Sunday 31 May 2009

Beneath the rainbow

In 1994, when the Afrikaner president F W de Klerk handed over the management of Africa's strongest Western economy to the tricameral 'black-ruled' new government, the unemployment levels among 'whítes' in South Africa was about 2%. It was indeed considered a deep disgrace among Afrikaners to be unemployed.

At that point, the Afrikaners also were among the best-educated population group in South Africa, comprised of the largest numbers of educators, medical staffers, government employees and mining/engineering experts in the country - it is fair to say that this relatively small minority group kept the wheels of this powerful economy turning efficiently and smoothly.

Afrikaners also were the largest single group of people to employ the largest number of black people: for instance the country's 85,000 Afrikaans-speaking farmers alone, employed more than 1,3-million black people fulltime - and also housed them and their extended families on their farms: more than 6-million black people were in other words, living on white-owned farms and were reliant on the industry of this handful of Afrikaner farmers in 1994, who only ever farmed on no more than 6% (six percent) of the entire semi-arid South African land surface.

By October 2001 -- when the last census was held in South Africa it became clear how poverty-stricken the Afrikaner nation had already become after only seven years of black-majority rule.

The number of unemployed so-called 'whites' was 430,000 in the 2001 Census - out of their employment-age population of 1,863,607. And these workers were getting very low incomes: of those whites who were were happy to cling onto their jobs in 2001, 237,502 whites (13%) earned less than R1,600 a month - that's $150 a month.

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Saturday 30 May 2009

The future they have in store

We are told that our population is ageing, and it is certainly true that due to healthier lifestyles and improved medical treatment, more people are living into old age than was ever the case. We are also told by our government, that same government which was able to find tens of billions of pounds to support the banks, and tens of billions more to fight wars, which many call illegal, (not to mention the billions which go towards the EU) that we as a nation can not afford to support the growing number of elderly citizens.

They go on to tell us that the only way this country can survive as a thriving economy and continue to afford to support the growing, grey haired, masses is to import millions of immigrants to "boost the economy" and "pay the taxes".

Of course, what they say is total codswallop (says she, once again resisting a more colourful choice of language). This claim is made repeatedly, and I am sure that many otherwise intelligent people accept it as a fact, yet it is both incorrect and it is dishonest.

Firstly to accept this argument requires us to ignore the evidence of our very eyes, in that immigrants have self evidently not “boosted our economy”. As I pointed out in a post I made a few weeks ago, after 10 years or more of mass immigration at levels never before seen in this country, our economy is now in the worst state it has ever been, other than at the end of the last world war. Much good immigration did us!!!!

Many, and I am one of them, have argued that both immigration and pandering to various minority groups was at the heart of the sub-prime fiasco, which brought about the recent financial crisis, however, whatever the cause, even the most passionate multiculturalist can not argue that immigration has made our situation any better.

It can not be disputed that our economy is in a far worse state than it was before the decade long tsunami of immigration we have just lived through, so how exactly has immigration made it any better?!

Secondly, this demented theory that mass immigration is the solution to coping with an ageing population, assumes that all the new arrivals which the establishment is so frantically importing have discovered the secret of eternal youth, and will never, become pensioners themselves.

It is beyond belief that so many fail to see through the dishonesty and basic madness of this argument. This strategy depends on an ever increasing number immigrants providing for an ever increasing number of immigrant pensioners. Very much like the health service, where we are told we need to strip the third world of qualified medical staff in order to cope with the strain caused by ever increasing numbers of third world immigrants.

The indigenous population of Britain is not growing, yet the strain on our services and infrastructure is increasing by the year, and it does not take a genius to work out what is causing it.

The earlier waves of immigrants are now becoming pensioners, each year their numbers grow, and in twenty or thirty years, those arriving now will be joining them. If you believe the crazy argument we are being fed we will then need even more new immigrants to support them., and more again after that. Given that space is finite, do we continue this lunacy until we are required to stand on each others shoulders? And what then? Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children?

Beyond this is the inescapable fact that at the current rate of immigration, immigrants, and their descendants, will have outnumbered the indigenous population within the next fifty, or at the very outside sixty, years. (if anyone reading this has a child or grandchild under the age of 10 they have to accept that, if nothing changes, by the time those children collect their pensions they will will be living in a Britain where white Europeans – let alone white Britons - are in the minority).

That is not a BNP scare story, it is a mathematical certainty, which every politician is aware of but will not admit.

If you are happy with the prospect of Britain becoming a majority non-white nation within two generations, than that is a view you are entitled to, but remember you were never given the option of a vote on it.

However, even if you are one of those who do look forward with pleasure to a time when this country's indigenous population become an ethnic minority, you have to accept that it will not solve the pension problem.

Non-European immigrants have a considerably higher birth rate than Europeans, and there are no political or cultural reasons which suggest that is going to change any time soon, in fact very much the reverse. Hence, as more and more come the faster the population will grow, causing greater stress on the infrastructure, and inevitably creating more pensioners, and more, and more.

To any rational person, this argument in favour of immigration to pay for pensions, services or anything else is total lunacy, which is merely storing up problems for the future.

However, as you must have realised by now, the ideologues who run our country are not rational.

Every main political party in Britain subscribes to the same discredited belief that the insane levels of immigration we have seen are somehow good for the country, not one of them, Labour, Tory or Lib Dem, will do a thing to change the current reality. no matter how mad it becomes. And the same applies to UKIP, they are a single issue, anti-European pressure group, who's policies might effect the number of white, Christian Europeans coming to Britain, however, as far non-European immigration is concerned, UKIP are in bed with the Lib/Lab/Con troika. In any event, a single issue pressure group like UKIP is not going to solve the multiple issue problems we face, particularly one which refuses to acknowledge the main problem.

Do not be fooled, continued mass immigration into Britain is not going to solve the pensions crisis, or anything else, in fact it will make them all infinitely worse. It has not helped us, and it will not help us, it is creating a monster which will destroy our Country's future. If you vote for any of the main parties you will be embracing their failed policies on immigration and the blighted future that will bring.

Do not be lured into voting UKIP either, for they do not offer an alternative. Surely the very attempts by the controlled media to make UKIP seem attractive should warn you it is not in Britain's best interests to vote for them.

If you wish to avoid the nightmare future which will inevitably follow from continued, uncontrolled mass immigration, there is only one option, and only one way to vote on June 4th, and that is for the BNP. If you do not, you will be choosing a future which your children, and your country will not thank you for, worse, they may well curse you for it.


Another victim of the dream

The trial of those accused of murdering 16 year old Ben Hitchcock back in June 2007, started this week at the old Bailey in London.

By many accounts, Ben, of Lewisham in South East London, had bought into the multicultural dream, many of his friends came from the ethnic minority community, and he would often hang out with gangs of black youths.

It was when he was out with a gang of his black friends that he became involved in a fight between two of of London's many, primarily black, territorial gangs. Ben was the only white person to be involved on either side of the fight, and he was the only one to die.

As Ben lay dying his final words were “Call my Mum, Please call my Mum”, however it was too late. Later his alleged killers would speak other words describing the events of that tragic night, phoning rival gang members they announced “We've stabbed up your white boy ...... he's waste”

Despite this, and the fact that the only white person present was the only casualty, the police have stated that Ben's colour was “of no relevance” and his alleged killers have not been charged with a racially motivated crime.

Thus ended yet another young life in the enriched multi-cultural paradise our leaders have bequeathed us.


Change we can believe in - and how!!

Click the image above to read Yesterday's Washington Times editorial

Oh dear!! wasn't that what you thought he meant? As they say "Y'all ain't seen nuttin' yet!!"


Friday 29 May 2009

Today's news on the Green Arrow

Green Arrow in target

I recommend that anyone who has not visited my friend the Green Arrow's blog today should do so, as some of today's articles just might open your eyes as to the reality of 21st Century Britain.

Election fraud and tampering with ballot papers, it couldn't happen in Britain could it? If not, why has Copeland Council in Cumbria (where the BNP scored a 40% vote in a recent council election) chosen to leave their usual steel ballot boxes in storage, and opt for easy access cardboard? Click here to read the Green Arrow's troubling article, together with hilarious video footage of alleged vote tampering during the 2008 US election.

Are the police too close to the criminals? Why are the police refusing to investigate a charity which may well have been using donations for illegal political purposes, and what exactly are the connections between the anti-BNP pressure group Searchlight and the Metropolitan Police? Click here to read researcher Tony's Shell's article on the subject.

Other articles cover the ongoing media smears against the BNP, a statement by the Solidarity trade Union regarding further media smears, and Searchlight's ongoing attempts to massage the evidence in order to falsely support their claims of wide spread resistance to the BNP.

More white crosses on the hill

Sadly I have again updated the figure marking the total number of white South African farmers who have fallen victim to the unreported ethnic genocide, the total has now risen to 3,058.

The latest victims are 74 year old Koo Maas of Elandsfontein , bludgeoned to death on his farm on May 21st, and 66 year old Bernie Liebrandt shot, execution style, at his smallholding in Mnandi yesterday (28th May) full, English language details of both killings can be found here.

Update 15.15 p.m.

Thanks to the regular blog reader who supplied me with this link to an English language news story regarding the killing of Bernie Liebrandt

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Now wasn't that a surprise

Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Female, Puerto Rician and with a history of appeals court decisions supporting racially biased anti white discrimination, you can be sure that the Democrat loaded Congress would vote for a coma patient with those qualifications.

Didn't you just know that Kenya's favourite son would use his first Supreme Court nomination to make yet another politically correct gesture. Whilst all that was prophesied swiftly comes to pass, does anyone want to lay a bet as to when, if ever, Obama will actually get round to doing something, anything, which is about the mundane process of governing a country, rather than playing to his fan base?

Monday 25 May 2009

The silence of the lambs (or should that be "sheep"?)

Still no mention of the fact that the most popular political website in Europe suffered the largest terrorist denial of service attack in history. Surely such an event must be newsworthy, so why is it being ignored? I can't think of any reason, unless, of course, the media are suppressing the news for political purposes.

Surely not!! aren't they supposed to be "fair and balanced"?

Perhaps readers might want to contact the media at, for instance, the BBC newswatch section or to Mr Murdoch's Sky News site via one of the contact addresses quoted, and ask them why. I am sure they must have a valid reason..... mustn't they?

BNP Attack - Largest cyber attack in history

The British National Party site was first attacked on Saturday night, at one point dealing with 28 million hits, but the site's technicians managed to block out the traffic which was emanating from Eastern Europe and Russia.

The size of the renewed assault is unparalleled and there is no doubt that whoever has organised this has had to pay out a serious amount of money to the criminal underworld.

On Friday the servers of Clear Channel, part of a huge conglomerate that provides billboard advertising to the BNP, suffered a similar attack. Their IT professionals tracked the criminal activity back to a notorious "anti-fascist" organisation openly aligned to the Labour Party and supported by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. This organisation was protesting at the decision by Clear Channel to allow the BNP to display advertising in support of the party's European Election Campaign.

Click here to continue reading full details of the attack, and an appeal for help from BNP Leaders Nick Griffin on the Home of the Green Arrow

BNP Website Update

The following message has been posted by Simon Darby the Deputy leader of the British National Party on his own blog.

At 13:36 Monday we can now confirm that following on from the sustained denial of service attack on the main BNP website ( we can now confirm the following:

1. The Counter Terrorism Unit at Scotland Yard is now investigating.

2. MI5 have now been alerted to this incident which has serious implications for UK security.

3. The Labour Party aligned "Searchlight" organisation is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for a similar attack on the servers of Clear Channel. The situation is compounded by the fact that "Searchlight" actually works for the Metropolitan Police.

UPDATE 17:10 pm

It seems the attacks have restarted, I will update you when I know more


Update 20:00 pm

I was wrong about further attacks. It seems the site will be up and down as technicians work on it, but it will hopefully be back in full working order by the morning.

According to Simon Darby we should look out for a new smear in the Daily (cracked) Mirror this week, it appears these will attempt to link the BNP to the Waffen SS, which seems rather a stretch, but coming from the "newspaper" which printed photos it alleged showed British soldiers mistreating Iraqi civilians, but which turned out to have been taken in someones garage in Tring (albeit they are still being touted around the Middle East as the genuine) nothing should surprise us.

BNP Website back online

I am sure there will be further attacks, but it seems to be working at the moment.

Link :

The War to silence truth

I see that a certain Dr Nick McKerrell, a “lecturer in human rights law” at Glasgow Caledonian University and (surprise, surprise) an SSP European elections candidate, is threatening to report BBC Scotland to the police for holding a phone in on the BNP. The fishy Dr Mackerel apparently takes the view that, although no BNP candidate took part, the programme provided the BNP with a platform for its [insert multi purpose “R” word] views.

It seems that, like most of his kind, one human right Dr Mackerel doesn't believe in is the right to free speech, but then as we all know all the most vocal proponents of “human rights” in modern Britain are extraordinarily selective about which human rights, or, more accurately “who's” human rights, they care about or seek to defend.

The oily Dr Mackerel's threat is just a further example of the ongoing attempts to censor free-speech which have been going on in this country.

Of course, In truth, real “free speech” is but a faint memory in Britain, since the 1970's there has been a growing catalogue of things about which you can not comment without facing possible prosecution, and these things are all on the banned list for a political purpose.

It often amuses me when the, so called “balanced and fair” BBC mention that BNP Leader Nick Griffin, “has a conviction” but do not have the honour, or common decency, to admit that his (public order) “conviction” is the British equivalent of the old Soviet “saying something nasty about Stalin” type conviction, it is an entirely political one.

In modern Britain, breaching any one of the many and various speech codes can lead to dire consequences. As Nick found out, the hoary and over used adage parroted by the enemies of free speech, namely that “You can't shout 'fire' in a crowded theatre” applies in this Orwellian state even when the theatre is on fire. As we all now know, the truth is no defence against a speech code violation.

Recently the attacks on free speech have been stepped up to a new level. Organisations such as Searchlight and the UAF exist for no other purpose than to oppose free speech, as they travel around the country in their ludicrous “Hype not Hope” bus, attempting (but generally failing) to silence the voices of change.

Our police force, for year the tool of authoritarian silencing, and some allegedly democratically elected local councils are now acting as the stooges of Islamic extremism as they insist on covering up BNP billboards at the behest of the perpetually offended Mullahs, as they in turn seek to smother any last vestige of Western resistance.

The attempts by our media to suppress our voice is now becoming farcical. In a post I made on Saturday, I showed how Hitler's one time friend, the Daily Mail “newspaper” were clearly censoring feedback from their readers. However, it turns out that the example I gave was a relatively minor example compared to what they got up to yesterday.

Click to enlarge

The above screen shot shows the “reader comments” section at the foot of an article regarding the recent attempts by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, whilst apparently auditioning for their new “Triple F” vaudeville act ('Foolish old Farts in Frocks') – and apparently under the illusion that we were still in the 13th century – to instruct their rapidly shrinking flocks to shun the only party which offers hope for a national future. As you will see, as of this morning, a total of 23 comments have been published. However, I would again draw attention to the ratings which have been given to the, almost exclusively pro-BNP, feedback, all well into the thousands.

Do not forget that the total you can see is not merely the total who took time to rate the various comments, it is the net figure, arrived at after deducting all the negative ratings given by those who disagreed with the pro-BNP views. However, the Mail would have us believe that only 23 souls bothered to comment?!!

Twaddle (says she, restraining her preferred invective). What clearly happened was that, after the first 23 comments came through, and the censors noticed that only two were chanting the requisite anti-BNP mantra, they panicked and closed down all further comments. It would be funny if it wasn't more evidence of Gestapo style censorship.

At 05:30 pm last night we saw the latest assault on the freedom of speech, when the paid criminals, bought by the opponents of democracy, launched a massive denial of service attack on the main BNP website, by so doing, showing once again that those who can not answer an argument will attempt to shut it down.

The sole purpose of this latest attack is to prevent the public from receiving the BNP's message, not because that message is wrong, evil, [insert multi-purpose 'R' word] or bad, but because it is a message which terrifies the dirty under belly of the establishment who's very existence depends upon denying truth to the public.

However, their attack has already failed, all over the intenet people have come forward to provide the information they are seeking to suppress, and even if they had succeed in blocking the BNP site until June 4th, that information would still have got out.

Those who attack us have, in their hatred of Britain, forgotten what it is to be British, they have forgotten that it is when under attack that we thrive and grow, this is what we were born to and because of it we will prevail.

Although, as I write this, the site remains slow and a little difficult to access, it will soon regain its status as the most popular political website in Western Europe, even if it were not to, in terms of morality, and effectiveness, this latest attack failed as it began, because by making it they reveal not only what they are but that they have no substance of alternative to offer. By publicly revealing their true colours, showing their desperation and how much they hate the truth, their latest folly makes up ten fold for every word the suppressed.

The public are not fools, they know why this is happening.

As we all expect that there will be many more such attacks in the next ten days, but they too will not succeed, for we will not let them.

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The cyber war continues

A Further update from the Home of the Green Arrow

British National Party website still down

The main BNP website is currently down due to a massive Denial of Service Attack and I will bring you more news as soon as I have any. Meantime, I have none. Sorry.

However, the British National Party membership is made up of the best of the True British people. They do not whine when bombs fall around their heads, they do not flinch when their ammunition is gone and the fight is desperate, they fix bayonets and stand firm. So they do not even blink at a DOS attack that they have been expecting for weeks. The campaign goes on.

Because of the bond between the membership of the BNP there is a well established network of communications across the country. News and information is spread in seconds and because of the huge numbers of "unofficial" BNP Sites, information then filters down into local communites, showing the importance of the Patriot Sites.

And the readership of the British National Party are the most technology aware readers of any political party, within minutes of the site going down, they were over to the site of Simon Darby, the Deputy Leader of the Party to find out the score.

And for the news of what is happening in Our tortured Land they went of to UKTabloid, the one news portal that brings you the stories that mean you never have to pay for a paper that supports our enemies ever again.

Please people, never approach me with a hard copy of the Daily Mail or any other rag newspaper in your hand, not even if you say you are going to use it as toilet paper. I would not insult my rear end with such garbage.

And for those who are having a break from leafletting and door knocking, then there is the "Discuss the British National Party" Chatroll, an unofficial chat site where many of our key activivists like to hang out. If you wish to chat, it takes seconds to register and you can either join your kinsmen in relaxing or if you have questions about the BNP, then ask. There is only one way to discover the truth and that is to look for it.

And that my friends is the reason why there is no BNP site this morning. They do not wish you to discover the truth. They need the truth buried. Because they know that when you find it, you will be so horrified and angry that nothing short of death will stop you joining in our quest to destroy them, the enemies of the British People.

Proud to be BNP.

Sunday 24 May 2009

Running scared

The following message was posted to the Green Arrow blog earlier this evening

The following information as been taken from the site of the Deputy Leader of the British National Party, Simon Darby, where updates will be posted...

The main BNP website is currently down due to a massive Denial of Service Attack. The site was attacked last night, at one point dealing with 28 million hits, but we managed to block out the traffic which was emanating from Eastern Europe and Russia.

The size of the assault today is unparalleled and there is no doubt that whoever has organised this has had to pay out a serious amount of money to the criminal underworld.

On Friday the servers of Clear Channel, part of a huge conglomerate that provides billboard advertising, suffered a similar attack. Their IT professionals tracked the criminal activity back to a notorious "anti-fascist" organisation openly aligned to the Labour Party and supported by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. This organisation was protesting at the decision by Clear Channel to allow the BNP to display advertising in support of our European Election Campaign.

As a consequence of the criminal actions against Clear Channel we understand that their legal team is currently in the process of issuing writs against the perpetrators which as well as civil actions will involve the possibility of potential criminal charges including racketeering.

I'll keep you all informed about the above.


The fact the BNP's enemies, on behalf of the establishment are now going to such lengths can only mean one thing, they are petrified. Doesn't it make you feel good?!!

Saturday 23 May 2009

Fair and balanced

Yesterday, the Daily Fail .. Mail ..uh ...Whatever, printed another of their daily anti BNP smears, this time attempting to compare the BNP to the Nazis on the basis that some Czech person, who once had a friend who knew someone who Nick Griffin once met got a bit pissed off with some Roma travellers. (they really were scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one, but they grasp at what straws they can, I guess).

Interesting that it did not occur to them that by the same token, Labour's contacts with China must mean that they will shortly start oppressing Tibet and executing a couple of thousand dissidents every year.

At the bottom of the Online version of the story, the Mail invited readers to comment, but strangely, given the emotive content, only one person, the imaginatively named Bob Roberts from Worcester, had left one, obediently parroting the mail's "OOOH they are such nasty Nazis!!" line

I left a comment last night but when I went back this morning I found that, not only had my comment not appeared, but nobody else had commented. In fact, poor old Bob Roberts message was still the only one there, it seemed that nobody had responded to the poor bloke. Then I noticed that 367 people had actually responded, or, at least, expressed a view on Bob's comment.

As you can see from the screen shot above all 367 had given Bob's "OOOH they are such nasty Nazis" comment a negative rating, whilst nobody had given him a positive one.

The MailOnline would have us believe that not one of those 367 people who were sufficiently interested to rate Bob Roberts' comment, not one of them was inspired to leave a few words of their own? If you believe that you should not be using the nurse's computer when she is not looking.

Obviously they did not get the response they had hoped for and therefore, in true PRAVDA style they censored their readers.

Depend on the British press for truth, fairness and balance huh?

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Update on the Van den Bosch killing

Twenty-five year old Akhona Inocent Gini, in the superman t-shirt, appeared in the Cullinan magistrate’s court charged with the gruesome murders of the Dairy farming couple Johan and Cobi Van den Bosch at their smallholding near Mooiplaats, which I wrote about back in April. According to police Gini was arrested in a squatter camp outside Witbank. He faces two charges of murder, and one charge of robbery with extenuating circumstances. Gini was a former employee of the Dutch-born couple. Police told the news media that one of the couple’s two stolen cellphones was found with him. He has apparently submitted a statement admitting his guilt in the case. However magistrates have adjourned the case for a week for further investigations, and to allow Gini to obtain legal aid for his bail application.
News source: Here

Although the alleged theft of the mobile phones, and the previous relationship between the victims and the accused have been used by the press to suggest other motives, the Transvaal Agricultural Union consider these killings to be a further part of the ethnic cleansing which has been going on in South Africa for the last 15 years. However, I will continue to monitor this case, and may post about this further in due course.

I am aware that other sources are are quoting the slightly higher figure of 3,056 in respect of the total number of victims, and certainly there have been attempts to suppress news of many of the killings. However, until I can verify that figure, I will not be updating my own at this stage.

UPDATE 21 May 2009

Thanks to those who have written to me providing additional details regarding the total number of victims of the South African farm murders. I am particularly impressed by this meticulously documented site Afrikaner-Genocide-Archives
run by Dutch born South African Adriana Stuijt. Ms. Stuijt provides a considerable amount of research and reference detail, together with listings of the deceased. On the strength of this, I feel more comfortable in updating the figure on this blog to 3,056 in line with Ms. Stuijt's total.

This may appear a little academic, and the difference is only 8, however, these are eight lives which ended in a violent and horrific manner, and I feel it is appropriate to include them.

(Note: May 23: Apologies for the bad link to Afrikaner-Genocide-Archive this has now been corrected)

Monday 18 May 2009

Crime in our times

On those rare occasions when members of the establishment and other multi-culti fanatics are forced to admit that newly arrived enrichers, together with first and second generation colonisers of overseas origin, commit disproportionate levels of of crime, they inevitably blame poverty and social deprivation. To support their case, they will point to statistics which they will insist show the percentages of various ethnic groups who are apparently living in poor circumstances.

What they will never do, of course, is show you statistics based on the overall population, because that will display a very different picture. By failing to do so, they are deliberately misrepresenting the situation. They have to, because, if they told the truth their argument would fall apart. Secretly, they know, when you are talking about numbers, the only fair comparison is with other numbers, not with percentages. Unfortunately, most people are not as devious as they are, and will not think about what they are being told.

In fact, what they are doing is playing what I like to call “The two Eskimo trick”. (Take note of this as they play this trick on us all the time and you need to be prepared to counter it) it works as follows, let us assume for argument sake that there were no Eskimos living in Barnstaple Devon, until two Inuit brothers immigrated there from Nunavut in Northern Canada. One of the Eskimo brothers works hard and does quite well for himself, whereas the other suffers a string of unlucky breaks and falls into poverty. By using the two Eskimo trick, over night Eskimos become the most deprived group in the West Country on the basis that 50% of all Eskimos in Barnstaple are living in poverty, even though it is actually only one person.

As I have explained in previous articles, they also apply this same trick when they present their statistics on alleged race hate crimes. For instance, they will point to figures which show that 4% of Asians have suffered racial violence, whereas “only” 0.3% of indigenous whites have. They imply by this that much larger numbers of Asians are being attacked than whites were. Whereas, in fact the figures were based on 1999, when whites were still 90% of the population (how things change!!) hence 0.3% of whites was a vastly greater number than 4% of Asians. In truth their figures showed that, even back then, whites accounted for more than 60% of all race hate crime victims in this country (See this article I wrote last year for sources and calculations), of course that is not how they were presented to a gullible public.

In reality, and in numeric terms, across the country a far greater number of whites are living in poverty and often severe deprivation, than all other ethnic groups put together. Hence, if poverty and deprivation were the cause, you would expect to see disproportionately higher numbers of whites involved in crime, however, that is far from what we are seeing. In facts white criminals are heavily under represented in terms of the numbers living in poverty, if that were the test.

Let us test the argument that people of immigrant origin commit disproportionate numbers of crimes because nasty, racist, white society force them to live in poverty a little further.

To do so, I suggest we visit the hallowed portals of the the Financial Services Authority, or “FSA”, the body set up to police the activities of those working within the financial services industry. That is to say, bankers, financial advisers and mortgage advisers, people who, even in a credit crunch, few would describe as “impoverished” or “deprived”.

As part of the FSA's regulatory process, they issue press releases whenever they fine or ban members of the financial services industry who have been found guilty of incompetence, or in this instance, malpractice.

I have done a trawl through the press releases the FSA have issued in the first four and a half months of this year, and this is what I found:

On 19th January 2009 the FSA banned North London broker Moses Luzinda trading as Remos and Co for submitting false mortgage applications. (in the interests of fairness, I note that the same press release mentions that is a separate case Mortgage broker Richard Kennedy was also banned and fined for mortgage fraud.)

On the 9th February the FSA obtained a Court Order that Mr Aniz Kassamali Dhanji Manji the owner of Bayshore Nominees Limited will return £1m to investors and Mr Suresh Maganlal Bhowan a director of Bayshore will pay £17,233. These investors were victims of a share scam operated by overseas entities which sold worthless shares to UK investors.

on the 16th February the FSA banned mortgage broker Leo Kusi-Appiah, who was recently jailed after pleading guilty at St Albans Crown Court to obtaining property by deception in connection with mortgage fraud.

On the 2nd of March 2009, the FSA banned Wakefield-based mortgage adviser Mohammed Ahmed for submitting mortgage applications on his and a customer’s behalf that were supported by false income details .

On 30 March 2009 the FSA banned Walthamstow-based mortgage adviser Ashfaq Ahmed for fraud. The regulator found that Ahmed had submitted mortgage applications on his own behalf that were based on false and misleading information about his income.

On the 6th of April 2009 the FSA succeeded in banning Mr Milan Vukelic from working in the financial services industry in the UK. The Tribunal found that Mr Vukelic’s actions whilst CEO of Alternative Solutions (AltSol) lacked integrity.

On the 16th of Apri 2009 the FSA banned banned a South London mortgage broker Abiola Agbalaya and fined him £100,000 for his knowing involvement in the submission of false mortgage applications.

Grace Olatunji, who worked as a mortgage consultant for Mr Agbalaya, has also been banned for submitting mortgage applications based on false income information.

On 30th April 2009 the FSA banned Tower Hamlets based mortgage adviser Zia Chowdhury for certifying client identities for fraudulent mortgage applications.

On 14 May 2009 the FSA banned a Bradford mortgage adviser, Sofique Ullah, who traded as M A Financial Services and M A Mortgages, for knowingly submitting mortgage applications supported by inaccurate and misleading employment details for himself and on behalf of his customers.

And we are only half way through May

Certainly there are other press releases featuring more Anglo Saxon names, however, those listed above are, again, disproportionately misrepresented, making up over half of those involving alleged criminal behaviour, and, in respect of those fined and banned for misbehaviour involving mortgage crime, they make up over 70%.

I accept that it is always possible that Englishmen and women with a British heritage dating back to 1066 and beyond may have adopted names such as Ashfaq, Mohammed and Dhanji Manji after converting to Kabbalah, and certainly if any Searchlight bot reading this can prove that to be the case I sill certainly publish a correction.

However, I would point out that I have already excluded the following from the above count, on the basis that their names, although exotic I have been unable to verify that they are of foreign origin.

Mr Loic Albert Antoine Montserret, a former portfolio manager at BlueCrest Capital Management Limited (BlueCrest), £35,000 for deliberately mismarking his positions in an attempt to avoid losing his job over losses he was making on his trading book.

Mr Anthony Abonia of Renbee Associates banned for submitting mortgage applications containing false or misleading information to lenders on his own and his customers' behalf.

Gabriel Aramide, banned and fined £101,279 for submitting a fraudulent mortgage application and for concealing a fraud conviction when applying to the FSA for approval as a director.

However, excluding them does not change the overall picture.

Once again we are finding evidence of people of immigrant origin who are disproportionately involved in, at the very least, malpractice, and in circumstances where social deprivation is unlikely to be to blame. Therefore, what can be?

I present you with the facts and leave it to you to make your conclusions.

Sunday 17 May 2009

Stages on an Ideological journey

I have heard it said that if you are not a Liberal at 20 there is something wrong with your heart, but if you are still one at 40 there is something wrong with your head. Well, I will turn 40 this year, and I do not believe there is anything wrong with either my heart or with my head, for I certainly did not start out from where I am now. In saying that, I mean no respect to those of you who were never taken in by disinformation and pretty wrapping, I am sure that your hearts were in perfect working order and that your heads were just more mature than mine was at the age of twenty.

As you may have realised, I have been on a long ideological journey over the last few years and suspect that I have become part of what the thought police most fear, one of the many one time committed liberals who has woken up to the folly of where we are being taken.

That said, although you will all be fully aware of my views on third world immigration, which, I guess, place me in a “conservative” camp, I certainly still hold true to many so called “Liberal” values, and do not necessarily see that as a conflict.

On some issues, such as public gun ownership and the death penalty, both of which, as I have discussed here before, whilst I still oppose both, I am prepared to see the other side of the argument, even though they still make me deeply uncomfortable.

However, on other values, for which I will inevitably be accused of “liberalism” I stand relatively firm and can not imagine that I will ever revise my view, although my perspective may have shifted in some respects.

I will not make the mistake of mentioning the “G.W.” words again. However the preservation of our environment, should, I believe be a priority above almost anything else. What on Earth is the point of fighting for our children's future if we do not leave then a world in which to enjoy that future?. As a Christian I accept that the bible tells us that we hold dominion over nature, but that does not give us the right to exploit it to extinction. We have been entrusted with the guardianship of nature, and that requires us to be conservationists as well as farmers.

God will not replace what we have destroyed, we only have to look to Africa and see how rapidly the desert is advancing on those countries where exploitative farming has taken place, to see the truth of that fact.

Mankind has drained seas, we have devastated forests and levelled mountain ranges, we have recklessly exterminated innumerable species including many which may have held the cure to any number of illnesses. We have polluted our planet to the point where bits of our civilisation can be found on the remotest places on Earth, that can not be allowed to continue without diminishing the human experience.

I was lucky enough to travel widely during both my childhood, and in the early years of my marriage, I have seen great natural beauty, the memory of some of which still stuns me now. I want that experience for my grandchildren and for their grandchildren, if that makes me an environmental liberal, then so be it.

I am also still a “liberal” when it comes to the subject of gay rights. I personally enjoy a heterosexual marriage, and have never felt and attraction to a member of my own sex, however, I have no objection to anyone who does, and can not understand why anyone would have.

I continue to be shocked, and indeed offended, by much of the ugly anti-gay rhetoric which I see on so many Nationalist sites, and was appalled by the scenes which came out of Moscow this weekend. I fail to see what homophobia has to do with Nationalism. The hatred of homosexuals is something which some nationalist share with the worst elements of Islam and the black bigots of the African churches, it is nothing more than a self indulgent irrelevance, which actively damages our cause because it gives our enemies grounds to accuse us of hating everyone who is not like us.

As you can see from that last sentence, even on this subject, I may no longer be the bleeding heart liberal I was at twenty. From an entirely cynical perspective, being anti-gay makes no logical sense, we should not forget that, like women, homosexuals will be amongst the first victims of an Islamic take over of the West, or indeed one overrun by third world cultures. Many may not realise it yet, but a time will come when gay people will come to appreciate that the left will betray them for the sake of multiculturalism, at that point many will become our natural supporters, and we do not have the luxury to reject votes merely on account of what people do between the sheets.

I may also make few friends within the Nationalist community by stating that I am a strong supporter of third world aid.

To be clear, I do not believe that the wealthier Western Nations have a duty to offer physical sanctuary to unsustainable numbers of people from the third world, indeed, as I have argued here before, that is positively damaging, not only to the host nation, but also to the third world, which will just get worse and create more and more refugees.

How exactly are we helping the third world by offering any of their countrymen, who are able bodied enough to get out, a home in Basildon?

However, I certainly believe that we have a duty to assist them financially. I mean this not only from a humanitarian point of view, although that is surely a major factor, as I fail to understand how anyone can see our fellow human beings suffer, whatever their race, and not want to help, however, it is also in our best interests to help improve the lot of the third world, not least because the more prosperous their homeland, the less motivation the citizens will have to leave it.

As I have declared before, I do not hate any other race, I believe that all races and peoples to have value and an entitlement to their own homeland, and I only part company with the “Liberals” in that I believe that applies equally to those of white, European, ancestry. I look forward to a situation were all races have their own homeland where they can thrive and be happy and where nobody's culture is overwhelmed and diminished by others, as seems to be the fate facing Europe at this moment.

I also part company with political correctness and liberalism in respect of how aid needs to be distributed and unlike them I believe we should stop pretending that things are as we would like them to be and deal deal with the facts on the ground as they are. You do not defend a child's rights or their welfare by handing them a wad of cash, and hoping they spend it wisely, and the same applies to countries which have shown themselves totally incapable of looking after their own people.

Charity can only have an effect if it is handled rationally, and therefore any organisation which refuses to give up its delusions, or clings to a despot friendly political correctness, like the United nations or many aid charities is self evidently not up to the job.

You may wonder where this diatribe is leading and why I have felt it necessary to take you on this tour of some of my various attitudes and opinions. I can assure you that I am not seeking to prove that I have an opinion on everything, I am a woman, so you already knew that. Rather, I thought a (relatively) brief examination of my ideological journey and the conflicts between opposing positions, with which I still struggle, was as good a way as any of arriving at a subject I have been wrestling with for a number of years, and one, in respect of which I now find myself in a position almost diametrically opposed to the views I held twenty years ago.

It is not a subject I have ever mentioned before, and probably not one I will mention again, as it is not what my blog is about. However, it is a subject I have thought a lot about recently, and one, about which, with your indulgence I would like to express a view.

That subject is a woman's right to choose.

I should start by declaring that I have never had a termination, I have one child, and am still young enough to have more, although the Nave of Albion and I are not actively seeking to increase our family, were that to happen, it would be a delight and a blessing despite all that it would entail.

However, I am also grateful that I was able to enjoy my teens and most of my twenties in a way that I could not have done had I become a mother at an earlier stage, as would most likely have been the case had I been born twenty years, or so, earlier.

I would never wish to return to the days of illegal, back street. abortions and all the mutilation, death and misery which that entailed.

However, although it is a view which the twenty year old me would never have imagined myself taking, I no longer believe that any woman should be entitled to an undisputed right to choose an abortion.

Let us set aside those circumstances where a woman's life is at risk due to a complication with her pregnancy, in which circumstances I imagine most would agree that the life of the mother should take precedence over that of a life which is not yet viable. However, such situation is less about “choice” and more about medical necessity, and, in any event, amount for a tiny proportion of the number of abortions taking place in Western Nations each year.

When this subject is raised, people will usually mention the plight of rape victims, and I can fully understand that a woman might not wish to give birth to the child of a man who raped her. However, the woman's is not the only innocent life involved, should the child involved actually pay the ultimate penalty for the sins of its father? Did that child deserve to be denied life because their father was a rapist? This is an area which requires a lot of thought, because easy answers are just not good enough.

Again, like medical emergencies, rape related abortions amount to only a tiny percentage if those which take place. By many, many. thousand, the vast majority of terminations which are carried out in the West are the result of accidental, unwanted or inconvenient pregnancies, and I no longer accept that the right to choose outweighs the right to be born in such circumstances.

For many years I would certainly not have taken that view, I would have argued that a woman had the right to decide (or choose) what happens to her own body, however, now I have to ask how many times she has the right to make that choice.

I recently watched a video in which a young, school aged, American girl spoke passionately against abortion. Although she was very impressive, as a cynical European I am sure she was merely parroting the words taught to her by an adult. A child of her age should not be required to take a view on such a subject, and it was somehow exploitative to ask her to do so. However, whatever my scruples and whether the words were hers or her tutors, one statement she made struck me as an indisputable truth, and put much of the “choice” argument into perspective.

As that young girl said, “Most of such women have already made a choice, they had the choice not to have unprotected sex” there is no argument against that truth, in such circumstances abortion is the second choice given to them, when the first choice goes wrong.

Feminist may argue that women are cajoled, seduced or forced into having sex, but they say that about all sex, and unless the woman is raped, it is, like most feminist fantasies, basically not true.

We all feel terrible sympathy for someone who makes a mistake, but we all make mistakes, and we all suffer the consequences, and why should someone be denied life because someone else has made a mistake, especially when the “mistake” was a deliberate choice?

People will argue that we need to control the population, but that is to view termination as a form of culling, which surely must never be applied to human life. Furthermore, such a claim makes no sense when applied to European nations where the birthrate is plummeting, a fact used by our politicians as an excuse for importing millions of people into Europe, yet at the same time as our leaders are frantically promoting immigration to allegedly "compensate" for our shrinking and ageing populations, we are allowing hundreds of thousands of viable European children to die each year, doesn't that start to sound a little suspicious?.

When aimed at the West, the arguments in favour of birth control are a malevolent lie. There is absolutely no reason to reduce the birth rate amongst indigenous Europeans, and every reason to boost the birthrate. If there is an argument for birth control, it is in those parts of the world where population growth is out of control, not here where the indigenous population is shrinking by the day.

I believe that, as a society, we should actively encourage all pregnant women to give birth to their child, no matter the circumstances or how inconvenient or unwanted the child may be and they should be given every assistance and incentive to do so, including financial. There should be no need for illegal abortions because there should be no stigma and limited disadvantage attached to child birth, and much benefit and celebration. Why should even the most unwanted child die, when there are thousands desperate to adopt?

I have not reached this view for religious reasons, or because I am strongly, pro-life, quite the reverse, I believe in certain circumstances voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide can be justified, however, only when the person directly involved is able to make a choice about their own life.

When a termination take place, there are two lives involved, but only one is allowed a choice, and that I can no longer support.


Saturday 16 May 2009

The battle to come

I am sure I need not warn against complacency as we approach the June 4th election. Even though our Parliamentary democracy seems to be in free-fall and the triumvirate ruling parties are in disarray, as, by the day, a horrified public are shown, in full gory detail, just exactly what it is we have been governed by for all these years, the BNP will still have to fight for every single vote over the next 18 days.

Despite the moat cleanings, the massage chairs, the home cinemas, the taxpayer funded cat food and non-existent mortgages, be under no illusion, our nations politicians have been working day and night to prevent the one party without the expenses scandals from gaining seats in Europe. At the same time their friends in the media and in undemocratic boot boy pressure groups are frantically conspiring at any means of reducing the BNP vote.

The politicians are merely the head of the serpent, there is a fat and overfed, yet hate filled, body slithering behind which also has to be contended with. Indeed, were a meteorite to hit the House of commons during a crowded Prime Miscreant's Question Time, perish the thought (says she with every flexible body part crossed) the bots and sleepers they have put in place will still be mindlessly working against the British people.

They have their scripts and their pre-programmed commands and they will continue with their task whatever state their masters are in, because that is what they have been programmed to do.

I am sure we will all have seen the rather fuzzy haired and acne scarred Searchlight bot who appeared on both the BBC and Channel 4 News programmes earlier in the week, repeating his pre-recorded message “All evidence is ...'click' 'click' ... that disaffected voters are moving to.. 'click' UKRAP and the Greens rather than the .. 'click' 'click'...'clunk' ...'click' 'click' evil, racist , extremist, baby eating, puppy kicking, kitten starving BNP ....'fzzzzzit!'” ..... “All evidence is ...'whirrr' ...'clunk..” etc. etc. Honestly, I was convinced that any moment he would malfunction, announce that his name was “Hal” and that he would "self destruct in “T minus 47 seconds”.

Of course, the BBC treated him as if he were an authority, rather than an automaton, and that disingenuous old liar, Jon Snow, who has anchored that once Communist and now heavily Islamic propaganda mouth-piece, Channel 4 news for the last quarter century, actually introduced the fuzzy bot as “a spokesman for the anti-extremist group Searchlight” .... “Anti-extremist??!” bollocks Mr Snow (as the Australian's might say) when were Searchlight ever anti extremist?, they are in bed with the extremists, and you are top and toed with them, sucking their feet!!

As the likes of Jon Snow, Jezza Paxman, Kirsty Wark, Krishnan Guru-Whatsit, and the deeply unpleasant Gavin Esler (is it only me, or does Gavin also remind you of an unnatural liaison between a merekat and an emu?) show us, the BNP opposing bots have their facilitators in the media, and we can be sure that we will not get through the next 18 days without some planted , "baby eating racists" lie about the BNP appearing in the press, or more posed pictures of UAF plants pretending to be BNP Supporters making Nazi salutes appearing the News of the Screws or in Piers Morgan's old PhotoShop gallery the Daily Mirror.

The BNP must be ready for these and be able to counter and correct every allegation, immediately and through every legal means they have at hand.

Be under no illusion, the seas will become very choppy over the next two and a half weeks and the sharks will continue to circle, despite the current high farce at Westminster.

Even when you finally reach the shore on polling day, there will still be a dark and unpleasant shape lurking in the shallows, and that is electoral fraud. Vote rigging has long been a huge problem in Asia, Africa and the rest of the third world (okay and Chicago) and it is one which has now been imported into this country.

A figure heavily suppressed by the media is the 400,000 votes cast during the London Mayoral elections last May, which were officially designated as “spoilt” and, therefore, not included in the count. I am going to repeat that figure, 400,000 (FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND) ... how the f...? As the BNP asked afterwards “Was Robert Mugabe in town last Thursday?”

How many of those 400,000 do you think were for the British National Party? Indeed are you in any doubt that, if the authorities believed they could have got away with claiming that another 130,000 voters spoilt their ballots. Richard Barnbrook would not today have his seat on the London Assembly? However, that is the point, they couldn't, and that is why even the most dishonest riggers can be thwarted.

In addition to the pretend spoilt ballot scam, there is that great boost to vote rigging the postal vote with which the BNP will also have to contend, but that too can be overcome.

The dirty tricks they will inevitably try against us (and already are trying) can be beaten, and the key to doing so is with numbers. As we saw recently in Ukraine, and only last year in Zimbabwe, even the most outrageously rigged systems can be beaten if enough people vote against them. Even with what is going on, we are unlikely to see similar numbers voting against the riggers here as seen in Ukraine or Zimbabwe, our country is not yet in a similar state (give it ten years) however the same principle applies, a 15% vote is harder to hide than a 10% one, and a 20% one harder still.

It is a cliché to say that every vote counts but in this election it is true. If you are reading this and you are not a Searchlight bot, then vote BNP or shame on you, you deserve to live in the Hell which our current rulers are preparing for you. If you have the courage and it will not put you at risk, tell your friends that you are going to vote BNP, and why you are going to vote BNP, if they start repeating the old lies which they have been told about hate and Nazis, tell them to look at the BNP website or watch BNP TV and ask themselves who are the real haters and who are the real Nazis, the BNP or those spreading lies about them?.

Some friends may turn against you and that will be hard, but in time most will come round, and, if the don't they are brainwashed sheep who were never your friends any way.

Once again if you can do so without putting your career, your own safety or that of your family at risk then show your support for the BNP publicly, so that people can see that the party is not mafe up of the knuckle dragging thugs as the media like to pretend.

You face a huge challenge, but it is also a huge opportunity, and if you succeed things will never be quite the same again. Imagine how you will feel on June 5th if you wake up to find that there is even one BNP MEP, let alone five or ten or who knows. If that doesn't work for you, then just imagine how the fuzzy Searchlight bot will feel when he wakes up to such a result.

There will be other chances, the country has not yet reached low to which the Lib/Lab/Con disaster will eventually take us, but even a modest victory on June 4th will change everything and the salvation of our country will have begun.

The Searchlight bots and sleepers know it, and that is why they will go into over drive in the next 18 days, but they can be defeated, it only needs enough of us to decide to do so.

Friday 15 May 2009

And the killing continues

It has been my sad task to again update the figure recording the continuing genocide being perpetrated against white South Farmers, and ignored by the world. The figure now stands at 3,048.

On Wednesday night 58 year old Alan Rowe was brutally murdered at his farm in the Natal midlands near Pietermaritzburg. He was the owner of the Bloemendal Estate at Rietvlei. He arrived home at 20:45 and was shot by two assailants who were hiding in his garage. He tried to reverse and flee but they kept firing until he died!

No property was taken, and friends believe that the killing was not a robbery or hijacking that went wrong, they also believe that Mr Rowe was deliberately targeted, however the police appear to be trying to pass it off as a "land dispute", and despite the thousands of deaths which preceded this killing, the tame media are seemingly willing to unquestioningly accept that claim.

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Thanks to those who are keeping me updated with news of these killing.

Thursday 14 May 2009

The oppression of the word

We will all have noticed that, in the run up to the European elections in June, the BNP has been mentioned in the press more often than usual. Very little of it is flattering, although they do say that no publicity is bad publicity, especially as I think the public are at last beginning to realise that the party has been the victim of a relentless campaign of vilification and lies.

Of course, whenever there is a mention of the BNP there is one word which its enemies repeat like a mantra, and that multi-purpose, multi-application, multiple meaning, and exhaustively over-used of words is “racist”. “The BNP is a racist party!” they cry, whilst those around them nod their heads in agreement. however, does anyone actually know what they mean, for what does “racist” mean this evening, given that it was probably meant something totally different yesterday.

This invidious little word pops up in so many situations and means so many things that it is all but impossible to live one's life without committing an act (or thought crime) which falls within its all pervading grasp.

As the excellent Tess Culnane from South London described in her recent speech, being the victim of noise pollution, after one has been forced to endure, months and often years of living next to pounding music twenty four a day can be a racist act, if you finally can take no more and complain about it. The noise polluter, of course, is not a racist, they are under no obligation to consider you or your culture, whilst you are required to consider them and at least pretend to enjoy their culture, whatever the decibels or time of night when they choose to express it, to fail to do so is .... racist.

Indeed any failure to appreciate or wholeheartedly welcome and enjoy any culture other than your own can result in accusations of racism, whereas expressing an affection and appreciation of your own culture too enthusiastically can render you, at the very least, liable for suspicion of racism.

As we all know it is an act of heinous racism for victims of violence to make reference to the ethnicity of their attacker, and it appears that this sanction is also applied to other protected groups, as members of the gay community discovered when they complained about gangs of black gay bashers attacking clubers leaving venues in the Vauxhall area.

As you would soon find out were you to attempt to set up an organisation or group exclusively for white people, that would be racist, and probably illegal, whereas there are a phone book full of organisations, pressure groups and clubs exclusively for blacks, Asians or other minorities ,which are not only not racist or illegal but are often generously subsidised by the tax-payer.

In this connection, there are many who claim that racism is something which non-whites can not be capable of, however, confusingly, sometimes they can be, but only if they express a prejudice by word or act against another ethnic group, except. of course, whites. A neutral observer might conclude that actively excluding acts against whites was in itself an act of racism, but, apparently it is not, or so we are assured.

Whites it appears can only ever be the perpetrators of racism, but never the victims. Bizarrely enough that apparently isn't racist either, or so we are told by those who make the rules.

Being “subconsciously” racist is always a hard one to avoid and leads to all sorts of dire results, such as the fabled “institutional racism”, most frequently demonstrated by irrational acts, such as the police arresting disproportionate numbers of black boys for no better reason that that they commit disproportionate numbers of crimes.

However, subconscious racism can extend into any number of areas of one's life, including, it seems one's sexual preferences. Within the last year, on an internet forum I was accused of sexual racism when I stated that I have never felt sexually or romantically attracted to a non white male. To some, such as him, it would appear any number of sexual eccentricities are acceptable, provided that they are multicultural.

The man who accused me of sexual racism, went on to express the view that a mother's preference for her own child, over that of another's child had racism at its very roots. The gentleman in question appeared to view a mother's love as reprehensibly lacking in inclusiveness which may seem bizarre to most of us. However, in making that claim, weird as it may seem, he perhaps became closer to telling a truth about racism, or at least what is often condemned as racism, than he, or many of his ilk would ever admit.

There is a natural instinct within most people to protect, cherish and prefer the company of one's own kind, it is an innate instinct which has existed throughout history, but does not necessarily translate into “hatred” of “the other”. The mother may prefer her own child, but she does not hate another woman's child, provided it eventually goes home, she is merely more attached to her own. This is the truth which those who hate us refuse to accept, namely that one of the myriad things they call racism, the instinctive preference for one's own, is a fact within the nature of humanity.

For a while, brain washing and intimidation may have have suppressed human nature in much of the West, but the Left have not learnt from there previous attempts to suppress human nature, in the Soviet Union because it will not last for ever.

Returning to the multiple meanings of “racism”, who can forget the recent attacks on conservationists by historian Professor Christopher Smout, who claimed that seeking to preserve an indigenous animal or plant species from being overwhelmed by an alien species, was a form of “ecological racism”. Following the example of many other modern historians, who interpret their occupation as requiring them to re-write the past, Professor Smout suggests that the destruction of an indigenous species by an alien one, is a “natural process”. In making this claim the “good” professor ignores the devastation which has been wrought upon so many species buy the unnatural importation of alien species, usually by the act of man.

Britain's once thriving water vole population did not reach its current endangered status through “nature”, that tragedy was brought about by the deliberate release of alien and veracious American mink into the British countryside. Likewise the dodo did not become extinct because of Mother Nature, again the fault lay with mankind and the deliberate act of importing pigs and dogs into the unfortunate bird's previously safe Island home.

The theme of ecological racism popped up again in a recent Channel Four documentary, to which I can't find a link, but I am sure that many of you saw it, in which those seeking to protect the indigenous red squirrel from being driven to extinction by the larger and more aggressive foreign grey variety were mocked and subjected the the implicit implication that their motives were racist.

A more common use of the “r” word is in respect of those who object to the fact that the most significant changes ever to have occurred in this country were imposed upon us over the last forty years without even a pretence of democracy, a choice or the opportunity to vote on it. It is used also against those who do not unquestioningly welcome uncontrolled levels of immigration, or accept as gospel that the newcomers bring nothing but benefits to our ancient homelands.

Likewise, anyone who draws attention to the multiple disadvantages of the un-managable levels of immigration, or shines the light of truth onto the lies we have been told is immediately condemned as the most vile of racists.

And this is where we get close to what this invidious little six letter word is really all about. It is a political tool, a word with an army of meanings but a single purpose. It is a word which has been used relentlessly in order to achieve a political aim, without the necessity to trouble with obtaining a mandate. It has been used to bully, to harass and intimidate, and most importantly it has been used to suppress any opposition to the greatest demographic change our country has ever experienced, a change imposed upon us, against our will and, on which, we were never allowed to vote.

Of course the BNP are accused of “racism” they are the only party standing up against all those things which the enemies of our country have used that evil little word to force upon us. That is why the BNP must succeed, because, if they don't will continue to suffer the tyranny of that most dishonest of words.


Tuesday 12 May 2009

Utopian Idealists Against Our Nation and People

By Mister Fox

"We are led to believe that mass immigration is a blessing to us and that only Enoch Powell and a few narrow-minded and prejudiced people have ever seen danger in it. All decent folk of good will, we are told, have embraced this break in our national continuity as a sign of enlightenment with people progressing to a higher state of civilisation - that of a one-world utopia made up of coffee-coloured persons.

It also has been presented as an Ideological battle between left and right but actually is between people of common sense and utopian idealists. Most ordinary people relate to the world by common sense so the impracticable dream of a multi-racial utopia had to be socially engineered which requires totalitarian methods.

The Utopians see immigrants as essentially good and if we are nice to them they will be nice to us. This utopianism does not counter human nature and we find people being brought in as cheap labour with idealism as a smokescreen. If the high-minded ones are so benevolent and moral, why have their plans been underhand and why public infamy for those who foresaw danger in just letting it happen?

Multi-Racialism follows on from the French Enlightenment in trying to create a society on rationalist principles and ignoring human nature as was the Soviet Union too. Those who wished to preserve our traditional way of life knew how human nature works from their experience of how people treat each other and what they are capable of doing to each other. They learnt from history how different ethnic groups have vied with each other for power and territory and looking at the world around them see that in practice immigration is not assimilation, but the colonisation of our territory.

Conversely, Multi-Racialists never describe reality but appeal to a vague future utopia, not facing that if we have been cruel to them in the past then these newcomers could be cruel to us in the future. Further, people from all walks of life have now given warning of the practical consequences which shows the British people as essentially conservative.

Some have made crude remarks but most bring common sense to an irresponsible series of idealists who just let things happen with no control. All have suffered and some have been openly persecuted.

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Sunday 10 May 2009

The comic double standard

let us imagine for one minute how the world's media would have reacted had George Bush made a joke about Swine flu, a disease which has so far killed a significant number of people in a third world country and also two people in the United states, and which still may have the potential to kill many more. Would they have laughed and cheered and applauded about his wonderful sense of humour? ...... not very likely is it?

Indeed lets forget George Bush, he's history, let us pretend that last year's farce went a different way, the long expected ordination did not occur, and one of Barry's opponents had actually won. (Come on, its not that hard, we've all had that dream)

Imagine if it was John McCain or Hillary Clinton who had made the joke about dead Mexicans, (for after all that is what Barry was joking about) WOW! Oh my!! imagine if it were Sarah Palin who had said it!!!! Just think what the press would have done to HER had she made such a bad taste joke!!

However, it was Barry who made the joke, and the world forgives Barry anything. Barry made the joke and the media cooded as one "what humour ... gasp!!... what timing ... 'hyper-ventilate' ... what a man ....swoon!!"

Doesn't it just make you want to gag?!!!