Saturday 12 September 2009

Yet another Muslim riot

Muslim rioters confront police

There has been yet another Muslim riot, that makes it the third weekend out of the last four, this has happened (unless I missed one last weekend) so it is starting to become a habit. First Birmingham, then Luton and now Harrow. The congenital liars at the craven BBC and a dishonest Government Minister, John Denham, (contact details here) are attempting to pretend the violence was provoked by"right wing" protesters, whereas there were actually about 20 people, from the Stop the Islamification of Europe(SIOE) organisation, peacefully and legally protesting against yet another of the hundreds of Mosques being built in Britain being attacked by over 1,000 out of control Asians.

Other Press organisations were even worse than the BBC, in particular, one discreditable little Islamic disinformation service calling themselves Press.TV actually stated that the anti-Islamic protests involved the British National Party, which they must have known to be untrue. The reporter also stated that the BNP were involved in earlier protests in Birmingham, which once again was untrue. He then went even further by seeking to link the BNP with the English Defence League, (EDF) whereas in fact the BNP have declared the EDF a proscribed organisation and forbidden they members from any involvement with them - see BNP statement here.

Even the otherwise reasonably balanced ITN report linked to at the top of this post made the misleading statement that the violence was an indication of "how much fear the right wing protests had caused in the Muslim community" - are they joking or what? Those Muslim thugs are not frightened, they are loving it, and they have a lot more where that came from.

The Green Arrow has an interesting post this morning, entitled "The Islamic Flag will fly over Downing Street", including a link to the Press.TV report I mentioned above, and also a chilling video featuring Anjem Choudray, an Islamic extremist and one time Chairman of the Society of Muslim lawyers which makes very clear what Islam's plans are for Britain. I recommend you read and watch by clicking here.

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