Tuesday 1 September 2009

Beslan - five years ago today

The survivors

On the eastern fringe of Europe, these were victims of a war, which has been declared, and which we will all one day be fighting.

What the media did not tell us about Beslan
Hat Tip : Up Pompeii


mark said...

Thanks for not forgetting Sarah.

I'm hoping that one day some town council might have the balls to "twin" itself with Beslan. Invite some of the adults involved over and they can tell what they saw.

And the children too, for a holiday. If we axed just one equality and diversity officers job, that should pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures made me cry

JPT said...

We should never forget but I'm afraid we'll be encouraged to.

mickfly said...

The BBC here in the UK mentioned the 'deaths' which were caused by...get this...a botched attempt at rescue of hostages held by 'militants'.
So, no murder, but only deaths, and these were caused by the authorities, you gotta love the dhimmi BBC.

Anonymous said...

"Get out of europe"

I'm pretty sure Beslan is already out of europe.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Beslan is in Republic of North Ossetia which is west of the Urals and as such part of the very East of Europe.

I think you imagine it is in Asia because the Asian part of Turkey, which is about a thousand miles south extends further to the West, however from Georgia on up, Europe extends further to the East.

The border is not a straight line