Sunday 20 September 2009

Balancing Prosecutions – Part 2 – Rape, lies and Academia

Duke University Campus, Durham North Carolina

In part one of this essay, I looked at various of the balancing criminal prosecutions which have been taking place in Britain so as to protect our leaders' fated dreams of a successful multi-racial society. These include legitimate criminal prosecutions, where actual evidence of guilt exists, but which are afforded excessive prominence and press coverage on account of the race of the alleged perpetrator, so as to overshadow the numerically greater number of similar crimes committed by members of a more politically popular race.

The example I gave was that of the dozens of gang related child killings which occurred in Britain during 2007, 26 in London alone, the one which received the greatest publicity was the only case where the perpetrator, and other members of his gang. could be clearly identified as white.

Another example of a balancing prosecution I gave was where a case relating to a crime usually associated with one racial group (non-whites) is brought against members of a different race (whites). These cases are often brought on the basis of very questionable evidence merely because the level of publicity it will generate will mitigate against similar, genuine, prosecutions against members of other races, thus producing a balancing effect. If handled skilfully enough it can even tip the balance of perception far enough so that the wider public come to believe that the second racial group (whites) are primarily guilty, of what is in truth a majority non-white crime.

The prosecutors (including the establishment, the CPS and the controlled media, who all play a part in these cases) accept that, in most cases the trials will collapse or end in acquittals, however, before that happens they will, at least, have had the effect of producing a perception in the public mind that “white people do it too”. There is also the possibility that a particularly biased, brainwashed or ethnically stacked jury will come back with a conviction, which is clearly a huge and very useful bonus, albeit not for the innocent men who have been convicted of a fake crime.

Balancing prosecutions are, in effect show trials, either by design or presentation intended to produce a false picture to the public, so as to disguise the huge problems which the psychotic importation of a plethora of alien third world cultures into a western democracy has caused.

In part two, I will focus on the second type, and on a planned show trial in America. It is a case which never actually got to court, but which stands as a frightening example of the threat faced by young white males, in societies which are intent on holding them responsible for other people's crimes, and which view them as the single remaining legitimate target for racial hatred. It is a case which became widely known as the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax, and became one of the most high profile and talked about crimes which never happened in American history.

To understand why the Duke lacrosse case had the effect that it did you have to understand the context. The first thing to note is that the allegations in the Duke Lacrosse case involved gang rape. As I explained in part one, gang rape is not a crime commonly committed by white men of European origin. Certainly in Britain, it has been grudgingly acknowledged that most gang rapes are committed by exclusively non-white or mixed race gangs, in fact researchers have struggled to identify any examples of gang rapes being committed by gangs consisting exclusively of native whites.

Elsewhere in the world however, the picture is very different, in Africa for instance gang rape by the indigenous population has reached epidemic proportions. This phenomenon is not just happening in war zones. The problem has reached massive proportions in peace-time South Africa. In Johannesburg South Africa, surveillance studies of women attending medico-legal clinics following a rape found that one-third of the cases had been gang rapes [1].

Gang rape is also rife in many Islamic countries where it is, in fact often used as a means of punishing women.

With immigration and globalisation this scourge has moved westwards, into democracies in Europe and North America where it was previously very rare. In Europe, the word tournante is a French adjective meaning "turning" and is used as a slang term to mean a gang rape. According to the testimony of numerous victims, local women who stray from traditional conduct in the immigrant neighborhoods, such as behaving and dressing like a westerner, wanting to live as Europeans or refusing to wear traditional clothes have been targeted for tournantes. According to a CNN interview, there was a trial in Lille regarding a 13-year-old girl who had allegedly been gang-raped by as many as 80 men.

National data on rape and sexual assault in the United States reveal that about 1 out of 10 sexual assaults involve multiple perpetrators. Most of these assaults are committed by people unknown to their victims [2]. This pattern, though, differs from that in South Africa where boyfriends are often involved in gang rapes. In America, the phenomenon was historically confined to black street gangs, and the victims primarily young black women, but, as far as the victims are concerned, this is changing.

The second fact to note about the Duke Lacrosse case was that it allegedly involved the rape of a black woman by a group of white males, and it was this, added to the “gang” connotation which provided the dynamite beneath the hoax.

Interracial rape does occur in America, but it is overwhelmingly an act of black aggression against a white victim, the main victims by far being young white males in US prison, but outside prison most victims are white females. The rape of a black woman by a white man is almost unheard of. Statistics from the US Department of justice show that, in 2005, over 37,000 white women were raped by black men, whilst in the same period, less than 10 black women were raped by white men.

This does not fit the picture which the media, and particularly the academics in Collages and Universities, responsible for teaching the next generation of young Americans, want to present, and , in fact it is not the picture they present.

As in Britain, the truth about interracial rape, and racial violence in general, is totally disregarded and, in most cases, suppressed. Were you to visit the libraries of virtually any of the Universities in North America you would find academic studies, text books and pamphlets which declare, in what appears to be all seriousness, that sexual violence including gang rape is primarily perpetrated by white men, that when such allegations are made against black men they are “racist lies” probably told to protect a guilty white man, and that the overwhelming majority of interracial rapes are acts of white racism, committed by white aggressors against black victims.

These claims have no basis in truth, in fact they are the diametric opposite of the truth. The most generous description is they are academic fairy tales, made up to bolster a false prospectus and to support a political agenda for which the distortion of truth is essential.

Many of these studies, which often go on to praise the gentleness and tolerance of black men, are written by so called feminists, for whom the protection of women was clearly not a priority. To protect oneself, one has first to be in possession of the true facts, however, any woman believing such writing would be as safe as if she were sent on safari in the belief that zebra were dangerous but that lions were harmless and could generally be petted.

Such disinformation appears regularly in the media, it is the likes of Newsweek and CNN's stock in trade, and it is taught daily, face to face in classrooms across America. They are lies, but they are lies believed by many students, and possibly even by some of those telling them.

The third important feature to the Duke Lacrosse case was the fact that the accused white males were from affluent middle class families, yet the black woman they were accused of gang raping was a poor, single mother, struggling to make do by what we can call “erotic dancing”. This fact elevated the claims the Holy Trinity of liberal fantasies, combining race, gender and class dynamics in exactly the way they dream of them, rather than in the inconvenient way that such chips tend to fall in real life. The news must have been received with pure ecstasy by academia and the media when they first head it.

To them it must have seemed that the Duke lacrosse case was sent to them by God, except that few of such people would actually have believed in Him. To sustain belief in a lie it is not enough to rely forever on undocumented historical legends and conspiracy cover ups. Faith will only take a disciple so far, to hook them for life you need an example, or as those teachers and professors seeking to guide young minds to the new Utopia might put it, you need a teachable moment.

This was a teachable moment equipped with bells, neon lights and a hoopla stall.

The Duke lacrosse case was, for liberal media and the denizens of white male hating academia, the equivalent of an alien space ship crashing on Manhattan, it only ever has to happen once to prove all alien abduction stories true.

If the lacrosse players were found guilty that in itself would prove true every lie they had ever told about white men. No wonder they dived onto it like a pack of hungry wild dogs on a wounded gazelle. Those boys would be guilty, no matter what.

To be continued ..


[1] Swart L et al. Rape surveillance through district surgeons’ offices in Johannesburg, 1996–1998: findings, evaluation and prevention implications. South African Journal of Psychology,

[2] Greenfeld LA. Sex offences and offenders: an analysis of data on rape and sexual assault . Washington, DC, United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics (NCJ 163392).


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


now you are putting the info out here it won't be long before it's pulled.

The inconvenient truth will have FTAC round.

The Western way of life that is being destroyed is naturally resistant to oligarchy.

Keep up the good work and watch your back.

alanorei said...

Again, thank you, Sarah

My Canadian friend was right. See comment under Son Murdered, Father Beaten, Media Censors.

This is a comment I made back in April. It still applies.

While not wishing to tar all BME males with the same brush, I note from Genesis 34:2 how a light-skinned Israelite (Shemite) girl (Dinah, daughter of Jacob and Leah), who was at the time no more than a young teen, was allured and then assaulted by a significantly older, dark-skinned Hivite (Hamitic) male. (The racial complexions of these individuals may be derived from various other passages, including Genesis 10:17 and Song of Solomon 5:10, Ham means "burnt i.e. black one" and Shemites, from hence the Semitic peoples, are "white and ruddy.")

All of which indicates that the safest policy is to keep young white or light-skinned girls separate from dark, or darker-skinned males.

Simple, really.

Dr.D said...

"Many of these studies, which often go on to praise the gentleness and tolerance of black men,..." Really, Sarah, you are very, very funny!

I could never in my life have put those words together. I have known far too many black men to ever be able to say such words about them. Tolerance is not in the vocabulary of any black person I have every met; it is a concept that they would never be able to comprehend. A few have been gentle, but rarely the menfolk. No, this is a truly hilarious statement.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Alanorei - I don't know how much credence you give the book of Jasher - it is mentioned in Joshua 10:13/2 Samuel 1:18 ...

But what does it say of this incident in chapters 33 -34 ? Did not Dinah's brothers take out the whole city of males for this offense against their sister ?

Not verbatim but the essence stated in scripture - "Because sentence is not speedily executed against an individual, therefore their hearts are fully set within them to do evil."

It's well past time to put the fear back where it belongs. And endless mountains of paperwork filing claims aint gonna do it.

"The battle is the Lord's" saith David, as he ran towards Goliath loading his single shot rock chunker.

alanorei said...


Re: Book of Jasher, this is only a guess but it may be an early title for what is now known as The Prophets, the second of the three sections of a Hebrew Bible. The Books of Joshua and 2 Samuel are in The Prophets.

Re: Genesis 34, yes. An inter-racial liaison, where force was used initially, ended in inter-racial violence.

Which suggests to me that it's best if different races don't intermingle.

Re: 'Conquer your fear,' it appears that many Americans did just that in the recent protest in DC. It is to be hoped that the momentum of 9/12 can be effectively sustained.

MrsJ said...

Very good article, very eye-opening. I'm now starting to see the clear bias - for instance in today's Daily Mail, there is an article about gang culture - and every 'posed by models' photo shows white lads, although they are 'careful' to have one quote from a black teenager, and another from a white teenager, presumably so they can point to it and say "see - we are balanced!"

John G Kerlen said...

Hi Sarah, was wondering whether you would like to link to my blog? I'd really appreciate it as I'm trying to help get the South African crime problem more exposure, as well as the idea of an Independent Cape.

Obviously an Independent Cape is my priority but of course the crime situation in SA is nothing to be sneered at. If you're interested in looking at what a balls up the ANC have made to a once prosperous country take a gander at this:

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi John

Yours seems a worthy blog, so I have added it to by blog list, and also added a direct link about three quarters of the way down the right hand column.

Good luck


Anonymous said...

"so called feminists, for whom the protection of women was clearly not a priority."

As we see in the Hilaire S. case in Texas where nobody has criticised a school for kicking a cheerleader off the squad who refused to cheer for her rapist.

Selena Roberts et al must have been very busy not to notice this.

Anonymous said...

If Julian Assange is extradited to Sweden and found guilty of rape will he be the only white guy who has committed such a crime there?