Saturday, 11 April 2009

More information on the latest South African farm murder

The Editor of Reformatorisch Dagblad, a Dutch language news site, had provided me with a link to to the news story which they are running today covering the killings which I posted about yesterday.

Translated to English, the details are as follows:

BOSCHKOP, Pretoria, South Africa, April 11 2009 – A Dutch immigrant couple who went to South Africa in 1982 to run a dairy farm, was murdered on Easter Friday, April 10 2009. The farmer, 63-year-old Johannes van den Bosch, was bludgeoned to death while milking the cows early that morning.

His wife Jacobi van den Bosch-Griep, 60, was stabbed to death inside their homestead. Their son-in-law T Schinkel who lives in nearby Randburg, found the murdered couple.

The couple were members of the Reformed Church in Pretoria. They had twelve children - three live in The Netherlands.

Police spokesman Johannes Jaftha told the South African Press Association on Friday-afternoon that the farmer showed 'very severe bludgeoning marks' to the skull and face, and that the farm wife 'showed stab wounds in the upper body'.

  • Both died at the scene of the crimes, he said. The motive is unknown: it could not be determined if anything was stolen from the homestead.

It's not known who would be looking after the couple's prized cattle herd over the Easter weekend. Milk cattle suffer terribly if they don't get milked exactly on time.

Prayers were said in several Reformed churches in The Netherlands when the news spread among the religious community here, amongst others in Scherpenzeel, Rhenen and Uddel.


I know that many of my readers are from Britain and the USA and that we have our own huge problems facing us. However, what is happening in South Africa is happening to people of European descent who, centuries ago, settled in a land which was largely virgin territory, where they have lived for hundreds of years.

They are being disinherited both by immigrants from central amd Northern Africa and by the deliberate acts of dishonest Western politicians. They are now the victims of a silent genocide, which the world seeks to hide, most tortured in unimaginably horrible ways before they died.

This we cannot ignore. We must not ignore it, it is our duty to let the world know what is happening, please, please tell as many as you can.


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Dr.D said...

Can there be any doubt that this is a part the on-going effort to turn SA over to black savages, driving out all vestiges of the advances brought about by white culture. They clearly prefer the stone age, and they are adamant that they will have their own way.

This is a further extension of the world wide effort to exterminate the white race. This is supported by many whites, sad to say, with their "whites as cancer" idea. I think I saw a figure recently that white people are only 7% of the global population, yet it is clear that we account for most of the economic activity, most of the scientific and technological advances, most of the cultural progress of the world. The envy of the non-whites has reached epic proportions, and they are out to get us (no, I am not paranoid).

Returning to the couple most recently murdered in SA, may the Lord have mercy on the souls of Johannes and Jacobi van den Bosch, and receive them both into the realms of light, where all is eternal day in the light of his presence. Amen.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Dr D

You are not paranoid. I really do not see how anyone can carry on pretending that there isn't a deliberate effort underway to, at the very least, weaken us as a race.

I also do not think we can go on pretending that the politicians, the media, the academics and other members of the establishment do not realise what is happening, and what they are doing to facilitate it.

What is so terrifying is that so many white people have been brainwashed into not caring.

We are living through one of the most dangerous periods in our history in terms of our survival as a people. In some ways it is potentially more dangerous than the lead up to war in the 1930, because then we did not have millions upon millions of Nazi Germans living amongst us.

You have to go back to the fall of Constantinople or the siege of Vienna to find an equivalent in terms of the treat we face.

Anonymous said...

I do tell all I can. I have written to Downing Street and to SA House in London I also connect with a facebook group SA.

And the EU et al want 50 million Africans to descend on Europe and the UK.The EU et al a anti- white genocide machine.

May I offer my deepest sympathy to the family of those murdered in this latest attack

Lilliput said...

Sarah & Co,

What do you think about the fact that South African's cannot even enter the Netherlands without a Visa? It was ok for them to send loads of people from the Netherlands to South Africa to farm and send the harvest with the sailors of the Dutch East Indian company when it suited them but now they will not allow the greatgrandsons and daughters back in.

There are no native white Africans and therefore every single one of them should be allowed to come and live and work freely in Europe!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Given that most of South Africa was virgin territory when the Original Dutch settlers arrived, it is arguable that they have as much right to be viewed as Native to South Africa, as do much of the current black African population, most of whom moved down from North and Central Africa later in order to benefit from the better life they could live under white rule.

However, it is not only the Netherlands who have turned their back on white South Africans. I fear for those who have nowhere to go, and what will happen to them when the country eventually falls into chaos and bloodshed.

Lilliput said...

Then they will be allowed into as asylum seekers

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


I would appreciate it if you could use another thread to to play your one-upmanship "heh heh ain't I clever games. Can you at least try to show some respect for the victims of these terrible crimes.

The fact that one might consider that people of European origin might be entitled to return to Europe, does not mean that Western Nations should continue to absorb unlimited numbers of third world asylum seekers in perpetuity, not least because by doing so, we are in effect supporting the regimes who create the asylum seekers.

As I think I have said before, if the teachers at a nearby school are murdering the pupils, you might initially deal with the problem by offering temporary refuge to those children who escape, but eventually you have to do something about the school.

The fact that there are still the levels of refugees and asylum seekers now, 64 years after the establishment of the United Nations shows the total failure of a policy allowing governments to carry on killing their subjects, whilst we take in those who manage to escape.