Friday 11 September 2009

In Memoriam


JPT said...

Nice pic, beautiful sky, calm water, very poignant.

Dr.D said...

I was working at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on 9/11/01. I was just arriving for work at the main gate when the radio said that "a small plane has struck one of the Twin Towers in New York City." I went on in and went to my desk where I began to work. I was perhaps two hours later someone came in and found me to tell me what was happening. I was in disbelief. I turned on my radio and began to take part in the drama that changed our world for the worse.

Anonymous said...

Dignified, respectful and poignant Sarah.

I will never forget and I will never forgive.


alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

A fitting commemoration

Re: the aircraft that struck the North Tower. The witness later changed her story, I believe.

Strange business.

Many questions remain to be answered, not least whether Muslims were actually involved.

That said, they certainly showed the true nature of their religion by dancing in the streets after the atrocity.

Dr.D said...

As Alanorei has said, there are many unanswered questions about the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11. As an engineer, I am not at all convinced that we have been told the truth about the reason for the collapse of the structures. There are many web sites devoted to discussing this topic, but one that I think is particularly useful is this one:

I am inclined to believe that those buildings fell because of the use of demolition charges, just as are routinely used to bring down structures otherwise. There seems to be much evidence to support this, and little evidence to support the idea that the damage from the planes brought them down. The web site above gives much of this information.

This is not to say that I am willing to accuse the Bush Administration of complicity at all. It is only to say that I think that someone arranged to have those buildings demolished, and flying the planes into them was incidental to the demolition.

Let me launch a conspiracy theory for your consideration. The Twin Towers were well past their prime as office space, and were not doing too well economically from what I have heard. In similar circumstances elsewhere, business owners have themselves set what are often known as "insurance fires," arson for the purpose of collecting on the insurance. If the owners of the Twin Towers wanted to demolish them, they would need a permit from the City of New York which they most likely would never get because the City considered them as a land mark. If the towers just came down, then they could collect on the insurance, but they would need something to cover their demolition. To just set charges and demolish the buildings overtly would be challenged directly by the City and everyone else. What to do?

If you are a real low life with no conscience at all, you go to your friends on the other sides, the muzlims, and make the an offer. If they will stage an attack on your building by something like flying airliners into them, you will amplify the result to make their efforts an even greater success. It becomes a win-win. They get their spectacular attack on the USA, and you get a chance to bring down your building by routine demolition charges under the cover that it was damaged by aircraft damage. What a deal!

As I see it, I think that this theory at least comports with all of the facts that I know about. See what you think.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I am afraid that I do not buy any of the 09/11 conspiracy theories. I really believe, for once, we have been told the truth.

It is just too big and would have required too many conspirators to have faked it.

Sorry but I am convinced that it was 19 fanatics under the instructions of bin-Laden, and they succeeded because nobody ever imagined they would do something so audacious and so evil.

alanorei said...

If it was 19 Muslims, they were actually good Muslims who obeyed the Qur'an (with the promise of 70 dark-eyed virgins each once they got to the Muslim 'paradise') to eliminate 'infidels.'

One thing about 9/11, it provided an excellent casus belli for invading Afghanistan to secure access to the Caspian oil basin. The environmentalists in the US won't let the gov't permit exploitation of the US's vast shale oil reserves. Powerful vested interests in the US insist that oil has to be got from somewhere, even if it belongs to someone else.

So the US Gov't is really between a rock and a hard place.

I don't see that as conspiracy, just a fact of 21st century modern life.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, I certainly would not deny the role of Bin Laden and his friends, but that does not explain why the buildings fell. Comparable buildings with much greater fires have not fallen. Those building fell in very short times, and they fell very neatly, just like a demolition.

All I was suggesting is that there is more to the story that has not been told, and likely never will be told.

Jet fuel does not burn nearly hot enough to melt steel; weaken it, yes, but not melt it. Yet during the clean up, there was found one or more pools of molten steel in the subbasement level of the building, the sort of thing that would only exist if something had provided enough heat to actually melt the steel. This is just one of many things that do not add up but that were simply left unexplained in the official report.

alanorei said...

The question of what actually hit the Pentagon has still to be satisfactorily answered.

Also, why did the passenger lists not add up to the reported numbers?

And why were no Mid-east names included? It's impossible to believe that an Arab could get by with a fake ID that included an Anglo-Saxon, Hispanic or southern European name.

Note, this is not to suggest conspiracy, only to ask questions that haven't been answered properly in 8 years but should have been answered honestly in the first 24 hours after the atrocity.

But as an 11th Hussar survivor of the ill-fated charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava in September 1854 said to his mate, a Royal Fusilier, "It will all come out some day."

(Voice from the Ranks by Sergeant-Major Timothy Gowing, p 38)

I look forward to that day.