Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The proof of the lie

With today's budget, it is now official, our economy is in the worst state it has ever been in peace time. The only equivalent in our history is the end of World War II, an event which brought to an end Britain's role as a leading world power and effectively forced us to abandon our empire.

Devastating world wars apart, we have never been in such a dire situation, the true levels of which our leaders have only been able to disguise from us by levels of borrowing so huge that they will impact on the prosperity of this country for years to come, and which our children ,and maybe even our grandchildren, will be repaying well into their adult years.

How did we reach this state, and how did it get so bad? What are the factors which have brought us so low?

The press and the politicians are quick to blame the banks and of course, the legendary “greedy bankers", who, of course, certainly played their part in what has happened. However, banks and greedy bankers have been a feature of Western civilisation for centuries, and they have made huge mistakes before, but they never brought us to this pass, what is different now?

Despite the fact that Britain is arguably the western nation worst placed to face the current situation, many will point out that we are in a global recession which has effected most of the world, and to some degree that is certainly true. However, most of the emerging, or recently emerged economies, such as China and India and many of those in Eastern Europe, have been damaged by the knock on effect of what has happened to the major western economies, in Europe and America, those countries which historically created the wealth which supported the rest of the world.

To find the cause of what has happened, it is necessary to look at what has so dramatically changed in those rich Western Nations where the foundations of this catastrophe were first laid, It certainly does not take long to identify one of them.

In the last two decades, the main Western European economies have seen levels of non-European immigration, unprecedented at any point in the history of our continent. Some have compared the degree of demographic change to that following the fall of Constantinople in 1453, however, in fact what is happening now is greater and even more wide ranging than that, we have never seen anything like this.

Meanwhile, America has experienced levels of immigration higher than anything that nation has seen since before World War 1 at the beginning of the last century. However, the great difference between then and now is that the immigration to America in the last twenty years, has not come from other western nations, but primarily from the third world.

It is a self evident fact the single greatest and most unprecedented demographic change to all the main western nations in the period leading up to the worst peace time economic crisis they have faced, is the advent of massive levels of third world immigration.

I, and others, have argued before that there is a direct connection between this crisis and the crazy levels of immigration which have been undemocratically imposed on the West. It is certainly the general consensus that at the root of our predicament is the sub-prime lending fiasco in America, however, what is not admitted is that over 90% of that sub-prime lending was to minorities, in particular immigrant, groups, an insanity mostly forced upon banks by agenda obsessed politicians and PC courts.

However, I have made that argument before, and although I believe clear-eyed historians will take the same view, it is not the purpose of this particular post. The point I am making is a far simpler one, and one which is hard to argue against.

Over the years, those who have supported the insane levels of immigrant colonisation they have forced us to endure have insisted that our economy benefits from immigration, and that we are all better off because of the contribution immigrants have made to our country. They have made those claims over and over again, and we have all heard them, and we all knew they were lies, now we have the proof.

After years during which we have seen a foreign invasion far in excess of anything we have ever experienced in our history we are facing the greatest peacetime financial crisis we have ever experienced. Whether or not Immigrants are part of the cause, their presence amongst us has not made our situation any better, in fact our problems are far worse than we have ever faced before.

Britain has not benefited from immigration, and the nightmare which has been imposed upon us has contributed nothing to our National well-being, arguably it has made our plight infinitely worse.

The main argument in favour of mass immigration, has been proved a fallacy, in fact it has been proved to be a lie. We as a nation are now living with the proof of that lie, we are all poorer for it, and the millions we have let in have not improved our situation.

The lie have been exposed and must never again go unchallenged


Dr.D said...

Modern day third world immigrants are a burden to any nation to which they come. This is a simple truth that simply cannot be denied by anyone with their eyes open - that leaves many people out right there, all of the PC Left.

When people are dedicated to a concept, such as unlimited immigration, no amount of evidence regarding the damage done to the host nation will sway them. They are completely blinded, their brains are turned off, and they simply cannot be reached. Every thing you said, Sarah, is true and very obvious, but it requires that a person still be able to think. That is the rub!

Mr Cognisant said...

Excellent as ever and your recognition of the Boer tragedy notable, I had thought of posting some of your articles at AAWR, of course not totally in full and always with an author link, please advise whether such is appreciated or indeed not.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Mr Cognisant

I would be delighted and flattered if you wished to post my work elsewhere, with a link back here.

Please feel free to use anything I have written

Sarah said...

It's not just 3rd world immigration that's the problem but also the welfare state, which has caused a decline in the quality of native whites and corruption of the market. Throw in radical environmentalism and you have a prescription for disaster.

Motley Fool said...


Whilst one cannot argue that the demographics of many first world countries have changed dramatically ,this is not the root cause for the problem you are looking at.

Giving a simple explantion would be futile, but I will point you in the right direction.

If you have the time and inclination read the book Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand. This should open your eyes to what is happening.

Sincere regards

The Fool

ps. Your clear aproach to tough issues and willingness to voice your opinion vehemently is something I admire.

alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah

As the other commentators have said, an excellent analysis.

It never occurs to the pro-immigration lobby (or they are blatant hypocrites, which is also likely) that if these incomers are as enlightened, intelligent and industrious as they are portrayed e.g. Poles, their own nations would be bursting at the seams with unbridled prosperity.

They aren't, which to me is proof enough of the immigration menace.

Anonymous said...

I see the fallout of the continueing immigration especially in major cities soon very soon to be swamped by the myraid 'enrichment'of the environment and quality of experience of indigenous people.

None of it is good

Anonymous said...

Well done expose on another topic that would go without notice... please keep writing!

Adrian P said...

The Liberals have no idea what they are doing, they are blinded to what they are doing, they are heaping firewoon onto their own funerals.

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