Monday, 13 April 2009

The New Fascism

by Dr Aidan Rankin

When I hear the word 'fascist', I do not think of the assorted pub bores or the few full-blooded bigots who are the stereotypical activists of the 'far right'. Nor do I think of half-drunk, testosterone-driven skinheads in tight-fitting jeans or combat trousers, bawling out anti-immigrant slogans richly spiced with obscenity. Least of all do I think of the thousands of disgruntled Labour supporters, ordinary men and women in working class enclaves, who have given the British National Party its newfound electoral clout. None of these people are fascists, in any meaningful sense of the word. They are victims rather than aggressors - victims of failed liberal social experiments, heartless economic programmes and, above all perhaps, of betrayal by a Labour movement that was set up specifically to defend them.

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Quartermain said...

Excellent article high lighting one of the biggest oxymoronic movement in the Western World. Anit-facists more facist than the "facists". Anit-racists more racist & hateful than the "racists'. Maybe I should leave out the prefix oxy...