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The Price of European Immigration

By Fjordman

In his 2008 book Et Delt Folk (“A Nation Divided”), The Danish historian and writer Morten Uhrskov Jensen carefully went through publicly available sources. He demonstrated that the opening up of his country for mass immigration was arranged by just part of the population, sometimes in the face of considerable popular opposition.

Roughly speaking, those representing the political and media establishment and the upper classes were in favor of open borders, whereas those from the lower classes were often opposed. This divide is viewed by those from the upper segments of society as caused mainly by racism, prejudice, ignorance and xenophobia.

Since the educated classes enjoyed a virtual hegemony over public debate, they were able to define all opposition as hate and intolerance, exemplified by people such as Pia Kjærsgaard of the Danish People’s Party. The well-to-do themselves rarely lived in areas with many immigrants and could afford to move, at least for a while, if that was needed. They focused on the abstract and allegedly humanitarian aspects of mass migration.

Immigrants are simply referred to as “new countrymen,” who as if by magic always seem to enrich the natives with their presence. In Denmark, multiculturalists have successfully managed to establish the neologism nydansker or “new Danes,” a vibrant new breed of people currently displacing the tired and boring “old Danes.”

For poorer people, immigration was a concrete issue, as immigrants moved into their neighborhoods and went to school with their children. To put it bluntly, for those with money, globalization initially meant that they could travel on holidays to exotic lands and treat the world as their playground. For those who were less well off, it meant that the entire world suddenly moved into their street and took over their children’s local playground.

When the Titanic during her maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean struck an iceberg just before midnight on 14 April 1912, the first people who could see the water pouring in were the third-class passengers who happened to be situated closest to the waterline. Meanwhile, the richest passengers at the top were drinking fine cognac long after the ship had started sinking. They didn’t realize what was going on for quite some time, because they were further removed from the physical problem. The poor passengers still unfortunately suffered the highest fatality rates, because the wealthy benefitted from having privileged access to the lifeboats.

We see the same phenomenon on display today, on a much larger scale. Having Islamophobia in Europe today is just as rational as having icebergophobia on board the Titanic in 1912.

Uhrskov Jensen in 2012 published another book, Indvandringens Pris (“The Price of Immigration”) about how much money non-European mass immigration costs his native Denmark. His conclusion is that this cost is great in terms of welfare payments and rising crime combined with declining efficiency and technological innovation.

He shows through carefully researched statistics that only certain Asian immigrants are able to keep up with northern Europeans in the educational system. A few skilled immigrants from India or elsewhere can compete, but mainly those from East Asia: Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and to some extent Vietnamese. All other non-Western immigrants show lower levels of skill and competence than Europeans, many of them a lot lower.

It should be mentioned here that these numbers correlate quite well with average IQ, where a few other Asians can compete with Europeans, but primarily East Asians. Other ethnic groups cannot do so. Although it has become taboo to say this in the modern Western world, it is well-documented fact that IQ correlates well with economic level, for individuals as well as for nations. The scholar Charles Murray has written much about this.

Former professor Helmuth Nyborg at Aarhus University in Denmark has conducted controversial research on the subject of the genetic inheritance of intelligence. His conclusion is that today’s mass immigration of non-Europeans will lead to an overall marked decline in the average intelligence of the population, and by extension a significant decline in social and economic competence, scientific progress, as well as technological innovation.

For decades Westerners have been told that immigration from less developed Third World countries is “good for the economy” and will “pay for future pensions.” Morten Uhrskov Jensen proves conclusively that this claim is fundamentally wrong, not just regarding Denmark or Scandinavia but for other Western countries, too.

Certain private companies may enjoy short-term benefits by having access to cheap labor and borderless export markets. Socialist parties can cynically import a reliable voter base of backward peoples who overwhelmingly vote for left-wing parties so they can receive generous welfare payments from the high tax payments extracted from the majority population, essentially forcing the white natives to fund their own colonization by foreign peoples.

For the country as a whole, however, non-European mass immigration will in the long run turn out to be an unmitigated social and economic disaster. The direct and indirect costs of today’s immigration policies through rising crime, increased corruption and higher welfare costs plus declining competitiveness, innovation and genetic intelligence add escalating costs to countries already in trouble due to rising deficits and mushrooming debt.

A Danish think tank has estimated that the net cost of immigration is as much as 50 billion kroner every year, and those were cautious estimates. A study from Denmark found that every second immigrant from the Third World – especially from Muslim countries – lacked the qualifications for even the most menial jobs on the labor market.

An ever-growing group of non-Western immigrants in Norway is dependent on welfare. This was the conclusion of a study by Tyra Ekhaugen of the Frisch Centre for Economic Research. Ekhaugen’s research contradicted the common assertion that the labor market depends increasingly on immigrants. The study indicated the reverse.

I have previously written about the costs of mass immigration several times, for instance in the essays When Danes Pay Danegeld:­ The End of the Scandinavian Model or What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe?

Yet Erling Lae, a politician for the Conservative Party and then the head of the Oslo city government, warned that the city desperately needs more immigrants and that there would be “complete chaos” without them. In 2005, Trygve G. Nordby, who has worked for the Socialist Left Party, as the director of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), claimed that the country needed more unskilled immigrants and should actively seek them out. It later emerged that UDI under Nordby’s rule had virtually run its own private immigration policy in violation of national law in order to give Iraqi immigrants the right to settle in Norway.

Journalist Halvor Tjønn from newspaper Aftenposten, one of the few genuinely critical journalists in Norway who later published a fairly realistic biography of Muhammed, in 2006 cited a report from NHO, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise. NHO warned that the current immigration policies constitute a serious threat to the country’s economy. Norway is one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and natural gas due to its offshore resources in the North Sea and elsewhere. Yet according to NHO, there is a risk that much of the profit Norway earns from selling oil could be spent on paying welfare for its rapidly growing immigrant population.

These warnings were left unheeded by political leaders, yet the problem hasn’t gone away. In 2012, the business daily Dagens Næringsliv reported that researcher Erling Holmøy from Statistics Norway together with senior advisor Birger Strøm studied how immigration affects government budgets. They concluded that in the long run it would prove to be very costly, stating that mass immigration bears certain similarities to a pyramid scheme.

Author Morten Uhrskov Jensen states that the basic trends are identical in Sweden, France, Germany and the USA. The only reasonable conclusion to be drawn from this is, in his view, to stop all non-Western mass immigration. Yet the Western political elites continue to promote such mass immigration, in spite of mounting evidence that this is greatly harmful to their own countries. This dangerous stubbornness could be due to ideological blindness, or may be because the political elites see their positions, prestige and personal privileges tied to maintaining the status quo.

In the end, the historian Uhrskov Jensen fears that only a massive traumatic event or a major shock to the system can change the direction the Western world is currently headed and reestablish reasonable and sensible immigration policies that are in line with the long-term interests of the European majority population.


White Girl Bleed a Lot - Book Review


No Part of this book may be reproduced in any form … The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote excerpts in a review’.  So runs the first page of ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’, the explosive  book by the award-winning American Journalist, Colin Flaherty.

As this is a Review, here is an Extract:
Race riots are back.

‘Along with widespread racial crime and violence.

‘In hundreds of episodes in more than 50 cities since 2010, groups of black people are roaming the streets of America – assaulting, intimidating, stalking, threatening, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, even raping and killing.

Flaherty makes this point by detailing many of these episodes.  One of his chief complaints is that they aren’t normally reported by the media, not in the national media or even in the local media in the cities or areas where they occur.  Or if they are, the story is that there was nothing much to worry about because

Flash mobs, young people, gangs, people with no direction or good parents, they did it’
But as for race?  Nobody knew nuttin about nuttin’ see?’

Or if they did, it was ‘racist’ to mention it.
 For example, a sopping wet journalist apologist for black violence, one Emily Guendelsberger was seriously hurt when a black crowd of thousands roamed Philadelphia (where the previous two years had seen dozens of episodes of racial mob violence, all with same characteristics).

In the Guendelsberger incident they had descended on ‘an urban enclave of upscale bars and restaurants and shops with mayhem on their minds.  Running  through the streets, assaulting people in restaurants, stealing their phones and purses, pulling people off bicycles, and always violence, lots of violence.

But it wasn’t racist violence when they attacked Guendelberger because her  brown boyfriend was also assaulted, although’ not as badly as she was.  This ‘proved’ her point that race had nothing to do with it.  Anyone who thought differently was ‘racist’ and ‘creepy,’ she said.

A Racist Fact
Several on-line commentators wondered why she couldn’t acknowledge the racial component of the mob.  Replied one: ‘Unless you’re pointing that out to show how whites have oppressed blacks, acknowledging that fact is racist.’

They weren’t riots – some other description is used – and/or they were ‘traditional’.
Thus in Peoria, Illinois, once a byword for middle America (hence the famous phrase, ‘will it play in Peoria?) when on the 4th of July a black mob of thousands in a housing ‘project’ (ie publically owned housing estate) blocked a fire truck’s  access to a fire and threw exploding, industrial –type fireworks and bottles at  police and firemen; when 60-70 African-American youths marched down one of the side streets to the 4-lane main drag, yelling threats to white residents, such as ‘we need to kill all the white people around here’; when 20 black women threw rocks at houses and attacked a man, according to the information officer, these were not race riots because as Flaherty puts it, ‘the people doing the rioting did not say it was.  Or something like that.

The police had to fire nearly 200 pepper balls in order to gain control of the crowd and ‘every officer said pretty much the same thing – that it was chaotic and like a riot….every officer received bruises and burn marks.’  But the Police Information Officer said that ‘Revellers there have traditionally held private fireworks displays on the fourth and previously made targets of the police and passers by’.

A Beef about this Book
Oh.  ‘Revellers’ attacking the police and passers by is traditional.  So that’s all right then.  As Flaherty says, ‘I say rioters. You say revellers.’  ‘But’, Flaherty goes on, ‘the video tells another story’.  And here we have a beef about this book.

In the absence of news reports, or truthful ones, Flaherty backs up his undeniable case that there are widespread black-instigated race riots in the USA by referring to videos on You Tube and elsewhere on the internet which tell the real story.  (How the power of the internet is undermining the lies and distortions of the traditional MSM!!!!).  But until you buy the book you are unlikely to find this out, which is a great shame.  As is stated in the opening pages, ‘Because links to videos and pictures are such an important part of this book, this book is best viewed on E-reader.’

Never mind though.  Such is such is the power of the rata-tat-tat of so many incidents of shocking proportions detailed all over the USA, representing untold numbers of others, that one puts up with the inconvenience of finding the videos in question on line.  But be warned.

Attacking the Weak
Flaherty identifies a disturbing characteristic of these riots.  They focus on the weak.  Lone White Men, Women, Gays and others.  The upscale Philadelphia area mentioned above is a favourite of Gays.  While the White weak are especially at risk, others also suffer.  South Philadelphia High School is 70% black and 18 % Asian (In USA terms this means mostly orientals like Chinese, Vietnamese etc)

A Department of Justice report found that a contingent of largely black school officials dismissed ignored and even encouraged attacks on Asian students by Black students.

For years, Black students systematically beat and harassed Asian students on a daily basis.  In December 2009, 30 Asians were attacked sending 13 of them for emergency treatment.  School officials told local news outlets that the attacks were in no way racial.  The (mostly black) school authorities handed pamphlets to the Asians instructing them how to avoid antagonising their black schoolmates with racist behaviour - !!!

A Descriptive, not an Explanatory Book
Flaherty does not intend this book to be explanatory.  He merely presents a picture of what is happening.  But explanations for the explosion in race riots are implicit. In particular there is the power of modern communications.  Not only does the Internet carry reports and videos of the race riots which the liberals who run the newspapers and TV and Radio Channels choose to ignore, downplay, minimise or misrepresent, but the riots including the black flash mobs which are terrorising and robbing the citizenry, stores and restaurants of the USA are organised using their new social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

Modern communications which have enabled tendencies to crystallise in mob form are probably at least part of the explanation as to why these phenomena  have surfaced in recent years in such spectacular fashion.  The same thing happened with the Riots in Britain recently.

Moral Collapse and the Victim Culture
Other implied causes include the malign and manifold influences of the post-1960’s moral collapse (eg illegitimacy among blacks is now 70%.) Then there is the growth of the victim culture which has been encouraged by guilt–ridden liberal /left whites and which has fostered a sense of grievance and entitlement.  This is despite the fact that blacks in America  have been favoured  over whites for nearly half a century with ‘quotas, set–asides, lower standards for blacks, training reserved for blacks, efforts to recruit blacks not matched by efforts to recruit whites, race-norming of tests, banding and recentering.’  (Michael Levin, ‘Why Race Matters’, 2005, P232).

Left/Liberal ‘Anti-Racism’ Denies, Excuses and Encourages Black Wrong Doing
Linked with the victim culture is the tolerance of black wrong-doing which Flaherty decribes. It is  born of the belief that it is the product of social ie white ‘oppression’.  Obviously, if you have a weak personal moral compass in a secular environment where right and wrong are relative, are told that you are oppressed and that your bad behaviour is the fault of others, you will find no great internal impediment to indulging in that same bad behaviour.  As for external constraints; these are non-existent for all practical purposes.  White leftist /liberals will excuse your behaviour and hysteria about ‘racist’ thinking, will help you to get away with it. Somehow leftists / liberals excuse it on racial grounds whilst at the same time managing to deny that it has anything to do with race.

Poverty is to blame?  Not Really
A further implicit reason, often quoted by leftists, is ‘poverty’.  But poverty is not of itself a cause of criminal behaviour.  Nor is the gap between rich and poor.  Crime was virtually non-existent by modern standards in England and Wales in the early 20th century although there was widespread poverty and the gap between rich and poor was infinitely higher than it is today.  (In 1921 there were 103,000 recorded crimes, pop. 37,886,689; In 2001 there were 5,200,000 recorded crimes, pop. 53,137,000.  Quoted by Peter Hichens, 2003 p 14: A Brief History of Crime).

If in general Blacks, who have been the beneficiaries of the racial discrimination (‘affirmative action’) in their favour for generations as noted above have not heaved themselves out of ‘poverty’,  this is because use with a mean IQ of 85 (Whites 100) and other characteristics they are not capable of anything else and have only themselves  to blame.

It’s Easier to Blame Whitey than to confront the Truth
This though is an uncomfortable fact that blacks would for understandable reasons rather not confront, preferring to blame Whitey.  Whitey of course, or its cringing, dominant left-liberal political class, is only too happy to agree with this fiction. (Who are Blacks going to blame when Whites are in a minority in the USA? The Jews?).

Other ethnic minorities though, such as the Jews (also heavily discriminated against historically) and the East Asians whom Blacks are inclined to torment and who started off in the USA in the 19th Century as indentured labourers with a social standing not much above slaves, do very well socio-economically.  In any case, the poverty of Blacks is entirely relative, consisting of a standard of living which would be thought of as great wealth by most of the world’s population.

The Black Poor will always be with us and so will Black Resentment and Violence - if Liberals do not see Reason
Jesus said ‘the poor are always with us’.  And because on average they lack the intellectual wherewithal and other personal characteristics necessary to succeed in a modern economy, blacks in general will always be poor, relatively speaking.  Or, if you like, the poor will always include a hugely disproportionate number of blacks.

Thus in the unlikely event that they learn to accept the realities of their condition, as we all have to, there will always exist a capacity for black resentment of more successful ethnic groups and so black violence.  Lies and excuses on their behalf will only succeed in deepening their frustration and distress.

The racially -determinedl socio-economic hierarchies that naturally develop in racially mixed societies with all their attendant social stresses is one of the key arguments against the existence of such societies.

An Expensive Outsourcing?

A number of people with whom I work are customers of the NatWest bank, a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which readers will recall was the beneficiary of a £37billion bailout at the time of the 2008 financial crisis, (caused in large part by the losses incurred by American banks lending too much money to African Americans and Immigrants who did not pay them back). 

Customers of NatWest and RBS have had a very difficult few days, and so have those banks!

Last Friday a software upgrade within the RBS systems went wrong, and efforts to correct the error accidentally resulted in the entire day’s transactions, for millions of customers, being erased. This was the biggest computer error ever to occur within the UK banking system, certainly in this century,  and has caused total chaos, especially to customers whose salaries were being paid in that day, or whose rent or mortgage payments were due to be made.  In addition thousands of house purchases and business transactions fell through, and in one instance a man on trial, who had been granted bail had to be kept in prison over the weekend as he was unable to raise the necessary funds as a direct result of the failure. 

The bank has promised to compensate anyone who lost money or suffered extra costs as a result of this error, and it is estimated that the debacle will cost the bank hundreds of millions of pounds, even before factoring in the loss of confidence, bad publicity and a potentially hefty fine by the bank regulator. There has also been a sizable slump in the bank's share price.

The problems started last Friday, and have not yet been resolved, and as the bank struggle to restore order and reputation, a story is beginning to gain purchase within the media, albeit it has not made it past the news censors at the BBC.

The story, which the banking unions have also begun totake up is that the error occurred due to inexperienced technicians in Hyderabad India.  It seems that the RBS recently laid off a large number of UK based technicians and relocated their jobs to India where people could be employed to do the job at a quarter of the salary.

If this is true then that cynical any unpatriotic decision to dump British workers and employ cut price staff in India, has cost the bank very dearly indeed.

I do not yet know if the story is true, the RBS CEO Stephen Hestor somewhat disingenuously insisted yesterday that the crisis was not a result of the outsourcing move, but he would say that wouldn’t he, also, he and the bank's rather freyed PR department have suddenly become considerably less forthright on the issue today!  If it does turn out to be true, the irony would be too delicious for words.

Maybe there is such a thing as karma after all!

Sunday 24 June 2012

Farm attack victim dead, wife fighting for her life

Johan van Rensburg, 77, who was killed in a farm attack in Limpopo, is pictured with his son Hanno and his grandson, also Hanno. (Beeld)
Johannesburg - A 65-year-old woman who was shot three times in a farm attack in which her husband was killed, is fighting for her life in a Polokwane hospital.

Beeld reported that doctors said Gloudien van Rensburg would probably be paralysed if she survived.

She was shot as she lay sleeping next to her husband, Johan van Rensburg, 77, on their game farm Cosmopolite near the Botswana border.

Her husband was shot dead by the four men who cut the electric fence and bent back burglar bars in the bathroom to get into the house.

The couple were attacked early on Wednesday morning.  American tourists, who had come to hunt on the farm, were woken up by the shots and raised the alarm.

The Americans were apparently too shocked to talk to reporters.

Firearms were stolen from the house but the couple’s cellphones had not been taken.

They celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary in January.


Afrikaner community in mourning over ongoing slaughter

As Censorbugbear has reported members of the Afrikaner community led by celebrities, such as Singer/Songwriter Steve Hofmyr,  have been protesting against the brutal violence being inflicted on their three and a half million strong community.  If anyone has seen any reference to this in the Western media please post a link in the comments section (you can do so anonymously)
Thanks to Heather and TVJ

Friday 22 June 2012

The Rise of New-Variant Liberal Totalitarianism and the War against England by Frank Ellis

Dr Frank Ellis ( a regular contributor to this site) recently made a speech to the Traditional Britain group at the Enoch Powell Centeniary Dinner.  

Click here to read The Rise of New-Variant Liberal Totalitarianism and the War against England by Frank Ellis at the Dr Frank Ellis blog

or click here to watch a video of Dr Ellis delivering his talk

Sunday 17 June 2012

Death of a Celtic Tiger

The new Irish join the unemployment queue

The Irish unemployment rate has just reached 14.8%, yet with apparent disregard for the plight of their own people the Irish government continues its suicidal immigration policy.   

4,000 people from 110 countries delighted to receive Irish citizenship

And they wonder why the once thriving Irish economy is in free fall!

Saturday 16 June 2012

Mike Smith

Thanks to all those who have written to be regarding my earlier posting about Mike Smith's blog.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

It appears that Mike recently posted to say that is taking a break. I am told he is expected to return soon, which appears to be why his blog is currently off line.

It is a tribute to Mike's excellent blogging that so many people were concerned about his absence.

The Reporter who asked Obama a question

With apologies to H.M. Bateman

Obama Shows his true Colours .... again!

With an official unemployment total of well over 8% and a real one closer to 20%, President Obama decides his own job is more important and seeks to buy Hispanic votes by adding millions of additional job seekers to the job market in what is in effect an amnesty for illegal immigrants. To do this, he bypassed Congress, just like any other third world dictator would do.

Is there anyone in America still dumb enough not to see through this man?

Thursday 14 June 2012

Mike Smith's site

A large number of readers have written to me asking why Mike Smith's Political Commentary is currently offline.  I am afraid I do not have any answers at the moment, but I am seeking to find out, and will update you as soon as I get any information.

It has been suggested that Mike is merely taking a break, lets hope that is the case, and that he will be returning shortly.

If anyone has further information, please leave a comment below or write to me privately.

Monday 11 June 2012

The cycle of life and death

I have spent the last week dealing with the loss of a much loved uncle, hence I have not had the time or inclination to write much for a while.

His death was most unexpected, as recently as April he was out hiking on his beloved moors, little knowing quite how ill he was. He even managed to enjoy a few weeks of trout fishing, which was another of his passions.

His appearance of ruddy health was in part what killed him, because of it the cancer was diagnosed too late to deal with and within less than four weeks he was gone. Kind perhaps that he did not suffer long but, but cruel to those of us who were not prepared to lose him.

His was the third funeral I have attended in less than three years, some may recall I wrote of another one before.

It is true for most that death tends to come in phases in one’s life.

In your early teens your grandparents generation begin to die, one by one the four of them go, usually the men first and then the women, and others of their age group, people who had been around you all your childhood, and who could be relied on for gifts and treats, are suddenly no longer there.

The pain of those losses although acute are mercifully short lived, the lord’s kindness enables children to move on and to somehow understand that old people die.

However, sometimes people die out of turn, and that is different. My beautiful aunt, the wife of my, once equally handsome, uncle who died last week, died thirty years ago, when I was twelve, in a sailing accident which shocked us all, and makes me nervous even now when my eldest son goes near the sea.

My uncle never remarried, and until his death he still spoke of her, as if she was still there and had only gone for a while.

For most people then two or three decades pass before the next phase of deaths begin. I was unlucky in that my parents both died before their time and I had lost both by the age of thirty two. But now in my forties it is the time when my parents' siblings like my uncle and their friends who came of age after the war or in that most hopeful decades, the 1950’s, to begin to take their leave.

Unlike the fleeting grief of childhood, the pain of that loss, the loss of parents, never really goes, or certainly it has not left me yet.

I guess when they have all gone if I am lucky thirty years will pass before my own generation begin to die, and that third phase of funerals will begin. And, then of course it will be my turn to take the journey my faith still tells me I will take.

Some break the circle and die young, like my aunt, and then my first ever boyfriend who died in his 20’s. We had split up some time before, but had remained friends and I still mourn and miss him.

On the other hand, others like my grandfather’s sister, my great aunt, live on into their 90’s, still walking dogs, and holidaying away from home at least once every year as they robustly approach their century.

The cycle moves on and we can never know when our day will come, or what mark if any we will leave when we go.

I suppose that if those we have left have reason to cry that we have gone, as we all had reason to cry this week, then we will have achieved as much as most in life will ever do and have little else to ask for.

Silencing Speech in Norway

Following the massacre carried out by the deluded lunatic Anders Breivik, the Norwegian government declared that, going forward, it would allow greater openness in debate within the fiercely politically correct state. However, give the experiences of one writer who dared to challenge the ludicrous fairy tales which pass for “African history” in Norway, it appears that, like so many statements and promises by corrupt European politicians, the government’s declaration amounted to little more than a gust of meaningless hot air.

Clickhere to read “No freedom of Speech for Norwegian public workers”

Monday 4 June 2012

A Tribute to Emma West - My Tram Experience

Click on the image, or here to visit YouTube

hat tip: Runic and Emma4Queen

A Lost world

An English family picnic in 1952

When the BBC and others show us photographs and film of life in Britain before the never previously experienced levels of mass immigration which has so changed our society, they invariably, and I am sure deliberately, show us dull black and white photographs and film all of which make Britain appear a drab, austere and generally unappealing place to be. However, as the picture at the top of this article and these pictures from Saturday's Mail online suggest the truth was somewhat different. 
As means of comparison, here are some pictures of modern Britain which have received the treatment which the BBC applies to our past - suddenly it doesn't look so "vibrant" does it?

A direct comparison?

Schoolboys and authority figures - then and now

A very different world

Friday 1 June 2012

I am a Racist

The following article appeared on South Africa's News 24 last week, however, much of it could apply equally to Britain, America or really any current western nation:

I am a Racist  

A South African artist called Brett Murray has been causing a huge stir since his painting of South Africa’s president titled The Spear was put up in  a local gallery. The ANC have worked themselves up into a total frothy about the painting and their biggest issue with it - It’s racist. ???????

Disrespectful, maybe. Rude, maybe. But racist???

That little word that has become the political whip with which the ANC work the masses up into angry mobs and riots anytime something happens that they don’t like. And it’s becoming really really tiring.

In South Africa, the word racist has lost it’s original meaning and now only get’s used to describe a white person doing something a black person doesn’t like. You never hear it used in any other context. You can’t say to a black CEO that he is racist because he won’t hire white people, no - he’s just making sure that only blacks get hired because of BEE. You can’t call a university racist because they won’t accept an application from a white student with straight A’s for 8 subjects - instead taking on a black student who barely passed matric. Nope, they’re not racist, they’re just correcting the wrongs of the past. But god forbid you do hire the white person or you do admit the white student, you’ll be branded racist by the government quicker that you can say “colour shouldn’t be the issue here” because how dare you choose a white person over a black person in a democratic South Africa.

Most of the time when you are a white person and you call your fellow countrymen to be held accountable for their unacceptable words and actions such as corruption, nepotism, fraud, theft, you’ll be branded a racist. 

Hat Tip: Dina, Tinus and Laager

Liberty Lost

By Diana West 

Back in 2001, Britain’s political parties signed a fantastic pledge. They agreed to say nothing to “stir up racial or religious hatred, or lead to prejudice on grounds of race, nationality or religion.”

This gag order did more than keep the parties polite. Vital issues – from massive immigration and multiculturalism to their eradicating effects on British civilization – were officially banned. Thus, such concerns became impermissible thoughts. Not that such issues weren’t already thoughtcrime, as George Orwell would have put it. But this unprecedented pledge turned “violators” into political lepers.

I thought of that elite code of cowardice this week when a London judge sentenced a 42-year-old British secretary named Jacqueline Woodhouse to 21 weeks in jail. Her crime? An expletive-laden rant about immigration, multiculturalism and the disappearance of British civilization. Not in so many words. But that was the unmistakable gist of Woodhouse’s commentary one January night on the London Underground.

This same week, another London judge ordered two black girls, 18 and 19, to perform community service after a savage physical attack on two white legal secretaries. “I am satisfied what you both did, you did that night because you were fueled by alcohol,” Judge Stephen Kramer said, as though tut-tutting a child’s unknowing apple theft.

A few months ago, another London judge freed four Somali Muslim women who set upon a white couple, yelling, “Kill the white slag,” and other anti-white slurs. The gang beat the woman to the ground and ripped out a patch of her hair. Judge Robert Brown was lenient because, he ruled, as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk.

Jacqueline Woodhouse was drunk, too, but that was no mitigating factor in her case. She harmed no one, but that was no mitigating factor, either. Judge Michael Snow invoked the “deep sense of shame” Woodhouse’s display elicited, because “our citizens … may, as a consequence, believe that it secretly represents the views of other white people.”

“Thoughtcrime is death,” as Orwell wrote in “1984.”

Click here to continue reading and then circulate