Monday 14 September 2009

An inevitable consequence

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Dr.D said...

The truth simply is not in this man. He lies just as a matter of course. In his mind, why tell the truth when you can just as easily tell a lie?

So much of what he says is half-truths, things that are really lies by omission. If asked if he is in favor of government run health care, he will respond with something like, "I am in favor of Americans being healthy." This does not answer the question asked, but the fawning media often accept it as an answer and move on to other mattes. He is never pressed for a serious answer by anyone; he does not let that happen.

He lies, he lies, he lies, and he lies some more. I will not listen to a word he says.

But I do know this: If Barack Obama is honestly supporting anything, I am utterly opposed to it. We are absolutely diametrically opposed.