conflict between feeling great compassion and concern for the poor souls in Haiti whilst still resisting any Western government's attempts to move half the population of Port-au-Prince to Britain or, more likely this time, the USA. It is not inconsistent to contribute to a disaster of this magnitude whilst questioning the payment of aid to a country such as India with its own space program. Indeed, to oppose immigration and to wish to preserve the integrity and culture of our nation does not require ill will towards others, and it is only those with a truly hate fuelled agenda who suggest it is.

It is those people who are stalking the internet seeking to use the black victims of Haiti's pain against the white victims of their pernicious ideology.

Sadly, ugly as they are, these are not the only unsavoury forces aiming to make use of this natural disaster for their own ends.

Among those countries stepping forward to pledge financial and material aid to relieve the suffering is an honourable list of European nations, including the likes of Greece and Estonia, who have suffered considerably during the recent financial downturn, together with America and all members of the white commonwealth. Noticeably absent, apart from a relatively small promised donation by South Africa, are the majority of African nations, despite the strong ethnic ties between Haiti and many African nations.

One group of Africans, probably more closely related to the Haitians than most, have made their regular contribution however, but not a particularly welcome one, as evidenced by warnings of the latest Nigerian e-mail scam. You have to hand it to the Nigerian criminal fraternity, the human tragedy has not yet occurred which they have not found a means of scamming money from.

West African crooks, of course, are not the only jackals ready to snatch a few juicy bones out of the carnage, Liberal multicultural fanatics are already calling out for mass adoptions and for as many Haitian orphans to be snatched from their homeland and resettled in Western nations as possible. Demands are being made for emergency visas and passports to be issued so that Haitian children can be rushed to adoptive parents in Europe, Canada and North America. Yet again we witness yet another group shamelessly exploiting this human tragedy to further their mission, in this case the forced importation of third world "refugees" into white western nations.

The earthquake is also being used as an excuse to rewrite the history of Haiti, a nation devastated long before this natural disaster, as the fault of the white man. This is a patently false analysis, many of the ancestors of the current Haitian people may have been slaves, but the same can be said for the people of the Bahamas and Bermuda, islands of peace and prosperity by comparisons and ones where forms of slavery do not persist until the present day.

Haiti is the world's oldest self governed black republic, born almost 200 years ago in bloody revolution and racial slaughter, where everyone of white or mixed race origin were horribly massacred. In the two centuries since then, despite efforts to help, first by white Europe and more recently buy white America, Haiti has descended into poverty and decay for no reason other than the corruption and brutality of its own people and its own leaders, and remains entirely dependant on US and European hand outs.

White western civilisation is no more to blame for sad state of Haiti before the earthquake than they are for the act of God which has now added to its devastation. The only way the white west could have helped Haiti would have been by recolonising it, an act the world no longer considers acceptable. However, that will not stop the white hating revisionists from claiming otherwise.

Most of us viewed this latest natural disaster with deep compassion and a genuine wish to help, some, however, saw it, not as a human tragedy, but as a means to an end which they have, and will continue to ruthlessly exploit.

The bending of minds

An interesting find by The Exile:

Access to History: Britain 1945 - 2007 is an educational text book by Michael Lynch, aimed at A level students, and published by Hodder Education a well known and, many would believe, highly respectable educational publisher who claim to "work with more examiners and educational experts than any other publisher, bringing you the best resources to support teachers and students."

However, it seems that Hodder are happy not only provide educational text books and resources, but they will also permit their writers to add a bit of political indoctrination to the package:

Page 225 of Access to History: Britain 1945 - 2007 includes the following statement:

BNP: British National Party, an extremist, racist party that appeals largely to people with personality disorders. Whether it should be described as a left or right-wing movement has excited considerable debate.
The statement is repeated in part in the glossary on page 235

This is the sort of statement which one has come used to reading amongst the lie a line the pages of the controlled media or tumbling from the lips of a clinically dishonest politician. However, is such a biased, subjective and misleading dollop of political propaganda something you would expect to find in an educational text book aimed at children?

Sadly, in 21st century Britain it is exactly the sort of thing which is being taught to our children together with a pack of lies about our history, our heritage and our people.

The British state is not educating our children, it is indoctrinating them.

Hat Tip: the Exile whose colourful take on the above can be read here

Friday 15 January 2010

Inter-racial couples - the reality (Part 2)

Jennifer Lynn Patterson and Michael Dewayne French

11-Year-Old Reports Mom, Her Boyfriend as Drug Dealers

LAWTON, Oklahoma -- An 11-year-old boy is being praised by Lawton police after he called 911 to report his mom and her boyfriend were dealing drugs from their home.

According to Lawton police, the boy had planned on turning his mom and her boyfriend in for the past few months. The 11-year-old told police he warned his mom numerous times that "drugs are bad," but she just told him to keep quiet, which he did until he'd had enough.

"I live here with my mom and her boyfriend, and her boyfriend sells marijuana," the 11-year-old told the 911 operator.

Lawton police called the boy's actions courageous. The call led police to the house where they found the boy with his 1-year-old brother along with a quarter pound of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Police said the drugs all belonged to the boy's mother, 33-year-old Jennifer Lynn Patterson, and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Michael Dewayne French.

"He felt real uneasy about the situation. He said he knew it was wrong and tried to report it a couple other times," said Lawton Police Lt. Todd Palmer.

According to police, the boy had gone to his neighbors and his grandparents hoping someone would do something, but no one did.

"For whatever reason they decided it was inappropriate for them not to get involved," Palmer said.

But finally, out of concerns for not his safety but for that of his two younger brothers, he finally decided to call 911.

"He was really carefully looking after them," Palmer said.

Patterson and French were both charged with felony counts of drug possession with intent to distribute.

News source
My heart aches for that child

Thursday 14 January 2010

New Blog - South of the Zambezi

This is to announce the launch of a second blog called "South of the Zambezi". The purpose of South of the Zambezi is to enable me to post links to a selection of the many news items, articles and stories and articles which readers in Southern Africa (Mostly South Africa and Zimbabwe) send to me.

South of the Zimbabwe does not seek to rival the excellent sites such as Censor Bugbear, My South Africa Sucks, and others which are prominently listed at the site, in providing up to the minute news reporting from Southern Africa or biting satire focusing on the madness which has over taken that region.

Rather it is the intention to provide a flavour of what life has become in Southern Africa, with News stories depicting the crime, stark horror, corruption and unintended farce which those still living in that beautiful but blighted part of the world face on a daily basis, but which the world media seldom if ever reports.

I plan to post news items and links to the new blog as I receive them and will post a weekly update here.

I will continue to post any updates regarding Farm murders to this blog as well as to South of the Zambezi, however, news stories already posted to the new blog include details of the murders this week of two elderly white ladies Catherina "Kitty" Botha, 83 and 65 year old Katrina van den Berg. The deaths of these two women are not included amongst the Farm Murder figures, as neither were part of the farming community. However, the brutality and otherwise motiveless nature of their killings suggest that they are victims of the same genocide which is effecting the white population across South Africa.

I would like to thank those who have sent me news stories from that benighted part of a broken continent, especially Dina, who has been of great help in setting up the new blog.

Click here to visit South of the Zambezi

Chemical Dumbing Down And Its Consequences - A Case For Mitigation?

Jessica Davies arriving at court

A personal view by A. Peirson

This is probably going to be a contraversial argument, where i claim someone who openly admits and is known to have carried out a crime, may well be innocent. So in the interests of justice i put forward my opinion.

The case of Jessica Davies, niece of the junior defence minister appears to be an open and shut case, she has not denied the crime, she has declared herself a monster.

The newspaper comments sections are full of vitriol for this hideous crime carried out by this deranged woman,

but before we condemn her too, let's look a little deeper at events.

It is the belief of a growing number of people that the ruling elite are using drugs, not just as a means of making a profit, but as an actual means of control over society.
This is one of the greatest battles of humanity, the battle between the ruling elites for control over the masses. The masses, the proletariat being largely unaware of the war they are involved in.

There is a good reason why we are not told about this war, if the masses ever realised what was going on there would be a revolution and the ruling elites would lose, there is millions of us and only a few thousand of them.

On that basis that a picture paints a thousand words, here is a good idea of what the establishment want.

It was Aldous Huxley who prophesised in his book "Brave New World" that the ruling elites would use drugs (and propaganda) as a means of acquiring and maintaining this control over the masses. Huxley states, "the policies are less important than the spin all that is needed is money, and the candidate can be coached to look sincere".

This is why for example Obama, Blair and Cameron are such "polished performers", without having any real policies, they just get elected on the promise of "hope" or "change" spouted by the likes of Obama or Cameron whilst completely ignoring the common sense reality that if you want prosperity we have to work, we have to build things like cars, ships, steel and electronics.

So here we are, 2010, the British National Party trying desperatly to tell the masses if they want real prosperity and freedom we have to get our industry back up and running, and we have to tear up the treaties. Cameron on the other hand is not offering anything specific, just that he will cut the deficit, and that post Lisbon he will "not let matters rest there".

The masses will walk mesmerised by Cameron's smarm to the precipice completely ignore common sense, they all know we have to begin manufacturing, stop dumbing down our education system and regain our Sovereignty not by "not letting matters rest there" but by tearing up the treaties.

What's going on?

I think there are several important things at play here, one that human beings have a slight tendency too follow leaders, in medicine and psychiatry, this can be known as white coat syndrome, put a white coat on someone and they become believable, experiments of this nature have been done and it is now well documented.

The masses mesmerised by percieved authority are lured hypnotically to follow leaders, this is why a pop star who knows absolutely nothing about climatology can join the Global Warming scam and millions of youngsters will join them unthinkingly.

If it said on the BBC news that scientists had confirmed that Global Warming is real and that unless the people hand over their money to Gordon Brown, add baby polar bears, kittens, babies and ducklings to the mix and the establishment can extract even more wealth from us to transfer into offshore accounts. Come on people, how many times have you fallen for that starving black African con? We have poured trillions into that continent, that continent is one of the richest on the planet, it has Gold, Diamonds, Uranium and Silver, the African people don't need our money, what they need is western leaders who will stop stealing their wealth from them. Who owns the Diamond mines in Africa, Nigeria's oil, the Gold? It's not the African people, it's us, we in the west, De Beers, Shell and BP, the very fact that few, if any African leaders point this out shows they are in on the scam to impoverish their own people and steal their wealth. As in many parts of the world now, Africa is ruled by corrupt puppet dictators selling out their own people for Gold bars held in Swiss bank accounts, and what about the committed Comunists in Westminster and Whitehall, do they complain about the proletarian exploitation being carried out, no of course not, because despite what they spout, Communism is about wealth and despotic control over the lives of others. Gordon Brown claims to be a Socialist but has he ever condemned Shell or BP for their exploitation of Africa's resources, has he as a Socialist ever suggested that the African Diamond mines should perhaps be owned by the Africans?

Cameron et al, talk of redistribution but have they ever mentioned the vast fortunes held by people like the Rothschild's, whose estimated net wealth is said to be in the region of between £100 trillion and £500 trillion, why not? Africa doesn't need aid, it needs a BNP Government in Britain and Ron Paul as President of the US. It's all a con we the masses are by and large mesmerised by these frauds, all Cameron has to do is go on tv and say "I will give you a cast iron guarantee to hold a referendum on the European Union" and millions will fall for it, because no one looks behind the curtain.

So what does all this have to do with Jessica Davies? Well, as Huxley prophesised in his book Brave New World, there is good evidence that the ruling elites are using drugs to attain yet greater control over our lives. What is the first thing they do to children after being born, they pump them full of mercury, mercury is a known neurotoxin to dumb down the population.

Where is the link to the Jessica Davies case? Well, the Daily Mail article says she was on anti-depressants at the time, which may have influenced her behaviour.

Going back to what i said earlier, we have a tendency to follow leaders, in medicine and psychiatry, the well documented white coat syndrome.

Many murderers and criminals try to rationalise their behaviour look at Stalin and Mao they rationalised their crimes so as to make the criminal act acceptable to themselves. this is illustrated in the film Hannibal, Hannibal Lector kills and eats one of the musicians in the Vienna Philiharmonic as a way of improving the Orchestra, now Jessica Davies, quite naturally her doctor no doubt would have told her the drugs she was taking were perfectly safe, of course white coat syndrome would dictate to her that these drugs would be perfectly safe with minimal side effects.

A little more digging however reveals that in 7 out of the past 12 school shootings in the US the perpretator has either been on anti depressants or withdrawing from their use.

In addition, although the pharmaceutical companies deny any link, anti depressants have been linked to many hundreds if not thousands of other suicides and murders.

Is this why she made the sane announcement when the police arrived? "I am a monster" eg i must have been a monster to have committed such a monstrous act, remember real criminals don't see themselves as such. She also states that the crime is so monstrous that "I dare not ask for forgiveness". This woman is not a monster, she is as sane as you or i, devastated and traumatised by what she did, from what i do know she did indeed kill, these drugs are being used on society in increasing numbers, not as medication but as a means of increasing the control of the elites over the masses, but i believe there is some grounds to say she may be innocent, just who are the real monsters, the elites drugging humanity or their poor victims like Jessica and Olivier? This article should also illustrate why courts should determine justice and not mob rule.

A. Peirson.
Royalcraig at You Tube