Tuesday 29 September 2009

Balancing Prosecutions – Part 3 – Revisiting Duke Lacrosse

(For the sake of context I hope that readers will also read parts one and two of this series of essays.)

In the third and final part of this series I am going to look at what became known as the Duke Lacrosse Hoax. The facts of the case are somewhat less dramatic than was the reaction to it, however, as readers in Europe may not be as familiar with the case as those in America, In will start with a brief summary.

It all started at a spring break party arranged by members of the men's lacrosse team North Carolina's prestigious Duke university, on the evening of March 13 2006. Spring break parties take place at Universities and colleges across America at that time of year and are attended by students of both sexes and numerous racial groups. There are any number of web sites set up for the purpose of displaying pictures and videos of what goes on at these parties, I shall demure from linking to any out of consideration for the blood pressure of some of my readers, but it is safe to say that the antics can be quite lively.

There are very few such parties where, what we might consider to be America's somewhat draconian laws on under aged drinking are not widely broken. Many parties will arrange entertainment, which can include adult movies, and the hiring of male or female strippers, depending on the gender or sexual proclivities of those throwing the parties.

These are not events to which it would be wise to invite an elderly vicar or your maiden aunt from Rhyl, unless the old girl is particularly game. That said, in fairness it has to be noted such events are enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of healthy young Americans of all races, sexes and inclinations each year. However, acknowledging this fact was not a fairness which the US media or many left wing academics chose to grant to the Duke University men's lacrosse team.

The lacrosse team, had a reputation for lively behaviour and under aged drinking, but as I shall show later in this article, they were not the out of control louts which the local police, many of their university professors and national media sought to portray them. However, on that night two of the captains unwisely decided to include some entertainment at the party, by hiring some exotic dancers. One of them then telephoned an agency and booked two white strippers.

Despite the terms of the booking, the agency in fact sent two black women, one of whom would subsequently make the accusations which placed three young in dire peril.

Even though the dancers did not match the booking, the players paid them the $800 which had been agreed. Everyone then went into the lounge, where the dancers began to perform their “exotic dance”. After that, there is some debate as to what happened in the relatively short period during which the women were in the house which the team captains rented. It is claimed by many who were present that the woman who would later claim she was raped was somewhat incapacitated either by alcohol or narcotics, claims which are, to some extent, supported by photographs taken at the time which do suggest that she may have been somewhat unstable on her feet.

The pictures are also revealing when one notes the posture of the lacrosse players, who appear to be sitting around politely watching the women dance. I don't know what you see, but I am certainly can not see the leering, jeering satyrs of popular legend which press reports later sought to evoke.

The women stopped dancing after approximately two to a maximum of three minutes, the second women later claimed that she had taken offence to a smutty comment made by one of the players, after which both women refused to continue dancing. Again there are differing accounts as to what occurred. Certainly some of the players, including two who would later be charged with rape, had found the event rather distasteful and decided to leave, whilst others felt they had been ripped off, and were concerned that they had paid out $800 for less than three minutes of entertainment.

The accuser later complained that her money was missing, and it is possible that one or more of the players, although not one who was later charged, took their money back. I have seen no convincing evidence either way, and it is certainly true that an extremely hostile Durham police Department never attempted to bring charges against anyone in this respect. I do not know what happened, and give notice here that I will not accept comments from anyone who claims that if any money was taken back, this either constituted a crime or was equivalent in law or malice to either gang rape or false rape allegations. There is no comparison, and anyone who argues otherwise, as some have tried, shames themselves.

As the women left the house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd tempers became frayed and some sharp words were exchanged and one of the boys, again not one of those who later faced charges, made the mistake of using the infamous “N” word, although, he did not do so until after the second dancer had accused the players of being “Skinny dicked white boys”. Another player made a somewhat obscure comment asking the women to thank their grandparents for his “fine cotton shirt” which the media later determined to be a reference to slavery and therefore condemned the team to lasting allegations of racism.

Naturally a black woman in her thirties calling a teen aged white man a “Skinny dicked white boy” was not viewed in the same light.

What is now without doubt about the events at 619 N Buchanan Blvd on March 13 2006 is what did not happen. There was no violence, and most certainly there was no gang rape.

However, a few hours later, after the second dancer had called the police to remove the first dancer from her car, the first dancer made the first of a series of wildly varying allegations of various types of sexual assault by a regularly changing combination of white men, and the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax was born.

You will note, up to this point, I have chosen not to name any of those involved. Their names can be found via links in this article, and are easy to find, however, I don't consider their identities to be relevant to the points I am making, nor is it fair to name them again three and a half years after the event. The defendants names have been aired in public so often that they will forever be associated with a crime they did not commit, and I will not add to that injustice. Even the false accuser, who may well be mentally ill, is only relevant in so far as she made the allegations and those allegations were proved false, whether those allegations were made though malice or madness is of no significance.

What is of significance is how those who should have known better, those who's job it is to protect, teach or inform society dealt with her allegations, and what their motives were for doing so. To those people, the ones who exploited the lies of a mad woman for their own ends and for the sake of a political ideology, I will not extend the same right of anonymity.

Of those, the person usually held primarily responsible for the attempted railroading of the three members of the Duke Lacrosse team who were charged with a crime that never happened, was the local district attorney, Michael Nifong, who was subsequently disbarred in June 2007 following a series of ethical and prosecutorial abuse he committed in relation to this case . These abuses included the issuing of numerous prejudicial, guilt presuming and misleading statements to the press regarding the accused, he effectively took control of the case, and allegedly persuaded the local Durham police to violate their own identification processes to assist the accuser in identifying lacrosse players as her attackers, after she had failed to do so on a number of occasions. (the police only included pictures of lacrosse players in the photographs shown to the accuser, and she was told this, so she knew there were no wrong answers).

Most serious of all, Nifong conspired with the owner of a local laboratory to hide from the media, the court, and of course, the defence, the fact that although, as he did acknowledge, no DNA relating to any of the lacrosse players was found on the accuser, other DNA relating to at least five other unidentified males, not including her boyfriend, had been found in the woman's various body orifices and underwear.

This, of course was compelling evidence of innocence, especially as the accuser had claimed that her “attackers” did not use condoms, and that she had not had sex for at least a week before the “attack”. By seeking to hide it the Durham DA was guilty of serious misconduct. This led not only to his disbarment, but a prison sentence, although shockingly only for one day readers can speculate quite how long he might have served had his misconduct put innocent non-white defendants at risk.

Nifong had his own motives for what he did. As District Attorney, he was shortly to face an election, which, before the dancer made her allegations, he, as a white man, was not expected to win. To be re-elected as DA in Durham he needed the support of the large black community, who had long resented the, as they saw it, “privileged” white Duke students on their doorstep. As soon as the allegations surfaced, this community were demanding arrests, and Nifong not only gave them arrests, but he also gave them plenty of guilt presuming, anti white rhetoric to send them to bed happy.

Amongst his statements to the press he said "In this case, where you have the act of rape -- essentially a gang rape -- is bad enough in and of itself, but when it's made with racial epithets against the victim, I mean, it's just absolutely unconscionable"; and "The contempt that was shown for the victim, based on her race was totally abhorrent. It adds another layer of rephrensibleness (sic), to a crime that is already reprehensible." Despite the fact that, within days he must have realised that the accusers claims were, at best, questionable, he continued to call the players “hooligans” and went on to state, "The thing that most of us found so abhorrent, and the reason I decided to take it over myself, was the combination of gang-like rape activity accompanied by the racial slurs and general racial hostility."

Clearly intending to play the race card to the bitter end he stated "I'm not going to let Durham's view in the minds of the world to be a bunch of lacrosse players from Duke raping a black girl." Attending a meeting at the predominantly black North Carolina State University, where feelings were already running high about the case, Nifong placed himself squarely on the side of the black community by announcing "I assure you by my presence here that this case is not over."

All this was said, you will remember, about a crime which never occurred, and which Nifong must have known probably never occurred. He certainly must have known there was no evidence it occurred, apart from the accuser's ever changing account of events. At one point The dancer claimed she had been attacked by 20 men, at others she said five and later three men had raped her. In a further account she said the second dancer had assisted in the rape, whilst at another time she alleged that the second dancer had also been assaulted.

Also, before the police changed their identification procedures she had continued to identify a player who had been many miles from Durham on the night of the attack, as one of her assailants. In addition the dancer had a record of instability, and had made similar claims against a group of black men only a few years previously. She was not, by any stretch of the imagination, the credible witness upon who's testimony a prosecutor could safely base such inflammatory statements, yet the DA continued to make them.

I need not tell you what would have happened had a public official attempted to whip up racial animosity against blacks within a white community. However, no American politician has lost out from playing to black racism in the last 50 years and naturally Nifong romped home with a commanding percentage of the vote in the election held that November.

To find further evidence of the Durham electorate's racial loyalty one need look no further than the fact that even after a disgraced Nifong had been forced to stand down, and the accused players officially exonerated, the people of Durham went on to elect Tracey Cline, Nifong's black assistant DA to replace him, despite her own questionable involvement in the same prosecution.

It was not just the black community which behaved dishonourably or in a manner open to question. They were motivated by bigotry, racial animosity and. like Nifong, self interest, the behaviour of others was less easy to categorise.

Within hours of the dancer's claims becoming public, across America, it was as if a switch had been turned on and people from first Durham and then wider America began en masse to behave like pre-programmed jihadis reacting to a stimulus planted deep within a psyche. It was as if a million secret sleeper cells had awoken to a long promised event and were responding as they had been taught to do.

Durham and the Duke university campus were witness to candle lit gatherings attended by hundreds who chanted “We believe her, we believe her, we believe her”, Websites were set up declaring solidarity with the accuser and belief in her claims. Chat rooms and message boards buzzed with people convinced of the players guilt, and accusations of “racism” aimed at anyone cautioning against a rush to judgement.

Like in some over imaginative liberal's pre-civil rights fantasy, but with white targets, groups of people, calling themselves “concerned members of the Duke and Durham community”, but whom history will forever call “The pot-bangers”, and who's activities can be viewed on You tube here and here arrived outside the team captain's house. Singing songs of solidarity with the false accuser and banging a variety kitchen implements together. They demanded immediate confessions from the players, whilst simultaneously insisting they should be castrated and, presumably, raped, assuming I have correctly interpreted the words “Measure for Measure” emblazoned upon their banners.

In addition, a flyer, closely resembling a wanted poster, bearing the faces of the members of the lacrosse team was printed and pasted on trees and fences across the Duke campus and surrounding neighbourhood.

This was by no means the first time that similar allegations had been made against a team of American sportsmen, including previous charges of interracial rape, yet these had never led to similar scenes. This was however the first time that the allegations had been made by a black woman against a group of white sportsmen.

This, of course, was the point. Clearly sensing that the teachable moment which would support them well into retirement had arrived, no less that 88 members of the Duke University faculty, mostly professors within the “humanities” departments, such as Women's studies and African American history, came out in support of the protesters. They jointly published an advertisement in the Duke University magazine entitled “What does a Social Disaster sound like?” in which they expressed their outrage at “what had been done to the young woman” and thanked the potbangers for “not waiting” (presumably not waiting for guilt to be establish or paying any heed to such niceties as a presumption of innocence).

Here is a quote from the infamous advert, which was, you will recall drafted by salaried professors from one of America's most prestigious universities:
"We are listening to our students. We're also listening to the Durham community, to Duke staff, and to each other. Regardless of the results of the police investigation, what is apparent everyday [sic] now is the anger and fear of many students who know themselves to be objects of racism and sexism, who see illuminated in this moment's extraordinary spotlight what they live with everyday [sic]…. These students are shouting and whispering about what happened to this young woman and to themselves."
The advert then went on included a number of anonymous quotes allegedly from non-white students detailing their experience of racism on Duke campus.

It has been suggested that the group of 88 rushed to get the advert published in order that it would have maximum impact before the DNA results were revealed. Presumably they feared that, as proved to be the case, the results would be favourable towards the players. Whether or not this was true, Wahneema Lubiano Associate Professor, Literature and African and African-American Studies, who organised the advertisement, which she later acknowledged would be “a streak through the heart of the lacrosse team” (whom she termed “perfect offenders”) gave some signatories less than six hours to decide whether they would put their name, and, as such their departments credibility behind the advert.

These academics were able to ignore due process and the presumption of innocence, whilst attacking their own students, in the furtherance of of their questionable pedagogical agendas, with impunity, as the Duke administration and its Principle, Richard Broadhead seemed more committed to Political correctness and placating radical pressure groups than protecting the young people in its charge.

I do not have time here to go into detail regarding the behaviour of the Duke administration, or of the Durham NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured people) and the inaccurate, misleading and guilt alleging statement regarding the case on their website. The patently false information put out by the Durham Crime Stoppers group, stating incorrectly that there was strong evidence of rape, and also creating a myth, which was to continue throughout the case that the players were refusing to cooperate. Meanwhile an analysis of the false rumours, originating from at least one nurse, Tara Levicy, at Duke hospital that the accuser had sustained serious vaginal and anal injuries, whereas only a mild swelling and some evidence of thrush had been detected, would require a deeper investigation into pure human malice and the radical feminist mindset than I am inclined to go at this time. For those who wish to read more about these, I have listed a variety of sources at the bottom of this posting where further details of these can be found.

Whilst there, anyone who still believes that the law will protect the innocent, may wish examine the behaviour of much of the Durham judiciary, with particular reference to a certain Judge Ronald L Stevens who presided over a number of the initial hearings, and who, many feel should have stood next to the rogue prosecutor at his disciplinary hearing. That Stevens, among other things, allowed members of the New Black Panthers, who had arrived in town with the speed of flies to a road kill, to shout threats at one of the defendants in his own court, gives a good indication as to where that hanging judge's allegiance lay.

Needless to say, there were many many forces ranged against the three young white men charged with rape, and all those forces were desperate for them to be guilty, or at least, for them to be convicted. Indeed, for very, very many of those forces, the young men's guilt or innocence, was of less importance than the symbolism of a conviction. The attitude of many was summed up by one North Carolina Central University student who commented "whether it happened or not. It would be justice for things that happened in the past."

(Sotto voce: Of course, given that, as I indicated in a previous part of this essay, current US Crime statistics show that black men in America are over one thousand times more likely to rape white women than white men are to rape black women unless there has been a complete 180 degree change since “the past” one has to question whether “things that happened in the past” actually happened.)

Among those who clearly did believe that “things that happened in the past” really did happen, who were pre-disposed to believe every allegation, and who positively drooling blood with delight at the prospect of sending three young white men to prison were, of course, our old friends the media, in this instance the US media. If you think our media in Britain have drunk too long at the fountain of politically correct fibs and fantasies, you haven't seen anything to compare with the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek and the New York Times.

In direct contrast to the news black out which the entire US national news media applied to the racially motivated gang rape and murder of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian in Knoxville some nine months later the press descended upon Durham like an army equipped with camera trucks, satellite phones and large expense accounts. TV anchors and on the ground reporters grasped the story with relish, but there was only one scenario they wished to present and that involved white male privilege, black female victimhood and white racial and sexual violence. They had already effectively declared the outcome, and you can not believe how much the media, and their cheering supporters in chat rooms, message boards, and college staff rooms across America wanted that woman to have been raped by those men.

The press applied all their text book disinformation tricks, such as, as I have described before, what Ann Coulter termed the “lie of omission”, for instance by not reporting any uncomfortable facts they learned about the accuser, or indeed any evidence of good character on the part of the defendants. Another variation on the lie of omission is the “ignore its been disproved” trick, seen again later that year in the reporting of events at Jena, a small town in Louisiana, and used with gusto by those reporting on the lacrosse case. Some examples of the “ignore its been disproved” trick are as follows:

1) After leaving the lacrosse captain's house, and for reasons which remain unclear, the second dancer made a 911 call to the police, claiming that she and a female friend had been passing the house, when a group of white males ran out and started shouting racial slurs at them. There is some speculation as to why she made this call, and some have suggested that she was covering up the sting operation, which a number of the players suspected that the dancers were playing on them, whatever her motive, the 911 call was released by the police and became hot news for a few days.

Shortly afterwards the second dancer admitted publicly that it was she who made the call, and that the event had never happened. However, that did not stop press from continuing to report that the players had racially abused passers by.

2) On the same lines, numerous legends began to circulate regarding the alleged behaviour of the lacrosse team prior to the events of March 13, the team it was was said had a long record of racist and sexist abuse and of anti social acts. As a result Duke arranged for an investigation to be conducted by an eminent and well respected African American Duke professor of Law James Coleman who convened a committee and compiled a report on the team's general behaviour. Contrary to the legends, the Coleman committee report found no evidence of either racism or sexism, and rather than anti-social behaviour, it found some examples of rowdy behaviour, however the worst of this involved an incident where one player was punished for “throwing water”, suggesting the actions of lively, even mischevious, young men, rather than the swaggering, racist elitists they were being painted

At worst, the Coleman report found that the players frequently broke the laws on under aged drinking, but this was by no means an unusual misdemeanour in America, especially in states like North Carolina, where it is illegal to drink under the age of 21.

As the report did not produce the results the media wanted, its findings were widely ignored, and the discredited legends continued to be reported as fact. To this day you will hear you will hear commentators, who should know better, or who DO know better, repeating these same allegations even when grudgingly admitting the rape never took place.

The famous New York Times was amongst the many offenders continuing to run dozens of heavily biased and guilt presuming articles almost to the point where the case, and their reporting of it, imploded in front of them. Times Sports reporter Selena Roberts was guilty of some of the more intemperate, hate infused, and prejudiced reporting in the early stages. Amongst other things Roberts asserted that "something happened on March 13" without acknowledging that this was taking the unproven charges of the prosecution and announcing them as fact. Furthermore, Roberts published false information about the case through the Times, such as "Players have been forced to give up their DNA, but to the dismay of investigators, none have come forward to reveal an eyewitness account." In fact, the captains' March 28, 2006 statement and the defense attorneys' subsequent press conference both described the captains' cooperation with police, and both occurred before Roberts penned her column. The Times never ran a correction. (Source Wikipedia)

Worse even than Roberts, were that possible, was her colleague Duff Wilson, who was to become the main Times reporter covering the case and who, in a 5,700 word page 1 article published on August 25 2006, claimed that the prosecutors had strong evidence to continue pursuing the case against the three defendants, when, in fact no such evidence existed. Wilson did not admit that he report was primarily based on hand written notes prepared, from memory, by one policeman written months after the event, and which conveniently fudged or amended inconsistencies .Some may ask why should he admit it?, the policeman's notes told the story he wanted to report.

There are many other examples of the one sided and distorted manner in which the US media handled this case, and how differently they handled it from many of the other similar cases which has arisen over the years. However, this essay is already over long, so I shall restrict myself to commenting on one individual media personality. That individual is ex-prosecutor and legal commentator, turned TV host with her own TV show, CNN's Nancy Grace.

Staring fiercely into the camera like Perseus's recurring nightmare, in a peroxide helmet which Brunhilde would envy, Grace is a media phenomenon, credited with driving at least one interviewee to suicide. She is an ex-prosecutor, with a feminist ideology and little tolerance of such concepts as due process and the presumption of innocence. As a TV inquisitor she makes our own Television bullies like Jeremy Paxman, let alone Anne Robinson, appear shy and almost self-effacing.

Nancy Grace approached the Duke lacrosse case in somewhat the same manner that Pamela Voorhees (mother of Jason) might approach a wounded Fraternity pledge and emerged blood red on tooth and finely manicured claw.

Instead of seeking to describe the indescribable, I recommend that you watch this person in action, by clicking on the following links:

In this first clip on YouTube we see a section from one edition of the Nancy Grace show where the lacrosse case is discussed, at the beginning she appears almost rational, until she starts bullying one of her minions over what she perceives as over familiarity with the accused, by, for instance referring to one by his first name. Later in the clip she explodes in fury when a guest she interviews has the temerity to suggest the accused might be innocent. Note the contrast between how he is bullied and heckled with the respectful silence in which the following guest, a black female anti rape activist, is allowed to speak without interruption.

In the second clip from an edition of the Today Show, aired immediately after the North Carolina Attorney General declared the accused Lacrosse players were innocent of all charges, and in which the usually highly selective Jon Stewart goes some way towards redeeming himself with a brilliant expose of Nancy Grace's behaviour. The clip is highly recommended, not only for Stewart's humour, but because it shows various further examples of Grace's guilt assuming and quite outrageous behaviour.

The frightening thing about Nancy Grace is that, although she may appear extreme, she actually is not. She is merely a slightly more brutish example of how the US media in general approached this case. Many of her colleagues may have appeared more rational and pragmatic, but, with a few honourable exceptions, such as the late Ed Bradley, an African American TV journalist. whose CBS 60 Minutes show first raised doubts about the case in the public mind, their attitudes and belief's were no different. Their assumptions about the players were identical to hers, and so was their desire (instinct?) to destroy them, and the objectives behind their reporting. The only difference was that the street thug beneath Nancy Grace's caked on mascara made her less able to hide that truth.

The media and the venomous coalition of forces who gathered around Durham North Carolina, intent upon sacrificing three innocent young men in order to prove true the lies they have told us for the last 40 years have not gone away, and they will strike again, and this time their aim will be even more deadly.

When the hoax fell apart, it exposed quite how flawed and quite how outrageous it had been, because of that, few realise quite how close it came to succeeding.

Had it not been for one lawyer with a text book on DNA spending hour upon hour pouring over page after page of raw data, Nifong's conspiracy to hide the results might never have been exposed, would an overworked public defender have the time to do that? Indeed, had the accused not been the “Perfect offenders” as Duke professor Wahneema Lubiano had called them, they would not have been able to pay the lawyers who proved their innocence, something which almost bankrupted one of these so called, “privileged families”.

Had the players not been so attractive and so obviously innocent their plight may not have inspired so many bloggers to keep the spotlight on the case. Had they had consensual sex with the accuser, and left DNA, or had she been more credible, the outcome could have been very different indeed and the defendants could now have been into the first or second year of a thirty year prison sentence, which, for a young white man in an American prison is a very cruel and unnatural punishment.

Be under no illusion however, this is not over. The forces which grasped hold of Nifong's dirty little conspiracy and sought to drive it into the show trial which the Duke lacrosse would have been, made a huge mistake, however, they know it and they have learnt from it.

They know the accused were too perfect, the accuser too unbalanced and the prosecutor was a sociopath, they will not make that mistake again, but they will try again because they have no option.

Black men will not stop raping white women, the figures show that thousands and thousands of them do so every year. As diversity is forced on more and more areas it will happen more and more and it will be less difficult to hide. They need that balancing prosecution. The public are stupid, but they are not that stupid, they become less likely to believe in all the white rapists in the TV cop shows if their own daughter, and the girl across the street have been raped by a black man.

Other agendas, and careers, are at stake as well, how can tenured academics continue to claim salaries for teaching their students how white males oppress black women without eventually having to produce a practical example. They only need one, which can become the textbook example ignoring all others, but that one case has to happen.

How can TV producers continue to produce Bizarro World like shows Law and Order Special Victims. Or CSI Miami without events in the real world occasionally reflecting what they portray.

There is only so long that the media can continue to create the illusion of a an unending series of white hate crimes by omitting the word “black” from reports like “The Hispanic victim was attacked by a gang of ##### men” and deleting the word “Hispanic” from reports like “The black victim was attacked by a gang of ######## men”

There is an ideological industry at stake and in need of a high profile balancing prosecution.

However, the next time the defendants will be less attractive, they will be less wealthy and less able to defend themselves, but no less white. They will have have at least touched the woman, she will be credible and there will be DNA. Just wait and see.

And the same will happen in Britain because the same forces are at work here.

All demagogues require show trials to support their social engineering, and our demagogues are no different.


The Duke Lacrosse case is an event which every white person with a son should be aware of, I have merely scratched the surface of what took place. For those wishing to know more, I would recommend the following publications:

Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case by Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson

It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case and the Lives It Shattered by Mike Pressler and Don Yaeger

A Rush to Injustice: How Power, Prejudice, Racism, and Political Correctness Overshadowed Truth and Justice in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case by Nader Baydoun, and R. Stephanie Good

A trawl through the archives of the following Websites would also be informative:
Durham in Wonderland,
(A significant amount of information, documentation and photographs can also be found in the Reference section at the Duke Lacrosse case discussion board - However, visitors should be warned that it is an interactive board where they may encounter aggressively expressed alternative view points, and some obscene imagery)

Note #2
In part one of this series of essays I referred to Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma bombing, I see from this news story that the truth may not be as it first appeared.

Saturday 26 September 2009

Guess those Missing Words

Well Hello folks!! Welcome to .... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (play jingle: De diddle de de DA DA) a game requiring a minimum of skill and many hours experience of watching what passes for ....*NEWS COVERAGE* in Britain. The aim of ... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (De diddle de de DA DA) is to spot the words which a particular news source or broadcaster has fudged, obscured or, more often TOTALLY OMITTED from a news item, in order to hide or misrepresent facts which, if revealed openly and honestly, would not comply with their, blood oath linked, obligation to present our enforced multicultural society as an flawless paradise.

There are no prizes for guessing the words, just the smug satisfaction of knowing that you can see through the fog of fibs and omission which our national ...*NEWS MEDIA* use to bury the truth from those who we like to call ...*THE SHEEPLE* when feeding them their daily diet of lies, more lies and saccharine coated propaganda.

So come on down and play Britain's number one laugh a minute game .... “GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” (De diddle de de DA DA)

Today we focus on that licence fee funded bastion of bullcrap, that state subsidised domain of distorters, that quintessential coterie of crookedness, that lair of liberal liars, the good ol' BBC.

The following are a selection of news stories which have appeared on the BBC, that's the British Broadcasting Corporation to you folks, in the last week, see if you can spot the *MISSING WORDS*, phrases and facts have been omitted from the story so as to hide any uncomfortable facts which the naughty ol' Beeb don't want you, the licence payer. to know:


First we have a story which was reported on Monday, in which the BBC revealed that rape claims were not being accurately reported. According to the BBC “Figures obtained following a Freedom of Information request showed some UK police forces were failing to record more than 40% of cases.” If, as as would appear to be the case, the police are failing to record such a significant number of crimes, in one particularly high profile category, it would seem to shoot a rather large hole in the hilarious claim constantly made by the government, the media and shalwar seat kissing chief constables across the land that ... wait for it ....“crime is going down”. That is one point which the BBC carelessly omits to mention, however, those are not the missing words we are looking for.

The question here is why are these 40% of rape cases not being reported? The answer the BBC are trying to suggest is that the police are seeking to improve their clear up figures, but if you analyse that you find that, like so many of the Beeb's easy answers, it doesn't make sense. Why would what has become one of the most politically correct police forces on planet earth be seeking to minimise the number of rape complaints they are receiving? What is it about so many rape complaints that they would rather not be investigated, what are they trying to hide?.

All existing figures suggest that there has been a huge increase in the number of reported rapes in Britain, as large as 400% according to some reports. This news suggests the increase is even more marked than it originally appeared. Why is this?, what has changed, what is different between Britain today and Britain of ten, twenty or thirty years ago?. What is it the police don't want you to know? What is it the BBC is not saying, what is the truth about rape in modern Britain, who are committing these rapes? and what are the ... *MISSING WORDS* ?


Secondly we have a story which appeared on the BBC on Friday and there is a further update today the story involves the fact that 5 boys between the ages of 13 and 17 have been charged with assaulting a 15 year old girl in a park in Greater Manchester.

The story actually includes an outrageous statement by a policeman called Supt John Liars ..uh ... I mean Lyons who is quoted as saying "While this is an extremely disturbing incident I must stress it is an isolated one." ... no, honestly, I am not kidding, he actually says it, you can read it by clicking on this link, if you don't believe me. Of course, the report leaves the comment unchallenged, as if the, snow leopard like, rarity of gang attacks on teen aged girls in British cities is a universally acknowledged truth.

However, in case you are wondering, no “Bloody liar” are not the missing words we are looking for.

The missing words we are looking for relate to those who have been charged, and the clue is in the word “boys”. That word, when it is applied to anonymous white male children, is invariably accompanied by an artists impression drawing of the defendants in court, showing the backs of their heads and, very white, necks. When no such picture appears, then “boys” in this context are the younger versions of what the media call “youths”, and we all know who “youths” are. Youths are the people who, on the rare occasions that such news is reported, are constantly rioting across Britain and Europe, throwing missiles at police and setting fire to cars and buildings. “Youths” are usually in gangs and attack individuals in parks, alleyways or wherever they have managed to corner the poor sods.

So the *MISSING WORDS* question, for an extra 10 smugness points, is what are the BBC not telling us about these “boys” and what are they not telling us when they “report” (for want of a better word) on the “youths” who get up to all sorts of violence and mayhem both here and across Europe?


The third and final question in this nail biting, all family fun and frolics ,quiz comes from a news item which also appeared on the BBC last Monday. It involves another example of the somewhat eccentric electoral practices we have recently been seeing in a number of parts of Britain as ...ahem ... “diverse” as Birmingham and Bradford.

Apparently, the police were called when evidence came to light casting doubt on some 387 suspicious votes cast in a local council election held there last Thursday. The ballot was for a by-election in the Sparkhill ward which was won by Respect candidate Ali Shokat.

Readers in Britain will know Respect as the party once run George Galloway, and which tends to have scant respect for anyone who is not a Muslim. (I had initially intended to say that Respect had respect only for those who stick their bottoms in the air for Allah five times a day, but that, of course, would include most NuLabour politicians, and they certainly do not respect them.)

Interestingly we have had a number of such irregularities in Britain, especially in areas like Birmingham, including the infamous case of “vote theft” in 2004 which led a learned judge to so far forget his requisite vow to the gods of political correctness to comment that it would “disgrace a banana republic”. (I don't know what that judge is saying now, but if NuLabour got its way, I suspect it is "Will you take fries with that Sir?")

Over the years it had become all too apparent that all such instances have taken place in areas which have enjoyed significant levels of enrichment in recent decades, and involve people with names which have a similar ring to Mr Shokat.

However, from watching and reading the BBC coverage of such events, you could be forgiven for imagining that they had not noticed this. Indeed even after recent examples of some rather odd voting practices in particular parts of the world, it seems not to have occurred to the BBC that we might be importing such practices, (and many more) together with the Basmati rice and lentils so essential to any NuLabour dining table

Or maybe it has, in which case, you may not find it too difficult to identify the *MISSING WORDS* in this story.

So did you guess the ... MISSING WORDS, and are you feeling smug? If you are reading here, of course you did, but sadly there are many out there who just do not get it, and they are just going to have to brighten up, or they deserve everything the BBC and their Common purpose buddies are preparing to tip over their heads.

That's all for today, but don't worry you can play .....“GUESS THOSE MISSING WORDS” at home every day, because with the media we have there is never a shortage of *MISSING WORDS*.

Y'all be good now, and don't stay a stranger!!

De diddle de de DA DA!!

The racism of the new Africa

SWAPO and former president of Namibia Sam Nujoma in a speech (September 19, 2009) to young black kids compared white people to black mambas and said they are dangerous. He said: "The British want to be beaten up. Anyone find an Englishman, do so, beat him up."

Later, possibly still speaking only about 'Englishmen' but possibly about white people in general, he said: "Let us beat them, not with knobkieries, but with hammers in their heads, if they touch one of our SADC countries". He said this was the only way for black children to turn themselves into the guns and bullets with which to fight the imperialists. He told everyone in attendance that the imperialist whites were simply trying to tell Africans anything but not necessarily the truth.

He had a 6-page prepared speech in English but he chose instead to speak in Oshiwambo and neglected the prepared speech (hoping the English media at large wouldn't pick up on his words presumably). As we have demonstrated before with people with hidden agendas the truth of their views is found in unscripted moments.

This is classic race hate speech and worse still, a clear incitement to violence by yet another black leader against a minority white population in another African country.

Not a word of this has been reported by old media. Indeed a Google search revealed two sources with The Namibian providing most of the coverage, scathing in its response about this crass anti-white black racism. This blog becomes another voice and I'm hoping all of you will forward this post to the editors of the world's main news outlets, political parties around the world and NGOs like Agri-forum and Solidarity Union. We could be averting Zimbabwe-style attacks on Namibian whites.

Continue reading here

Source I luv SA

Friday 25 September 2009

Remembering vices past

On a slightly lighter note than usual, it was three years ago today that I last smoked, I remember stubbing out the last one at 03:30 on September 25th 2006 and thinking to my self "I wonder if that really will be the last", and amazingly enough, it was (so far). Since that day, apart from emptying the ashtrays of visiting friends who still smoke, I have not touched a cigarette, a fact which surprises me even more than it surprises those who know me.

I am not saying it was easy, I was a committed smoker, it was part of what I was, and I enjoyed every cigarette I ever smoked. It was extremely hard. My advice to anyone seeking to do the same is make use of every goddamn aid on offer, use the maximum strength patches, and whatever it says on the pack, double it. Remember, the instructions were written by non-smokers, they have no idea. If it says use stage one for two weeks, use it for four, at least, and do the same with the following stages. Nicotine is more addictive than heroine, and an addict needs all the help they can get.

Do not depend on will power, only people you wouldn't want to have a drink with have will power, for the rest of us will power is like second sight, very few have it, and for those who do, it never works when you need it.

Also even long after you have given up, be prepared for the occasion twinge of sadness when it strikes you that you will never light up after a good meal or a cup of coffee again. For some, that sadness will never leave you. My darling mother once said that a smoker never becomes a non-smoker, they merely become smokers who are not smoking at the moment. Like me, she was a committed smoker who would invariably light a cigarette before making a telephone call, but, unlike me, she was born into an age where everyone smoked, and they all thought it was good for them.

She gave up following a serious accident which prevented her from doing her own shopping for a few months. Those who did her shopping while she was incapacitated, would of course have bought her cigarettes had she asked, but they were non-smokers who would have made her aware of their disapproval, and she found the prospect of their martyred smugness more difficult to face than even the withdrawal symptoms.

For myself, I gave up by choice, rather than by circumstances, and there were a number of factors which lead to my decision. The Nave of Albion had given up a year or so before me. He had also been a long time and equally enthusiastic smoker, who as I recall once fell foul of the trans-Atlantic language barrier, and caused some raised eye-brows when announcing to a group we met whilst on holiday in New York that he had to go outside, as he was "desperate to have a fag". Once he had given up, smoking was no longer something we did together, and. as such, seemed slightly less comfortable.

In addition, we have a child, and I guess it is best that he grows up without the wrong influences around him. Although, given how so many children rebel against their parents, our decision to quit may well result in him becoming a sixty a day tobacco baron.

The writing was already on the wall, of course, the ban on smoking in all public places was due to come into effect the following July, with the devastating effect it has had on British pubs, and, to a lesser degree restaurants. However, it was already becoming difficult and uncomfortable to smoke even in places where it was still legal. You could be sure that the instant filter tip hit lip gloss someone would have raised the subject of passive smoking, the sad demise of Roy Castle or the alleged tooth rotting properties of nicotine.

It was no use pointing out that the World Health Organisation study on the effects of passive smoking was suppressed for two years because it actually showed only that it was not wise to raise an infant in a pub, but for an adult over eighteen months suffering ill effects from the average levels of passive smoking was statistically less likely than being murdered in Norway. By then alternative studies funded by organisations with names like "Send Smokers to Hell" or "For the children, for the little children" had been published showing totally different, and more politically acceptable, results.

This was on top on the daily diet of newspaper reports which kept appearing at the time with headlines such as "Smoking makes your ears fall off" or "Scientists say smoking causes global warming" on sale next to the shelf selling packs of twenty with pictures of diseased lungs plastered across the front.

Of course the other side of the story is never mentioned anything like so prominently. it is not until you have given up that anyone mentions the slimming effect of a twenty a day habit, how much more difficult it is to keep the weight off your hips once you give up, and that obesity, often the direct result of giving up, is actually far more dangerous than smoking. I have actually only put on about eight pounds, but it has been a struggle.

Yes, I know smoking was bad for me, and that I gave up before the hacking cough and health problems kicked in. I gave up before I reached 40, so I remember all the pleasure cigarettes give the young but none of the downsides, which show themselves later on in life. However, for all the wonders of the world He created, it is surely evidence of a somewhat perverse sense of humour on the part of the maker that so much in life which gives you pleasure, is either bad for you, or makes you fat. There are surely few experiences more dismal than an entirely healthy lifestyle, and that seems rather unfair.

There is, of course, no going back, in a world where in the not too distant future, smokers will no doubt risk arrest in the street, and smoking in your own home will be a criminal offense if you so much as employ a cleaner or chimney sweep, returning to my old addiction is not a practical proposition.

However, if tomorrow you turn on the news and hear a report that a ninety mile wide asteroid is on collision path with planet Earth which will end in ball of flames next Thursday, that clattering you hear will be me rushing to the nearest tobacconist, before calling in at the liqueur store via my favourite chocolate shop.

A glamorous vice from the past

Health Warning: Smoking is the primary cause of preventable death and statistics

Thursday 24 September 2009

Wednesday 23 September 2009


By August Pointneuf

Caster Semanya won the 800m in the 2009 World Athletics Championship in Berlin on 19th August 2009.

After her selection into the South African team Athletics South Africa arranged an extensive gender test on 7 August in Pretoria. Medical advice in South Africa was that she would not qualify as a female athlete. Caster would have known this also. What growing girl who does not develop breasts, or begin menstruating with her peers, does not question her gender? It is unlikely that her peers did not comment on, or perhaps taunt her about, her voice breaking and her distinctly masculine pitch and physique. One has great sympathy for Castor, and if she had been excluded at that date, although disappointed, damage to her would have been minimal, and her privacy sustained.

Nevertheless Athletics South Africa decided to cheat and sent her to the World Championships, following pressure at “political level” on the basis of “let us see if it is a problem when we get there”.[1]. In other words “let’s see if they can catch us”. The South African Vice-President’s involvement was mentioned.[2]

This level of stupidity has to occur to be believed, and demonstrates not only flawed honesty, but also an entire lack of both the insight and foresight into the way things are done in the wide world.

Following her unbelievable victory, skepticism was inevitable. Those athletes who had been cheated were entitled to complain publicly, and the IAAF probably had no alternative but to respond by an investigating which was difficult to obscure.[3]

Despite the questioning of her performance Caster was publicly paraded on her return to South Africa in a government-propagated hype. She was greeted at the airport with much hubris, by none less than the State President, despite his knowing there was controversy. A more crass failure to realize what diplomacy demands, and the way the world works, is hard to imagine.

This audacity was intended as a display of Black Triumphalism and to demonstrate “Black Prowess” What was on display, in reality, was South Africa’s ingrained dishonesty.

Short memories may have forgotten Nelson Mandela’s similar fabrication about the outcome of the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, in his extraordinary, brazen inversion of history.[4]

Once Castor’s eligibility was challenged there was an immediate outcry of “unfairness” by her defenders. Many individuals and institutions began the typical black defensiveness – crying “racialism” and “genderism”, and “white racial prejudice” – which raced around the world[5]. “White racism” was recruited like a voodoo enchantment, in the belief that enough repetition makes all criticism of black inadequacy magically invisible.

Then, to multiply the farce, a South African Government Minister made a formal complaint to the United Nations crying “White racism”. The absence of perspective at Government level is flabbergasting. Instead of demonstrating black superiority this demonstrated diplomatic incompetence to an unimaginable level. The South Africa government demonstrated the nation to be not only morally corrupt, but one which simply did not know where it was in the world and what were the international perspectives of propriety, behaviour and, indeed common sense.

Black Africa was always going to play the race card until it was over-expired and became hilariously ludicrous. But then why should they not? This behaviour shows that there is no such thing as egg on these faces. There is no perception of shame or concern that they should be held in adverse opinion. They seem not embarassable.

The Castor incident, however, illustrates a far broader and more serious picture. As pitiful as this tea-storm might be, there is something more pitiable. That is the way in which Europeans invented this instrument originally, the same “anti-racialism lever” and then gifting it to the non-white world via European governments. As in Castor’s case non-Europeans soon learned that all they had to do was to wave this “race” flag to have gullible Europeans quaking. Non-Europeans fast learned that the word “racial” could be knitted to “Nazi” and “fascist” which would soon have a population cowering; Europeans would go to lengths to avoid being associated with these names. This sounds ludicrous when viewed objectively, but this is what happened in national displays of cowardice.

The Third World probably could not believe its luck when European governments turned on their own populations. These governments withdrew any right to comment on groups which displayed inappropriate behaviour or divergent cultures from their own population. The fine mechanisms which balanced their population dynamics were thus destroyed, and so began the erosion of entire cultures of these nations.

Those who were in a position to give out warning signals, to alert their populations to the destructiveness of alien invasions were ostracised, punished and imprisoned.[6] It took no time for the black populations to realize that they had the supreme weapon to destroy the most sophisticated and longest lived culture in history, which had been evolving since the Renaissance. That weapon is to “Cry Race”. This was bounteous wind-fall for aliens as it was an open permit to plunder Europe. Governments whose prime purpose is to sustain equilibrium and to protect their population now provided their electorates with only their criminal neglect and bizarre perversions.

By encouraging immigration and “anti-racism” European governments catalyzed the astonishing cultural suicide of Western Europe, and inflicting on their population an eventual self immolation in the flames of racial hatred. As is characteristic of biological plagues, this poisoning will accelerate, to end with a convulsive death of nations. Civilization as we know it will terminate so quickly that most of the population will be unaware of the immanency of their Hades until it happens.

Those who doubt this outcome need only look at the rotting carcasses of the erstwhile European “Empires”.

August Ponitneuf

[1] M-net investigatory interviews, 22 September 2009

[2] Ibid

[3] IAAF has announced that these results will be available in November.

[4] http://sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com/2009/02/mandela-myth.html

[5] http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/more_sport/athletics/article6837646.ece

[6] Exemplified by that outstanding intellect, Enoch Powell

Sunday 20 September 2009

Balancing Prosecutions – Part 2 – Rape, lies and Academia

Duke University Campus, Durham North Carolina

In part one of this essay, I looked at various of the balancing criminal prosecutions which have been taking place in Britain so as to protect our leaders' fated dreams of a successful multi-racial society. These include legitimate criminal prosecutions, where actual evidence of guilt exists, but which are afforded excessive prominence and press coverage on account of the race of the alleged perpetrator, so as to overshadow the numerically greater number of similar crimes committed by members of a more politically popular race.

The example I gave was that of the dozens of gang related child killings which occurred in Britain during 2007, 26 in London alone, the one which received the greatest publicity was the only case where the perpetrator, and other members of his gang. could be clearly identified as white.

Another example of a balancing prosecution I gave was where a case relating to a crime usually associated with one racial group (non-whites) is brought against members of a different race (whites). These cases are often brought on the basis of very questionable evidence merely because the level of publicity it will generate will mitigate against similar, genuine, prosecutions against members of other races, thus producing a balancing effect. If handled skilfully enough it can even tip the balance of perception far enough so that the wider public come to believe that the second racial group (whites) are primarily guilty, of what is in truth a majority non-white crime.

The prosecutors (including the establishment, the CPS and the controlled media, who all play a part in these cases) accept that, in most cases the trials will collapse or end in acquittals, however, before that happens they will, at least, have had the effect of producing a perception in the public mind that “white people do it too”. There is also the possibility that a particularly biased, brainwashed or ethnically stacked jury will come back with a conviction, which is clearly a huge and very useful bonus, albeit not for the innocent men who have been convicted of a fake crime.

Balancing prosecutions are, in effect show trials, either by design or presentation intended to produce a false picture to the public, so as to disguise the huge problems which the psychotic importation of a plethora of alien third world cultures into a western democracy has caused.

In part two, I will focus on the second type, and on a planned show trial in America. It is a case which never actually got to court, but which stands as a frightening example of the threat faced by young white males, in societies which are intent on holding them responsible for other people's crimes, and which view them as the single remaining legitimate target for racial hatred. It is a case which became widely known as the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax, and became one of the most high profile and talked about crimes which never happened in American history.

To understand why the Duke lacrosse case had the effect that it did you have to understand the context. The first thing to note is that the allegations in the Duke Lacrosse case involved gang rape. As I explained in part one, gang rape is not a crime commonly committed by white men of European origin. Certainly in Britain, it has been grudgingly acknowledged that most gang rapes are committed by exclusively non-white or mixed race gangs, in fact researchers have struggled to identify any examples of gang rapes being committed by gangs consisting exclusively of native whites.

Elsewhere in the world however, the picture is very different, in Africa for instance gang rape by the indigenous population has reached epidemic proportions. This phenomenon is not just happening in war zones. The problem has reached massive proportions in peace-time South Africa. In Johannesburg South Africa, surveillance studies of women attending medico-legal clinics following a rape found that one-third of the cases had been gang rapes [1].

Gang rape is also rife in many Islamic countries where it is, in fact often used as a means of punishing women.

With immigration and globalisation this scourge has moved westwards, into democracies in Europe and North America where it was previously very rare. In Europe, the word tournante is a French adjective meaning "turning" and is used as a slang term to mean a gang rape. According to the testimony of numerous victims, local women who stray from traditional conduct in the immigrant neighborhoods, such as behaving and dressing like a westerner, wanting to live as Europeans or refusing to wear traditional clothes have been targeted for tournantes. According to a CNN interview, there was a trial in Lille regarding a 13-year-old girl who had allegedly been gang-raped by as many as 80 men.

National data on rape and sexual assault in the United States reveal that about 1 out of 10 sexual assaults involve multiple perpetrators. Most of these assaults are committed by people unknown to their victims [2]. This pattern, though, differs from that in South Africa where boyfriends are often involved in gang rapes. In America, the phenomenon was historically confined to black street gangs, and the victims primarily young black women, but, as far as the victims are concerned, this is changing.

The second fact to note about the Duke Lacrosse case was that it allegedly involved the rape of a black woman by a group of white males, and it was this, added to the “gang” connotation which provided the dynamite beneath the hoax.

Interracial rape does occur in America, but it is overwhelmingly an act of black aggression against a white victim, the main victims by far being young white males in US prison, but outside prison most victims are white females. The rape of a black woman by a white man is almost unheard of. Statistics from the US Department of justice show that, in 2005, over 37,000 white women were raped by black men, whilst in the same period, less than 10 black women were raped by white men.

This does not fit the picture which the media, and particularly the academics in Collages and Universities, responsible for teaching the next generation of young Americans, want to present, and , in fact it is not the picture they present.

As in Britain, the truth about interracial rape, and racial violence in general, is totally disregarded and, in most cases, suppressed. Were you to visit the libraries of virtually any of the Universities in North America you would find academic studies, text books and pamphlets which declare, in what appears to be all seriousness, that sexual violence including gang rape is primarily perpetrated by white men, that when such allegations are made against black men they are “racist lies” probably told to protect a guilty white man, and that the overwhelming majority of interracial rapes are acts of white racism, committed by white aggressors against black victims.

These claims have no basis in truth, in fact they are the diametric opposite of the truth. The most generous description is they are academic fairy tales, made up to bolster a false prospectus and to support a political agenda for which the distortion of truth is essential.

Many of these studies, which often go on to praise the gentleness and tolerance of black men, are written by so called feminists, for whom the protection of women was clearly not a priority. To protect oneself, one has first to be in possession of the true facts, however, any woman believing such writing would be as safe as if she were sent on safari in the belief that zebra were dangerous but that lions were harmless and could generally be petted.

Such disinformation appears regularly in the media, it is the likes of Newsweek and CNN's stock in trade, and it is taught daily, face to face in classrooms across America. They are lies, but they are lies believed by many students, and possibly even by some of those telling them.

The third important feature to the Duke Lacrosse case was the fact that the accused white males were from affluent middle class families, yet the black woman they were accused of gang raping was a poor, single mother, struggling to make do by what we can call “erotic dancing”. This fact elevated the claims the Holy Trinity of liberal fantasies, combining race, gender and class dynamics in exactly the way they dream of them, rather than in the inconvenient way that such chips tend to fall in real life. The news must have been received with pure ecstasy by academia and the media when they first head it.

To them it must have seemed that the Duke lacrosse case was sent to them by God, except that few of such people would actually have believed in Him. To sustain belief in a lie it is not enough to rely forever on undocumented historical legends and conspiracy cover ups. Faith will only take a disciple so far, to hook them for life you need an example, or as those teachers and professors seeking to guide young minds to the new Utopia might put it, you need a teachable moment.

This was a teachable moment equipped with bells, neon lights and a hoopla stall.

The Duke lacrosse case was, for liberal media and the denizens of white male hating academia, the equivalent of an alien space ship crashing on Manhattan, it only ever has to happen once to prove all alien abduction stories true.

If the lacrosse players were found guilty that in itself would prove true every lie they had ever told about white men. No wonder they dived onto it like a pack of hungry wild dogs on a wounded gazelle. Those boys would be guilty, no matter what.

To be continued ..


[1] Swart L et al. Rape surveillance through district surgeons’ offices in Johannesburg, 1996–1998: findings, evaluation and prevention implications. South African Journal of Psychology,

[2] Greenfeld LA. Sex offences and offenders: an analysis of data on rape and sexual assault . Washington, DC, United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics (NCJ 163392).

Saturday 19 September 2009

Balancing Prosecutions – Part 1 – Equality in Crime

Earlier this week I wrote a short article commenting on the ludicrous trial of 16 year old Ross McKnight and 18 year old Matthew Swift who were accused of plotting a Columbine style massacre at their school in Manchester . This laughable prosecution, had as its basis some creative writing, where the boys had fantasised about getting back at the world, mobile phone footage of kids fooling about with firecrackers, and the fact that one of the boys possessed a gas mask.

Luckily for these two innocent young men a sensible jury took a mere 45 minutes to dismiss the patently contrived charges and acquit them. However, this was not until after both had spent six months in prison awaiting trial, where, according to their families they did not cope well, and not before the vile British news media had the opportunity to spread malicious and distorted stories of the boys, which, together with the wider nightmare they have suffered, will, no doubt follow them for years.

We do not know what effect this trial will have on their future careers, both have stated they wish to join the armed services, and expressed the hope that this trial will not effect that aspiration. Sadly, I suspect that the services will think long and hard before recruiting them, given that the media is likely to repeat the stories against them if they are ever sent into action, despite their acquittal and transparently flawed nature of the charges they faced.

One of the more frightening elements of this case was the eagerness with which the media pounced on the story, and how obviously they hoped for a guilty verdict, despite the fact that they must have known the boys were innocent. The press distorters were so desperate to see blood, I doubt that they will quickly forgive Ross and Matthew for their acquittal.

One of the various evil alliances in this country involves the three way conspiracy between the government, media and Crown Prosecution Service, who's employees are disproportionately non-white, to distort and disguise the truth about crime in this country, especially, violent and sexual crime and of course terrorism. This poisonous troika's aim is to disguise the truth about the Multicultural society they have imposed on us, by creating the false perception in the public mind that all races, and in particular the indigenous white community are equally responsible for the decline of our civilisation.

Where possible they seek to pretend that whites are overwhelmingly responsible for certain types of crime, and in this they have scored some spectacular successes, albeit, much of the credit must go to their co-conspirators in Hollywood, television and the writers of popular fiction. For instance if you were to go into the street and conduct a random survey by asking passers by the describe the average serial killer, you can guarantee that the majority, if not all would respond that he is a white male. This widely held belief, promoted relentlessly in popular entertainment is in fact so much bovine excrement and ignores, or hides, how overwhelmingly well represented non whites are amongst the ranks of serial killers.

So called “white collar” crime, involving financial crime within business and the city, is another area where the public perceive the criminals to be mainly white, based on what is reported in the media and portrayed in dramas. However, as I demonstrated in an article I wrote back in May , non whites, especially those from West Africa and the Indian subcontinent, feature amongst the perpetrators in disproportionate numbers, particularly at “high street” level.

However, although those two areas have been firmly, if falsely, established in the public mind as white crimes, there are a number of other types of crime where the facts are far more difficult to massage because the perpetrators are disproportionately non-white to such an overwhelming degree that, even with a controlled media, the truth is far less easy to hide.

These crimes include: Street crime, particularly gang related crime, muggings and gun or knife crime. Sexual crime, especially gang rape, which is an almost exclusively non-white crime, and terrorism.

With street crime the media, politicians and our obedient police force have largely opted for a policy of straight faced lies, whilst daring anyone to risk the allegation of racism by challenging those lies. How often do we hear the so called 'great and good' making statements such as “Knife crime is not a black problem, its a social problem!” to which the obvious answer is “Well that is true for 10% of it, what about the other 90% which IS a black problem?” however, in modern Britain how many are brave enough to give that answer.

Also, luckily for the troika, indigenous whites do get involved in street crime, not in the same proportions, but there enough of them to enable the media to focus their cameras on them whist ignoring the far higher numbers of non-white street criminals. An example being the 2007 killing of young Rhys Jones in Liverpool, and the subsequent trial of his killer, Sean Mercer, in October last year. Rhys's killing, which happened when he accidentally got in the way of a bullet which Mercer had aimed at a rival gang member, was a tragic event which has so far resulted in any number of newspaper articles, TV news reports and an hour long prime time TV documentary. However, Rhys was only one of many children who fell victim to gang and knife crime in Britain in 2007, there were 26 in London alone, yet none of the others received a fraction of the media coverage.

It may be that some of that coverage was due to the fact that Rhys was one of the youngest victims, however, many of the others were also very young and I wonder if the coverage would have been anything like the same, had he not been the victim of the only white killer.

With regard to terrorism, you would think the troika had an easier job, there are still dissident white Irish terrorists planting bombs and killing people, not in anything like the same numbers as Islamic terrorists, of course, but that doesn't usually stop them portraying white people as equally, or usually significantly more, evil than brown people. However, Irish Republican terrorism presents an ideological conflict the Liberal establishment, they were, and to some degree still are, at war with the British, primarily English, state, and, as such they retain a certain romantic and protected status. Ken Loach, that ageing doyenne of the white English hating left, is still making movies glorifying the IRA and vilifying the English for God sake, and that is how most of them see the “Irish question”.

Likewise, they will not get much joy by turning to other white terrorists overseas, Spain's Basque or ETA terrorists also have the cachet of an armed struggle against a Western democracy and, therefore, present the troika with the same problem as those romantic Irish freedom fighters. Meanwhile, organisations with less Liberal prestige, such as the German Baader-Meinhof gang/ Red Army Faction have been irritatingly inactive for the last three decades, as have the Red Brigades, give or take a few assassinations, and in any event both have the added complication of having that uncomfortable word “Red” in their titles.

Timothy McVeigh certainly gave the media a gift which, for many years, kept on giving, but it is now 14 years on, and there only so many times you can present another Islamic atrocity in the light of Oklahoma.

Even the Soho nail bomber David Copeland, has now been locked away for ten years, in any event all those he killed were white, and despite the media's attempts to hype his brief association with the BNP, it is difficult for them to present him as anything other than a lone psychopath living out a sick fantasy. Horrible as they were, his crimes were of a different order to the organised, multiple participant conspiracies which we saw in East Africa in 1998, New York in September 2001, Bali in 2002, Madrid in 2004, London in 2005 and Mumbai in 2008 or those which were thankfully thwarted, such as the Fertiliser bomb plot in 2007, or the recent conspiracy to blow seven airliners our of the sky, which I wrote about the other day.

Furthermore, McVeigh and Copeland were two white men a decade or more ago compared to dozens of Asians far more recently, and that does not provide a balance of guilt.

The threat of Islamic terrorism in the west is a significant embarrassment to our leaders. To counter any perception that the multi coloured society which they have created has brought new and alien threats to our land, the troika need to implicate more white Englishmen in the alleged plotting of mass casualty acts of terrorism. They can not lessen the threat we now all face, but they can pretend that indigenous white Englishmen are part of it. (Scottish and Welsh “terrorists” will also fit the bill, but their preference is for Englishmen.)

It was for this reason that Donald Stewart-Whyte stood in the dock next to the airline plotters, and it was for that reason that two kids with fertile imaginations have just been dragged through the courts.

They will not be the last, if this corrupt Government (by which I mean all three of the main parties) and the CPS believe that, with the support of a baying, controlled, media than can achieve a conviction against one two or more white Englishmen for plotting acts of mass casualty terrorism, preferably with other white Englishmen, they will go for it, even if they Believe those Englishmen are innocent.

Their agenda and their ideology depend upon it.

Another type of crime which has the potential to seriously embarrass those cheering on the gaudy multi-coloured bandwagon as it relentlessly crashes through our land, crushing our heritage and history beneath its cruel wheels, is sex crime and, in particular, gang rape.

Gang rape, committed by white men appears in contemporary literature and in movies, such as Straw Dogs, Clockwork Orange, the Accused and more recently in Straightheads (which was released under the name of “Closure” in the USA, and is a movie which is primarily of interest to those with a morbid fascination in the self destruction of Gillian Anderson's career) together with various TV dramas and of course pornography, however, in real life it is apparently far less common.

It does happen, there are a number report of Russian soldiers raping women in Germany and certain of the occupied territories at the end of World War II. It is also claimed that rape, presumably including gang rape, was a weapon used in the Balkan wars, although how much of it actually occurred and which side was most guilty is hotly disputed. There were atrocities in Viet Nam, which allegedly included rape, and there was the recent conviction of a number of young American soldiers, for involvement in the rape and murder of a young Iraqi girl, although apparently only one of them actively committed the rape.

However, the theatre of war is an unnatural place to be, where people do unnatural things, away from the battlefront, until recently gang rape was a very rare crime in most of Europe, including Britain. That is not to say that white Englishmen never commit rape, they certainly do, albeit the racial breakdown of those convicted of rape is a closely guarded secret. However, there is a different psychology to gang rape, it is surely amongst the cruellest of crimes, and despite those who claim that all races are the same, the figures suggest that it is not a psychology common amongst those of Anglo Saxon origin.

Yet, as I discussed in a post back in June, gang rape, committed primarily by teenagers and young men is a growing problem in the UK.

The reason for this is simple, the act of gang rape is endemic in many of the countries from which the new residents of Britain originate, and a culture travels with a traveller to his new home. The disproportionate involvement of young black men in gang rape, was admitted in a recent Channel four Dispatches documentary called “Rape in the City” and also by an earlier Channel 4 documentary broadcast in November 1998, which revealed that the number of gang rapes committed by the indigenous white population was statistically minute, in fact they could find no record of any gang rapes in Britain in the ten years leading up to the programme, which had not been committed by a black or mixed race gang.

Apart from those two honourable exceptions, eleven years apart, this situation has been addressed by not acknowledging it. When cases occur the accused racial identities are disguised by the usual “Youths” technique until such time as they are finally convicted, at which point their photographs are briefly published in the knowledge that few in Britain would risk allegations of racism by mentioning that it is yet another gang rape committed by another black gang.

There have been no balancing prosecutions so far because unlike charges involving fantasies, firecrackers and allegedly exploding tennis balls to mount a successful rape prosecution, you require a live complaining victim, and even the troika would probably not go so far as to create a dead one.

However, a balancing prosecution very nearly did take place, it was one of the most outrageous attempts to mount a false prosecution for racist purposes seen in decades. It did not occur in Britain, it happened in the City of Durham, North Carolina and involved members of the prestigious Duke University men's lacrosse team.

It is on that attempt, and the various motives and agendas it fed which I shall focus in the second part of this essay.