Sunday, 19 April 2009

Acts of evil

Warning the following does not make easy reading

Early in March two women were tortured and murdered in the most inhuman way thinkable. Mrs. Allice Lotter (78) and her daughter Helen (57) of Allanridge in the Free State (South-Africa) were attacked with knives and pieces of glass. After the three terrorists cut the elderly women with their knives, broken glass was forced into their private parts. A friend of the family said that one of the women’s breasts were cut off, and anti-white slogans were “painted” (with the breasts) on the walls. These barbarous methods were also used in the late 1950’s in the Belgian Congo.

This barbarous attack led to the K.OB (Committee of Public Relations of the Boerevolk) initiating a protest march in front of the court where the bail application of the attackers would be heard.

A simulation of this barbarous attack was staged and a dummy of a murderer was set alight in front of hundreds of people. A poster with the words “burn in hell” was placed on the dummy.

The reality that there are only about 2 million white people left in South Africa, is slowly sinking in. Of the more than 100 000 white tax paying Boer farmers that fed the country before 1994, there are now only 13 500 left !

White Genocide in South Africa is a reality.


More details and pictures of the protests can be found here - Note: includes intemperate language


Red Squirrel said...

Oh Sarah,
They just have to leave, any way that they can because they are so few of them amongst these barbarians.
It makes me disgusted and angry that our 'government' never invited then here en masse.
I just saw a disturbing video about the global economic collapse, but these people in SA are in a much worse position. Bless them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a white female living in South Africa. Victims of crime and terrible violence can be found anywhere in the world, not only in South Africa.

I love my country and I will never leave. I'll always take the necessary precautions to ensure my safety and that of my family and friends, but I'll do that in any country. I'm not built to live in fear - how can I hide behind locked doors when the sun is always shining during the day and most of the stars are visible at night.