Saturday 26 September 2009

The racism of the new Africa

SWAPO and former president of Namibia Sam Nujoma in a speech (September 19, 2009) to young black kids compared white people to black mambas and said they are dangerous. He said: "The British want to be beaten up. Anyone find an Englishman, do so, beat him up."

Later, possibly still speaking only about 'Englishmen' but possibly about white people in general, he said: "Let us beat them, not with knobkieries, but with hammers in their heads, if they touch one of our SADC countries". He said this was the only way for black children to turn themselves into the guns and bullets with which to fight the imperialists. He told everyone in attendance that the imperialist whites were simply trying to tell Africans anything but not necessarily the truth.

He had a 6-page prepared speech in English but he chose instead to speak in Oshiwambo and neglected the prepared speech (hoping the English media at large wouldn't pick up on his words presumably). As we have demonstrated before with people with hidden agendas the truth of their views is found in unscripted moments.

This is classic race hate speech and worse still, a clear incitement to violence by yet another black leader against a minority white population in another African country.

Not a word of this has been reported by old media. Indeed a Google search revealed two sources with The Namibian providing most of the coverage, scathing in its response about this crass anti-white black racism. This blog becomes another voice and I'm hoping all of you will forward this post to the editors of the world's main news outlets, political parties around the world and NGOs like Agri-forum and Solidarity Union. We could be averting Zimbabwe-style attacks on Namibian whites.

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Dr.D said...

There really is nothing surprising in all of this. It is the primitive black man exposing his true nature, his envy of the White man. Blacks thoroughly enjoy the material benefits that white people have brought to them in terms of a vastly higher standard of living, but their jealousy knows no bounds. They were not capable of creating this for themselves, and as Zimbabwe clearly proves, they are no capable of sustaining it when it is handed to them, fully formed on a silver platter.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion, and they would rather see themselves reduced to chasing each other through the jungle, now with machine guns rather than spears, than to co-exist with the mentally superior White man. I'm sure that they do not frame their limited thinking in quite these terms, but this has to be the net result of it all.

It may well be that the White people will all leave southern Africa. What the blacks have not reckoned with at all, however, is the Chinese. The Chinese are very eager to get the mineral resources of southern Africa (not oil, but things like cobalt, diamonds, etc.). The blacks will find that the Chinese are much harder on them than the White people ever were because the Chinese are not restrained by Christianity. They are quite likely to grind the blacks into the ground unmercifully, without batting an eye. The Chinese would not hesitate to use superior military force to take one of these weak black countries if it looked like a good idea to them. The blacks push the Whites out at their own peril.

Anonymous said...

Hammers seam to be the weapon of choice for suppression of freedom and anything white via vis the 'uaf'

mark said...

I was going to mention the Chinese in Africa, but Dr.D has covered that one.

That does however leaver the USA. Depending on which demographic prediction you believe, Latinos could be a majority in 50 years or so. Now unlike guilt stricken Whitey, Latinos seem not to subscribe to the "let's make reparations to Blacks" game that has been played out in recent decades. Indeed, it's not uncommon for them to drive Blacks out of an area once the Latinos numbers are sufficient.

So these perpetual victims who despise Whites (but love the handouts) may find their new overseers rather less accomodating.

Dr.D said...

The mestizos are not likely to be a factor in Africa. They are unable to go anywhere they cannot walk or drive. The technology to fly planes, operate ships, etc. to get to Africa will be more than they can handle. They will do their damage in North America, but Africa they will leave alone. Intellectually they are just about on par with the native Africans, so they are a pretty primitive lot.