Saturday, 11 April 2009

The theft of Kosovo - a little truth emerges

As defence of the West's shameful role of standing, riles cocked, behind the Kosovar thieves as they stole a star shaped province of sovereign Serbia, the Kosovar Albanian Muslims have been portrayed as the innocent victims of evil Serbian aggression. Seemingly, in this instance, it was okay to disregard a nation's sovereignty and plunder it's land, because the Serbians were a bad lot who had it coming.

This portrayal has continued since the NATO bombing of Serbian territory in 1999, after which a beaming Tony Blair the so called "Kosovo Crusader" rode through Pristina, hailed as a saviour. Indeed, this is the theme music which accompanies any debate on the Balkan conflict of the 1990's, in which Serbia is always cast as the "baddies". This is particularly the case when they were fighting against Muslims, such as in Bosnia or Kosovo.

The punishing of Serbia continues apace, as at the war crimes tribunal in the Hague, Serbian participants receive sentences amounting sometimes to decades in prison, whilst, in the main, Muslim protagonists tend to receive little more than a slap on the wrist, commensurate with their perceived lesser role in the unquestioned horrors which took place.

However, gradually, as with Bosnia before, at last facts are starting to emerge throwing a somewhat more balanced light on what actually happened, and revealing that the genocidal guilt was a little more evenly spread than it once appeared. As with a lot of things in which Blair became involved, the truth it seems were not quite as we were told.

To quote from the BBC's reluctantly published report on the horrors with also took place in Kosovo Liberation Army run prison camps:

Very few Kosovo Albanians have publicly revealed crimes committed by their own side. And for good reason. Witnesses who have agreed to provide testimony for prosecutions of KLA commanders have faced intimidation and death threats.

Some have been killed, according to United Nations officials in Kosovo.

Bear in mind that this is a BBC report, the same BBC who suppressed news of the massacres carried out by Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe for twenty years. They would have done anything to protect the Albanian Muslims currently occupying Kosovo if the could. If they have been forced to reveal as much as they have, can you imagine how much worse the truth may be?

However, it is all too late, the selective reporting leading up to the theft of Kosovo, enabled the act to be achieved with Western contrivance and in the face of widespread public apathy. The British, and wider European public believing, as they were told after all, that the nasty Serbs had it coming.

As a result, Europe has its first Islamic state, and it will not be the last if those currently running Europe and manipulating the news get what they want.

Beware the lies they tell my friends, for they all lead just one way.

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Dr.D said...

There is a religious/ethnic side to this situation that made it all too easy to sell the idea that the Serbs were the "bad guys." The Serbs have historically be Orthodox, specifically Serbian Orthodox, and have been relatively isolated from much of the rest of Europe that has been (Western) Catholic. (Obviously Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania also have their own national Orthodox Churches.)

Because of their religious and ethic isolation (there are not large numbers of Serb immigrants living in the West), it was not difficult to sell the idea that "our friends the muzlims" were in the right here, and "those nasty Serbs" were in the wrong. In recent years, the West has been courting the muzlim countries, perhaps for oil, and perhaps for reasons that make no sense at all.