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White Girl Bleed a Lot - Book Review


No Part of this book may be reproduced in any form … The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote excerpts in a review’.  So runs the first page of ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’, the explosive  book by the award-winning American Journalist, Colin Flaherty.

As this is a Review, here is an Extract:
Race riots are back.

‘Along with widespread racial crime and violence.

‘In hundreds of episodes in more than 50 cities since 2010, groups of black people are roaming the streets of America – assaulting, intimidating, stalking, threatening, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, even raping and killing.

Flaherty makes this point by detailing many of these episodes.  One of his chief complaints is that they aren’t normally reported by the media, not in the national media or even in the local media in the cities or areas where they occur.  Or if they are, the story is that there was nothing much to worry about because

Flash mobs, young people, gangs, people with no direction or good parents, they did it’
But as for race?  Nobody knew nuttin about nuttin’ see?’

Or if they did, it was ‘racist’ to mention it.
 For example, a sopping wet journalist apologist for black violence, one Emily Guendelsberger was seriously hurt when a black crowd of thousands roamed Philadelphia (where the previous two years had seen dozens of episodes of racial mob violence, all with same characteristics).

In the Guendelsberger incident they had descended on ‘an urban enclave of upscale bars and restaurants and shops with mayhem on their minds.  Running  through the streets, assaulting people in restaurants, stealing their phones and purses, pulling people off bicycles, and always violence, lots of violence.

But it wasn’t racist violence when they attacked Guendelberger because her  brown boyfriend was also assaulted, although’ not as badly as she was.  This ‘proved’ her point that race had nothing to do with it.  Anyone who thought differently was ‘racist’ and ‘creepy,’ she said.

A Racist Fact
Several on-line commentators wondered why she couldn’t acknowledge the racial component of the mob.  Replied one: ‘Unless you’re pointing that out to show how whites have oppressed blacks, acknowledging that fact is racist.’

They weren’t riots – some other description is used – and/or they were ‘traditional’.
Thus in Peoria, Illinois, once a byword for middle America (hence the famous phrase, ‘will it play in Peoria?) when on the 4th of July a black mob of thousands in a housing ‘project’ (ie publically owned housing estate) blocked a fire truck’s  access to a fire and threw exploding, industrial –type fireworks and bottles at  police and firemen; when 60-70 African-American youths marched down one of the side streets to the 4-lane main drag, yelling threats to white residents, such as ‘we need to kill all the white people around here’; when 20 black women threw rocks at houses and attacked a man, according to the information officer, these were not race riots because as Flaherty puts it, ‘the people doing the rioting did not say it was.  Or something like that.

The police had to fire nearly 200 pepper balls in order to gain control of the crowd and ‘every officer said pretty much the same thing – that it was chaotic and like a riot….every officer received bruises and burn marks.’  But the Police Information Officer said that ‘Revellers there have traditionally held private fireworks displays on the fourth and previously made targets of the police and passers by’.

A Beef about this Book
Oh.  ‘Revellers’ attacking the police and passers by is traditional.  So that’s all right then.  As Flaherty says, ‘I say rioters. You say revellers.’  ‘But’, Flaherty goes on, ‘the video tells another story’.  And here we have a beef about this book.

In the absence of news reports, or truthful ones, Flaherty backs up his undeniable case that there are widespread black-instigated race riots in the USA by referring to videos on You Tube and elsewhere on the internet which tell the real story.  (How the power of the internet is undermining the lies and distortions of the traditional MSM!!!!).  But until you buy the book you are unlikely to find this out, which is a great shame.  As is stated in the opening pages, ‘Because links to videos and pictures are such an important part of this book, this book is best viewed on E-reader.’

Never mind though.  Such is such is the power of the rata-tat-tat of so many incidents of shocking proportions detailed all over the USA, representing untold numbers of others, that one puts up with the inconvenience of finding the videos in question on line.  But be warned.

Attacking the Weak
Flaherty identifies a disturbing characteristic of these riots.  They focus on the weak.  Lone White Men, Women, Gays and others.  The upscale Philadelphia area mentioned above is a favourite of Gays.  While the White weak are especially at risk, others also suffer.  South Philadelphia High School is 70% black and 18 % Asian (In USA terms this means mostly orientals like Chinese, Vietnamese etc)

A Department of Justice report found that a contingent of largely black school officials dismissed ignored and even encouraged attacks on Asian students by Black students.

For years, Black students systematically beat and harassed Asian students on a daily basis.  In December 2009, 30 Asians were attacked sending 13 of them for emergency treatment.  School officials told local news outlets that the attacks were in no way racial.  The (mostly black) school authorities handed pamphlets to the Asians instructing them how to avoid antagonising their black schoolmates with racist behaviour - !!!

A Descriptive, not an Explanatory Book
Flaherty does not intend this book to be explanatory.  He merely presents a picture of what is happening.  But explanations for the explosion in race riots are implicit. In particular there is the power of modern communications.  Not only does the Internet carry reports and videos of the race riots which the liberals who run the newspapers and TV and Radio Channels choose to ignore, downplay, minimise or misrepresent, but the riots including the black flash mobs which are terrorising and robbing the citizenry, stores and restaurants of the USA are organised using their new social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

Modern communications which have enabled tendencies to crystallise in mob form are probably at least part of the explanation as to why these phenomena  have surfaced in recent years in such spectacular fashion.  The same thing happened with the Riots in Britain recently.

Moral Collapse and the Victim Culture
Other implied causes include the malign and manifold influences of the post-1960’s moral collapse (eg illegitimacy among blacks is now 70%.) Then there is the growth of the victim culture which has been encouraged by guilt–ridden liberal /left whites and which has fostered a sense of grievance and entitlement.  This is despite the fact that blacks in America  have been favoured  over whites for nearly half a century with ‘quotas, set–asides, lower standards for blacks, training reserved for blacks, efforts to recruit blacks not matched by efforts to recruit whites, race-norming of tests, banding and recentering.’  (Michael Levin, ‘Why Race Matters’, 2005, P232).

Left/Liberal ‘Anti-Racism’ Denies, Excuses and Encourages Black Wrong Doing
Linked with the victim culture is the tolerance of black wrong-doing which Flaherty decribes. It is  born of the belief that it is the product of social ie white ‘oppression’.  Obviously, if you have a weak personal moral compass in a secular environment where right and wrong are relative, are told that you are oppressed and that your bad behaviour is the fault of others, you will find no great internal impediment to indulging in that same bad behaviour.  As for external constraints; these are non-existent for all practical purposes.  White leftist /liberals will excuse your behaviour and hysteria about ‘racist’ thinking, will help you to get away with it. Somehow leftists / liberals excuse it on racial grounds whilst at the same time managing to deny that it has anything to do with race.

Poverty is to blame?  Not Really
A further implicit reason, often quoted by leftists, is ‘poverty’.  But poverty is not of itself a cause of criminal behaviour.  Nor is the gap between rich and poor.  Crime was virtually non-existent by modern standards in England and Wales in the early 20th century although there was widespread poverty and the gap between rich and poor was infinitely higher than it is today.  (In 1921 there were 103,000 recorded crimes, pop. 37,886,689; In 2001 there were 5,200,000 recorded crimes, pop. 53,137,000.  Quoted by Peter Hichens, 2003 p 14: A Brief History of Crime).

If in general Blacks, who have been the beneficiaries of the racial discrimination (‘affirmative action’) in their favour for generations as noted above have not heaved themselves out of ‘poverty’,  this is because use with a mean IQ of 85 (Whites 100) and other characteristics they are not capable of anything else and have only themselves  to blame.

It’s Easier to Blame Whitey than to confront the Truth
This though is an uncomfortable fact that blacks would for understandable reasons rather not confront, preferring to blame Whitey.  Whitey of course, or its cringing, dominant left-liberal political class, is only too happy to agree with this fiction. (Who are Blacks going to blame when Whites are in a minority in the USA? The Jews?).

Other ethnic minorities though, such as the Jews (also heavily discriminated against historically) and the East Asians whom Blacks are inclined to torment and who started off in the USA in the 19th Century as indentured labourers with a social standing not much above slaves, do very well socio-economically.  In any case, the poverty of Blacks is entirely relative, consisting of a standard of living which would be thought of as great wealth by most of the world’s population.

The Black Poor will always be with us and so will Black Resentment and Violence - if Liberals do not see Reason
Jesus said ‘the poor are always with us’.  And because on average they lack the intellectual wherewithal and other personal characteristics necessary to succeed in a modern economy, blacks in general will always be poor, relatively speaking.  Or, if you like, the poor will always include a hugely disproportionate number of blacks.

Thus in the unlikely event that they learn to accept the realities of their condition, as we all have to, there will always exist a capacity for black resentment of more successful ethnic groups and so black violence.  Lies and excuses on their behalf will only succeed in deepening their frustration and distress.

The racially -determinedl socio-economic hierarchies that naturally develop in racially mixed societies with all their attendant social stresses is one of the key arguments against the existence of such societies.


Anonymous said...

Even if you get it as an e-book videos of TNB sort of disappear because they do not suit the narrative.

For example the Emma West one was left up so that she could be charged whereas the one of the muslim man attacking another with a pipe was taken down as it might be inflammatory.

Also it could not be used in evidence against him because such video is inadmissible as evidence.

How quaint that they should make an exception for Emma West and her showtrial?

Celtic Warrior said...

I note that a memorial to the 55000 men of Bomber Command who died between 1939 and 1945 defending Britain against National Socialism, has just been dedicated in London.

One wonders if the grandsons and great grandsons of those men who gave their all, are able and willing to make the same sacrifice today, in the defense of Britain against International Socialism.

sibyl9 said...

Thanks to Mr. Flaherty for exposing the truth and to Mr. Haydon for spreading the word about this book. The MSM continues to shield this information from the public and should be held accountable as an accessory to the crimes.

Anonymous said...

People are starting to wake up here in the USA. Some are speaking out, educating, blogging and getting informed.

Excellent blog:

These two blogs report black on white violence:

Survival Tips for Flash Mob violence

Zebra: The True Account of the 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco"

It's a story we aren't supposed to remember. It's a story we aren't supposed to discuss.

Anonymous said...

More Black Racism:

New Black Panther Declares: We Will Hunt ‘Pink A**es’ Down, ‘Kill ’Em, Dig ‘Em Up & Kill ‘Em Again & Again & Again!’

Anonymous said...

No poverty can definitely not be blamed. So let me explain as to why I am so sure about it. in S. Africa the majority of Indians from India who were brought to this country by the British was done so for the sole purpose of planting and cutting sugar cane. They were all very poor and were only too keen to earn a few pence per day. The blacks had refused and prefered to sit around doing nothing more than watch their womenfolk work at home and in the garden surrounding their hut. The womenfolk had to also brew their beer for them and had to serve it to them. This was the tradition and cutting sugarcane was not part of it. The Indians also had to live under the same colourbar policy during British rule and then the same apartheid policies under the former S. African Nationalist government's rule. During that time their children were sent to school and education was regarded by them as a top priority. The majority of them studied hard and became business owners, doctors, lawyers and the list is endless. Poverty and segregation/seperate development never held them back at all. Mr. black however eventually realized that if he wanted to get somewhere in life he would need an education and a half hearted attempt was made to do so. However the beerpot and cultural tradition plus their dreaded fear of hard work hampered them so much so that many of them did turn to crime. It was far easier just to take something without working for it and in the process be lauded and applauded by their leaders. But the world is and has no place or respect for fools and so they had to learn this the hard way. When they did eventually put their minds to achieving the benefits of a good education the Indian community were streets ahead of them. What we are seeing today is definitely not because of poverty but it is the result of a lack of enthusiasm to work hard for what you get in life and their own ignorance. The black believes that his reward should always be greater than his deed and if he can't get his own way then anything and everything within reach is used to blame for it. Whatever it is/takes it will be utilized as a reason for their ignorant and violent destruction of the civilized world today.

Laager said...


"If in general Blacks, who have been the beneficiaries of the racial discrimination (‘affirmative action’) in their favour for generations as noted above have not heaved themselves out of ‘poverty’, this is because use with a mean IQ of 85 (Whites 100) and other characteristics they are not capable of anything else and have only themselves to blame."


I grew up in South Africa during the formal apartheid era and witnessed the international campaign to condemn and end it.

At this point I would like to draw a distinction between what could be called "informal apartheid" and "formal apartheid".

Let us first clarify the meaning of the word. In German, Dutch, Flemish and Afrikaans dictionaries Apartheid is defined as: The state/situation/condition of races living apart / seperately. The formal SA English description for the policy was Seperate Development. In Britain it would fall under the banner of Freedom Of Association.

What is "Informal Apartheid"?
The Dutch Cape Colony was originally governed by The Dutch East India Company and for 3 brief years The Batavian Republic. The company imposed its rules and staff hierarchy system on its operations. Slaves were imported from Dutch possessions in the east (Indonesia) and bought in from west Africa. Thus the social pecking order extended to a class system imported from Europe, which at the lower end was predicated on race. In 1806 the Cape was forcibly occupied by the British who set about converting it into a British Colony.

The first racially segregationist / discriminatory laws which regulated the system inherited from the Dutch can be found on the statute books of the Cape Parliament post 1806. This was followed by the British Crown colony of Natal post 1843, and later by the two Boer Republics. The Orange Free State post 1854 and the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (renamed Transvaal after 1902) post 1856. British patronage prevailed over all legislation passed by the subsequent Union of South Africa - 1902 to 1910 and then until 1961 (i.e. a full 155 years) when the territory became a republic and they withdrew. [Ref: www:o'malley heart of hope]

Laager said...

The (mainly Afrikaner) National Party came to power in 1948 and inherited a plethora of "informal apartheid" segregationist legislation. They decided to name the existing status quo; Apartheid / Separate Development. Thus the "formal apartheid" era came into being between 1948 and 1990 when all segregationist and discriminatory legislation was abolished.
As part of this policy they invested extensively in the Native Reserves = Bantustans = Homelands to uplift the 9 black tribes of SA and assist them to cross over from their traditional subsistence farming society to acquire skills to participate in the emerging industrialised society created by the white settlers.
A Department of Bantu Education was created to manage their educational requirements.
In the early defence of their policy the National Party repeatedly quoted a Bible text: "they shall be hewers of wood and carriers of water". This brought howls of criticism from the international community who charged the SA Govt with providing a dumbed down education for their black citizens. The reality was that the white education departments had found that blacks in general did not perform well within the white system.
This is supported by Anon 06:59's article about the progress of the SA Indian community who uplifted themselves within exactly the same circumstances as the blacks.
This so called dumbed down Bantu Education is convincingly refuted on Mike Smith's Political Commentary website in an article in his series: Lifting the Lid on Pandora's Box.
It is interesting to note that the above quote comes from a book authored in the USA where $billions has been spent on upliftment programs on their black population.
Similarly, a black politician in the UK a few years ago proposed that black children in the UK be sent to exclusive black schools in an effort to improve their academic performance and match that of the white scholars. Needless to say the proposal went nowhere as the white liberal establishment wanted nothing to do with anything that remotely touched on segregation /apartheid.
So here we have 3 different countries on opposite sides of the planet all coming to the same conclusion.
Blacks simply do not cut it in the same white created educational institutions as their white peers do. This ultimately leads to non performance in the workplace in the societies they find themselves in.
It is peculiar that so called "white racists" and race realists can see this, but liberals do not (cannot / will not?) as they blindly pursue their headlong folly of immigration, multi-culturism, integration, diversity and enrichment.
I worry about the legacy that our grand children will inherit as all the current evidence about increasing black on white violence accumulates and the main stream media goes to incredible lengths to justify, ignore or hide it.

Unknown said...

This is one of Mr Flaherty's documents about so many race riots involving violence, vandalism, and mob beatings of non-blacks. "This is a challenging book. An interesting and powerful book by a great American writer not afraid to look at one of the most thought about but unspoken features of American life." White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Race Riots to America And how the media ignore it? Flaherty also exposed how media, local police, and politicians refused to talk about the racial aspect of the incidents. The ebook has many clickable links for video and photo which makes it really interesting.

Robert in Arabia said...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Ironic Twist in Murder/Rape of Swedish Girl
This is an older story that completely slipped under my radar. Granted, my blog was not up at the time of this crime. But I don't even recall ever hearing about it! But it is an important story and a cautionary tale. Thus I am posting it today. A little over a year ago a music video called "Mix it Up" (which I did hear about and watch.) was shot in Sweden. The whole premise of the video was that whites should sleep with non - whites. It was pure Miscegenation propaganda. The video itself is a topic worthy of an entire post. One of the "Stars"of the video was a pretty little blond Swedish girl named Elin Krantz. At one point in the video, Krantz can be seen writhing on top of a black male in mock sex while singing what I believe to be the Swedish National Anthem. You can see it in the video beginning around the 1:02 mark.

In a twist of sickening fate Elin Krantz was brutally raped, murdered and her body discarded like garbage by a black male who was riding the same train as her. I have seen the crime scene photos and they are sickening. I take zero pleasure in the fact that this poor girl departed this earth in one of the most horrible ways imaginable. But the irony here is not lost on me. If anything, Elin Krantz should be the poster child for the evil human sacrifice cult that is liberalism. A cult that is especially successful at brainwashing and sacrificing young white women to its God of Non - Discrimination.

Posted by Cicero at 12:24 PM
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Anonymous said...

Hello my good friend and may you keep those good and interesting comments and facts flowing in. However I would not be too hard on the media because news whether good or bad sells and it is said that BAD news travels/sells like wildfire and good news travels/sells slow. So I don't think/hope that the media would endeavour to cut their own profits unless they had a good reason for doing so. Therefore one does not need to look further than the ruling governments in power to asses who or what is truly behind the news blockade in a country. On paper there is no other organization big enough or strong enough in a country to be able to completely muzzle the free press. "Freedom of speech" and "freedom of the press" are only two of the main liberties to go when a deceitful government takes control in a country and it happens all over the world today. Aother reason for the news blockade could be that the government has gained support or managed to acquire sympathy from people within the media itself. However one can see clearly that no matter which side of the fence one is standing on the end result of a news blockade will definitely create a financial loss for the media. Dictators have the habit of sticking a dirty finger in everybodies pie while also at the same time sticking the other dirty finger in the persons eye. At the back of every evil leaders mind there is the burning desire of creating a dictatorship in the country and come hell or high water they will do whatever evil it takes to achieve their objective. Regardless of the consequences or the fate of the people within the country they will endeavour to obliterate every form of adverse opposition. Uncle Bob Mugabe learnt the tricks of his dirty trade from past and present dictators/destroyers in Africa. Zuma and Malema of South Africa are the next in line to follow suite but at the moment they are enviously marking time in his shadow.