Thursday, 2 April 2009

How to avoid hiring Americans

I understand this video has been around the Internet a few times, however, for those of you, like me, who have never seen it before, it is quite an eye opener. At what appears to be a seminar, a US company explains how best to avoid hiring American workers in order to bring in foreign labour. I wonder how much of this goes on in Britain, just less openly!

Blogger does not seem to want to let me upload the video tonight, so you will have to view it at YouTube:


Dr.D said...

This is definitely happening, and it shows clearly how strongly the American government has sold out the American people. The government is actively working against the interests of Americans in many fields, just exactly as portrayed in this video.

Did you notice that in the video, ever person shown was a white, anglo-saxon? They are all sell-out traitors! They have sold their souls to the devil, every one of them. Most of the are attorneys, but them I am repeating myself. The only motivation that I can see for this is GREED, unadulterated GREED. Perhaps with a little bit of self-hatred for one's own people thrown in for good measure.

I am an engineer, and I am quite certain that I have been the victim of this sort of betrayal. I have applied for positions where I fit the job description perfectly and I am quite certain that the objective was to "prove that there were no qualified applicants." In some cases I have been over qualified for the positions advertised, but that surely should not be disqualifying, and yet it seems to be treated as such by these purpose-driven idiots.

It is all a part of the massive population replacement scheme that is underway in all Western countries. Our leaders are sure that their lives will be better if they can remove (or greatly dilute) the indigenous populations with new, foreign populations who will support them, fools that they are. It is the road to the destruction of nations and the Utopian one-world government that is bound to fail without question.

Man Of The Woods said...

The ‘Equality Act’ will probably make this a common occurrence in Britain, not only because companies desire cheaper labour, but also because they will need to act in this way to meet the diversity targets required to qualify for government contracts.

Anonymous said...


As a Local Authority Agency Worker eight months ago I was not given my same-role full-time Job because, I felt, I was an indigenous White Male and witnessed it given to an incompetent person. However, I now manage the Unit; even though I'm still Agency because I'm able to efficiently manage and know the business.
Yet I still have that incompetent hanger-on employee who works the system for "flexitime" and "homeworking" like a Labour MP because the Authority never provided them a two month and six month appraisal.
We're screwed.